How Valentines Day Was Born

By Green Hat and Razyjean

        The crescent moon settled with the shining stars as clouds wisped by like leaves on a pond. Down below, every child in all of Hyrule slept peacefully, dreaming wondrous dreams. Except for one…in the center of Hyrule Field stood a lovely ranch, with a barn, garden, and stables. Inside the two story house, a little girl tossed in her sleep. She opened her eyes with a small gasp.

        “Mommy! Daddy!” the little girl cried.
        An auburn haired woman rushed into the room.  Her husband hurried behind, holding a candle aloft in front of him.  Both wore looks of concern.
        “What is it, Avery?” Malon asked, caressing the little girl’s cheek.
        “I had a bad dream.” She said frankly.
        “What was it about?” Link questioned.
        “I was walking to the Valentine’s Day Festival, with you and Daddy. When I got there, nobody gave me a Valentine.” Avery lowered her head, and wiped back a tear.
Avery is only six years old and she’s having dreams like this already? Malon thought.
        “It was just dream. That won’t happen tomorrow.” Her father assured her.
        “Mom, Dad? Could you read me a story?”
        “And what story would that be?” Malon inquired.
        “How Valentine’s Day was born!” She requested.
        “Oh, I’m afraid we don’t have a book about that.” Malon told her, gently.
        “But, there has to be!” Avery complained.
Link rubbed his chin, and grinned. “I have special story that you may like. Your Mother and I are in it, too.”
        “You and mommy are in a story?!” Avery said excitedly.
        “Ah, I think I know what you’re talking about” Malon reminisced.  “It seems like it happened ages ago.  But if you are going to tell the whole story, we should settle down in our room where it’s more comfortable.”
        “Good idea.” Link told his wife. “Do you wan’na hear it?” He asked his daughter.
        “Oh yes, I do! Tell me! Tell me!” Avery jumped out of her bed and ran to her mother and father’s bedroom.
        Link and Malon smiled at each other.  Malon blew out the candle. Link kissed his wife on the cheek, scooping her up in his arms, carrying her to their room. When they got there, they saw Avery getting comfortable in their queen sized bed. Link set Malon down on the bed next to Avery, then walked to the fireplace to tend to the flames. Link could feel the warmth of the fire almost instantly. He then strode to the other side of his bed, snuggled up close to his daughter and put his arm around her.
        “What took you guys so long?” Avery wondered.
        “It doesn’t matter,” he chuckled, “Now, I’ll tell you the story.” Link took a deep breath and began…

<3 <3 <3

        Once upon at time, in a far away land lived a pink fairy. This fairy’s name was Cupid and he lived in a place called Hyrule. Hyrule had lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, fields, ranches, and even a big white castle! But Hyrule was not a normal country.  The lakes had creatures called Zoras, the mountain had rock people called Gorons, and the forests were filled with children who never grow up. There were also magical creatures that protected the Kokiri forest children.
          Cupid the fairy also lived in the forest. He did not guard any of the children.  No, the reason for this is the color of his glow. Pink was a girl’s color, not a boy’s.  Everyone made fun of him because of this. They called him names like, ‘baby!’ ‘pink covered pig’, ‘sissy’, ‘good for nothing fairy.’ The Deku Sprout – the guardian of the forest- however, took pity on Cupid and let him live with him. When Cupid settled in, The Deku Sprout welcomed him. It was the first time he ever felt loved.
After a couple of weeks living with the Deku Sprout, Cupid was called for “a little talk.”

        “Cupid, you are a very special fairy. You have no idea!” the Deku Sprout exclaimed.
        “Why do you think I’m so special?” Cupid asked sadly, “I mean- look at me. My glow is pink!”
        “Don’t listen to the others. They don’t know what you can do.”
        “I can’t do anything. I’m the only one who can’t use magic, I don’t have a child to guard, and I’m a PINK boy!” he cried.
        “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You have a power that is extremely useful, when used at the right time.” the sprout explained. “If you let me, I can help you.”
“No!” the fairy screamed, “No one can help me! I don’t have a power! I never will!”
        “You remind me of someone else,” the Deku Sprout said, suddenly calm.
        “Who?!” the fairy was out of breath from his outburst.
        “A long time ago, a Hylian mother came into the forest with her baby boy. The mother was badly injured and she wanted the Great Deku Tree to take her son. He took him in and everyone made fun of him because he did not have a fairy.” he told Cupid, “It’s like you, without a Kokiri to guard.”
        “It’s not the same at all! I’m pink! Was he pink, too!?  A boy without a fairy is nowhere near as embarrassing as a pink boy fairy!”
        “No, he was not pink, but he was different in his own way, and because of that, he was an outcast like you,” the Deku Sprout said, “But he didn’t let the others’ taunting bother him.”
        “He didn’t?” Cupid calmed down now, wiping tears from his face, “How?”
        “He had a friend named Saria. She looked after him all his life. I suggest you go to her.”
        “I’ve never heard of this Saria before.” The pink fairy said, warily.
        “She no longer lives here in the forest. She lives in the Temple of Time.”
        “Where is that?”
       Suddenly, Cupid felt something around him; a tingling sensation. The next thing he knew he was in the middle of a rolling vale. The grass went on as far as the eye could see, and the cloudless sky shone pristine blue, illuminated with the afternoon sun. Cupid looked up, shielding his eyes. He could see an owl flying toward him. The owl hooted loudly.  It was a friendly hoot.
        Cupid always had a knack for knowing what was in a person’s heart, be it good or evil. He could just tell; it was an odd thing. If someone hated another, Cupid would know who it was as well. He blamed these strange senses on his color of glow.

“Who could this be?” Cupid asked himself.

        The fairy sat in the field, waiting for the winged messenger. As Cupid sat there, he got a closer look at the field. The grass was soft and had a rich scent to it.  There were flowers scattered here and there. A lone shrub stood behind him. Cupid saw that it had not been trimmed, but for some reason it looked incredible. There was also a large stone wall behind the shrub. A sign stood in front of it, it said: ‘Lon-Lon Ranch.’ The fairy heard the flapping of wings, the owl had landed. It stared at him; its face appeared to wear a smile.

         “Hello little fairy!” the owl said, “What is your name?”
         Cupid was taken aback by this. He didn’t know animals could talk. “You can talk?!”
         “Hoo yes, and so can you! Now, what is your name?”
         “Cupid.” The fairy answered.
         “I met someone like you a long time ago, his name was Link. I want to introduce you to him.”
         “I don’t know if I should…hey, why aren’t you making fun of me?” Cupid questioned, suspiciously.
         “Hoot! Why would I make fun of you? I don’t even know you.” The owl said, happily.
         “Neither do the Kokiri in the forest-”
         “You do sound like Link; I bet you would make great friends!”
         Cupid was getting annoyed with the happy owl.  It’s like he didn’t know anything. “How could you just fly up to someone and say that they should meet someone?! It’s not right!” Cupid yelled.
         “That’s what everyone says. ‘You’ve got to be nice to everyone you meet, unless they are mean to you.’  That’s what I say.”
         “Okay then…” the pink fairy was confused. “Haven’t you noticed that my glow is pink and that I am a boy?”
         The owl appeared to shrug.  “That does not matter.”  The owl grabbed Cupid in his talons.  This caused Cupid to scream in protest.  “Let’s go, hoo.”
         “Go? Go where?”  The owl did not answer, but simply flew off with the fairy in tow.

         As they soared through the crisp evening air, a structure the likes of which Cupid had never seen came into view.  It was a building made of stone, like the Forest Temple near the fairy’s home.  But, unlike the Temple he knew so well, this building towered over the trees, as if reaching out to touch the sun.  Its many spires were topped with waving banners emblazoned with the mark of Hyrule’s royal family.  To the southwest stood a similar, yet smaller stone structure.  The sound of bells rang clearly in the distance; a new and exciting sound to Cupid.  The owl curved its flight toward the smaller stone structure and the ringing of the bells.

         A building like this surely must be the Temple of time, Cupid thought.
         They began to dip down fast, which startled the tiny fairy. “You know, I can fly myself!” he yelled.
         The owl hooted, “But you could not keep up with me.”
         The large bird let go of Cupid suddenly as they approached the ground. The unsuspecting fairy dropped like a rock, landing with a small thud. He moaned.  The owl seemed to laugh, flapping his wings happily and turning his head upside-down. To Cupid, this really looked strange. He stood up, rubbing his now sore behind.
         “That was not nice,” the fairy said accusingly. Cupid scanned the area around him and realized they were in front of the temple.

         Cattails swayed gingerly in the breeze on the outskirts of two shallow pools that lay on either side of the temple. Leaves from the nearby willow trees landed in the water and drifted lazily along its surface. Cupid walked to the nearest pool and dipped his hands in the cool, refreshing liquid, splashing it on his face and hair.

         “Y’know, I never thought my first friend would be an owl.” Cupid’s voice cracked slightly, his voice full of emotion. “By the way, what should I call you?”
         The nameless owl hooted, “I am Kaepora Gaebora.”
         “That’s a weird name, but I guess it suites you. Um… thanks for the ride.” Cupid flew up to Kaepora’s face and gave him an awkward looking hug. “The Deku Sprout said that I had to meet this girl named Saria.”
“Oh yes, I know her.  Why are you looking for her here and not in the forest?” the owl replied.
         Cupid was outraged at this statement.  “But, the Deku Sprout said that Saria lives here at the Temple of Time!”
         “Well, obviously, he lied.” Kaepora hooted.
         “He tricked me! He isn’t my friend either!” the pink fairy burst into tears.
         “No, he didn’t lie to you to hurt you. He did it so you would meet me, so, that you would definitely meet Link. The Deku Sprout knew all along what was going to happen.”
         “L…let’s,” Cupid stammered, sniffling, “go meet this Link.” He wiped away his tears and flew up to the sky. A large human town sprawled between the temple and the castle.  It was all so unfamiliar to Cupid.  There were so many people all rushing around that it almost made him dizzy.  A man in a familiar looking green tunic caught his eye.
         Green, which is the color the Kokiri wear. If he wasn’t a Kokiri, why was he wearing a green tunic?
         The man ran up to Kaepora and hugged him, with a massive smile. Cupid floated down slowly, he didn’t want to surprise them.
         “Gabe, I wasn’t expecting you to be here!” Link mused.
         “I have a little friend here to see you, Link. Hoot!”
         “So, you didn’t come to see me…” the half-Kokiri joked, “Where is your little friend?”
         “Cupid is his name.  He’s just up there,” Gabe cocked his head up, “looking for you. Oh, look, he’s coming down. Link, can you spot him?”
         Link frowned slightly, “Are you sure he’s a he? ‘Cause he looks, uh, pink.”
         “Yes, I am sure. Cupid is just different. That’s why he came to see you.”

         Cupid could finally see Link’s features. He had light blonde hair, broad shoulder, ocean blue eyes and he wore floppy green hat and…tights? This was a new fashion Cupid had never seen. He never heard of a man in tights before. Kaepora and the Deku Sprout were right when they said Link was different. The pink fairy saw that Link was smiling at him; maybe he didn’t care about Cupid’s pink glow. The owl nudged him; he saw that Link had an outstretched hand. Cupid shook it…or at least tried.

         “It’s nice to meat you, Cupid.” said the green-clad youth, “My name is Link.”
         “I have heard a lot about you.” the fairy said.
         “I’ll just leave you two alone.” Kaepora said.  He let out a hoot and flew off.
         “Wait! Where are you going?” Cupid screamed. But it was too late; the owl was out of sight. Cupid glanced at Link; he had a genuine smile on his face.
         Why would Link be smiling when a fairy is sad to see a friend go?
         “Don’t worry, I’m not going to bite!” the Hylian chuckled.
         “I didn’t intend to let you anyway.” The pink fairy said darkly.
         Link frowned, “Well, let’s head to my home, Lon Lon Ranch.”
         “Wait, you mean that place in the middle of the big field?”
         Link nodded.
         “You live there?!” Cupid was astonished. “I was just there before Kaepora Gaebora picked me up. You run that all by yourself?!”
         “Not exactly.  I live there with a beautiful girl named Malon and her father, Talon. She’s working at the Lon-Lon Bakery today.  Anyhow, we should go now, but first, I’d like to show you around town.” Link turned and started to walk away.
         “This is really, too much…” Cupid’s voice cracked, “So, far…ever since I’ve left Kokiri forest. I’ve bean treated so kindly! You and, uh, Gabe didn’t make fun of me the first time you met Me.” by now, the fairy had burst into tears. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “It means a lot, Link. No one’s ever been this nice to me before.”
         “Don’t mention it,” Link smiled.
         “Now, take me on this grand tour!” Cupid exclaimed excitedly.

         Hyrule Castle town – as Link told Cupid the place they were in was called – was so big, and a little scary to the small fairy.  There were so many things to see!  Bombchu Bowling, the Treasure Chest Game, a store that sold masks, and the huge gate that lead to Hyrule Castle that had scary looking men in shiny metal clothes – guards, Link called them- standing around it.  Link was very kind and explained what all of the places were and what the people did there.  A lot of it didn’t make sense to Cupid, but he was enjoying the trip anyway.  And all over the place, people were genuinely nice to him.  
         Eventually, Link and Cupid ended up at a small forge. At first the fairy didn’t know what a forge was or what it was for, but Link explained, “It’s a place where a blacksmith-what we call someone who works at a forge-…makes weapons. They stick the metal into a fire until it’s almost as hot as lava and then hammer it until it takes the correct shape. Like the sword on my back.”

        “Oh I get it, but don’t they make other stuff?
        “Sure they do! They make arrows, war axes, maces and a lot more.”
        “That’s interesting…” Cupid rubbed his chin, “Too bad I don’t know what any of those things are!”
        “Oh sorry.” Link apologized. He walked over to a well dressed man who was putting out bows and arrows on display. He looked like the manager. “Excuse me sir, my friend here would like to see a few of the newest weapons here.”
        “Sure, why not.” said the man, “But first I have to ask your name and your age.”
Cupid took one look at the manager’s face and almost burst out laughing. The guy had extremely bushy eyebrows and a mustache that just wouldn’t stop moving whenever he talked. He also saw that Link was trying to keep a straight face.
        “My name is-” Cupid flew up behind the manager and made funny faces that only Link could see. Link snickered, holding his hand over his mouth. “Stop it Cupid!”
        “Excuse me? Young man, please tell me your name and age.”  The blacksmith said as calmly as possible.
        “Sorry,” Link glared slightly at Cupid, but grinned the next moment. “The name is Link and I’m fifteen.”
        “I’m sorry, Link. But you are not old enough to be wandering around here.”
        Link frowned; he almost wanted to smack the guy for his poor vision. He had a sword hilt strapped to his back! “I think you are mistaken.” The half-Kokiri unsheathed his sword and held it out before the man’s funny face.
        The manager chuckled, “Just because you have a sword doesn’t mean you can wield it. Nor are you old enough to hang around here. You could get seriously injured.” He continued to chuckle.
        By now, Cupid had seated himself on a table nearby to watch the exchange.
        “I highly doubt that, since I’ve been hanging out here for the past week and a half. I haven’t hurt myself yet, and I don’t plan to begin today!” Link raised his voice at the last sentence.
        “That’s it!  You and your flying little friend are banned from this place!” the smithy boomed. His face turned red and he pointed a finger at Link, “First, you laugh at me for asking you a simple question and then you mock my judgment!”
“I was laughing because my friend was making funny faces behind your back, not that it matters.  As far as your judgment, if that’s what you want to call it, you should recognize an experienced swordsman when you see one and not make base judgments about people because of their age!  I personally think this is a dumb argument and that you should just let my friend see some of your weapons! Furthermore, if I were a lesser man, I would show you just how well I can wield this sword!”

         Suddenly many men were cheering and clapping. One man whistled really loud. Link turned his head slowly.  He blushed. He saw Cupid clapping, but everyone else drowned him out. Maybe, this guy made all the men that worked here miserable. Link turned back to the manager; he was fuming.

        “You told him Link!” someone shouted.
        “Link, I think we better go now!” Cupid whispered into his ear.
        “Uh… goodbye!” Link sheathed his sword, and he and Cupid fled. 
        The two friends ducked into a small bakery, hoping the forge manager hadn’t seen them. It was warm in the small stone building and the smell of freshly baked breads and other sweet confections wafted in the air.  As the sun was setting, candles on wall sconces had been lit to ward off the coming darkness, giving the place a very comfortable glow.  The room was divided in half by a counter with the front half – where Link and Cupid were – decorated with tables and chairs.  A few people were seated, probably those who stopped by for a snack on their way home for the night.  
         On the far side of the counter, three bakers could be seen mixing, kneading and cooking the ingredients for all the scrumptious food. Some cakes, muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls and so much more were displayed for costumers to look at. A young girl who had strawberry red hair stood behind the counter setting out pastries in a large bowl. She caught Link’s eye.
        “Cupid,” Link whispered, “That girl over there is Malon Lon.”
        “Why are you whispering? You love that girl!”
        “Sshh! be quiet.” he hissed, “I don’t want her to know that yet.”
        “Don’t want who to know what, fairy boy?” a sweet voice said.
        “Oh, hi Malon, I didn’t notice you there.” the half-Kokiri blushed.
        “Now who is this cute little fairy?” Malon giggled, giving Cupid a poke.
        “His name is, Cupid.” Link emphasized.
        This pink fairy is a boy? Malon thought.
        “It’s fabulous to meet you, Cupid!” Malon always used fancy words if she felt she offended someone. “Tell me about yourself.”
         “Are you sure you want to know about me?” the pink fairy asked.
         Suddenly, a shrill cry pierced the air.  A quick glance out the window revealed many people running and screaming. Link and Malon ran out of the bakery, with Cupid close behind. It seemed a pack of wolfos had made it into the city and were attacking random bystanders.  Link saw a man running with one of the foul creatures close behind him.  Link sprinted across the market and stabbed the wolfos that was about to pounce on the old man. The creature screamed in agony, falling down on its back. Link got a closer look at the man he just saved. It was the manager from the forge!

         “Bye!” Link ran away.  He wasn’t afraid of the guy, he just didn’t need any distractions.

         The swordsman quickly surveyed the situation and realized that he wouldn’t have time to help everybody by running around with his sword.  If only he had his bow with him!  Link was an excellent marksman and could easily pick off the rest of the pack.  Another woman screamed and he ran over to the wolfos pursuing her and killed it quickly. Lucky for him he now stood next the forge and a new bow, along with a full quiver of arrows, was displayed. He grabbed it and quickly readied an arrow, searching for a target.  There!  He let it lose. The arrow whizzed through the air and stuck itself in a wolfos that now lay on top of a small boy.
        Malon rushed out to help the boy to safety. She didn’t see the wolfos running up behind her. Link quickly let fly an arrow and caught the beast in the rear end.  Through the corner of his eye he saw five more of the creatures sneaking up to his right. He unsheathed his sword. Building up the energy in his sword he let it loose in a fierce spinning attack, killing them all. They howled in pain and vanished right in front of his eyes. Link turned around and checked the area. Malon was in trouble!

        “Link!” Cupid screamed, “I want to help you!”
        “Cupid, go back to safety!” Link ordered.
        “But I-”

         Cupid didn’t listen.  He flew over to Link and grabbed an arrow from the quiver. Quickly, he flew over to Malon and drove it into the wolfos that was practically on top of her. It howled in pain, but did not die. Instead the beast turned and growled at Cupid. The pink fairy scanned his surroundings. Malon had scooped up the little boy and was safe inside Lon-Lon Bakery. He had saved somebody! But, there was still a wolfos to deal with. Cupid panicked.  Link was busy with three other beasts. The fairy thought about just flying up out of reach, but he didn’t want to be a coward, not now.

         “Niiice wolfos…” the little fairy said nervously, holding out his hands out in front of himself.
        Link was about to stab another enemy when suddenly it stopped growling and rolled over, exposing its belly in a sign of submission. The Hylain stepped back, awkwardly. “What is going on here?”

         Link looked around.  Every last wolfos had ceased its attack. One lay its head on its paws and appeared to be starring at something.  Link followed the creature’s gaze to see… Cupid!? The half-Kokiri walked up to the fairy with the now tame wolfos following him. The small fairy had a stunned look on his face. He looked around again, to be sure everything and everybody was all right. The townspeople slowly came out of hiding, one by one.

        “Cupid, talk to me.” said Link gently.
        The fairy turned his tiny head slowly. He stared at Link, as if there was something wrong with him, “I don’t-”
        “Link has saved us!” One man suddenly yelled. Everyone began to cheer.
         Many people crowded around Link, as if he were one of the goddesses himself. The all thanked him with bright smiles and happy tears. Old ladies pinched his cheeks, mothers hugged him, teenage girls flirted. All he could do was stand there, smile, and say ‘Don’t mention it.’ He was grateful for the attention, but he wanted to talk to Cupid about how he stopped those wolfos from attacking.
         Finally, his adoring fans left Link alone. He could breathe again! But there was one girl who did not leave: Malon. She stood there staring at Link as if unsure of what to do.  “Thank you for what you did.”  She said finally.  “You always seem to be there to save me when trouble occurs.”
         “I-” He didn’t have time to say anything. Malon suddenly kissed him on the cheek.
         “Thanks fairy boy.” She said pleasantly, “You and your new friend, Cupid, can get anything you want for free at the bakery.” Malon turned around abruptly and trotted off to Lon-Lon Bakery.
         Link stood there, absolutely stunned. That was the first time Malon had kissed him. Ever since Cupid came along, it seemed as if almost everyone had been acting unusually nice to him lately.
         Now, to find out how Cupid tamed the wolfos, he thought.
         “Hey, Cupid!” he called to the fairy, who was hovering above a whining wolfos. “What happened?” he said in a softer tone.
         “Link, I… I don’t really know. I just wanted to help you and I kept thinking that the wolfos should just lie down and behave, and the next thing I knew… they were all whining.”
         “Cupid, Kaepora Gaebora said you were different from all the other fairies. What exactly is different about you?” Link questioned seriously.
         “Well,” Cupid thought for a second.  “You already know that my glow is pink.  Besides that, I have no Kokiri to guard, I can’t perform normal spells that every other fairy can… and as you may have noticed, I’m more emotional than the average boy.” He explained, “Why?”
         “Well, Cupid, I think you may have a power that is more important than you will ever know.” The swordsman gleamed.
         Out of the blue, Cupid remembered the Deku Sprout’s words: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You have a power that is extremely useful, when used at the right time.”
          “Is there anything we can do to figure my power out?”
         “I know one person who may be able to help us.” Link said, gazing toward the castle in the distance.

        Cupid followed Link’s eyes and finally said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
        “No! I’m serious.” Link exclaimed. “I know the Princess Zelda. I’ll prove it to you.” Link took off toward the path that leads to Hyrule Castle.  Cupid followed in silence, and not a little disbelief.  He had heard from the Deku Scrub that the Princess was the most beautiful and wise person in all of Hyrule.  Cupid couldn’t believe that this boy could possibly know her.
        When they finally reached the massive front gate, Link walked right up to the nearby guard, “Hello, I’m here to visit Princess Zelda.” Link glanced back at Cupid; he just hovered there, arms folded.
        “Greetings citizen,” the guard began in a very professional manner.  After quickly glancing around to make sure his superiors weren’t watching, his tone became friendlier.  “Hey, Link! I heard you helped clear out those wolfos from the market.  Truth is, they’ve been becoming more and more of a problem recently.  Thanks!” The guard said.
        “Yeah that’s right, don’t mention it.” Link scratched the back of his neck. “Look, I have to see the Princess, along with my fairy friend here. It’s important.”
        “Right away, Master Link.” The guard hit the ground with his spear, giving the signal for the gate to be opened.
        Link saw the look of complete shock on Cupid’s face. “Told you so!” He snickered.
        “Whatever, I’m coming!”

         As Cupid passed though the gate, he got a better look at the castle he had seen from afar during his flight earlier.  A well kept, wide dirt path wound its way between grassy hills toward the massive stone structure which glowed faintly in the moonlight.  Figures could be seen moving in even steps along the upper walls.  Palace guards, Cupid thought.   They approached a stone bridge built over a moat, which long ago was the castle’s only protection.

         “Okay, I have to admit, this is really cool. I believe you now.”
         “You should believe what I say, even when I can’t prove it to you right away.” Link said vainly.
         “I guess I could.” Cupid joked, hitting the air.
         “Um, Cupid, don’t do that with your hand anymore. It’s a girly thing to do.” Link said, a little embarrassed.
         “Oh, okay…then.” the fairy blushed.
         The two continued to walk along the path. Each guard they passed greeted Link with respect. Link just kept saying ‘Don’t mention it’ and carried on. Cupid, on the other hand, just got stared at like he was the most bizarre thing they ever seen. The fairy stuck his tongue out at them when they weren’t looking.
         This path is so long! Cupid thought.

         It was then that he realized that he hadn’t rested a bit all day.  His poor little wings had been constantly flapping from sunup to sundown!  Cupid flew to Link’s shoulder and sat down. With a big sigh he made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. Link turned his head to see what Cupid was doing. He could hear his little friend snoring softly.

         “Cupid, what are you doing?” Link whispered.
         No answer.
         Link sighed. I’ll just wake him when I see Zelda, he thought.

         Link rounded a corner and came upon a familiar sight.  The castle courtyard hadn’t changed much over the years.  The round inner garden was green with life even under the moonlit sky.  Ivy climbed the walls, and lotuses floated in shallow pools under the windows looking into the castle.  At the far end of the courtyard the Princess sat on the steps with a bouquet of flowers. The rich scent of the flowers got stronger as Link approached Zelda.

         “Cupid, wake up!” Link hissed, poking him.
         Cupid yawned, stretching his muscles. He looked around and saw a beautiful young girl. His eyes were wide as he sat straight up on Link’s shoulder.
         How could Link let me sleep in front of the Princess?
Zelda looked up with a bright smile, “It’s been a while, Hero of Time.”
S’up?”  Link asked in a most informal manner.  The princess giggled. It was okay for him to act this way around her. They were best friends, everyone knew that; except for Cupid.
“Link! You can’t talk to her like that!” Cupid whispered.
“It’s okay, we’re best friends.” Link told him. “Zelda, this is, Cupid. Cupid this is, Zelda.” He introduced.
         “Pleased to meet you…” Zelda glanced at Link he was mouthing ‘sir.’ She started over, “Pleased to meet you, Cupid.”
         “Likewise, your highness.” Cupid replied. He scolded himself for not knowing the proper way to address royalty.
         The princess giggled. “Oh please don’t call me that. It sounds so…formal.” She held out her hand, and Cupid opted to just shake one of her fingers since her hand was as large as his entire body.
         “Now that introductions are out of the way, I’ll tell you why we’re here.” Link said.
         “Oh, by the way, thank you for your help in town earlier.  I overheard some guards talking about it and it sounds like you were just amazing!” Zelda interrupted.
         “Yeah, whatever, no problem,” Link waved off the compliment.  “Listen, we have some important business here. Cupid is a new friend of mine. He’s…uh…different.” Link looked at Cupid to see if the way he was describing him was okay; it was. “Back in the market, as you know, a pack of wolfos attacked. Malon was in trouble and I couldn’t save her. Cupid wanted to help, and all of a sudden, every last creature just stopped attacking.  We were thinking that Cupid may have some sort of special power. I figured if anyone knew, you would.”
         Zelda was speechless. She starred at Cupid for the longest time. This frightened him.  Is there something wrong with me?  He wondered.
         “Link, I think I can help you.” The princess said seriously. “Come with me.”

            The Princess lead Link and Cupid into the castle.  They passed through several beautifully decorated halls, with polished marble floors and grand tapestries hanging from the walls.  The hall they now entered had portraits of Zelda and her ancestors displayed, sort of a royal art gallery.  In between the paintings stood suits of armor with plumed helmets holding blunt axes or swords. Cupid gazed at them in awe, while Zelda passed them off as they were something she saw every day, and Link just smiled at some of the paintings.

        Finally, Zelda stopped in front of a large oak door. “This is the Library.” She pointed to the top of the door; it read  “Library” in Ancient Hylian characters.
        “What’s a Library?” Cupid inquired.
       “It’s a place or a building full of books.” Link said smartly.
       “Okay! Let’s go in!” the fairy flew off of the Hylian’s shoulder and tried to ram the door open. “Open it Zelda!”
The princess giggled, “Okay, okay! I didn’t think boys would be so interested in books.” She winked at Link, pushing the door open.
       “I don’t see what’s so special about the Library.” He muttered.

         Cupid burst through the door and examined the room. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen! Books upon books lined the walls, all the way to the ceiling which seemed to be a mile high to the small fairy.  Freestanding shelves stood in straight rows from one end of the enormous room to the other.  Tables sat here and there, some piled high with stacks of random tomes.  Chandeliers lined the ceiling to produce light; Cupid counted nine. At the end of the Library a fire place was lit.

         Why a fireplace? -It’s summer time! Now that the fairy thought of it, it was quite cool inside the castle.
“Come on Cupid, we don’t have all day.” Link complained.

         Cupid flew up next to Zelda, who was standing in front of a large book displayed on a beautifully carved stone pedestal.  The princess lifted the large leather-bound cover and skimmed the first few pages.  She then turned to somewhere in the middle of the volume.  “I brought you both here to share with you this old prophecy, which I found a couple days ago.” The princess said solemnly. “Here is what is says:

 It is said that a powerful fairy would come as if from nowhere, guided by the timeless owl to the Hero of Time. Hero and fairy would triumph in a battle against ferocious beasts.  Only then would the fairy discover his true power: he is descended from the goddess of Love, Nayru, and has been blessed with the ability to read and control the hearts of all creatures. He would be seen wearing a quiver full of magical arrows on his back.

         As Zelda finished the prophecy, Cupid's eyes were wide with astonishment. He had powers to transform hate into love, he could have a weapon and there would be a special day for him?! This was simply wonderful...He couldn't help but shed happy tears and just hug his two new friends as tightly as he could.

         The next day, the Princess told her father that she needed to hold a ceremony for Cupid, every year on the 14th of February. Even though it was the 14th yesterday, the king granted her permission, and sent to guards to tell everyone to gather in the town square. In a couple of hours, Hylaines were waiting for Zelda to arrive.
         While the Princess was making arrangements for Cupid's special party, Link headed over the Lon Lon Ranch. He dressed himself up in his best red tunic and went to find Malon singing beautifully as always in the center of the horse ring.

         "Hi, Malon." Link greeted.
         "Hello fairy boy." Malon replied, she looked him over and started to giggle. "Why are you all dressed up?"
         "Didn't you hear about the ceremony for Cupid? I was wondering if you wanted to ride with me on Epona."
         "Oh, I'd love to…but what about the ranch? Daddy, could take care of it, but I don't like it when he's all alone."
         "I'm sure I would be okay for awhile." Talon said suddenly, standing behind a now startled Link."
         "Thank you dad!" Malon ran up to her father and hugged him tightly. She let go of him and starred at Link.   

         "What are you waiting for, fairy boy? Let's go!" she grabbed his hand, almost making him fall down. The both hopped onto Epona, galloping off, into the distance.


         “So, Cupid’s desire to save Malon from the wolfos by wishing they would behave caused them to do just that: behave.  Not long after this, Cupid told me that he could feel in Malon’s heart that she loved me as I loved her and I should just tell her how I felt. I did, during the ceremony, and that’s when mommy and daddy started dating.”  Link finished his story and realized that both his wife and daughter were fast asleep in the big comfy bed.  
         He smiled as he crept under the covers and wrapped his arms around his two favorite girls.  He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep himself.


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