Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 10

Link and his sisters made their way back to the cabin and Marin was waiting. They joined again, and the owl flew down from the heavens above.

"It is time," he said. "Be prepared all of you. The events that will soon occur will be monumental and you will face a new evil, one that will seem vaguely familiar."

Zelda felt a sudden shock as she remembered her nightmare that had happened only a few days ago. She shook it off, and listened again. "In order for the Triforce's power to be useful, you must seperate it from the swords. Can you do this?"

"It is possible," Saria said. "We must play the corresponding songs on the ocarinas. Is everyone ready?"

"Yes," they all responded.

"Now Marin, you will be the one to hold the Triforce as it joins again. You must make a wish, and that wish must be to have the four of you delivered safely to Hyrule, in Ganondorf's chamber. It must be in Ganondorf's chamber, because that is where you were banished to here from. However be warned. His chamber has been moved to Hyrule Castle and he has taken over, so you must be prepared to sneak out. When you arrive, you will appear invisible for a short time. That is your opportunity to escape from the abyss of his evil castle. Are you sure you can undertake this task of courage, wisdom, and power?"

The agreement was unanimous of course.

"Then play the songs on your ocarinas, and make the Triforce come alive once again. When you arrive, your destinies will have already been decided. Good luck my friends."

With that, the owl flew off, and as he was leaving, Link could make out a faint trace of yellow in the path that he flew. All was ready, and Marin was set. The triplets began to play. The music that filled the air was wonderful, and had a harmonious rythym.

Then the ocarinas of the siblings began to shine, and the swords on their backs followed suit. Suddenly, the swords flew up and combined into one. The Master Sword returned to Link's sheath. In the meantime, the Triforce had seperated from the hilts. It shone with golden radiance and was left floating in the air.

Marin approached the relic with a wish in her heart. The four of them disappeared into the sky. Tarin could not restrain the tear that flowed from his eye as he saw them go away. He knew the destiny of his only daughter, and he had to tell no one, or the fate of the world would be troubled. He ran to his bed and sobbed deeply for his daughter.


Gendon felt something. What he did not know, but his mind and soul knew that something catastrophic would soon happen. He now understood the full capabilities of the machine that was being built. It would harness the Center Power and suck the energy from it. Since the Center Power is an undying source of energy waves, with that in his possession he would be unstoppable in his journey to rule the cosmos. And if he could get his hands on the Triforce of Legend and finally put it back with the Center Power he would form the relic that was sought by all, but known by few. The old readings and scrolls had taught him well. He craved the Essence. The Essence, to his knowlegde, was the one triangle formed when all the pieces are put together. If he could claim this prize, he would be turned into a god himself.

He laughed wickedly as he went to his throne room to investigate the disturbance he felt. Iron Knuckle


The four of the party appeared in the throne room of Ganondorf. However, they were surprised when no one was to be found, not even a moblin servant. They all ducked down, though, as Iron Knuckle entered the room with someone.

"Ah, this is excellent Iron Knuckle! This weapon will make me supreme ruler over all of the cosmos! I will rule the universe with an iron fist," the mysterious man said. Gendon could not see them because the Triforce gave them a vale of invisibility.

"What about me sir?" Iron Knuckle asked.

"Don't worry. You'll get a continent or two."

Zelda kept looking at the mysterious man. He looked strangely like the monster she saw in her dream. And then it hit her.

"He is a Gerudo male!!!" she shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear her.

"Did you hear something Iron Knuckle?" Gendon asked.

"Indeed I did sir. However, there does not seem to be anyone else in this room. Wait, I have an idea.!" He pulled out the same nautical goggles that Link and Zelda had used in the desert. "Look through these sir!"

Gendon looked through the goggles. The four of them tried to hide but it was no use.

"What are you intruders doing in my castle. Wait a second… I have heard of you. You are Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. And you, the short one, are Saria the sage of the forest. So, that means the one with the Master Sword must be Link, the Hero of Time." Suddenly he stared at Marin, or more specifically at what she held in her hand.

"You have the Triforce! Give it to me!"

"Not on your life!" the defiant girl cried out. "And who are you anyway, and what happened to this Ganondorf person everyone has been telling me about?"

"I am Gendon, son of Ganondorf. There was an… accident… that did my father in. He passed away a short while ago. But, the object he sought is now within my grasp. Give it to me and you shall be rewarded."

"Never!" the four shouted in harmonious unison.

"Very well then. I have an offer to make to thee." He turned to Link. "Hero of Time! I challenge you to a battle. The victor will receive the Triforce and be at the other's command. We will battle until either one of us gives up, or perishes. Do you agree?"

Link realized he had no choice, since the throne room was now surrounded with guards. "Can I pick the battlefield?" Link asked.

"I suppose so. Where would you like to die?"

"Our battle shall take place on the island in Lake Hylia. All of the inhabitants of Hyrule will gather there to watch our fight and it will be told of for generations. Sound fair, Gendon?"

"Indeed it is. Shall we be leaving?"

The inhabitants of Hyrule set out for Lake Hylia.


The scientist of the library was outside early that morning gathering specimens for his experiments of the day, when suddenly he heard a large procession coming towards his humble lakeside home. He spotted an owl in the sky and realized it was his old friend.

"Why hello, my fine-feathered friend. How have you been lately?"

"Troubled," the owl, known only as Kaepora Gaebora, replied. "Today there will be a battle to decide all other battles, and someone will make a grave sacrifice for the well-being of our realm. Hoot hoo!"

"Oh stop hooting, you old coot. You have to remember, you are not an animal, but a wizard. Can you do me a favor and change back? Talking to an owl really gets on my nerves."

"Oh fine, Analih. You always were a little cuckoo." The owl started to transform before Analih's eyes. The owl's wings transformed into human hands and the talons into human feet. The beak became flatter and eventually became a face. After a minute or so, the form of a wise, old sorcerer stood before Analih. It was Sahasralah. The owl known as Kaepora Gaebora had been the wise sage of Kakariko Village the entire time!

"My Sheikah skills are becoming less and less. It is getting harder for me to change each time. My daughter, Impa, has always been the more elite of the two of us. Anyway, the battle will soon begin. Would you care to be a spectator for a day? Your work can be put off I am sure."

"Why not."


The crowd of Hylians, Kokiri, Gerudos, Zoras, Gorons, Sheikah, and animals had come to rest along the shores of Lake Hylia. The common people of Hyrule sat on the shore while Iron Knuckle, Saria, Zelda, and Marin were allowed to stay on the bridge to the island. Link prepared himself for the epic battle that would take place. Gendon was also prepared. He charged up energy in his hand and took a few practice shots at a couple of mountains a couple of miles away. Of course, they were completely obliterated.

"Are the warriors ready?" Sahasralah asked. He would act as referee and, should anything become unfair, would act as the deciding factor.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Link said hastily.

"Bring it on," Gendon exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"Then let the battle begin. When the sun appears over the crest of the hill, the battle will commense. As for me, I'm getting to a safe distance." He transformed and flew to the top of the dead tree on the island.

They waited.

Soon, the first light of the morning sun rose. Immediately, Gendon released a charged bolt of energy at Link. He was prepared however, and reflected the shot with his mirror shield. He charged up his sword and took a slash at Gendon. He hit the Gerudo in the shoulder, but it did not seem to hurt him. In fact, it just made him grow stronger with rage. He knocked the Hylian to the ground.

"Is that all? Wha-ha-ha-ha!" He shot fire from his mouth and Link rolled out of the way just in time. If he had not, the consequences would have been drastic. Then Link got an idea.

"Take this!!!" he said as he unleashed light arrows on the unsuspecting Gerudo.

"AHHH!!! What power is this that has blinded me? Now you will prepare to meet your fate. I will shed this worthless body for more suitable attire!!!" With that, the male Gerudo began to transform into a horrid beast.

Off to the side, Zelda shuttered. It was the same beast in her dream. Now she was worried. "Link look out! He is powerful!!!"

Link however, could not do a thing. He was being tossed around by the beast and was helpless in his state. Marin could take it no longer.

"STOP!" She cried in a booming voice, more powerful than the mountains themselves. "Leave my love alone. You will never again touch a hair on his head, or you will deal with me!"

"I will take pleasure in your demise, foolish maiden. Will you attack me?"

"In a way you can never imagine. Strike me down now, and I will come back to haunt you as long as you may live!"

"So be it," he said as he stabbed his saber through her. Marin stood shocked. The blood was rushing out of her. She collapsed to the ground.

But Gendon had forgot one key thing. The Triforce began to rise out of Marin's body. She had had it within her the entire time!! Now it was being returned to the Sacred Realm where it belonged, and someone else would have to claim it! Marin sacrificed herself for the well-being of Hyrule.

Zelda saw her opportunity. She read an enscription from the Book of Modura, and the triplets were transported to the Temple of Time.

"We must go to the Sacred Realm, and claim the Triforce before Gendon. Our time is short. Is everyone ready?" Zelda asked.

They nodded in silent agreement. "Then we're off, to the Sacred Realm, and when we return, we shall destroy Gendon once and for all!

Here ends "Escape From the Abyss" by Belgarath the Sorceror. The final book in the trilogy, "The Wisdom of the Ancients" will come shortly!

Until then, I hope you enjoyed it!

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