A Wedding to Remember

By Doug

      The day has finally arrived Link and Zelda become one after all this time. Both are nervous beyond comprehension because today is the big day. Link has looked forward to this since he first proposed to her. His nerves are completely shot he is more worried with this then he ever was facing Ganon or all his minions. But love is what kept them together. When she made him wait a week for the answer on the proposal, it irritated him pretty bad. He was sure she would come to him and turn him down though he never let it show. He figured if that was the case he would coolly walk off into the sunset and go home now that Ganon was gone. After all with his legacy he knew finding a wife back home would be simple. But she surprised him and said "Yes". He jumped for joy and hugged her as tightly as he could.

      Zelda on the other hand never thought it would come to this. A prince will rescue her was her first thought in Ganon's dungeon but Link came instead and freed her. Link managed to upset her on quite a few occasions. His first couple of weeks at North Castle as a guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom was a rough period. He fought off four attempts by Ganon to steal the Triforce. On the fourth attempt of Ganon, Link made her mad by whistling at her from his window while she enjoyed the morning instead of watching out and the moblins nearly succeeded in capturing the Triforce. Zelda a few minutes later without knowing what happened walked to Link's room in the tower and slapped the taste out of his mouth for whistling at her. Prince Fascade was the only prince and he was such a whinny baby about getting dirty Zelda decided she wanted nothing more to anyone like that. But after time Zelda and Link became closer to each other. The telling moment was when Link got zapped by Ganon and lost his body yet his soul remained. Only Zelda could see him which at first she thought was weird, later while going to recover his body Ganon said "She can only see him if she was in love with him." That was the determining factor, but there were many other adventures they went on together before she admitted anything more. When they went on the final adventure against Ganon both were 17 years old. Link must have felt like this was it and he going to die down there so he blurted out how he loved her. She being the princess said nothing at the time. Later Link saved her life and she responded by kissing him. Their very kiss and it was so special for them.

      And so this day they come together as one. Zelda walks forward in a beautiful white wedding dress with her father escorting down the aisle, while Link stands up with a sage wearing a very fancy green tunic and white pants. Link's hands can't quit shaking and clearly he is nervous. Link thinks to himself 'Boy she is beautiful and she is going marry me.' Then he thinks 'I am so scared I could throw up.' As Zelda takes her place standing next to Link and clasps his hands. She can tell he's nervous and she looks into his eyes trying to calm him. As the sage reads everything about husband and wife they continue to look into each others' eyes. The 'I do's' come next. Finally the sage stops reading and says "If anyone knows a reason these two shouldn't be married let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Dead silence and then the sage says to Link "You may now kiss your bride." Which he does as passionately as they kissed the first time except Link initiates, then as their lips part the sage says "You are now husband and wife."

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