Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 4

Link traveled at a steady pace. He was approaching Animal Village, but there was a little problem. (Actually it was more of a BIG problem.) There was a walrus blocking the path, and a big one mind you. It was at least twenty times the size of Link. It looked hungry...

"Grumble... Grumble..." it cried out. Link tried giving it his Yoshi Doll but it refused.

Link decided to travel north to the forbidden graveyard, hoping he could circle around the menace and enter from a different path.

In the graveyard, Link saw a peculiar sight. A crying ghost???

"Whaaa!!!!" it moaned. "I lost my teddy."

"What's wrong little Poe?" Link asked helpfully.

"I lost my teddy in this grave. Could you find it for me Mr. Nice Guy?"

It seemed like he had no choice. The ghost would not leave him alone, so he plunged into the grave.

Inside, he found something very strange. There was a glowing, blue blade here! It was Zelda's Tri-strike Rapier! But why was it down here? And where was his? He had every piece of the Triforce but his own. Where was it???

Link brought the Teddy Bear to the crying Poe, who was named Ecni. She received it happily, and gracefully.

"Thank you, Mr. Nice Guy! Keep traveling along this road to meet the merchant. He will have something that will help you move that big fat walrus."

"Thank you, Ecni!" Link said gladly. At least he was making some progress, he thought...


Contora lay in bed. She was in excruciating pain, but she knew it would all be worth it in the end. She still did not know how she would keep Ganon away from the Center Power long enough to kill him, but she knew that it was necessary for her plans to work.

"Only three more weeks..." she said silently to her stomach, which for some reason was not growing larger. She knew the Child of Destiny was there though, and that's all that mattered.

She had asked Ganon for a vacation to let her rest, and for some odd reason, he had let her have one. A fat Moblin had taken over for now, and when the time came, he would be dealt with as well. "Ha ha ha...!"


Ganon sat alone in his chamber. Trockia was not doing his work well enough to suit his tastes, but Contora deserved her vacation. The castle was complete, and the new furniture was being placed. Suddenly, Trockia entered.

"Where do you want your organ, master?" the fat Moblin inquired.

"Place it behind my throne. I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone after this. I have some thinking to do."

"As you wish, your highness." The workers placed the organ down, and quickly left. Ganon turned to his organ, the instrument he had played since he was a youth.

"Time for work," he said. He placed a button on the underside of his organ. Instantly, the towering instrument turned inside out to reveal an hourglass filled with his dead minions' souls.

"Your time has come, my beasts. You will live again! To serve and to conquer!" With that, the souls started to pour out, one by one and find their bodies throughout Hyrule. And when they found their bodies, they returned to Ganon, ready to do his will.


Link met up with the merchant in the road.

"What do ya got?" the merchant asked with a lisp.

"I have a Yoshi Doll, if that's of interest to you."

"Really??? My son has been looking all over for one! If you could give me that I will surely give you this roast leg of yak. What about it? Is it a deal???"

"Deal. You shall have your doll, and me my meat." The two parted ways, and Link made his way back to Animal Village.

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