Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 8

Link and his sisters looked up at the colossal egg. Near the top of the mountain they could faintly see a staircase leading up to it.

"We're not getting anywhere sitting around here," Zelda said, "So let's climb that peak!"

Her siblings took her advice and began to scale the crag. It was a long task and they ran into dangerous monsters frequently. However, these were easily taken care of and soon posed no threat. The real problem arose when the rocks started to fall.

"Take cover!" Link shouted to them. He pulled out a Nayru's Love crystal and protected the three of them. They soon passed this difficult predicament, but not without some pain.

"I broke a nail!" Saria cried out.

"Oh, deal with it," Link said.

They traveled higher and eventually came to a precipice with no way across to a ledge on the other side.

"What will we do now?" Zelda asked.

At that moment, a tektite hopped from the other side and landed on the air between them and began to attack. Zelda made quick work of it with her boomerang, but Saria was puzzled.

"How did it walk through the air?" She thought for a moment. "Oh of course! Link use the eye of truth."

Link took out the eye of truth, and, indeed, there was a hidden passage way revealed. The triplets continued up the mountain. There next obstacle was even trickier than the last. There was a magician coming down from the mountain that Link "accidentally" insulted, and was now very angry. He decided to launch flaming projectiles at the three.

"Mooksha thisra rythi uhnio retyigo detria atackus!"

The wizard was made temporarily paralyzed with the words Zelda read from the Book of Modura. The three continued on. After about another hour of uneventful traveling, they reached the peak. It was high noon, and the sun shown directly on the Tri-Strike Rapier that was implanted in the egg. Link reached out using the power of the Triforce of Courage, and the rapier came to him.

"We are ready. Now we must go find Marin and wish ourselves back to Hyrule!"

Suddenly, there was a powerful earthquake that occured. The front of the egg split open, and a vile shadow creature came out. The three brandished there weapons and prepared to attack. Actually, this battle went quite fast because the monster was no match for the Triforce. Zelda and Saria kept it busy while Link repeatedly stabbed it in the back, so enough said. With that, the three headed back to Marin's cottage.


Contora beckoned for Gendon to follow her, but remain in the shadows.

"I don't want Ganondorf seeing you... just yet. Today will be your day of triumph, so be prepared."

Contora entered the throne room of the great Ganondorf.

"Ah, Contora. How have you been this past few weeks?"

"Quite well, your excellency. What is thy reason for my summoning?"

"Ah, well I have something to show you."

A slim-faced doctor came out from behind the glass of souls. He smiled slyly at Contora.

"He told me everything Contora. Why would you go do such a thing."

"Oh, dear. This was not supposed to happen. I am sorry, my liege."

"To think that you trampled my best Gerudo Blooms with your horse. Sickening really."

Contora suddenly gave a great sigh of relief.

"It will not happen again, my lord."

"It had better not."

"Well, then," Contora explained, "I have someone to introduce you to."

"Oh, and who would that be?"

Gendon came out from the shadows and into the center of the throne room.

"Why he is a splendid looking young boy, a very stern fellow. I could probably use him in my army."

Ganon thought at what he had said for a moment.

"A boy??????? A Gerudo male???????"

"Yes, I am." Gendon replied. "And now I will make you suffer for what you did to my family."

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