Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 6

Link and Saria were listening to Zelda. She had been telling Link of the frightening image in her mind she had had. Marin was off cooking a dinner of Roast Cucco and carrots.

"There is only one way to get off of this island, as far as I can tell," Link said.

"And what would that be?" Zelda asked.

"The Triforce. We can wish ourselves off this island and back to Hyrule."

"But... there is a little problem," Saria said. "We lost our rapiers."

"On the contrary, I have them right here!"

Link took the sabers out of his bag and handed them to the girls. The power of their Triforce pulsated under the heat of their hands.

"Where's your sword, Link?" Zelda inquired.

"I don't know. I lost it when I was found on the beach. I don't know where it could be. Once we find it, we can go back to Hyrule."

"Dinner's ready everyone!" Marin called out.

The triplets sat down at the table and awaited their delicious meal. Link stared at Marin as she came into the room.


Gendon was preparing. The son of Ganondorf, King of Evil, was preparing for his duel. Instructed by his mother, the only knowledge he's had since birth is fighting technique. He has learned to hate only one.


His destiny is to overcome the King of Evil. But he is not yet ready. So, he must train hard and be prepared for the evil wave of terror that he will use to defeat the King.

"Conjure!" Contora shouted.

Gendon concentrated hard and a large fireball was beginning to form at the tip of his cane.

"Strengthen!" she shouted with more emphasis.

The fireball became larger and then split into many large, flaming projectiles. He was getting ready.

"Release!" she shouted.

His carefully aimed comets were going after a small mountain.


It was completely obliterated, debris and ash showering the area.

"Excellent job, my son. Rest for the evening."

Gendon could feel the hate. Ganondorf must die, and he would be the one to give the fatal blow.



The knight came running in at Ganon's bellowing voice. He calmly awaited his master's proclamations.

"What is thy bidding, my master?"

"How is the weapon coming along?" the King of Evil questioned.

"We are making progress, my lord. The minions have agreed to help... with a little persuasion. Their rations have been reduced and they are working faster than ever before."

"How long till it will be finished?"

"Two weeks, my liege."

"Excellent work, IronKnuckle. You may leave."

Ganon sat at his organ very satisfied. This new weapon would harness the full potential of the Center Power and then he would no longer need the rest of the Triforce. He began to play on his organ.

IronKnuckle heard the King's music, and he knew he had done well. Ganon was in high spirits.


Link and Marin were outside in the field at Twilight enjoying each other's company.

Suddenly, the owl appeared over their heads. And beckoned to them.

"Link! Get the others! I have some important news!"

Link and Marin went inside to the cottage and brought his sisters back.

The owl spoke:

"I know the location of your saber, Link!"

"Where?" Saria spoke.

"It is on top of the egg on the highest peak. This is where the Triforce of Courage has fallen with the third part of the Master Sword. You must obtain this Triforce and then wish yourself back to Hyrule. However, there is a catch. Marin must go back to Hyrule with you."

Link's heart nearly skipped a beat.

"Why is this, Great Owl?" Zelda asked.

"I cannot say. It would break the barrier between fate and free will. Marin, go now to your father and say your goodbyes. Gather what you need and wait in your father's cottage. Link and the other's will meet you when they come down from the mountain. The triplets must seek the sword by themselves. Go now."

The owl flew off. Link gave Marin a goodbye kiss, and she was off to her father's cottage. Saria gathered the supplies and they set off for the peak.

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