Second Best

by Cade

~*~Note from Cade~*~


Hi, before you read this know that this story is my attempt at romance and it's about Link and Malon. There is no fighting or anything, just a bunch of sappiness. ;-) Oh yes, and if you are upset by the idea of Link ending up with someone other then Ze lda don't read this!


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  Summer had come to Hyrule and the land blossomed. It had been many seasons since Ganondorf had been vanquished, and the land still rejoiced. There was one person though who was unaffected by the beauty of the season. Malon was depressed. She had been for awhile now, but she'd struggled to hide it. There was enough around the ranch to do to keep her occupied so she had no time to brood. But still, deep within her heart, she was hurting terribly. You see, Malon ahd fallen in love with the Hero of Time. At first it was simple attraction. With his sun-kissed good looks, Link was easy on the eyes. Yet as they spent more time together, Malon became taken with his good humor and kind heart. He had v isited her everyday, often bringing her something. A fresh fish caught from Lake Hylia, fragrant herbs and flowers from the Lost Woods, a handful of sparkling gem stones mined at Death Mountain. It was always something nice, and Malon treasured each gift


  Then, all of a sudden he stopped visting. For days Malon waited for word from him. Finally, a message arrived from Hyrule Castle. It was from Link, saying that something had happened in the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf was trying to escape and the Princess needed the Hero's help once more.

  Days turned into weeks and there were no further messages. Malon began to despair. One day she had to deliver milk to Hyrule Market for her father, and she saw Link and Zelda hurrying toward the castle together. The Princess had her hand on his shoulde r.

  Several thoughts raced through Malons head, none of them good, and suddenly she felt very stupid. How could Link ever want her, a peasant girl from a ranch who worked from dawn to dusk everyday, when he could have a princess? Malon became convinced Zelda was the cause of Links absence then, and her heart was swept up into her throat by a wave of tears. Swallowing it back, she turned to leave as fast as she could. But Link had already seen her and was calling her name. Unwil ling to confront him then, she ducked into a back alley booth and tried to calm herself before returning home.


  Several days later there was a delivery to be made at the castle itself. Malon had drug her feet about it until her faher, the King of Laziness told her to get to it. So here she was, at the entrance to the castle's kitchens helping the cooks unload th e milk crates as fast as she could. Malon didn't want to be at the castle any longer than she had to. After the last crate was put away, she turned to go and nearly jumped out of he skin. Standing ther looking at her quietly, was Link. She tried to hurry past him muttering an "excuse me", but he caught her.

  "Malon, what's wrong? What did I do yo upset you?"

  She looked into his eyes, trying to see some deception there, but all she saw was concern. "You know what you did." She managed to grate out. It was a horribly typical female line, but it was all she could think of.

  "No I don't know. If I did we wouldn't be standing here." Link replied squeezing her arm a bit. Malon tried to wrench out of his grip but he was too strong. She just looked at him and her voice shook with anger as she said, "you haven't been around in ages, no letters no nothing! Then I saw you and Zelda together..." She trailed of miserably. "I thought-I thought you and I-that we-" Malon stammered then nearly shouted, "I can't compete with a princess! I couldn't even be SECOND BEST! Goodness, Link, do n't..."

  Malon was shaking from all the emotional energy, she felt Link's hands on her shoulders but the sensation was distant. "Malon," he said quietly, "thats all I ever wanted to hear. Why do you think I've been visiting you? Zelda's a friend but I love you Malon. It's always been you." He reached up and touched her face softly. "Didn't you get all the letters I sent you? Al l the presents?"

  Malon had stopped thinking after his declaration of love, but the last remark caught her attention. "No," She said, "nothing came. Ingo got the mail everyday but-" She stopped and sighed with realization, "he wouldn't pass on anything from you anyways. "

  Link nodded. "Thats what I thought after he sent me away twice."


  "Two times I came to see you in the last week and both times he sent me away saying you weren't in."

  Malon shook her head, angry at Ingo and herself for being so insecure and jumping to conclusions. "I feel really dumb," she said, "but why have you been gone all this time?"

  He took her arm and started leading her down the path. "Well," he began, "Ganon started tearing some holes in the Sacred Realm."

  "Oh no."

  "Yes, and I had to go back in to help th Sages fix the damage, which led to another fight with Ganon, on another plain of reality at that."

  "But, did you defeat him?"

  Link smiled down at Malon. "Eventually, but first Zelda had to teach me some basics in telepathy. It was worth it though. I don't think Ganon will be back for awhile."

  With a joyful laugh, she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "Oh Link! I'm so glad!" She pressed her hands into his shoulders, but was stopped by a gasp of pain.

  "What's wrong?"

  "It's nothing, just a scratch."

  "Really? You acted like it hurt more than a little." She pulled his shirt down off his shoulder and saw what Link considered a 'scratch', was really a long ugly slash stitched up with black thread. It was starting to heal but it still looked painful. N ow Malon knew why Zelda had had her hand on his shoulder. Tenderly, she ran her fingertips along the wound and felt his body relax into her touch, Unconsciously they both leaned forward and their lips finally met in a kiss. At first it was a soft, virginal kiss, but then it became more passionate. "Marry me, Malon," Link whispered.

  Joy bloomed in her eyes, and she hugged him warmly again. "Oh yes! Yes I'll marry you!"


  They remained in each others arms for many minutes, then Link pulled back and Malon saw the look of sadness on his face. "What's wrong, Fairy Boy?" She teased and Link laughed. "It's nothing really, iust that I wish I had a ring for you. I wasn't plann ing on proposing today so I didn't have your ring..."

  A ring didn't matter to Malon on way or another. She smiled sweetly and kissed him again. "I don't care, we can worry about that later."

  "But I wanted to give you something."

  "You've given me enough!"

  He sighed, "yes but..." His face suddenly lit up, he reached for his right ear and undid the small gold hoop he'd alwas worn. Gently, Link took her hand and placed the earring in her palm. "It's not much, but I want you to have till I get you a ring. "I'll take you up to Death Mountain and you can meet some of the most talented goldsmiths and jewelers. The Gorons can make you anything you want. I don't care, I just want you to be happy."

  Touched nearly beyond words, Malon clutched the gold hoop tightly. "I am happy. This is more than I ever wanted. You-and-everything-it's just so...perfect." Link cupped her face in his hands then said, "and it's just going to get better. Now, I think we should go back to the ranch so I can officially ask Talon's permission to wed you."

  "Yes! The sooner the better!"

  They started walking back to the castle's stables to get Malon's horse and cart. "You know," Link said, "Epona is going to be happy to get a mom."

  Malon laughed. "You spoil her."

  "Now I get to spoil you." She squeezed his had, "I could get used to that.."

  "There's just one more thing Malon."

  "What's that?"

  Link turned so he was looking her straight in the eye. He made his voice low and serious then said, "Don't ever, EVER call me Fairy Boy agin."

  Malon giggled helplessly.

  "I mean it Malon."

  "Heh-heh! Oh alright...FAIRY BOY!!!"

  Link made a grab for her, but she darted away laughing insanely. He followed her shaking with his own laughter. Life would be...different with her, Link decided. Then he yelled her name and chased happily after her, under the blue summer sky.




  And so, Malon and Link lived happily ever after. Well until Malon became pregnant and their first child was born, then Ganon raised his ugly head again and there was a cattle stampede and... the general trials of married life. But those are stories for another time...

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