The Romantic Zelda Fanfic

By Mark Washburn

Link and Zelda returned to Hyrule and Zelda had a ball. Link was at his tree house when a Deku went by and gave him a letter saying;

"Dear Sir Link,

HI!!! Your invited to my Castle for a Ball" " and trust me it will be a ball" " thank you again so much for helping Hyrule, meet you there maybe"?

Link put it on his desk and said "well this sounds fun"! He combed his hair and brushed his teeth and a fairy came in and said "Well look who's seeing the Princess today"! Link asked" how do I look"? The fairy twinkled around him and said" horrible"! Link said" what's wrong"? The fairy said" she is a Princess Link"...." I'm just kidding you look great". Link said" let's go"! At the castle Link waited to meet his friend. She came down the stairs and smiled at him. The fairy giggled and said" ooow Link's getting the Princess of Hyrule to smile at him...blow her a kiss"! Link pushed Navi away and said" NAVI" " were do you get these ideas"! " your not Cupid your a fairy"! Navi scratched her head and said" o yea, keep forgetting"! The King and Queen welcomed everyone and they started dancing as the Queen said" something about that boy". The King asked" what"? The Queen said" well have you looked at the way he looks at Zelda"? The King said" why would I look at them when I'm to busy looking at..." The Queen said" yes, darling"? The King answered" mmm those chicken wings on the table"!!! The Queen said" MARK"! He laughed and said" I'm just kidding, your far to good to look at now". Zelda and Link greeted and Zelda said" guess what Link"!!! Link said" what"? Zelda was full of excitement as she said" tonight, I'm getting the pendant of the Royal family"! Link asked" isn't that the one that was passed down by the ages, and the one that has something with to do with the moon"? Zelda said" why yes, it is and there's more to it"! " legend has it that it is a key that will lead to a treasure in the Dark Realm"! " it also has the power to reflect the moons light like a star" " it used to belong to the Dark Realm you know Link"? Link gasped and asked" THE DARK REALM"!!!!? " you've got to hide it then"! Zelda giggled and said" Link...your so cute yet so silly" " that was about four hundred years ago, no one from the Dark Realm would want to steel this thing now" " its not like its worth anything to evil"! Link then said" Zelda, just in case I think I should stay with you for a few days". Zelda then said" Link I'm a big girl, I can protect my self thank you very much for caring and its sweet and all but really...I'll be fine". Link then said" well ok your the Princess" " and besides were at a ball lets relax and have fun". They started dancing.

After that the Queen rang a bell. Everyone stopped dancing and turned to her. Then the Queen said" I have an announcement to make"! " Zelda dear come up hear". Zelda walked up proudly and said" yes, your Majesty"? The Queen then said" My daughter Princess of Hyrule, Server of Jehovah and delicate flower has turned fifteen last month" " she is now old enough to learn the Royal responsibility and old enough to know right from wrong" " Princess Zelda I give you... " " the rare Pendant of the Royal family". She put it on Zelda and then whispered in Zelda's ear" watch over this with your life"! " this is the key to the Dark Realm's treasure you know". Zelda turned to Link and asked" how does it look"? Link said" great Zelda, I just hope it doesn't get you into anything". Zelda laughed and said" nonsense Link" " really you must relax and enjoy yourself". The King then took his elbow and gently poked it at the Queen. She asked" what"? The King said" look who Zelda is dancing with"! The Queen looked and said" that's Link why"? The King said" don't you think there getting..a little close"? The Queen said" dear"! " don't start thinking that Zelda is Royalty"! " and she very well knows that Link well is not family blood". The King sighed" I don't think she does but we better tell her" " and it looks like its going to be very hard on her". The Queen said" Zelda"? " no" ! The King said" I don't know dear look at the way there looking at each other". The Queen then looked and said" oh my"! " it seems we do have a problem"! " we must not allow this to happen"!!! Soon the ball had ended and her father came to her and said" Zelda..we must have a talk with you". Zelda thought to herself" what did I do wrong now"!? The King and Queen sat at a table drinking some tea and so did Zelda and the Queen asked" so" " how are things going with Link"? Zelda said after she sipped her tea" pretty good". Then the King said" it seems you two have gotten closer these pass years"? Zelda then figured out what they were getting at and said" Daddy."! " what's going on"? Her mother the Queen said" we've been noticing you two and we think you should stop this bond now" " at its limit before it gets out of hand". Zelda shocked asked" what do you mean BOND"? The King said" Zelda, you can not fall in love with this boy"! " he isn't part of the Royal blood line, he isn't Royalty" " and he's a peasant"! Zelda slammed her cup down and said" FATHER"! " I did not say I loved him"! " where just friends"! " and if I did love him what would be the problem if we did get married, so what if he's poor"! The Queen fainted and the King said" My daughter Princess of Hyrule getting wed to a..a peasant"! " It would put shame to our family's name"!!! " and the other Kingdoms would humiliate us"! " WILL NOT HAPPEN"! The Queen said" dear, your father is right" " don't you care about our ancestors what would they think"! Zelda said" THERE DEAD"! The Queen then said" what about the future of your people would you like them saying Zelda was wedded to a peasant"! " The peasants Princess"!!! Zelda then said" yes, I do care for my people" " of course mother its just that" " ..I don't like him"! " he's just my friend". The Queen said" I know, but in case it comes to mind" " NO"! " you cannot" " and if you did you would" " I curse these words"! " be kicked out of the family blood line"! Zelda then backed up slowly in shock and said" no"! " you can't be serious"! The King nodded saying" A ancient Hylain that was wise and strong made this law right before he died" " he was a King as well ". Zelda was very up set and she went in the sourt yard and sat down and started to cry she then herd someone coming" hay, Princess"!!

Zelda tried wiping her tears so he wouldn't notice..too late he did. Link asked" Zelda is everything all right"? " what's wrong"? Zelda said wiping her eyes" nothing, I just have something in my eye". Link then said" yea, right sure"! " I saw you crying and wanted t to see what was wrong"! " I only acted like I didn't know cause well ..I didn't know"! Zelda asked" what"? Link said" nothing" " the important thing is you tell me what's on your mind". Zelda then figured there was no way around him so she said" well my parents think I love you". Link shocked and blushed. He put his hands behind his back and blushed more and asked while moving his foot across " um...well do you"? Zelda asked" Do I what"? Link started to sweat and said" love me"? Zelda slowly thought to herself and said" where just friend right Link"? Link didn't know what to say! He said to himself" what should I say"!? " Yes, she truly is very attractive and very kind" " but am I ready to say this"? " am I making a bad decision if I don't or do"! " I can't say it because I don't know"! Link then came out and said" yes, Zelda" " where..just friends". Zelda looked a little down and then sighed a very loud sigh. Link asked" what was that for"? Zelda said" If you did love me Link" " it wouldn't have worked out anyway" " they said if we did get married it would put me to shame and I would be humiliated" " even worse"! " kicked out of the Royal family"!!! Link then asked" really"? " then we can't fall in love"? Zelda said" yes, we can't Link". Link walked up to her and said" its YOUR choice you know Zelda" " I mean if you did love me you could" " if you wanted to" Zelda said" Link"? " do you"? Link was asked again! He didn't want to lie to her again so he came out and said it saying" Zelda" " I..." Zelda said" DON'T SAY IT"!!!! She covered his mouth and said" please Link"! " I well but we can't"! " we just can't"!!!! Link looked into his eyes and then Zelda looked back. A rush came over them and they kissed!

Zelda then stopped and they looked at each other and both slowly stepped backwards from one another Link then said" Zelda" he reached his hand but then she turned and ran! Link said"". He knew it was impossible now for both of them but for some reason he didn't want to listen to it! Zelda went in her room and cried her eyes out as Impa came in and asked" what's a matter"? Zelda said" IMPA"! " you know how I can't marry a peasant right"? Impa said" yes.." " its Link isn't it"? Zelda said" Impa I do love him"! " but I didn't think he would love me back"!!! Impa asked" what happened"? Zelda explained" we were at the court yard I told him what my parents said and then he and I agreed we were just friends as we lied to one another and then a rush came over us and we kissed then he tried to say something and I ran from him"! Impa asked shocked" you KISSED him"!!? Zelda said" please Impa don't tell my parents"! " I didn't do anything else I swear"! " if they find out I'll be kicked out of the family and even worse" " they'll KILL him"!!!! Impa hugged her and said" I won't say a thing"! " I should" " but I won't"! " only because your like a daughter to me and I think you and Link would be fine together" " but Zelda" " don't let it happen again"! Zelda then asked" will I still be able to see him as a friend"? Impa said" yes, as a friend only"! " be cautious Zelda if the King or Queen ever catch you doing something like that you have no say to defend your self and I will not be able to help you". Zelda said" I know". The next morning Zelda went to the market place for a while. She loved getting out of the Castle. Impa was there to just in case any one with a bad thought showed up. Zelda was looking at some jewelry and suddenly a hand gently went on her shoulder. It was a frim strong hand but on her it felt like a teddy bear. Then the person said with a soft voice in her ear saying" that in my mind would look absolutely out standing on you". Zelda closed her eyes trying to think of who this person could be and then the person said" why don't you try it on Princess"? Suddenly she felt something gently put on her neck and then a mirror was put in her hand. She looked and she saw...LINK! He was standing behind her as he said softly" just as I thought" " out standing". Zelda turned around to him and said" what are you doing hear"!!!? " you could be killed"! Link said" I'm saving you my Princess" " can't you"? Zelda laughed and said" from what"? He gave the man his rupees and then Zelda said" where did you get that money"? Link said" I was looking at you for days drooling over that necklace"! "

besides" " rupees are everywhere" " in rocks, grass, glass" " I just smashed and threw everything and some how became rich"! " But now I'm poor again". Zelda then looked confused and said" well anyway" " what are you saving me from"? Link took her hand while Impa wasn't looking and ran with Zelda out to Hyrule field! Zelda said" Link"! " do you know what danger you could be in doing this"!!? Link said" I don't care"! " I mean where's the expression on my face that says I care"? Zelda then stopped running and said" well look at mine"! Link looked and she looked very upset. Link then said" O come on Zelda"! " its not like where sinning"! Zelda then said" but where alone what if we do get trouble you know"? Link looked at her worried face and then said" you can trust me"! " I won't let that happen"! Zelda still looked upset and Link laughed. Zelda asked" what are you laughing at"? Link said laughing" I'm looking at a future face". Zelda said" what kind of face will I be having"? Link said" a laughing one". Zelda said" o really"!? Link said" yes, you know why"? Zelda asked" why"? Link said" because i'm going to tickle you till you laugh"! He grabbed her and started tickling her stomach! She started laughing really hard and said" I GIVE UP"! " I GIVE UP"! Then he stopped and she said" you silly goose"! Link said" better a goose than a cukoos"! Zelda then said" why you"!!! Link laughed and saying" you can't catch me"! Zelda said" I bet I can"! She ran after him and laughed. She got close enough and then pounced on him as they rolled down a hill. Link was over Zelda and they looked in each others eyes and Zelda kissed his cheek. Link smiled and laid beside her and looked into the night sky and said" you know Zelda this was a good day after all". Zelda said" thank you for the necklace Link" " it is truly beautiful". Link said" not as beautiful as you" " Zelda". She smiled and suddenly she noticed! The other necklace! The one her mother had given her! It was glowing like a star! Zelda looked into the sky and said" look Link"! " that star"! " its so wonderful"! Link looked up and was amazed! Link said" WOW"! " that is pretty bright"! It was the brightest most beautiful star in the sky that night! Link and Zelda looked at it enjoying every moment. Why don't you?

Yes, it was very pretty. Link then looked at her necklace and said" its still glowing". Zelda looked at it and said" I wonder why"? Zelda then started noticing the triforce on her hand was glowing to! Link asked" what is it"? Zelda said" I don't know" " what do you think it mean"? Link asked" do you think the Dark Realm could want you for something"? Zelda said" I don't want to find out"! Link then thought and said" what if it wants us to find the Dark Realms treasure"? Zelda said" LINK"! " that's it"!!!" the star wants us to find the treasure"! " O Link I love your twisted yet smart mind"! She kissed him and he blushed saying" thanks"! " but why do we need treasure" " you are a Princess you know"? Zelda said" yes, but you" " you are not"! " if I get you to be rich like a Prince than you can love me"! " and maybe if you want we could get married"! Link said" Zelda" " what if something happens"! " I mean it is the Dark Realm and my stupid evil twin is down there"! Zelda said" so" " He can't do anything to me he loves me as much as you do"! " just in a little...freaker manner".

Link said" you really want to do this"? Zelda said" Yes, Link"! " more than sitting hear in the grass looking at dots in the sky"! " my side is killing me"! She got up and then Link played the song of Darkness on his Ocarina. He learned it two weeks after Ganon's defeat. Which was quite strange. Zelda remembered way Link stabbed Ganon and as he fell he said" I always loose"!!! " must I say this line again"!!!!? The Narrator said" Yes, Ganon say it"! Ganon sighed and said" curse you Link and Zelda" He sighed again " for I shall return even more powerful and destroy you all" " blaa blaaa blaa" " I'm dead". As he dropped to the floor.

They entered the Dark Realm and Link said" why can't I see anything"? Zelda said" um.. Link that would explain why this is the Dark Realm". Link lit a torch and said" come on Zelda". He held her hand as it got sweaty. Link could tell she was scared but yet glad he was with her. Link asked" you ok"? Zelda said" yes, I feel a little ill but thank you". Link said" I'll"? " that's not good". Zelda said" its nothing" " lets go". Suddenly the room started shaking and CRACK!!! Zelda fell into a hole! She screamed" LINK"!!!!!! Link then yelled" Zelda"!!!? He listened for a response. None. At the bottom Zelda way laid on a soft floor. She got up and looked around. It was someone's bedroom. She said" who would want to live hear"? Then a sound came from inside another room! Zelda ran into the covers having no where else to go and listened. A door opened as a sigh came in saying" man, I'm tired"! Zelda panicked and heard the footsteps getting close to the bed! Every step louder! Zelda got so scared she closed her eyes! Then qa voice said" what's that"? He then got in the bed and lifted the covers up! Zelda opened her eyes to see....DARK LINK! She screamed and he screamed and said" HOLY HYRULE"!!! Zelda then said" Great Gahoma"!!! she fainted! Dark Link then said" the Princess"? " how did she get hear"? " why is she hear"? He looked up and saw the hole in his roof. He then said" ow" " I knew I should have fixed that". He then looked at her. She looked tired like she had been running all day. He then called his servant Acora and he came in. Dark Link said" look at the angel that just fell from heaven". Acora said" that's Zelda"! " Master Dark Link"! " she looks tired" " what are your orders" " touchier, execution , lock her up" " master Dark Link"? Dark Link put his hand on his chin and thought" hmm" " she looks comfy and still tired" " I guess it wouldn't hurt to have her sleep hear once" " but what about me"? " o well I'll sleep on the other side". Acora said" master"? Dark Link snapped his fingers and said" Acora" " leave lady Zelda hear in my quarters" " do you think she looks a little sick"? Acora went to her and felt her head" why yes Master Dark Link" " it seems she has a bit of a fever". Dark Link asked" what could help her"? Acora said" well your my master". Dark Link said" right" " ACORA"! " what helps a fever"! " I demand you to tell me"!

Acora said" yes master" " it is medicine" " and a little rest". Dark Link said" get some medicine " " now"! Acora left. Dark Link then went to sleep. Meanwhile Link was trying to figure out how to get to Zelda. The hole had covered up and well he worried about her. He soon entered the room and found the treasure chest! It was huge! Link then noticed that the shape of the key hole was the shape of the triforce necklace Zelda had gotten from her mother. He read the inscription" Ye who has the key, gets the rupees" Link then searched for Zelda again. Meanwhile Acora gave her the medicine a few minutes ago and Zelda was still sleeping in her faint! Dark Link suddenly felt something. He opened his eyes to see Zelda cuddling up to him! Dark Link had no idea what to do! He felt kind of lucky! He just laid there. Acora came in and said" master Dark Link"? Dark Link smiled with Zelda's arms around him sleeping said" what"? Acora said" should I move the Princess "? Dark Link said" what is she doing anyway"? Acora said" it looks like she's not sick anymore" " she probably thinks you are your twin" " she looks really relaxed and probably feels warm" " after all it is cold down hear". Dark Link said" I don't mind this" " it is kind of comfy having someone who you love holding you even though when she gets up she's going to scream and punch me". Acora then asked" master"? " don't you think your going a little...sorf for her"? Dark Link said" shut up Acora"!!! Dark Link pulled a near by lever and a trap door fell under Acora. Dark Link said" NEXT"! Another servant named Acora came in and said" hello master Dark Link" " how may I slave for you"? Dark Link pulled the lever and said" ITS SERVE"! " I can't be having stupid servants like this"! Another one came in and said" Hello master Dark and Pink". Dark Link then said" I must be programing them wrong". Then suddenly the servant uncovered himself to be LINK! Dark Link then said" why hello" " brother". Link looked at Zelda hugging his evil twin and Link yelled" ZELDA"!!!? Zelda awoke and said" WHAT"? " WHO"? Link asked" what are you doing"? Zelda then looked at her arms around Dark Link and Dark Link said" hello baby"! She screamed ! And then Dark Link pleaded" please don't punch my face"! Zelda then showed mercy and kicked him between the legs in stead!!!! Dark Link screamed" AHHHH"!!!! He fell off the bed with his hands between his legs screaming on the floor! Zelda went to Link and said" remind me to take four showers when I get home"! They left as Dark Link screamed in pain still saying" AHHH"! " WOMAN YOU HEARTLESS BEAST"!!! They went to the treasure box and finally Zelda opened it with her necklace. Link and Zelda smiled as they opened it up to see! RUPEES!!! Thousands of them! Zelda said" now Link" " you are my prince and my knight in shining armor! Link smiled" my Princess". They got closer and were about to kiss till....Dark Link came up holding his...well you know and said" You heartless woman"! "your not getting away so easy"! Dark Link reached for his sword and said" OUCH"! He was still in bad pain. Zelda looked at Link and said" let me handle this". Dark Link then said" HA"! " you think you can still defeat me"! " OUCH"! As he bent over again. Zelda said" do you give up"? Dark Link said" NEVER"! Zelda said" your funeral"! She lifted her foot and kicked him in between the legs again! Dark Link fell three feet back and screamed bloody murder!!! "AAAAHHHH"! He screamed in agony! Rolling on the floor like a worm. Zelda asked" how about now"? Dark Link said" FINE"!!!!" SHOW MERCY PLEASE"!!!!!!! Zelda smiled and Link was laughing hard as anything as Zelda picked Dark Link off the floor and took a fairy out of her pocket and it healed Dark Links pain. Dark Link stopped screaming and said" THANK YOU"!!!! " bless you"!!!" Bless you"!!" Bless you"!!!! He kissed her feet. Zelda giggled and Dark Link said" never will I bother you or Link again"! " hear I'll warp the treasure right to the castle"! Dark Link pulled his Dark Ocarina out and played a special song. The treasure warped away and Dark Link went into his house. Link and Zelda soon arrived at the Castle. Zelda told her parents all about the trip and the King said" well" " I guess it was a kick"! The Queen said" well, Link once again you have proved yourself worthy" " I guess you two really do love one another" " and now that your rich you may have Zelda" " if that is all right with you and her". Link smiled at Zelda and she blushed. He went to her and kissed her and caressed her cheek saying" there would be nothing more that I would want then to spend the rest of my life with such a woman". Zelda said" O Link" " your so silly and yet so heart stopping". They laughed. Impa came in with her hands crossed and said" there you two are"! Zelda said" ME and LINK"! " where getting married"!!!! Impa said" HOW"? Zelda said" lets just say we kicked our way threw". Link cracked up and the King and Queen also. The wedding was set and all went well. Dark Link soon met up with Dark Zelda and he got his wish to. So all where happy. Link and Zelda lived on happily and had very crazy adventures! Impa was a new baby sitter for all thirty children!!! The King and Queen were grandparents and Ganon came from his Realm to say" Curse you Link and Zelda"...."for I will return and destroy.....O FORGET IT"! " I don't think my immune system can heal me anymore"! " can I have a promotion"? Nintendo said " NO Ganon you can't"! " that's the third time you asked this day"! " your fired"! Ganon then said" CURSE YOU"! " for I will come back with a more powerful video game system and destroy you all"!!!! " I'll call it X box"!!!! " HAAAAHAAAHAAA"!!!! Ganon then left . O and Link wanted to say" thank you for reading this"! " the future is NOW"! Zelda says" what am I supposed to say again? Oh yeah, Link I love you!!!" Link said "Me too Zel! My flowery Princess"! ^_^


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