Worlds Apart

By Zelda_girl

This is the sequel to Nothing Like His Father. If you haven't read it yet, you might want to before you read this one. It seams that an old acquaintance of Link has come to visit...and take over all of Hyrule! Trouble, fear, and a deep secret is stirring up the castle.......

Part One

 Aurora was out in the garden taking in the fragrance of the beautiful flowers. Right next to her was her mother, Queen Zelda. She was beautiful and kind. The land of Hyrule was peaceful and happy ever since she became Queen, along with her husband, Link. Aurora had heard many stories of her father fighting monsters and traveling into a “Sacred Realm” and sleeping for seven years, and the best part was that they were all true! Aurora sometimes thought that Link sleeping for seven years only effected his age and not his attitude, but he was sometimes a cool dad.  The one person who really admired the stories was Matthew, Aurora’s twin brother. He was only a little older if you count an hour as a little. He was annoying and nice, so he was there when Aurora needed him and when she didn’t need him. The thing that concerned Aurora was that she had heard rumors about an evil army rising up to take over Hyrule. She wondered if these were really true. Matthew just said that people these days were just plain weird. Even though they were seventeen, Matthew didn’t like using big words. He said it “saves time”. As for Aurora, she was a bit scared from these stories. What if they were true? Then, a voice broke the silence.
“Aurora?” Zelda said, softly putting a warm hand on Aurora’s shoulder. “Are you alright?”
Aurora looked at her mother, and just said, “No, mother. I’m fine. It’s just...”
 Aurora couldn’t bring herself to say it. She was still upset hearing all the rumors about this being Hyrule’s last days. “I’m just worried,” she continued.
“Worried about what?” Zelda seemed a bit concerned.
“All these stories,” she muttered. “They all seem so...real.”
“Aurora, there are some people out there who just want to scare you.”
“Mother, I’m seventeen. I shouldn’t be scared of these things. What I went through, two years ago was terrifying enough.” Zelda gave her daughters shoulders a little squeeze and assured her that nothing would happen to her, or her family.
 Link was out in the field with Matthew, shooting arrows at targets made to look like octorocks, and stalfos. Matthew was getting much better. “Hey, dad,” Matthew said, hitting another stalfo shaped target in the head. “Have you heard about the rumors about Hyrule coming to an end?”
“Oh,” Link stammered. “Matthew, I doubt that anything could ever bring Hyrule to it’s end.” Link took another shot at an octorock target as he continued. “Ganondorf is gone. You remember...”
“How could I forget.” Matthew (Let’s just call him Matt) shuddered as he remembered the night two years ago when Ganondorf had taken Aurora and him while they were asleep, and headed to the Lost Woods. He wanted them for the same reason he had wanted Zelda before they were born... The Triforce. Since Matt had received the Triforce of Courage, and Aurora had received the Triforce of Wisdom, so Ganondorf wanted them. And he would have had help from his son if it weren’t for love at first sight. Ganondorf’s son, Ganon (ironic, huh?) fell in love with Aurora. Matt had first thought she was crazy when she told him about Ganon. And since Ganon was his son, he received the Triforce of Power. Matt had remembered when he had spied on his sister when she and Ganon had their first kiss. He had gagged to himself.
 “Matthew?” Link had startled him out of his daydream. “You okay?”
“Oh, yeah. I’m good.” Matthew took another shot. “And if anybody even tries to mess with Hyrule,” he said striking a pose. “They’ll have to mess with the keeper of the Triforce of Courage! Yeah!” Link rolled his eyes and took one last shot before he said, “Say, Matt. Have you seen Ganon lately?”
“No,” Matt replied. “Why?”
“Aurora’s been a little worried about him.”
 This was something Matt immediately recognized. His dad’s concern for Aurora, either physically, or emotionally. And this was a very emotional time for Aurora. She loved Ganon so much. I wonder where he really is, Matt thought as he packed up and headed toward the castle. There was so much going on lately. The rumors, Ganon being gone. Matt was worried. Not just for Aurora, but for all of Hyrule. 

Part Two

 A few days had passed and someone unexpected had arrived at the castle.
“Ganon!” Aurora was thrilled to see her love again. “I missed you so much! Where did you go?”
 Ganon laughed and kissed her as he replied, “I’ve just been exploring the land, looking to build my new home.”
“Well,” Aurora suggested. “You could come stay in the walls of the castle. After all, it safer than the fields, especially at night.”
“I know,” he said. “But I want a little more thrill in my life.”
“Ganon,” Aurora said “Can I ask you something?”
“Well, don’t you ever miss your father? I mean, sure he was evil, but...”
Ganon put a finger on her lips. “I do miss him a bit,” he interrupted. “But we need to put the past behind us so we can have a future.”
Aurora loved the way he said that. It was so...mature. She gazed up into his wonderful eyes. She didn’t know what to say except, “I love you.”
“Ditto,” Ganon replied. Link came down to greet Ganon.
“Welcome back,” he gladly said, shaking his hand. “It’s an honor, Your Majesty,” Ganon respectfully replied. Matt walked down and said his hello. “Ganon,” Zelda said as she entered the room. “Would you like to join us for dinner?”
“I would love to,” he gladly said back.
 Aurora was once again writing in her diary. It was late and she had ate her fill.
 Dear Diary,
             Ganon’s back! I missed him so much. He had a wonderful dinner with us. I can’t wait to catch up with him. I have so much to tell him! I wonder if he’s heard the rumors... Oh well. Good night. 
 Aurora locked her diary up and placed it on her bedside table. She pulled the covers over herself, blew her candle out, but just couldn’t sleep with all the excitement. But eventually she finally closed her eyes and dosed off.
 Where am I, Aurora thought as she drifted deeper into her dream. She was out in Hyrule fields, and the sky was cloudy and dark. Aurora saw something in the distance. It was an army. A huge army headed for Hyrule castle. And at the front of the army was... Link? But it wasn’t exactly Link. This one was, more sinister and he wore a black tunic that was darker than the sky itself. This is so strange, she thought. An evil version of my father is leading an army straight towards the castle. This was beyond confusing to Aurora. She knew it was just a dream, but she was still scared. She turned around and saw another army planted in front of the castle walls. This one was lead by Link, the real Link. And next to him was...Ganon! Good Din, she thought. What is going on?!? A trumpet sounded and both armies charged at each other. When they clashed, arrows were whizzing through the air, painful cries were heard all around her. Aurora was right in the middle of all this violence, but everything just went right through her. She whirled around to see Ganon fighting a stalfo. Aurora’s fear had come true. A Morblin stepped up behind him as Ganon turned around. The Morblin’s blade went strait through Ganon. Aurora tried to scream, but nothing came out. Tears sprang to her eyes as she saw him hit the ground, dead. Aurora closed her eyes as her tears flowed down her cheeks. She opened them back up and she her room! Aurora sat up, and put a hand on her forehead, wiping the sweat off her brow. She felt her cheeks. They were wet. Had she been crying out of her dream as well as in her dream? Aurora settled down and snuggled back into her pillow. She was so afraid to go back to sleep. She softly cried until her eyelids fell, and she went into a dreamless sleep.


Part Three

 Link paced in his room, while Zelda was reading a book in bed. “Link,” Zelda yawned. “It’s late. What could you be thinking about at a time like this?”
“Zelda,” Link said. “I’m trying to think of a way to tell the land of Hyrule that we will be under attack, very soon.” Zelda had a very confused look on her face as she replied, “How do you know this? And who is going to attack us?”
“I can feel him,” he softly muttered. “He’s back...”
“You don’t mean...”
“Yes, Zelda. He’s back. Dark Link is back. My dark ‘brother’ as he calls himself.” Zelda stared wide eyed at her husband. “I thought you got rid of him.”
“Not completely. His evil spirit still stalks the world, building up an army to rain down on the kingdom of Hyrule...”
“He must have regained his body somehow.”
“I need the finest warriors in the kingdom to come help fight for the battle of Hyrule. If we fail, all humanity itself could fall.”
“He’s that powerful?”
Link was afraid to answer, but he did. “Yes...”
 “What?” Aurora was both shocked, scared, and a little upset the next morning. “Father, you can’t be serious. How can you have a twin who’s you? That’s just too confusing, and not to mention impossible. He can’t be your twin and you!”
“I agree,” said Matt. That was something you didn’t hear everyday. Especially from Matt. As Link continued to talk, he looked at both of them in one sweeping glance. “Aurora, Matthew, There are some things that are impossible, but still happen. I know it sounds confusing, but it’s true. I felt it. He’s planning an attack on Hyrule. We have to be ready.”
“Father,” Aurora burst out. “I had a dream last night... It was a war, and one army was led by you, only it wasn’t you... It must have been the ‘Dark Link’ you speak of. Any way, you led another army, and they both clashed. I saw...”
Aurora couldn’t bring herself to say it. Link put a reassuring hand on her daughter’s shoulder and softly muttered, “Aurora, it’s okay. You can tell me.”
 Aurora looked up into his eyes. Link saw that her eyes were filled with unshed tears. “I saw...Ganon...being killed by a Morblin. It was so scary. I was horrified.”
Matt widened his eyes at the mention of another “dad”. Zelda came in and looked around. Everyone was silent, except for Aurora, who was trying hard not to cry. Link looked at his wife with  mixed expressions. He looked as if he was concerned... and scared. Zelda took Aurora out to the garden. That’s usually where she had the opportunity to really talk to her daughter. Once Zelda and Aurora had left the room, Link had many things to discuss with Matt.
 “Matthew,” Link sighed. Matt was already two steps ahead of him. “If there will be a war,” Matt interrupted. “Then I want to help protect Hyrule.” Link was proud and worried to hear this. “Are you sure?” he asked.
“I’m sure.”
Matt really wanted to fight. He had always been this way since he was seven years old. Link took one long sigh, and said, “Okay. Let’s get started. You know how to handle a sword, a shield, and a bow and arrow. How about we work on the things I learned when I was about your age?” Matt was so happy to hear this. He had heard of his father using bombs at the age of eleven to kill the legendary Dodongo. He couldn’t wait to use them in battle. “All right!” Matt exclaimed with exaggerated joy.
 Zelda was in the garden with her heart-broken daughter, who was crying on her mother’s shoulder. “I don’t want this to happen, mother,” Aurora whispered through choked sobs. “I don’t want him to die.” Zelda squeezed her, comfortingly. “It’s just a dream, honey.” That’s what she wanted to say, but she knew that since Aurora had the Triforce of Wisdom now, she was going to have this kind of dreams. All she could say was, “It’s okay. It’ll be okay.”
Aurora managed to stop crying and look into her mother’s wonderful dark blue eyes. I have mother’s body, Aurora randomly thought. But I have my father’s eyes, grayish-blue. She didn’t know why she was thinking this, but it helped her get the dream off her mind. Zelda was trying to help her think of something else. “I know,” she said. “Let’s go to the river. Just you and me. How about that?” She smiled when Aurora had that look that said, “Okay.” So they stood up and headed for the river.
 Somewhere else far away, an expected enemy lurked in his underground fortress. “She’s a very beautiful girl,” hissed Dark Link. “It’s a shame she’ll lose her father, brother, and her love in the same battle, I’ll make sure of that.” He stared into a pond that showed him anything he wanted to see above the ground.  He focused on the beautiful princess, Aurora. He wanted her “special gift”, and he would do anything to get her. Dark Link got anything he wanted. “And I’ll get her, along with supreme power.” A stalfo came in and bowed before him. He said, “Master, I bring bad news.”
“Well,” Dark Link shouted. “Out with it!”
“The entrance to the outside world is blocked. It will not allow us to move through.”
Dark Link waved his hand and the image in the pool vanished. “Tell me something,” he said. “Does the ground command this army?”
“I beg your pardon,” the stalfo replied. “I do not understand.”
“You said that the ground will not allow us through. Does the ground command this army?”
“I suppose not.”
“And if you were stuck in a caving-in hallway, would the ground think twice before crushing you...while I’m still pondering it over?”
“No, sir.”
“Well, then,” Dark Link commanded. “Get the shovels and start digging your way out!”
“Yes, Master,” the stalfo replied as he bowed and made his way out.
Dark Link clenched his fist and muttered under his breath, “I will have that kingdom. I will have Hyrule, and I will have Link’s life, along with his son, and Ganondorf’s son!” He pounded his fist on the stone edge of the pool. He shouted one last time, “I will!!!”
 Aurora was astonished at Ganon’s news. “You’re going to fight?”
Ganon sighed and replied, “Yes, Aurora. I must help your father.”
Aurora was desperately holding back her tears when she said, “I don’t...”
Ganon stopped her.
“You don’t what?”
Aurora couldn’t keep it in any longer, so she just burst out, “I don’t want to lose you!” She immediately broke into tears. Ganon was stunned.
“Aurora,” he lifted her chin up. “I’m coming back. I promise.”
He kissed her, and she finally smiled.
“Promise?” she asked.
“I swear it.” 
Aurora suddenly hugged him. She wanted to squeeze harder. She was so worried he might not come back.
“I promise,” Ganon repeated.
He put his arms around her in a sweet, assuring embrace. Impa was about to turn the corner before she saw them. Then she just smiled and stepped back into her room. There’s so much you don’t know, child, she thought.

Part Four

 A week had passed since Link had announced that there would be a war. The moat had been filled to the top, and the walls were built higher and stronger. There was no way Link was going to lose his kingdom to his dark side. He stared out his window at the market. He let out a long sigh. Ganon is not a Hylian, he thought. But he is fighting to protect this land. Link pondered over the thought of Ganon not being an elf like the rest of the citizens Hyrule.
“I wonder what it feels like,” said Link. “To be the only one here who is not a Hylian.” Then, something struck Link. Nothing physical, but it was still painful inside.
“I have to tell Aurora sometime.” he sighed. “That ‘sometime’ is now.”
 Aurora gazed out of her window as well, watching the children play in the market, while their parents bought goods to bring home for their family.
“I wonder what it’s like,” she wondered. “To be a commoner. To really work hard to keep the family healthy and happy.”
Aurora never knew it because she was a princess, always wondering if the grass was actually greener on the other side. She was still day dreaming when Link knocked on the door.
“Aurora,” he called. “I need to speak with you.”
Aurora snapped out of her daydream and replied,
“Oh, sure. Come in.”
Link entered the room and walked over to her.
“Aurora, you need to hear this now more than ever.”
Not even turning his way, she closed her eyes and replied, “It’s about Ganon, isn’t it?”
“Well, yes. Aurora... You do realize he’s not a Hylian. He’s not even an elf.”
“Yes, I realize that...”
“A Gerudo and Ganondorf’s son. I know!”
“Yes, well, think about it. I know you love him. But there are many obstacles in the way of you being together forever. He’s going into the war. And even if he makes out alive, and you do end up married, it will not last long. Like all elves, you have eternal youth. You will live forever...”
Aurora touched the Amulet of Immortality that was hanging around her neck. Every elf had it. 
Link lifted his amulet up as he said, “Ganon however...”
Aurora opened her eyes in shock. She looked at her father.
“What?” was all she could choke up.
Link continued. “While you live on forever, Ganon will die. And you will wonder the land with nothing but a broken heart, and your immortality. He’s a mortal, Aurora. You are not. It’s impossible to be together with him.”
Link was softened when his daughter turned his way again, but this time, a single tear trickled down her cheek.
Link let out a sigh and continued again. “You needed to know. Good bye.”
He stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. After he was gone, Aurora burst out crying. Out of everyone in the kingdom, this war had affected her the most. Her heart had been torn to shreds-by her own father! She collapsed onto her bed in flowing sobs. He’s right, she thought. Ganon and I will never be together forever. She silently cried into her pillow. A few hours later, Zelda creaked open the door and peeked at her daughter. She had cried herself to sleep.
 The next day Aurora would not come out of her room. She had placed a chair under the door knob so no one could get in. Matt, however, was determined to enter his sister’s room.
“Aurora,” he called on the other side of the door. “Aurora, let me in. It’s Matt.”
He pressed his ear against the door and heard a muffled, “Go away!”
“Aurora, you need to come out. I’m your brother and...”
“Good observation! I’m not coming out!”
“Dad’s going to be upset.”
“I don’t care. He can’t get in here.”
Matt was astonished at her attitude this morning. He had never seen...well, heard his sister this angry. She had always been, kind, calm, and very confidant. But today, she seemed as she was giving up on everything.
“You know,” Matt began. “Dad could break down the door.”
“Break down the door?” she asked. “Hah! He’s already broken my heart. What’s left to break? Tell me.”
 Matt was a bit confused. He had no idea why she was so mad at Link. Aurora continued. “I think he’s still timid at the fact that Ganon is you-know-who’s son.”
Where did that come from? Matt thought. “Aurora,” he sighed. “Why is he mad at you?”
“You wouldn’t understand. You’ve never been in love!”
“So,” Matt whispered to himself. “This has something to do with Ganon.”
 Matt sighed and once again spoke to Aurora. “Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t understand. I’ll go now. Bye.” He heard another muffled sniff and a soft, “Bye...”
 Ganon was in the market, buying more arrows and a potion, when Matt ran up. He turned around to see him bending over, gulping in large breaths.
“Matthew,” Ganon asked. “Are you okay?”
Matt looked up and frowned. “No,” he replied with large breaths between the words. “ She won’t...come out of...her room. To make things...worse, no one She said...she’s mad at...father. But he...doesn’t know.”
Ganon was a bit shocked at the sudden news. “Okay,” was all he could say at the moment, then he regained his voice. “Take me to her.” 
 “Aurora,” Matt called after he had returned with Ganon. “Please come out.”
He once again heard another muffled, “Go away!”
“Please,” he pleaded again. “I’m begging you. You can’t stay in there forever!”
“Watch me!”
Ganon was a bit confused. Was this the same Aurora who tried to stop fights, instead of making them worse?
“Aurora,” he softly said. “It’s me, Ganon.” Aurora lifted her face out of her pillow. “Ganon?”
“Matt,” she said. “Would you have anything to do with this?”
“Maybe,” he innocently said. 
“Aurora,” Ganon called again. “Please let me in.”
A few seconds passed and Matt was just about to give up when the door to Aurora’s room slowly creaked open.
“Fine,” she said, peeking through the crack in the doorway. “Come in.”
Ganon and Matt entered her room. She closed the door behind her and put the chair up. “What do you want?” Matt assumed she was talking to him. “Aurora, what’s wrong? You’ve been in your room for hours.”
Aurora sat down at her bed and sighed. “I don’t want anybody to get hurt. I don’t want to lose you, Ganon. I love you...”
Ganon walked up to her and said, “You’ve never acted this terribly whenever I had to leave before. What makes this different?”
“Because you won’t come back!!!”
The second the words left her mouth, Ganon shuddered.
“How do you know? I promise, I’ll come...”
“Ganon,” Aurora interrupted. “I have to tell you something, before anything else is said. I had a dream, and in that dream you were killed in the war. I was so scared that it was for real, but now it will be for real, and...I think the Triforce of Wisdom is trying to tell me something.”
“What is it?”
“That our many obstacles are in our way. We have held on to stay together, and I don’t want it to stop...” Aurora’s shoulders trembled and she started tearless sobs. “I don’t want it to stop,” she said again. Matt, put his hand on his sister’s shoulder. “It’s okay,” he whispered.

Part Five

 Dark Link pounded his fist into the stone lining of the pond. “How disgusting,” he hissed. “He thinks he’s such a ladies man, that Ganon. Well I’ll show him.” Once again, the stalfo came in and bowed. “Master,” he began. “The tunnel has been cleared.” Dark Link slyly smiled and sneered, “Good work. Now, go and get the army.”
“Yes, Master.” Once he had left, Dark Link waved his hand over the pond and said, “Show me Link!” The pond swirled and changed colors until an image formed on the surface. Link was knocking on the door to his daughter’s room. Did daddy break his baby’s heart, Dark Link thought with an evil chuckle. “I see,” he whispered. “This is going to be easier than I thought...”
 “Ganon,” Aurora whispered to herself. “I’m going to miss you so much...”
“I’ll miss you too.” Aurora tore her gaze of the market and whirled around to see Ganon, standing at the doorway. “Don’t worry,” he said. “It was just a dream. It won’t come true. I just came to say good bye.” He kissed her on the cheek and left. Aurora felt a little better. “Yeah,” she said cheerfully. “It’s just a dream. He’ll come back.” Or would he?
 Ganon headed down the hallway to the armory. “I wonder,” he said to himself. “If her dream was really just a dream.” He reached the armory and saw many men fitting into their armor and receiving their weapons. Ganon swallowed hard and then entered the room. “Hello, Ganon,” said Link walking up. “I’m glad you came. Come with me.” He took Ganon to another room. It was empty, and the only light was from the window on the other side of the room. In the middle was a chest. Link walked over to it and took his amulet of immortality off, then he stuck it in a hole that it fit into perfectly. He turned the amulet, opened the chest, and lifted something out of it. He walked over to Ganon and held out the item. It was a green bow and a quiver of arrows. “Your Highness,” Ganon breathed. “What is it? I mean I know what it is but...”
“It is the Bow of Emeralds. It is said to have magic abilities. It never misses a shot. And it’s yours now.”
“But,” Ganon stuttered. “Why me?”
“Well, I’ll tell you,” Link began. “One, that night, two years ago when you handled that bow and helped rescue Aurora and Matthew, showed me you are a fantastic archer. Two, you’re a unique being, and this is a unique weapon. Three, I was in here the other day and the bow glowed and showed me a vision of you wielding it and triumphing over many enemies, so to make a long story short, here.” He handed the weapon to Ganon, and it started glowing green in his hands. “Whoa,” he exclaimed. “This is...such an honor.” Link smiled, and showed him out the door.
 Many women and children were saying their goodbyes to the men of the family. Aurora was saying goodbye to Link, Matt, and Ganon. “Goodbye,” she said to all of them. “And good luck.” Link nodded and galloped off on Epona. Matt winked and put one thumb up and followed him. Ganon stayed behind to say his real goodbye. He kissed her and then hopped on his horse. “Wait!” exclaimed Aurora. “Here, take this.” She pulled her blue ribbon out of her hair and handed it up to him. Ganon took it and tied it on the top of the Bow of Emeralds. “Thank you,” he replied. He held her hand one last time. Aurora felt his hand slip from hers as he galloped off. Zelda came up and waved along with all the other women and children. 
 Dark Link stared at the open field that lead straight toward the castle of Hyrule. “It is time!” he shouted to his army. They all cheered back at their evil leader. “The time of peace has come to an end,” he continued. “And a new day has dawned! The day of darkness has awakened!” His dragon hovered in the air, swinging her tail from side to side. “Easy, girl,” he told his mighty beast. “You will soon have your meal.” Then he paused for a moment. “Tonight, you will have a feast, Zorratha.” He stroked the long neck of his mighty dragon. He was indeed proud of this creature. There was no way a male dragon could amount to the females. For starters, the females were much bigger, and they were more ferocious. Dark Link’s dragon was the most fearsome creature in all the land. Even Volvagia, the legendary fire dragon who used to sit upon the top of Death Mountain, couldn’t match up to this giant, flying killer, Zorratha.
 Zelda sighed and returned to the castle with Aurora by her side. She climbed the stairs to her bed room, and walked out onto the balcony. She gazed at all the brave soldiers, marching and riding out to Hyrule fields, waiting to fight to protect the city and all of humanity. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. “Din, Nayru, and Farore,” she pleaded. “Watch over all of those brave men. Protect them, so that they may triumph over the darkness engulfing Hyrule at this very moment.”
 Zelda opened her eyes and went over to her wardrobe. She picked out her night gown, put it on and climbed into bed. She closed her eyes praying that her son, husband, and her daughter’s love would return home safely.
 Link was at the front of the army, ready to fight to the death with his dark side. He looked around and saw his enemy hovering in the air with his black dragon. Link couldn’t see his facial expressions, but he knew that Dark Link was sneering down at him. He saw a flash, then a loud boom, and soon, rain was pouring down on both armies. Dark Link and Link shouted at the same time, “Charge!!!”
 At that moment, both armies clashed and swords were in the air, clashing against each other, cries of pain were heard all around Link’s ears. Matt was using the spin attack Link had taught him just two days ago. Arrows were flying from Ganon’s Bow of Emeralds. Dark Link swooped down and let Zorratha snag random Hylians, either dropping them to their deaths or ripping them apart in her claws. Link whipped his shield out and blocked a spear thrown by a stalfo. He looked to Death Mountain. Darunia was leading a group of Gorons down the mountain, crushing all of the stalfos and Octorocks that got in their way. “Hello brother,” said Darunia. “In need of some assistance?”
Link smiled at the Giant Goron. Their gazes swept onto more enemies slashing their way through the crowd of Gorons and Hylians. Squishing enemies was like a hobby to the Gorons, so they had no trouble smashing their way through. Ganon was too busy trying to keep his shield up to notice the Gorons. He put his shield up and started shooting arrows at anything that tried to harm him. He didn’t expect an attack from behind him. Matt turned to see a Morblin with his spear, ready to stab Ganon. “Ganon!” Matt cried. “Look out!” Ganon turned just as the Morblin sent his spear straight into his chest. Ganon looked down at the spear, dropped his Bow of Emeralds, and then fell to the ground. “Noooooo!” Matt yelled. He slashed his way through the crowd, hitting every stalfo, every octorock, and every Wolfo that even went near his path. Ganon was a one of his greatest friends, and he witnessed his death. All Matt could hear was the slow thumping of his own heart, even though there were shouts, clangs, and roars everywhere. Link was elsewhere drawing his sword from a White Wolfo. He looked to the sky, and jumped aside when Dark Link swooped down on Zorratha, and leaped to the ground, his sword drawn and a confidant, and evil grin on his face. “Hello, brother,” he sneered.
“You’re not my brother!” Link retorted.
“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long, long time. Lift you sword, and fight! I want to take the kingdom away from you when I kill you.”
“But if you kill me,” Link said. “You will die too!”
“I beg to differ.”
Dark Link pulled out a bottle of black liquid from his belt. “What,” Link stuttered. “What is that?”
“This?” Dark Link snickered. “This is Dark Elixir. Once I drink it I am no longer bound to the penalty of dying along with you!” Before Link could react, the cork in the bottle was gone and the elixir was down Dark Link’s throat. “Ah,” he sighed. “That was refreshing. Now, where was I? Oh yes!” He charged at Link with intense speed and slashed at him with his sword. Link held up his shield. His heels dug into the ground on impact. He raise his sword and spun. Dark Link backed up a bit to avoid being sliced in two. Then they engaged in combat. Left, right, dodge, block. The fight wouldn’t stop. Dark Link’s sword and Link’s sword were pushing against each other. “Give it up!” cried Dark Link. “You can never defeat me!”
“Then I guess never,” Link replied. “Is now!” The swords separated and Link backed up. He whipped out his Fairy Bow and aimed for Dark Link. The arrow went flying and Dark Link shouted a curse word before he felt the pain of the arrow go straight trough him. He staggered, and then fell into the river, dead. Link peered down at the slowly disappearing body. Soon it was gone and the sky cleared. Zorratha sensed that her master was dead and flew off.  All of Dark Link’s army disappeared, and all of the Hyrulians and Gorons cheered and jumped. All but Matt. He dropped his sword and looked around for Ganon’s body. He assumed that Zorratha must have devoured him. He looked to the ground and sighed. “Aurora’s not going to be happy,” was all he could say. Link walked over and asked, “Where’s Ganon?”
Matt bent down and picked up a bow. A bow that looked oddly familiar. Link blinked at the Bow of Emeralds and realized that Ganon was dead. He closed his eyes and took off his helmet. The rest of the army did the same for all of the fallen. All was silent, except for the wind blowing, Aurora’s blue ribbon silently flapped with it.


Part Six

 The next morning was quiet. Zelda heard the news about Ganon and went to wake Aurora up. And the worst part is, thought Zelda. Is that today is Aurora’s and Matthew’s birthday. They’re both eighteen. Zelda sighed, “This is going to be the toughest news I will ever give her.” She stepped into her daughter’s bedroom and pulled back the curtains that were draped around her bed.“Aurora,” Zelda whispered, softly shaking her awake. “Aurora, wake up.”
Aurora yawned and sat up. She stretched and stared at her mother. “Good morning, Mom,” she cheerfully said.
“Aurora,” Zelda sighed. “The war has been won. We have triumphed.”
A huge smile stretched across Aurora’s face. “That’s wonderful! Especially on my birthday!” she exclaimed.
“Actually,” Zelda started. “It’s not that wonderful.”
“Why?” Aurora asked “Why is it not wonderful? Father didn’t...”
“No, Aurora. He didn’t die, and neither did Matthew.”
“But what about...” Aurora stopped when she saw the sad look in her mother’s eyes, and she didn’t need to be told that Ganon, the only one she had ever loved, was dead. She whispered one simple word. “No...” Her eyes filled with unshed tears, and her lower lip trembled. Zelda hugged her comfortingly and told her, “I’m so sorry, Aurora.”
“Mother,” she started sobbing. “It can’t be. It’s not true!”
“I’m sorry,” Zelda replied. “But it’s true. Matthew saw a Morblin kill him yesterday.”
Aurora broke down sobbing. She was in the embrace of her mother, which did help the slightest bit, but it was not enough to stop her misery.
“Aurora,” Matt said as he entered the room. “Do you recognize this?” He held out a green bow, with a blue ribbon tied to one end. Aurora gasped and reached out to touch the Bow of Emeralds. “I,” she stuttered. “I need to be alone for a while.”
Zelda put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and then left with him. Aurora held the bow close to her. She closed her eyes and remembered the day they first met. It was a sunny day and Aurora had swam down a river that the family had been swimming in. She saw Ganon swimming underwater and that had startled her. Then she had calmed down enough to sit with him on shore and have a nice chat. That was one of the greatest days of my life, she thought. With the bow still in her arms, she walked out to her balcony and gazed at of the surviving soldiers marching in. There was music, dancing, and flower petals were thrown everywhere. But this, she thought. Is the saddest day of my life. And my life will never end... Aurora hated eternal youth now more than ever. There was only one way they couldn’t die and that was by old age. Aurora stroked the ribbon that was tied to the bow. Then she clenched her stomach. “Diana!” she called to her servant. Diana came rushing in, “Yes, my lady?”
“Help me get outside. I think I’m going to be sick.”
Diana rushed her through the hallways, passing Zelda, and out of the castle. Aurora ran over to a nearby bush and threw up. “My lady,” Diana said, a bit concerned. “Are you feeling okay?”
“No!” she shouted. “I just threw up! Does it look like I’m okay?!?”
“Forgive me,” Diana pleaded. “I was just concerned.”
“Oh,” Aurora calmed down. “I’m sorry, Diana. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just got sick that’s all.”
Diana looked as if she were going to say something, but didn’t. Instead she said, “I’ll go get the queen.”
“No,” Aurora pleaded, sounding really upset. “I don’t want her to know every single thing I do. Please, don’t tell her.”
“My lady,” Diana continued. “May I say that you are having quite a lot of mood swings today.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Well for starters, you yelled at me after I checked to see if you were all right. Then you calmed down, and then you almost broke down crying.”
“I see,” she sighed. Zelda walked out after seeing Diana and Aurora rush past her. “Aurora,” Zelda asked. “Is everything alright?”
“I just threw up. That’s all.”
“I thought I heard you shouting. Did you get hurt?”
“NO,” Aurora shouted. “I’m fine, mother!”
“Aurora,” Zelda said realizing something. “Aurora, you’ve been acting very strangely. Mood swings, sickness. Honey...” Zelda hated to say it. “Aurora, I think you’re pregnant.”
“What?!?” exclaimed Aurora. “But who is...”
“I think it’s Ganon,” said Zelda. Aurora burst into tears and ran up to her room. “I never thought it would come to this,” Zelda sighed. “On the bright side, I’m possibly going to have a grandchild. I’ll have to check with Impa.”
 Impa emerged from Aurora’s room and nodded. Then she softly spoke, “She is having a baby.” 
Link came down the hall and stopped in his tracks. “Who?” he asked a little astonished. Zelda sighed and then took him into the other room.
 “She is?” Link asked, shocked.
“Yes,” Zelda replied. “But you can’t be mad at her, Link. She loved him.”
“Yes,” he retorted. “But she wasn’t even married.”
“If Ganon was still alive, he must have proposed when we didn’t know.”
“But what?” 
“Go easy on her.”
“She’s new to this. She need’s some time to... adjust to her new situation. Besides, Link, she just lost the one man she ever loved. She’s heart broken, right now.”
“Oh fine.”
Link was obviously in a mixed emotion. On the bright side, he was going to have a grandchild, on the bad get the idea.

Part Seven

  Eight months passed, and sure enough, Aurora’s belly grew bigger. She happy that she was going to have a child, but she never got over Ganon’s death. In a place in neither time nor space, a temple was hovering over a pit of nothingness and inside were the three goddesses. In the Chamber of Sight, a very weary dweller peered into a pond, seeing Hyrule through the clear waters. Ganon sighed as he saw Link and Matt shooting arrows at targets, out in the fields, Zelda was playing the harp, and Aurora... She was in the garden with her hand on her belly. She had to stay stress free for the baby’s sake. Ganon missed her so much. He had proposed to her the night before. He remembered it well.
“Yes, Ganon?”
“May I ask you something?”
“Sure.” Ganon had taken Aurora out to the island in the middle of Lake Hylia. He knelt down, took a deep breath and said, “Aurora, I know your not eighteen, will be in a few days so...will you be my wife?”
Aurora gasped and then hugged him as hard as she could. “Yes...yes, of course!”
“Aurora, you’ve made me the happiest I could ever be.”
“And now I’m the saddest I could ever be,” sighed Ganon. “Because I will never get to see Aurora again...and I will never see our child...”
Nayru walked ( much as one could walk when you’re an all knowing goddess, so let’s say hovered) into the Chamber of Sight and stood behind him. “You miss her,” she said. Ganon turned around and sighed. “Yes,” he said. “I miss her so much. I would give anything to see her again.”
“You cannot do anything to see her again...”
Ganon’s heart dropped. But Nayru continued. “But she can.”
Ganon was very confused. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
“If she wishes you to be back in Hyrule...she must find out how to do it herself.”
“How long will that take?”
“Love lasts in various limits. It could take a day, or it could take centuries. It all depends on how much she loves you.”
“But I love her more than anything in the world. Doesn’t that count for anything?”
“You will find out soon enough.”
Nayru left the room, leaving Ganon puzzled, just puzzled. “What can Aurora do?” he wondered out loud. “She hasn’t learned to control her powers yet.”
He looked back into the pool and sighed.
“But I have faith in her.”
 Aurora was out in the garden. She was trying to master making a flower grow 10 times her size, but then she stopped. “I should relax,” she said to herself. “Who knows what will happen to the baby if I strain myself to practice my powers.”
“Aurora?” Zelda called as she came outside. “Are you feeling okay?”
Aurora turned to look at her mother. “Oh,” she muttered. “Yes I’m feeling fine.”
Zelda came and sat down beside her daughter. “How much longer do you think?” Aurora asked.
“Well,” Zelda replied. “At the most, another month.”
Aurora smiled at her mother. She could always make her smile no matter what. Then, her smile faded as she thought of Ganon. She looked at the ground. “Mother,” she sobbed. “Why did he have to die. He deserves to see the baby being born.”
“Aurora,” Zelda sighed. “Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way they should. And sometimes, the way these things turn out are for the better.”
“But a father not even getting to see the birth of his child?”
“I know.”
“Everything happened so fast. Mom,” she said. “He proposed. And I said yes. My birthday was only two days away...”
“Aurora,” Zelda said, placing a finger on her mouth. “Try not to think about it. It’s late. Go get some rest.”
Aurora walked away to her bedroom, silently and sadly.
 The next day, Aurora was in the Temple of Time. She knelt before the three stones and whispered, “Farore, Din, and Nayru. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I need a sign. Tell me that there is something I can do to bring Ganon back to me. Please.”
There was a blinding flash and the three goddesses appeared. All three of their voices sang out in harmony.
Many days have come to pass
Time is slipping like an hourglass
So your child will be born
On the day of when you were torn
To get your only love back
Give up something that he will always lack
Aurora stared wide eyed at the three goddesses as they finished their melody. “But,” she said. “What do you mean? I don’t know what your...”
But the goddesses were gone, leaving Aurora puzzled, just puzzled, again(they always do that!). Aurora fell to her knees again and was breathing very hard. She left the temple and started walking back to the castle, wondering what the goddesses meant by “on the day of when you were torn” or “give up something that he will always lack”. It was all so confusing. “Always lack,” she wondered out loud. She looked up at the sky. It was completely dark! How long had she’d been in there? She decided to keep walking until a dog planted itself in front of her path. “Oh,” she exclaimed. “Hello. Where’s your owner? Oh, I know who you are! You’re Richard! The dog that belongs to that lady in the back alley! I’ll just return you and head my way back home.”
She picked up the little dog and carried him into the back alley. She rounded the corner and came to the door of the lady’s house. She put Richard down and knocked at the door. “Hello?” she called. “I have your dog, miss!”
The door creaked open and a woman peaked out. “Hello?” she muttered. Then she saw Richard. “Richard! Oh, my poor baby! Come in, please!”
She showed Aurora in and put Richard on his bed. “Would you like something to drink?” the lady asked.
“Oh,” Aurora said. “No thank you.”
The woman looked at Aurora for a while and then gasped. “You’re Princess Aurora!”
“Guilty as charged.”
The woman made a quick bow and said, “I’m Alexandra.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Let me give you something for getting my dog back.”
“Oh, no. That’s not necessary.”
The woman had already taken out something from an old dusty box. “Here,” she said handing it to her. “It’s an old cradle. I thought even though you would probably have one...”
“Oh,” Aurora exclaimed. “Oh thank you! That’s so thoughtful.”
“You’d better hurry on home.”
“Oh, yes. Thank you again. Good bye!”
Aurora stepped out the door and headed down the alley. She turned a corner and shrieked. There was a dark figure heading towards her. It stepped into the light. “Father?” asked Aurora. The figure laughed, “Dear, child. I’m not your father.”
He waved his hand and a dark mist consumed Aurora in a second. The mist disappeared and she was out cold. The mist had made her pass out. The elf who looked like Link waved his hand again and his tunic turned black. It was Dark Link. Aurora opened her eyes to see him transform. She didn’t have enough strength to stay awake so she fell asleep. Dark Link whistled and large wing beats were heard. Zorratha appeared over head. Dark Link snatched up Aurora and climbed onto his mighty dragon. He kicked her in the side and she took off. Alexandria came out when she heard the wing beats. She looked up and saw Dark Link fly off with Aurora. “Oh no!” she exclaimed. “Good Din, I have to tell King Link!”
 At the castle, Alexandra rushed up to the gate. “Please,” she cried. “Let me in! I have important news for the King!”
A guard walked up and said, “Tell me and I’ll give the message to the king.”
“Princess Aurora has been kidnaped!”
“What? Come with me. This had better not be a joke.”
 Inside the castle, Alexandra was telling Link, Zelda and Matt everything. “She was walking home from the Temple of Time,” she said. “But she found my dog and returned it to me. I gave her something to thank her and she left. Then I heard a wing beat outside and I went to see what it was. It was King...well not really you, your Highness.”
“Dark Link!” Matt blurted out.
“It was terrible,” she continued. “He hopped on a huge dragon and flew off with Aurora!”
Alexandra started crying. “I should have walked with her!”
“Alexandra,” said Zelda. “It’s not your fault. You need to go home and get some rest.”
“Thank you, your Majesty,” she said as she walked to the door. Zelda looked worried, Matt looked stunned and Link...let’s just say he was more ferocious than Zorratha at that point. “I thought he was dead!!!” shouted Link (see what I mean?). “Honey,” Zelda calmly replied. “We need to get her back. Now.”
“Mother’s right,” Matt said standing up. “I’m going”
“Boy, I wish Ganon was here right about now,” said Link.
“Link,” Zelda suspiciously said. “Are you feeling alright?”
“I’m fine,” he replied. “Just come on! We need all the help we can get.”
The both Matt and Link said at the same time, “Darunia!”
 Link played Epona’s song, then she came running over the hills. Matt just went to the stable and got his horse, Starstruck. Darunia...just walked. Now if I were, wondered Link. Where would I be? Darunia scratched his head and then asked, “Link, where are we going?”
That’s what made Link’s heart sink. He didn’t know where they were going. He looked up in the sky and saw a little bird hovering around them like crazy. “Go away,” said Link, waving his hand to get rid of the nuisance. The bird chirped and then pointed his beak to Lake Hylia. “What the?” Matt stuttered. “That bird’s gone mad.”
“No,” Link said. “No, I don’t think so. I think he wants us to follow him.”
“Matthew,” Darunia said. “I think your father is the one who’s gone mad.”
“Father,” Matt said to Link. “Is it smart getting directions from a bird? Even Epona is smarter than that bird.”
Epona whinnied as if she had been insulted. “Whoa,” Matt said. “She is smart.”
“That bird,” Link said. “It seems to know where it’s going. Come on!”
They rushed to the gate and jumped the double fences.
 Everything was a blur for a moment, but then Aurora’s eyes adjusted. She looked around at the large body of water that was surrounding her. She was beyond scared. Why am I at Lake Hylia, she thought. She saw the scarecrow and the fishing house. She was at the center island!
“Oh, for the love of Nayru!” she exclaimed. “What is it now?”
She couldn’t move. Her hands weren’t bound. She wasn’t even in a cage. She was just...frozen. She looked down at her hands and feet. She was hovering in mid air!
“What’s going on?” she asked herself.
“Revenge, child,” Dark Link sneered. “Revenge.”
Aurora looked at Dark Link and gaped.
“What?!?” exclaimed Aurora. “What are you???”
“Shocking, isn’t it?” Dark Link sneered. “But as much as I look like your father, I’m not.”
“HELP!” was all Aurora could choke up. “Somebody, please! Help!”
Dark Link shot her with a beam of darkness and she was out cold.
 Link was still trying to swipe away the bird. Then he stopped when Matt shouted, “Listen!”
They heard a faint, “Help!” coming from the direction of Lake Hylia.
“Aurora!” they all said at the same time. Link was two steps ahead of Matt and Darunia. He had already taken off towards the lake praying that Aurora would still be alive by the time he got there. “The Amulet of Immortality,” Link said to himself. “Only keeps you alive if you are not killed. Who knows what Dark Link can do to my daughter.”
“Come on!” Link shouted back to Matt and Darunia. “Hurry up, ladies!”
“Right behind ya,” Darunia said, stomping his way to Lake Hylia. All three of them were worried about Aurora, but the one who was worried the most was her brother. Matt got on Aurora’s nerves all the time, and she got on his nerves too, but this was different. Her loved his sister and would be crushed if anything happened to her. Aurora can’t die, Matt thought, galloping after his father and friend. She just can’t.


Part Eight

 The sun was setting, and the moon was rising. Every inch of hope that Zelda had was slowly seeping away with every minute. She was out on the balcony, praying that her family would return home safely. The moon had risen high in the sky. It was reflecting off of her eyes, which were slowly filling with unshed tears. She couldn’t bear to think of what Dark Link could do to Aurora if he took off her amulet. Zelda placed a simple hand of her Amulet of Immorality and sighed.
“This gift,” she told herself. “It was given to every Hylian by the goddesses when they were born. It was molded to fit each individual. The color fit their class of standard. The shape stood for their attitude. It was either the shape of a cloud, which stood for air; a flame, which was obviously fire; a drop of water; a leaf; and the most rare of all was...the sun, and the crescent moon. Fire meant that you were easily angered, but also very courageous. Water meant that you were independent and uncontainable, but shy. Air meant that you were always happy, and that you didn’t care what people thought about you, because you have your own way of doing things. Earth meant you were strong, but kind, and you were more of a leader. And the sun hanging like a star from the moon meant that you thought with the wisdom of your heart, not your head. You were beautiful of the outside as well as on the inside... And I have it.”
Zelda gazed at the moat and then the moon. It shone bright and beautiful. The moon of Zelda’s amulet started glowing. Her heart was lifted from her misery and a new hope entered her body. It flowed through her like the energy to carry on, even thought it seams there is no hope left. This was a whole knew kind of hope. This was love. 
 Dark Link looked at the moon, impatiently waiting for dawn.
“Come on,” he hissed. “How long does it take to steal a simple power?”
Aurora woke up from her long night. And she was still helplessly suspended in the air.
“Ugh,” she groaned. “This is getting really old.”
“Silence!” commanded Dark Link. He whirled around and shot a bolt of lightning at her. It struck her and she passed out (again? Dark Link has issues!). He was breathing in angry rasps. Then he calmed down. He had spotted something around the princess’s neck. He walked towards her and lifted it up to the moon light.
“Pretty flashy,” he said. “This would fetch a pretty penny.”
He ripped the chain that kept the amulet in place off her neck. Then, the blue jewel that was shaped to look like the sun faded along with the silver crescent moon. Dark Link was puzzled by this. The amulet was still very beautiful, so he really didn’t care if it was a bit duller. But that it had faded as soon as he had taken it off of Aurora...was just weird.
“Hmm,” he muttered. “I wonder. All the people I’ve seen in Hyrule have these. But I’ve never seen one like this. Most of them are leaves, flames, clouds, and water drops. This one is...”
He was interrupted by a large explosion. Epona leaped through the smoke with Link one her back. Matt galloped in behind him, followed by Darunia. Dark Link had his sword drawn the second he saw Link.
“Come for a rematch?” he sneered. “I’d be happy to kill you.”
“That’s funny,” Link retorted. He hopped off of his horse and fired an arrow at him. Dark Link just put his hand up and a red shield of light appeared in front of him.
“You’ll have to be smarter than that!” he said.
“Matthew!” shouted Link. “Get Aurora! Darunia, help Matthew!”
Matt rushed over to his sleeping sister, but was blown back by a gust of wind. He shook his head and looked up. Zorratha was hovering over Aurora, making sure no one could get to her.
“Oh,” muttered Matt. “That is it!”
Darunia picked up a huge bolder and chucked it at the dragon. She dodged it easily. Matt fired a bomb and it exploded in mid air, blinding Zorratha. She let out an ear piercing shriek. Matt dropped his sword to cover his ears. Darunia did the same.  The very angry dragon could still hear the heartbeats of Matt and Darunia. She was also like a snake, feeling their body heat. She swooped down and snatched up Matt. She flew high into the sky and then dropped him, but lucky for Matt she couldn’t see where she had dropped him. SPLASH! He had fallen right into the lake. He came up, gasping for air. He climbed back onto shore and threw a Deku nut at Zorratha. It hit her right in the face, stunning her until she fell into the lake. This really got her fired. Literally! She rose back up into the air, sending splashes of water everywhere. She drew back her head and released a huge breath of fire at the two exhausted fighters. Matt and Darunia rolled out of the way of the boiling hot flames. Matt looked up and saw a spot where there were no scales on Zorratha’s body. He took out his bow and arrows, and shot it straight toward the bare spot. It struck her in the center and she collapsed into the lake.
 Meanwhile, Link backed up, his hand on his bleeding shoulder.
“Ha,” he said weakly. “Is...that’ve got?”
“Hmm...let me think...ah, I do.”
Dark Link thrust his hand out toward Aurora and curled his hand into a fist. Then Aurora was being drawn toward him! He took her in one fast motion and placed his sword against her throat.
“I must finish him.” Link paused. “Myself.”
He walked toward his dark self and stood over him.
“No!” Link cried. “Leave her out of this!”
“Why not?” he sneered. “It’s no fun with just two.”
“Aurora!” Matt cried as he ran towards Dark Link, his sword high in the air. “Let her go!”
Dark Link closed his eyes and Matt stopped.
“I can’t move!” he shouted.
“Good!” Dark Link said. “Oh, I almost forgot.”
He drew a little necklace out of his belt pocket. The drop of water from it was a faded blue, turning duller by each second.
“No!” Link exclaimed. “It can’t be!”
“Pretty isn’t it?” Dark Link said. “I wonder what it’s made from. Maybe with a little effort we can figure out what’s inside.”
Aurora stirred and then woke up.
“Father!” she immediately shouted. “Help!”
Then she realized the blade pressed to her neck. She swallowed hard and prepared for the worst. But Dark Link didn’t want to stop at that. Then with intense strength, he crushed the amulet in his fist with no effort at all. Aurora jerked up and then went limp all over.
“NO!” Link cried. “You fiend!”
Dark Link tossed Aurora’s lifeless body onto the ground and uncurled his fist. Nothing but dust was in his hand. Soon, the wind took it away. Link charged at him with intense speed and swung his sword here and there furiously trying to take Dark Link’s head off.
“It’s called revenge, brother.” Dark Link paused to block an attack. “And sacrifices have to be made for revenge.”
Link stared at him and then drew back. He searched through his tunic for his bow and arrows.
“Dang!” he said. Dark Link charged at him and was about to run him through, but Link was too quick. It happened like lightning striking the ground and leaving in less than a second. Dark Link looked down at the Links sword in him. Then he looked up at him.
“D*** you,” he cursed. Then he fell to the ground.
“Good riddance,” Darunia said getting up after being frozen along with Matt.
“That’s for sure,” Mat added, walking towards his father. He was kneeling down over his daughter. He looked at her face and blinked. She had winced.
“Aurora?” Link said.
Aurora slowly reached into her pocket and drew out an amulet.
“Aurora!” Matt cried. “You alright!”
“Dark Link,” she sighed, “isn’t the only one with tricks up his sleeve.”
“Good job honey,” Link whispered. He picked her up and set her on Epona. And lead her across the bridge, Matt and Darunia right behind them. And something deep inside Link was saying, If only Ganon were here...
  One week Later...
 Aurora gazed into her mirror in her room. The amulet was once again around her neck and never more bright. She drummed her fingers on her vanity and thought about what the goddesses had sung. Then something seemed to “click” in her head.
“I know what they meant!” she suddenly burst out. She put on her cloak and sneaked out of the castle.
 At the Temple of Time, Aurora knelt before the altar where the three stones were. She unhooked the chain around her neck and took her amulet off. She held it high and softly said, “Nayru, Din, and Farore. Hear my prayer. I give up my immortality. Please give me my love, Ganon back. I’ll give you more, just send him home.”
Her eyes closed and a single tear trickled down her cheek. “Send him home...”
There was a blinding flash, and the three goddesses appeared. They nodded and held up each of their right hands. The amulet floated from Aurora’s hand and in front of the goddesses. It disappeared as Nayru spoke.
“Princess Aurora,” she said. “You have given up the most precious thing that has ever been given to you.”
Then Din continued.
“And you shall be rewarded.”
Then Farore finished.
“Here is your reward.”
They held up their hands and a bright light flashed and then...right in front of her eyes, was...
“Ganon!” Aurora shouted with over enthusiastic joy. “You’re alive!”
She ran (as fast as you could run when your belly is 80 percent of your body weight at the time) and squeezed hard. She was not letting him go.
“Aurora!” Ganon said reassuring her that it was really him.
“I missed you so,” Aurora said.
“You,” he whispered. “You gave up your immortality, just to have me back.”
“I love you, Ganon,” Aurora replied. “You should know by know that I would do anything for you.”
“I guess this means that the wedding is back on,” he said, smiling down at his...fiancé.
 It had been a week since Aurora and Ganon had gotten married. Now they were on their way to building their very own castle.
“How about,” Aurora said. “Somewhere by the beach.”
“Sounds great!” exclaimed Matt. “Now I can dunk you in the water whenever I visit.”
She glared at him in that I’m-really-annoyed look. Zelda sighed and realized they would never stop acting like children now and then. She looked back at Aurora. She had fallen to her knees!
“Aurora!” cried Link. “What’s wrong?”
“Father,” she said in a frustrated and happy voice. “It’s time!”
“OH FARORE!!!,” shouted Link. “Aurora’s having her baby!”
Aurora started hyperventilating. Ganon turned around when he heard Link shout and gasped.
“Good Din!” exclaimed Matt. “Impa, Diana. Help!”
They both came in and rushed Aurora to her room.
 “Your doing great,” said Ganon. “Just one more push.”
Aurora was squeezing Ganon’s hand so hard that he was losing the feeling in his knuckles. She heard a baby crying and started crying herself.
“It’s a boy!” Impa said. “Congratulations! He’s a hansom young fellow.”
Ganon dabbed Aurora’s forehead with a cloth.
“You did wonderful, honey,” he said. “Great job.”
Impa wrapped the little prince in a silk blanket and carefully handed him to Aurora.
“He’s so tiny,” Aurora whispered. “We still have to name him.”
“Hmm,” everybody in the room muttered. Thinking of a name for this little tike wasn’t going to be easy.
“Oh dear!” exclaimed Aurora.
“What is it?” asked Link.
“I’m,” she painfully said. “I’m getting another contraction!”
“It’s okay,” he said keeling back down. “Just relax.”
“But the baby has already been born,” Matt pointed out.
“Good Din! She’s having another baby!”
“Goodness gracious!” said Ganon. “This is a happy day!”
Aurora didn’t feel the same way. Wonderful, she thought is a half happy, half frustrated feeling. This was a very interesting moment for her.
“Another one,” she said. “Do you suppose they’ll be twins?”
“Who knows,” said Matt. “They might be just like us! Fraternal twins. I repeat, who knows.”
Aurora went back to dealing with more child birth, and Ganon went back to not being able to feel his right hand.


Part Nine

 Din, Farore, and Nayru were all leaning over the pool in the Chamber of Sight, watching the entire royal family of Hyrule experience two additions to the group.
“Aww,” Nayru cooed. “He’s so cute.”
Nayru was always the one to go goo-goo over a baby doing the “ga-ga”. Din however had a tougher side to this. She was the only one who was really pessimistic. And Farore, she was kind of in between.
“Nayru,” Din sighed. “You always do this.”
“But, he’s so cute.”
“Ahem,”Farore said. “I believe there is another baby coming.”
“YAY!” exclaimed Nayru.
“Hurrah,” Din sarcastically said. “Farore, why are we watching this?”
“Din!” Farore scolded. “I’m disappointed in you. You should be happy that the Hero of Time will get grandchildren.”
“I repeat,” Din once again sarcastically added. “Hurrah.”
 “Come on Aurora, you’re doing fine,” said Link.
Aurora was not having the best time of her life right now. Plus, she couldn’t even think of a name for her first son.
“Come on, come on. Push,” she told herself. Link realized that without the Amulet of Immortality, Aurora would have a hard time with child birth, and maybe a hard time recovering.  
 “Aww,” Impa cooed. “She’s beautiful.”
“It’s a girl?” Matt said, bewildered. “Just like Aurora and me?”
“Yes,” she said. “But you looked nothing alike because you were fraternal twins. These are normal twins even if they aren’t the same gender.”
“Wonderful!” exclaimed Link. “Maybe we should name them, now.”
“The boy should be named,” Aurora said. “Link.”
Link’s eyes widened at this.
“Why is that?” he asked.
“Because, up until today, I learned that there’s no way to be a perfect father.” She paused. “But thousands of way to be a really good on...and you are about as good as they get.”
Ganon handed his son to Link.
“He looks a lot like you.”
“He’s got my eyes, like his mother,” Link softly pointed out.
“He’s also got his mother’s ears,” Matt said. It was true. Link (jr) had the pointy ears like everyone else in the room, except Ganon.
“Ganon,” said Aurora. “Why don’t you name the girl?”
“I’d love to,” he replied. “I know this is going to sound a little odd...but I would like to name her Zelda.”
“Because?” Matt said.
“Because you’ve always been the mother,” said Ganon to Zelda,” that I never had, and always wanted. And I want this Zelda...” he stroked his daughter’s cheek.
“I want her to be just like you.”
Link and Zelda (jr) both yawned and fell asleep. This was a touching moment for the king and queen.
“I’m so proud of you, Aurora,” Zelda whispered to her daughter.
“Thank you, mother,” she replied. She looked at her precious babies and sighed. All of a sudden there was a blinding flash and the three goddesses appeared (Is this a habit or is this family just lucky?”.
“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Impa.
“Do not be alarmed,” they all said in union. “We come with a blessing.”
King Link and all the others knew very well that this was when the goddesses would grant the babies their very own Amulets of Immortality. Din raised her hand and a red leaf hung around Link (jr)’s neck. Nayru raised her hand and a blue drop of water hung around Zelda (jr)’s neck. And then the most unusual thing happened. A blue drop of water shaped amulet appeared around Aurora’s neck! And... a green leaf appeared around...Ganon’s neck.
“Oh my...” Ganon was flabbergasted. “I have...”
“An Amulet of Immorality,” Farore finished. “Aurora you have been given back the precious gift you gave up.”
“But why?” she asked.
“Because of the kindness that you showed,” Nayru said.
“And Ganon,” Din said. “Your father’s action did not keep you back. You pressed on and did what was right. That is worth more than silver, gold, or power.”   
                            Five years Later...
“Watch out, grandpa!” shouted Zelda (jr.), as she pounced onto King Link and tried tickling him. Link never thought he would be called “grandpa” as young as he looked.
“Alright,” he said. “You got me.”
“Hey grandpa!” Link (jr.) yelled. He joined Zelda in the “pouncing of grampa”.
“Take it easy you two,” King Link said. “Go see what your mother wants.”
“Okay,” they both said, running off to Aurora. Since they were both only five, they didn’t care much about anything. Queen Zelda walked up behind King Link and held his hand.
“I never knew it would come to something as wonderful as this,” she said.
“Yes,” he said. “It is wonderful. I have children, and now grandchildren. Can life get any better?
“Maybe,” Zelda said, pointing to their grandchildren holding their hands high in the air. A swirl of color irrupted from their hands and a rainbow appeared in the blue sky.
“Yes,” Zelda whispered. “Now it can’t get any better.”


                                                        The end


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