Torn Between Two Loves

By Zelda_Link505

Chapter Six: The Mysterious Writing

            For a long time she stayed there, watching him. He was fully awake now and he seemed to purr with excitement just looking at her eyes and stroking her flaming red hair, which was spread over the pillows and partly off the edge of the bed.


“Little love, we must get up.” He muttered slowly to me. “No. I don’t want to,” I murmured, my voice coated in dry tears. I dug closer into his tunic, wrinkling it a little. He twirled the flips in my hair and buried his face in it. There were clear feelings, yes, but more like brotherly feelings. She somehow knew the difference, even though she had been deprived of love for years.


She wanted true LOVE. She wanted the kind of love that meant marriage. 


He continued to soak in the light, airy, dewdrop scent of my hair as he wrapped a single, blond hair around his index finger.


But just as sleep was starting to take over her, a dark, shadowed feeling came over her. Her eyes became clouded, and her whole body tensed. Something was wrong. Yugi could feel it, her fear and tenseness, he counseled with his dark half, to see if he felt the same feeling.


Aibou, I do feeling something. Someone is being attacked. We need to get out of here now! Ai… aibou?


Yugi could not reply, for what he was seeing, shocked him. Victoria twitched, her eyes now clear, but full of horror. Her breathing was quickening, rapidly with each second. Finally, she couldn’t take it, and she tore off her covers and then made a dash for the door.


Pharaoh… I… we… go. Now. His Yami mentally nodded as Yugi did the same as Victoria, doing his best to keep her in sight. Victoria rummaged frantically in her dresser, finding something, a golden key of some sort. She slipped it on and she tore off again for the front door, and fleeing for the pleading victim. Yugi ran after her, not having noticed her rushed action by the dresser.


Yugi could just barely see her as she ran towards Kakariko Village. That must be where the attacker is… Don’t you think so? The Pharaoh mentally nodded again, sensing the urgency in his light’s voice. But if they were to reach there before nightfall, his Yami would have to take over.


You’ve got to take over for me… I can barely see her, and I’m seeing less and less of her by the second! Please!


The Pharaoh did as he was asked, all the while still running. He ran after her as she seemed to fly up the steps, going so quickly, you could only see a blur. But he had noticed another thing too. Epona. She had been by the lone tree near the steps. Link had to be here. Just as he was nearing the entrance, he saw the flames. Then he heard the explosion. Then came the one and only sound he never wanted to hear again. A blood-curling scream so deadly, so hurting, he knew at once, something bad had happened.




Her eyes flew the seemingly lifeless bodies as they lay on the ground, the Sheikah rising faster than Link. He said nothing to her, not even when he looked up, as he sat there on the steps, cradling Link in his arms.


Someone appeared behind her. It was the Pharaoh, she was sure of it, but she could not respond as she stood in shock, both from what she had witnessed, and from the reoccurring memory of her father’s death. A single tear fell from her face into the burnt ground below her.


Pharaoh could feel her silent pain as he watched tears dropped onto the dry ground under her feet. There was a howl, signaling that night had fallen. At the same time, Link began to stir.


The Sheikah placed Link on the ground and stood up. Link’s eyes slowly opened, and he shot up like a cannon after regaining his previous thoughts.


“Awake now, are you?” He stared at the Sheikah when he made himself known to the boy. “Wha… Sheik? Are you… okay?” His voice was shaky, but so was his stance. He was leaning to his left a little, his head cocked a little to the right to see Sheik normally. Sheik nodded solemnly. “A terrible thing has happened! The evil shadow spirit has been released! Impa, the leader of Kakariko Village, had sealed the evil shadow spirit in the bottom of the well.... But the force of the evil spirit got so strong, the seal of the well broke, and it escaped into the world!! I believe Impa has gone to the Shadow Temple to seal it up again, but… she will be in danger without any help! Link! Impa is one of the six Sages. Destroy the evil shadow spirit and save Impa! There is an entrance to the Shadow Temple beneath the graveyard behind this village. The only thing I can do for you is teach you the melody that will lead you to the Shadow Temple... This is the melody that will draw you into the infinite darkness that absorbs even time... Listen to this, the Nocturne of Shadow!!”


He took out the same harp she had seen before… this was the Sheikah that was there the day she woke up! Link seemed to follow suit, as he took out his Ocarina. She played a slow, mysterious song for him. He spoke again after he replayed the tune back.


“Let me take care of the village! I'm counting on you, Link!”


He clasped his hands together, then rain fell down in torrents, and Victoria was at peace as the rains consumed the destructive flames. Sheik threw a Deku nut and disappeared before them… gone into the mist.




He stood there watching it all, none of it making any sense. Deep inside of the body he shared, he could feel the sadness and despair that still hung in the torrential rain falling on them. Link fell down to his knees, the dark teal cloak he had been wearing, falling off him as he did so, revealing a sapphire blue tunic. Most likely a Zora tunic.


Pharaoh? What happened? Is… is she hurt?


Something clicked inside him. He finally knew why she needed love so bad. The Pharaoh mentally appeared before the boy, his face solemn and shaken at the same time.


No my little aibou. Just heartbroken. Yugi seemed a little shocked. Heartbroken? Why? Because, the Pharaoh began, She has just witnessed her birthplace and former home nearly burning to the ground. This is the second time. Most likely the third because of the Great Wars that took place nearly 18 years ago. A battle was fought at this very town, so it was burned to the ground and then rebuilt, and because of the hardship the town had faced, it was therefore so named Kakariko, which means “phoenix town” in Ancient Hylian. There is a deep history with this town that no one remembers, no one, but her. And may I remind you, little light, that her parents died the last time the town burned to the ground. That is not an easy thing to forget.


Yugi understood. But there was one burning question he needed answered.


Do you think she has something to do with our problem? His dark half slowly brought Yugi down to his level on the floor. Oh, my angel, we are so entwined in each other’s problems, we’d need a really big torch to soften the metal, then we’d need a giant axe to cut it, just to get the first level off!


Yugi giggled slightly. I guess that’s a yes. Don’t you have to go comfort Victoria or something? His dark half nodded and kissed his forehead. He hugged him tightly one time around the chest, then he disappeared and left.


By now Victoria was nearly out of her daze. Link was on his hands and knees, crying. A piercing wave of pity came over her, tears once again streaming down her face. She herself dropped to her knees, only doing so after stumbling over to where Link was, drenched with raindrops and sweat, she wrapped her arms around him, and she spread her wings around her and him, claming him down and soothing him from the inside.


The Pharaoh witnessed it from where he stood, slowly regaining feeling in his legs. He took two tentative steps toward her, then four more. He made over to where she sat on the steps. Link’s face was red and his eyes were looking down, the telltale sign that he’d been crying. Their eyes met for a second as Link quickly buried his face in his hands. Pharaoh snuggled up against Victoria on the steps, seeking the warmth of the soft feathery wings. Her head fell on his chest, but only for a moment. Then she stood up from the steps, her wings disappearing as she did this, with a new fire was lit in her eyes, shining brightly and burning harder than ever.


“We’ve got to go destroy this evil. I can’t take it anymore! I can’t stand how this so called “king” destroys our lives like this! I won’t stand for it! Link, get up! You always were the one who told me to get up on my feet when I was knocked down. Get up!”


Her speech relit the courage in Link. He finally got up, the only reminders that he had been crying still on his face was the light redness in his cheeks.


Link nodded. He started to turn away, right until Victoria’s lips turned up slightly in amusement. “Wait.” Link turned, a bit startled. “Hmm?” One eyebrow was lifted in question. “One condition. We go with you.” He went off balance a little and tried to regain it, but to no avail. He fell backwards onto the steps, yelling out, “Whoa!” as he did so.


He had some difficulty sitting up. When he did he managed to sputter out the words, “What!? No! It’s too dangerous! Besides, I don’t know what will happen to Yugi if I took him in with us!”


She just stood there, her fiery gaze not daring to dart away from Link.


“He won’t get hurt Link. I’ll take any fall for him. He will only be hurt when I fail to give him protection, which will not happen. We are going, and that’s FINAL!” Link was surprised at her reaction. Why exactly did she want to go anyway? Another thing, protect Yugi? Was she… was she what he thought she was?


“I… I guess… but you better come prepared! Both of you! Meet me here at noon tomorrow.” Victoria nodded, a dark, flaming fury in her eyes was shining brightly within the depths of those crimson fires.


Meanwhile, the Pharaoh was watching all this with amazement and confusion. His gaze never left Victoria, and when she started to leave, his legs started to move on their own when she went off. As his legs guided him toward her, his thoughts were somewhere else.


Aibou… does she… love… *cough*… you? He mentally appeared again before the smaller built one, his expression clearly showing confusion and inquisitiveness. I’m not really sure Pharaoh. It is possible… seeing as she lost her parents at he age of ten and not being able to love or have love for seven years… it’s not exactly pretty, you know. Aibou, yes, this I understand. But battling… should I take over for you? Yugi paused. It was probably best that he did… he didn’t know how to use any weapons at all… but the Pharaoh had the build and the skills to help him survive.


I would suggest that you do, Pharaoh. I have no weaponry knowledge, nor the survival skills to help me dodge every single swipe thrown at me. *pause* I will take over by day for you, is that okay? You take nights. I’m a spirit after all, I don’t need sleep. You also need to strengthen your bond with Victoria. I feel it will save us all one day. Little Yugi nodded, taking tiny steps toward his other half. I’ll do that… I love her so much… she means a lot to me. I’ve never felt this way before… with anyone. Maybe you, but… you’re… well… What, Different? I’ll always love you Yugi. Always.


He was in the mental lap of the other now, he could feel his consciousness beginning to fade. Aibou, you need your sleep. We’re almost to the house now, hold on. *pause* Also, I think she loves you too. You must be made for each other. Your personalities seem to be one. We’re here now little light, bedtime.


Victoria opened the door to the cottage, and she walked into it in silence. Yugi silently switched places with his other half. He eyed the small staircase leading to the bedroom door, which was now halfway open, due to the recent rushing events that had occurred. He trudged to the staircase, only pausing to turn and watch Victoria slump into the chair by her desk. A light frown made its way onto his face, but he turned around as he sighed and slinked up the steps, a furious scuffling of paper behind him.


Victoria looked back as the door was nearly closed. It stopped an inch or so from the lock and she could see Yugi’s shadow watching her. She nodded to it and uttered a barely audible, “Goodnight,” and that was that.

She later went up to him, only a few hours before dawn. She found what she was looking for, and was certain she could do it. She didn’t bother undressing, for all she could do was sink into the fluffy depths of the sheets. She was asleep even before she hit the pillows. Yugi opened one sleepy eye and stroked her hair once. “I love you…” He fell asleep instantly. Victoria secretly heard the words, happiness burning inside her. In her sleep she uttered the same words back the him, “I love you too… my Yugi…”




It was dark when she awoke; where was she? Her eyes adjusted to the light, or lack of it really, easily, a bit easily than was normal. She scanned the room. It seemed to be her bed at home. She jumped down from where she lay; she landed on her four, four? Yes, four feet. She stared at them, then she realized that she had paws. She didn’t seem surprised. Why? Her exterior was cool, clam, and collected, but her interior was screaming out in immobilizing fear. She had no control over herself. What was happening?


Why do you fear? She gasped. That voice… it was… strangely… familiar.


Little hikari, why? It is because I brought myself before you too quickly? I sense trouble in you. Tell me, my angel, what pray tell is you source of hurt?


Wh… why sh… should I… I… answer you? She immediately felt a wave of mixed emotions: love, care, depression, hurt, warmth, and was there a hint of protectiveness? Little angel, my light, you need not fear me. If you would let me show myself to you, maybe that would clear some things up? I… guess…


Her vision blurred, then she could feel a presence. Breathing, light, airy, breathing, she could hear it. Someone was very close to her.


“Open your eyes, my hikari, view me, my angel, at last?” The voice was close. It was a bit shocking, but she obeyed. It took a little while to adjust, but what she saw… it was about as much of a shock as it was… comforting?


Before her, sitting on knees, which were tucked neatly under her, was a girl, most likely around her age and seemed to be the very mirror image of her, with a few exceptions. Her hair, which flowed to just above her waist, was a bright golden hue. It was wavy, very much unlike her half flippy ball of fur she called hair. And so well groomed! But it was her eyes that caught her. They were a vibrant topaz… she didn’t know there was such a color. She could smell something… probably a perfume by the smell of it… was that… butterscotch? It was her favorite candy smell… and she could almost taste it… she seemed to like this person already…


“You… look pretty…” It was all I could stutter. I scolded myself for not even giving my name. The girl chuckled. It was a light chuckle, but it was so alluring, and so warm too. “Thank you. I’m so sorry that I shocked you like this, can you forgive me?” She nodded tentatively, her light crimson eyes never leaving the other.


“You didn’t really shock me, um…” “Alexia.” “Yes, Alexia… mind if I call you Lexi?” “No, not at all. In fact it might help, now that you’ve awakened me and we’re stuck together, nicknames might help us cope. What would you like me to call you?” She thought for a while. “How ‘bout Kiko?” Lexi giggled. “Kiko is the Hylian translation for the word partner, isn’t it?” “Yeah. You said, and you know I’m going to ask, that we’re stuck with each other. If we are, then we should be partners.” I smiled. But how exactly had I set her free? She looked down at her hands, which were fiddling with each other now, was she guilty for some reason?  


“Is something wrong, Lexi?” “You said you were going to ask how we’re meeting right now. I probably should tell you.” I blinked stupidly. “Uh… yeah… sure, tell me.”


“I was once a spellcaster in the Great Wars that covered Hyrule. I was a war general for the present Hylian king, but I was not one that engaged in battle, seeing as I was a girl. And I was seventeen to boot. But my master that trained me, well, HE thought otherwise. He led me down to Kakariko, just after its rebuilding. He took me into the graveyard to a patch of dirt that showed the triforce emblem proudly on the place where it lay.” This was all strangely familiar…


“Then he opened the grave and took me down with him. My first thought was, ‘Was he leaving me to die here? No, he wouldn’t. Hyrule still needs to be saved. He wouldn’t take all the glory for himself. He WANTS me to become someone great.’ That I knew. He led me through several passages and to a final resting area where the royal composer brothers were encrypting something onto the stone. There were music notes, but no lyrics.” I know that place…


“He stood there holding a Poe Potion at both of them. ‘Go to your graves,’ he said, ‘Drink those. I must retrieve the item.’ They dissipated and he opened up a secret passage leading even deeper into the chasms, way below the Shadow Temple itself. I could sense dark magic there. He came to a small room, much like the one we were just in. In it, contained an ankh and a magician’s staff. He took the magician’s staff and placed a spell on the ankh.  He turned around and handed me the staff. ‘Use this to win the final battle. Then you will achieve greatness beyond any amount of glory a king could have. But this staff has powers that may be too great for you to handle. If that is so, it will be broken into two halves, one forged into a sword feared by all evil, and the other, into a key.’ But he never said what the key’s purpose was. All he said was, ‘You’ll find out soon enough.’ But I did as I was told and I used it to win the battle for the glory by surprisingly attacking the enemy general just before he gave the order for attack to his army.” Now THIS is new…


“But when I won the battle, the staff grew red with heat, making me drop it out of sheer surprise. My master picked it up, a forlorn look on his face. ‘The power is too great, as I had thought. I’m so sorry you’ll have to go through with this…’ The current king conversed with my master later about the event that was about to occur. But the tidbit of information that I overheard was not to my liking. ‘YOU let her wield it! It’s her that’s to be put in the key, not you! I still need you, not one of your second-rate apprentices anyway.’ My master could do no more than to say, ‘I did it so she could become a legend, sir.’ ‘Hmph. That she has.’ ‘But I also warned her of the consequences sire. She agreed to them.’ ‘You can’t possibly tell me with a straight face that she AGREED to have her soul locked away!’ But it was then that I realized, I HAD agreed to that.”


 “So what happened?” Lexi looked down. “It’s not pretty, but I’ll tell you.”


“The king and my master, along with two engravers, one Hylian, the other Egyptian, also accompanied by a spiky haired Pharaoh, went down into the castle’s dungeons. Waiting for us at the bottom of the stair was a fireplace, already lit, an anvil, and a blacksmith with a variety of magic enhanced forging tools. The Pharaoh leaned against the back wall, a puzzle hanging from his neck. He was talking with the king, but with a shadowed expression on his face that seemed to be closer to hurt pride than regret. Then the staff was placed on the anvil and was broken in two. The first half was melted into a fine bluish silver liquid and two colors were magically separated into silver and blue. The two were poured into their proper spots in the mold and were again magically hardened. Out came a properly welded sword, painted expertly with gold in some spots. The Egyptian engraver engraved several words onto the fresh metal so fast; I could barely make out the words he wrote. Though I cannot recall the exact words from memory, I can tell you what happened next.


The sword was flipped over and the Hylian engraver did his work on the weapon. A spell was placed on the sword, making the writing disappear. Then the second half of the staff was melted straight into the mold, coming out a brilliant goldish topaz.


It was a key, easily distinguishable, as it was still undecorated. My master placed his hands on my shoulders as I stared at my future prison. That was where my soul would be kept until the “Chosen One” came across it. ‘Are you ready?’ He knew I was not, but I put on a brave face as I stepped toward it and awaited the final words I would probably ever hear from my master. 


Body from soul, separate. Mind and heart, be imprisoned within. 


They were the ancient words that were needed for the spell, and I could already feel my soul slipping away. My heart and mind were spiritually ripped from my body and my saneness and emotions came next.


My soul was half gone by now as my very facial features were copied and torn from what was left of my body. My physical being was dissipating as the rest of my soul was thrown into a dark abyss; left to wander for however long was needed. So I watched as my body was crushed into specks of dust, and the very light of day was blocked from my view.”


She could not believe something so terrible had happened to her Lexi. Wait, HER Lexi? Why was she being so possessive? Deep down inside, a beast stirred. It flickered one sleepy eye to Lexi and then to Yugi. It closed the eye, going back to sleep for the time being.




“Yes, I know. But now you’ve freed me from my prison, YOU are the Chosen One! I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean, but makes you even more special!” Lexi smiled brightly, her eyes shining bright with playfulness and joy. Victoria looked down then back up again. She held up one finger then put it back down. Her expression was unreadable, as it was changing from realization to lost thinking rather quickly. “Uh, Kiko?”


“Huh?” “What were you going to say?” She looked up again. “Uh…oh yeah! I was going to ask you why I turned into a cat.” “Because it’s an ability that I had back before you know…and now you can do it too!” “Wow…cool. Can I go back now?” “Yeah, you can go back. And always remember, I’m with you now, you have someone to protect you not the other way around.” Victoria hugged her as hard as she could and whispered, “Thank you,” leaving as she did so. Lexi closed her eyes and opened them appearing in a hallway with two rooms. One was a white door, which was ajar revealing a room filled with dolls, toys and other innocent items. The other door was black with a Triforce emblem on it. She opened the door to her soul room, but before she entered it, she looked back at Victoria’s sleeping form. She smiled and whispered lightly to herself, “You’ll always be my partner, forever…and ever…for you…my aibou.”


Back in her bed, Victoria’s mouth unconsciously turned up in a smile as she hugged Yugi even closer. Her key settling itself between her nightshirt and flesh glowed a bit before slowly dimming into the near dawn light of the sun.




“Vikki…Vikki…wake up, Vikki.” “Hm no wanmm…” TWEET!


At the sound, Victoria’s eyes shot open and she fell off the bed in surprise, all the while,  yelling, “AHHH,” and flailing her arms wildly. THUD!


“Ouch…” she said, rubbing her back as she sat up. There was a slight giggle in the back of her mind. Are you always this hard to wake up in the morning?

Hmph. You be quiet Lexi… YOU’RE not the one with the aching back right now…


She looked up to see Yugi standing up in front of her with her flute in one hand in naught but his bed garments, which consisted of only a pair of light sky blue shorts, revealing his upper body. Ooh… I’ve never seen him like THIS before… Mmmm… You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you? Yes, I’m thinking what you think I’m thinking… he’s mine… You love him don’t you? Yeah. I’m pretty sure that he loves me back too, but- But what? I’m just too scared to tell him yet. Lexi mentally patted her head. You’ll get the courage to someday. Victoria smiled as she took Yugi’s outstretched hand. I hope you’re right.


“Link said we had to be back at Kakariko by noon…it’s nearly nine… we’ve got some time to kill.” “Training.” “Training what?” “I found something that will help us, but we need to stock up on some items. Luckily, I have Link’s old items he used as a child. But I’m gonna need to stock up on arrows.”


“Also,” she added, “We’re going to have to change.” And with that, she took some clothing and went into the living room.


Yugi blushed as he rummaged through his bag and found a dark lavender tunic. THIS is to my liking Yugi. You choose clothing well. Yugi giggled slightly and put the tunic on. Victoria was in the living room dressing. Yugi had forgotten that until he saw her back with no cover. His eyes widened and he squatted down behind the bars of the staircase, watching her dress.


She put on her undergarments and turned to where he could see her breasts fully. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I didn’t think you were the type to watch someone dress. But Yammmiiii! This… is different. He ignored his Yami’s scolding as he watched her, wondering if she knew he was watching. He saw the key from last night never leave her neck. He stopped watching the rest of her and studied bits and pieces of her slender figure.


Her neck, he saw, was very thin, not stick thin but just enough to be womanlike yet still hold some thick skin. Her figure was very curved, it curved quite bit around the waist, not too much that it showed bone, but just enough to be very pretty. Her legs had some muscle, just enough to be womanlike, yet still slender and strong. Her cleverage was not too big, nor too small, and equal length all across… if he could find a ring… wait, why was he thinking of marriage? He shoved the thought away as she slipped on an emerald green dress, it went well with her hair and eyes.


Yugi’s inner beast was purring as he stepped down from the stairs, just as she finished her dressing.


“Hey Yugi! I cooked up some breakfast, if you want, you can have what’s left,” She smiled at him and said, “I’ve got to go check up on something real quick.” She smiled again and went to her desk. Yugi left the living room and into to the kitchen.


Victoria found an old spell book, written in ancient hylian. There was no title, for books of this book’s age did not have any use for titles. She found her bookmark and saw the same page as last night’s, the Mind Crush spell. At the bottom of the page were several minor spells, each one good enough to be used by them. Shadow Flame, Shadow Drain, Shadow Rush,  Light Beam, Light Summon, Sun Blast, and a few others.  They weren’t all that hard to practice. All the needed to do was find something to use and practice them.


She picked up the spell book and shifted her key on her dress’s breast. Nice choice of spells, kiko. Are you sure you haven’t chosen spells for a battle before? Yes, Lexi, I’m sure. After all, I stayed up till’ near dawn searching for the right one. Alexia mentally smiled. Remember, if you need me to protect you, all you need to do is let me take over. Thanks, Lexi. I’ve never had a better friend.


Victoria walked into the kitchen, but, finding it empty, walked into the parlor, where she found the Pharaoh dozing on one side of the velvet sofa. His eyes were half closed, and he was snoring lightly. She shook him gently, saying, “Come on. Pharaoh, wake up. Come on Pharaoh. Wake up!” His eyes instantly shot open, and he bucked up as a reflex into Victoria. She flew back, almost losing her balance for a second.


“Are you okay Pharaoh?’ He looked up, his now deep purple eyes awake with surprise. “Yes. You were taking longer than I thought, so I came out here. But I guess I just started to doze a bit because this sofa is so comfortable.” She smiled. Even the Pharaoh can use flattery.


“We need to practice. I’ve found a few spells we can use. And I know just the place.”


She took Pharaoh and the spell book to the Kakariko graveyard. “This is it. Just read the page I’ve bookmarked. I’m gonna go have a look around.” He nodded as he opened the book and started to read the page.


She found the hole in the ground Link made a long time ago, back before her parents died. She jumped down into it, and followed the path in the ground. Pharaoh saw her jump down and decided to go investigate. He took the spell book with him and jumped down as well. Victoria came across the chasm with some ReDeads. She played the Sun’s Song on her flute and froze them instantly. She crossed the room with no problems.


A minute later, Pharaoh came across the same chasm, and found the ReDeads still frozen. He crossed the room with no problems as well. Victoria found the room that Lexi had described. What was so special about this place that made her spine tingle? She spotted a strange hourglass shaped press in the wall to the right of the music notes etched into the stone.


It was strange. Yes, very strange. What would happen if she pressed it… Her hand wandered unconsciously up to it and ran her fingers over it. She could feel each and every rivet in the design. Whoever did this, they must have taken their work very seriously. She had never felt such a feeling before. Her hand seemed to move on its own now, the only thing stopping its urge to push was a thread of semi-consciousness still hanging onto the hand itself. It was easily shaken off, and the hand seemed to become its own, and it pressed down on it, two slabs of stone began to slide across each side of the tomb. Her hand then became part of her again, and her instincts led her down the right door.


The Pharaoh heard the slabs move, but when he arrived, he did not see which way Victoria had gone. He decided to go left, walking along its path like a dog on a leash.


Victoria slowly crept down her own path, following the lanterns as she went along. She came across a locked door, which was two or three feet taller than her, and it bore the Triforce symbol along with some hylian writing along the top under the symbol. It read: Only the Chosen One may enter, for their destiny will be revealed. Take heed, your journey to find it will be easy, but the journey to obtain it will not. O Chosen One, enter and begin your journey.


She took her key, and she slid it into the lock. She slowly turned it to the left and then to the right, and halfway back to the left and took it out. She then tugged on the handle and opened the door.


Pharaoh could not see anymore further into the darkness. Until he remembered the spell book. He opened the book and found it: Light Summon. He read over the incantation and spoke it aloud, “Light, appear before me and guide my way. Show me the way in the dark.” Immediately, a small puffball of light appeared, and attached a string of light to his right wrist. He shrugged and trudged on. He found a door, which had a mirror on it. He took one look at the mirror and it broke into eight sections and one blank space. Then it mixed up the pieces in quick succession. It was an image puzzle! This was going to take some time to figure out.


The room was lit by four, lone lanterns; each on their assigned corners in the room. There was a stone tablet placed in the exact center of a legless, square, stone table. Victoria stepped into the large room, which was easily taller than she, about twenty-five feet up, and forty to fifty feet wide.


She saw the ancient hieroglyphics, pictures of long past events. Ignoring the tablet before her, she walked past it, and over to the mural before her. It was a woman, with Victoria’s same facial expressions and features, with the exception of her wavy black hair. It fell down her back in curved torrents, much like Alexia’s hair did. Her eyes were crimson, but not the bright crimson that Victoria had, it was a deep, dark crimson, bloodlike, even. Part of her hair went over her shoulders, hiding a bit of her well-leveled cleverage.


She put her hand on it, watching the eyes of the portrait. It reminded her distantly of someone, a person she once held dear long ago. Though her eyes looked at with sadness, her mouth smiled at it brightly. Her eyes began to soften just as she saw a twinkle in the pools of blood that were the painting’s eyes. Below the portrait were words left for the “Chosen” to find. Her eyes numbly darted away for a minute to read them.


Child of mine, whenever shall you read this, take up the heritage I have regretfully laid out for you. I knew, my child, I always knew, that you would undergo pain and suffering that even the greatest of heroes could not bear. I did not wish for you to lose me, and painfully, your father. Dear heart, I am sorry. Whatever evil you will face, face it with the power bequeathed to you. Take it love, with courage and determination. You are, and always will be, mine… Victoria. May the Triforce guide you, as I will forever, your mother.


When she read this, she was sent into an earth binding wave of emotion, realizing now, that it was her mother, the one who had always watched over her, who she had not seen die, for reasons she now knew. She dropped down to her knees, crying her heart out for the first time in her life. Sobs wracked her shoulders, she cried out in pain, shaking her head violently, as if she were again ten, in the flames, watching her father die.


She curled up in a ball, and let the tears run down her face, exposing herself freely. She had her back turned to the pedestal, so she didn’t see the blond haired girl come up from behind her, taking her in her arms, rocking her back and forth, stroking her hair slowly, taking in her heat. “Lexi… I…love…you.”


Pharaoh put his hand on his chin, staring at the puzzle. He had been at it for some time now, Yugi standing beside him, translucent, for he was outside his body, “Oh, Yugi… I’ve tried almost everything! You want to give it a try? You solved my puzzle after all.” Yugi looked at it, his expression the same as Pharaoh’s. “I don’t know… this is different. I suppose I could try…” His finger touched the right middle square, pushing it up and shifting the middle square, letting the top middle square to fall down, connecting with a piece that it clearly didn’t go with. Yugi sighed. “I told you, it’s different. Maybe if we worked together…” His dark gave him a thoughtful look, complete with devilish eyes and all. Yugi blinked, and then smiled. They began to shift the pieces of in record time, switching this way and that, until one piece remained.


“Care to do the honors?” Yugi asked. Pharaoh smiled. He pushed the square into its proper place, and then they stood as the door opened up, a blinding light surrounding them.


She felt better, with Lexi holding her, taking her in. She was too sad to care how she had even appeared.  Too much was going on, her emotions were running wild. “Shh… it’s okay… is this what has troubled you for so long? Are you finally allowing yourself to let go? My light, I’m here to be by you always.” Victoria looked up at Alexia like small child would. In spirit, she still was a child. It’s what kept her pure and sweet into adulthood. Her face was blotchy and tear-stained. Tears were running down her face as if her eyes wanted to kill them. She tried to speak back, but, finding no voice, lip spoke, whispering a single word.




Alexia smiled. She was waiting anxiously for that question. “Oh, my light, you called for me. You wanted me to stay, so here I am, yet still a spirit, but you can touch me and you won’t go through.” Her eyes twinkled and Victoria could do naught but smile back. Through her teary eyes, there was a hint of true happiness. “Alexia…” She sat up, trying to get to her feet. Realizing that she was holding her back, Alexia let go, getting up and watching her pick up the tablet and read the words engraved on it. In Hylian, they were as follows:


O Chosen, to unleash your power, you must find to blade that all evil fears. When you find it, be prepared. This is not an easy journey. Fight with what power you have now to obtain it, and when you have, you will be blessed with two gifts. One of your choice, the other, chosen by the Queen herself. O Chosen, take up the staff of Kyrianna to destroy all of any that defy you. Good luck, dear Chosen.


She took no notice that more writing had appeared on the back as she slipped the tablet into her pack. She smiled back at Alexia, her eyes now normal, and she whispered, “Come. Just come.” And she headed off back to the split to explore whatever may lie in the second path. Alexia smiled again and whispered back, “As you command, your highness.”





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