Escape From The Abyss

By Belgarath The Sorceror

Chapter 9

Ganondorf stood baffled. "What are you talking about, and who are you?"

"I am Gendon, and you killed my father, Mercutio, so now you will pay for this insolence with your despised life!"

Gendon started to draw the power up in his hands, a sphere of mystical energy had appeared above his hand and was getting larger and larger. Ganon copied the young Gerudo's actions, and cried out, "You will never defeat me, King of Darkness, with your puny powers. Prepare to be smothered under the weight of energy!"

Ganon released his fireball as did Gendon. Both collided in mid-flight and then Ganondorf looked shocked.

"How did you match my projectile? You are more powerful than you look. Fight me Gendon, I am in need of a challenge."

"You will never win, Ganon!" Contora cried out. "Prophecy has foreseen your destruction, when the next Gerudo male comes. You are destined to die!" She let loose a hideous cackle.

"I will defy prophecy and destroy this wretch. I will deal with you later Contora!" he shouted out in rage.

"Come and get me, Ganon!" Gendon mocked as freezing icicles flew out of his fingertips towards Ganon. The King of Darkness evaded them easily and took out his trident.

"With this weapon, I will destroy you boy!" Ganon screamed out in fervor. The weapon whirled around his head, and fire Keese began to encircle him. However, Gendon was very accurate at his blows, and put each Keese out with an icicle.

"Is that the best you can do?" the young Gerudo male challenged. "I have seen better fighting done by Kokiri women. You truly are a terrible fighter."

That did it. Ganondorf burned with rage, and began to do what Contora had not expected. He transformed before her eyes into the evil Pig Lord Ganon. However, this one was more hideous than the first, with puke green skin and eyes of radiant rubies. He prepared for the battle by turning his arms into two fierce-looking blades, both of which could dice Gendon if he was not careful. Ganon's eyes were burning with rage, anger, and fervor, and he attacked Gendon with all he had. His eyes turned into lasers, but Gendon avoided them easily and struck back. But, for some reason, he did not seem to hurt Ganon by slashing at his chest.

"Where do you feel pain?" he muttered to himself as he dodged an attack by the fearsome cutlery. He dodged again, this time running from the snakes that grew from his toes. Then he looked back at Ganon and noticed something.

His tail. He had been protecting it with all he had. Gendon must think of a way to get behind the beast and hit the tail. Then it hit him.

"Prepare to be vanquished cruel demon!" Since it was daytime, he blasted a hole in the ceiling of the chamber and light from the sun shone in. He then used a spell to condense the light into his fingertip. He fired the light at the Ruby Eyes of Ganon, and he shrieked in pain.

"Ahhhh! What have I done to deserve such a fate? He shrieked in agony, but Gendon had to act quickly. The light spell would not last for long. He ran behind the demon and slashed at its tail with the scimitar he had conjured up from the air. Ganon shrieked in pain and discomfort once again. Gendon continued the assault, each time, the cry of Ganon becoming louder and louder.

Contora stepped in at this moment. "Excellent work my son. The prophecy has been fulfilled and your father is dying." Contora suddenly realized she had said too much. The only way to get Gendon was to attack Ganon was if he didn't know it was his father. Now she had slipped.

"Father? Ganondorf was my father? Forgive me Ganon, it was mother's fault. I shall avenge you."

"So be it..." And with that, the great Ganondorf died.

"This was your fault, Contora," Gendon suddenly cried out with rage.

"Let's not be hasty my son. I didn't know it was your father. Yeah, that's it! I didn't know."

"Nothing will get you out of this now, mother." He advanced closer and closer. "Your lies shall be your undoing. You made me kill my own father and now I must be symmetrical and kill my mother as well!"

"No please... NO!!!!!"

The details are, again, to gruesome to mention. It must run in the family.

"I will rule this land with an iron fist, and no one shall be safe from my reign. Triplets of Time here me! You will never again see the light of the Triforce when I am through with you," his proclamation ran through the chamber of his dead father.

Iron Knuckle then entered. "What has happened to Ganon?" he said as he saw the dead body if his previous lord and master.

"He has moved on, along with that idiot Contora. I wish to be worshiped now. Command the peons that I want work done faster, or there rations will be reduced once again."

"I will my master, but first let me show you something."

Iron Knuckle led Gendon behind the throne and showed him the weapon being built.

The thing was massive. It was made entirely out of metal and hooked up to a generator of some kind.

"One of our scientists has discovered the power of electricity, lightning, and is using it to harness the power of the Center Power."

"Excellent," Gendon said. "Now we must wait for the Triplets of Time."

He cackled just as bad as his mother did. Iron Knuckle joined in as well, although his was not as deep-throated.

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