Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 3

      Saria awoke slowly and quietly, and she wondered where she was. Almost instantly, Zelda cried out, "You're awake!" She rushed to her side.

      "How are you feeling sister? Are you okay? Does your knee hurt anymore?"

      "Not really," she replied, "The pain just went away. Have you found Link yet?"

      "No. Marin said to wait here, because if he was found, any good soul on the island would direct him here."

      "So we must wait. What's for breakfast?"

      "Oh get up, sis. We're having eggs and toast of course."

      "Again," Saria cries out in disgust. "Oh well."


      Link was making his way to the Key Cavern. He remembered the place as where he had acquired the bell. He also vaguely remembered arrows on the floor helping him, guiding him. Anyway, who was this owl that kept following him around. That was one mystery he wanted out of the way. When he arrived at the Key Cavern, he was extremely surprised.

      It was in ruins! What was the purpose of this he thought? From the corner of his eye, he saw something shining in the rubble. He went closer and examined it. He pulled the rubble away, and saw a blade! It was Saria's sword! So that means they have lost there's as well. Before he could pick it up, a large mouse dashed away with it.

      The mouse perched it self on a high cliff, one that Link alone could not reach. Then he got an idea. He pulled out the large slab of cheese.

      The mouse dashed down with the sword and gladly exchanged it for the hunk of cheddar. As the mouse ran off, it dropped some dog food. Of course, Link picked it up, thinking it might be of some use. He then maade his way to a small hut he could see in the distance. He read the sign.

"Don't feed the dogs, or face the wrath of Madam BowWow!"

      Instantly, a little furry white puppy came out of the cottage sniffing Link's can of food. He went inside to see the owner about the dog, because it was obviously starving to death.

      Madam BowWow awoke as Link entered. A raspy voice said, "What do you want?"

      "Your dog seems hungry, and I have this can of dog food here."

      "That little runt won't even get a sniff," she replied.

      Link gave up and went outside. However, when out there, he opened the can of food fod the dog, and it dug something up for him.

      "A Yoshi Doll???" He was puzzled as he continued on to Animal Village.


      "Contora!" Ganon shouted out. "Where are you???"

      "I'm coming you filthy animal," she whispered under her breath. "I'm coming!" she shouted out as well.

      She kneeled before his feet. "What do you wish, Master?"

      "Progress is as slow as it is before. I said faster. Take away the worker's rations until they decide to work. If they refuse, send them to me."

      "As you wish..." she replied, as she gave him dirty looks when his back was turned. "Your day will come. Just you wait... Ha Ha Ha!"

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