By XoXzeldafreakXoX

Chapter 1

        Link....a familiar name in the land of Hyrule. He was a handsome, charming man with cerulean eyes and sandy blonde hair. He wasn't just another pretty face though. He had gone through much toil and hardship to save his country and it's people for he was the most loyal of all men. No knight could claim to be as loyal for he had vanquished the greatest of evils and brought peace to all that deserved it with the sparkling blade of evil’s bane. He not only survived on strength and courage, but also love. Not just the love for Hyrule, but also the love of a young woman. Zelda, a noble princess who had lost everything, was now trying to pull the shattered pieces of her life back together. No one could understand her quite like Link did. He had a special talent. He didn't see people as ugly or pretty, he saw people for who they were by looking into their eyes. The saying "Eyes are the windows to ones soul," is the most true of all statements in history. By looking into another's eyes, some can feel their emotions and see their secrets. Most cannot because they don't know how to read eyes. Link could. He saw through Zelda's attempt to not show affection for anyone. It was on a lovely sunny day like this that he would try to break the iron gate around her heart.

        Her long hair swirled and danced like the golden flame of a candle quivering under a soft breath. Her sky blue eyes sparkled, catching the glow of the sun. He approached her with silenced footsteps, not wanting to disturb her as she gazed at the peaceful land. Sitting down next to her, not saying a word, he too looked out into the sun drenched morning. Already, a group of small children were tumbling and wrestling in the grass. Some skipping and catching butterflies. One small girl shrieked with excitement as her small hand closed over one. Opening her hands to see the delicate creature, it fluttered up and out of her reach and the chase began again. Zelda did not seem to notice Link was even there. She sighed and stood up, smoothing her dress. It's creamy white folds spilled to the floor and gently swished around her ankles as she made her way to a small wooden desk. A jewel encrusted, golden tiara lay on it's shiny surface and glistened in the light as she lifted it to her head. She pushed her golden locks back and they tumbled over her shoulder,cascadeing in a silken river along her back. Link watched her thoughtfully. He remembered the days when they would sit in the garden when they were younger and Zelda would tell him stories of the kingdom's past and the ever popular story of when the world began. One particular memory edged it's way into his mind.


        "Over here!" Zelda waved her arms as Link scanned the castle garden until his eyes rested upon her thin, porcelain figure. Her eyes sparkled with a playful joy as he ran to her side. He plopped his little body down on the smooth , marble bench and gave her a broad smile. Her milky white and royal purple dress rippled gently with the passing wind. She pulled a stray tendril of pale blonde hair behind her tapered, elfin ear.

        "What took you so long? You promised you'd be here at 12:30 and it's almost 13:00!" He blushed and smiled sheepishly. She pretended to look hurt and then giggled girlishly. He knew she was only joking and managed to laugh a little too.

        "Well, do you still want to hear the story or not, Mister tardy?" She giggled again as he nodded his head, messy bangs bobbing up and down along with his floppy green hat. His forest, green tunic was wrinkled with age and use but still as bright as ever.

        "Alright then where were we? Ah, yes! I remember now." She cleared her throat and started her tale.

        "Before there was an earth and sun and stars, all that existed was chaos. Three goddesses came from the holy land to give order and life to this barren wasteland of dust and darkness. The first goddess, Din, created the red, stony earth with her great strength and power...." Link listened intently to the well known legend. Zelda had no book before her, for she did not need one. She knew the story as well as she knew to eat and breathe.

        "Farore, with her kind and courageous heart, gave life to the land. And Nayru, with her wisdom, gave order and the laws to which all creatures abide by. Before they departed from the newly created earth, they left a symbol of their power behind. It was a golden triangle made up of three smaller ones. The first was the triforce of power. The next was that of wisdom, and the last was courage. If a being should touch it, their dreams would become reality. A person with an evil, black heart would send the land into darkness and despair. A person with a pure, righteous heart would lead the world to a future of prosperity. Hundreds of years have passed since then and six sages built a temple to keep evil hearts away from the portal to the sacred realm, where the golden treasure lie hidden. This temple was named the Temple of Time and was built next to Hyrule Castle. To open the door of time that leads to the scared realm, one would heave to collect three spiritual stones, and place them before the door. Then they would have to play the Ocarina of Time, which was passed down from generation to generation within the royal family, and pull the Master Sword from it's resting place in a stone pedestal.

        Link stared out a the faded, pink roses, picturing Zelda's words in his head. He looked up when she stopped talking, worried she might think he wasn't listening. But she was gazing off into the distance, deep in thought too. Finally she snapped out of it and looked at Link. She realized that he was staring at her and blushed. He quickly looked away as a bright red began to creep across his cheeks as well.

        She quickly spoke up, as to not leave an awkward silence lingering between them.

        "Well, I'm sure it's about time for lunch. Let's head to the dining hall for a bit of something to eat before our stomachs start to rumble.” Link's already was, so the thought of food made his face light up. They skipped up the stony path to the main entrance, leaving the blooming garden to whisper in the afternoon sun.


         Although, Link's childhood was seven years in the past, only a year had passed in his mind and spirit since then. He lost seven years trapped inside the spirit realm while he slept, awaiting the day to deliver Hyrule from the overpowering evil. He destroyed Ganon and brought peace to the land, but sometimes the wounds on his soul still ached. Zelda had lost seven years disguised as a sheikah boy, to hide from Ganondorf and help Link on his quest. They both  vanquished the black storm clouds in the end with the light in their souls and kindness in their hearts. Such a wicked man was Ganondorf, he could not hope to control the power of the gods. And once again did Hyrule live on in peace and tranquility. No one could ignore the ever present danger of uprising hatred, though. Even after the dark king was destroyed, blackness lingered in the hearts of his followers. They had only one determined send the hero of Time into the depths of Hell!


        The King of Hyrule had changed for the worst after his beloved wife's demise. She was taken by a deadly disease of which had no cure. During her days of life, Zelda would follow her everywhere, wanting to always be by her side. Her mother taught her to always value the gift of life. Whether it be her own, or another’s. Her mother had also taught her the beauty of literature and poetry, and at night, she would hum a soft melody to her which she called Zelda’s Lullaby. It was a mysterious, yet soothing tune that had strange effects on those who listened to it’s enchanting notes.


        Zelda’s thin fingers glided across the harp’s silver strings. Link followed the tune with crisp, long notes on his ocarina. Rich music flowed from the balcony to the occasional passerby, a servant or a guard. Impa, Zelda’s silver haired nursemaid, quietly slipped a tray of tea and honey cakes onto her bed before exiting the room, unbeknownst to the duo outside the bedroom curtains. The haunting melody echoed through the hallways and across the courtyard. As the last string was plucked  and the note rung out, Link opened his eyes. He always got so involved with his music, so he closed his eyes, gently swaying back and forth with the rhythm. Zelda sighed and closed her eyes, leaning back into the plush chair. Placing the small wooden instrument into his pocket, he rose from his usual spot on the railing and walked into the bedroom where he could see the tray of tea and cakes lying. He took the silver tray to a small round table in the corner and handed her the small china tea cup.  She wrapped her fingers around it and pulled the tea up to her nose, breathing in it’s gentle aroma.  The steam swirled  waned in thin wisps in the cool, crisp night. Link grabbed one of the many honey cakes and stuffed a piece into his mouth. She looked at him and laughed softly, seeing his cheeks bulging with cake. He heard the laugh and gave her a questioning look. She couldn’t help but notice how innocent he looked with his big blue eyes. In the depths of his heart, he was forced to grow up fast under the circumstances, but some childish traits still remained. At 17 years of age, part of him was still stuck at 10 years old. Although Zelda had actually seen the 7 years go by, she was not in her own body, so this was a strange experience for her as well. A pale rose petal was carried to his lap with the wind. He ran his fingers across it tenderly and lifted it closer to his face. He turned to Zelda and blew the petal to her. She smiled as it drifted into her hands. The tall, green clad, Hylian pulled himself up off the chair he was resting on and walked to the railing. His eyes searched the sky as if he were looking for some answer for life’s many questions. Zelda watched his hair rustle gently, brushing his pink-dusted cheeks. The moonlight reflected on his eyes and made him glow with a silvery aura. He leaned closer to the edge and looked at the trees below. He was so wrapped in his own thoughts, that it seemed he would stare away into the distance forever, solid as a rock. The only way Zelda could tell he was indeed a living, breathing individual, was the steady rise and fall of his broad chest. A soft hum started to rise out of his throat. Zelda listened carefully to the soft lullaby and watched the stars twinkle and wink at her from their post in the night sky, watching over the hero and monarch. A rush of numbness came over her limbs as she gave way to the gentle waves of sleep. In the end of her consciousness, the last thing that she thought of was Link’s soft voice.



        Pale morning light filtered in through the parted curtains and danced on the cold stone floor. The princess’s eyes fluttered open to see Impa’s smiling face. Her eyes sparkled mischievously as Zelda rose from her silken sheets.

        “Well, it’s about time now isn’t it? You must have been tired last night after your little playing session. It was Master Link who carried you to bed after you dozed off in a chair.” The dark skinned  Sheikah placed a small box on the desk beside the large, canopy bed. Zelda eyed it curiously.

        “He wished that I give you this when you woke.” She pushed the box closer. Zelda gently lifted the box up and ran her fingers across it’s smooth wooden lid. She lifted the lid and a small rose petal fell out. It was the same one that she had fallen asleep with on her lap. Impa turned to leave, but Zelda stopped her.

        “Wait. Do you know where Link went?” Impa lifted her eyebrow.

        “Does the princess wish to see him?” A smile crept across her thin lips.

        “I’ll see if I can’t find him.” She turned to the door again.

        “Oh, and Impa….” Zelda had a certain nervousness in her regal voice.

         “Please don’t tell my father about this.” The King of Hyrule was thankful for Hyrule’s savior, but he never liked his only daughter being near this adventuresome lad. Impa winked at her and put a hand over her heart.

        “Our secret.” She left as Zelda hurried to her dresser. She rummaged through her dresses and pulled out a long navy blue one. She threw her hair up into a long ponytail with a matching ribbon. She placed her golden tiara on her forehead, the only thing that still made her look like the princess of Hyrule, and ran into the hallway. A servant was rushing by when she noticed she was in the princess’s presence. Her cheeks turned crimson and she nearly flung herself on the floor, frantically trying to make up for her late curtsy. Zelda leaned over and lifted the servant girl’s chin, who was not even a year younger than herself.

        “You need not bow to me. I like to think of you as my equal for I am no better than you.” The girl looked shocked.

        “But, Milady, you are a wonderful princess. I’m sure you are far greater than I will ever hope to be.” Zelda lifted a finger to the girls mouth.

        “That is not true. Just because I was born into royalty, I’m not greater than anyone in this castle. My father my want you to bow to him, but when you are in my presence, you may do what you like.” The servant smiled and quickly resumed her work.


         The pebble skipped five times before sinking to the bottom of the lake. Lake Hylia was glistening under the afternoon sun. Link sighed  thoughtfully and spun another rock across the water.

        “Still the same boy I knew 7 years ago.” Startled, He gasped and spun around. Impa chuckled at his sudden change of mood.

        “Relax Master Link, it’s only me.” Link stood up and pulled his tunic straight.

        “You like sneakin’ up on people don’t ya?” She chuckled again.

        “The princess wishes to see you.” Link’s eyes sparkled when he thought of Zelda. Impa noticed and smirked.

        “She will meet you by the apple orchard gates.” She jumped back up onto her shocking white stallion and walked a few steps before stopping and calling back to him.

        “You might not want to be seen by the guards, the King was a little fumed by your meeting with Zelda last night.” He nodded and she sped past the tree line, towards Hyrule field. Link raced back to his cabin he built by the water a few months before, after his long adventure. He wanted to clean up before he left, so he could look his best for the princess.



        Zelda was pacing back and forth between the rows of apple trees. Occasionally, a ripened fruit would fall from a branch, landing in the grass with a soft thud. She  sat under the biggest tree and clasped her hands in her lap.

        “Where in Din’s name could he be?” She spoke softly to herself, almost expecting an answer. The leaves in the trees rustled and swayed. Zelda didn’t know how long she had been in this maze of green and red, but every second seemed to drag on forever, lasting all of eternity. Suddenly she jumped back with surprise as an apple landed right in her hands. She looked up to see Link grinning down at her. He jumped down, graceful and silently. Zelda smirked, folding her arms across her chest.

        “Do you have any idea how long you’ve kept me waiting?” Link turned pink and rubbed the back of his head, apologetically. She gave him a little smile and put a hand on his shoulder.

        “It’s alright, Link.” She reached in to her pocket and closed her hand around something smooth and almost velvety. She pulled her and out and produced the small flower petal.

        “I wanted to thank you for the gift you gave me.” She quickly put her free hand into the other pocket.

        “ I wanted to give you something too.” She placed the petal in her pocket and brought her hands behind Link’s neck. She fastened the hook in place and stepped back. Link looked down at the chain around his neck. He fingered the smooth silver ring attached to the end. In it was carved one small word: Hero. Link was shocked by the gift. He looked up at Zelda, dumbfounded. She could tell he didn’t know what to say.

        “I hoped you would like it.” Link nodded frantically, trying to emphasize his joy.

        “Wonderful!” She sat back down, Link following her actions. She picked up the large, red apple that he had dropped on her lap. She tossed it to him.

        “I do believe this is yours, Master Link!” She smiled impishly. He smiled gratefully and bit it, a trickle of juice running down his chin. To Zelda’s surprise, Link’s finger twitched and he jumped to his feet, muscles tightening. Zelda was confused. She didn’t know what had triggered this reaction in him.

        “Link, wha…..” Link lifted a finger to his mouth to silence her. Then she heard it: A soft crack. Link crouched down and flew into the tree behind them.

        “Zelda!!! Are you here?!!!” It was the King’s voice. He walked right into the row of trees where Zelda was standing and Link was hiding.

        “Ah, there you are my dear! I was beginning to worry. I haven’t seen you all morning.” Zelda started to wring her hands.

        “I’ve been sitting here, father, practicing my…uh…bird calling.” The King looked down and saw the half eaten apple. Zelda noticed and quickly snatched it up and behind her back. The King eyed her, suspiciously.

        “Oh, I got a little hungry.” The King thought she was acting a bit strange but decided to wave it off. He turned sideways, facing the castle.

       “Well, if you get to hungry, just call one of the servants.” And with that he left. Zelda breathed a sigh of relief when he was out of sight. With a loud thud, Link fell out of the tree, laughing hysterically. Zelda tapped her foot.

        “Now what is so funny.” Link got up on wobbly legs, trying to regain his breath and wipe his watering  eyes.

        “Bird calling? Some how I don’t see you bird calling.” She crossed her arms again.

        “And why is that?” Link could think of a few reasons.

        “Well, if you think you can bird call, let’s hear your crow call.” Zelda looked at him with confidence.

        “I’m sure I can do a wonderful crow call.” She scrunched up her nose and made a squawk that quickly ended with a squeak. They both stared at each other with eyebrows lifted. Suddenly, they both flopped on the ground and had a fit of uncontrollable laughter.


        Zelda covered her mouth with a slender hand, trying to conceal a yawn. It was another monthly banquet her father held with the noblemen and monarchs from other regions. Usually a few men would wish to take the young princess’s hand in marriage, but she would have none of it, much to her father’s dismay. The King warned her that when she turned 18 she would not have a choice and she would have to marry one of these princes. Zelda had no desire to share her life with a man she didn’t know, let alone a stuck up prince. Ever since she was small, she always wished she  was never born with royal blood. For once she would like to be able to make her own decisions and run her life the way she wanted to. At first sight, no one would expect her to be so rebellious. She always seemed so proper and delicate. When she had a chance, rare one at that, she would be the exact opposite when she was with her friends, her real friends. One of the best days of her life was when Link brought her horse back riding through Hyrule field on Epona, his beautiful brown and white mare. They would fly over fences and dash through long grass. She would cling tightly to his waist and bury her face in his green tunic, listening to the rushing wind. She just felt so free then. She felt like the world and her responsibilities had melted away. No one was demanding anything from her, no one was telling her how to act and what she had to be. She could just be herself and the people around her would except that. Unfortunately that feeling would and did not last. Zelda sighed and continued thinking of places she rather be, which was just about anywhere at this point.

        “Princess Zelda….” The King noticed she wasn’t listening to the conversation about the other kingdoms.

        “Zelda!” She blinked her eyes and looked around at everyone staring at her. What had she missed?

        “Zelda, please pay attention!” The King had a sharpness in his tone. She straightened up in her chair and they continued their endless chatter. Despite her father’s scolding she let her mind wander again. She lowered her head, allowing her long hair to screen her face. Once in a while she would pick up bits and pieces of the noblemen’s talk.

        “I will see what we can do for the Kingdom of Critamel. As for Prince Luther, I’m sure my daughter would be delighted.” Zelda, hearing the King‘s words, snapped her head up.

        The ruler of Critamel was positioned three places down from herself. His name was Raphael, an old man with deep creases in his wrinkled face. Worn with age and experience, his skin looked leathery and tough.

        “Then it shall be arranged. They will meet in the courtyard for a few hours. If Luther does so like Princess Zelda here, then they shall be wed!” Raphael’s eyes sparkled with joy for his son.

        “Excellent! Don’t you think Zelda?” Her mouth was wide open. What where they talking about?! Did they really expect her to marry some stranger? The decision for her marriage and life were going to rest in the hands of some Luther boy?! Suddenly she was overwhelmed with anger. Without warning, she shot to her feet, sending her chair crashing to the floor. She pulled the tiara off her forehead and slammed it on the table. Stunned faces lined the table. She took off, out of the dining hall and raced through the castle. How could they just sit there and arrange her future like it was some get together. Her mind raced as fast as her feet did. She ran to her bed room and threw herself on the bed. How could her father do this to her. She looked at her desk and saw the wooden box. Carefully she sat up and took the box in one gloved hand. Lifting the rose petal out, she breathed in it’s soft fragrance. Three loud knocks on the door told her her father had come and she was going to receive her punishment. The door flew open and a red faced King jerked Zelda off the bed by her wrist. She stumbled and tried to stay on her feet as he dragged her down the hall into his study. Pushing her inside, he slammed the door shut. He whirled around and glared at Zelda, staring straight into her blue eyes.

        “How could you humiliate me in front of all those people! Fellow Kings, for Din’s sake!” Zelda was not one to be intimidated, especially by a man trying to control her life.

        “Oh I’m sorry,” Zelda snapped back, sarcastically. “Next time I’ll try to look proper when your selling me off to some rich bastard!” He was at the boiling point now.

        “Your lucky anyone even wants your hand in marriage, being so rude and stubborn all the time.” Zelda took a step closer to her father and threw up her arms in rage.

        “I couldn’t care less if all the nobles hated me! Let them propose all they want, but I will never be given away to what ever royal suitor may tickle your fancy. You never once though about what this might be like for me, being sold off to the highest bidder like cattle.” The King looked offended.

        “I only want what’s best for this Kingdom! You should stop being so selfish and think about that! Do what’s best for your people!” How could she have done more for her people! She helped Link seal Ganondorf away and save Hyrule!

        “What has happened to you, daughter? You have changed for the worst for the last year!” Zelda felt a strange mixture of anger and surprise.

        “What has happened to me?! Take a look at yourself! What has happened to you?! Ever since mother died you…”  The old monarch looked like he was about to explode.

        “Don’t you dare drag your mother into this!” Zelda was almost screaming, tears welling up in her eyes.

        “If she were still alive, she would have let me pick my own husband!” He had heard enough by now.

        “Tomorrow you will end this foolishness and agree to meet Prince Luther.” Tears were streaming freely down her slightly flushed, ivory cheeks now.

        “Damn Prince Luther, damn him to hell!” With those final words, she tore past her father and threw open the door. He grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

        “You listen here…” Zelda wrenched her self free from his grasp.

        “Don’t touch me!” She streaked down the hall and ran to her room, passing Impa on the way. Impa saw the blonde blur rush by her that was the Princess. Instantly, she realized what went on at the banquet.


        Her shoulders shuddered violently as she sobbed into her pillow. The moon shone bright and full outside her  bedroom. Zelda lifted her head and wiped her tear soaked eyes. How could fate be so cruel. Her blood might be royal, but her heart was not in it and her mind was anything but royal. The King expects her to march around like some wind up doll and do as everyone pleases. Zelda wanted nothing to do with him anymore. All she wanted to do was get away. Her legs were shaking as she walked onto the balcony. Her eyes scanned the horizon, looking for something. She wasn’t even entirely sure what she was looking for. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, pushing it back. She leaned her back on the railing and turned to face her bedroom. Her tiara lay on her desk, shattered and broken. Next to it lay the petal Link had given her. Link…he was the only person who would truly understand her. Her eyes widened. She rushed to her bed and grabbed the sheets. Running back to the balcony she scanned the area for guards. Luckily the guards had a route to walk, so she could get away when they went around the corner. Her fingers flew across the fabric as she secured a knot. She retrieved a long, black cloak from her dresser and pulled it over her dress, lifting the hood over her head to shield her face from view. As the last guard turned the corner she threw the linen over the railing and took a handful of cloth. She slid down and landed silently on the ground. Her heart raced as she crept along the trees, melting into the shadows. Zelda would have to disappear as quickly as possible, for the guards would soon see the sheet and find she was missing. Once she was well out of sight, she ran as fast as possible for Lake Hylia.


        Silence. Link was lying in bed, thinking about his plans for tomorrow. He would have to go fishing again in the morning if he wanted breakfast. He sighed and rolled on his side. He clasped his hand over the small silver ring dangling around his neck. The moonlight danced across the wooden floor. Outside a few fireflies zipped and flitted by the open window, mixing their green glow with the silver flames of moonlight. Link’s ears perked up as he heard the rustling of grass just outside his house. It didn’t sound like any animal, the noise sounded human. Link shot a nervous look at the door and sat up, pushing aside the threadbare sheet. He quickly glanced at his sword and shield hanging on the wall. Link had been given a new sword after Hyrule  was safe. This lightweight and unbreakable sword was named the Knight’s Blade. It had a silver handle with jewels curling all the way to the steel, where the crest of the kingdom was carefully and flawlessly engraved. Only those worthy of being one of Hyrule’s few fearless knight’s, could wield such a sword. A few soft taps were laid on his door bringing him to his feet, still a little uneasy of the midnight visitor. He swung the door open to see a black cloaked figure. The figure walked inside and pushed the door shut behind it. Before Link could say anything, the figure whipped the  hood off and Zelda flung her arms around him, weeping. Link was too shocked to say anything. He tried to comfort her  by stroking her hair and led her to the bed, where they sat down.

        “Oh, Link! You won’t believe what my father did! He’s trying to arrange a wedding for me and I don’t even know this man!” She  buried her face in his chest, her tears wetting his tunic.

        “Why did I have to be a princess? There are wonderful girls who could take care of Hyrule’s people better than I!“ Link lifted her chin up and met her crystal-glazed eyes.

        “You have taken care of your people more than anyone could. You were the one who lead me through all the trials and tribulations I faced.” Zelda crying slowed and she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

        “You were the one who gave me the ocarina of time. You told me what I needed to accomplish and helped defeat Ganon with your power. You lead me through the darkness.” His tone was firm, but sincere. He put hand on her cheek and brushed away a tear with his thumb.

        “Zelda….without you…..Hyrule would be nothing, and neither would I” She closed her eyes and smiled, wrapping her arms around him. He grinned and a playful ring came to his voice.

        “And Hyrule could search forever and never find a prettier princess.” Zelda laughed softly and sat up straight. She noticed a large dark spot on his tunic were she was resting her head.

        “Oh, look what I’ve done to your shirt! I went and got it all wet.” Link looked down  but waved it off.

        “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing. It’ll be dry in a few minutes.”  Zelda looked out the window and up at the sky, smiling.

        “Well we should go outside and let it air out.” Link nodded and pulled his dampened tunic straight. Link pushed the  large, wooden door open and led Zelda outside. He went to a nearby rock and sat down. He patted his hand on the space next to him, motioning for her to sit beside him. Link pulled a long piece of grass from the ground and stuck the end into his mouth. He started to count the stars, making patterns out of them and naming already familiar ones. He felt his shirt and found it dry.

        “See look at that! My tunic’s already dry. You have nothing to worry about.” Zelda got up and started being very dramatic.

        “Oh, that’s wonderful news! I would have been up all night worrying that you didn’t have a dry shirt.” They both started laughing as Link got to his feet. He put an arm around her waist and swept her off her feet, spinning her in circles. After they both started getting dizzy, they fell about laughing and started a tickle fight in the tall grass. A few minutes passed and their sides were beginning to get sore , so they lay down flat in the grass, taking in the sight of the fire flies doing their nightly dance upon delicate wings. Zelda sighed, pushing her hair back out of her face.

        “I could stay here forever…” Link, whose hands were resting beneath his head, turned slightly to face her. He gazed at her with the big blue eyes of an innocent boy. He smiled warmly. That was the best part of him…his smile. It was the best smile in the whole kingdom. It was the first thing he had done when the great king of evil was destroyed. Ever since 7 years ago, it contained a little pain.


        It was finally over. Ganon was sealed away from the world of light forever. Soon the land would once again head in the direction of peace. Link was still on his knees, panting,  head tilted to the ground. He was covered with cuts and gashes and half soaked with his own blood. His sword had slipped out of his hand and clattered to the stone and packed dirt beneath his feet. Zelda rushed over to his side and helped him to his feet, pulling his body up with an arm under his. His body shook from the small movements. He had pushed his body to the farthest limits and it was a wonder he was still breathing, let alone standing. They both saw the black clouds waning and disappearing without a trace. When Link got his balance, she ripped off  two large strips of material from her dress and started to treat his biggest wounds. He grimaced with pain and clenched his fists. Zelda almost wanted to cry because he had pushed himself so hard and sacrificed so much to serve Hyrule and herself. Why had such an innocent person been dragged into this, losing 7 years of his life and his innocence because of the circumstances at hand and a ten year old’s dream. The goddesses had chosen him to become the hero, she realized this, because he was pure of heart and mind, but it just seemed so cruel and impossible for him to accomplish the task set forth for the quiet Hylian child. He had been raised as a Kokiri with the Great Deku Tree as his guide, but was suddenly awakened to the horrible truth when he left the forest and pulled the Master Sword from the pedestal. He was in fact Hylian and not Kokiri. His father had served the king as a knight and died in battle. When he was a baby, their house was lit on fire. Link got out unharmed in his mother’s arms, but his mother was not so lucky. She was suffering fatal wounds when she fled to the forest. Unfortunately his mother died shortly after arriving. The Deku Tree sensed this was no ordinary baby and carried out the mother’s wish to save his life. Now he stood on a barren battle field, having saved the entire world. Zelda looked over the land and sighed, knowing for the people in Hyrule, their lives would return to normal. But her and Link’s never would. Their bodies had suffered unbearable wounds, but their souls had suffered worse. They knew the wounds would never completely heal. Link saw the sun shining for the first time in days and smiled…


        Link and Zelda fell asleep side by side in the grass. It was Zelda’s butterfly lashes who fluttered open first. She could hear heavy footsteps getting closer. She peaked her head over the weeds to see a large group of soldiers heading straight for her. She noticed Link stirring next to her. He rose, sleepily and smiled at Zelda.

        “Good morning Zel…..AH!” Zelda had jumped on him and tried to push his head down, covering his mouth with one hand. Crouched close to the ground  she tried to stay out of sight, but it was too late. The guards had seen them and had arrived next to them. The captain sneered and huffed with amusement.

        “Well what do we have here?” He disliked Link very much. Half the reason was because he didn’t believe that he had slayed Ganondorf. The other reason was because he was a friend of Zelda, with whom the captain wished to marry. Two guards rushed forward with spears and pointed them to Link’s neck. He stared on in amazement with wide eyes. It was just the beginning of the day and already someone was threatening to kill him. The captain grabbed him and chained his hands, purposely leaving them too tight. Link gritted his teeth  and looked up at Zelda. Her glazed blue eyes were wide with shock.

        “What are you doing?!” The captain looked up at Zelda,  pretending to look innocent.

        “Why, your father commanded us to find you. Since this man was hiding you from us, he shall be hung…your father’s orders.” He grinned at Link, who was staring at him with disbelief and anger. Zelda’s eyes were tear filled again. How could they do this to their savior? They would all be dead without him and now they were going to kill him. Her father might be angry about her being gone, but he would never order Link to be killed. He disliked him being near her and might sentence him to stay in jail, but never death.

        “Move!” The captain barked the short orders to the soldiers. One soldier came behind Link and struck him on the back of the head with the but of his spear, knocking him unconscious. Zelda gasped and dashed to Link. Before she could reach him, the captain grabbed her arm and pulled her hands behind her back.

        “Let go of me!!!” She started wriggling, trying to break free, but he just tightened his grip. He dragged her to his horse and plopped her down, grabbing the reins with one hand and her with another, so she couldn‘t escape. Two other soldiers flung Link over the back of another horse.  The captain kicked the jet black stallion, flying down a crooked path to the castle.

        “Link!!!” Zelda screamed back as he disappeared from her sight.



To be continued…




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