The Sun and the Moon

By Rebecca Ogle

Kafei was very bored. His father, Mayor Dotour, was having a meeting with Tortus, owner of the Stock Pot Inn, and Kafei had to sit through it. When it felt like eternity had come and gone, the two men finally stood up. Kafei realized that there was a small bundle in Tortus's arms. Before it had not made any noise, but as soon as Tortus stood up, it sounded like something had exploded. Kafei covered his ears.

"Sshh, Anju, you were so quiet, come on, we don't want to disturb Mrs. Dotour..." Tortus cooed. He then turned to the mayor. "I'm so sorry, sir, she woke up from a long nap, I should take her home, she's probably hungry, I'll--"

The door opened and in walked Kafei's mother. She stormed right over to the screaming baby and scooped it out of Tortus's arms. She started rocking Anju gently, at the same time scolding her husband.

"Oh look what you did! You made her cry! What did you do? Ahh, there we go, she's quiet now..." Mrs. Dotour started googoo-gaagaaing to the baby. Kafei walked over to his mother to get a closer look.

"Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?" breathed his mother. Kafei said nothing. She looked like a puffy red thing with watery eyes. Then he nodded.

"Yeah, she's great." he agreed.

The mayor chuckled. "Hope you still think that in 20 years, boy, cause your gonna be stuck with her!" he joked. He opened his mouth to say more, but with a glare from his wife he quickly decided that it would be a better idea to shut up.

Tortus and the baby left shortly afterward, and Kafei was sent up to bed.

* * *

It was 18 years after that day, and the carnival was about to begin. Kafei and his friends stood near the stage, waiting for the countdown. He was with Shiro, Joseph, Gorman, Grog, and John. All of them were wearing masks, as was everyone else in Clock Town. Kafei's mask was a beautifully carved, golden, sun-shaped piece. Shiro wore his dad's helmet, Joseph wore a Keaton Mask, Gorman wore a clown mask, Grog wore a Cucco mask, and John (who was quite the joker) wore a toilet mask. Everyone quieted as the Clock Tower's search light blazed over the crowd. The countdown had begun!

"Ten, nine, eight, seven...." Kafei suddenly stopped counting and stared. Grog gave him a questionable look, but kept counting. Kafei did not noticed; he watched the woman's mouth form the words perfectly, saw her and her friends cheer as the fireworks went off, noticed how the fireworks illuminated her beautiful milky white skin, how her hair shone in the moonlight, how the blue eyes peeping through the mask shone like the stars in a velvety blue sky.......

"Hey! You! Mayor kid! EARTH TO KAFEEEEEIIIIII!!!!" Kafei blinked as a hand waved vigorously in front of his face. "Ah, good he's alive!" John said.

"Did you forget how to count, buddy?" Joe asked. "It goes ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,three, two, one, then you jump around and cheer a lot!"

"Ooooooh, Kafei!" teases Gorman. "Hope your New Year's resolution wasn't to avoid making googoo eyes, cause that's what you just did!"

"Ah! Come on Kafei, who's the lucky woman? You can tell your old pal Grog!"

Kafei ignored them. "Hey guys, I'll be right back." he said, and walked off in the direction of the young woman he'd seen. His friends sniggered audibly, but stopped when an elderly Zora walked onstage and started presenting his band, the Indigo-gos.

Kafei was right next to the woman now. He recognized her now that she had her mask off; he'd seen her at the ranch with Cremia, who lived there. He was about to say something, but the members of the Indigo-gos had already started playing. He waited until the song was over.

"That song is one of my favorites." he said to the woman, not knowing what else to say. She looked up, and Kafei's stomach did a somersault.

"Yeah, it's one of my favorites," she replied, "Hey, aren't you the mayor's son?"

"Yes." Kafei answered. "My name is Kafei. Who are you?"

"I'm Anju. I live at the inn. Well, actually, I work at the inn too, my father died recently." Anju looked down.

"Ah," Kafei said, feeling very stupid. "I wish there was something I could do."

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. "Thanks," she said.

They both turned their attention to the stage. An old wrinkly man was standing in a spotlight telling jokes.

"Are these supposed to make us laugh?" Kafei muttered. Anju giggled. The jokes were really bad. They stood there listening for a while, then,

"Do you want to leave?" they asked simultaneously. Then, laughing, they walked out of Clock Town hand in hand.

* * *

"So what is your mask for?" Kafei asked Anju. The two were sitting at the edge of a cliff over Great Bay.

Anju pulled her mask out of her dress pocket. "It's the moon goddess."

"Ah, Nera." Kafei smiled. "She shines her light on the world, assuring us that dawn will come again."

Anju blushed. "And yours, yours is the sun god, Hidlos. He brings an end to rain, warms our hearts, and puts the light of joy into our lives."

"Well I guess both of us payed attention in Sunday School," Kafei joked. They moved closer.

"Anju, by the glowing radiance of the moon and the shining brightness of the sun, my love for you will always bring light into your life." Kafei whispered in her ear.

Tears shone in Anju's eyes. "My father always said that I was the light of his world. Before he died, he told me to fill my own world with light."

"I'll do that and much more for you, Anju," he promised, "The sun and moon were meant to be the light in a world of darkness."

They leaned closer, and as the sun rose in the east and the moon set in the west, they shared a kiss that they both would long for when a powerful darkness seperated them.


A Year Later.....

Anju woke up one morning, feeling like a butterfly in an endless field of wildflowers. She had slept with her day clothes on, so when she woke up she jumped out of bed, threw open the shutters to let the sunshine in, whisked the broom from the closet, and started waltzing around the rooms sweeping.

"You're happy this morning," her mother commented, setting breakfast on the table. "Where were you last night?"

Anju wasn't listening. She was still singing and dancing with the broom. Her mother finally got impatient and stomped her foot on the broom to get Anju's attention.

"Yes mother?" she asked brightly.

"I asked you a question," huffed her mother, "Where did you go last night?"

"Oh, somewhere where the sun and moon come together," she sighed. They heard a knock at the door. "Oh, that will be him!" She took a bite of toast. "Bye, Mom, thanks for breakfast!" With that she ran downstairs and out the door.

"Wait, Anju, where are you going? Who's at the door? Anju! Get back here!" her mother called.

Kafei took Anju's hand once she got outside and they ran out the town gates laughing. They didn't stop until they were in the middle of Southeast Termina Field. Kafei swept Anju off her feet and kissed her.

"Love you," he told her.

"Really, that's funny, I love me too!" Anju replied jokingly.

"Oh ha-ha." Kafei said. They fell into each other's arms, their bodies melting into each other in a whole new mysterious world that was yet to be explored.

Hours later, Kafei woke up. Anju had fallen asleep in his arms. He realized that it was late afternoon. Oh well, he thought, we had a late night last night.

"Anju!" he whispered, nudging her gently. She squirmed, but didn't wake up, so he tried the other method of kissing her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and she stood up.

"What time is it?" she asked, pulling Kafei off the ground to stand next to her.

"About 4:00," he answered. "Shh!" he said suddenly, "Did you hear that?"

Anju listened. She did indeed hear a faint rustling sound..."Kafei, look behind you!" she hissed.

Kafei turned around and looked. He saw a red-haired man lying flat on his face, out cold. Two fairies hovered over him. A sack full of all sorts of masks was next to them, and picking through the pile was a Skull Kid from the forest. Kafei marched towards the group.

"Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?" Kafei demanded.

The theif looked up. It was wearing a colorful horned mask that sent a shiver down Kafei's spine. Then Kafei jumped out of the way as a bolt of blue light seemed to shoot out of the mask. He watched in horror as it hit Anju, knocking her out. He ran over to her side, shaking her shoulders.

"Anju! Wake up! Please!" He lifted his eyes to the masked Skull Kid. "What did you do to her?" he shouted.

The imp started laughing obnoxiously. Kafei dodged another bolt aimed for his head. The bolt hit a tree, bounced off the trunk, and, before Kafei could react, hit him squarely in the chest. Kafei felt a twisting, sqeezing feeling in his innards that spread through his whole body. His skin stretched and bubbled, then his whole body squirmed--

The pain was too much. Kafei fell in a dead faint.

* * *

Kafei woke up hours later. It was dark out. He looked at his watch, and saw something he did not want to see.

"My hands!" he exclaimed. He leaped onto his feet and realized that he was only about three and a half feet tall.

"I'm....I'm a child..." he said, unbelieving. He looked over to the spot where Anju had been and saw that she was still there, and still out cold. He tried to lift her, but she was twice as big as he was. He pecked her on the cheek.

"Anju, I'll be right back. I promise!" He put his Sun Mask on to disguise himself and ran as fast as his short legs could carry him to North Clock Town. He had to pay a visit to the Great Fairy.

* * *

Kafei hated walking through North Clock Town at night, but what else could he do? He ran through the shadows, trying not to be seen. Then, the wind got knocked out of him by someone behind him and he fell face forward. He was roughly turned over by a notorious thief he recognized as Sakon. The Sun Mask was torn off his face. Kafei jumped up and tried to reach the mask in Sakon's outstretched hand. He wasn't tall enough. Sakon waved it tauntingly just out of his reach.

"Nice mask, kid!" he teased. "This should be useful at the Carnival of Time; I was wondering what mask would hide my face enough so that the guards wouldn't recognize me!" With that he skipped off.

Kafei knew he could not catch the theif then; he'd have to wait until the time was right. A plan formulated in his mind as he headed to his house.

* * *

Oh good, Kafei thought, it's still here! He picked up his old Keaton mask that Joseph had given to him years ago. He'd figured that his parents wouldn't be home, because every Wednesday they went to the Milk Bar together. He quietly left the house, Keaton mask tucked under his shirt. Now to the Curiosity Shop.

The door to the Curiosity Shop was unlocked. Kafei let himself in and walked right up to the counter. "Joe!" he pleaded in a voice that was a pitch higher than his normal one. "I need your help!"

"Beat it, kid," answered his friend.

Kafei sighed. He'd expected this. "Look, Joe, you've got to believe me! It's me, Kafei, your buddy!" Kafei went on, trying to ignore Joe's look of skeptism. "This imp was in the field, he had this strange mask, and me and Anju kind of ran into him and he did this thing and knocked out Anju then he turned me into a kid! Then I went to the Great Fairy to get restored but before I got to talk to her someone stole my mask......" Kafei knew he was getting no where.

Back in the Curiosity Shop

Kafei put on his Keaton Mask. "See? Remember, Joe? This is the only Keaton mask ever made in Termina, and you gave it to me!"

Joe whipped off his sunglasses as if seeing something for the first time. "Kafei??"

"Yeah," Kafei answered. "Listen, this thief, Sakon, he stole my Sun Mask. I need it so...well I need it so I can marry Anju. I know that stolen things always make their way here, so I want to hide out until he comes here."

Joe appeared to be thinking hard. "You can't stay in the main part of the store. Why don't you stay in the back room? I'll give you the key...there's a small window that you can look through during store hours."

"Thanks, Joe."

"No problem, Kafei. Take the key...the entrance is at the laundry pool."

Kafei ran out of the shop and to his new hideout.

* * *

"Oh, Cremia! You found her! How can I ever thank you?"

"She was just lying there in the middle of the field. Lucky I was delivering a shipment to the Milk Bar, there's been a lot of thieves roaming Termina lately. And with all the rumors flying around--"

"You know, if the moon really is going to fall, maybe we should take refuge at your place; would you mind?"

"Oh of course not! Me and Romani, we were--oh! She's waking up!"


"Mom...the mask..." Anju moaned. Then she sat up straight. "Where is he?"

"Anju, calm down! Where is who?" her mother said, pushing her down.

"Kafei! The imp...the imp with the mask got him!" she exclaimed.

"The mayor's son? He's missing? Cremia, would you tell the Mr. and Mrs.Dotour about this?"

"Yes, ma'am!" said Cremia.

"Anju, you need sleep. Take a good rest. There's nothing you can do tonight." advised Anju's mom.

"Alright," agreed Anju miserably. What happened to him? Anju drifted into an uncomfortable sleep.

* * *

Anju woke up the next morning, feeling worse than she had the night before. Her mom walked into the room with a tray of food. "Ah, good, you're awake! How are you feeling, good? Good. I have a few errands to run, so you'll be taking care of the reservation book today." She bustled around, swinging a plaid jacket over her shoulders and throwing Anju a clean dress. "You'll have to feed Grammie-"

"But Mom, I can't cook!" Anju protested.

"She's been having trouble eating lately, you may have to do a bit of gentle persuasion," her mom continued, taking no notice of Anju's comment, "Oh yes, there's an afternoon reservation for a Mr.Link, you know where the keys are. Dear try not to think of that Kafei, I knew when your father made the arrangements he was nothing but trouble."

"What arrangements?"

"Goodbye, dear!" her mother said, kissing her goodbye and leaving through the back door.

Thanks, Mom. Anju thought. She got dressed and headed down to the kitchen to make her grandmother's breakfast.

* * *

Uuuuuuugh. That pretty much summed up Anju's morning. She'd made a huge mess in the kitchen making Grammie something to eat, then she refused to eat it. No matter what Anju said, Grammie still wouldn't get off the idea that food makes you age faster. There was no sign of Kafei, either, and on top of that, Link still hadn't showed up. Anju felt like screaming, but just then the door opened and in walked a young boy dressed in green with a familiar looking fairy.

"Are you Link?" Anju asked shyly.

"Uuuumm, yes," answered the boy. "How-"

"Here's your room key. Your room is the second door on the right of the second floor."

"Uh, okay..." Link said, accepting the key.

Anju was just about to wash the ink off her hands when the door opened again.

"Sorry sir, our rooms are filled. You should make a reservation next time." she informed him.

"But I do have a reservation-goro. My name is Link-goro!" said the Goron, looking just as confused as the last customer. Anju shook her head.

"Nope, sorry Mr.Link-Goro, but I don't have you down in the book."

"Goro....oh well. That's the way it goes-goro, I guess." With that Mr.Link-goro left.

As soon as the door shut, it opened again and in came the postman. What next? Anju wondered, ready to start ripping out her hair. The postman handed her the letter. It was from Kafei!

"Wait--where did you get this?" she asked as the postman turned to leave.

"Some mailbox somewhere." he answered.

"Some mailbox where?" she demanded, stomping her foot.

"I told you, somewhere! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a very busy schedule!"

Anju bit her lip until it bled. This is a fun day. She carefully tore open the letter.

Dear Anju,

After the imp put the spell on you, he made me into a child. I wanted to help you, but in my current form I could not. I went to North Clock Town to get help from the Great Fairy, but while I was there my Sun's Mask got stolen by a notorious thief named Sakon! I've been asking around town about this Sakon, and now I think I know where to find him and the mask. Have faith, Anju, and keep your Crescent Mask with you always. I will come back on the night of the carnival whether I have the mask or not. May the light of the sun always be with you,


Anju's eyes widened as she read the letter. She ripped a piece of blank paper out of the reservation book and started writing.

Anju's Letter:

Anju picked up the quill and started scribbling as fast as she could.

Dear Kafei,

Are you safe? I was careful getting that Sun's Mask back, I know about Sakon. My family is evacuating to Romani Ranch, but I am staying here. I will meet you like I promised. There are strange things happening in town. They say the moon is going to much for Nera being graceful! I think it has to do with that imp with the mask...I do not know. I will send this as soon as possible. Good luck getting the mask back; please be careful!


Anju finished writing just as young Link walked into the room. "Hey, do you know anything about a man named Kafei? He went missing a while ago...his mom sent me to look for him." he said. Anju jumped.

"You're looking for him too? Well, can you do me a favor? Wait, it will be safer if I tell you tonight...can you meet me in the kitchen at 11:30? I mean, if you can..."

"Yeah, of course," Link agreed, looking a bit bewildered. He went out the door before Anju could thank him.

* * *

That night at 11:30, Anju wrote a quick note on her letter to Kafei.

P.S. I am sending a young boy named Link to deliver this to you...he is a member of your mother's seach party; maybe he can help you. He is dressed in green and a yellow fairy always follows him.

She ran down to the kitchen, where Link was already waiting. She gave him the letter and told him to deliver it that morning for her, and to find out where Kafei was hiding. She only hoped delivering the letter would not confuse him as much as taking a room key had!

* * *

Kafei jumped when the bell outside the shop rang. He'd stayed awake all night and all day, and was ready to fall flat on his face and start snoring. Very quickly, he ran out the door to see who it was. He'd expected to see that green-tunic kid who kept ringing the bell last night, but instead it was the postman. Kafei accepted the letter without saying a word, then, clutching it to his necklace, ran back inside the shop. The green-tunic kid chased after him. Kafei decided to just let the kid in, what harm could he do?

Kafei quickly read through the letter from Anju, wishing he could talk to her face to face. Meeting her tomorrow night would be hard...what if he didn't get the mask back? He'd go anyway.

The green-tunic kid reached the top of the stairs as Kafei stuffed the letter back into it's envelope.

"Anju wrote about you in her letter," Kafei said. "I know I can trust you, because she trusted you. I am Kafei."

The fairy spoke up. "We're looking for an adult named Kafei. You're just a child."

Kafei sighed. "I was turned into this by an imp wearing a mask." He continued on to tell the whole story about Sakon stealing the mask, and how he was waiting for Sakon to appear with it. He gave his necklace to Link, asking him if he could deliver it to Anju. Link agreed, as if he had all the time in the world to be a delivery man for two strangers.

* * *

Anju breathed a sigh of relief when Link handed her the amulet. He was safe. She knew he would come back for her.

* * *

Link was in his room that night, getting ready to sleep.

"What are you doing?" Tatl demanded. "You can't sleep! We only have three days!"

"No, we've got as many 'days' as we want, as long as we have the Song of Time." Link replied. "These two are really unhappy, I can't let them stay that way. Anyway, if they are happy, our Bomber's Notebook will be filled!"

"Oh, who cares about the Bombers? We're leaving as soon as you defeat Majora's Mask! Bomb those bombing bombers!" Tatl raved. Link laughed. "It's not funny!" Tatl insisted. "Anyway, why do you want to sleep in here? There's a hole in the wall, for crying out loud, you can hear the people next door...hey!"

Tatl flew over to the wall and pressed her tiny ears to the hole. Link rolled his eyes.

"Anju, we're leaving for the ranch tomorrow."

"But, mother, Kafei-"

"That man? I'll tell you where he is, Anju. He's probably already hiding out at the ranch with Cremia, as if you are not good enough for him. And I'll tell you another thing, he doesn't have the guts to meet you here, and he would never risk his life for you! I'll never forgive your father for making the arrangements in the first place!"

"What arrangements?" asked Anju.

"Nevermind! The important thing right now is survival. We need to stay together as a family in order to survive. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, mother." Anju said shortly. Tatl and Link heard a few rustling noises, then a candle being blown out.

"Oh, so Anju is abandoning Kafei now? That's just wonderful..." Tatl said, and continued complaining about their getting involved in other peoples' business, and being stuck in this lousy world in the first place, and her brother, and other various things that ticked her off.

But Link was used to fairies with oversized mouths, and wasn't listening. He'd talk to Anju tomorrow and make sure she stayed.

The Next, Third, and Final Day:

Link got out of bed and found Anju sweeping the floors. She looked happier than usual. Before he could speak, she said, "Oh, don't worry. I've made my promise. I trust him. I will meet him."

Link could tell she was speaking the truth, so he went to Kafei's hideout to watch for Sakon with him. But when he got to the back entrance, the door was locked.

"You know what this means," he said to Tatl.

"Yeah, it means Kafei is a coward like Anju's mom said, and he's left already!" she shouted, stomping her miniscule feet..

"No, stupid, it means he went to Ikana Valley to wait for Sakon." he explained.

"You really think so?" asked the fairy.

"Only one way to find out."

* * *

Link found Kafei in Ikana Valley, hiding behind two rocks. As Link suspected, Kafei had seen Sakon and was waiting for a chance to sneak into the hideout. The only time the door would open was when Sakon came back.

"I know an easier way to get inside," Link told Kafei.


"Wait here." Link felt along the boulder until he detected a crack in the smooth stone. He took a deep breath, rolled, and WHOOSH! seemed to disappear into the rock. Kafei stared at the crack, wondering if he should do the same, when he heard the faint sound of Link's voice.

"Kafei! Push the rock as hard as you can!" he instructed. Kafei did so, and with Link helping, the door was soon halfway open so that Kafei could get in.

They walked through the only door together, wondering what was next. They soon got their answer.

"The sun's mask!" Kafei cried, running over to the platform. "Uh oh, nice job Kafei..." he said to himself. He'd accidentally triggered a switch that started a conveyer belt. The mask was slowly moving away from Link and Kafei to who knows where. Kafei ran over to the open door, but as soon as he stepped off the switch, the door slammed in his face. Kafei turned to look at Link and Tatl.

"Stand on that switch," he ordered.

"Excuse me? Are you telling me what to do? Who exactly gave you the authority to order us around?" piped up Tatl.

Kafei's eyes pleaded with them. He'd made a promise. He could only keep it with their help. Tatl gave in. "Alright, fine, but I still don't like you!"

Link stepped on the switch, and Kafei ran through the door. A maze of blocks and switches met him in the next room. He stepped on a blue switch and the door on the other side of the belt opened.

"Link! Go through that door!" he called.

So Link stepped off the switch and went through the door. He battled a few Deku Babas and, once they were killed, the door across from him opened, and Kafei proceeded through it.

And so began a little relay race against time; Link battling enemies and Kafei finding switches, the mask drawing ever closer to the deep pit at the end of the belt.

Link slaughtered two Wolfos and the last door opened. Kafei sprinted towards the center of the room and scooped up the mask just before it fell.

"YESS!" Kafei shouted triumphantly. "Thanks, Link, I couldn't have done it without you, but I have to go to Clock Town now. Are you going to find refuge somewhere? You really should..."

"No, I'll come with you to Clock Town," answered Link before Tatl could object. So the two ran through Ikana Valley and Termina Field to East Clock Town.

Anju was waiting in her room.

"I knew you would come," she said, smiling as she took down her own mask. They exchanged vows and masks, and then met each other in a warm embrae, even though Tatl commented that they looked more like mother and son than wife and husband.

"Link, you are our only witness," Kafei said, "Take this mask as a symbol of our gratitude."

Link sobbed.

"Link, get a hold of yourself!" Tatl barked (or more like, yipped).

"I always cry at happy endings," he said, wiping his eyes. "There's no way you two can be properly hitched if one of you is only seven years old. I'm going to see what I can do about this whole end-of-the-world thing," he announced once he'd regained his composure.

"Link, be careful!" warned Anju.

"Link, there's no TIME!" Tatl pointed out. "We only have an hour and a half left!"

"Tatl, you know perfectly well we have all the time in the world." Link stated calmly. After all, he was never afraid. "Let's go."

* * *

"Yep, it was a strange adventure, going inside that moon. And you know what? It wasn't really that hard defeating Majora! Cuz, that's what the real evil was, not Skull Kid. Skull Kid was just a puppet for Majora to use. Anyhoo, there was this grassy plain that went on for like ever, there were no mountains or water or nothin, and there was this ONE TREE just in the middle of no where! And there where these kids just like, runnin around, they looked really weird, no actually they looked just like you, Mr. Salesman sir, but they were wearin these evil masks. Anyhoo I talk to one and he says, this is what he says, he says 'Gimme one mask and we'll play hide and go seek', so I'm like 'Sure, whatever' and I gives him the blast mask cuz I mean, I don't feel like blowin myself up anytime soon! So anyhoo there's this little mini dungeon where I have to fly around as a Deku, which is no prob, right cuz I been doin that for like, well, three days but still! So I flies across, gettin a heart piece on my way, and then I found the kid, and he said 'Give me one mask' so I gives him the Scent, wait, maybe it was the Gibdo it was the Scent mask, wait, well, it was a mask, and-"

"Is anyone as bored as I am?" Zelda asked Malon.

"Well, the Happy Mask guy looks somewhat interested...and that windmill man is still just playin that song over and over again..." Malon answered.

"Maybe we should just give him the sedative now..." whispered Ingo.

"Termina was a great place! Some of the people were nice to me, but other people were horrible! And you, and you, and you twice, and you were there, and, Oh Princess Zelda, there's no place like home!" Link finished.

Meanwhile, back in Termina:

Anju and Kafei, now fully restored, walked hand in hand along Great Bay Coast. Somehow, a long time ago, the sun and moon had crossed paths, and gone their own ways, but there was always that time where they faced each other, the sun in the west and the moon in the east. * * *


Authors Note:

So this kind of turned into a comedy, but the beginning was pretty romantic, right? Wasn't it? Hey, shut up, it's my first try! STOP LAUGHING AT ME! HEY! WHAT DID YOU CALL ME??? OH REALLY! I'LL SHOW YOU SWEET LITTLE GIRL TRYING OUT HER WINGS FOR THE FIRST TIME! YEAH! TAKE THAT! Hhmmph. What? You thought it was good? Oh. Ummm...thanks.

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