The Adventures of Link, Hero of Time & Tigress, The Tiger Demoness
The Beginning

By Mike

Author's Note

This story is about what happened after Link's videogame adventures (to those of you who've played or heard of Link). Over the years, after his adventure in Termina, Link grew his hair to his knees and tied it in a big braid. He also gained a scar over his left eye from one of his other battles protecting Hyrule. Other than that he hasn't changed much, just more muscular. This is the land of Evena. ENJOY!!


"Hey Mitch, what's up?"

"Nothing much Ashley, you?"

"I'm here to see the light show the king and queen put on to honor the great heroes." Said Ashley.

"That's a legend." Said Mitch. "Is it?" Said a voice from the shadows. "Who is that?" Asked the pair in unison. "It's me; I'm here with my wife to see the lights too," said a man as he stepped out of the shadows. He stood a little taller than 6ft, his blond hair was spiked, he wore regular street clothes, but there was something weird about him. His wife was only a bit shorter than he was, had shoulder length brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes were a strange green color and looked like cat's eyes. "Like I said it's a legend!" Said Mitch with frustration, "That's just a story, Link and Tigress never existed." The man looked at Mitch skeptically, "If you hear the whole story word for word as if Link were telling it would you believe?" "Maybe." Was the reply. "Then listen..."

Chapter 1

Origin of Two Heroes

Hi, my name is Mike. Just a normal kid, girlfriend, average grades, hobby (videogames), but that was all about to change...

My girlfriend, whose name is Kathryn (Kat for short), wanted to go for a walk in the forest (one of our favorite things to do together), so of course I went along. We went to our favorite clearing and sat down together on a log. We were talking when she said "It is amazing how we met, isn't it?" "Yep it sure is" I responded. We leaned over toward each other for our first kiss, "Help!" we heard someone moan. We jumped up and looked over and saw a hand sticking out of the bushes. We pulled him out and saw that he was about 25 or so. He had a shield and sword on his back and a green tunic on, his blond hair went down to his knees and was tied in a huge braid. He was scorched and burnt, and looked near death. He said "I'm Link- Hero of Time, I was facing a dragon and losing. I played the ocarina and escaped through time, but I fear it is too late." We looked at him. I propped him up and treated his burns by tearing my shirt and wrapping his wounds. We helped him to a nearby brook and gave him some water for his wounds and to let him drink. I found a plant that could help burns and let Kat rub it on his burns. Link soon fell asleep and we just looked at him. "So, do we believe him?" I asked Kat. "I don't know, his story does seem out of whack," Kat said. After awhile Link woke up. "ohhhh," we heard Link moan. We walked over to him and sat beside him. "I'm Mike and this is my girlfriend Kathryn, or Kat," I told him. "You have done well to try to nurse me back to health, I will live, but I will not be able to fight any more. I, Link- Hero of Time give my powers, looks, and skill to Mike!" Then a beam connected the two of us and I felt myself flowing with power! When he was done he said " Just think of my form and you will change." I stood in the middle of the clearing and there was a flash of light and one second later I was not in the clearing, but Link- Hero of Time. "This is amazing!!!!" I exclaimed, "I actually did it!!". Kat was too stunned to act or say anything. I went back to my normal form and said "Come on Kat it's time to go. Thank you Link, I will use my powers to protect earth and other worlds in trouble." So we left the clearing where my life changed forever.

After the experience with Link I went home and tried my weapons. That boy was well equipped!! He had a sword and shield. The sword was one that no evil could touch, and the shield took the impact instead of letting it all come to my arm. He also had a bow and arrows, 3 types of magical arrows, 3 spells, megaton hammer, hook shot, and 3 different tunics for different conditions (green for normal, blue for deep waters, and red for intense heat). There was something strange about the sword. It had 5 holes in its handle. That must have been one tough dragon to beat that kid. He also had an ocarina he used to travel time with a special song. It was time for another date with Kat (we have one every month) This time it was my turn to choose where to go. I chose the zoo. We were at the tiger site (our favorite animal) when suddenly Kat perked up. "What's wrong?" I asked. "The tiger's talking to me" she said. "What's it saying 'come here little morsel'" I said with a laugh. "No it's telling me to put my hand to the glass" she responded. She put her hand to the glass and it started to glow, then the tiger let loose a mighty roar. "Come with me" said Kat "I have something to show you." She took me to a place where we were alone. I put my hand on her arm and felt fur. She turned around and said "I am a mutant tiger, I have the powers of fire and a big battle-ax that is able to collect special medallions to use on the ax to control the elements they represent. I have gauntlets that can produce limited force shields to protect the front of my body" She indeed was a mutant. She had the look of a tiger standing on two legs with the shape of a girl. There was an ax by her side. It was huge, maybe 3 feet from blade to blade. It almost looked like her seemingly frail body could not even begin to lift it. But I knew better. The handle had a tiger head made of steel on the end. The double-sided blade was slid over the rest of the handle. In the very center of the blade there was a gem. "It is called the 'Tiger's Eye'" Kat said, noticing I was looking at it. It was called that for a good reason, the gem looked like an eye of a tiger. She transformed back and we left, my arm around her.

We went to the clearing where Link had made a shack for himself. "Link, we have something to show you," I shouted as we neared the clearing. But as we entered the clearing we saw a tall dark man standing there. We immediately drew our weapons, "Who are you and where is Link?" The man laughed and said "I'm Gannondorf- King of Thieves, as for Link he's kind of hung up at the moment," he pointed to a tree where a sword had Link by the collar, pinned to a tree. I lunged at Gannondorf my sword swinging. I tried to hit him but it was no good. He fired a magic blast at me and I raised my mirror shield, but the magic just moved behind me and hit me in the back. "I know all of Link's tricks, boy, so you might as well give up," he said with a laugh. "But you don't know mine," Kat said as she jumped at Gannondorf. He had a surprised look on his face as the ax came down on his head. He barely dodged it, but Kat just spun around and launched a fireball. He just raised a shield to block and launched another attack at Kat. She slammed her fists together and the shield blocked the blast. Kat fired fireball after fireball but Gannondorf blocked all of them with his shield. I moved behind him where his shield did not protect him. I sliced his back and he just disappeared. "Good job," I heard Link say as a beautiful girl carried him down to our level. "That was a test to see how well you were Link, I did not expect this young lady to help you. "It's me Link, Kat," Kat said. "Well you have found your own superpowers. This is Zelda- Princess of Hyrule," Link said indicating the woman. "You have done well working as a team. I will help you to become the greatest heroes this world has ever known."

Chapter 2

The Land of Hyrule


CLANG came the crash of sword and ax through the woods. Our weapons were locked. We finally got them unlocked, and we flew to opposite sides of the clearing. Kat charged me and swung down so hard it would wrench the sword from my hands if I blocked. So I quickly moved behind her and put my sword to the back of her neck. We stood there like that for a few minutes, and then she stood and faced me and said

"Good practice Mike, you too Kat," Link said to us. He was sitting in front of his little shack.

"Looks like I won again."

"Have we found out what to do with these powers yet?"

"Yea why don't we do the Superman thing and protect the world?"

"No, seriously."

"Well I do want to get back at the dragon that injured Link"

"And I want to get back at the evil king that banished that tiger."

"Say what?????" Link and I said together

"The tiger at the zoo was not a real tiger; it was a mutant that looks like me, and an evil king threw her off her planet in her tiger form."

"Ah, I see, so that's what the tiger was telling you."

"Yes, that was it"

"Link, how can we get to Hyrule?" I asked the ex-hero.

"You play your ocarina to open the portal."

"Thanks, we're going there now to take up where you left off."

"Ok I'll keep watch over you and will be able to communicate with you, Zelda gave me all these powers. Now that I'm out of the hero business I'll help you get into it. Just be careful, this dragon has an ego and the power to match."

"Don't worry about us, we're here to kick butt."

With that I pulled out my ocarina and played the song of time. There was a bright light surrounding us and the song played over and over.

When the light dimmed we were in the legendary Hyrule. We were in what appeared to be a chapel. We left the chapel and found ourselves in a marketplace. We were in our normal forms so nobody recognized me. "I think the first thing to do is visit the king." I said. Kat responded "Yea, but how?".

"Let's try asking the guards"

So we walked up to the main gate "Halt! Who goes there!!" Said the guard.

"I bring news of Link's battle with the dragon."

"That is the worst excuse I have heard yet to see the king!"

"But it's true!"

"Tell it to the jailer!"

"What is the meaning of this!?!?" Said a man on a horse that had come from the castle

"E-excuse m-me your majesty" the guard stuttered "These juveniles claim they have the results of Link's battle with the dragon."

"Then let them in!"

"Y-yes s-sir"

The guard then opened the gate and we went to the castle. We were in the throne room and the king ordered some wine to be brought but we refused. "So tell me is our hero all right?"

I was kind of stumped on what to say, because Link was not dead but if I told him that he would just want Link to come back. Just tell them I died, because I , as Link the hero, have died, I heard Link's voice say in my head. "Link the hero died from a fatal wound in his battle with the dragon,". When I told him this the king sprayed his wine out and his face looked like he had seen a ghost. "This is a time of morning for Hyrule."

"Yes sir, he indeed was a great hero."

"No need for formalities, just call me Chris"

"We came to defeat the dragon that Link failed to destroy."

"You!?!?!?! But how???"

"Let us show you." We stood in the middle of the room and we thought of our forms and there was a flash of light and Link and Tigress stood there instead of us. Poor King Chris had enough surprises for one day but this one took the cake. "This is how we can Chris. King Chris? Hello." He was in a dead faint. The poor man had too much. "Shall we see this dragon?" I asked my girlfriend. "Yes, let's," She said back.



Chapter 3

Link Vs. the Dragon

We got to the cave and looked inside. It was not much. There were no bones. I guess this dragon didn't have leftovers for supper. We walked in and found a huge chamber that was completely empty. "Nobody home." Kat said. "Sure looks that way" I said. But before we could leave a stone door slammed behind us and we heard laughter. We spun around and out of a pool of fire (that I swear wasn't there before) came the dragon. It's no wonder everyone feared him, he was huge, the upper torso of a man (a very strong man) and his lower snake like parts were coiling with muscles. His wing span was twice as big as his upper body. "So the mighty Hero of time has come to get his butt whooped again has he?" The dragon said with a laugh "Oh and he brought a friend too, this is going to be more fun than I thought!" At that moment he shot a fireball at us and we dodged. He continued shooting fireballs at us but Kat slammed her fists together and produced 2 shields made of energy and I raised my Mirror Shield and blocked them all. I tried shooting arrows but he burned them as they came. If he didn't burn them they just bounced right off him with no effect. It started getting hot in there so I put on my fire tunic. I use the megaton hammer and threw it at him. It conked him on the head, stunning him, so Kat leaped up and tried to slice him with the ax blazing in fire. The dragon wasn't stunned for long and he woke up and grabbed Kat, squeezed her until she fainted and threw her 10ft into a wall. She looked dead and I was too stunned to act. "And then there was one." Said the dragon. "You will pay for this!!!!" I roared. I jumped up and dodging his blasts of fire and his arms I sliced at him. Yet I wasn't quick enough and he whacked me away like a fly and I dove into the ground. I was too weak to get up, but I did hear the dragon ranting " I have beaten you again Link; ha, some hero, now I can destroy Hyrule" he said following a loud triumphant laugh.

I had failed the king, Link and the land of Hyrule and I lost my girlfriend. Giving up so soon? Said Link's voice That is not what I would do! "Yes it is, you ran away remember." That's beside the point. Anyway you have a hidden power in you that I didn't know about until I was looking at you from inside your head. Get to that power level and you will kick some dragon butt. "Very well Link I will try" I said. No you will! So I got up and yelled "Hey coal for brains!!" The dragon turned to me, "So I didn't finish you! Survive this," he started shooting fire at me again. I didn't move but I was already glowing with power. The fire just went around me. "WHAT!!!" Then the power flowed from me and I could feel the change. When I was finished I was a been beyond human comprehension. I was easily 10 ft tall, I had heavy armor, but I was so strong I could move with super speed, my sword was twice as long and it looked like two blades that were twisted in two big loops, my hair was white and my face had battle paints. I was Oni Link- The Fallen Deity. I stood there accepting his fire like it was nothing. I knocked one back and the fire went down his throat, then he started to choke. Then I jumped up and sliced his head off. His body was still thrashing; I aimed and fired my magic blast and the body exploded. Down from the explosion came a pair of wings that fit my new body perfectly, now I can fly in my Oni Link form. The other thing that fell was a medallion with a flame carved on it. I switched from Oni Link to normal Link and placed the medallion in the first hole on my sword and it started to glow. I could now control fire with my sword.

The next thing I did was rush over to Kat and pull her out, I hugged her close and cried. Then my tears started to fall on her and she started to stir. I backed away and looked in amazement as my girlfriend came to life. "What happened?" She asked. "You were killed by the dragon and came to life." I answered.

"I guess I have 9 lives like a cat."

"You had me crying over you and you were fine!?!?!"

"You were crying over me?"

"Of course, I love you Kat."

" I love you too Mike."

By now we were changed into our normal forms. We leaned in and kissed each other for the first time since we met 3 years ago. "That was nice," I said after we were done. "Yea, no interruptions." Said Kat and we kissed again.


Chapter 4

Heroes or Vigilantes?

If it was possible, Kat and I got even closer than before. When we got home We decided to be heroes for the earth, like I suggested before. It was a slow week, it was the rule of nature, when you wanted something to happen, and it doesn't happen. We went to college for the week and went home for the weekends. Kat and I were top of our class in almost every subject. The college was a beautiful place, it had a duck/swan pond, and a small waterfall coming into it. There was even an on campus bank for those who wanted to save their money, but not in a local bank. We were in class one week when we heard the fire alarm. All staff and students left the building in a hurry, leaving all their stuff behind. We were outside waiting for the fire truck to get here, when I noticed that there was no fire, but I saw that every one else was still panicking.

I called Kat over and we went inside as Link and Tigress. I heard people laughing, and recognized those laughs as several students and even a teacher. We looked around the corner, and saw Miss Mahogany, a beautiful, young teacher who was stronger that she looked. Three other students I've seen before but didn't know were with her too. The boys looked buff and strong, but rather clumsy and stupid. There was one other girl who also didn't look strong, but probably was. We rounded the corner and they spun around. I saw that they were counting money that people had left behind in their rush to get out of the building. "For shame, you bad boys and girls, you should be expelled," I said to them. "Who are you freaks?" Miss Mahogany asked. "I can't resist saying this, so, I'm your worst nightmare," I said with a laugh. They drew their weapons and started firing at us. Tigress protected herself with her gauntlets and I drew my sword and blocked all the bullets that came close to hitting me. Then I herd a click, click, which meant our friends were out of bullets. Now they charged us with fists raised. "I'll take the two boys, you take the girls," I told Kat. "If you wanted to dance all you had to do was ask," I said as the first one punched with a long arm. I grabbed it and pulled him toward me and I stuck my other arm out and cloths lined him and he fell. "Ouch, he's not getting up for a wile," I said as the other boy charged me. I stuck up a fist and he ran right into it and fell. "Nighty, night boys," I said and turned to Kat's battle (actually, it was more like a one sided battle in favor of Kat). The first girl attacked with a flying kick, but Kat ducked and shot her feet into the air and hit her in the stomach. As soon as she landed she doubled over and then tried to get back up, but Kat just slammed her back and she fell again. She was not getting up this time. Mahogany jumped on top of her, and they rolled on the round for a while. Kat kicked her in the stomach and sent her flying into a wall, and threw it. She got back up and punched Kat in the stomach, Kat doubled over and Mahogany sent an uppercut to Kat's chest that sent her to the ground. Kat just got up smiling, and not a scratch on her. "But how, that was my best combo and strongest punches!" Mahogany said in surprise. "I was just letting you have your fun, now your going down," Kat said to her. "What are you?!?!?" Mahogany said as Kat punched her in the face, than moved back around and kicked her in the back. "Shall we deliver these people to the authorities," I asked Kat. We took them out and tied them up and the cops took them away. The next day was a Saturday and we decided to spend the time in the clearing Link was staying in. "Hey, you made the front page," Link told us as we got there, he was holding a Saturday edition of The Insider. "It reads 'Yesterday, a group of robbers were captured in the local collage. This capture was done by a couple of 'freaks' as the capture leader said. The police force looks down on the actions of these two 'super heroes'. 'For all I care these freaks are just a menace to society, all they are, are a couple of vigilantes,' said Lucas Herio, Head of Police.' and it goes on to tell the wrap of the group you captured." Link read. I just sat there my mouth hanging open. I looked at Kat and she looked the same way. "Looks like you guys have to keep on your toes, the police are after you now," Link told us.

Chapter 5

Tigress Vs. Liono

We kept training. She won some and I won some. We were evenly matched. For two years we protected the world. We met all sorts of strange people and monsters (funny how the freaky stuff comes when a hero comes into the picture??). Link was helping us on the sidelines, and he was a lot of help providing information. Nothing could handle Link and Tigress, much less Oni Link so I hadn't brought him out in awhile. The police were not too happy about us, but they couldn't do anything about it. We eventually made several friends on the squadron. An amazing report came on that night about aliens coming to earth. We decided to give a visit to our friends.

As we arrived they started to land, and not on those stupid flying saucers. These were giant battle ships and space cruisers, all of them had a slight resemblance to a tiger or some other big cat. One of them landed was slightly different. Out came a man (if it be rightful to call him a man) who was dressed in armor and had medals on his chest. This "man" looked a lot like Kat's heroine form only male and more muscular. He also carried a broadsword almost as tall as himself. "I am the General of the Army of the planet Thundera, sent by my king Liono to destroy the rebellious warrior Tigress." he said. I replied "I'm sorry, but as the guardian of this planet I cannot allow you to kill anyone, whether human or beast or alien!"

"You!?, but you are just a kid; how can you stop me?" I changed into my Link form, drew my sword and stood ready. "You challenge me?" He said "Very well." I set my sword on fire; using the emblem the dragon so kindly passed on, and fired a stream of fire at the alien. He was caught off guard and thrown into his ship, his weapon knocked from his hands. I shot a beam of intense heat and melted the sword. He got up and shot me with a beam gun. I put my mirror shield in front of me and it fired him back into his ship again. "Some people never learn" I said. "Very good, you have defeated me, the king will be happy to have you as a lieutenant in his military."

"I want to hear what this king does to his people."

"He is a king of strict rule, making the people's lives miserable including us, his top military. I wish to overthrow him but he is too powerful with electric and water powers on his side."

"We will come, but not to help the king but to overthrow him. We will give you the position of king of Thundera."

"Come then, I will give you the best rooms on the ship."

"We will be much pleased, thank you." Kat hadn't said anything the entire time the aliens were there.

We got the best room on the battle ship. I walked up to the bridge just to look around. As I entered the bridge I heard shouts of praise and joy aimed toward me. "They are all happy you are ridding us of the evil king," the commander said. "What is your name?" I asked him. "My name is Niger," he told me. I looked around the bridge and all of the mutants showed me what they did and how they did it, and were very nice about it. A gunman nicknamed Speedy (obviously a cheetah mutant) let me shoot asteroids on our trip to Thundera. "You have exceptional aiming skills, Link," Speedy told me. I walked back down our room. I stopped short of the door when I heard Kat crying. That's weird, Kat usually doesn't cry Link said. "I know," I whispered for fear that Kat would hear me. I quietly opened the door. "Kat are you okay?" I asked. "Oh, hi Mike," She said quickly stopping her tears.

"What's wrong Kat?"

"What do you mean?"

"Kat, I know you were crying."

"I'm sorry Mike, but me and Tigress are one. We have the same thoughts, memories and feelings."

Tigress also dose not strike me as the type to cry either.

"Well If you could see what she remembers about her people, you would understand."

"Don't worry Kat, I'm here to help this time. We'll take out that evil king no matter what."

"You mean it?"

"Of course I do," and I wrapped my arms around her and held her.

Before long we arrived at the planet and were boarding. "I will show you the people and how the king treats them," Niger said. We walked around and observed that there were 2x as many people as there were houses. Then we saw a majestic castle on a hill. "The only thing King Liono spends money on is space forces and himself." "I'm tired of this! Let's go kick some evil king butt" Kat yelled in frustration. I was surprised because she hadn't said a word ever since we met the aliens. So we headed up to the castle and busted through the doors, and there he stood waiting for us.

He was about 7ft, he did not wear royal robes like most kings, but battle armor, the best that could be found. We drew our weapons for battle and braced ourselves. "You think you can beat me, I laugh." He said "Let's go." He then pulled out two laser samurai swords. I went up to Oni Link and lunged at him, firing my magic. He just moved back, blocking every move. Then Kat got behind him and we both sliced our weapons as hard as we could, but he was gone. Then he fired a stream of water at me and I fought back, using my sword as my block. I lost and was flung back into the wall. He did the same to Kat. "I expected as much from earthlings." I got up out of the wall and I started to glow "DEMON BLAST!!!" I yelled. A huge beam went out with all the power I had. It caught him off guard and flung him back. "I did it," I said with a sigh of relief. The next thing I knew I was in a bubble of electricity. "You were too confident, earthling, now for your partner, I will dispose of you later."

As he looked at my girlfriend she charged him and pulled back her ax. She tried to swing at Liono, but he just sidestepped. Kat had swung so powerfully that she had thrown her self off balance and started to stumble. Liono spun around and launched a blast of electricity at her and she flew into a wall. She slowly got up, her clothes slightly tattered. "That's it," she said softly. She pulled the ax up in front of her face and the Tiger's Eye began to glow. "TIGER'S EYE!!!" she shouted and there came a sheet of fire out of the gem and washed over Liono. I could tell that the attack was meant to eliminate large numbers of enemies. But Kat must have been so mad that she had used it for only one enemy. The fire cleared and Liono was not even touched. "That was pathetic for a mutant cat," he mocked. Now Kat was boiling mad. Suddenly my girlfriend burst into flames. And from those flames came a creature that had muscles bulging to great size.

Her weapon was a stick with two double-sided battle axes. Her teeth were as big as knives and her fangs were twice as big. She easily stood 8 ft tall. Her neck was hunched over and her arms were down to her knees. It rushed at Liono and slashed him but he jumped back. Liono tried to get to the side of the monster to attack, but the monster just backhanded him into a wall, leaving him helpless and unable to stand up. "Now you will feel the power of Tigro- The Evolved Demon," said Tigro. Her voice sounded like a mix of human and a tiger's roar. It took its ax and spun it shouting "FIRE VORTEX!!!" and with a great roar a fire tornado came out. Liono tried to block with water, but the fire was so hot it vaporized the water and destroyed the evil king. Kat was back to normal and was breathing hard; I was normal and out of the force field. We put the medallions in our weapons, I got electric and Kat got water, and then we held each other close and kissed. Okay enough kissing, just get back here and hurry up. "What and miss the celebration?" I said to Link. "Yea just because you don't have anyone to kiss, doesn't mean we can't kiss," Kat said to Link. There was a big celebration to honor the victory over Liono. There was a huge feast (mostly meat) and Niger was crowned king over all Thundera. "Are you sure you can't stay and be my guards or advisers?" Niger asked us as we were about to leave. "Positive, our friend wants us home as fast as we can," I told him. "Then I can do something to help you get home on time," he said as he waved his scepter he earned when he became king. There was a thick fog that surrounded us and we heard Niger say outside of the fog "Thank you, Link and Tigress we will never forget what you did for us." There was a flash of light and we were back home in the clearing right in front of Link's shack. "It's about time you got back, I hope the party was good enough that you're home this late," Link nagged. "Yes, mom, oh and am I grounded too?" I said in sarcasm.

Chapter 6

A Surprise for Kat

When we got home and after we survived Link's scolding we had to survive our real mom's scolding. As soon as I got into the house my mom rushed up to me and was hugging me. "Mom please, I'm fine, nothing happened," I said and she stopped, "Sorry honey, but I was worried about you, you didn't come home for several days andI got worried," she said. "Mom, I'm 19 years old, I can take care of myself," I told her. "You are 19 which means you should be in college, you're going to have a tough time making up all that work you missed." Then I went into my room and sat down thinking hard. I had met Kat one winter camp, I asked her out several months after that. We went to high school together and we were head of our class in the same college, in the same major. I had made up my mind I was going to do it. That night I went to sleep confident. The next morning I went over to Kat's place and asked her to come with me some place. We went down the road when someone called out "Hey Mike!!" It was Melissa, the girl who has had a major crush on me that goes back to the 5th grade. "Oh, hi Melissa." Kat was glaring at her. She never liked Melissa, I guess it was the fact that we went out together in the 7th grade. "I have to go" I said and we left. As we left I heard Melissa mumble "Why does he have to go out with her?" As we walked I asked Kat "Why do you not like her?" She just looked at me "Well she dose want you a lot and I'm afraid she will get you," she explained. "Oh come on I thought you knew better than that," I scolded her, "I've told you many times that I will never leave you. Besides, if I wanted Melissa over you I would have left you to die with the dragon." We walked to the lake that my Grandparents owned; it took us about 1hour.

The sun was just setting and it was beautiful. I opened my mouth to say something when right on cue- Guys I sense something headed your way, and it has medallions! "Oh come on can't this wait?" I begged. Sorry but if you want to wait, you want to die. I heard something in the trees and we turned to see what it was. Then out of the woods came Melissa. "Oh, it's only you" Kat grumbled "and I was scared"

"You should be Kat" was the response. Be careful, she's loaded, Link warned us.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm here to destroy you!"

Then she fired a bolder at Kat, but I stepped in front, transformed into Link and sliced the rock in half "Over my dead body you will!!!" I yelled.

"What!?!? How could you!"

"Easily, I love her," I said calmly.

Melissa started to cry then she yelled "Then I'll destroy you both!!"

She then surrounded herself in rock and water and then she came out a beast-woman with a ball and chain. She liquidated and split into 4 copies of herself. "Time to go to the next level," I said to Kat. We went up to Oni Link and Tigro. I charged at her, "I don't want to hurt you, but if you try to kill me or Kat, then you leave me no choice," I used my electric medallion to send a thunderbolt at Melissa. She raised her weapon and knocked the bolt toward me. I spread my wings and flew straight up to avoid it. Kat roared and charged at her, she slammed her ax down on Melissa's head, but she blocked it with her chain. "We will find out who Mike really loves, depending on who he saves," Melissa said. I saw a grin cross Kat's face. I flew down behind Melissa, "Ha you see he's going to help me!" Melissa said. I tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned to me. My golden gauntlets started to glow and I planted a double fisted punch right in the face. I jumped back and shouted "DEMON BLAST!" and a beam of great power flew out of my body toward Melissa. As it hit her out fell two medallions, water for me, rock for Kat. Melissa was fine and she left us, knowing she had failed. We went to our normal forms and we kissed, as we always do at the end of a battle. Then I got down on one knee and said "Kathryn Stilwell, will you marry me?"

"Of course I will!" and I swept her off her feet and kissed her like I have never kissed her before.

Chapter 7

The Rock Beast

On the news oneday we saw that a giant rock beast was attacking the power plant. We got there as fast as we could. The beast was huge and made entirely out of rock. We were already in our Link and Tigress forms when we got there. The power plant it was attacking was the main source of power for the city of New York. The entire armed forces were there. We landed on either side of the commander.

"What do you know about it so far?" I asked.

"So far, it can blend into any substance made earth or of rock."

"We'll watch out for that," said Kat. We rushed into the building weapons drawn. The monster faced us; its eyes glaring in bright yellow. "I wouldn't attack me if I were you." said the monster, "I have hostages."

"This is new." I said.

"Yea, this has never happened." said Kat.

"Oh, something else," the monster continued, "I can change the very rock I'm made of."

"I can cut a rock in half with my sword." I replied.

I jumped up and sliced down on the monster. As my sword connected I bounced back from the shock. "As you see I can even change my substance to diamond, the strongest substance known to man." the monster said with a laugh. As we saw, the cage which held the hostages were in was made of diamond, too. "What now, Mike?" asked Tigress

"I don't know," I said. Zelda, she'll help, just call her on the ocarina with Zelda's Lullaby, we heard Link tell us. I pulled out my ocarina and played the song called "Zelda's Lullaby".

Out of nowhere a bright light that looked like a door appeared in front of me. Out stepped the same beautiful woman who was with Link after we fought "Gannondorf". The monster tried to advance on Zelda and capture her, but Zelda just held her hand out and the rock beast just stopped in his tracks. "What do you want young warrior?" Zelda asked me. I explained the situation to her and with a wave of her hand my sword started to glow. "Thank you Zelda," I said. She turned to the door and left, the monster could move again. "All right beast, bring it on!" I said as I charged, sword out and glowing. I sliced his body in half. He fell down in a pile of rocks. I then sliced the cage and all the hostages went free. "How did you do that?" asked Kat. "With a little help from Zelda," and we leaned in to kiss but we were interrupted by a rumbling.

Out from the pile of rocks came a blast that threw us back. "Ha, you think you can beat me so easily?" Out from the pile of rocks came a beast, but not of rock, this beast was of pure electric energy. "I will make you pay for what you did to my armor!" he said to me. Suddenly I felt intense pain like nothing I have ever felt before. I started screaming in pain. "NO!!! IT WILL NOT END THIS WAY!!!" I heard Kat scream. She went to her form of Tigro. She charged the monster and started slashing at the monster continually. Then she extended her claws to be twice as long. They started to glow "FIRE CLAW!!" She slashed the monster and he flew into the wall. The monster had been dealt so much damage that he could not keep electrocuting me. I fell to the ground and I was too weak to get up. Tigro landed and she threw her ax at the beast "AX BOOMERANG!!" The ax hit the beast and I herd it cry out in pain. Tigro started to glow with fiery power. "FIRE VORTEX!!!" As the tornado hit it did not destroy him immediately. I could tell that she was making him suffer. Through his screaming I heard him shout, "You fools he'll get you!!" With that he disappeared. She ran over and picked up the medallions, took the rock one for me and the electric one for herself. Then she ran over to me, lifted me up and held me tight. I was badly wounded but not dead. She kissed me and I kissed back "I love you Mike, and I don't know what I would have done without you," said Kat "I love you too." You did good Link, you deserve a rest. I heard Link say. I started to drift away into dream land. I didn't mean now! Oh well. Was the last thing I heard before I went to sleep.


Chapter 8

The Wedding

We continued to save the world from the monsters and anything else that threatened the earth. We planned on getting married on May 20. We decided to have our wedding outside in a beautiful park right under the waterfall. Link was my best man. Everything was ready except Kat wasn't there. I went looking for her and the only thing I found was a note that read:

We have your precious wife Link

We suggest you come to get her at the clearing just behind the old factory

or we will blow her to the moon,

Come alone and unarmed.

Signed: The Wind Brothers

I was furious, needless to say.

I got to the place where they said to meet. I went alone, not unarmed. I found the two wind brothers right where they said they would be. They looked like mummies only their bandages were wind. I drew my sword and charged them. "No one takes my bride and gets away with it." They picked me up with a tornado and left me there; I saw that Kat was the same way. "I have an idea" I told Kat. I focused and my rock medallion began to glow. I then turned to rock and I fell right down. "They took my weapon away, there is nothing I can do," yelled down Kat. "The rock will help me not be lifted, but how do I defeat them?" Kat started to say something, but one of the brothers said "Shut up stupid girl!" and Kat fainted.

I was getting mad at these brothers. I charged them again and this time I wasn't picked up. I slashed at both of them several times over. While I was slashing I transformed into Oni Link. I jumped back and tried to shoot them with every element, one at a time. "Alright you've made me mad!!" I shouted as I started to glow. No Mike, it's useless to try to attack them with out..... "DEMON BLAST!!" I shouted as the largest blast of energy I've ever released hit the wind brothers, but they were not even scratched. Then they attacked. It was so fast that I didn't see it coming. I was thrown back through several trees and half way through a boulder. I tried to tell you, anyway you need to attack them with all you've got at the same time. "I get it, so the medallions can work together, as well as apart?" I asked Link. Yes that's what Kat tried to tell you and I did too but you just rushed in. I concentrated on the medallions and they started to glow. Then a beam of light, one color for each element, came and hit me and I felt stronger than ever. I then held my sword, medallions out, and fired the strongest attack I had seen from any one, "ELEMENT WAVE!!" I hit both the brothers head on. They disappeared in a blast of wind. I picked up the wind medallions and the two of them glowed with great power. I used the wind power to let Kat down and I woke her up. "Come on we have a wedding to attend to." I picked her up and kissed her. At the wedding we got married. "You may now kiss the bride," said the pastor and we kissed the longest kiss ever. Then we got in our car, which our friends so kindly decorated, and we drove off to our house.


Chapter 9

The End, A new Beginning

Some said we were the perfect couple, we almost never argued (I still couldn't get Kat to say a shark was a fish). After we had found all five medallions another hole appeared in the weapons. We decided to ignore it. But it could not be ignored. On the news one-day we saw that and very strong monster was destroying the city. "It seems that he is calling for Link and Tigress." said the reporter. "Shall we give them what he wants?" Kat asked me. "Sure, why not?"

Our son was with a friend of ours so he was safe. We got there and powered up to our most powerful forms, and we started to attack from behind. As we swung, though, A force shield stopped us and pushed us back. "I see you finally came, heroes of earth." This beast was one big creature. He was made of a dark fogy material. He had the appearance of a strong man with a mouthful of sharp teeth. He had wings that looked like a bat's. His eyes glowed a sickly green or red, depending on his mood. He stood 10ft tall. "Who are you and What do you want?" I asked.

"I'm Vizzera- The Ultimate Evil, and I'm here to succeed at what others haven't."

"And where is that?" Kat asked.

"To destroy earth's guardians and rule this world."

"Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we earth's guardians?" I asked.

Unfortunately, yes. was Link's response.

The monster shot a beam at me and it was so powerful that my mirror shield wouldn't protect me, it just flung me back. "I have the 7th medallion of power and I have done some research on your powers" said the monster. "How about this one," I said. Kat and I glowed with brilliant light, then an explosion, and at last when the smoke was gone there stood a male tiger mutant standing about 8ft. He wielded a weapon that looked like a battle ax with a 6ft blade extending from it. The ax had the Tiger's Eye right where Tigress had it on her ax. He wore a tunic that looked like it was on fire, but it did not burn. He wore tight pants that had hooked blades that came out.

"I'm Liger- The Ultimate Hero." I said. I charged at Vizzera and he tried to raise a shield again, but this time I sliced right through it. I jumped at him and sliced him with the sword as he let out a cry of pain. I then hit him with the ax part of my weapon, and then I kicked him, raking my blades across him. I landed, but I jumped as soon as I landed because he had tried to punch me where I landed. here was a small crater where I was just standing. I flew above him and looked down at him and shouted "TIGER INFERNO!!!" My tunic blazed brighter and a giant fire beam in the shape of a tiger flew out and hit him right in the chest and dug him into the ground. He slowly got up, "Have you had enough?" I said. "You fools don't know who you're up against! I am the one who gave the medallions to Melissa and Liono. I also created the Wind Brothers, the rock beast andthe Dragon that beat Link in the first place." Then Vizzera started to glow "FATALITY BLAST!!" and he fired a blast so powerful and so fast we couldn't dodge.

It looked black, no other color, just a pitch black beam. When it hit us we flew so far we landed in the yard of our friend no longer together. We were barely alive, we feared the end was near. We staggered into the house, looked at our baby boy and we cried "I don't want to leave my son." Kat cried. "Let's give him our powers to him" I suggested. We concentrated on giving our powers to our boy, only to have it show up at age 17. The only thing we left was our weapons, so he would have proof he was our son. As soon as we were done I said "At least we'll die together." We hugged together and we kissed our last kiss. I suppose you're wondering why Kat died when she only died once before? This beam killed you entirely, there was no return from the dead.



Chapter 10

A Hero is Born

16 years later

I went to the store as I always did to get my mom something. Passing the monster's guards, I could see the dreaded castle where lived the evil monster that imprisoned us all, we were forced to live underground. There is a legend that the world was protected by a couple who had special powers and abilities. They defended the earth and protected it from what ever attacked it. The monster that had us under his command defeated them. The other part was that they gave their powers to a young boy, their son. I am Tobias son of #042 of the second division, I'm #043 also of the second division. Little did I know I would be greatly feared, hated and praised. I got home that night without getting harassed by the guards. I was about to be age 17 tomorrow, I went to sleep excited.

That morning I got up and went outside to look around. I saw a lady about to be beat up by a guard. The guard was slowly approaching her, suddenly I was fueled by anger and I shouted "Hey pick on someone your own size!" The guard turned to me, his sharp demon teeth were gleaming white. With one jump he landed in front of me. The demon wasn't that tall, only several inches more than me. I picked up a 2x4 from the ground and bashed him over the head. There was no effect. The guard tried to slash me, but to his surprise (and mine) I moved so fast he missed. With a battle cry I kicked him back into a wall. I then followed him and kept punching that demon back. I eventually killed him and the lady was fine. Until I realized that the "lady" I saved was no older than me.

"How did you do that?" she asked.

"I don't know." I responded.

"They say today is the day they pick the son of Link and Tigress. What's your name?"

"Mine is Tobias #043 of the second division. What's yours?" I looked at her and noticed that she was very beautiful.

"Mine is Kathryn #100 of the second division."

"My birthday is today,"

"There are also two other boys that are also turning 17. You will compete with them to find out who is the next Link," Kathryn told me.

"Well we better get started, even though I doubt that I'm worthy of being Link, it's still my birthday."

When we got there every single person in the Underground was there. Divisions 1-50 and people #s 1-100. I stood on a stand where the sacred sword and ax rested, the one's Link and Tigress once used. On the pedestal already were Gary #45 of the 40th division. He was a stuck up boy who had an ego to fit his pocket change "I don't know why the rest of you showed up, I will undoubtedly be the next Link," he gloated as I approached the stage. Next to him was Niar #20 of the 50th division. Niar was a skinny boy, but extremely agile. It didn't look like he was strong, but he was, abnormally so. Niar never said much, he just sat there, concentrating on something. There we stood, me looking extremely nervous, Gary looking snotty and stuck up, and Niar, looking calm as usual. An elder stepped up to the stage with us, I realized it was the head elder, Kio. "You all have been gathered here to witness the choosing of the next Link, and he will pick the next Tigress," Kio shouted He had the best set of pipes I've ever seen in an old man. "Good luck," I heard Kathryn say next to me and she kissed me on my cheek. "Thanks, you better find your seat," I told her. "You will be tested three tasks," I herd Kio's voice say to us. "These test's will be based on the names of the Triforce pieces, courage, wisdom, power. I wish you all luck,"

Kio finished as a younger man stepped up. I recognized him as the supervisor for all that goes on in the Underground, Rinon. "All right, I will be your judge for the tests," Rinon said to us. "Your first test is that of power, for it is the top of the Triforce," he said as he held out three swords for us to use in the test. We were led into the arena where a captured demon thrashed about in his chains. This demon was about three feet taller than the one I had beaten this morning. "You must kill the demon, if you are at a point of losing then we will save you and it is the next person's turn," Rinon said, "Now who wants to go first?" Niar stepped up. "I will," he said boldly. Niar stepped into the ring and the demon was let loose. Niar charged the demon, but the demon just side stepped the attack, and slammed into the ground. "Oh he's finished, now let the true Link step up," I heard Gary say behind me, "No, Niar is tougher than that," I told him. Niar stood up from the rubble and this time he planned his attack a little more carefully. He charged again and the demon side stepped again, this time though Niar spun around and sliced the demon's arm. The demon cried out in pain, and it charged Niar, knocking the sword from his hands and slammed him against the wall. "Okay, now it's time to take Niar out," I said. Rinon agreed with me and Niar was taken out, he didn't need a doctor, but he did drink some healing potion.

"Okay, now it's time for the Link-to-be to try to beat this beast," Gary said, stretching out. He stepped out into the ring and the demon was let loose again. The demon approached Gary slowly, Gary held his sword in front of him and said, "You can't defeat me, I'm Link- The Hero of Time." The demon just laughed and walked up to Gary, his mouth drooling. I didn't even see it coming, the demon snatched the sword right from Gary's hands. The demon drew back his arm ready to strike, Gary. He swung, right in front of Gary's face, Gary couldn't move he was so petrified with fear. "Rinon, that demon will kill him on the next swing, pull him out," I told him. "No that demon is trained not to kill any one of the participants," Rinon said back, but I knew better, somehow I knew. The demon drew back his sword ready to slash and kill. I don't know what hit me but I was running out into the arena, sword in hand. The demon was bringing the sword down as hard and fast as he could, and I was only halfway to them, I put all I had into my legs and I ran at a super speed. I thrust the sword in front of the one the demon was holding and both the blades broke and Gary was safe. I threw the sword aside, and faced the demon, "I guess it's my turn," I said braver than I should have. I saw Gary and the rest of the Underground staring at me.

Son, I herd inside my head, you have shown your true inheritance when we died, now do you know what Link looked like? "I think so," I said. Concentrate on than image and watch what happens. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the picture of Link I had seen in our history books. Everyone gasped, I looked to see what had happened, and the legendary Master Sword was glowing and floating my way. It landed right in between the demon andme, stabbed into the ground. The demon chuckled as he approached the sword. He touched the sword and in a flash of light the demon was flung back to the other side of the arena, but not hurt too badly. I stepped up to the sword and placed both hands on it at the same time and lifted. The sword came out of the ground and I was transformed into Link- The Hero of Time. I looked again and the ax of Tigress was floating toward Kathryn, she grabbed it in mid air and she became Tigress- The Tiger Demoness herself. I faced the Demon, "You're going down," I said to it. I could see the fear in his eyes as it tried to climb over the arena wall. I aimed my sword and launched a fireball at it and the demon burned to a crisp. Tigress joined me and she put her arms around me and kissed me. "I guess we were meant for each other," she said once we were done. "I guess so," I said back and kissed her again, and the whole crowd cheered. Suddenly we heard an explosion, and we turned back to normal.

Chapter 11

Liger Vs. Vizzera

Suddenly two guards busted in. "It is time to bring the fighter," said one of the guards. Ever sense the monster took over the land he has held a competition that one person comes from the people to fight the strongest beast (besides Vizzera). If the human won we would be free if not we would stay. "The one coming is Tobias #043 of the second division." announced the guard, "You may come watch the punk get killed." The stadium was full for this fight. Kat had brought the weapons, but I told her not to interfere. I got in the ring and faced my opponent. The monster was like a smaller version of Vizzera, probably his son, holding a mace. "You may choose one weapon." said the beast. "Kat, now," and the legendary sword was in the ground next to me.

I picked it up and before everyone's eyes I transformed into Link the Hero of Time. I jumped into the air and sliced down and barely missed him. He then fired chains out of his mace wrapping around me and drawing me closer and closer to the deadly spikes of the mace. Then my golden gauntlets gave me incredible strength and I broke the chains. I then knocked his mace out of his hands. He tried to dive for it but I melted it before he got to it. I then made a pillar of rock shoot him into the air, I jumped up and sliced him in half. As soon as I landed Kat came running up to me and kissed me. The entire human side was cheering.

"I don't think so." said Vizzera as he landed in front of us. "You killed my parents!!" I yelled at him. "Yes, as I am about to do to you." Kat picked up her ax and she transformed into Tigress. We powered up into Oni Link and Tigro. Then we combined to become Liger. Vizzera tried to blast me with a dark energy ball, but I moved so quickly we dodged out of the way. I jumped up, trying to slice his head off, but he just moved behind us and slammed me into the ground, "You think it will be that easy to kill me!?!?!?" Vizzera said. "Actually," I said as I got up, "I do," I had my back turned to him, "TIGER INFERNO!!!!" A tiger made of fire extended from my back and hit Vizzera. He flew into the wall of the arena we were fighting in. "That's it," Vizzera said his eyes glowing red. He started to glow again "FATALITY BLAST!!!!" This time I was ready and I fired my strongest attack. "DEMON VORTEX!!!" I shouted. What looked like a tornado of spirits and power went out from us. The two attacks met in the middle, and they went back and forth. I started to lose but then I heard a voice in my head Don't give up Liger. "All right dad, this is for you." With that I let loose all my power and sliced straight through Vizzera's beam and destroyed him.

We split and gathered our power medallions and they glowed strong and undid what awful things Vizzera did, including kill my parents. Before all of our eyes the land changed to normal and my parents (the real ones) stood next to me. The next thing I knew Kat was kissing me and I was kissing back. In the end my dad became king and my mom became queen. As for my wife Kat and I, we had a son and a daughter and we were the heroes of the land. After that we became King and Queen and our children became the heroes, and... well you get the picture.


"So that is the story of the mightiest heroes." concluded the stranger, "Now do you believe the legend?" Mitch replied "Can you give me living proof that the rulers of this land are the descendants of Link and Tigress, because I haven't seen any activity of heroes lately," Mitch said. Ashley rolled her eyes at Mitch's stubbornness. "Because there is no trouble," said the man's wife. "Rumor has it that the rulers don't have a son," said Ashley. "This is bad, that means that there is one pair who is worthy of the title Link and Tigress," said the man, "We must go now." as they turned Mitch shouted out, "Wait! What are your names?" The man turned, "My name is Mike and this is my wife Kathryn, Kat for short." With that they disappeared.





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