The Two Lovers End

By True Zelda Fan

Once upon a time in the land of Hyrule, there lived two people named Link and Zelda. At first, Link protected Zelda and the Triforce, but on Friday July 18th they were getting married. A few days back Link had proposed to Zelda. Of course Zelda said yes and next thing they knew it they were getting married. Zelda was getting herself ready when 10 moblins attacked. Then she saw Link in a tuxedo with his sword. He hit 9 moblins with his sword, but the other one hit him and Zelda tried to attack it, but it hit her into a crystal ball and Link tried to take the ball but the moblin got away. Link had to get to Ganondorf’s tower, and save Zelda. He ran out to get on Epona and started riding towards Ganondorf’s tower.

  When he got there he snuck into his tower and watched Ganon very closely then when Ganon left he went to get Zelda. He took the ball and left on Epona. When he got back to the castle, he hit it with his sword. The ball exploded, and one piece hit him in the arm. Zelda burst out of it and went to heal Link. When Link was healed Zelda told him to go get ready. Then the wedding started. After the wedding they went back to the castle. They lived happily ever after. (except for Ganon attacking).

  Then a year passed and Zelda was expecting a baby. Link was off saving the Kokiri forest from Ganondorf. Zelda was laying in bed when she felt realy bad pains in her stomach. They called in a doctor, and he said, “your gonna have a baby today”. Zelda called Link and told him about it, and he said, “I’ll be there as soon as I can”. Meanwhile Link was battling off moblin after moblin, and finally he defeated all of them, and went back to Hyrule. When Link got back Zelda was sitting with two beautiful babies in her arms. Their names were Ailana and Zack.

   Link, Zelda, Ailana, and Zack lived a happy life with Ganon. Until one night Dark Link stopped by. He wanted to know how Link was doing, and maybe hurt him by stealing his children and wife. Maybe Zelda and I could get married, he thought. Then he made all of it disappear his children and of course his wife. He took them back to his lair and brainwashed Zelda. Then he took the children back to Link because it wouldn’t matter about the children if he didn’t have the wife. “Daddy, daddy this evil guy has mommy, and he looks just like you. Except he is wearing black” they cried.

  Meanwhile back at Dark Link’s lair he woke Zelda up. He told her that he was her husband. Of course since she was brainwashed, she believed him. Then there was a big boom and Link appeared. “Zelda, are you all right, what did he do to you?” Link asked. Dark Link told Zelda that Link is the evil guy. She started to fight Link and Link told her to stop. Then he did a short poem that he had written for her. Then Zelda got her memory back, and they fought Dark Link together and defeated him. They lived happily ever after.


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