Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 2

    Zelda awakened bright and early. Marin had taken good care of them for the past few days and has done an excellent job at soothing their wounds. Saria had a broken knee because of the incident, but it was on its way to recovery as well. She could only wonder where Link was. Suddenly, a big walrus entered the cottage.

"Marin needs your help," the fat thing said.

"I'm coming. She probably needs helping bringing water back from the well."

"I'll tell her."

Zelda could only wonder where her brother was, and she hoped he could come to them both.


    Contora, Ganondorf's second in command and a Gerudo Queen, rallied the forces together at midnight. They were in a quiet section of the Lost Woods, and everyone was anxiously awaiting her words. She cleared her throat and spoke raspily.

"Ganon has tripled our workload again. Are we happy about this?" A small murmur came from the crowd.

"I didn't think so. Well, now is the time for our revenge. Ganondorf has lived out his usefulness. He has been defeated many times by The Heroes of Time over and over. However, now I bring you good news, my minions. We Shall overthrow Ganon!" An eruption of shouts and hurrahs ripped through the mob.

"But how will we do it?" a young Moblin asked.

"We won't have to. Ganon is destined to die. In a matter of weeks the new Gerudo leader will be born!" A shocked expression went through the crowd.

Contora replied, "When this runt is born, Ganondorf's life will come to an end. Then we will destroy the little one, and rule Hyrule without the influence of Ganon's tyranny. The Age of Contora will come to pass!" The crowd became happy, and performed a few rituals before they dispersed into the night. "My plan is working perfectly. Ha ha ha!" Contora said, as she too fled into the forest.


     Link was face to face with the huge monkey, but good thing he had his Long Shot! There were some banana trees near by, and Link knocked them down. "Here Kiki... here's your bananas." The huge monkey moved to pick up the bananas. Underneath him was a slab of cheese. "Who knows?" he thought. Maybe it'll come in handy.

"Kikiee (munch munch) kikiee!"

    Link ignored the monkey and moved on. He reached the Toronbo Shores and searched diligantly for his sword, but alas he had no luck. All of a sudden, an owl appeared.

"Hoot hoot. You are back. This time around you will discover all the mysteries of this island. Search for your sword in the key cave, and then make your way to Animal Village. Be aware that the power of the Ocarina of Courage is still on your side.

" "What? Where?" he said surprised.

"Look around your neck," the owl said.

Link looked down and saw a mythril chain around his neck, with the Ocarina hooked to it. It was hard to believe he didn't notice it before.

"By the end of your trip through Koholint, you will be prepared to take on any evil that will ever plague you again. You will also find what you hold most dear being lost from you, but fear not. It is only an illusion. Hold to my words and you will succeed. Stray from the path and you will fail. Good luck, and be ready to face dangers ten-fold more hideous than Ganon."

With that, the owl flew away. Link speedily made for the Key Cave, not knowing what he might encounter.

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