Torn Between Two Loves

By Zelda_Link505

Chapter Four: Growing Threats

I slept in my bed with Yugi at my side, him facing me and I facing him. I sat up, thinking about the previous night’s dream, the one with that person who supposedly lives in Yugi’s puzzle. I still didn’t know what he meant when he told me that two evils will become one. It puzzled me even more than he did. I looked out the window and saw the same man again. Dare I go talk to him? I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I slipped on some slippers and a robe. Then I departed my house and walked over to him. I had a small dagger at my side, hidden under my robe, for good measure. You never know what could be lurking behind you in the dark of the night when all you have on you are slippers, a nightgown, and a robe.  He heard my soft footsteps and turned around to greet me. “So we meet again.” He said, “You probably wanted to know some things, right?” I nodded in bemusement. “What did you want to ask me?” I shook my head and gained back my senses. “I wanted to know what you meant last time by saying, “Two evils will become one.” I didn’t really understand.” He seemed to understand. “I know. I thought you might. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clearer than I should have been. An evil king has taken over this land, as you already know. But there is more. He has been sharing information with an evil sorcerer named Marik. This sorcerer wants power, just like this evil king does. Only he knows how to meld powers together.” He paused, as if what he was going to say next pained him to do so.


“There are seven items, including the one that he and I share. They contain mystical powers, and if all seven are assembled, they create immense powers that can destroy planets!  He has five already, and he is searching for the last two. I am searching for the key, which is the sixth item. If he assembles all of the items AND gets the Triforce, then this world as you know it will be…” He stopped as the sun’s rays touched his feet. “Please!” He called out, “Try to figure it out!” Then the scene around me disappeared, along with the man who warned me of this evil.


I sat up abruptly, my breathing slow and ragged. Yugi was still by my  side, sleeping soundly. Today, I thought, today I take him to Lake Hylia. I smiled at him, but my inner thoughts were on the dream I had. What if this awful prophecy was true? It would be the end of life in Hyrule, as I know it! Oh, how it worried me to bits! If there would be a time to make wishes on the Triforce, it was now! Oh Nayru, help me! I sighed, thinking I should get Link and tell him and Yugi at the same time. What would happen to Yugi if this prophecy were to come true? I didn’t want to think of what would happen to my lover if it did! I pondered this for a long time, and then I saw Yugi stir and get up from his bed. I went downstairs and made two small omelets. I had one and Yugi had the other. I told him I needed to talk to both him and Link about something. “How on earth are you going to find him?” “Usually by this time of day, he’s up and on his horse, Epona. All I got to do is call her.” He mumbled something about, “Nice logic skills.” We went to Hyrule Field and I took out my flute. I played six slow notes and just as I suspected, Epona came galloping to me with Link on her, trying to calm her down. I laughed. Link looked at me with semi-hatred. “Well? You called Epona, so you must have wanted to see me for a reason.” “I did. First, Yugi and I need horses. Off to Lon Lon Ranch!” Malon quickly agreed to give us Sapphire and Moonshine. She even told us that we could have them for the day. With that done, we rode off to Lake Hylia. Lake Hylia was a place where you could hide and plan something in peace. “Why did you bring us to Lake Hylia, Victoria?” Yugi questioned her, “Is something the matter?” At this question, her face’s true expression shone. She waited awhile, choosing her words carefully. “Yugi, Link? Last night I had a dream.” She waited for a response. When none came, she continued. “In it, I saw this man outside my window, he looked like Yugi, only his yellow streaks followed the black pattern in his hair, not like Yugi’s. I’d seen him before in a different dream, one I had the night before. He had said some kind of prophecy to me the night before, but I had no idea what it meant. So, I figured I should talk to him and find out. When I told him that I hadn’t understood what he meant, he explained what it…really meant. He told me about the seven items and what they would do when assembled. He also told me about this guy named Marik and how he had relations with the evil king. He also told me that if the Triforce and the seven items were melded together…they would…destroy…Hyrule.” Yugi’s face showed little expression, while Link’s eyes were wide with fear. Link looked as if he’d recovered a childhood fear that was best left buried. Yugi’s face started to show a little emotion now. But it was not fear in his face, but regret and remorse. He started to mumble something like, “I should have told you about him…” Then it became unintelligible to hear. I’m betting that he was getting an, “I told you so,” from this man who was in his puzzle.


After awhile, Yugi was the first one to talk back. “I…should have told you about the Pharaoh.” “Pharaoh? So that’s what he was…” Again, Yugi went into his what I call, “I told you so,” trance. Link shook his head hard, and then asked me the one question I have absolutely NO answer for except: I don’t know. “Do you know where this other piece is, so we can try to stop this guy from finding the last two?” I shook my head in remorse. “No, Link. I do not know.” Yugi stood up. “I want you to meet Pharaoh in person. You’ve had to see him in your dreams at night and they only last for a few hours. I want you to be with him for the next few days.” Shocked as I was, it would be an honor to meet this Pharaoh. “Go ahead. I’ll be waiting for him.” A faint glow emitted from his puzzle and then, in a flash of bright light, this Pharaoh appeared in his place. “Greetings,” He said, “I’ve been wanting to meet you.” My crimson eyes met his jet-blacks. “It is an honor Pharaoh.” He smiled and then chuckled softly.  “I do look forward to discussing this “prophecy” with you.” I lead him to the edge of the lake, where it was covered and had a silent waterfall flowing slowly into the lake. We sat down, side by side. He seems nice, then again Yugi does has to live with this guy in his head. Link was at the little island in Lake Hylia. He looked a little shocked. It wasn’t a surprise to me that he was. One minute you’re listening to what seems to be just a good story, then the next minute someone tells you that your homeland is in danger. I wish I could be over there to give him the comfort he deserves. “Are we going to spend the night here?” I gasped. I’d been lost in thought for what seemed like hours. “Huh?” “Are we going to spend the night here?” Pharaoh asked me again. I looked at him quizzically for a few seconds and then suddenly regained my senses. “Uh, yeah, sure we’re going to stay.” I leaned back onto the blankets that we’d lain out on the grass. I wondered what would happen in the morning. Both dreams that I had the previous two nights were trying to tell me something. I didn’t know what, though. I sighed as I listened to the soft flow of the waterfall behind me, I slowly fell asleep.


              <><> ~ <><>


            Something was shaking me. I quickly got up. I was not at Lake Hylia any longer. I seemed to be at a decapitated castle and everything was destroyed. Then I saw Yugi next to me, looking very worried. I felt my neck. My gold key was gone! Then I looked at Yugi again. His puzzle was gone also! What was happening? Yugi pulled at my arm. “Please! We’ve got to save the Pharaoh!” My eyes shot open. The pharaoh was gone? “Let’s go! Come on, Yugi!” We ran to a clearing where we saw Link and a girl dressed in a long, pink, embroidered dress with many jewels and designs. Was this princess Zelda? Then the ground shook enormously. I fell over in surprise. Yugi came to me and held me. A giant pig-like creature erupted from the ground. “What is that thing?” “I’ve been wondering the same thing.” Yugi replied. The giant creature knocked Link’s sword out of his hand. “Hey! That’s my sword you idiot!” He went to go get his sword back but a ring of fire surrounded him and the giant creature. Seeing that he could not reach his Master Sword, he slowly pulled a thin, giant sword from his satchel. This was one that I had never seen Link use. I wanted to get near, but I could not. Yugi was holding me back as if to say, “Not yet. It isn’t time.” The giant monstrosity fought Link. Then as it seemed the battle was ending, the giant creature swatted Link with a powerful blow. When he fell to the ground, the creature encased Link in a large, pink diamond-like structure. I couldn’t stay where I was any longer, I had to help him! I jerked my arm away from Yugi’s grip. I ran to Link and tried to open the casing. The monster grabbed me and then tried to squeeze the very life out of me. Then suddenly, it all went blank.


                <><> ~ <><>


            “Victoria, wake up! For the love of Nayru, wake up!” I sat up screaming. “No! Help me!” SMACK! “Ouch! That hurt!” I opened my eyes and saw the Pharaoh looking horrified. “What on earth were you dreaming about,” he asked me, “And what happened to make you scream for help like that!?” I didn’t want to answer. Instead, I grabbed him a cried into his tunic. This evil that he had spoken about before was getting stronger, and its power was growing. We were in dire need of help! I prayed to the goddesses that it would come.

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