The Adventures of Link, Hero of Time & Tigress, The Tiger Demoness
Return of Vizzera

By Mike

Author's Note

This story takes place after the 3rd generation descendants of Link and Tigress in the land of Evena. This is a time when technology was at its highest point and it worked together with magic to cause a mix of a 3000 look and a medieval look, the forest, magic skills and beasts were medieval, the town is a high-tech look. This is the 2nd short story in my trilogy. The land of Evena has several places that you may recognize as boss's names from the Zelda game. The reason this is, is that Link helped the King label these places. Thank you for reading this story.


Chapter 1: The Legend Continues


I was riding to school on my hover board when I saw Ashley. "Man, that girl is hot" I thought to myself. Ashley is a friend of mine, but I thought that's all she wanted to be with me. It was the morning after we heard the story of Link and Tigress, the two legendary heroes. We had heard that there was no one to replace the two heroes. "I wonder who the next two people will be" I thought. We got to school and sat down in our seats. The teacher was taking roll when suddenly two royal guards came in through the door.

One of them said "Is Mitchell and Ashley here?" Teacher said "Yes, What do you want?"

"The King and Queen want them."

"Ok, your are excused Mitch and Ashley." We left with the guards in the royal hover car. We were giving each other questioning looks. They took us to the palace. On the doorway was a shield with a moon and one star that had a sword and a battle-ax crossed, the royal symbol. We stood before the King and Queen. We bowed down but they told us to stand. "Tell us have you heard the story of the two heroes who protected this land?" asked the King.

"Yes" we replied.

"How old are you?"


"Oh my!"

"What is it your majesty?"

"I fear you are too young to do what we have asked you but the weapons have pointed you out," said the King, "How would you like to stay here with us until your 17th birthday?"

"That would be great" Ashley said.

"How about you, Mitch?"

"Sure why not" I replied "but what for?"

"You will find out when your time here is served" said the King.

Well we stayed there and we were taught by the best swordsmen, martial artists and magicians in the land, even Ashley, who would have been taught more in manners than in fighting had she been there for a normal stay. Then on the morning of our 17th birthday we were brought before a locked door that we were never allowed in before. This time it was unlocked. The King and Queen were surprised, to say the least. "It's not supposed to be unlocked until the 17th birthday" said the Queen. "This could be bad." said the King. They looked inside and there was a table, but not any table, a table made of the finest dragon gold and jewels there were. The table had an unnatural light shining down on it, but the light was fading fast. "That table held the legendary weapons, you two were to be the next Link and Tigress, but the weapons have been stolen. If you don't get them back in 48 hours the land will be destroyed and turned to evil." explained the King.

Chapter 2: The Thief


"But what will we defend ourselves with" asked Mitch. I thought he was cute and he was so nice and funny. I had a crush on the boy but I thought all he wanted was to be friends. "I have ordered the most skilled craftsman and magicians to craft you a sword that will never break and will always stay sharp." replied the King, "and a shield that will protect you from almost any attack, but not all." The Queen said to me "We have made you a bow and arrow that will never run out of arrows and the arrows will fly through rock itself." We were given our weapons, and we were off. Our trip walked through the tempting forest, which was filled with beautiful but deadly traps and creatures. We left as soon as possible. We started through the forest in silence.

"Stop!" said Mitch. "What is it?"

"I heard something."

"What is it?"

"Not sure, stay here" he drew his sword and walked to the bush a way off, "Alright come out I know you're there." Out came a girl no older than us, she was a bit smaller than Mitch she had the most perfect body I had seen in a girl even more than the Queen's. As soon as Mitch called her out she ran to him and held on for dear life. "I'm sorry, I was hiding from some moths."

"Moths?" we said together.

"Yes, here they come." We heard flapping of something big coming. We drew our weapons and got them ready.

Over the clearing came 3 huge beautifully colored moths. Their mandibles were sharp and filled with poison. "Oh, those moths," Mitch said. With a mighty screech 1 of them dove. I let loose with an arrow. The arrow ran right through the moth's wing sending it reeling out of control. Mitch then threw his sword straight up slicing off another moth's wing. Then he jumped up, grabbed his sword and sliced a moth in both wings. We didn't kill the moths but we disabled them for a reason. While in training we learned that any evil thing was not truly evil. It had a mark hidden somewhere on its body. The mark was released when the original Link and Tigress killed the Vizzera. We were trained to sight out this symbol. The girl ran up to Mitch and kissed him. "You saved me!" she said after completing the long kiss. She was wearing a blouse and a short skirt, not too short but short enough. Mitch was, to say the least, surprised. I was mad, Who does she think she is just kissing a stranger, I thought.

We kept pushing forward in search of the thief. The girl followed Mitch around asking so many questions. Like "Why are you here?" "Who are you?" "Where did you learn to fight like that?" We got no more trouble from the local inhabitants. I guess our display earlier scared them away. Well we got to a cave for the night. We made a fire and we were about to turn in for the night, when I heard something moving. I looked and saw the girl walk up to Mitch and say "I want to thank you again for earlier." Then I saw something flash in her hand. I took a closer look and saw it was a knife. I lunged tackling the girl, wrestling her to the ground. We rolled around punching and blocking each other. I got on top and started rapidly punching her gut, she rolled on top of me and tried to stab me but I held back her hand and rolled on top of her, punching her face. Then she rolled on top of me and was about ready to finish me when I kicked her gut and flung her against the wall. She lay there against the cave wall, breathing hard.

I stood up with the knife in my hand. Mitch drew his sword and held it to her neck. "Who are you?" he asked. That's another thing I like about him, he is strong and does not show any emotion when dealing with the bad guy (or girl, in this case). "I am a servant of the long dead Vizzera," she said with a sneer. "We are trying to keep Link and Tigress from rising up again."

"So you took the weapons!"

"Yes" then she let out an evil laugh.

"Why you...." Mitch said raising his sword.

"Wait" I said. "Where are the weapons?"

"Right here" she made the weapons appear in her hand, "but they are practically of no use in the right hands and all the medallions are in place, " she said "but we removed the medallions and scattered them in places all over Evena. We also took away the power to go to your next level, Oni Link and Tigro." More evil laughter. "That's it!!!!" said Mitch. He raised his sword threatening to slice the girl in half. He came down but stopped a centimeter from her neck. "Now get out of here, before I change my mind," he said. She left as fast as she could. We turned in for the night. In the morning we got up and and packed to go back to the palace. "Hey Mitch my spear is missing," I said. "Don't worry about it, some animal probably stole it," he responded.


On the trip home I was looking at Ashley with new respect, but something was bothering me, why was she so mad when that girl kissed me? "Ashley?"


"Why were you so mad when that girl kissed me?"

Ashley sighed "I was trying to keep this secret from you but to tell the truth, I love you Mitch." I stopped in my tracks and started laughing. "You ok Mitch?"

"Never better!" I said with a big smile, "I love you too Ashley."

She just stood there not moving, stunned. She turned around and ran to me and flung herself into my arms and I held her. "So does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked.

"You better believe it!!!" Then we looked into each others eyes and we kissed a long kiss.

We held hands all the way to the castle. The weapons were wrapped up in a cloth. The King had told us not to touch them until the ceremony. We entered the main hall and found the whole kingdom was there. "Welcome Heroes, was your quest successful?" I held up the wrapped weapons and the whole crowd cheered. "There is a problem my king." I said.

"What is that, hero?"

"The servants of the Vizzera have scattered the medallions all over the land."

"Then you must go and get the medallions for with out them your weapons are powerless." said the Queen "but first the ceremony!"

The party was a grand thing, the biggest party I have ever seen. Then in front of the throne we knelt in front of the king and queen. They placed the weapons in front of us. We placed one hand on the hilt of our weapon and in a flash of light there knelt Link, Hero of Time and Tigress, The Tiger Demoness. I stood up and looked at myself. I had a shield and a sword sheath on my back. I was wearing a green tunic. My blond hair went down to my knees and was tied in a huge braid. I looked at Ashley as she stood up. She had the look of a tiger standing on two legs with the body shape of a girl. The as was by her side. It was huge, maybe 3 feet from blade to blade. The handle had a tiger head made of steel on the end. The double-sided blade was slid over the rest of the handle. In the very center of the blade there was a gem, that I knew from legend was the Tiger's eye. The crowed was silent, until I said "What are you waiting for, PARTY ON!!!!" Then a great cheer went up and I saw Tigress smiling." So how do you like it Tigress?"

"I love it!"

"So do I, shall we celebrate?"

"Yes." she said in a smooth silky voice.

Then we made out way better than I did with that girl.

We took a break after the party and became the adviser to the King and Queen. Over this period we got married, We had 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl. They were born just before we were about to leave. Ashley didn't want to leave but I told her that we had to go; but we would be back. Then we left the town and walked into the forest.


Chapter 3: Of Lizards or of Men


I was reluctant to leave our children, but Mitch convinced me to go. He was quite a strong looking man. He had told me many times that I was beautiful and that he loved me. As we entered the forest, he held my hand and whispered to me, "The children will be fine, they are under the best possible protection available."

"Thanks Mitch."

"That's what I'm here for" and we kissed. We walked toward the volcano.

There was a rustle in the leaves, Mitch drew his sword and shield and I drew my ax. Out fell a piece of coal with little yellow eyes. "Who are you and where did you come from?" asked Mitch. "I am a hothead from the volcano." said the coal. "You don't look hot" I said.

"That's because it's cold out here. Originally I am a fireball with yellow eyes."

"Cold! It's like 80 degrees out here!"

"You must consider I'm from 1,000,000-degree lava"

"Oh, if you put it that way then it's cold out here, ."

"Why are you here if it's so cold?" asked Mitch

"I came to warn you," was the reply, "The fire medallion is in the volcano but there is an evil man there, how he can stand the heat I don't know, beware!"

"Thank you, we will be careful"

"I must return to the lava before I freeze."

With that, he left.

We continued on the path toward the Volcano. Then we saw something huge blocking the road. We weren't sure what it was but we walked up to it. Mitch poked his sword at it, and we heard a loud yelp. "Hey!" said the thing. "What are you and why are you blocking a royal highway?" I asked. "I'm Blub and I'm on this highway because I was commanded by the King to block it."

"Why?" asked Mitch.

"Because of the danger on the other side."

"What danger?"

"There are several large lizards that breathe cold fire on the other side."

"We'll handle it."

"You don't understand, these lizard are like humans, they can speak and they are more like mutant lizard-men." said Blub. "They have imprisoned the towns on the other side."

"Do you know who we are?"


"We are the Heroes Link and Tigress."

"Oh, pardon me, I did not know, you may pass."

"Thanks Blub" I said.

"Any time" he responded "Take this Tigress. It's a blub armor, it will keep you cool in hot places, or hot in cool places."

"Thank you Blub" I took the armor and put it in our bag (it was a magic bag that held any amount of items). We left down the path toward the town.

The town was a beautiful place if you overlooked all the destruction and emptiness. As we entered, we were immediately attacked by two guards armed with short swords. You could tell the rank of the lizard by its scale color; these two were orange. We drew our weapons and got ready for battle. "These guys are natural servants of the Vizzera," I said. They lunged at us, swords slicing. We blocked every attack they gave us. On every clang of sword the villagers poked their heads out to see what was happening. We started attacking and the lizard-men couldn't keep up. We knocked their swords away and then stabbed them through their gut and they fell down dead. We wiped our weapons on the grass and sheathed them, then we went and picked up the gold the lizards had. All the villagers came out cheering. "Thank you, I'm Luther Pendragon, the mayor of this town."

"I have a feeling that was not the last of them." Mitch said.

"You're right. Our city has been under control of the lizard men for a while." Luther said in a sad voice "They make slaves of us and work us beyond what we can bear." I clinched my fist in anger, Mitch looked at me and said "What's wrong?"

"I have the memory of Tigress, and The planet she came from was originally the same way until Link and Tigress stopped the evil King."

"Yes I remember," Mitch said and put his arm around me and held me tight. "We will help you Luther."

"Thank you Link."

Then one of the people called out "Be careful, the leader can change into something he calls Demon Lizard." At the sound of this Mitch's eyes got really big and he ran up to the man and yelled "WHAT?!?!?"

"Mitch what's wrong?" I asked

Mitch calmed down and told me "He has my power to go to Oni Link, The Fallen Deity."

We walked up to the lizard's castle. We entered and ran up to the top of the castle killing any lizard-men that got in our way. We burst through the doors that led to the throne room. There sat the King of the lizard-men, bigger than all of the others and was bright red. He stood up and said "Welcome to your worst nightmare." He blew a blast of cold fire at us. Mitch jumped in front and put up his mirror shield. The fire hit the shield and went right back at him. The King dodged and I ran up and cut down hard. "Ahhhh!" said the king. I had grazed his arm with my blade. Then Mitch sliced him too, and got some of his tail. "You don't get it do you." he said. With a great yell he began to grow and transform. "You have my power!" Mitch yelled. "Yes and it's quite handy." He stood there 10 feet tall holding a sword that looked like two blades twisted in 2 big loops. Over his whole body was body armor. On his face were battle paints that weren't their before. "Now feel my wrath!" His sword started to glow. He tensed up and he swung in a crescent moon shape. A wave of power flew out from the blade and game at us. I tried to slam my fist together and raise my shield. The blast went right trough it though. Mitch tried to attack with his sword. He jumped up and landed behind him. But when he tried to attack, the armor just bounced the sword away. The king spun around back slapping Mitch and sending him into a wall. He got up and stumbled over to my side. "Let's attack together," I said. "Good idea." We put our weapons together and they grew brighter and brighter. "FIRE" we yelled together. The beam went out and got a direct hit on the king. He shrunk back to a normal lizard and fell to his knees. "You beat me but you will not beat the rest of us." I raised my ax and cut his head off. Mitch put his sword to his body and it glowed and he transformed into Oni Link. He transformed back and we kissed a good long kiss.


Chapter 4: The Fire Medallion


We left the village with the many thanks of the villagers and 100 gold pieces. We approached the foot of the volcano called Vollviga. The inside of the volcano was so hot we felt the heat through the thick rock walls. I put on my fire tunic and Ashley put on the blub armor Blub gave her. We entered the volcano and the hothead we met earlier was there waiting for us, this time as a small fireball. "Come with me" he said. We followed him to the main chamber. There were 2 pieces of land in the side divided by a large river of lava. In the center of the river was an island of rock and on this island were the fire medallions. On one end of the river was a ledge and on it was a throne. On this thrown was a man, just a normal man in normal clothes. How he stood the heat I don't know. "That is the man I told you about" said the hothead. The man looked our way and said "I finally get the privilege to meet the two responsible for my master's death." He stood up and continued, "Welcome to Vollviga, I'm Magma."

"Give us the medallions!" Ashley yelled.

"Get them yourself, but I suggest you hurry."

We looked in the middle and the island was sinking. I pulled out my hook shot and shot it to the ceiling of the cave. I then swung across, grabbing the medallions, and swinging back to my wife. We put them into our weapons and they disappeared. "What?!?!?" we said together. Magma started to laugh "You think it would be that easy?" He held up the two fire medallions and laughed some more.

The heat in the volcano got so hot I was beginning to feel the heat through my tunic. He jumped down to our level and began to transform. When he was done he looked like a person covered in cracked coal with lava underneath. We charged up to him slicing him like mad. We jumped back and looked at him. He just molded back into his original form. "Fools, your swords can't do anything to me." he said and lunged at us. We dodged but he was so hot we were singed on our arms. "My turn." I said. I started to glow with energy, and I transformed into Oni Link. "So I see The Lizard King failed to keep that power from you." he said. "Yea he failed." I then fired a magic blast but he dodged. "What's the matter can't heal from this attack?" I then constantly fired the Magic Blast until I hit him. He fell to his knees and Ashley ran up to him and sliced him into a lot of pieces. He fell down and his remains disintegrated. We picked up our fire medallions and placed them in our weapons.

The medallions glowed with intense heat and the curse of Magma was lifted and all the creatures were returned to normal and were no longer under the spell of the Vizzera. "Thank you very much!" Said the hothead,

"In return we will give you this coal, when you say 'ignite' the coal will catch on fire and will burn eternally until you say 'douse'."

"Thank you hothead" I said.

"And take this balm, it will heal any wound caused by fire."

We put the balm on our singes and left the volcano. "Let's go home on our way to our next medallion." I said

"That's a good idea Mitch. We can finally see what our kids have become."


Chapter 5: Trouble on the Home Front


We headed home with the volcano cleared of the Vizzera's servants. The creatures of the volcano taught Mitch a song called "Bolero of Fire". This song, if he played it, would summon some of the fire creatures to help us. I took off the blub armor when we got out of the volcano. On the way home we saw a royal soldier lying in the road. I ran up to him and saw he wore a dragon scale breast armor with the royal symbol. For pants he wore tights, and his hair was to his shoulders. His facial fair was a goatee. He was greatly injured with scratches and burns and he was knocked out. "Mitch get me the balm, hurry!" He gave me the balm and I healed the soldier of his burns. It was almost night and Mitch set out the coal, "Ignite" he said and the coal burst into flame. We found some vines and aloe and wrapped up the soldier's wounds. Mitch left for a while, and I just sat there staring at the fire. I heard moaning as the soldier stirred. "You better relax, you were badly injured." I told him. "Tigress?" he mumbled. Then Mitch came back with a good sized dragon and a canteen full of water. "Link?" Mitch stopped short when he saw that the man was awake "Oh, you're awake" Mitch said and held the water to the soldier's lips and the soldier drank. I hung the dragon on a stick and put it over the fire and said "Hotter" and the fire grew and heated up. I started rotating the dragon slowly so it would cook. "So soldier what is your name, rank, and what are you doing out here and in such a bad condition?"

"I'm Minion Leah, I'm part of the special bow and arrow division assigned to guard the King." He said "The minions of Vizzera attacked the castle and defeated all of the army."

"WHAT?!?!?!?!" we said together. I started to go hysterical. "My children! What happened to my children?!?!?!" I started to shake Minion. "Calm down Ashley" Mitch said and he held me back and pinned me to the ground. "What did happen to our children Minion?"

"Your children were the first to escape. They have been number one priority since you left."

"Hear that Ashley, the children have been saved." I calmed down and Mitch got off of me. "What has happened to the rest of the castle?" Mitch asked.

"Almost all of the servants and important people were saved, but over half of the army was destroyed in the battle to hold back the minions."

"We must go help them!" I said

"That would not be a good idea."


"The minions are strong, not even you can stop them with only 1 medallion." he said sadly "The only hope is if you collect all of the medallions."

"Would you like to join us Minion, The Lost Archer?" Mitch asked.

"Nothing would make me happier than to travel with the great Link and Tigress."

"I see you lost your weapon. Take the bow and arrow Ashley started off with."

"Thank you."

"Also take this short sword we picked up in out first battle with the lizard men, hopefully we can find you some magic you can use with your bow."

Mitch sat thinking for awhile. "I know, I'll play the 'Bolero of Fire'". Mitch got up and played the song and several hotheads came. "What is it Link?"

"Do you have a fire-ball spell you could give to our friend?"

"Of course." A fire-ball surrounded Minion and the fire soaked into him. "There, you should be able to shoot fire-ball arrows." Minion pulled back an arrow and shot it at a tree. The tree turned to ash and fell in a pile of soot. "I can make the fire appear at the end of the arrow or not." said Minion. We set off to the east where a large lake called Morpha was and the water medallion.


Chapter 6: Water Medallion


Link said I was an excellent archer. I can hit a 3 inch target from over 100 yards away. My fire arrows were extremely hot and burned anything that got in its way. Most things would burn by the heat surrounding the arrow and it burned before the arrow got there and the arrow kept going. We made it to Morpha lake after several hours with no problem. We looked around and didn't find anything resembling trouble or the medallions. We did find a small clam but he didn't seem like he could do much, so we let him be. "It looks like we'll have to go under water," Link said. "But how Link?" I asked. "I have a water tunic and iron boots so I have no problem" he said. "I don't know how you two are going to go under."

"I can help" said a voice from our feet. We looked down and saw the clam we had seen earlier.

"For a small price of 50 gold pieces I will give you a bubble spell."

"50 GOLD" Link yelled in surprise "That's the most expensive spell I've heard of."

"This spell allows you to breathe under water using a bubble that surrounds your body." He said

"This is the only spell of its kind and if you want that medallion so bad I suggest you buy it."

"How much money do we have?" He asked Ashley.

Ashley pulled out our money bag and started to count. "Let's see, we got 100 gold from the villagers and about 10 gold from both of the lizard-men, and we got another 30 from the rest of the lizard-men in the tower so we have a total of 150 gold pieces."

Link said to the clam "We'll take 2 spells." He gave him 100 gold of our money and he gave us the spells. "Just say 'bubble' to activate it." With that he left.

Link put on his iron boots so he could walk on the floor and his water tunic so he could breath. "Bubble" said Ashley and I together. "Are we ready?" Link asked. We both nodded our head yes. He walked over to the lake edge (those iron boots looked heavy on land). We dove into the water and started to walk on the lake floor. We walked for awhile, then I saw a faint blue light. "Come on guys I think I found the water medallions." We ran over to them, Ashley was in the lead. She suddenly stopped and just looked in surprise. I caught up to her and looked and saw that instead of 2 medallions there were 5. We walked up to them and Link took one of them and put it on his sword and it glowed blue. Ashley did the same thing. Then I walked up to the 3rd medallion. I touched it and my bow changed; it grew, it got some fancy designs on it and it also had holes. One of the holes had a fire medallion in it. I placed the water medallion in the second hole and it glowed just like the other 2 medallions did. Ashley took the other medallions and put it in our bag.

Just then a giant water snake came at us. We ran out of the lake and onto dry land. Just then an island broke off from the piece of land we were standing on. I was about to jump back into the water to swim for shore when I noticed that piranhas were all around our island so we couldn't get back to land. I noticed that all of the piranhas had the sign of Vizzera on them. The snake surfaced and I notice it had a full body armor. "Who are you?" Link asked. "I'm Leeran, I was sent here by the leader of Vizzera's troops to protect the water medallions." He fired a beam that was blue and looked a little like water. Link raised his shield and it bounced back at Leeran but his armor protected him. "We have to take out that armor." I said. We shot everything we had at it, but it still didn't break. Then Leeran whipped his tail and knocked out Link and Tigress in one shot. Leeran opened his mouth for another beam. I noticed that a small orb of water was in his mouth. I armed an arrow and fired a fire arrow at the orb. I hit it and the orb vaporized "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!" Leeran yelled in horror. His armor started to fall apart. I jumped up and stabbed him with the short sword in the heart and he fell down dead. His body separated into little drops of water and fell into the lake.

The fish stopped trying to keep us from the land and moved us back to land. "Thank you Minion" said the fish. Take this potion, it will revive your knocked out friends. Take this song and teach it to Link, it will use the spirits of water to heal a small wound."

"Thank you" I said to the fish. I woke up Link and Tigress. "What happened?" Asked Link as he came to. "Minion beat that monster, you should have seen it" said the fish. "You beat the monster Minion?" Asked Link

"Yes" I said.

"Good job" said Tigress "I guess you're part of the team, since you can collect Medallions."

"But why was there a 4th and 5th medallion?" asked Link

"We'll find out on the way." I said.

"You're right, to the power plant and the electric medallion."


Chapter 7: Once a Thief........


On our way to the power plant we decided to stop at a small town. Anytime we entered a town we always put on some kind of cloak to hide ourselves. As we went through the marketplace, an old lady stopped us and said "Would you like some fresh pie for the road young man?"

"No, but thanks anyway" I said. I saw a young girl in a cloak like mine trying to pickpocket the old lady. I quickly drew my sword and stabbed at the girl barely missing the lady. The old lady started to fall but Minion caught her. My sword had pinned the girl by her shirt to the wall. She struggled but couldn't get loose. "What's your name?" Minion asked her. "I am Rachel, leader of the thieves guild in this town."

"A thief must be punished if caught!" someone shouted from the crowd that had gathered. "Hold your tongue!" I turned and snapped back at him. When I turned around to face the thief, she was gone with half of her garment torn off.

I pulled out my sword from the wall and ran after her. I found the thieves guild and entered. It was dark and I couldn't see a thing. "So you followed me." The lights kicked on and there stood Rachel. "There's something strange about you......." I said "like I know you." She walked up to me and kissed me. Then it clicked, I shoved her away and drew my sword. "You're the one who stole the weapons!"

"Give the hero a prize."

"After we let you go!"

"You can never trust a thief."

"But we left you in bad condition, how did you survive the woods?"

She put on a new garment ready for battle. "One of my beloved thieves. You see they found me and fixed me right up. This pouch on my belt holds one dagger, but it is a magical pouch and now I have infinite daggers. Also I picked up this spear Tigress held when you first met me." She took out several daggers and threw them at me. I raised my shield and blocked them. Then I ran at her sword slashing. She raised her spear and blocked all of my blows. We flew to either side of the building. "That's it!" I shouted and I powered up to Oni Link. My sword began to glow a fiery red color. I began shooting out fireballs rapidly. She then spun her spear around and around and the fire balls bounced off. I ran up to her and sliced down hard and she tried to block but it knocked the spear out of her hand. I picked her up and tossed her aside. She got back up and laughed "You don't get it do you, I will not be defeated." She began to grow and she became a beast. The spear had become more decorative and it had another point at the other end.

"Do you recognize this yet Oni Link?"

"It can't be!" I said in horror. She was using the power of Tigro, The Evolved Demon. She began to descend on me but I moved and it got it's spear stuck in the ground. "My you're clumsy" I said as I stabbed her in the back. A bright light shone and there laid Rachel's clothes torn and defeated. The orb for Tigro lay next to her. "Link, you in there?" I heard Minion shout. "Yea it's safe, come in and see this." Ashley came in followed by Minion. I powered down back to Link and sheathed my sword. "What happened?" Ashley said. Then she noticed Rachel "You!" she started to charge her but I stopped her "Mitch?"

"She's been beaten. Let her be." I said "She had your power to transform, but she didn't know how to use it so she was easy enough, go on take it back." Ashley held her ax to the orb and it was absorbed into the ax. We heard someone clear their throat, we turned to see one of the thieves.

"Excuse me, Link, sir, it is thief law that the one who beats our leader is to be our next leader, our leader must be undefeated."

"No thanks," I said.

"Then if you don't want it the next thing you must do by law is let her join you in your quest, we do not want a weak leader."

"Oh really?" I said thoughtfully. "Mitch, you are not thinking....." Ashley said.

"I must agree with Tigress, Link." Minion said.

I walked up to Rachel and held out the water medallion. "Touch this," I told her.

She reached out and touched it and it began to glow and her spear changed to the one she held while using Tigro's power, only one-sided. Her pouch had holes in it now, one with the fire medallion. Minion and Ashley look on with amazement. I gave her the medallion and she placed in on the second hole. "You are now part of the team Rachel, The Banished Thief."

"Mitch may I have a word with you?" Ashley said. After pulling me over a few steps she said in a harsh whisper "Are you NUTS!?!?!?! She is the one who stole our weapons and tried to kill you."

"She is also the one the medallion of water chose."

"Once a thief, always a thief."

"Just trust me."


Chapter 8 : Electric Medallion


I didn't like the idea of a thief on our quest but Mitch said it must be done because the medallions said so. We approached the power plant (one of the most high-tech things in this world). However the plant looked a little bit more deserted than when we visited it for a field trip while we were in school. We entered, weapons ready for trouble.

Suddenly we heard a harsh, jumpy, like electricity, voice "You can't fight what you can't see." We looked around and saw quick flashes of light but that was it. We ran deeper into the plant followed closely by the quick attacker. We ran to a clearing and a bolt of lightning hit the ground in front of us. There stood a small elf that was glowing in electrical power. "I let you see me but not for long!" With that he jolted right off again. "We need to hit him with water!" shouted Minion. "Water is the way to go, I'll give you that, but I bet you can't hit me" the little elf said. Minion drew back his bow with a water arrow ready. He let go and the little elf cried out in surprise. "You almost hit me!! I must admit you are an excellent archer, but what's an archer without his bow." Then a flash of lightning flashed around us and when we could see we were bound in an electric chain with a lock and our weapons were gone. "Better yet what's a swordsman without his sword and an ax woman without her ax!!" He laughed. It sounded like crackling electricity. I looked around and saw that Rachel was not chained with us. Mitch tried to break the chain using his golden gauntlets, but as he tried he got shocked.

"Pssssst, Ashley." It was Rachel. She walked up to me and picked the lock. "Thanks, I guess I was wrong about you." We got up and picked up our weapons. Mitch powered up to Oni Link and started to glow. "Hey midget." The elf turned "DEMON BLAST!!!" and a giant beam flew out of Mitch's body and hit the elf. With an explosion of electricity, the whole plant was returned to normal. In the elf's place were 5 electric medallions. We all picked one up and Ashley put the 5th one in her bag. Out of nowhere men started to appear. "Thank you, that pintsized powerhouse had us captive in a realm made entirely of electricity."

"Your welcome."

"Take this in return." the man gave us a holographic map. We could bring up a 3-D map of Evena anytime we wanted to see what was ahead. It showed what villains sat waiting for us to try to get the next Medallion. We thanked the workers and headed on our way. We looked at the map and saw that we had to go through the Valley of the Stallator, The Mutant Horse. "I've heard of this guy" said one of the workers. "It's said he is like a minatour except instead of a bull, he's a horse and he carries a hammer and uses it with great ability and strength. "Thanks for the information" I said. With that we were off toward the Twinamold Desert.


Chapter 9: The Mighty Stallator: Joe


We left the power plant thanking the workers once again. We headed toward the Twinamold Desert, the largest desert in the world. On the way we had to walk through the Orchard of Forbidden Fruit. I looked around and the fruit looked like the best ever grown in Evena, better even than the royal fruit in the castle. I reached out to take a small apple, but Minion smacked my hand away. "What did you do that for?!?!" I asked. "If you touch any of this fruit, there is a terrible penalty," he told me. He turned away and followed after Mitch and Ashley. "A lot he knows" I muttered to myself. I reached out and grabbed one of the apples, nothing happened. "Ha, Minion nothing happened!" I shouted after him. Minion looked back with a look of horror on his face.

"What is it Minion?" All he did was point behind me. I looked and there stood a giant plant monster. "I am Synthesis, the guardian of this garden. You have stolen from one of my trees," said Synthesis. I threw a fire dagger at him, but he called a fire flower, and it swallowed the dagger and burped. "You will pay the ultimate price for stealing and resisting me. Synthesis snatched me up in one of his tentacles. The tentacle that snatched me started to grow thorns slowly from the base up to where it held me. I looked back to see where Link and the others were. "Sorry Rachel we can't help!" Shouted Link. They were in the middle of a battle with other tentacles, so I did the next best thing "HELP!!!!" I shouted. The first thorn to touch me was almost here. One thorn shot out and skinned my arm, and I was bleeding. Suddenly, I was free of the tentacle, I looked around and saw a long handled hammer flying and was turning back around to the thrower. I looked at the person who threw it and I gasped. "Person" was not the right description. He stood 9 feet tall, his legs were like the hind legs of a horse, his upper torso was a very muscular build, and his face looked like a black stallion. His entire body was covered in black, shiny horse hair. I just sat there and stared at him. "My guess is he is Stallator," Mitch said from beside me. "Get out of here!" Stallator said to us. He had a gruff voice. We all ran and he was close behind us taking care of any plants that attacked us.

We left the forbidden orchard, and entered a hilly plain. "It's beautiful!" I exclaimed. The entire field was covered with the softest grass, and patches of the most beautiful flowers were scattered at random. There were no trees. In the very center of the field was a large lake that was filled with the purest water. Minion took a drink from it, "It's sweet water." I looked at Mitch who had his mouth wide open. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." he said. "It's my home," Stallator said from behind us. We spun around in surprise, not that he was there, but because of what he said. He walked up to the edge of the lake, left his hammer on the bank and dove into the water. He swam quite well for a beast with only 2 horse legs, but I looked again and my neck almost broke from the double-take. Instead of the hind horse legs I had seen earlier, there was a fin like a merman's. "Do you see that guys?!?!" I asked. They just nodded. "Dive in the water's great" Stallator shouted. "I don't think we've been properly introduced" said Mitch. Stallator climbed out of the water and his feet changed back to the feet of a horse.

"I'm Joe, The Animal Mutant," he said. "I live here and I can change my legs and arms into any part of another animal I want. The only time I can change my whole body is if I go human or horse." He demonstrated this by changing to a giant stallion, the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. Then he changed into a man, a tall man, also with a muscular build. His face was hard but his eyes were kind and he was nicely tanned. He had a square jaw and long black hair that went halfway down his back. My jaw dropped at seeing how handsome he was. "I've been rejected by all animals and humans because I'm all of them at the same time," Joe said. "So I live here all by myself." After Mitch recovered from the shock he said, "I'm Link, The Hero of Time, or Mitch, which ever you want to call me."

"I'm Ashley his wife, or you can call me Tigress, The Tiger Demoness."

"I'm Minion, The Lost Archer."

"I'm Rachel, The Banned Thief."

"Now that we have introductions settled, would you like to join us, Joe, The Animal Mutant?" Mitch held out the 3 remaining medallions, "Go ahead, touch them." Joe reached out his hand and touched the medallion. His whole body glowed and in his hammer, holes appeared in the head. Joe popped the medallions into the hammerhead and said, "Well what are you waiting for, lets get moving." As we left Joe said "Hold on" and he turned around, pointed his hammer at his field and a fire dome surrounded it. "Now we can leave."


Chapter 10: The Rock Medallion


Joe was a great help to our team. He was strong, but had a kind heart. He looked like he would rip your heart out and shove it down your throat, and he could, but he was a very kind soul and would never kill anything unless he had no choice. I thought it was unusual for him to be able to use the medallions so well. He had no surprised look on his face when he obtained the power we gave him. It's like he knew what was going to happen. I decided to leave it alone. We headed toward the Twinamold Desert. It was farther away than we had thought. We had to stop for a rest.

Suddenly Joe sniffed the air and said "Trouble". Link immediately got up and drew his sword. A shape landed right in front of Link. He was tall and held a sword in his hand. He was quite muscular, wore a long trench coat and under that he wore something a ninja would wear. His hair was spiked about 5in above his head and he had a ribbon tied around his forehead. "I'm Yamma, the desert bandit" the man said. "I used to live in the desert until my home was taken over by the Golem Prince." Yamma said. He continued. "He said this was for my own good, I tried to fight back but his golems attacked me. He said that Vizzera said to protect the rock medallions from Link and his group, so they kicked me out of my own home and I've lived in this jungle ever since." Link sheathed his sword and said "We'll help you get your home back." "Wait, did you say he said 'Vizzera said'?" Tigress asked. "Yes" Yamma answered. "That doesn't sound good, it must mean Vizzera is alive somewhere, but not strong enough to attack." Link said. "We must find all the medallions soon," I said. "Yes, so we will help this man and get our medallions too," Link said.

We followed Yamma to the edge of the desert where his house was. When we got there, there were golems surrounding the house. "Alright, golems are made of rock so the only thing that will beat them is high pressured water, or smashing them to pieces, and I mean dust pieces," I informed the group. "So Joe will probably be the most effective, but whatever you do, do not slice them!"

"Why?" Yamma asked.

"Because if you slice them they will most likely regenerate to make 2 golems."

"Oh, we don't want that."

"Another option is to shoot water at them, get them wet in their cracks and then hit them with fire and they will explode." Joe said.

"Good idea Joe" Tigress said.

"Yes, that will work too, good job Joe." I said.

"So are we ready?" Link asked.

"Any way I can help?" Yamma said.

"Do you know magic?"

"Not really, I am strong."

"You are a bandit right?"

"Yea, I can steal things easily."

"Good, you can steal the rock medallions for us."

"Surely you have a camouflage." Tigress said.


"We need to think of some powers for you, and how to get them to you."

"Play the 'Bolero of Fire'" I said. "We can give him the power to turn into smoke."

"Good Idea" Link said. Link sat down on a rock, pulled out his ocarina and played the 'Bolero of Fire'. This time several Fire-snakes came to Link's aid. "You need something Link?" One of them said. "Yes, give this man the ability to look like smoke." Link said pointing at Yamma. "Okay, no problem." A small glow appeared above the Fire-snake. The light shot at Yamma and he phased in and out of a form that looked like smoke, but also looked solid. "It's done." said the Fire-snake. "Thanks a lot" said Link and the Fire-snake left in a ball of fire. "Are we all ready?" Tigress asked everyone. In answer, Link faced her and drew his Megaton Hammer in one hand and his sword in the other. Every one else also drew her weapons. "I'll take that as a 'yes'" Tigress said. Then she shouted "LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!!!!"

Link stepped out from the bushes we were hiding in. Immediately several golems jumped him. Link spun his hammer in a circle and crumbled the golems that had attacked him. The rest of us followed him, except Yamma, who went around to steal the medallions. I was using the strategy that Joe suggested, by shooting the golems with water arrows and then hitting them with my fire arrow, as Joe predicted, they exploded. Tigress was using her tiger strength to punch and kick the golems to gravel. Rachel was using her daggers to inject the golems with water and then hitting them with her spear, on fire. Joe was having the easiest time destroying the golems. He would just take one hit and one or more golems would crumble. Joe was even using his fists and hoofs. I looked at where the Golem Prince was sitting and saw the medallions right behind him. suddenly the medallions disappeared. Not long after that Yamma was behind us with the medallions in hand. "Link, here catch," and he tossed one to Link. "Heads up everyone," and he tossed one to each of us. Link Put his in his sword handle and a brown light glowed from the medallion. Link swung his sword in the direction of the golem he was fighting and it went back underground. We all did the same until there were no more golems. The golem prince was staring at us wirth mouth open "But how!?!?!?!" he said in surprise. "Let's just say I was not happy that you took my home so I helped these guys" Yamma said. "Oh well, no matter the rock medallions won't help you beat me." He stood up and grew and grew and grew some more. When he was done he was possibly as big as a 5 story building. Also he was made out of solid diamond.

We tried everything, but none of our weapons worked. Not even Joe was powerful enough to break solid diamond. So all we could do was dodge his diamond spears and keep trying. "I have an idea" said Joe. "What is it?" Asked Link. "Can you jump up to his head?" Joe called back. "I think so, why?" Link said back. "Well since our weapons won't work separately, let's try them together," Joe said. He continued "Jump to the top of his head and place your sword on his head; I'll be right behind you and smash your sword into his head. You inject water into him." Then Joe told us "Once we inject the water into him, hit him with the hottest fire you can cook up." "Sounds good" I said, "Let's go!" Shouted Link. The rest of the group shouted out in agreement. Link jumped up using the ridges on the Prince's body to make it to his head. The giant golem tried to swipe at Link, but Link was too fast for him to hit him. Link made it to the top and slammed his sword down into his head but of course it didn't do anything. But Joe came up right after him and hammered the sword into his head. I heard a crack as the sword broke the skin. Then we saw water flooding the golem, since he was clear. We tried to shoot fire at it, but it couldn't make it past the skin. "Minion, take this!" Link tossed down his Megaton Hammer and I grabbed it in mid-air. "Rachel a dagger!" I called out to her. She pulled one out of her pouch and handed it to me. I placed it to the diamond and hammered it with the hammer, just like Joe did. There was a crack as the skin broke. I jumped back and shot the hottest fire arrow I could at it. We could see the water bubbling and expanding.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?" The Golem Prince screamed. "Duck and cover!" Link shouted as he jumped down from the top. Tigress raised a rock wall. Just as Link and Joe got behind the wall there was the biggest explosion I have ever heard. Small, sharp pieces of diamond flew in all directions, but the rock wall kept us from getting hurt. When it all cleared we looked around and saw that the entire desert as far as we could see was covered in diamond pieces. We went out and gathered all of the pieces for money. "Thank you for getting that monster out of my desert," Yamma said. "Your desert?" I asked. "Yea, you see I'm not a desert bandit, I'm the desert wizard," Yamma explained. "Why couldn't you beat the Prince yourself?" Rachel asked. "I'm only able to use Desert magic, and they were made of rock, not much of a difference, so my magic wouldn't have affected them," Yamma answered. "For your help I will give you a bag of Sleeping Sand," he said giving Tigress a medium size bag and she put it in the pack. "Now I assume you must be on your way to find the next medallion, so goodbye, friends." and he disappeared in a whirl of sand. Link turned to Joe and me "You two are the heroes of this battle. Thanks to your quick thinking," he said pointing to Joe "and your quick action, we won that battle" he continued, pointing to me. "Now where do we go?" Link asked Rachel, who was in charge of the map. "Uh, we go straight up" she said "What?!?"

"The Wind Medallions are in a little air colony about a day's trip north and two days walking, up."

"Joe you can fly can't you?"

"Yes but not for two or more days" Joe said.

"Man, and airplanes were banned a long time ago. Well let's start walking and we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

"Mitch, I was worried about you" Tigress said.

"You don't need to be worried about me, I'm indestructible!" Link said with a laugh, and he gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips. I was not paying attention to this; I was looking at Joe. He was way too calm and too good at this hero business for a peace-loving mutant. There was something more to him, but what? "Alright everyone, let's go get that medallion!" Link said.

Chapter 11: Old Acquaintances


We were walking along a shielded path about 10 feet off the ground. It was a royal pathway so there were other people on it, but not many because of the attack on the castle. I was in my man form so not to attract too much attention. Link and Tigress were wearing cloaks so no one could see them. Rachel and Minion were just normal because no one had heard of them and they looked no different than the next person. I looked at Rachel and saw that she was very beautiful. She had the most perfect body form and she was really nice. I think I'm in love, I thought. This hero business is not new to me. I had tried to be a hero once but all of the people I saved ran away scared. Not only that but I am magic so I know how to use magic things. I told this to Minion soon after the battle with the Golem Prince. He asked me why I did not seem surprised by the fact I was traveling with the greatest heroes ever to live, and why I could use the magic medallions so well.

We saw a family of people in front of us, a mom, a dad, two kids, one brother one sister. The girl was about 18, the boy about 14. They were passing one of the side tunnels that led down to the ground, when they met a group of guys, in their teens - mid-twenties. They rode hover bikes holding beam guns and maces or swords. There was one girl in the group. They circled the family, laughing at the scared look on their faces. "I would stop if I were you" Link said to them. The group turned to Link and started laughing at him. "What have we here?" The leader said getting off his bike. The gang followed his lead. They approached Link "Who do you think you are telling Matt and his gang to stop?" Link's eyes widened "Did you say Matt, as in Matt Maver."

"Yes that is my last name," he said, sounding suspicious. Tigress' eyes widened too.

"Well, we'll tell you who we are." Link said. He flung off his cloak and the gang gasped. Tigress did the same thing and the gang gasped louder. "Link and Tigress!"

"We're more than that." Link said.

There was a flash of light and a man stood there I had never seen before. "Do you remember me Matt?" said the man. This time it was Matt's turn to drop his jaw. "Mitch!! But how?" Matt said. Mitch was a tall man with short beautiful gold hair. He was not one you would consider really muscular, but he looked like he could beat a few people at the same time. He wore a scarlet royal tunic with the royal seal on his right chest (which meant that was the most important person next to the king). His boots were the finest black boots I have ever seen. There was another flash of light and I looked at Tigress, but instead what I saw was a beautiful young woman. She was a little bit shorter than Mitch, but not as muscular. However I bet she and Mitch were pretty even in strength. She was wearing the same thing Mitch was. "Ashley!!! OK What's going on here?" Matt said. "We are Link and Tigress. These were our bodies before we became Link and Tigress" Mitch said. "Matt here was our best friend at school, but one day we were taken away to be trained for the job of the greatest heroes this world has ever known" Tigress finished. "So Matt why did you become a biker gang leader?" Mitch asked. "Well, I guess this is a debt repay for someone who helped me" was Matt's answer.

"What happened?" Ashley asked.

"Well after you left, the local bullies started picking on me and playing pranks. They even used beam guns set on stun or pain to hurt me." Matt explained "I was running from them one day when I tripped on a laser speed bump and fell in a sewer portal."

"Oh man," Ashley said "We were the strongest kids in class, no one dared to mess with us, however Matt was probably the weakest kid so we helped him out."

"Yea, but when I woke up, I was in a bright room with comfortable furniture and a giant fish tank with several large tropical fish. I was lying out on a couch, there was a desk with a window looking out over the entire land of Evena. I figured it was in one of the larger air colonies. The chair spun around and I saw a man who was wearing an expensive suit and he wore an emblem on his chest that I recognized as the Seal of the Air Colonies. 'Welcome Matt' the man said to me. 'Who are you and what do you want of me?' I asked him. 'I understand you have problems with bullies at school.'


'How would you like to be able to beat them and do a favor for me at the same time?'

'That would be... wait what favor?'

'Oh nothing much, just be the leader of a bike gang to stop Link and Tigress from getting up here to receive their Wind Medallions.'"

"I don't know what I was thinking. I just looked into his eyes and it looked like I was looking down into a tornado and I just accepted his offer. So he gave me these gauntlets, they have special powers. Whatever is shot at me or if a punch is thrown at me I block it and I can return it to them 2x the power they shot." He held up his hands and there were a pair of gauntlets that looked like a biker gang's fire with a clear jewel in the center. "I've seen that jewel before," I said. "Like he said it can return what it receives 2x, when it holds some power it glows purple if it gets more power it will turn a blue, then green, then yellow, then orange then red, then...." I faded off. "Then what?" Mitch asked me. "Then, boom." I answered. "So if his gauntlets receive too much power without releasing it, they blow up?" Ashley asked.


"Matt can we have the gauntlets?" Mitch asked.

"Sure, that man had me under some kind of hypnotism, I don't want to do this any more" Matt said as he took off the gauntlets. Mitch took them and turned to us. He looked around a little, and tossed them to Rachel. "Here, you wear them" he said. "Thanks Lin.... I mean Mitch" she said as she put them on. "I think it's time to visit your 'boss' Matt, can you take us to him?" Mitch asked Matt turning back into Link- The Hero of Time. "Sure," Matt answered as Ashley turned back into Tigress- The Tiger Demoness. We set off down the side tunnel the bike gang had come from.


Chapter 12: The Wind Medallion


We were walking down the side path we first saw the biker gang exit from. As we approached the end of the tunnel, two flying centaurs landed in front of us. They wore armor on the upper part of their bodies and they both carried a spear. I noticed the mark of Vizzera in their tail hair. "Stop!" one of them said. "What is your business with the great Compo- the King of the Four Winds?" The other one asked. "We have captured the heroes that are against the Mighty Vizzera." Matt answered. "Then why are they not in chains?" The first one asked. He never got an answer because Link jumped forward and cut off their tails with his sword and the centaurs slumped, knocked out. "Shall we continue?" Link said sheathing his sword. We walked down the path the rest of the way and we arrived at an airshaft leading straight up. The biker gang parked their bikes just outside of the shaft and they stepped into the air shaft and were gone. We stepped into it next and all of a sudden we were at the top of the air shaft stepping out onto solid ground, about 10,000 feet in the air.

There was a dome surrounding the colonies that kept the pressure from killing the citizens. "Just head for the largest building and Compo is there" Matt told us. "We'll beat him for you Matt," Link said, and held out his hand. Matt reached out and did a special handshake, "Best friends forever," they said together. Then Tigress approached Matt and she gave him a hug "Take care of yourself," she said. "You know I will," Matt responded. So we approached the large building and opened the heavy steel doors. Inside was a huge hallway with 2 large doors on each side and one huge one at the other end of the hallway. "Compo makes this too easy, doesn't he?" I said to Link. "Not so," Link said back. He turned to the group. "Alright, Compo is in one of these rooms, not necessarily the biggest one" Link told us. "But this guy is a complete 'air head', pun intended" I said. "Maybe your right, let's split up, I'll check the huge room." Link said. "I'll take the first one on the right" Minion said. "I got the second one on the left" I called. "I'll take the second one on the right" Tigress said. "That leaves me with the first one on the left" Joe said. "Alright that was settled fast, let's open the doors at the same time" Link said. We each went to the doors we picked. "On the count of 3" Link called. "1..2..3!!" He shouted. We all flung open the door and looked inside. We all called, at the same time "I found him!!!"

We all backed up into the hallway and hit each other and stopped. "Hahahahaha" the Compos laughed. "Try to find the right one. If you choose the right one then we will fight one-on-one, if not you will be removed from the premises" they said with an evil smile on his face. "DIE!!!" Link said and charged the one that came out of the first door on the left. He jumped at him his sword drawn and he flew right through him. A gust of wind picked him up and the Compo threw some razor feathers at him and scratched him up pretty bad. The wind launched him out of the building. "That's it!" Joe said and began to charge the one that came out of the huge doors. "Wait!" I called, but it was too late. Joe rushed at him but it was a fake. Joe got the same treatment as Link when he chose the wrong one, except he didn't fly out of the building. I ran over to him and clung onto him and began to cry. "Joe!" I cried. "Rachel, I love you." Joe said and then he went unconscious. I looked up with a look of anger on my face. "I'll attack next" I said calmly. I looked around and I fixed my gaze on the one that came out of the second door on the right. I began to turn but I whipped back around and threw a handful of daggers at the one I had looked at. The daggers were thrown so fast that it caught the Compo off guard. He dodged, but not by much. "Very good" he said, "now choose one of your party members to fight me one-on-one, of course Link and Joe are out of the fight" Compo laughed evilly. "I'll fight him" Tigress said. "Tigress, here" and I slipped her the gauntlets. Tigress took off the other gauntlets and slipped on the other ones. She turned to Compo. "I'll be the one you fight," she said. Suddenly I saw a burst of flame that engulfed Tigress, and out of the flame came the mighty Tigro- The Evolved Demon.

"Tigro, nice, but not nice enough," Compo said. Tigro tried to attack Compo but he just dodged and laughed. Tigro charged, ax swinging, but Compo was using his wind powers to move faster than Tigro. "Tigro, you need to paralyze him," Minion called out. "I know, but how," Tigro said, her voice sounded like a mix of human voice and tiger roar. "Get him to attack you," was Minion's reply. I saw Tigro's eyes light up. She kept trying to attack, but Compo kept dodging. Finally Compo attacked with a tornado like he did with Link and Joe. Tigro let the tornado catch her. Compo started throwing razor feathers at Tigro, but this time Tigro used the gauntlets to absorb the feathers and Compo was surprised. He just looked at Tigro and he let her down because he was so stunned. "How did you get those!?!?" He asked in surprise. "Let's just say a friend gave them to me," Tigro said "Now, EAT FEATHER!!!!" Tigro clapped her hands together and feathers flew out of her hands at Compo and he fell to the ground scratched up, but not dead. "You fool, do you not realize what is happening?" Compo said. "Yea, I realize you are about to die and we are going to get the wind medallions" Tigro said back. Compo laughed "You fool! The resurrection of Vizzera is here!!" Compo said. we just sat there and stared. "Liar!" Tigro said. "I would not lie about something like this," was Compo's response. "Die!!!" Tigro screamed. It spun the double ax-head staff around really fast. "FIRE VORTEX!!" and a giant tornado of fire flew out of the spinning staff. I hit Compo full blast and with a scream he degenerated into ashes and they blew away into the dome.

The wind medallions were sitting there, glowing white. Tigro changed back into Tigress and picked up her medallion, I did the same, so did Minion. I ran over to Joe and knelt by his side. Suddenly there was someone behind me. I spun around, spear ready. "Whoa, I'm a good guy again!" Said the man that was behind me. "I was one of Compo's servants, under his control," the man continued. "For your heroics in defeating Compo for us, I will give you this. He held out a small bottle of powder. "It's extra power healing powder, it works better than the song the water creatures," he told me. "Thanks, what's your name?" I asked him. "My name is Guy," He said. I sprinkled some of the powder on Joe and the wounds disappeared and he woke up. "Joe!" I said, "I found Compo and....." I couldn't continue because he put his finger to my lips, he transformed into full human and kissed me. I kissed back. We got up and walked outside to where Link and Tigress were standing. Link looked beat up but he could stand with Tigress' help. I sprinkled some of the healing powder on Link and he healed just like Joe did. All the citizens were gathered in front of the building, drawn by the noise of our battle. "Who will be our leader now?" The people asked. "That's a good question, Link?" I asked Link. "I think your new leader should be," Link paused, "Matt Maver." Matt walked up to the front "Wait a minute Mitch, there is no way I'm going to be able to lead all of the flying colonies!" "You were never good at learning how to defend yourself, but you always were a good leader, better than me even," Link said, and gave him the staff of the four winds, one of the things Compo left behind. "Here take this too, it is a bag of sleeping sand. Not sure what you're going to do with it, but just in case," Link said as he gave him the bag of sand the desert wizard gave him. Matt held the staff high above his head and the crowd cheered. "We need to be on our way," Link said as he held out his hand again for Matt and they did their handshake. Tigress walked up to him and hugged him again and then we headed for the tube and the crowd cheered for us as we left down the tube we came from. "Where now?" I asked Link. "Now, we go home," was his response.

Chapter 13: Homeward Bound


We were finally headed home, I couldn't believe it. I noticed Rachel and Joe were looking kind of close. The closer we got to the castle and the town the more we ran into servants of Vizzera. Most were easy but the closer we got the harder they got. Not only that, but Vizzera was placing his sign on parts of the body that were important and if we sliced them there it would kill them. So we did the next best thing; knocked them out. We reached the foot of the hill that overlooked the castle. At the top we saw what looked like boulders with holes in them. Suddenly little balls made of steel came rolling out of the holes. "They're giant armored pill bugs," Minion said "They have an armor surrounding the topside of their body, but the underside is vulnerable, not to mention they can't get up if you flip them over." "They can't get up period?" Rachel asked. "Not for several hours anyway," Minion said.

Joe pointed his hammer at the ground just before the first pill bug, and a pillar of rock rose just as the rolling pill bug was over it and it was flung into the air. The bug was so surprised it uncurled and landed on his back. I aimed my sword at the "rock" at the top of the hill (I presumed was the nest) and a fireball shot out of my sword and the "rock" melted. "Yea I thought so, those are nests at the top of the hill, they're only made of wax or something," I told the rest of the gang. Tigress shot a fireball at the other nest and it melted. There were only 2 more pill bugs left. "Can I borrow your Megaton hammer, Link?" Minion asked. "Sure" I said giving him my hammer. Minion stepped in front of a rolling pill bug and placed the hammer to the ground. As the pill bug got closer Minion pulled back the hammer and swung like a golfer and hit the pill bug into the nest, which was still burning. "My turn," Rachel said. She pulled out a dagger and her fire, rock, and water medallions started to glow. She threw the dagger at the remaining bug and as it hit, the dagger exploded and the pill bug was left upside down. Tigress and I pointed our weapons at the burning nests and water came up from underneath and extinguished the nests.

We climbed the hill and looked at what used to be our castle. There was an evil look to it now, and the sky was red from this hill all the way to the castle. The castle had a dark shadow around it. The shadow was so dark it was beyond black. I took a good look at the shadow and my eyes widened and I gasped. "What is it Mitch?" Tigress asked me when she heard me gasp. That shadow, it feels different, like the ultimate evil. I think Vizzera is back," I said. "WHAT!!" The rest of the group said at the same time. We heard noise behind us. We turned around and saw a young man and a young woman standing there. Both of them wore swords and a dagger at their side. We were in our disguises so they did not recognize us as the legendary heroes. "Come in strangers," the young man said. So we followed them into the tree entrance they had come out of. We were going deep underground and we came out in a huge cavern brightly lit. "Hide all your medallions and weapons," I whispered back to the group. "We don't want trouble and if they are trouble then we need to have the surprise."

The cavern had beds, kitchens, and a meeting place, but that was about it. We approached the meeting room, which was filled with people and in the front was an old man and old woman. "We found these intruders outside," the young woman said. "Very well, we will give them a chance to prove themselves," the old man said. "Your leader will fight our best swordsman in a one-on-one sword fight. If you win then you stay and live, if not you will all die." The old man told us. "I would be the leader," I said, "Just give me a second to prepare." I walked over and changed my face to look like someone different and I made my sword look different too. I turned around and said "I'm ready."

An area was cleared out for the young man that had led us in and me. We faced each other, bowed and started. He charged at me sword swinging. I blocked but not by much. "Your father must have been an excellent swordsman," I told him, as I flung him back, but he landed feet first. "He was the best," the young man answered, "but he was not the one who taught me." I lunged at him with a special move where I jumped high into the air and brought my sword stabbing down. He side jumped, bounced back and did a horizontal slice, but I ducked low enough for him to miss. "My father left long ago, while I was still young," he said "my mother left with him, they are both believed to be dead." We jumped back to either side of the ring. "Who was your father, boy?" I asked him. "That is none of your business," he said. "My your a snotty boy, time to teach you some manners." I held my sword behind me and it started to glow. "MAGIC SWORD SPIN!!" I shouted and a wave of magic flew out and hit the boy and he flew back. The old man, old woman, and about everyone were staring at me. "What?" I asked. "That move," the young man said in amazement; "that is the same move my father knew." He continued. "Who was your father I ask again," I said. "He was the greatest hero this world had ever know, and my mother was equal with him. They were Link- The Hero of Time and Tigress- The Tiger Demoness." Now it was my turn to stare. "You are the boy of Link and Tigress? And is that your sister?" I asked pointing at the young woman. "Yes we are siblings." I started to laugh my heart out. "What is so funny? The mention of Link and Tigress' name should be respected not laughed at," said an old man from the audience. I recognized him as the same swordsman teacher I had while I was studying to be Link. "Aro," I said still laughing "I'm ashamed you did not teach my son the same thing you taught me."

With that I transformed into Link and Ashley into Tigress. "It feels good to be HOME!!!!!!!!!" I said. Our son and daughter came rushing at us and started to hug us. "You thought we were dead?" Tigress asked our children. "All of us did, yes," Our daughter answered her. "What made you think that?" I asked. "When the minions of Vizzera attacked, we thought you were no longer alive to stop them," my daughter said. "They attacked early in our mission, we only had the fire medallion, so Minion told us that we didn't stand a chance," Ashley said. I turned to the king and queen and motioned for the rest of my group to come over to join me. "Your highness, along our journey we found that there were 5 medallions at each location," I said. "We found several people that, if they touched the medallions, they could use the powers of the elements. So we made them part of our team. First is Minion Leah- The Lost Archer. He was part of your archer force. Next is Rachel- The Banished Thief. She's the one who stole the weapons but she's a good girl now. Last, but not least, Joe- The Animal Mutant," I said pointing to each of them. "Welcome, we hope you make yourself at home," the king said to each of them. "We need some food and rest, then we need to take back the castle," I said. "The only help we can provide for you is your own son and daughter," the queen said. "That's okay, we know that your entire army was whipped by the minions," Tigress said.

They gave us the best meal in the house and all the children (and even some of the adults) gathered around to listen to our stories. We went to bed rather early so we could kick butt the next day. In the morning we arose, went into the meeting room and ate a champion's breakfast. We approached the makeshift throne where the king and queen sat. "We are on our way, any advice on what we're up against?" I asked the king. "Yes, there are mostly goblins. Take this," The king said giving me a case with a golden design on it. I opened it and inside was what I recognized right away as the Light Arrow. "This will stun Vizzera for a short amount of time, considering he is made of shadow," the queen said. "The monsters out there are only Vizzera's creations, so don't worry about killing them." "Thank you your highness," I said and we left for the castle.

Chapter 14: Operation: Take Back


We were at the top of the hill that overlooked the castle. From what we could gather, they were ready for us. One of the armored pill bugs must have made it back to warn them we were here. All of Vizzera's forces were huddled around the castle, and I knew that there were more goblins in the castle itself. "Okay here is the plan; Ashley and I will help you fight the goblins as long as we can. After that we need you guys to clear a path to the castle and we will take out all of the goblins in there. At the top we will meet Vizzera himself. If you guys take out all of the goblins on the outside, then feel free to help us if we need it." Mitch told us all. "Alright are we ready to do some shadow boxing?" Mitch said. "Yea!" We all shouted. We rushed down to the gate of the city walls. The gate was locked when we got there. "Joe, will you do the honors?" Mitch asked. Joe drew back his hammer. I saw every muscle tense in his body, and he let swing with a blow that could knock over a hover train. The door flew into splinters and killed some of the goblins in the process. I kissed Mitch before we went in, I saw Rachel and Joe kissing too. "Oh fine, and I have no one!" Minion complained. We all laughed at the joke and rushed in slashing at the goblins like mad.

I powered up to Tigro and Mitch powered up to Oni Link. I spun my ax around and threw it at a group of goblins "AX BOOMERANG!" and my ax sliced up the goblins and came back to me. Mitch's sword started to glow, and he swung it in a half circle toward a line of goblins coming after him. "MAGIC SWORD WAVE!" as a semi-circle of power flew out of his sword and hit the line of goblins and the one behind it too. I looked at Joe and the rest of the group. Joe slammed the ground, his electric medallions glowing, and a bolt of lightning flew across the ground eliminating any goblin that got in its way. Rachel was stabbing goblins that got close to her with her spear, and she reached into her pouch and grabbed a handful of daggers and threw them at the goblins, killing 7 or 8 at a time. Minion pulled out an arrow, took aim toward the top of the castle and shouted "RAIN OF ARROW!!" When he released the one arrow, 20 or 30 arrows came out and rained on the goblins. "Ashley, come on, let's get out of here," Mitch said to me. "Special attacks, at the same time." We turned toward the entrance of the castle and Mitch shouted "DEMON BLAST!" and I shouted "FIRE VORTEX!", at the same time and we cleared the path and blasted open the door to the castle. We ran through, killing any foolish goblin that got in our way. I looked back and Joe had transformed into a centaur and running straight through the crowd, hitting goblins with his hammer and trampling anyone he missed. I turned and followed Mitch into the castle.


We were kicking some goblin butt. We were all using our various powers to wipe out as many goblins as we could. I saw Link and Tigress clear a path for themselves and run into the door of the castle. I transformed into a centaur and started running straight through the crowd, hitting goblins with my hammer and trampling anyone I missed. I transformed back into a human and used my element powers to take out as many goblins as I could. I was holding back some goblins when my back ran into someone. I took a glance back and saw that it was Rachel. I kept on fighting the goblins and whipping them out. "Rachel," I said. "Yes Joe," she said back. "Rachel, will you marry me?" I asked. "Of course I will Joe," I held all the goblins back with a fire shield and turned to Rachel. We kissed right there and then. "Now, shall we kick some more goblin butt?" I asked, "Sure why not," she turned back around.

We had already destroyed about half of the goblins. "That's it," Minion said, "everybody gather around me." We did as he said and he slammed his bow into the ground, his rock and fire medallions glowing. The ground opened up underneath the rest of the goblins and they fell into a pit of lava. The ground closed back up and there were no more goblins left. "Nice job Minion," Rachel told him. "Let's hope Link and Tigress are doing as good as we are," Minion said.


We climbed the stairs, having already eliminated all of the goblins in the castle. Now there was only one goblin left. We got to the large doors that led to the great throne room. I turned to Ashley and gave her a kiss and she kissed me back. "I love you Ashley," I told her. "I love you too, Mitch." We turned to the doors, and I opened them. There sitting in a thrown at the far side of the room was Vizzera, the worst creature alive. "Welcome, Link and Tigress," he said to us, like greeting old friends. We combined into the form of Liger- The Ultimate Hero.



There I stood, a tiger mutant standing about 8 feet tall. I wielded a weapon that looked like a battle-ax with a 6 foot blade extending from it. I wore a tunic that looked like it was on fire, but it did not burn. I wore tight pants that had hooked blades that came out. I faced Vizzera. He had beaten me before and I was mad. "You beat me once, Vizzera," I said taking off my cape. "And I can beat you again," he said. Then he attacked with a blast of shadow. I moved out of the way and there was a small crater where I had just been standing. "My turn," I said as I swung my weapon at his head, but he dodged. I moved my body so I could face him and swung my weapon at the air and toward Vizzera. The ax part flew off and headed right for Vizzera. He powered up a shield from the medallions and the ax part bounced right off and came right back to me and attached itself back to my sword. I held my sword in front of myself and the blade began to look like it was on fire and my tunic glowed stronger. "TIGER INFERNO!!" I shouted and I jumped up and sliced him, hitting him through the wall and outside. He flapped his wings and just hovered out there. I spread my wings Oni Link had earned from the very first battle with the dragon in Hyrule. Vizzera formed a sword made out of shadow. It solidified into an evil looking sword with small bat wings for the handle. The blade looked wicked, with different curved blades coming out of the main blade. I charged at him sword swinging, but he blocked every blow I swung and I blocked every blow he tried to land. We flew back into the throne room and we just looked at each other. "Link, Tigress are you okay?" I heard Minion shout. "Link and Tigress are no more," I shouted back. Minion turned into the doorway and just stared. He fell to his knees, his bow stabbed into the ground. "Oh mighty Liger!" Minion said, "I did not know you were here." I turned to look at Minion and Vizzera took this opportunity to knock me on the ground. He was leaning over me with a smile on his face. "You shouldn't have let your guard down Liger," Vizzera said with a sneer in his voice.

He started to stab the ground toward my head, but I just rolled, unable to do anything else. "Minion, here catch!" I said and I threw him the light arrow. Vizzera was too busy trying to kill me that he didn't notice the archer aiming right for his chest. Suddenly the room was full of light and Vizzera's screaming. "TIGER INFERNO!!!" I shouted as I launched the attack on Vizzera. He flew back in so much pain he could not get up. Rachel and Joe came rushing in the room, both equally surprised at my appearance. I held out my sword pointing at Vizzera, the ax part started to spin and glow. "DEMON VORTEX!!!" A tornado of power and spirits came out from the spinning ax blade. The blast hit him full power, but it was not killing him. "Everyone, use all of your medallions together and attack him!" I shouted to the rest of the group. I saw out of the corner of my eye the group's medallions were glowing and 3 beams of rainbow color shot out of their weapons. They all hit Vizzera with such force he disappeared in a puff of smoke with one final scream, "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS LIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With that I de-transformed back into Link and Tigress.


I turned to Ashley and kissed her. Then I held her at arm's length. "It's over, it's finally over," I said to her. We picked up the 5 power medallions and placed them into our weapons. All the creatures with the sign of Vizzera were back to normal. The castle turned back into the beautiful place it once was. We heard cheers from the outside. We walked out onto the patio that overlooked most of the Northern Kingdom. Outside we saw the entire kingdom gathered there cheering for us. We waved at them with smiles on our faces. "I'm tired of being a hero Mitch;" Ashley said to me. "Let's all give up our powers for awhile." It was so. We all gave up our powers and created a staff that was unbreakable, with what looked like a dragon's claw holding a clear orb. We harbored our powers in different temples. One of Link, one for Tigress, one for Joe, one for Rachel, one for Minion, one for Oni Link, one for Tigro, and one for Liger. We also created a medallion we called the Hero's Medallion. It opened all of the temples, and gained access to the powers of that hero. Ashley and I became the king and queen; each of our group was given a different task to help us with our duties. After us our son and daughter will become king and queen, and well, you get the idea.




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