A Will Like No Other

By Caitlin Buchanan




            When a seemingly ordinary Day in Hyrule turns into a fight for Link’s life, what is Zelda going to do if it means giving herself to Ganon can save him.




            Zelda awoke from her sleep with a start. Her dreams were becoming all too real. She’d begun to wonder if they weren’t dreams but warning of what’s to come. She shook her head and tried to erase the most recant dream, her Link would be injured by Ganon’s own hand. She looked out at the rising sun over Hyrule Field, a new day.

            “They’re only dreams!” Zelda cried. ”Ganon has made no move as to attack. There have been no wars for years.”

Zelda shook herself and shuddered, it was rather chilly this morning.

            “Mmm…” Link groaned. “Zelda?”

            “I’m here.”

            “Where’s here?” Link teased.

            “By the window you numbskull!” Zelda responded gaily. No dream was going to keep her from her husband.

            “YYYAAAWWWNNN….” Link sighed. “Why are you up so early? Did you have another one of those ‘dreams’?????????????”

            “On the contrary-“Her sentence cut short by a loud, firm knock at their door. Link hurried to the door and opened it a crack.

            “Yes?” Link inquired.

            “I’m sorry to bother you Your Highness, but there is an urgent matter at hand.” The messenger explained.

            “Then please tell.”

            “Not with Milady in the room.” The messenger insisted.

            “It’s her kingdom to you know! She has all rights to hear about what’s happening in her kingdom!” Link said, infuriated.

            “Ohhhh….. Fine. Ganon has begun a war at Lake Hylia. The Zoras are not going to be able to hold out for much longer.”

            “Ready the troops! I will come as quick as I can!” Link cried.

            “Yes your Majesty! At once!”

            “Link….” Zelda muttered.

            “Yes? My love.”

            “Please don’t do anything stupid. I don’t want anything from my dreams to come true!” Zelda begged. “Promise me! Please!”

            “I promise.” Link said, sealing it with a kiss on her lips. It lasted longer than their normal kiss but Link didn’t mind. He had the love of his life right here and he was just as reluctant as Zelda when it came time for him to leave her. He sheathed his sword and ran to the stables at top speed with Zelda’s words ringing through his head.

            “Please don’t do anything stupid! I don’t want anything from my dreams to come true! Promise me! Please!”

            “I promised!” Link thought as he mounted Epona and raced off toward the already far away troops. When he reached them they were almost to the gates to the lake. He looked at his men and gave them the sign. They raced ahead of him and started attacking moblins left and right. Link raced to the end of the second bridge where a vine covered triforce stone lay, where Ganon was standing.

            “Well, well. What have I here?” Ganon snarled. “The king of Hyrule. Here to save the day again, are you?”

            “Ganon! I should’ve known!”

            “Oh really?” Ganon sniggered. “Isn’t it always me?”

            “Shut-up! You…you bastered!”

            “A bastered? Is that all you can come up with? A bastered! HA! Even my moblins can come up with something better!”

            “I said shut-up!” Link snarled as he slashed at Ganon.

            “I guess I’ll never learn…” Ganon snickered as he dodged Link’s attack.

            “You’re pretty god damned right!” Link cried as he parried One of Ganon’s blows. Their battle raged on for what seemed like hours, but only minutes passed and in the end Link found himself pinned to the old knarled tree where he and Zelda first kissed.

            “Die now Link of Hyrule!” Ganon cried.

            “NO!!!!” A man from the few remaining troops he’d brought cried as he jumped in front of him. Ganon slashed his head of and hissed in anger. Blood was pooling up around his feet as he raised his sword high above his head.

            “DIE!!!” Ganon roared as he slashed at Links head. Link had no time to move out of the way and was hit right in the temple. Blood began gushing out allover his already soiled clothes. Ganon swung again and sliced his left arm and leg wide open. As blood began dripping into the crystal blue waters of Lake Hylia Ganon laughed with wild abandon.

            “Remember this day! The day that I, Ganondorf, Killed the king of Hyrule slowly and painfully!” Ganon yelled for all to hear and then disappeared into the mist, as if the lake was crying for the lose of its king. Link was still alive, but barely. He felt so much pain and then only the sensation of floating.

            “He’s alive, but barely.” Link heard a voice say.

            “AGHHH!!!!” Link screamed as something touched his wounds.

            “He’s still conscious!” Someone cried.

            “AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!” Link cried again as his few remaining men placed him upon a horse.

            “Hurry! He needs medical help!” A soldier cried.

            “AGHHHH!” Linked cried again as the horse galloped away with him on it. When the horse stopped Link was almost delirious, in a way, as they rushed him to his room.

            “AGHHHHHH!!!!!” Link cried as they laid him on the bed.

            “Let me through!!!” Zelda cried as she tried to get passed the guards. “That’s my husband in there! Crying in pain! I want to see him!”

            “We’re sorry milady, but that’s not possible-“ A guard began but never finished as Zelda had already gone inside.

            “Link!!” Zelda cried as she heard him cried in pain again. She’d never heard him like this before and never had she seen so much blood. She felt dizzy but shook her self and strode forward to her husband.

            “AUGHHH!!!!” Link cried again as Zelda stepped forward to see the damage. He was all cut up and a bloody mess and barely conscious.

            “L…L…Link!” Zelda cried. “Can you hear me? Oh my poor Link!”

            “Z…Z…Zelda? AGHH!!”

            “Link!” Zelda cried as she burst into a cascade of tears. He lifted hid good arm a little and groaned. Zelda gently grabbed it and brushed away the strands of hair in his face. When she let go of his hand she swooned and awoke to her husband screaming in pain.

            “AUGHHH!!!! AUGHHH!!!!”

            “L…L…Link?” Zelda wondered.

            “Milady! You must leave immediately! We can’t have you swooning right now!” A nurse said with blood spattered on her face.

            “Ye..yes, but before I do I must say good bye.”

            “Then hurry.” The nurse said huskily as Zelda slowly made her way to Link’s side.

            “Goodbye… my love….”

            “G…g…good…bye. I…I…lo..love you.” Link stammered. “AUGHHH!!!!”

Zelda left the room, the sight she’d forever call the living hell hole. The night went by too slowly for Zelda. Even on the floor below her ‘hell hole’ she could hear his screams of pain. She slept little at all only during when his screams ceased. At two in the morning a weak knock at the door told her that there was news about her husband. When she opened the door she immediately wished she had not.

            “Y..yes?” Zelda asked hesitantly. “What is it?”

            “Your husband milady.” The weary man said.

            “Yes! Is he alright?”

            “Yes milady, but he’s not going to awake any time soon and when he does he’ll be in great pain.”

            “What’s that supposed to mean?!?”

            “We stabilized him, but he’s lost so much blood that he’s fallen into a deep sleep. If he wakes from this sleep he’ll be in great pain. He is in one piece though.”

            “Ma…may I see him?”

            “Yes, you may.” The man said as Zelda raced to her husband’s room. When she opened the door she held her breath. Not wanting to swoon she told herself that he was alive and there should be no large amount of her link’s blood anywhere in the room. She reached his side and stared at her husband. His head was wrapped tightly in bandages and his left arm and leg were completely bond by white bandages with red stains in them. She sighed and looked away. She couldn’t bear to look at him.

            “Oh….Oh….” Zelda sobbed as she fell to her knees and started another cascade of tears. “You promised Link! You promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid!”

She looked up as a strong hand patted her shoulder ,Impa, someone she’d though she’d never see again.

            “His plight was neither stupid nor brave, but out of love for his kingdom and mostly you.” Impa explained. “His road to recovery will be long but worth all the pain and suffering. Do not blame him for his injuries, blame only the one who made them.”

            “Impa…I…I will.” Zelda said as Impa walked away from her and out the door. Zelda laid her hand on Link’s face and it contorted with pain. She withdrew her hand quickly and brushed his hair away from his eyes, if he was going to live she was going to do everything in her power to make him look nice, sleeping or not.


            Link looked around at the room that he was sitting wondering if he was dead.

            “I can’t be dead! I won’t be dead!” He cried. He looked around the room some more and cringed, a painful jab jabbed at his head. It felt like a hand, but it hurt a lot. He then decided that he couldn’t be dead because he still felt the pain from his body. The vista he was just becoming use full melted away into oblivion and in its place were the faces of who he loved and hated. His battle ran by his eyes like a movie and he say the mass confusion in his and Zelda’s room as the doctors tried to save him. He looked away as he saw Zelda swoon. Then the face he hated most returned ,Ganon’s , it laughed and faded away. He forced himself to try and wake up but found he couldn’t and gave up. He tried again for the next few days and finally on the fifth day he saw his room and felt the full force of the pain.


            Zelda heard a low moan coming from Link’s mouth and she rushed to his side along with Impa who’d come to keep her company as she sat with him.

            “Link? Are you awake?” Zelda asked.

            “Unn…. Y…yeah…oh..it…hurts” Link moaned.

            “Impa!! Did You hear that! He’s awake! He’s awake!”

            “I’ll announce it to every one.” Impa said as she scurried out of the room.

When Impa reached the town square she climbed to the top of a nearby building a played her harp to quite the large crowd below her.

            “Good afternoon fair people of Hyrule. I bring marvelous news of your king, Link, and how he fares!” Impa yelled.

“Yeah, sure. Everyday it’s the same, Your king is still sleeping, and will awake soon.” A man said hastily.

            “He is awake.” Impa retorted. Then all the sudden a grave faced messenger came into the square.

            “Ms Impa I’m sorry to say, but the King is deep sleeping again and is in pain.” The messenger said. “I’m sorry.”

            “Damn it all!” Impa cried. Then she whimpered and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.



 Back at the castle Zelda was throwing a fit with all the toppings.

            “He needs me!” She cried. “I want to be near him!”

            “No milady. You’re losing it in here.”

            “I am definitely not losing it!”

            “Milady…” The guard said. “Come with me and the nurse there is some news you must hear.”

Meanwhile in Ganon’s tower he was seething. He’d failed to kill the king. He was alive and breathing, but barely.

            “That’s it!” Ganon roared making the dust bunnies run for cover. “I’ll poison him and he’ll die then and there!”



A few days after Link’s collapse back into unconsciousness he was getting worse. Ganon’s poison was working on him. Zelda would spend her days moping in her spare room for she was forbidden to spend more than two hours in her old room.

            “If people think I’ll go crazy sitting by my link’s side then they’re all fools! I’d never go crazy.” Zelda huffed to her maid. Her maid just shrugged and walked away from her room to leave her brooding. After a few minutes of brooding Zelda made up her mind, she was going to feel Link’s warmth beside her tonight as they slept together. She put on her silk white night gowned and began heading toward her lover’s room.

            “Milady!” A guard said surprised. “It’s late, you shouldn’t be here…”

            “Humph! I don’t care! I’m going to sleep with my husband if it means getting killed!” Zelda said defiantly. “I’m going to find out why he suddenly got worse.”

            “Milady…” The other guard began, but was cut short when Zelda proptly opened the door and walked into Link’s room. She carefully laid down beside him trying not to hurt him. When she was comfortable she began to talk to him.

            “Oh Link, I don’t know what to do now. Everyone thinks I’ll go crazy if I stay here for to long and they’ve started to forbid anything that I might do to get close to you. I only wish they’d let me spend more time with you.” Zelda rambled. “If I only knew why you are getting worse, if only.”

Zelda concentrated hard at the ceiling and slowly she left the world and faded into what she hoped was Link’s present dream. She was correct and was sitting next to him staring out at a sunset.

            “Link!” Zelda cried and she collapsed on top of him in a wild hug.

            “Z…Zelda?” Link stammered. “How’d you….”

            “Shh! Let us enjoy the time we have together!” Zelda said quietly. “Isn’t the sunset beautiful?”

            “If what it is what it looks like to you than so be it, but to me it is the remainder of what life I have left. I am dying because of a spell given to me by Ganon.”

            “A spell?”

            “Yes” Link said his voice fading. “This may be our last moment together, even though it isn’t quite real…”

Zelda tried to stay with him longer but she was slowly returning to the room. She sat bolt up right and was breathing heavily.

            “I must leave at once!” Zelda said. “Ready my horse!”

            “Milady has finally seen the light. She can live without him.” A Guard whispered. After a few hours of ruff traveling Zelda finally reached Ganon’s tower. She hurried up the stairs with a bargain already I mind.

            “Ganon!” Zelda cried.

            “Hmm?? Oh! Zelda, what a surprise!”

            “Stop acting innocent! I know what you have done!”

            “So it seems, and you are here to bargain?”

            “Yes. I’ll let you kill me instead of Link, to save him.”

            “Well….. not bad but I daresay I won’t accept unless you do what bargain I have in mind.”


            “You become mine until you bare child for me and I’ll let you go and save Link right now.”

            “Y…..yes.” Zelda said collapsing to her knees bawling.

            “Don’t cry! You saved Link and now you’re mine!”



            Link felt a wave of pain hit him as he looked around the room he’d not seen for many months. Zelda was no longer beside him and only a sleeping nurse was in the room. Link tried to stand up and collapsed back onto to the bed. The pain was excruciating, but he had to find Zelda before it was too late. He stood up again and staggered down the hall to the stables where he mounted Epona, painfully, and rode of towards Ganon’s tower. When he reached the door he knocked. He heard light footsteps and then the door opened.

            “Z…Zel…Zelda.” Link gasped and passed out on her shoulder, the pain had finally caught up with him.

            “Link!” Zelda cried as she slowly laid him on the floor. “You shouldn’t be here! You should be in bed resting!”

            “Zelda… what…what did….you…do…to save…me?”

            “I’m to stay with Ganon until I bear him a child, then he’ll set me free.”

            “N…no! That’s wrong!”

            “It was for the best… I’m sorry.”

            “Z..Zel..da. I thought you were mine…” Link stammered as he passed out.

            “I am Link, I truly am, but this is for your own good.” Zelda whispered as she kissed his lips. “I truly am yours………”


                   To be continued??




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