Torn Between Two Loves

By Zelda_Link505

Chapter One: New Love & Old Friends

I’m standing in front of an altar. Three stones glitter like jewels twirl in the air an inch above it. It’s cold here. I shiver. Beyond me is a pedestal but it holds nothing. I suddenly realize that I don’t know why I’m here. Why am I here? How did I get here? Am I waiting for someone? If I am, who is he or her and what would this person want? I ponder this for hours. Hour after hour I ponder. Then I ask myself even more. How long have I been here? The last thing I remember was seeing my best friend disappear. Now I’m here at this alter questioning myself. Wind blows my snow-white dress. My best friend, Link. He pulled the sword and…gone. He was gone. Tears stream down my face. Suddenly I’m on the floor sobbing my poor, little heart out. I’m can’t stop. I miss my best friend. Sure I only knew him for a day or so, but he was the only friend I had. I think I was the only friend HE had. I met him in the forest at his home. Actually, it started WAY before that.




I was at my village home with my father and mother. I asked my father if I could go to the forest to find a friend. He said to come back before dinner. I go to the forest and run across the bridge. When I enter I see many people! Wow! I’d never seen a place so pretty! I spot some stepping-stones. I do not see the boy on the other side. He does not see me. I jump to my first stone. He jumps on his. We jump at the same time. BAM! SPLASH! We crash into each other. Now I am all wet. My mom’ll kill me if she finds out! I start to cry. “Aw, please don’t cry. I didn’t see you.” The boy tries to comfort me. He takes me to his tree house to dry off. I dry off quickly. The boy looks at me oddly. He asks, ”Why are you in Kokiri Forest and not dressed in green clothes?” I look up and see him for the first time. Those eyes, those beautiful blue eyes. They hit my heart in its center. I answer back, ”I was looking for a friend.” “Can I be your friend? I have no one here but Saria, and she’s not around much.” I’m startled. I can’t help but say yes. We sit on his bed side by side. Then he leans toward me and kisses me! I feel a sharp pain in my left ear. It starts to get pointy! I moan in pain. It stops slowly. The boy is afraid. I run out, back to my home. He follows. When I make it home, it’s on fire! The whole village is! “Father!” I call out, “Father!” Then I see him. “FATHER!!” My father is under a pile of rubble. I try to get him out but he motions to me, “No. I can’t go on.” He hands to me my mother’s flyswatter. I cry in agony. Something hits me and then it goes black. I awake to see the boy standing over me. My home is no longer on fire, but my parents are dead. He gets me up and takes me away. I don’t know where. He goes to the castle gates. The drawbridge goes down and someone on a white horse flies past. She chucks at blue thing into the water. A new figure approaches. He is a black-clad man with an evil aura around him. He looks at the boy and he tries to fight. I tug on his shoulder. He lets the man pass. As if he wouldn’t have run him over in the first place. The boy fishes out the blue thing. Turns out, it’s an Ocarina. He runs to the Temple of Time. He places the gems on the altar a plays a tune. The door opens and he runs to the gleaming sword in the pedestal. He picks it up then…that’s when I go blank and end up here, in front of the altar with the gems.


That’s all I remember. I hold my mother’s precious heirloom in my hand, and a diary my father gave me in a satchel on my waist. Suddenly I feel the presence of someone behind me. I turn around. I see a Sheikah. Dressed in blue with a harp in hand. The person asks me, “Why are you here?” “I reply back, “I don’t know. Last thing a remember is my best friend disappearing.” Suddenly I hear a light hum and I feel a new presence. I turn around and see Link! Only he’s not…so…small…anymore. The Sheikah motions to me for me to wait. She goes up to him and plays a song after a bit of whisper-talk. She stands in front of the pedestal and says, “There’s someone who wants to see you.” He turns around and run to me. He whispers to me in my ear, “I never got to know your name.” I whisper a single word to him: Victoria.


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