What Impa Saw

By Zoe Holly Kirkman


It was 10 past 9 in the morning and Zelda was sleeping peacfully in her bed.
She stirred as a figure came into her room.
It was Impa, coming to wake her up to meet her fióncie, prince Fernando.
But as Impa raised her arms to shake her, she noticed her lips moving.
Being the curious person she was, Impa moved her hands over the princesses forehead and mutterd a spell.
Suddenly she found her self in Zelda's dream.
 There was a door in front of her with a Don't disturb sign on it.
 She slowly pushed it open and found Zelda and Link wrapped in each others arms, kissing like hungry wolves.
 They didn't seem to notice as she slowly closed the door and slipped into the shadows to watch.
"Oh Zelda, i never knew what it was like to kiss someone until tonight. It was so wonderful"
"I know Link, and the best thing is that know body knew."
"Mmm it was great wasn't it Zel.
"Oh yes Link, i've never felt so much pleasure in my life. Well at least your not a virgin anymore!"
"Link, how did you get into my dream?"
"Easy hun, i just came up to your window, asked if you would make love to me, made love to you (Zelda giggled) then combined mine and your powers together so that i could make sure you wer'nt having another one of those bad dreams. I'll only sleep freely if i know you're having a good dream."
 Zelda kissed him on the lips then nuzzled his neck.
"You're always so thoughtful Link, I love you."
 "I love you too Zelda."
"How much?" asked Zelda, eyeing him playfully.
"This much!" And he lowerd his lips onto hers for a long and slow kiss.

Impa could almost feel Zelda's pleasure tube (Impa believed that everyone had a pleasure tube) exploding.
 Finally they parted, leaving Zelda gasping for breath.
"God you almost suffocated me there Link. Now let me tell you how much i love you non-verbaly!"
Link's eyes widend as Zelda wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards him.
After 12 minutes of kissing, Impa had finally had enough and stepped out of the shadows.
"Exuse me, your highness but your fióncie is here awaiting you downstairs."
Link and Zelda parted almost instantly and Zelda ran towards her.
"Impa please don't tell on us, i love him you see so please don't kill him or worse, tell my father."
Impa saw Zelda's panic stricken face and Link's persuasive eyes and took pity on them.
"All right but you have to wake up now. I promise you can do this every night until you're married."
Zelda's eyes filled with tears and she hugged her.
Suddenly Impa found her-self in her bed.
"It was a dream... But it had seemed so life-like."
She turned over to face her window and just caught Link climbing up a tree and over the wall. Impa smiled to her-self and fell back

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