Another Adventure - Part 3

By Doug

Link is back at North Castle however not the way he had hoped. He was wounded by an assassin ordered to take his life. But unknown to the assassin Link’s former apprentice had followed at a distance. As the assassin moved in for the kill Link’s apprentice moved to defend his former master. After a fierce struggle Brandon, Link’s apprentice struck down the assassin. As that fight ended Captain Krin of the North Castle guards came on the scene and helped Brandon get Link back to North Castle where the story picks back up.


            Flashes of colors then darkness hit. The senses are not in his control Link thinks to himself. It seems like a dream but he can’t figure it out for sure. Pain hits again. Then a familiar voice rings in his ear “Link, Link please come back to me.” It’s Zelda he thinks and he is right. Now darkness hits again but light comes in. At first as his eyes adjust he sees just blobs of what look to be others. Slowly his eyesight re-adjusts and makes out the princess who is sitting right beside him, Brandon who is standing at the base of the bed, Captain Krin standing behind him, and Impa on the other side of the bed. “Link,” Zelda cries out as she throws her arms across his chest. Link grimaces in pain “Not so hard,” he says. “That’s right your highness the poison has still caused some damage to his heart which can’t take much pressure,” Impa cackles to Zelda. “It is good to see you alive Link,” Zelda says as she sits back in her chair. “You have no idea what happened to me do you?” Link asks. Krin says “Well, your apprentice here saved your life but I will let him tell you.” “I told you that I couldn’t train you anymore why did you decide to follow me?” Link asks Brandon. “I’m sorry Link I just thought that I could come and see where you lived but I sure didn’t know anyone else was following. I guess it was good that I did,” Brandon says. “Thank you Brandon. Your father might not like that you left the keep without his permission though. But I’m sure he won’t mind you staying here for a while.” Krin interjects “We need to find out who wanted you dead Link.” “That’s right someone wanted you dead for a reason,” Zelda says.


            Over the sea hundreds of miles away King Olso sits in his throne room awaiting the news. The scout sent to report back walks into the room. King Olso looks up at his scout “So the deed is done?” “Yes, my lord. Link is totally out of the picture,” the scout reports. “Aw wonderful, now to begin putting the plan into motion.”


            Back in Hyrule Spryte flies into Link’s room where the hero is recovering still very weak from the poison more then the wound with an orange. “Link, I brought you some fruit to help you build up your strength,” she says. Link reaches for the orange and gets it from her. Unlike when he was faking being ill he is more then happy to peel and eat it in her presence. “Thanks Spryte I needed that,” Link says. Everybody left a few hours ago to allow him to get a little more rest. “So does any know what’s going on?” Link asks. “Well, somebody tried to kill you and aside from that we don’t know much of anything,” Spryte says. “Guess it’s good my apprentice followed me or I wouldn’t be here,” Link says. Spryte nods in agreement then leaves him. Link lays back down and goes back to sleep but his rest is not very peaceful. In his dreams he sees Hyrule in flames and somebody laughing like Ganon would do when he thought he had the upper hand in battle. A dark figure with a huge battleaxe that is covered in blood. Link wakes up in a cold sweat it’s real early maybe four in the morning but he can’t go back to sleep as he sits up in bed. A few minutes later there is a knock at his door followed by somebody asking “Are you alright Link?” It’s just Zelda and he says “I just had nightmare.” “Do you want me to come in so we can talk about it?” Zelda asks. Ever since the end of Ganon, Zelda had become much more close to him. Sometimes even making him forget all those times she wouldn’t kiss him but we’re all pass that in fact the main reason he returned Link thought to himself was to propose to her. This injury had delayed his plans and he knew for a while he problaly wouldn’t want to propose if something bad was coming to fight against. Then his mind went back to Zelda and he said “Yes, please come in Zelda. I’m sorry for the delay in the response I was just thinking about other things.” Zelda walks in wearing a nightgown holding a candle. She slowly walks over to Link and sits on his bed. She puts her hand to his head, this reminds him of his mother when he was much younger and he was sick. The touch of her hand helps calm him then she removes her hand placing it on the bed. “So Link what’s wrong? You had been sleeping since yesterday afternoon then around midnight one of the guards told me they heard noises from your room like screams,” Zelda says calmly. “If I tell you I don’t know would you believe me,” Link says as focuses on what he’s going to say next. “Link, I trust you more then you will ever know and I love you just the same,” Zelda says. Link takes a deep breathe and says “I think Hyrule is in danger again. In my dream I saw Hyrule in flames and a huge warrior with a battleaxe that was covered in blood.” “I see that is a serious matter if your dream is true,” Zelda says. “You don’t think I would make this up do you?” Link asks. “I’m sorry Link I didn’t mean to imply anything I believe you. And the more I think about it the more it makes sense that you were attacked. It might all be a part of a much larger plot,” Zelda says. “Do you think your father will believe me?” Link asks. “I’m sure he will but if this is true gathering an army together to defend Hyrule will take some time. And you don’t know where the attack is going to take place. We have to wait and verify the threat.” Link says “I just hope that we are going to be ready this time. Remember Hyrule wasn’t ready for Ganon.” Zelda says “You’re definitely right but this time we won’t be taken by surprise. Now you better get back to sleep okay.” Link does feel calmer now that he has told her and he knows there is nothing he can do in the middle of the night. So he lays back down to rest, Zelda leans forward and kisses him on his brow.


            The rest of the night passes slowly with Link continuing to think about his dream when he isn’t asleep. As the dawn approaches the rays of sunlight dance through the room. He sits up in bed slowly, rises to his feet he feels unsteady on his feet, then balance returns. He makes his way to his closet and puts his pants, shirt, and tunic. Just like old times he thinks to himself then sits down in the chair next to the bed. But it isn’t like old times he feels much weaker as he sits down. A few minutes later a knock comes at the door. “Link, are awake?” the voice is Zelda’s again. “Yeah, ah sure,” Link slowly responds. “Can I come in?” Zelda asks. “I guess so,” Link replies. Zelda opens the door slowly she is wearing her adventuring clothes. Link smiles at her as she enters. “Link, can we talk a little bit?” she asks. “Why not?” Link reasons. “About last night or should I say this morning when you woke up. I have had chance to think about it and it really scares me,” Zelda says. “Zelda, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you as long as I live. I admit that that dream continued to haunt me and I haven’t been able to put it in context of anything yet,” Link says. “I know Link and I am quite confident of that. But that dream or thought is quite scary to me,” Zelda says. “There is not much we can do about it just yet,” Link reasons then says “I’m hungry it is time for breakfast.” This breaks the serious mood of the princess. Zelda smiles and gives a slight giggle “You’re back I know you’re back no one else ever seems to think about eating all the time like you.”  “There was one other thing I was wondering about, Zelda?” Link asks. “What’s that?” Zelda responds. “You know when I left here I missed you so much and thought about you almost constantly. Your letters were what kept me going. Then your last letter I remember so well. And I thought maybe I could ask you to marry me? I don‘t have a lot but would you consider?” Link says with a smile. Zelda is surprised and says “Is that a proposal?” To which Link says “If you’d like it to be.” Zelda smiles and says joyfully “Yes, Link the answer is yes I’ll marry you.” “But wait Zelda I don’t have an engagement ring,” Link is excited then he says as he digs around in his pockets. “Oh, Link don’t worry about that I didn’t say ‘yes’ because of what do or don’t have I said ‘yes’ because I love you,” Zelda says trying to put him at ease. Link is ignoring her as she says it then reaches into his pouch and exclaims “Got it, I know it isn’t an engagement ring but will this do?” Link asks as he pulls out his force field ring. “But Link you need that,” Zelda insists. “With you at my side I lack nothing,” Link says as he reaches for Zelda’s hand then slides the ring on her finger. Zelda blushes as he does this then smiles at him. Zelda hugs him then kisses him on the cheek. “We better go downstairs for breakfast,” Link says to her.


            Once downstairs they walk over to the dining hall. Zelda is the first in the room almost glowing from the happiness of getting engaged and the force field ring. The king notices his daughter’s mood and says “Did something good happen, my dear?” Zelda responds “Oh, daddy the best thing in the world. Link proposed to me this morning.” Brandon who happens to be present smiles and Spryte who is also present responds with a slight frown then smiles as well. The king exclaims to Link “My boy I am so proud of you. I was afraid she would never find the right man but I knew that you were always so good for her.” Link begins to blush which is not known for. “Thank you, your majesty I am honored,” Link says as he sits down at the table next to Brandon. Zelda takes a seat as well but next to her father is at the far end of the table. The discussion at the breakfast table goes into planning for the potential wedding. Zelda seems quite comfortable while Link is not so anxious to engage in this conversation. He seems happy just trading small talk with Brandon while eating. As Link finishes he excuses himself from the table and walks to the courtyard. A few seconds later Brandon also leaves going to the courtyard catching up with Link. “Some excitement, huh?” Brandon says to Link. Link sits down at bench near the center of the yard. “Oh, yeah I guess so,” Link replies. “I thought you were happy to finally get engaged but you didn’t seem so pleased when you were sitting at breakfast,” Brandon says. “Well, I am happy but there’s something else,” Link says. “What’s that?” Brandon asks. “This dream I had,” Link says then explains the dream. Brandon look goes to a real concerned look. “That’s why that guy must’ve attacked you on the road,” Brandon says confidently. “Zelda is concerned as well about this I just proposed to her to get her mind off of it,” Link says. “But you do love her right?” Brandon asks. “YES, I love her, I was planning on asking before I got sent to your father’s keep but that postponed it,” Link says. Brandon thinks back to the original point about the dream and says “Do you think this could happen?” “I don’t know this feels so real,” Link reasons. Just as he finishes Zelda walks up. “What are talking about Link?” Zelda asks. “I just told Brandon about my dream,” Link says. Zelda face goes serious and she says “I just forgot about that with all the talk about getting married. I’m sorry.” “Zelda, I’m sorry but I did want to propose to you more then anything else and I’m happy I did,” Link says. “Brandon, Link I did tell my father about your dream Link. He’s very concerned as well but without any proof he can’t call up the army. It’s a very thin line and I fear if we wait til we have proof an entire enemy army will be on our shores,” Zelda says. “You’re right Zelda,” Link says “the place where an enemy would find the easiest approach is near Duke Duncan’s keep in the far south.” Brandon jumps in “Then there’s no time we must go to my father.” “Hold on guys,” Zelda says “As I said we have no proof, but to remain safe you problaly should go back and if you find anything send word immediately.” Within minutes Link and Brandon are mounting their horses. Zelda walks over to Link “Please be careful, I don’t want to lose you again.” Link responds confidently with “I will and we will let you know if we find anything.” Then leans down from his horse and kisses her. Then it is off they go.


            At the same time soldiers of King Vlad’s army are boarding ships bond for Hyrule. Supplies and horses are being loaded as quickly as possible. The king watches with great pride and happiness. Confident in a quick victory and the power of the combined Triforces. The landing point is going to be south of Duke Duncan’s keep near that small village where Link had trained the militia. Everything for the invasion is falling into place.


            The ride back for Link and Brandon stays extremely quiet not even a whisper for the first ten miles. As they continue they notice it’s getting dark and they both know it will take most of the next day to make it to keep. Brandon says “Link, I think we should look for a place to either bed down or find an inn.” Link is sort of lost in thought and has been for most of the trip so far. Brandon taps him on the shoulder this gets Link’s attention “Hey, I said we need to find a place to rest.” Link nods “Yeah, that problaly would be wise. Ruaru is just a little further and we can get a room there at the inn.”


            As they ride into town it’s very quiet but nothing out of the ordinary. A few more yards they see the sign for the local inn. They both tie up their horses outside and enter. Inside is a little wilder scene with some of the locals having a fist fight that look at them and stop the fight. Brandon shakes his head then says to Link “It’s been a while since I have walked into a real bar. I forgot what it looked like.” Link looks at him and says “You just stay near me I don’t think they will try anything.” Link and Brandon both walk up to the bar where the bartender is busy cleaning glasses. “Excuse me sir,” Link says to the bartender. The bartender slowly turns to Link “Yes, what can I do for you?” he asks in return. “Could we get a room for the night?” Link says. “I suppose you could I have at least a couple available if you‘re interested”, the bartender says. “How much?” Link asks. “For you nothing it’s free,” he says. “Oh, thank you a lot,” Link says. The bartender leans over to Link and says “Anything you need it’s on the house and we are the ones that owe you the thanks for destroying Ganon.” Then he hands Link a key and follows with “The room is upstairs to the right number 5. It has two beds I think.” Link in turn hands the key to Brandon and says “Check the room out, I’m staying down here for a little bit okay.” Brandon nods a yes and walks up the stairs. Link says “I think we also need some food any recommendations?” The bartender smiles and says “I don’t have much of a cook staff but we do a good fish sandwich if you interested along with cooked cabbage.” “That’ll do. Two then,” Link says.  Link grabs a seat at a table near the fireplace. The waitress walks up and puts two glasses of water on the table. “Is there anything I can get for you sir?” she asks. Link shakes his head no. “Okay, well the bartender says he’ll have the sandwiches to you within the next couple of minutes,” she says kindly and walks off. ‘This is so nice that people seem really think so much of me’ Link thinks to himself. A few minutes later the sandwiches arrive just as Brandon comes back downstairs to find the table Brandon joins Link in eating. As they finish Link reclines in his chair “Brandon how does the room look?” Brandon a little lost in his own world responds “Well, not bad I guess modest if you were to describe it.” Link laughs at this response and says “What’s with you today?”. “Oh nothing I am just very cautious I don’t trust many folks after what happened to you on the way back remember,” Brandon says. Link nods “That was just one time besides Ganon’s minions were far more dangerous. I think I let my guard down way too much since Ganon is no more and that’s why that guy got me. Let’s just not talk about this okay.” Brandon nods in agreement. “So, Link once we get back to the keep what then?” Brandon asks. “I suppose we talk to your father then Fenrick at the village outside of the keep,” Link says. This satisfies Brandon’s curiosity for the moment. As they finish Link says “I think we better hit the hay we have a long ride ahead of us.” “Agreed,” Brandon responds. They both go upstairs to the room for a night’s sleep.


            Early the next morning Link comes downstairs to check out. At this point even the barkeep is still asleep. Link sits down at the table he was at the night before. A waitress comes up to him “Sir, what are you doing up so early?” she asks him. “I wanted to check out,” Link responds. “Oh, okay did you want some breakfast before you go?” she asks. Link ponders it for a slip second then says “Yeah I guess so. What do you have?” “I fix eggs, bacon, and toast with coffee if you like,” she says. “That sounds fine to me,” Link says. “What about your friend? What do you think he wants?” she asks. “I don’t know,” Link says. “Would you like me to wake him?” she asks. Link devilishly says “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.” She goes upstairs and the next he hears is someone getting up and coming down stairs. Brandon is still sleepy and in his nightshirt as walks to the table. “Are we going somewhere?” he asks sleepily. “We’re checking out now,” Link says. “But what about breakfast?” Brandon protests. “Already ordered,” Link cooly responds. Brandon sits down at the table as the coffee arrives quickly followed by the rest of breakfast. Within minutes both are almost ready to go, Brandon goes back upstairs and changes just as Link turns in the key then thanks the barkeep for his kindness.


            Once again the twosome is on the road to the keep. It is a long ride and not much is said. Link is concerned about what might be happening while Brandon is pretty much alright. Around five in the evening they both see the keep as they are coming down the road. Brandon points “home sweet, home.” “Sure hope we’ll be well received,” Link says as they continue. They ride to inside of the keep with soldiers greeting them with waves and hi‘s . Link tells the commander of the guard he needs to speak to Duke Duncan. Unknown to Link, it is actually Duke Duncan and Fenrick that are waiting for him and the commander of the guard informs him of this and where they are in the keep, the map room. Link dismounts along with Brandon who follows behind him.


            The halls of the keep are well lit but the mood is serious as Link and Brandon walk to the map room. As they enter Duncan and Fenrick are both looking over the map to Southern Hyrule. Duncan looks up “Ah, Link you returned,” he says in an almost joking manner but expression changes “however this probably wasn’t the way you wanted to return.” Link is quick his comeback “No, this wasn’t how I wanted to return but is it true that you have located this barbarian force?” Fenrick responds “Yes, it is. Several of the caravans passing through the village spotted them originally and then I investigated for myself. The encampment is huge at least 400 of them so far. They are camped along the coastline about ten miles south of the village.” “So have you done anything to prepare for them?” Link asks. “We set up wooden wall about ten feet tall with a fifteen foot tower on all four corners,” Fenrick says. Link ponders this “I am not much of strategist but that seems like it would slow them up a little I don’t see them wasting much time with a village that they choke off supplies to or if they have the numbers overrun it.” “Well, Link that is the main road to this keep and all of southern Hyrule for that matter,” Duncan says “Thus it would only make logical sense to take the town then make the move for this keep.” “Duncan is right, Link if they try to move around the town it would take too much time and make them even stick more to the rest of the kingdom I would tend to think at this time they wouldn’t want to attract that much attention,” Fenrick says. As they look at the map Link spots something before the village a creek which the road crosses over. “This creek does it have a bridge over it?” Link asks. Fenrick and Duncan both look then Fenrick says “Yes it does. What are you thinking?” “Well, if we can position some archers on the village side of the bridge we could definitely slow them up. I know it’s about a mile or so from the village that would give the village time to make ready a defense,” Link reasons. “Now that sounds like a very wise approach,” Duncan chimes in. “And we do have enough archers to do just that,” Fenrick says. “Then let’s do it,” Link says.


            Within an hour Link and Fenrick are mounted and on the way to the village to gather the militia for battle. As they arrive they are welcomed by the militia troops. Fenrick has them form into a line, then the archers are ordered to step forward. Forty of the one hundred step out of line with bows ready. Link rides over to them “Guys we have something important to do this day.” Link tells Fenrick “I’ll let you know when to prepare okay.” Then Link gets in front of the archers and leads them out of the town towards the creek crossing.


            For the next two days all stays quiet and it seems maybe Link overestimated the barbarian intent to invade it is around noon. So he decides to ride over the creek toward the barbarian encampment. He gets no more then half a mile down the road when he sees a huge column of barbarians moving up the road towards him. He turns Catherine quickly and rides back to the bridge. His men are formed up on high ground on one side of the road with trees for cover. He tells them to hold their fire until he gives the signal. About ten minutes pass then the head of this column approach the bridge then as soon as the first ones begin to cross Link gives the command to fire. The entire column goes into disarray with salvos of arrows hitting targets and complete confusion taking charge. The barbarians don’t know what to do and retreat back down the road leaving around 30 of their comrades dead or wounded. The archers in turn begin cheering to which Link silences them. Link says “They’ll come again once they get reformed and we won’t be able to stop them.” Link reforms his archers and marches them quickly back to the village. He hollers to Fenrick “They’re on their way and will be here very soon.” Fenrick asks “What about the civilians here?” Link responds “Get them out of here now. Send them to Duke Duncan’s keep and they’ll be safe I’m sure.” To which Fenrick makes the announcement “All non combatants must leave now. Head for the Duke’s keep you’ll be safe there.”


            All the civilians knew that this could happen and in turn leave as quickly as they can taking Catherine with them. The militia begin to man the walls with the intent to defend as long as they can. “You know we can’t hold this position forever right Fenrick?” Link asks. “I know that’s why I had some of the people dig an escape tunnel for us. It begins at old well and goes out about a quarter of a mile out of town near the road to the keep,” Fenrick says. “Geez, you’re better prepared then I am for this,” Link says. Evening is fast approaching which this will help in abandoning the town Link knows this. Once again there is no sign of the barbarians. Then a few minutes later the lookouts yell “Here they come.” The archers take positions on the wall with swordsmen standing nearby. This time the barbarians form into a long battle line it looks like close to 500 altogether and move forward as one group. The archers fire at the barbarians which slow them up a little but they keep coming with their shields protecting them. Once at the wall they begin to bash against the barricade but to no avail. The wood is green freshly cut and hard to bust through. A battering ram comes up to the main gate of the town and this time it doesn’t look like the wood will hold. Quickly swordsmen assemble at the gate knowing that the gate will go down. The archers leave their positions on the wall as ladders begin to come up. Link and Fenrick know that this is an impossible position to hold against such odds. Wagons are put in front of the gate to slow the enemy progress. Fenrick orders Link “Go back to the well and leave here I will hold out.” “But you’re going to die if you try to hold them back,” Link protests. “Doesn’t matter this is my town and I swore I would die here one way or another,” Fenrick says. Link shakes his head knowing that the stand will be suicide but understands it will buy time to prepare at the keep. Link runs for the well. As he makes it to the well he hears the gate falling and orders most of the militia near down the well. Some of the barbarians make it him just as he’s about to climb down he counts six. He turns to defend himself. These barbarians are no match for him. He does a spin attack which takes out half of the ones he’s facing then cuts through the rest with his trusty sword using his speed to do so. As he looks up he sees many more barbarians knowing he can’t fight them all not like this. He climbs down the well to the passageway below. The barbarians are following him as he enters the passageway. He throws a bomb at the entrance and causes it to cave in as they try to follow him. Then he runs real quick to the other end.


            Link makes it to the keep where he meets what’s left of the militia about 30 soldiers. Duncan greets him in the courtyard of the keep “Link, I take it they are here.” “Yes, sir they just took the town and what is here is all that is left of the militia,” Link says. Duncan says “And Fenrick is he?” “Yes, he was holding the town to the last I tried to talk him into leaving and he wouldn’t do it. But we must prepare now. Send the message to the king now that we need help,” Link says. “Done and done the moment you left two days ago I sent the message that we needed help. I just hope that help will arrive in time,” Duncan says. At this same moment a messenger walks up to Duncan “Letter for you sir.” Duncan unfolds the letter and reads it. “Link, it would appear that the king is doing all he can but it is difficult for him to gather soldiers. The princess will be leading some of the army to us. According to this she should be on her way within a day or so with about 200 men. I just hope that they arrive in time,” Duncan says. Link looks at Brandon who just walked out to them “Brandon, go and meet the princess and get them here as quickly as possible.” Brandon nods while Duncan isn’t too happy about this. Duncan says “Hold on Brandon take your sister with you before you go.” Link is puzzled “That might not be the safest thing.” Duncan responds “Link staying here is not the safest thing for her either. If you’re sending him out I want her going with him to protect her. She’ll probably escorted back to North Castle for her safety.” Link says “I see your point. Brandon do as your father says. First find the princess and tell her what we face then have her send an escort with your sister back to North Castle.” “Will do Link,” Brandon says as he goes to get his horse. A few minutes later both Brandon and his sister leave the keep going north at a high rate of speed.


            It is nightfall as Link and Duncan both now stand on the keep’s wall looking toward the road. “I suspect the village slowed them up a good bit but surely it couldn’t have stopped them,” Link reasons. “I feel much like you Link I know that even with that determined stand by the militia it wouldn’t have stopped them. But I am sure they wouldn’t march at night it would be impossible to keep any organization for them,” Duncan says. “It doesn’t matter we’ll have to keep a lookout for their torches anyways,” Link says. At the same time King Vlad arrives at the remains of the village. There is much looting going on which infuriates him more. “What is happening here?” Vlad demands from the vikings under his command. He pulls his sword and runs it through one of the more drunk members of his army, this re establishes order in the army. “There will plenty of time for looting when we have taken the keep then North Castle itself,” Vlad yells out loud. One of the commanders of Vlad’s army walks up and says “We took this lousy village at a cost of 150 men and it was tough fight your highness. In turn the men decided to destroy it for it’s resistance.” This explanation doesn’t impress Vlad at all. “We must continue to move forward or the element of surprise will be lost,” Vlad demands. “Sir, we have around 400 men right now but they are exhausted from the fight. We can’t march right now but we can in the morning,” the commander says. Vlad shakes his head in disappointment “So be it, you will have your rest.”


            The night passes slowly back at the keep Duke Duncan returned to his room to rest while Link chose to stay on the wall. This proves to be rather uncomfortable for Link first it being winter time and second the wall’s stones aren’t very easy to lay against. The next morning’s sun raises and Link looks out over the road still no enemy, but he knows they are coming. Some food is brought up to him along with the other defenders on the wall. “Any sign of help?” Link asks one of the servants bringing the food. The look on their face proves the answer. As the sun goes higher the tension seems to grow. Link once again scans the road this times he sees this force, a huge group of vikings moving towards the keep. The alarm is sounded within the keep and not minute later everybody that can fight is on the wall of the keep.


            The surprise has been lost but Vlad knows by numbers alone he overtake this keep or so he thinks. The rest of his army has landed and brought his numbers up to 800 while the soldiers in the keep have barely 200 and their only hope is help from North Castle. Vlad sends a courier forward to the outside of the keep with the demand of surrender. Link responds for Duke Duncan defiantly “Never”. Then Vlad forms his army to launch the first assault wave. Link pulls out his bow and prepares to fire. Then the wave gets nearer and nearer. Finally the order is given “Fire”. Half the wave falls flat on the ground with the remainder putting shields up for defense. The arrows are stronger then the vikings thought and they begin to give way. Vlad is furious with the results “300 men could take that keep and you failed.” Vlad brings forth his archers to engage the keep. The keep’s defenders duck behind the wall and return fire when they can which knocks down some of Vlad’s archers. The day wears on without either side gaining much of an advantage. Vlad is getting very anxious to finish this so he orders a full assault on the keep with his whole army. Vlad brings forth a battering ram and several siege towers. Link has extra soldiers with the keep station themselves near the gate. The battering ram slowly moves against the gate but the gate is much stronger then thought. The siege towers are more then enough to breach the wall. There’s only three of them but it’s enough. Vlad himself goes forward with his army and goes up one of the siege towers crossing the wall. Fierce fighting breaks out along the wall as the defenders do all they can to repel the attackers. But it’s too much for them being the keep’s protectors.  Link and the soldiers on his end of the wall retreat back to the main courtyard outside the throne room of the keep itself. Duke Duncan is inside Link knows that Duncan wouldn’t be able to handle much a fight and tells one of the soldiers to go inside make sure he doesn’t try to come out defend the keep.


            While all of this is happening, things are looking mighty bleak for the defenders. A desperate battle ensues when one of the towers on other end of the keep yells out “More soldiers on the way.” These are reinforcements from North Castle with Princess Zelda leading them along with Brandon. Zelda dismounts from her horse forms the archers quickly then they fire salvo of arrows wiping out the Vlad’s men outside the keep. This is also the signal for Brandon to go forward with all soldiers on foot. He charges down the hillside then comes into the keep from where Vlad’s men were. Now the shoe is on the other foot Vlad realizes he is trapped between two forces. Vlad charges forward spotting Link and goes into a fierce battle. Link is almost not ready for this but reacts well. Vlad is far stronger then Link and easily pushes Link around but Link knows overconfidence can always be used against an enemy. Finally Vlad pulls back again with his battleaxe and Link runs his sword right through Vlad’s chest. Vlad is stunned and falls backwards. The fight is over the remainder of Vlad’s men surrender as they see their fallen commander.


            Link is exhausted and himself falls to the ground. At this point both Brandon and Zelda run up to Link. Zelda hugs him as is sitting on the ground and follows with “Are you alright?” “Just a little winded that’s all,” Link responds. They have defeated an enemy before he could cause the same havoc as Ganon did. Link then looks at Zelda “We are still getting married right?” “Of course silly,” Zelda says “I wouldn’t have had it any different. I am just glad you’re alive.”


The End

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