Another Adventure

By Doug

Chapter 3

Early the next morning Link got up and went downstairs for breakfast which he enjoyed as much as the dinner of last night. He had gathered all his things and checked out. He thanked the bartender for his kindness. The bartender told, “My lad it is you that we thank, last night and this morning were just a small token of our gratitude.” Link waved goodbye as he walked out the door to the stables. Link’s destination is not near as far as he had thought. Riding about four more hours Link finally makes it to within sight as the keep of Duke Duncan the lord is to help with administrative functions. Once inside the gates of the keep he is met rather coldly by the guards. One guard approaches Link and asks “Are you Link?” Link nods yes and dismounts Catherine turning the reins over to the guard. The guard then says “I will walk her to the stables and you are to go through those double doors and be greeted by our lord.” Link follows his directions and enters the main hall of the building. The main hall has a fireplace to with crossed swords over the mantle. A chair and table is in the center of the room that has a pile of papers on it with a raised chair overlooking the set. A much older man enters the room and sits at the raised chair. The older man has pale skin and white hair wearing a red robe with a pendulum on his chest. The man clears his throat and says “I am Duke Duncan of Southern Hyrule. I would venture to guess you are Link,” Link quietly nods. He continues “Ahh yes, I know of your exploits, but don’t think that means anything to me. Just because you are some sort of hero, I really don’t care.” Link attempts to respond “But I…” Duke Duncan interrupts “I know that Harkinian sent you help me or should I say keep an eye on me. I think I should have been king, but Latimer my uncle chose him.” Link finally gets in a word edgewise “Duke Duncan all I know is I am here to be your administrator and that’s all. My exact task is to see that Southern Hyrule is rebuilt starting with the smaller villages and on up.” The Duke chimes in again raising his voice “You do speak rather well for a barbarian.” Link comes back “I am no barbarian; I was just simple adventurer that ended up saving Hyrule that’s all.” A kind feminine voice comes in “Daddy, are you harassing our guest?” Duke Duncan responds “No dear, I am just giving our guest a warm welcome.”  The sweet feminine voice says as she enters the room “Hello, you must be Link. I have heard so much about you. My name is Jenna. How are you?” Link takes a moment to pause and notice her she has long light brown hair and is wearing a long green dress “Yes, you got my name and how did you hear about me. I thought the way your father greeted me that I wasn’t welcome here.” Jenna says “That’s just daddy’s way. He is very unfriendly until he gets to know you.” Duke Duncan still in the room is not smiling and says “Link, tomorrow morning you and I go to Belltown a small village just east Saria there much damage there and perhaps you might be able to help I guess. I am going to my dining room and I leave you in the care of my daughter Jenna.” Duke Duncan gets up and leaves, Jenna continues “I guess I should show you to your room.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.”

“Afterward please come downstairs and join me for dinner.”

“I would be honored.”

“I thought you would.”

Jenna shows Link up the stairs to his room a large guest room with a nice bed with a nightstand beside it and a dresser against the left side wall and a bathroom off to the right side of the room. Jenna says “I hope you like the accommodations.” Link says “I sure do and thank you for making up where your father hates me.”

“Don’t let him bother you, that’s just his way. I am sure you have some unpacking to do and please take a bath before dinner that is my only request.” Link starts unloading all of his stuff just as Jenna leaves the room. Once Link is finished with that he gets undressed and takes his bath. As he sits in the tube he wonders, “What time is dinner?” After he gets out and gets dressed there comes a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Link asks. The voice is Jenna’s and says “Link, it’s dinnertime come on downstairs with me.” Link walks out of his room and escorts Jenna to the dining room. There is large table in the middle of the room with six chairs on each side and one on each end. There is young boy perhaps 14 years old sitting in one of the chairs. He stands up when he sees Link enter the room. He introduces himself “My name is Brandon I am Jenna’s younger brother. And I believe your name is Link, right?” Link nods yes. Brandon says “It is pleasure to meet you Link and I have heard so much about you and your adventures.” Link says “Thank you for your warm welcome. Shall we sit down?” Brandon responds “Let’s do that.” The dinner is served the whole time Link tells the brother and sister of exploits and adventures and finally what brought him here. Then they tell Link about everything that has been going on here trying to rebuild from the destruction. After dinner they sit and continue to conserve. Jenna stands up and says “Well, I must excuse myself it has been a pleasure and I hope to see you in the morning.” Brandon and Link both say “Goodnight, Jenna.”  Then the two Brandon and Link continue talk for another two hours, before Link decides to go to bed. They shake hands and wish each other a goodnight.

The next morning early Link is awoken by a heavy bang on the door. A hardy voice yells in “Get up and out of bed now! Duke Duncan is ready to go when you are.” Link murmurs “Why did I take this assignment again,” before rolling out of the bed; Link gets dressed as quickly as he can and comes rushing out the door bumping into the guard that woke him. “Sorry”, Link says after bumping into him. The guard responds “That’s okay, just get downstairs or the Duke will be really mad at you. You’re already ten minutes late.” Duke Duncan is already frowning at Link and says “So, is this how you do your job at the North Castle?” Link tries to ignore the comment and says “I guess we better get going. I am sorry I am late just a little bit of a late night for me.” Duke Duncan isn’t impressed with Link’s excuse at all and says “I suppose I can let it slid this time, but don’t let it happen again.”

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