Wish On A Star, It Might Come True

byCollyne B

Malon was grooming the horses in the stable, when she heard the footsteps of someone. She turned around to see who it was. When she turned, she was greeted by a smile. "Hi Malon!" said Link. "Hey Link!" she replied back. "What are you doing?" "Oh, just grooming the horses." said Malon, she just couldn't stop smiling. "Its because I want to know if you would like to go to the fair with me?" Malon got butterflies in her stomach and still couldn't stop smiling. "Sure, i would love to go, but I haven't finished my chores yet." "Thats okay, I'll help you finish them when we get back." "Okay then, let me go get changed."

Malon went into her bedroom and changed into a blue-violet dress. She went into the bathroom to look at her self in the mirror. She washed her face to get the dirt off. "He's so generous, I can't believe we are going to spend the whole day together at the fair. This is going to be so much fun!" Malon quickly finished getting ready and went back outside.

"Malon, you look beautiful!" Link stated. "Oh thank you." she replied. Malon started blushing, she turned the other way to hide it. She went into the stable to get her horse. She untied her horse, Moon Dust and got on her. Link was on Epona waiting for her. It was a beautiful, summer day, perfect for a day at the fair.

"Where have you been, Link, you haven't been visiting lately." "Oh, I've been busy lately, I just came back from visiting my uncle." "She looks gorgeous today." thought Link, "If only she knew how I felt..."

They arrived at Kakariko village where the fair was taking place. "Were here." said Link. They got off their horses and tied them up in the stable. In one area, there were people playing games, one area, people were dancing to some people playing musical instruments.

They went to where the people were playing games. Link paid the man 1 Rupee. He gave him 3 rubber balls. "Just watch." Link said to Malon. He threw the 3 balls and knocked down all the bottles. He gave him a Teddy Bear. "Here Malon, This is for you." He handed her the teddy bear. "Oh, thank you, Link!"

Then, they walked over to the next game, the ring toss. Link paid the man a Rupee, and he handed him a 3 rings. Link tried to throw the rings, but none of them went around the bottles. "Better luck next time." the man called. Link felt pretty embarrassed that he missed. "That was a good try." said Malon That made Link feel a little better. "Do you want to dance?" asked Link, changing the subject, hoping she'd say yes. "Sure, I'd loved to." said Malon. Then they started walking towards the dance floor.

When they got there, a lot of couples were dancing to a fast song. The song ended after they got there. A slow song started playing. "May I have this dance?" he put his hand out in front of her. Malon smiled and put her hand in his. "Yes"

They walked to the dance floor, he put his hands around her waist, and she put her hands around his neck and they began to dance. "This is what I always dreamed of." Malon thought to herself. "Oh, I hope he likes me!"

The song ended and they were still holding onto each other. "Malon," Link began"... I love you." "Oh Link, I've been waiting for you to say that!" they leaned closer to each other and he kissed her, a passionate kiss. Everyone that was dancing stopped and formed a circle around the kissing couple. After they finished kissing, everybody around began to clap. They blushed a little. "I love you Link." "I love you too Malon.

The day was almost over. They went to the stable to get their horses. They took the ride home slowly. It took them about forty-five minutes to get back to the ranch.

They got off their horses and Link walked Malon over to the door of her house. "I've had a wonderful time Link." "So did I." he replied. "Thanks for the wonderful time I had, and the teddy bear." "Malon, I really love you." "I love you too." he pulled her close and kissed her. "I better be going, its getting late. Bye Malon I'll come by tomorrow." "Okay, bye." Link got on his horse and left.

Malon went up to her room and changed into her night gown. She stayed up that night, unable to sleep, she kept thinking about about what the fair. She was surprised that he loved her too. He gave her her first kiss. She got up and looked out at the window. The moon was in a waning crescent. She found a star, and wished upon it. Then, she went to bed and shortly, fell asleep with the thought of Link in her mind.


The next day, Link came by for a visit, like he promised. "Hey Malon." said Link as he came to the middle of the field, where she was. "Hey Link. I had a wonderful time yesterday. It was so much fun." "I had a great time to." replied Link as he jumped off Epona.

"He looks so handsome today." thought Malon. "So what were you going to do today?" asked Link "Oh, just the usual chores, and the ones I missed yesterday." replied Malon "Well, I can help you with your chores." said Link "No its okay, I've got everything under control. "No, I insist." said Link. "Well, alright, I guess I can use the help." Malon said as they both started walking towards the stables.

Malon went to get the supplies needed to groom the horses. She took the brush out and began to groom her horse, Moon Dust. "Oh, he's so generous, I wish we could be more than friends." Malon thought with a sigh. Whats wrong?" asked Link "You're really quiet." "I'm just thinking about things." Malon replied. then all of a sudden, they heard thunder from outside. Then, rain droplets started leaking through the roof. they ran as fast as they could to avoid the rain. They had to run from the whole ranch to the house.

They finally got there, soaking wet. "Well, I wasn't expecting a rainstorm in the middle of summer." said Link. "I know, it was just sunny an hour ago." "Its really cold in here." said Link. "Wait a minute, let me go get some towels." she went upstairs to the closet to get two towels. She went back to Link and handed him one. "Malon, I love you." "I love you to, Link." and they held each other for warmth. Soon, Malon fell asleep in Links arms.

Malon woke up later, and it was still raining. Link was still there, holding Malon. "She looks so cute when she was sleeping." Link thought to himself. "I'd better get going, its getting late." Link said to Malon. "In this weather? Please stay here, in the guest room." "No, I really shouldnt, they might worry about me." replied Link. "The weather is too bad, just stay here, we have a guest bedroom." "Well, alright."

Malon went upstairs, and showed Link to the guest bedroom. "This is where you will stay said Malon." "Thank you."Link said. Before Malon left to her room, Link gave her a quick kiss. "Goodnight Malon." "Goodnight Link. Malon started to walk to her bedroom.

But she turned around and walked back, she pulled Link close and they kissed passionately. "I love you Link." Malon said as they parted. "I love you too." said Link. She stayed there, enveloped in his arms. Later on, Malon left to go to her room.

the rain stopped the next morning and it was bright and sunny again. Malon felt so happy the next morning, she got up early to say goodbye to Link. He gave her a quick kiss then left on Epona to go home.


Weeks and months began to pass by and they started falling more and more in love with each other.

Finally, the day came when Link went up to Malon and said. "Malon, I have something I've been meaning to ask you. I love you so much, will you marry me?" Malon started smiling, "Yes Link, I will! said Malon excitedly, she was so surprised! He slipped a ring on her finger, "It may not be that good.." said Link. "The ring doesnt matter!" said Malon with excitement, they kissed passionately.

One month later, in the fall, they got married. The wedding was beautiful, they had it in the middle of Lon Lon Ranch. The wedding took place at sunset. They kissed after they exchanged vows, a kiss only people who where truly in love can make. It was dark during the reception party. Malon looked up in the sky, and made her wish upon the first star in the sky.

The End

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