By Twilight_Princess

The sound of clinking and clangs pierced the Hyrule Field air. The sky was dark, to the late hour of evening. A wolf’s howl and a man’s shouts echoed throughout the crisp air. There was a battle on the plains, nearby a staircase of concrete, leading into Kakariko Village. Blood splattered to the ground, but not just any blood, a Hylian’s blood.


The Hylian elf was the young age of seventeen. He had dirty blonde hair, on his head an awkward long green cap that ended just below his shoulders. On his body was a forest green tunic over a white bodysuit. He had chunky leather boots and leather gauntlets on his hands, long pointed ears pierced with rings. The Hylian’s sharp dark blue eyes focused upon his enemy, a Wolfo.


The wolf-like beast appeared just like a wolf, but with huge front paws, possessing huge and razor-sharp claws. Its gleaming golden eyes greedily locked eyes upon the Hylian. He held the handle of his Indigo sword, the Master Sword. On his other arm was the Hylian Shield…he was the Hero of Time.


With a shout, the Hylian hacked the sword to the Wolfo…however missing the monster by a single breath. He was exhausted, alone nearby a village; the Hylian could have entered the nearby village, but as his sworn duty, he would not leave until the monster was defeated. He kneeled down, preparing to thrust a powerful slash of the Master Sword.


“I will get you,” The Hylian confirmed venomously. “You will pay for what you have done by killing those Hylians.”


Aside the Wolfo, his paws stood upon several bodies of Hylians from Kakariko Village, bloody and scraped with horrible injuries. The Wolfo greedily smiled threateningly. A Wolfo was an intelligent beast.


The Wolfo growled, laughing. “Killing is my passion! I love the taste of human’s flesh, the feel of blood on my claws, the cries of horror ring in my ears as if a melody…Killing is easy.”


The Hylian was disgusted to its despicable answer. “No…it isn’t! Killing to you must be so easy, but taking lives just as if plucking the petal off of a living flower?!”


“Just who do you think you are?”


Sickened by the Wolfo, he charged and hacked the sword at the monster. It jumped away, and adroitly, pounced savagely at his chest. The Hylian screamed, kicking it away. The Wolfo mightily gnashed its pointed fangs upon his wrist, the boy giving a loud cry of pain. The Hylian shoved the monster off of him, gasping in ache. He pulled himself to his feet, and shouted, “Din’s Fire!”


He held his fist (which was on fire) and punched the ground, sending a fire all around him. The raging fire flamed dangerously around the Wolfo, howling in horror as the flames prevail his whole entire being.


“I’m Link, the Hero of Time.”


Tiredly, he stood on his feet, his legs shaking from the violent battle, He gasped in pain. I have no strength…


As he walked into the staircase, Link leaned towards the wall, the only way to support his own weight. The dark evening grew even darker, he couldn’t see…but as he walked all the way up, he saw bright lights from the village’s lights from houses. Link could only smile, and hobbled over into the border of the Village. He had to enter Kakariko Village because he had to venture into the Shadow Temple, for the Shadow Medallion in order to continue his long and wearisome quest.


Quickly, all of a sudden, he fell onto his knees. The Hylian as a result growled, and then hissed under his breath frustratingly,


“Oh this is just great! I am exhausted and I can’t even walk! Why do I always have to have bad things happen to me?! Why why why?!!!!”


“How awkward it is to see the Hero of Time break in the aura of anger,” A voice spoke.


Link, surprised, looked up and saw a young man his age. He was slender, but difficult to see because his body was concealed by a long cloak, although his hood was down. He wore a turban, a scarf around his neck, covering his nose and mouth. He had dark blonde hair; his long banes covered his left eye, only exposing a crimson enigmatic eye. He also had dark tanned skin.


Link was always curious about him; in fact, he knew nothing about Sheik at all but that he was a Sheikah, and that he was one of their friends…and he wondered why he always hid his identity.


“Sheik?” The Hylian asked.


Sheik crossed his slender arms. “It has been a while since we last encountered,” He took graceful footsteps to Link and pulled him up to his feet. “You came to my village in order to get the Shadow Medallion, no?”


“You’re right.” Link smiled, “As usual.”


Sheik looked at Link’s shoulder, and asked, “Where is your fairy Companion?”


“Oh, Navi? She’s in my hat,” Then he narrowed his eyes, “sleeping while I was fighting a Wolfo.”


Soon after Link’s indication, a ball of a light blue light flew by his shoulder. Navi gave a yawn.


“Oh, Hey Linky! I gotta tell ya, I had really great sleep and…” She looked around and saw Sheik in front of her. “Oh, Sheik is here? We’re in Kakariko Village? What else did Navi miss?!”


“You slept while I was fighting a Wolfo.” Link answered flatly.


“I did?”


Link nodded, and sighed.


“Hmm…Hey! What happened to your arm? Why do you look so tired? What are you doing?! What am I doing?! We can’t lounge around here! Hey! We have a mission so let’s go already!”


Link shook his head. “No, I need a place to rest, I’m weak and exhausted.”


Sheik noticed his injury. “It looks like it. I see that you were in quite a fight.”


“That’s because he didn’t have me by his side to help him!” Navi bragged proudly.


Link shifted his eyes to her irksomely. “Navi,”


“Stop it, we must be quiet, it is evening.” Sheik turned around, “We stay at an inn for the night. I found one nearby us.”


They followed Sheik around the Village, and stopped by a log cabin of dark wood. There was a rickety sign that said, “The Sheikah’s Rest.” Inside was nothing special, a counter with a man behind. Link paid for the room, and entered to room the closest to the left. There were two small beds, a window, and a table with a candle. There was another room, with a bathtub, a sink, and other quaint objects. There was a warm scent of food below them, as if there was a restaurant nearby.


“Hey! I smell food!” Navi shouted.


“There is a Restaurant next-door,” Sheik answered. “That is where we will eat.”


Link felt his stomach twist and turn…


“I’m starving.” He uttered.


“Hey! Let us waste no time! Navi’s Hungry! I want food!!!!” The Fairy complained loudly.



    “Sheik, this isn’t a restaurant!” Navi yelled.


She was right; the entire room was filled with men with wooden cups of beer. Some nearby began to chant a sailor song horribly, slurring their words and mispronouncing the simplest words a man could utter.


“It seems that I was wrong…I have not visited my home for a long time…” Sheik solemnly replied.


Rowdily, Navi began to fly around Sheik, singing, “Navi is Right! Navi’s Right! Navi’s always Right!”


Swiftly, Link grabbed the fairy in his hand and stuffed her into his side pack. All that could be heard was Navi shouting, “HEY!!!!!!!”


The two young men pretended like they had heard nothing. They walked their way through the narrow passages to get to the counter. There was a middle aged man singing, laughing at jokes and waving his cup of beer wildly as he spoke. As Sheik and Link sat upon two stools, they began to chat to each other.


“So, you have the Forest Medallion, the Light Medallion, the Fire Medallion, and the Water Medallion, is that correct?” Sheik checked.


“Yeah,” Link nodded. “I only need two more, and awaken two more sages,”


Sheik then faced away, and held a cup of ale in his hands.


“…Sheik, there’s two more sages to awaken, but is there more?” Link asked.


The Sheikah then faced Link, “I beg your pardon?”


Rauru was the first Sage, Saria was a Sage, but so was Darunia and Princess Ruto…there are three more sages that I have to awaken, and so far, I knew every one of them, and if I knew all of the other Sages, will it be someone I know? Who is the Sage of Shadows or the Sage of Spirits, and…who is the Walking Sage?”


Sheik paused and turned away. “…You will have to find that out for yourself.”


Link’s eyes widened, and then narrowed. He dipped his head low, and sighed.


Sheik glanced at him, and spoke, “You’re tired, you must get rest.”


“Huh?” Link swiftly faced him. “Oh…yes, I think I’ll just go to my room.”


Sheik stood from his seat. “I’ll come too.”


As the two began to walk through, the Man who waved his cup a round’s arm rapped against Link’s waist, spilling the entire beverage from his waist to his knee all in a sticky brown and bubbly liquid. Link yelped as he looked down upon himself. A man holding a gallon of beer swung it over at Link, spilling the entire beverage on his tunic. Link yelped as he looked down upon himself. From his waist below on the right to his right knee was drenched in brown fizzing liquid.


The drunken man looked at the Hylian, and shouted, “Hey, green guy, buy me another drink!”


Link faced up upon the burly man. He had 5:00 shadow, small brown eyes, no hair, headband of red; his clothes were a light green shirt and short pants.


“I’m sorry, but I can’t,” Link apologized.


The Man began to yell, but as he studied the young man’s outfit, he laughed.


“Hey! You’re one of those fairy tale Kokiri! But wait, aren’t you supposed to be a child?”


All of his drunken male friends laughed. “Yeah, aren’t ya supposed to be dead cuz’ he left the forest?” One of them asked sneeringly.


The man studied the Master Sword in Link’s sheath. “Oh wait; he’s the Hero of Time…” He then began to snicker, “…why the blasted hell did the goddesses choose a child who doesn’t even look a day older than seventeen?”


Link’s eyes became intense.


“Those damn goddesses sure picked a worthless runt to save us all!”


“Don’t insult the Goddesses!!!” Link barked.


Sheik stepped closer to Link’s side. The Men at the table smiled goofily to the Hylian’s sudden bark. Everyone at the bar stared at them.


“I’m risking my own life to protect you all!” As he was shouting, tears gently poured from his eyes. “I’m not doing this for myself! I’m doing it for you, for the sages, for the Royal Family, for everyone!!!”


Sheik then hung an arm around the Hylian’s shoulder.


“Ignore them.” He whispered in Link’s ear.


Sheik held his shoulder and walked away with him out of the Bar.


“Ooh, the Sheikah’s gonna help the cry-baby run away, oh I think he’s gonna cry!”


Everyone at the table started to laugh even harder. “Heh hee, he’s probably gonna kiss him to make him feel better.”


Sheik stopped walking, and shifted his piercing crimson eyes to the men.


“You will thank him one day…” And with that, the two young men left, taking their dinner upstairs into their room.



    “You did not deserve that at all,” Sheik comforted. “They were nothing but mere imbeciles.”


They had finished eating; Navi was still drinking soup’s broth. Link had taken his hat, exposing his medium length hair pulled into a ponytail; his gauntlets, equipment and boots off, resting by Link’s bed. He and Sheik sat across from each other, the Hylian still silently hurt. As they were talking, Sheik bandaged Link’s bloody wrist.


He dipped his head, his long banes drooping over his eyes.


“…Why did the Goddesses choose me? I’ve gone through many obstacles, but…am I really that strong…or is it just luck that has gotten me this far?”


“No Link,” Sheik corrected. “You are wrong.”


Link looked up, eyes wide.


“You are the Hero of Time; you are strong mentally, emotionally and physically. Even though at heart, you are a just a young child who had slumbered for seven years, you have a heart of heroic Courage and Love,” Sheik wrapped the bandage one last time around, and tightly tied it. “…That is what makes you Strong.”


The Hylian smiled, and closed his eyes.


“Thank you, Sheik.”


Link looked around the room, and stood up from his seat. Navi looked up at him and asked loudly,


“Hey! Where are you going?”


“I’m going to take a bath. My muscles are screaming in pain.”


As Link walked to the door, Navi followed him. He glanced at her, and sadly spoke, “Usually, I would let you come in with me, but I just kinda want some privacy this time, okay?’


Navi hung her wings low. “Oh, it’s OK I guess,”


Link closed the door behind him, leaving Navi squealing angrily in reply. Sheik watched him leave from his sight.


Geez, Linky’s really emotional tonight.”


The Sheikah flatly looked at the Fairy. “If you haven’t noticed, he’s been going through a lot recently, so many dangers, so many violence…so many questions needed to be answered.”


Sheik all of a sudden began to think …questions needed to be answered


The young Sheikah then pushed himself from the edge of his bedside and went towards the door. Navi illuminated the shade of red, and shouted, “Hey! You can’t go in there!”


Sheik ignored her.


“Hey! Are you even listening?!”


He held grasp of the door handle and turned it.


“HEY!!!!!! Navi can’t even go in there!!!!! You can’t go in either! HEY LISTEN!”


The door silently opened without a creak, and the Sheikah walked in.



    Princess Zelda, where are you…? Link quietly asked himself.


He was in the bath, his muscles slowly relaxing in the fogged and moist room from the water. Bodily, he felt better, but his emotions were untamed. The Hylian pulled the band that held his hair into a ponytail, releasing his hair from its fastening grasp, letting his hair drop down to the end of his neck.


Link remembered the first time, as children, Zelda and he first met each other. Once he promised he would have all three spiritual stones, he would bring them to her, and save Hyrule, she kissed him on the lips. Young Link could have never been any happier.


…How can I continue if I can’t even sense your heartbeat? He held his hand close to his chest, clutching his fist. It’s…it’s just like you’re not even alive, if you’re lost from my grasp…or anyone’s grasp, Link sighed.


“I will find you, Zelda.”


Silently, the water rippled. He turned around, and was face to face…with Sheik. The Sheikah was in the same tub that he was in, bare and unclothed. Still, the turban was on his head and the scarf around his face remained in place.


Link, surprised, backed a slight bit away, not rudely however. He didn’t even hear the door open, Sheik’s footsteps, not even a sound!




The Sheikah didn’t respond quickly;


“I want to show you something.” He held the end of his scarf in is hands, as if to unravel it. Link’s eyes widened. “I wanted to answer your question. If anyone, I want you to be the one to see what I truly look like.”


Sheik gently moved closer to the Hylian, allowing him to pick up the fabric of his scarf.


Link’s arm trembled…he was excited, but…he just felt, strange, his heart fluttered, his stomach filled with butterflies…there was a strange and exotic aura around the Sheikah man, and aura he had never felt from any other race, but it was an almost…familiar aura. With a surge of confidence, Link gripped the fabric, slowly having the scarf unravel around.


…The scarf then slid down to Sheik’s shoulders.


His skin was dark, and there was his nose and mouth…Sheik pushed back his other tress of hair, revealing his other enigmatic crimson eye. For the first time ever, Link saw Sheik smile.


“…Sheik,” Link gasped. “…Why do you hide your face? You are so handsome.”


Sheik’s eyes widened, and then gave an exotic twinkle. He leaned closer to Link and kissed him on the lips intensely. Link’s eyes expanded in shock…but then softly, he felt a thrill of warmth in his heart, and closed his eyes.


There was something strange though that he couldn’t decipher.


…Strange, I can taste the Princess Zelda in his lips.





*Author’s note* Sheik and Link are not in love, it’s just that Zelda is Sheik, and she loves him, and since she’s so close to him, and that he’s in a man’s body, she just goes in and kisses him.




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