Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 1

    Link's mind was a haze. He could vaguely make out the forms of Zelda and Saria falling next to him. He still had his equipment and it seemed that the others did too. Link knew that as long as they have the Triforce in their weapons, Ganon could not harness the true force of the Center Power. Suddenly, everything went black.


    Ganon knew that he could not reopen the portal to fetch the Triforce from the heroes. He realized that it is very possible that they might not return and the Triforce would never be reclaimed.

"Keep working!" he shouted to the moblins. If he couldn't get them, he would build up his forces until they returned.

"I want my castle completed in three days!" he told Contora, his new second- in-command.

"It will be as you command, my liege," Contora replied. "I will triple the rate at whcich the Stalfos work. And the Keese will haul stones faster than before. Hyrule Castle will be to your liking in a matter of days."

"Excellent. You are dismissed." Contora walked out, bearing the news of more work for Ganon's minions.

Ganon thought to himself. Link will stand no chance when my stronghold is complete. "HA HA HA!"


    "Link?" a voice called

"Link... LINK!" the voice was strangly familiar. Link awoke next to a big, fluffy guy with a fat nose. He recognized him... It was Tarin! He was in a house he remembered vividly. He rushed outside, to check his surroundings.

"Be careful. You had quite a fall." Tarin said. Link felt a pain in his side. Link looked around. It was true! He was on the Windfish's Island.

"Where are Zelda and Saria?" he asked Tarin.

"Marin is taking care of them in the Animal Village. She left there two days ago and sent a letter back to me saying she found a royal lady and a little green girl.

"That's them!" he cried out with joy. "What's the fastest way to Animal Village?"

"You can go--" he started.

"Never mind. I remember." Link rushed out the door.

"WAIT! Don't you want your stuff? It's in the back." Link looked down and realized all he had was his tunic, boots, and cap.

"That would be a good idea."

He went to the back and gathered his stuff. Wait a second... His Tri-Strike Rapier with the Triforce of Courage is not there! "Tarin? Did you see a sword when you found me?"

"Not that I can recall. Go check the beach where I found you. Until then you'll have to use that metal springy thing."

"Thanks for your help. I'll be back with Marin shortly."

With that, he left for the beach, wondering where the sword could be. He could only hope he would find it on the beach.

    The island was just as he found it before. There was a large monkey blocking the way to the beach when he got there. "Kiki kikiee! Ki kiee kiee kiki!" The monkey rubbed his stomach anxiously. It was hungry.

"Oh well... here we go again."

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