Another Adventure

By Doug

Chapter 1

It is fall beautiful day at North Castle. Everything is back to the way it was before Ganon ever showed up. Link is in his room pondering what he supposed to do now that the Triforces are together. Link remembered that Zelda had reassured that just we are at peace doesn’t mean he wasn’t needed.  His thoughts are of home, mom and dad, and how nice it might be to adventure again or settle down.  Sprite flies into his room to visit with him. Sprite “Hey, Link. How is everything?” “I don’t know,” he responds. “Now that doesn’t sound right for you. Are you worried about something?”

“Naw, I was just thinking about what I am going to do now that peace has been restored,” Link says. “Link, the king wants to see you about something anyway. He said, for you to come down at your leisure,” Sprite says as she leaves the room. Link thinks to himself ‘I wonder what he wants, probably to wish me well on next adventure.’ Link goes downstairs to the throne room expecting the king to wish him safe travels.


King Harkinian sitting in his throne looks up as Link enters the room. He joyfully says “Link, my boy, how are things with you today? I have something of importance for you.” Link comes forward to the king and bows down before him. The king hands him a parchment with a stamp on it. Link asks “What is this, sire?” “Link at this time since Ganon has been defeated we need to rebuild our kingdom and I cannot think of anyone better to help in this process then you. So tomorrow or whenever, you are to go southern Hyrule and act as administrator to the local lord.” Link responds “Sir, why me?”

 “Why not, you are the hero of Hyrule. I am sending you with a letter of introduction to Duke Duncan and I am sure that he will help you as much as possible.”

“What about Princess Zelda?”

“Why does that matter at this time, she will be here when you return.”

“I thought you were going to release me from service.”

“Now, Link I can’t do that since Zelda is the one that hired you to begin with. I would have check with her before I did anything like that, not that I would.”

 Link says somewhat happier “Thank you sire.” The king responds “Please accept this assignment and I trust you will do your very best.” Link stands up and begins to walk out just as the Princess enters the room. Zelda says “Hi, Link; I guess daddy told you what he had planned for you.” Link stops and responds “Yeah, Zelda he sort of surprised me, you know.”

“Link, I was the one that recommended you for this, because I believe you can do it.” Link tells her “You suggested me, I came down here expecting to be released or fired from the job, but I am glad you and your father choose to keep me on.” Zelda quietly whispers in Link’s ear “I choose to keep you and it’s because of my feelings for you. And my belief that one day you might make a good leader and possibly a good husband.” Link blushes and as he leaves the room.
Link heads back up to his room to pack his stuff to go. ‘Wow!’ he thinks I can’t believe she admitted that to me. I guess she does love me after all and there is a future for me here.  Sprite flies back into the room. “So, what are you doing Link?” she says. “I am supposed to head to southern Hyrule and help Duke Duncan rebuild that area, so I am packing to go there.” “Oh, my Link that is important. Did the king say how long you will be down there?”

“He didn’t say, probably past the winter and into the spring. That part of Hyrule was pretty badly torn up by Ganon’s minions. I am to go down there and help as much as I can as administrator.”

 Sprite looks surprised, “Well, Link I never thought that you would be doing that, but I am happy for you nonetheless.” “Sprite, I don’t mean to shoe you away, but I do have a lot of packing before I leave.” Sprite a little offended “Sorry, I understand I will leave now. Bye.” Sprite flies back out the door. Link continues to pack his stuff.

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