Two Hearts

by Princess Ruto

      Zelda awoke to the sound of pebbles clinking on her windowpane. She leapt from her bed, pulled a satin robe over her shoulder, and stepped out onto the stone balcony. Link stood in the courtyard, washed in the morning light, another pebble in his palm.

      "Link, what are you doing?" Zelda cried, laughing.

      "Come riding with me." Link said. He stepped over to a rose vine climbing up the stone wall, and plucked a blossom in full bloom. Grinning, he tossed it up to Zelda. She breathed it's sweet fragrance, and said;

      "I'll be right down!!!" Excited, Zelda dashed inside, and quickly slipped on a peach taffeta dress, and set her tiara in her golden curls. She then raced down the steps to the castle courtyard, where Link greeted her with a passionate kiss.

      "Mmmm....Good morning.." Zelda murmured into his ear.

      "You're beautiful, ya know that?" Link said back, stroking her rosy cheek.

      "My big strong hero, you..." Zelda said, kissing him on the lips. Link gently lifted her onto Epona, his noble steed, and hoisted himself up behind her.

      "I thought we'd spend the day at the Lake." Link whispered into Zelda's ear. Zelda leaned back against him, and nodded. They rode off to the lake.


      "Zel, come in!!!!" Link cried, splashing her. Zelda squealed, and said;

      "Link, I don't have a swimming dress with me!!!" She chuckled.

      "Awww...Zel...." Link said. Zelda sighed, and took off her gown, leaving her only wearing an underdress. She dove in, and, spat a stream of water in Link's face. They both burst out laughing. The water was a relief to their sweaty skin, and the day was quite enjoyable. But, suddenly, Link called;

      "Help!" He dissapeared beneath the lapping water.

      "LINK!!!" Zelda cried, and dove down, searching for her love. She came up, and gasped for breath, and dove again. This time, her fingers brushed Link's shoulder. Straining, she hauled him to the surface, and dragged his Link's limp form onto the shore. The water glistened on his still face, and Zelda thought he was dead. Tears rolled down her face, as she leaned over him. But, all of a sudden, Link opened his eyes, and grabbed Zelda. Her eyes went wide, as he kissed her. He sat up, laughing.

      "Link! You had me worried!!!" Zelda fumed. He just laughed and kissed her again.

      "He heh....Zel?" Link saw Zelda's face crumble, and she sobbed. He embraced her warmly, as she whispered;

      "I love you. I love you. I love you." Over and over again. Link stroked her dripping hair, and comforted her. Zelda sniffled, and kissed Link with a passion only found when one is in true love. Link returned it, and asked;

      "You hungry?"

      "Yeah." Zelda said. They got out a picnic blanket, and ate.


      The afternoon sun waned, as Link and Zelda sat on the blanket together, in a tight embrace. Link and Zelda's lips met at exactly the same time, and the kiss was long and good. Zelda gasped for breath, as they parted. Link too.

      "Zel....I will love you until I die." Link murmured, tracing her lips with his fingertips. Zelda sighed;

      "I'll love you forever." She began to nibble his ear. They locked in a passionate kiss, and fell asleep on the lakeside.


      The first stars were just appearing as Zelda awoke, to feel the solid bulk of Link next to her. He lay awake, watching the specks in the velvet sky. Zelda stroked his hair, and Link turned his head to gaze into her eyes.


      "M-mmmm?" Zelda sighed, snuggling closer.

      "I've been wondering for a long time, but......" Zelda felt something cold slip onto her finger. "Will you marry me?"

      Zelda gasped. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy as she said; "YES!" They lay there until the sun rose in each other's arms, two heats melting into one.

The End

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