Twilight Princess - The True Story

By Zelda Lover

Author's Note: This is basically the entire game of Twilight Princess. It will contain spoilers, and if you already finished the game, you already know the whole story. Some of the names and places might not be accurate, but that's my personal touch. I know the ages are wrong, but I needed to make some adjustments. Just so you know, if you want Link to marry Ilia or some weird spirit person, don't even bother to read this story. Link is falling in love with Zelda, end of story. What kind of Zelda Shipper would I be if Link married that stupid Ilia girl???? Enjoy the story!!!



Part One: Entering the Twilight


 One day, In the quiet village of Ordon, Link, a simple ranch-hand, and Rusl, the only swordsman in the village, were sitting at the mystical Ordon spring, located in the forest just outside the village. "Link, I have a favor to ask you." Rusl said, breaking the silence. "Yes, Rusl?" Link replied, looking at his older friend. "I am supposed to deliver a tribute from our village to the royal family in Hyrule castle." Rusl began slowly. "But, would you, if the mayor agrees, go in my place?" "Of course I would Rusl, I hope you know that." Link told him. "You've never been there, have you?" Rusl questioned, gazing into the sky blue eyes of his young 19 year old friend. Link shook his head. "Well, it should be quite an adventure for you!" Rusl said, standing. "I have to go home. Colin will be waiting. I've been helping him make a fishing rod that he wants to give you so you two can play together." Rusl commented, watching Link stand up and smile. So the two walked back to Link's house, bordered at the entrance to the woods and the exit to the village. As soon as Rusl left, Fado, Link's friend and boss, ran up to Link and suddenly words tumbled from his mouth. "Whoa. Fado, slow down." Link chuckled, "Now, what's the matter?" "The....the....goats are all roaming and all, but they won't go into their shed! Can you help me, buddy?" "Yeah, I can, just gotta go fetch Epona from the spring. Ilia took her there to wash her." Link said, running a hand through his layered light brown hair. "Well, hurry Link! no tellin' what those goats will do without someone a' watchin' em'!" Fado said excitedly. Link nodded and sped off towards the spring. the meeting with Ilia went well, and Link ran Epona back to the ranch where Falo was waiting. Link rounded up all 10 goats in almost less then a minute. Fado told Link to take the next day off, for all his hard work.


The next morn, Link was awakened by Talo, Malo, and Beth, the village children, calling to him to come out. The kids burst into a conversation about the newest toy for sale, the slingshot. Link slipped away and went to the village. He decided to see if Rusl was in so he could pick up his new fishing rod. He found his wife, Sona, standing at the creek the turned into a river farther down. She asked if Link had seen a cradle made of finely woven tree bark floating down the river. Link said no, he hadn't, and the woman began to worry. She was pregnant with child, and she needed that cradle for the new baby. Link felt pity for her. He climbed Up on a rooftop to see if he could see the cradle. Link saw something jumping up and down, but couldn't quite make it out. He jumped to a high raised platform closer to the object, and finally could see what the bouncing thing was. It was a monkey, holding the cradle that Sona needed. At his feet, Link noticed some whistle grass that he used to call his friend, the hawk. "It is possible," Link thought to himself, "That the hawk could reach the cradle." He plucked a blade of the prized grass and whistled. A high pitched, almost happy melody came from the little piece of grass in Link's hand. Immediately, the hawk swooped down and landed on Link's arm. Link aimed the bird carefully, then let the bird go. Hawk was able to grab the cradle.  Link carried it back to Sona, who was overjoyed. She walked back to the house, with Link in tow. "Oh, I almost forgot!" Sona said as Link was about to leave. "Colin made this for you. I was so wrapped up with the cradle i almost forgot to give it to you. Here, it's a little.....unpolished. I'm sorry." She gave him a simple fishing rod, that lacked a reel, which he gratefully accepted, as he knew it was made with great care. He was on his way to the creek to cool off, when Hiko (I made this name up. It's not in the game. everything should be though.), Talo's and Malo's father, called Link up. He told him to grab some vines and climb up to his perch. As he got there, Hiko said that Miss Sera, the general store manager and the mother of Beth, was upset lately because he would not come home. "Suppose he wants to catch a fish yea'?" Hiko joked. "HA! A cat can't catch no fish!" that gave Link an idea. He took his rod and went fishing next to the cat. He caught a fish, and when he threw it on the shore, the cat grabbed it and ran back home! Link looked on, still bewildered and a little mad, (and wouldn't you be if a cat stole your hard won fish?), then walked to the general store. Sera was happy again, and gave Link some milk. Then Link decided to buy the slingshot to amuse the kids. It only cost 30 rupees, pretty much a bargain, as Link had at least 120 rupees on him. Link went back to his house, and then showed all of the children his new item. They set up targets and told Link to shoot them. Easy. Talo then mentioned that Rusl left a package for Link inside his house.


Talo and Malo then demanded Link to tell them what was inside his house, but Link just smiled and walked inside his house to see what Rusl left him. Rusl made a simple wooden sword for Link, and Sona even sewed a sheath to go with it. Link went outside and, with the demandment of the children, showed the kids his moves that he'd perfected. As the lesson came to an end, Talo saw a monkey. It had a rose tucked behind it's ear, symbolizing it was a girl. "Hey, that's the monkey causin' trouble round' town! LET'S GET EM'!!!!" and with that, Talo, Malo,and Beth ran after the monkey. While Link was showing everyone how to use a sword earlier, Colin wandered by and started to pet Epona. He was 9 years old, and idolized Link for his bravery, and followed Ilia around because he liked her. He told Link that everyone went to the woods. Link jumped on Epona and ran into the Faron woods. Beth was standing near the entrance to the spring. She told Link Talo and Malo ran like crazy after that monkey. Link rode up to the gate that led farther and deeper into the woods. Malo stood at the gate, saying Talo went chasing after the monkey. Link rode on. He came to a sign that told him to go left if he was interested in progressing. He met a strange man who had an afro (sorry if i spelled wrong) and he gave him a lantern. Link left Epona with the man, then ran through the woods, looking for Talo. Link stopped in front of a cave and his heart stopped for a moment. Talo's wooden play sword lay on the ground, and various claw marks were on it. Link almost feared the worst, but kept going. He came to a clearing where many Goblin like blue creatures possessing clubs and swords came at him. Link expertly fought them off, the many hours he spent with Rusl paying off. Link ran farther on, unlocked a gate, and battled more blue beasts. He finally came to a long narrow path, which he ran along, until he came to a wooden cage guarded by two of the blue things. Inside the cage was the monkey, and Talo who was just about to pull off the head band he wore that went around his dark brown spiked-at-the-end hair. Link vanquished the two things, then slashed at the cage until it broke. Talo told Link that the monkey tried to protect him, so they got caught together. Talo then begged Link not to tell his father, then ran home. Rusl came along the path, telling Link that Colin ran home and told him that Talo ran into the forest and you went after him. "I came to get Talo." Rusl explained. "but it seems you have already rescued him. Such a burden should not fall to you. But have you noticed anything strange about the woods? They are filled with...strange creatures. But, set these thoughts aside! Tomorrow, you will go into Hyrule castle! Maybe you even meet Zelda!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Link then parted ways with Rusl and walked home.


Link was laying down in the pasture, hands behind his head, thinking about his journey. Fado ran out of the barn, hollerin' and screamin' at Link to come over. Fado was about 24 years old and sometimes got a little too excited about things. Link usually had to wrangle up all the goats because they would run out of the pasture while Fado was reading the new copy of "Teen Hyrulian" (which he usually tried to hide when Link came, but Link teased him for reading about that stuff.). Fado told him to round up all 20 goats (the rest had run away and it grew too dark for Link to find them all) and again, Link rounded up all goats in just under a minute. "Whoa! record time!" Fado said, amazed. "I hear you're going to Hyrule Castle. I've never been out of the village. You're making me jealous bud..."

Link rode off towards mayor Bo's house. "Ahhh. Link. Just the person i needed to see!" Mayor Bo commented. "Now, make sure you get it there by dusk. If it were to be late, I'd hate to see what the rest of Hyrule would think of our village!" As mayor Bo explained what to link what he needed to deliver, Ilia came and started to pet Epona. " this?!?!" Ilia cried, her eyes seething with anger as she looked at the wound on Epona's leg. "You were being reckless again, weren't you Link?!?! I told you to look after Epona! I didn't tell you to harm her!!!!" Ilia burst out, giving Link an earful. Link bowed his head. Ilia then turned and went off with Epona"C'mon girl. A dip in the spring and you'll be good as new!" "Wait! Ilia, come back with Epona!!!" Mayor Bo cried out, but he was too late. Ilia was already out of the village and past Link's house. "Link, you need to get Epona back! Without her, we won't be able to deliver the offering in time!!!" Mayor Bo cried out. "Don't worry Mayor. I'm sure Ilia will come to her senses if I talk to her and explain." Link said soothingly.


Link then dashed out of the village himself and ran towards the spring. Talo and Malo wouldn't let him pass until he gave them his new wooden sword. Link agreed, just to get by. He was sure he could pick it up later. Colin came along with Link to see Ilia. It was a good thing too. Colin ran ahead of Link. When Link arrived at the spring gate, Ilia sealed him out. No matter how many times Link apologized or tried to explain, Ilia wouldn't listen. Colin finally told Link he would work on calming Ilia down while he snuck in through the secret tunnel Ilia didn't know about. Otherwise, she would have blocked that path too.


Link found the tunnel and crawled in as Colin finished explaining why Epona probably got that wound on her leg. "Link...I...I'm so sorry." Ilia said, blushing with embarrassment after she heard of Talo's scare through the woods. "Link, good luck. Just don't do anything else reckless!" Ilia said jokingly. Suddenly, a deep rumple filled the forest. It shook the trees. The water rippled. Suddenly, two huge boars came and tore down the gate. Ilia, Colin and Link were all taken by surprise. Ilia tried to run, but one of the creatures on the boar hit her in the back with an arrow. She crumpled to the ground. Colin was horrified, and fell into a dead faint. Link made a move to help his friends, but since he was currently unarmed, he couldn't really do anything even if the fateful event that the monster did hadn't happened. As Link turned his back to run towards Ilia, one green monster raised his club and smacked Link on the back of his head. Link fell into unconsciousness. the monsters picked up Colin and Ilia and left Link. Just then, a giant monster rode into the spring and looked for anyone else. The monster missed Link for some apparent reason. He rode to the woods.


Link awoke about two seconds after they left, saw the smashed gate, and ran to the woods. At the entrance, Link stopped in his tracks. A great, glowing orange and black wall blocked the path. Suddenly, a giant black hand shot out and grabbed Link by the neck. The hand brought Link into the woods, but they looked different somehow. The hand was attached to a monster who was about to kill Link, but, while he squirmed and kicked, a triangle on his left hand glowed. In a howl of pain, the monster threw him to the ground. Link landed on all fours. His body twisted and Link was in pain. Finally, Link raised his head to yell out a cry of pain when his face turned into that of a wolf's. Yes, Link was now a wolf. Wolf Link then went limp, and the triangle that glowed faded back into his hand. The monster picked up Wolf Link by his tail and dragged him down to the dark Twilight...


What happened to Link? Where is he going, and where did the monster take Ilia and Colin? Find out in part two: Shrouded in darkness


Part Two: Shrouded In Darkness

When Link awoke, he was in a dark dingy cell with a crate of hay in the corner.


Link tried to see if there was a hole or anything he could climb out through, when he noticed his paw.

 He looked at his body. He chased his tail. He tried to cry out, but instead he uttered a long


wolf howl. Link now had to face the facts. He was now a wolf. Link looked down at his paws.


He noticed a chain connecting to the floor and his wrist. He tried to pull away, but the chain


wouldn't give. Link slumped onto his belly and uttered a moan(but, since he was a wolf, he really uttered a whimper.).


"Eeeheeee! I found you!" A feminine voice cried out. Link shot up onto all fours, in an attack position.

In front of him was a person like he'd never seen.


She was about four feet high, had flaming orange hair pulled back in a ponytail, and wore a weird helmet that covered one of her eyes. The other eye was yellow with a red pupil.She had white skin on her legs and chest, and black skin covering her arms, head, and feet. Blue designs went up and down her arms, glowing with some sort of magic. Her ears were pointed like Link's, but were longer and black.


Link snarled. "Ooooohhh, aren't you scary!" The imp-like creature laughed. "I don't think you should be doing that...snarling and growling at me...and I was thinking of helping you out..". Link stopped snarling and sat on his haunches. "HeeHee! You humans are obedient to a point, aren't you? Oh wait! you're not a human anymore! You're a beast!" The creature laughed, patting Link's snout a little on the rough side. Link almost growled at the creature, but remembered that if he did, she might not help him.


"Wait." The creature added. She held her hands together. A black and red ball of energy emiciated from her palms. She threw it at the chain, thus breaking it.

"You look kind of surprised! Eheeeee!!!" the creature laughed.  "Well, are you coming or not?" the imp creature asked again. "If you want my help..." she said. "Then if you find you way over here, i'll help you!" and with that, she passed through the bars of the cell, floating in midair. Her flaming orange hair flew above her, waving to Link like it was saying

"Over here!". Link trotted over to the crate of hay. He saw a hole, but it was blocked by the crate. Link backed up a little, then pounced on the crate of hay, tearing it to pieces. He crawled through the hole. Once on the other side, the imp creature fell onto his back. Link tried to shake off what he though was an enemy.

"So, you aren't completely stupid after all!" She laughed. roughly, she pulled back Link's pierced wolf ear and said "Now, do as I say, and i'll help you. understand? Call me if you need anyhting. c'mon! You want to be stuck here for the rest of your life?" and with that, she smacked Link like riders do to make horses go faster. Link was a little annoyed, but walked to another cell to investigate a hole he saw. 


After navigating his way through a twisting maze, meeting spirits, and finding the imp again, Link reached a spiraling staircase. He made it to the very top and exited out of a door. He appeared on a castle rooftop.

"Eeeehheeeee!!! do you know where we are now? find your way to the tallest tower. There's someone there i'd like you to meet.." The imp creature told Link. Link finally found his way to the tallest tower, after defeating some black birds and the imp creature saying what a lovely cloud of twilight there was that day.

Link ran up one last colum of stairs and pushed a door open. Link saw a tall, hooded figure looking out of a window. Link wasn't sure who this was, and let out a warning growl. The hooded figure heard him and glanced in Link's direction. The imp seemed amused. The hooded figure turned around and faced Link and the imp.

"Midna?!" a feminine voice said. Link stopped growling and sat on his haunches. "Is this the one you were looking for?" the hooded person asked Midna.

Midna replied: "Yes. He's not what I had in mind, but he'll do." the person kneeled down in front of Link and cupped their hand around Link's snout gently. The person spied the chain left from Link's escape from the dungeon.

"You were imprisoned?" the hooded person asked. "I'm sorry."

"Well," Midna said, "Poor thing. He dosen't even know where he is! Shouldn't you at least tell him where he is.....Twilight Princess!" Midna ended, smirking. 

The person looked taken aback. She proceeded to tell Link of how Princess Zelda had to surrender after the promt 'Life, or Death?' by a masked man with twilight powers. In return for the city's destruction, she was imprisioned in the tower she is in now. The person took off her hood, revealing herself to be Princess Zelda. Link was shocked and bewildered, knowing that he was in the pressence and had been touched by royalty and a beautiful person.


Zelda quickly told them that the guard would make his rounds and that they had to leave soon. Zelda wished them good luck as they sped out of the room. As they were about to exit, they heard the door open.

"No! Not that way! The guards coming!" Midna hissed. She quickly spotted a hole and helped Link jump up just as the guard came past.


"So, you know what's going on now, right?" Midna asked, hovering a little off the ground. "Do you want to go back?" asked Midna, letting out a toothy grin. Link noticed that she had two sharp fangs. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Midna said, checking her nails. She smirked, then quickly morphed herself into a terrified version of Colin, then of Llia. She didn't turn back to her original self right away. Link's eyes blazed with determination.

"Well, how about I let you think about it then, okay? Heeheeee!" and Midna warped Link away in a blue and black portal.

   Link appeared in the clearing just before the bridge to the Faron Woods.

"Hey!" Midna shouted, suddenly appearing in front of Link, a mere shadow of her former self.

"You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, could you?" she asked, grinning, showing off her long sharp canines.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, I can't turn you back into a human!!! Sorry, Heeheeee!!!" and with that, she was sort off sucked up into the ground.

Link decided to go back to the village. He scampered along the path that he knew so well, and, coming to his house abruptly stopped. He sniffed the air. Danger. He stiffened, then bent his knees in anticipation. Suddenly, four goblin like creatures jumpeed at him, clubs raised. Link easily clawed and tore them to shreads. A squirrel scampered up.

"Hello. Thank you for saving me from those monsters!" It said, gratefully hugging Link's leg. "I know you're a nice wolf, because you smell like the trees of Ordon. If you need help, talk to us animals! Bye!" and with that, the squirrrel scampered away.

 Link bounded into town, anxious to see what happened, and why there were monsters.


As Link skidded to a stop at Sera's shop, he spied her husband, the miserable Haunch, up on the rock. He was moaning

"Please let the children be alright....Please....Oh, why was I such a miserable failing father?" and looking up at the heavens. Link thought this odd, but didn't dare go too close because of his new form. Midna popped up.

"Well, I'll help you,"she said. "But, you'll have to be my servant. And, like a servant, you'll have to do as I say. So, find me a sword and sheild!!! Chop, chop!!" and disappeared in her weird way.


Link went across the small bridge and heard Hiko and Mayor Bo talking.

"Have you got the shield meant to go to Hyrule Castle?" Mayor Bo asked.

"Yeah Mayor, yeah!," Hiko said. "Why?"

"I'm going to look for the kids. I can't stand the thought of em' missin'! Where's the shield?" 

"In my..." Hiko began rather loudly.

"SHUUSSHHHH!!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO BE HEARD BY MONSTERS?!?!" Mayor Bo whispered loudly. Link took that as a sign and ventured so close that if he moved even an inch they would see him.

"The shield is in my safe spot in my house." whispered Hiko.

"" Mayor Bo began, but Link sneezed, sending both of the men into hysterics. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Hiko shouted, seeing Link and running for the woods.

"We've been found out!" Mayor Bo shouted, running to the woods as well.


"Well, that was a good piece of imformation, huh?" Midna stated, watching as the two men ran like idiots. "Hmmm....there! jump up onto the water wheel and climb into that open window!! The people in this village are such idiots..." Midna finished, sounding disgusted. Again, she sank into the ground.


Link scampered over to the rock where Haunch was standing. Link was so preoccupied with planning his jump, he didn't see Haunch watching him.





Haunch shouted, lighting the torch next to the rock base.

"Where are the children?" Haunch demanded. "WHERE ARE THEY?!?! RETURN THEM...AND TAKE THIS!!!!" and with that, Haunch called forth the hawk with a piece of whistle grass. The hawk swooped down and began to attack Link.


Link ran away out of Haunch's line of vision. Sudddenly, Sera's cat came out of the shop and started to talk with Link.

"Hello. I know you're a nice wolf, because you smell like the nice farm-hand Link. I'm sorry to say, that that man with the hawk is my master's......husband. It's quite impossible to defeat that hawk....but, he is very easy to scare. If you could jump beside him and surprise him, he would flee."


After the cat said this, she ran back to the store.

Midna popped up.

"Well, let's go teach that guy a lesson! Look at him, standing there, acting like he's all important... look! there's a rock where you can jump up onto the roof! Let's get that guy!!!"

Link wasted no time. With a little help from Midna, he jumped from the rock, to the roof, to Haunch's platform.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Haunch cried as Link jumped beside him. He jumped off the rock, the ran like a lunatic towards the ranch.


Midna laughed, popping up again.

"That was sooooooooo FUNNY!!!!" She laughed.

"Okay....okay....get that sheild!" she said, finally controling her laughter.


Link jumped onto the waterwheel and to the open window.

Link fell on top of Hiko's table.

He saw a ledge that held the sheild. It was no big seret where Hiko's "safe spot" was.

The only person who didn't realize that this was a known fact was Hiko himself.

With a little help from Midna, Link was able to run into the wall and knock down the sheild.


Once outside again, Midna asked:

"Okay, we got the sheild. Do you know where a sword is?"

Link thought hard. He remembered. Link whined softly.

"What? What is it?" Midna asked impatiently.

Link, through a series of whines and soft barks, told her that Rusl had a sword that was supposed to go to Hyrule castle, but never was delivered due to the monster attack.

Link trotted over to Rusl's house, to find Rusl outside with a lntern and an arm in a cast.

"No! You have been hurt already! What if you are killed this time?!" Sona was saying to Rusl.

"I can't leave Colin out there. Besides, Link was supposed to be back a day ago. He's not back. What can I do with 6 peolple missing from the village?" Rusl said, hugging Sona.

Rusl turned and began walking down the road, holding the lantern as a weapon.

Link steered clear of Rusl, knowing that his fromer friend would attack him if he was seen.

Once Link came to the side of the house, he began to dig a hole into Rusl's house.

Once inside, Link trotted to the sofa and picked up the sword.

Midna told him to go back to the woods.


As Link went past the entrance to the spring, a voice called:

" my spring....."

and Link cautiously entered the spring where the strange voice came from.



Who does the voice belong to? Why does Midna want to help Link? and where are the kids?

Find out in part three: regaining lost souls


Author's note: So, how am I doin' so far?


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