Another Adventure

By Doug

Chapter 4

Link and the Duke mount up on their horses begin the ride to Belltown. The trip takes around three hours and it is pretty much silent. Link finally peeps up and says “I haven’t been here in a while not since the last major quest to defeat Ganon. It doesn’t appear that much different then how I remember.” The Duke remains silent even though they appear to be approaching the town itself. Duke says “There it is Belltown, we must go and see the mayor first he can help determine what sort of help they will need.” Link says “Yes, sir.”  They ride into the center of the town where there is a clock tower in the middle of the town square. A gentleman perhaps forty years of age approaches them, he has long black hair with a few streaks of gray in it, he is dressed in a white shirt and blue pants with knee high black boots and he appears to be armed with a short sword on his belt. He identifies himself “My name is Fenrick and I am mayor/constable/sheriff of this village.” Link says “Mayor Fenrick is there anything that I can do to help you. See I am here an administrator.” Duke Duncan breaks in “This is Link as he said is the administrator that the king sent us.” Fenrick says to Link “Well, I am in need of lumber right now and I need corn for the harvest. Can you arrange that?” Link responds “Yes, I can. Is there anything else you might need?” Fenrick thinks and says “We could use some help with a local militia to keep the peace.” Link to Fenrick “I can order some spears and swords possibly some bows. Would that help on that front?” Fenrick says “It would suffice, but I need someone to help me train them. Link, I know you are a legendary swordsman and warrior, would you be willing to help me?” “I guess I could as soon as the weapons arrive, Fenrick.” Fenrick back to Link “Thank you so much. It is an honor to have you serving our people.” Fenrick, steps away saying “I...I must go now, but we will see you later then.” Duke Duncan somewhat impressed says “I guess we must be on our way back to the keep since you said you would order these supplies.” Link says “Are there anymore areas you want to look at before we head back?” “No, not right now but it is good you wish to take the initiative. Perhaps I misjudged you.” They head back to the keep, where Link goes straight to his quarters and begins writing up requests for the supplies that Fenrick asked for. After an hour he finishes his requests and has a courier sent with these requests sent to the king. Then he decides to write the Princess a letter telling her about all these things that have happened. He sends the letter out at that moment. It is late in the day and once again there comes a knock at Link’s door. Link calls out “Who is it?” The reply is Jenna “Link it’s just me. Did you want to come downstairs for dinner?” To he responds “Sure I will be there in a minute.”  Everything seems to be okay.


 This is the end of part 1.

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