Another Adventure - Part 2

By Doug

Our story picks up with Link at his assignment as administer in Southern Hyrule. He has remained at the keep of Duke Duncan for about four months. Duke Duncan originally was openly suspicious of Link and the reason he was there, however over time Link has gained Duncan’s trust. Link’s normal week is much less boring then guarding the Triforce of Wisdom was. His duties on top of ordering supplies and helping rebuild this part of the kingdom have also included training the local militia as well working with Duke Duncan’s son who is now Link’s apprentice. The duke’s daughter Jenna has also taken a liking to him, which doesn’t seem to bother him anyway. It is a December morning a few days before Christmas.



Chapter 1


            It is a cold winter morning as Link wakes up. As he sits up in bed he yawns. “Gees, this is almost as boring as when I used keep watch on the Triforce of Wisdom,” he says to himself. As he lands his bare feet on the stone floor he realizes just how much he misses North Castle. He remembers celebrating Christmas back there with the king, Spryte, and of course Princess Zelda. He walks over to the window to look out. It is a frosty day early still around 7. Link says to himself “another wonderful day at the office, what a drag.” He is correct his office or the place that he calls his office is the room right next door. Link dresses himself with his regular green tunic and brown pants then goes from his room to the office. Once inside the office there is desk with a somewhat comfortable chair behind it for him to sit in. On his desk is pile of never ending paperwork the likes of which bore him even more. His one escape is when he is training his apprentice Brandon and that only lasts a few hours then they both have worn each other out. Aside from that when he goes to help the militia in the village nearby that usually takes a full day.


            Link walks into the room and sits in his chair then begins going through forms, letters, and other paperwork that drive him half crazy. Some of it as he looks through he decides he can throw away. After sorting this he begins looking through the letters most of which are addressed to Duke Duncan. He thinks to himself ‘when did I become the duke’s secretary?’ Within an hour he has his desk straight and in order. The duke’s mail is kept in a separate pile which he will take to him in a little bit he decides. There is a slight knock at the door. Link calls “Come in.” In walks the lovely daughter of Duke Duncan, Jenna. She says to Link “Breakfast time if you’re hungry.” Link responds “I sort of lost track of time here I will be down in a moment okay.” Jenna asks “Link, do you like Christmas time?” Link says “Sure, I like Christmas time you know gifts and well wishes and all that.” “You just don’t act like you like it,” she says. Link knows where she’s going with this trying to act innocent but pry into his personal life. He says calmly “Jenna, I do like Christmas it’s just I miss North Castle that’s all.” “Oh,” she says in return. Link does suspect that Jenna has a slight crush on him but at this point it’s just innocent. She leaves the room to Link.


            Link rises up to go to breakfast then quickly walks downstairs to the dining hall. Duke Duncan is present and spots Link “Aww, my barbarian friend is present. How nice of you to join us,” Link waves his hand in response. The duke is often times sarcastic to Link which never knows how to take it. Duncan is just finishing breakfast and about to leave. Duke Duncan gets up and leaves and it’s just Link by himself. A few minutes later Brandon enters and takes a seat beside Link. “Hey, Link,” Brandon says as sits down. Link looks at Brandon “Hey, yourself. I see I am not the only one that misses breakfast with your father’s pleasant company.” Brandon lets out a little laugh “Just as always Link you’re funny. What do we have planned for the day?” Link thinks then says “I have to go back to my office and finish up some paperwork then I don’t know.” Brandon says “I was just thinking I haven’t trained in a few days with you being gone drilling the militia in that town.” Link responds “You know, Brandon you’re right. I haven’t done a real good job as your master. In fact you have done a better job as an apprentice then I have as a master. How ‘bout after lunch we go out in the courtyard and train with swords?” Brandon excitedly says “That’s sounds good.” They both go on eating breakfast Link finishes first and leaves the table. Brandon says as he is about to leave “Don’t forget courtyard after lunch, ok.” Link nods then leaves to go back to his office.


            Once back at his desk he goes through the job of his paperwork signing papers, and writing letters. As he finishes one of these letters he thinks back to himself the old memories of how much he had with the princess. Zapping monsters, protecting the Triforce, and fighting Ganon, but those days are gone still the memories remain strong. He remembers grabbing the Triforce of Power and how it altered him like it did Ganon that one time. In the end he gave up the power to avoid losing his soul. The princess was one of the main reasons he was willing to do just that. Then thinking again, he has written her several times since being here and hasn’t received a response from her yet which does bother him. He loves her and she loves him though it took her a while to admit it. As he is sitting there a knock comes to his door. He says “Come in.” Then enters a messenger and by the looks of him he looks like a North Castle guard. This fellow snaps a quick salute at Link to which responds with a salute of sorts. “I bring this letter to you, Link. It’s from Her Royal Highness Princess Zelda,” he says. Link jumps to his feet and says as he takes the letter “Thank you for delivering this.” The messenger leaves as Link opens the letter almost with the excitement of a child opening a present. The letter reads:


Dear Link,

I must apologize for not writing you sooner. I fear I have had to help father a great deal more then anticipated though Spryte is in turn helping me. The peace of the kingdom is wonderful but the work is a lot harder then it would seem. I did receive your previous letters. I still care about you more then words can describe. I understand you are working very hard in your own right to help in Southern Hyrule. Your work there will be ending very soon I am sure. Daddy has said that he will soon be requesting you to return here to North Castle. I look forward to your return and hopefully it will be before Christmas.

With all my love,

Princess Zelda


That’s all Link needed going into his lunch. He is now very happy and joyful as things are this gives him extra hop to his step.



Chapter 2


  As Link and Brandon prepare to engage each other in swordplay that afternoon other things elsewhere are happening out of their control. Three hundred miles away across the sea a group of men are enter a very large village. These no ordinary men either they are scouts of a Viking king. King Vlad of Oslo is well known and feared within his village and kingdom as it were. His men are fierce warriors with little fear. He has pillaged and forced under his control all the land that is on his island. The kingdom he has is about half the size of Southern Hyrule. His scouts bow before him the leader of these scouts then steps forward and says “Master Vlad we have much to report. The Kingdom of Hyrule is ripe for the raiding. Ganon is dead so we won’t get any problems from him. The reunited Triforce is also ready to be captured. It is said an army with the Triforce together is undefeatable. Southern Hyrule is the most advisable place to begin an invasion.” The king stops him with a wave of his hand “I have heard enough. The warriors of this kingdom are bored and restless. So it is time to give them something to do.” Then to the captain of his guard “Gather all army commanders here at my presence to discuss this invasion.” Turning back to the scouts “You are dismissed and thank you for your service.” The scouts leave.


            As night sets the clamor in the village picks up especially at the king’s throne room. The leaders of the armies seem more then eager to set forth. Vlad calls attention to them saying “This invasion of Hyrule will set us up to the top of the world all will fear us. How many troops do we have available for this?” The army leaders six of them to be exact huddle among themselves for a minute then one of them steps forth “We have right now 600 ready with another 300 in reserve that can be called upon if necessary. And it appears enough ships to carry 4-500.” Vlad is pleased with this and says “This is wonderful then it is decided tomorrow we will begin to gather the supplies needed for a full scale invasion. The jewel of Hyrule is the Triforce which is in North Castle. After we attack Southern Hyrule we can move to strike directly at North Castle. I don’t think we will run into much resistance they are just getting over Ganon’s evil and won’t be able to field an army to oppose us. Wait there is one thing that could spoil our plans that boy the one who defeated Ganon what do we know of him.” The lead officer responds “Didn’t the scouts say anything about him he might be there.” Vlad calls the scouts back in and asks them “The boy the one that finished Ganon what was his name?” The head scout says “Link, that’s his name why sire?” Vlad angrily says “He might just ruin our plans. None of you mentioned him in your reports and I don’t know that he would have just left Hyrule without somebody knowing something.” The same lead scout says “Sire you asked about Hyrule as for Link we do have information on him not much however. From what we have observed he is in Southern Hyrule serving the local duke as the administrator. That is all we know at this time. There is talk that he will be recalled to North Castle by the king soon but we don’t know when.” Vlad shakes his head in understanding then says “He must not survive if we are to be successful. You are an excellent assassin I understand and I am you sending to eliminate him as a threat.” The lead scout responds “Yes, my master it will be done. I cannot promise that I will live to report on his demise but I know he will not.” Vlad smiles “Very good go now. Do what must done do not hesitate or it will be your head.” The lead scout bows and leaves. Vlad signals to another scout “You send word when the deed has been done. Follow and observe do not intervene.” Then this scout leaves as well then Vlad says to his commanders “I trust he will succeed he has done so before so next month we will begin the invasion when we receive word.”



Chapter 3


   Link and Brandon move back with their swords and shields in hand. Both twirl their blades in hand each preparing to strike. Brandon moves first Link blocks then lunges which Brandon in turn blocks. The intensity of their practice is interesting so much so every time they practice there is always a small crowd gathered around them. The practice goes back and forth for about ten minutes with both striking and countering each other. The final move is Brandon lunges Link sidesteps him at the same time tripping him. Brandon lands face first hard on the ground and Link moves over him with his sword at Brandon’s face as he rolls over. Brandon surrenders with his upraised hand. Brandon says to Link “You’re just too good for me.” Link sheathes his sword and extends his hand down Brandon then helps him to his feet “You’re getting quite good yourself finding your weakness is becoming hard for me. I just have to really keep my eyes open for you to make a mistake.” Today Duke Duncan watched a good bit of the practice which entertained him some. As both Link and Brandon walk away Duncan approaches them “You two are pretty good to watch,” then to Link “I need to have a moment of your time if you don’t mind son.” Link says “Sure,” then to Brandon “I’ll see you at dinner okay.” Brandon responds as they walk away “Thanks again and see you then.” Link and Duncan walk over to the office by themselves. Duncan puts his hand on Link’s right shoulder “Link, I fear I have to tell you some bad news at least for me.” Both stop and Link asks “What’s the bad news sir?” Duncan responds “Well, your assignment here is just about over as of today I received word that Harkinian is planning to recall you within the next few days. I am sorry we haven’t always seen eye to eye on some things but I want you to know you have been a great help here. I know many will miss you including Finrick but I am sure we will survive.”  Link heads back to his room and begins to pack up his belongings. His memories of this place have not been great but there have been good things that have happened. After a few minutes he stops packing and says “Well I’ll finish this up when I get the official word.” His movements are being tracked by the assassin sent to kill him as well as the scout sent to observe.


  That evening at dinner Link makes it there on time. Duncan tells both Jenna and Brandon that Link will be leaving soon. Brandon seems okay with this then asks Link “Can I come with you to North Castle?” Duncan a little stunned that his own son would want to leave. Link responds “Brandon, I have taught you everything I know and I don’t think I can teach you anymore. It has been an honor being your master perhaps you will in turn train an apprentice yourself. You seemed to know a good bit when we started. Thus I release you from your duty as my apprentice.” Brandon is proud of this but also a little upset. Jenna is much quieter about it she finishes her dinner then excuses herself and leaves with her head in hands clearly crying. “Should I talk to her?” Link asks the duke. “Yes. You need explain why you are leaving,” Duncan says calmly to him. Link gets up and follows her to her room. Then as he gets near her door he knocks. “Go away. I don’t want to talk to you,” responds the voice from the inside. Link cautiously opens the door anyway and enters. Jenna is on her bed face down on the pillow crying. “Jenna, I do need to explain things,” Link starts then continues “My life is at North Castle, the princess is my love I must go back to be with her.” Jenna breaks in “What about me?” “Jenna, you have been a good friend and I hope you continue to remain that way. Your future is here at the keep and you will rule this land one day. Please don’t let this affect that,” Link says. Jenna recomposes herself and says “You’re right we are just friends I admit I wanted it to be much more then that I am sorry I acted childish and not very mature. I wish you well and a safe journey home.” Jenna finally smiles looking at Link which he returns in kind.  With this matter settled Link heads back to dining room. Duke Duncan asks “So have settled my daughter down?” Link smiles “Yes, sir I have. My goodbyes to everybody will take place when you get the word for me to go back to North Castle.” The night ends without anymore drama or problems.


            The next day Link awakens the same time he has for the past couple of months. When he gets into his office the duke is waiting for him there Link knows what this means as the duke fumbles with the letter. Link looks at him “I know, I know what this means. I go back now to North Castle.” Duke Duncan quietly nods yes to that then leaves. Link walks back to his packs up what’s left of his belongings and then goes down the stables to Catherine. Link says to her “I will miss this place but who knows we might return.” By the time Link rides out of the stable the entire family of the keep is present to say a final farewell to their friend. Duke Duncan is first in line shaking Link’s hand with a firm grip, then Brandon comes forward also shaking his hand, then finally Jenna who instead of shaking his hand gives him a hug. Link rides off into the evening sun.



Chapter 4


The ride home is not as difficult as the ride down. Link is still pretty happy to be heading home to North Castle yet the assassin is following him closely along with his shadow the scout sent to observe and confirm Link’s end. But what neither of these guys know is someone else is also following Link at a good bit of a distance tracking him as well. As the sun finally sets and the night darkness arrives Link looks for an inn which after a little bit finds near the town of Saria. Link dismounts and a stable boy comes over takes his horse from him. Link quietly walks in the inn with no fanfare. There are a few patrons at the bar ordering drinks which Link walks up and orders a drink. The barkeep an older fellow brings him a drink. Link at this requests a room for the night. The barkeep asks “Are you who I think you?” Link in turn asks “Who do you think I am?” The barkeep extends his hand across the bar “You are. I know you are Link it’s wonderful to have you here. Anything you need it’s on the house including your room.” Link shakes the barkeep’s hand “Thank you very much.” After Link finishes his drink he orders dinner which he quickly he eats.


            This has been quite a good evening Link thinks to himself as he heads to his room. It is a plain room just like the room he checked into when originally he came south now he heading back home to Zelda and North Castle the place he feels like his true home. Less then a day’s ride away is North Castle and he will there in maybe three or four hours. Settling in for the night he rests peacefully unaware of those that following him. The next day Link awakens stretching out his arms yawning. ‘Time to finish this ride’ he says to himself as he heads downstairs to check out. Once outside the inn Catherine is brought around to him from the stables. Link mounts then pats her on back of the head “Time get home we don’t have much of a ride left.” Link rides through Saria then goes through the mountain pass he thinks himself long ago these same mountains were unsafe to go through unarmed filled with Ganon’s minions but now a child could walk with no fear at all because of what he did. After the mountain pass he nears Ruto then goes through this is last leg of his journey. But now the assassin is ahead of him with his lookout setting up the ambush. As Link nears the assassin draw his bow with an arrow that has a poisoned tip. Link sees the spires of North Castle and smiles then leans down on Catherine to whisper something in her ear about how the trip will be over. The arrow hits his shoulder Link is stunned and falls out the saddle. The assassin yells the lookout “Go now and report what has happened to the master.” The lookout asks “What about you?” The assassin angrily responds “I will be done in a minute. I am going for a souvenir. Now go.” The lookout mounts his horse and rides off leaving just the assassin and Link. Catherine sprinted away as soon as Link fell to the ground. Link is out cold as the assassin approaches him. The assassin looks over him and smiles an evil smile with the satisfaction of his deed being done. Just as he is about to grab Link’s cap a noise from behind of him that distracts him. As he turns around he sees a young boy who has dismounted a horse and approaching with a sword drawn. This boy is Brandon but the assassin doesn’t know this. “Boy,” the assassin says “You better go back to where you came from if you know what’s good for you.” Brandon responds “I can’t do that.” The assassin says in a smart aleck tone “You’re just a boy are you sure you want to cross swords with me. I have killed over thirty people most of which are older then you.” Brandon equally sharp in wit says “Did you kill them face to face or ambush them like Link here?” The assassin says as he draws his sword “Well, I see there will be only one to end this.” Then he charges at Brandon who in turn defends himself. The fight goes back and forth. Brandon is every bit as good as Link had thought him to be. He keeps his defense up and at all points looks for a weak spot which Link taught to do. The heavy metal clangs as it hits each other. Thrust and counterthrust are measured the assassin is definitely a highly skilled swordsman and lethal to be sure but Brandon is equal in skill.  After five minutes of fighting both are wearing each other out but neither backing down, the speed at which they striking is incredible and high pace. The opening finally appears for Brandon the assassin does an over hand lunge which Brandon ducks under runs his sword through the assassin. The assassin drops to the ground with the fatal wound in the heart area. Brandon backs away then turns to check on Link. The assassin is dead for sure as Brandon removes the arrow from Link’s shoulder he checks Link’s pulse then listens to his heart. Both are weak Brandon feels a slight pulse and the heartbeat is hardly heard. Brandon is scared to move him but knows he has to if Link is to have a chance.


            A rider approaches Brandon which alarms him. “Who are you and what do you want?” Brandon demands. The rider has short blond hair and wears the uniform of the Hyrule army. “I am Captain Krin of the Hyrule Royal Guard I found Link’s horse up the road and I came to see what happened,” he says in return. Brandon is cautious “I don’t know you, you might be an enemy. Link is my friend and I won’t let you kill him.” The rider dismounts about twenty feet them, draws his sword, and puts it on ground advancing holding his hands in the air. Captain Krin continues to move forward until he is a few feet from them. “Don’t worry, Link is my friend as well and I wouldn’t let anything happen to him,” Krin says. “Okay, I guess I can trust you,” Brandon says. “What happened to him?” Krin asks. “I...I was following behind him and then I don’t know. When I got here that guy,” pointing over the body of the lifeless assassin “was about to kill or something. I figured he must have ambushed him.” Krin looks at the wound then picks up the arrow and holds it near his nose sniffing, “It’s a poisoned arrow, we’ve got to him to North Castle if he is to survive.” They get Link to a horse and tie him down so he doesn’t fall off.



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