From Hyrule to Calatia

By Doug


About the story: Back in November I had submitted a fan fic based on the Legend of Zelda cartoon, which also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of the original game that started it all. In this I made mention of the fact that after Ganon was defeated Link and Zelda married, they were 17 at the time now they are older. Link was called back to Calatia to help Queen Seline which he did, my story is based on that adventure.


Backdrop: North Castle, it has been around two years since Link and Zelda defeated Ganon once and for all. They have been married more then one year. Link has let his hair grow longer and he has grown stronger, while Zelda has pretty much remained the same thinly built beauty that she was when they first met. Both have kept their skills with their chosen weapons up.



            The bright morning sunshine of a beautiful autumn day comes into the room. Link wakes up in his heart boxers then puts his robe on as he gets up. As he runs his fingers through his brown hair, he walks in front of the mirror then makes a remark he hasn’t made in some years jokingly. “Aren’t I sweet?” he says then lets out a light laugh. “Yes, you are my husband,” a soft feminine voice behind him says. “Oh, Zelda I didn’t mean to wake you sorry,” Link says. “You’re fine Link, you didn’t,” she says. Link walks back over to their bed and sits next to his beautiful blonde haired wife. She sits up in her pink nightgown allowing her hair to fall down her back and hugs him. He cups her cheek in his hands looking into her green eyes. Then they start kissing, but after a few seconds she stops him “Link, its breakfast time I think we better get dressed and head downstairs.” A low growl is heard from Link “You’re right I am a little hungry especially after our fun and excitement last night”, he says smiling. Link gets dressed like normal brown long shelve shirt, brown pants, green tunic and cap, and knee high dark brown boots. Zelda goes into the bathroom puts on a green dress after washing up and they both go downstairs.

            King Harkinian the kind white haired ruler of Hyrule is waiting at the breakfast table for them. Zelda walks over and kisses her father lightly on the cheek. Link finds himself a seat quite quickly and starts digging in on the pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Link as always eats more then anyone else in the room. Of course the standing joke is he eats enough to feed the army to which he usually says “Hey, I am just a growing boy,” and everyone laughs about it. Zelda sits beside Link and eats her breakfast in more relaxed manner then Link. After Link has had enough food he reclines in his chair and begins thinking about how bored he is. In fact he is daydreaming about his adventures while the King and Zelda are talking over their breakfast. Zelda doesn’t seem to notice until she gets up from the table and looks over at him. Link appears to be lost in his own thoughts. “Link, Link, come on we have go so the maids can clear the table,” she says to him. Link snaps out of it and both head over to throne room with the king. While in the throne room Link gets bored listening to all these lords with their compliments or complaints and solving their problems he knows one day he will have to be in the throne itself hearing this not something he is particularly interested in and walks upstairs then outside to the outer wall, then goes back to daydreaming while on the wall above the courtyard about fighting and adventuring and how much he misses it. Midway through the day Zelda joins him, again she notices Link is thinking about something else. She joins him on the wall and gets his attention by rubbing his hand. Link looks over at her smiling as he does anytime she is nearby. “Link, is something wrong?” she asks. “Oh, nothing sweetheart,” he says as he looks down at the courtyard. He thinks back this courtyard is where one of our adventures began. That was the time he lost his body and in the end found out Zelda’s true feelings for him before he got his body back. Zelda isn’t convinced that nothing is wrong, again she asks “Link, are sure nothing is wrong? You just seem a little distant.” Link sighs and says “Well, Zelda I miss our adventures together and without Ganon there is nothing to really do. I mean every now and then there is a moblin or something doing a kidnapping which isn’t hard to handle at all.” “You miss that mess, huh?” she says “Well, Hyrule has never really known peace and that’s what I like that my people are enjoying peace and quiet. But I understand where you’re coming from Link.” “You do?” Link asks. “It was always somewhat fun adventuring with you. Never knew what could pop out and attack,” Zelda says. “Those were good times I guess,” Link says as he sighs. “I don’t know that I would want to repeat some of those adventures especially the times we got fooled by Ganon like the time he got you turned into a frog or captured your body,” Zelda replies. Link comes back with “Well the time he captured my body was fun at least for me. I found out how you really felt about me.” Then Zelda smiles and says “You’re right I did feel that way about you and I still do. Link, how about we go on a picnic tomorrow? You could take me to that spot you took me that had cupid statue you remember that place don’t you?” This sort of breaks Link’s train of thought, but never one to miss out on any opportunity to spend time alone with his wife says “Sure that sounds good. But why tomorrow, today is just as lovely we could get there before nightfall and enjoy a picnic under the stars.” Zelda laughs a little at the thought and says “Okay I’ll go get changed into something more comfortable and get the food while you get the horses.” She comes out wearing her adventuring clothes, pink pants, thigh high boots, purple shirt, and light blue vest which gets Link’s attention to which he says “You haven’t worn that in a while.” She responds “I know I just figured I would switch things up a bit.”

            When they arrive they set up quickly and enjoy the food which relaxes both of them. Link pulls out his flute and plays a couple of tunes on it adding to the occasion. The sun begins to set, which puts Link in a romantic mood. They begin to make out then a voice from behind them says “Hey give us your money and we’ll let you live.” Link recognizes this guy as the same one that was trying to rob Sleazenose the time he got ripped off by Sleazenose. It’s dark and this guy doesn’t seem to recognize Link. He isn’t alone either and has two other guys with him all carrying clubs. “Fellows why don’t you get lost or there’ll be trouble,” Link says to them. One of the other guys says “Did you hear that? This boy and his girl are threatening us.” Link stands up then goes to draw his sword, as his hand reaches the area where his sword is supposed to be when he suddenly realizes that his sword is back at the castle. Zelda remains seated on the blanket looking on. The leader lunges at Link’s legs. Link does a back flip out of the way at the same time kicking his attacker in the face knocking him out. The other two charge, Link grabs the one nearest him and throws him into the other. Both of the attackers go down. They both get up to attack again. The one up first swings his club in a downward strike. Link backs out of the way and quickly grabs this attacker’s club at his wrist. They go back and forth with the club while the other bandit gets up to attack. Link manages to get control and forces the club in an uppercut on the other attacker. In this Link knocks out this other attacker with his own friend’s club. The remaining attacker still struggles with Link, but Link’s strength is too much for this guy.  This last attacker lets go of his club and runs for his life. The other two are still out cold Link takes their weapons and tosses them, then comes back with some ice water throwing it on both of them. “Get out of here before I call the guards,” Link barks at them as they come awake. Both get up and run. Link shakes his head then smiles “Now that’s what I call a fun afternoon.” Zelda is a little surprised with his reaction but happy anyway. She runs over to him and hugs him knocking him down. As she kisses him she says “You’re still amazing even without your sword.” They both head back to the castle after laughing about it.

            Two months pass with Link not mentioning anything more about adventuring. Christmas comes and goes as it gets deeper into winter. It is one day before New Year’s Eve sometime around five in the afternoon, a messenger arrives at North Castle. He is ushered into the throne room by several guards. The messenger, a mere boy himself with blonde hair sneaking out from under his helmet bows before King Harkinain “King Harkinain,” he says “I have a message for Sir Link of Hyrule. It is from my Queen Seline and I must give it to him or read it in his presence.” Link and Zelda are in their room playing a game of chess which Zelda had taught Link how to play a few months ago. Just as Link is about to finally win the game the first time for him with a check mate a loud knock comes to the door. Link a little agitated says “Who is it?” “Sir Link, it’s me, Captain Krin your presence is requested in the throne room.” Link gets up from the game “I guess you win Zelda. Shall we go downstairs and see what’s going on?” Zelda realizing that Link had the upper hand and was about to finish her lays her king down “You won my love.” Link smiles a little glad she would admit that he had won this game. Link goes downstairs with Zelda tagging along behind him on his heels. Link enters the throne room and recognizes the messenger “Curtis, is that you? I haven’t seen you since I left home and you were eight or nine years old.” The messenger responds “You know me, Link? I mean Sir Link my apologies for the insult.” Link says “No need to apologize Curtis. I am still getting used to this new title myself. But what is it you have for me?” Curtis says “I will read you the message if that’s alright with you.” Then Link says “Sure go ahead my friend.” Curtis begins

Sir Link,

At present I need your help. We are currently under attack by minions that were under the control of your hated enemy Ganon. They have raided several caravans of merchants ruthlessly murdering them. I have been unable to put a stop to these attacks that is why I am seeking your assistance in this. I fear something much worse is behind these attacks and raids at this time I do not know what. Please come at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you for your help.

Her Royal Majesty Queen Seline of Calatia

As Curtis finishes reading the message Link is clearly upset by this news. He fears for his parents as well as his kingdom that knew as home for fourteen years of his life. Link always had a high respect for Queen Seline of Calatia and loved her as a second mother. Link knows what he has to do and then says “Curtis, I need time to think on this. Please stay and I will give you my answer in the morning okay.” Curtis nods yes to Link and leaves the room. King Harkinian asks Link “Are you going to go?” Link looks at him and says “I don’t know I think I need to but…” his words trial off then looks at Zelda. She knows that without her approval he wouldn’t be willing to go. Zelda says “Link, it is your duty to protect your kingdom. Though this kingdom is your adopted kingdom you protected it with your life. Your home kingdom Calatia requires you and you must do the same there as you did here.” That was the answer Link was hoping for as he smiles at his wife then says “Then tomorrow I will give my answer then make preparations to return to Calatia.” Zelda still looking at her husband says “I want to come with you. Don’t tell me no because if it’s as bad as Curtis said you will need someone to watch your back.” Link shrugs his shoulders and says “Well, I can’t argue with you so let’s make a party of it then.” The rest of the evening passes quietly. Link is a little giddy and nervous about this new adventure. Link begins practicing his swordplay before bed. Zelda decides to put his mind at ease so just before bed she slips into something very nice for him, a thong and bra which manages to take his mind off of this adventure for the couple of hours while they make love then they fall asleep in each others arms. Early the next morning Link gives Curtis his answer which makes the boy very enthusiastic. Then Curtis leaves riding toward Calatia. Link will make this journey with Zelda; he did indicate he needed some time to get things together for this. He gives himself a week to put everything together in the preparations for this trip. As he prepares he sharpens his blade, counts the bombs he has, as well as bringing his own bow and arrows. He thinks back ‘why, I haven’t done this in years’. Little comfort does this bring him anyways.

            As the day of departure nears he compiles a final check list. With everything on it he is ready. Zelda eager herself seems ready for this anyway though she has in the past two mornings been sickly and thrown up which worries Link but she reassures him everything is fine with saying “Its flu season you know, I probably have a touch of the flu.” Being winter they both prepare heavy clothing. Link is dressed in a much heavier tunic trimmed with wolf hair and Zelda wears her adventuring outfit with an extra shirt. Finally the day has arrived, Spryte offered to go with them, but Link turned her down wanting to give her a rest. Both Link and Zelda mount their horses to ride for Calatia wearing heavy white cloaks along with heavy gloves for winter weather. As they cross the bridge they begin to move quickly down the road towards the border.

            They notice as they enter Calatia the road which normally is busy with travelers and merchants is quiet. As they ride deeper into the Calatia they pass a waterfall where Link stops Catherine and looks at the waterfall which is mostly frozen with snow on top in places, Zelda looks back and circles around to him. Link looks saddened which Zelda notices “Link, are you alright?” Link responds breaking his stare “Oh, sorry Zelda I’m fine it’s just this place. During the summertime I and my friends back when I was very young would swim here. I know its winter and that makes it a little dark, but its beautiful isn’t it?”  “Yes, Link it is,” she says reassuringly. Link then says “I’m sorry I shouldn’t talk about that, it just brings back old memories of my childhood.” Zelda is interested anyway says “Link, you have never talked a lot about your past and I enjoy hearing about it. You know everything about me and my life, but I know little about you aside from your adventures in Hyrule and our life together so far.” Link is caught a little by surprise about what to say next. Then he says “I guess I can tell you a little more about growing up here in Calatia. This road we’re on is the one I came into Hyrule on in fact I walked past your father and his entourage when I went on the first journey to rescue you. I will tell you more when we get where we can relax a little.” Zelda responds “That’s fine. Are we going to try to make it to Queen Seline’s castle by tonight?” “Yes, we are. It’s not too much further to my parents’ house though and we will drop by there for a little bit first,” he says. They come into a field which overlooks a huge castle with a town just below it as evening sets in. “That’s it,” Link says as he points at the castle with it many towers and battlements just like North Castle “We’re here.” They trot forward from the field into the town itself. Link is leading the way knowing exactly where he going. They ride up to medium sized house with a chimney and Link dismounts tying both horses up. Smoke rises out of the chimney signifying someone is home. Then he looks back at the Princess “Are you coming?” Zelda says “Yes, but where are we?” Link smiles “Home, this is where I grew up.” Link walks to the front door and knocks.

Zelda dismounts slowly and joins Link at the door. The door opens and there stands a thinly built woman in her late 30’s with brown hair and grey eyes. She grabs Link giving him huge hug then kissing him on his cheek as she pulls him inside the house. Link squeaks “Hi, mom.” Link blushes with embarrassment. Zelda chuckles a little at her husband reaction then slowly follows him in. This woman is Link’s mom Medila, who Zelda hasn’t seen since they got married. “Link, why haven’t you visited?” asks Medila. Link continues to turn red in front of his mom and wife “I...uh...I...uh…meant to mom,” he says. Medila walks over to Zelda then hugs her “Oh, sweetie it is so good see. And I am so glad you’re taking care of my boy.” They walk into the living room which has one couch, one loveseat both red and blue chair. In the middle of the room is an oil lamp giving light to the area. Link sits in the loveseat then Zelda joins him Medila takes a seat on the couch. Medila looking at Link and Zelda says “So much has happened in a short amount of time. Your father has stayed so busy with orders from the military being that he is only blacksmith and sword smith in town. This whole deal with the caravans being attacked has put the military on high alert. But it doesn’t seem like there’s much they can do. At night is when it is real dangerous no one travels anymore at night because of this. It is rumored that someone or a group of some sort is behind this but I really don’t know. You are here about that right?” Link nods a silent yes. Medila continues “Your brother, Zachary joined the Queen’s army as a scout and I haven’t seen him in a week or more. I guess he is busy, but he is only sixteen years old.” They exchange small talk for about an hour then Zelda says “Medila, it’s great to see you again and I really want stick around but we do have to get to Queen Seline’s castle before much longer.” Medila is saddened by this however she seems to be understand saying “When you’re finished there if you want you can stay here for the night if not, while you’re here you know you as always welcome.” Link and Zelda both get up though it was fun to catch up and the info helped a little. Link says “Mom, I promise you we will return if not tonight in the morning so I can see father.” Medila is more then satisfied with this answer then walks them to the door saying “We’ll see you two in the morning then.” Link and Zelda walk outside untying then mounting their trusty horses. They continue onward to the castle Link stays pretty quiet which bothers Zelda a little. Then they ride into the main castle courtyard a lone soldier stands guard with a spear ready and short sword tied to his belt. As they near this soldier, Link recognizes him it’s his brother Zachary. Link dismounts then runs over to his brother hugging him. Both brothers are almost crying in while each others arms. Zelda rides up to them and Link makes the formal introduction “Zelda, I don’t know if you remember this is my brother Zachary.” Zelda extends her hand down and shakes his hand. Zachary himself is pretty thinly built much like Link and a little shorter, but has red hair. In all of his armor Zachary looks like a strong warrior his voice quivers as he says “Link, it is so good to see my brother.” Zachary straightens up then says “I will walk you guys into the throne room to see the queen.” Zachary makes it the main door and calls for someone to take Link and Zelda’s horses. Zelda dismounts as this stable hand comes out to take the horses.

            All three walk a well light hallway approaching the throne room. There are pictures and tapestries on both sides of the hall as they walk. Then in the far distance there is a door. They finally make it to the door Zachary opens it and they are in throne room. They can see the queen on her throne in the center of the room and bow before her. Seline rises up saying “There is no need for that. You’re coming is the answer to my prayers. I have had dinner prepared for you. Please join me.” Link stomach growls a low hum, Zelda elbows him then he says “It would be our pleasure to join you, your Highness. May my brother here join us?” Seline looks at them “I suppose so,” looking at Zachary “Is your assignment over with for the day?” Zachary responds “Yes, your highness.” All four of them head to the dining area and sit down for dinner. As they sit down Seline asks Zachary “You were scouting yesterday near the northern highlands right? Did you see those merchants?” Zachary responds in sad tone “I was in those highlands, but I have the sad news report that I found everyone dead.” Seline looks at Link saddened a great deal by this news and says “This…this is what I wrote you about. I hope your presence here might bring an end to this.” Seline looks at Zelda “Not to change the subject, but I wasn’t really expecting you to come along for this Zelda. How’s your father?” Zelda responds “He is fine and I told Link I would come along to go and confront whatever is causing this.” Seline says to both “Thank you so much for coming. We had heard rumors that it is more than one group performing these attacks and raids. It would seem moblins, stalfos, darknuts, and armos are main culprits. I have also heard that some regular thieves and robbers are involved.” Link says “Don’t worry your majesty we will get to the bottom of this.” Seline asks “Are you staying with your parents tonight? I have a room for you here, but I figure that they would love for you stay with them.” Link hesitates then says “Either way it doesn’t matter. I guess I can stay with mom and dad tonight,” looking at the princess “What do you say Zelda?” She responds “I suppose that wouldn’t be too much of a problem if your parents don’t mind.” The food is brought forth and not much more discussion is made about the problems. Link and Zachary are a lot alike they both eat like they haven’t eaten in a month while both the princess and queen are more subtle and enjoy their food. During the meal Seline says to Zelda “I am so sorry I wasn’t able to make your wedding but at the time I had many important things going on. Did you receive the wedding present I sent you?” Zelda thinks back and says “Yes, the bottle of champagne was very nice and we enjoyed it on our honeymoon.”  Seline says “I am glad that it arrived in time for that.” Seline and Zelda continue their small talk. At the end of dinner the queen says “I suppose you all aught to be getting back to your parents house, Link. Tomorrow morning we will discuss this more and I have somebody I would like you to meet.” Link, Zelda, and Zachary wish the queen a goodnight and head back to Link and Zachary’s parents’ house.

            When they arrive back to the house it is a little after eight in the evening; Zachary knocks on the door as Link ties up the horses. When the door opens this time Arn greets them. Arn is in his late 30’s as well, very strongly built with red hair and brown eyes. The three of them walk in and Link clasps hands with his father. Link and Zachary’s younger sister walks in and joins them. Gwen is fourteen years of age has long red hair, brown eyes, and looks a lot like her mother Medila. She walks over hugs Link who she hasn’t seen in five years since she was sick at the time of the wedding and wasn’t able to go. Arn says “It is so good to see you son. Your mother said you had come by before going to the castle and I was afraid you wouldn’t be back by but it is wonderful that you came back by.” Link responds “Dad, I was hoping we could stay the night if that’s okay with you and mom?” Arn says “Link, my boy you are always welcomed here as well as your lovely wife.” Medila runs into the room to greet them again this time she spots Zachary and fusses at him “Now Zachary you aught to visit more often I know you are soldier and scout for the queen, but I hardly ever see you anymore.” Zachary turns red in the face knowing this scolding is her way of telling him how much she misses him being away from home so much. Then Medila asks “Have you eaten?” All three shake their heads yes. Medila says “I guess Link you and the princess can stay in your old room if that’s okay with you,” then looking at Zachary “Zach, you know where your room is though you hardly ever stay in it anymore.” Again Zachary turns red from embarrassment. Arn says “Why are we all standing here, let’s sit down and relax.” All agree the time is not too late in the evening being around 8:30. They go into the living room where Link and Zelda find a loveseat and grab it. Arn sits in a recliner while Medila and Zachary sit on the couch. Gwen sits in a small chair in the corner. There is small talk exchanged back and forth. Link asks Zachary “How did you decide to join the military and why?” Zachary responds “Well, brother seeing as you were the hero in the household I thought what the heck I would go and serve the queen perhaps be as great as you, but here.” They both laugh at that remark. As the evening goes into late night the chat back and forth continues. Medila and Gwen go to bed midway through the evening, but Arn stays up telling about the orders he is getting as a blacksmith which is more then he has ever gotten in his whole life up until now. Zachary also talks about his service under the queen as a scout. Zelda is listening, but not really taking part in the conversation she yawns as she gets more comfortable. Finally about midnight Zelda has fallen asleep in the loveseat next to Link and says “We better get to bed, we’re probably going have long day tomorrow. In the morning we have to go visit with the queen again and discuss how to handle this situation.” Link carefully picks his wife up without trying to wake her and carries her off to his room. When he gets upstairs he lays her on his old bed sliding her boots off her feet trying not to disturb her then he himself takes his boots and lies down beside her.

            Morning comes about eight o’clock when Link wakes up. He looks around and Zelda is gone from the bed. He heads downstairs looking for her then she comes out of the downstairs bathroom. She looks ready to go and visit the queen again. Just as Link and Zelda are about to head to visit the queen Zachary runs downstairs and catches up to them. Zachary yells “Hey wait a minute I’m coming with you.” Link looks back at him and says “No you’re not this deal with the queen is supposed only be me not all the family. Zelda tagged along because I need someone to watch my back. If you tag along I will have take care and keep an eye on you.” Zachary argues back at Link “I have taken care myself as a scout before and I know what’s expected. I insist you allow me to come along. I promise I won’t get in your way.” Link grudgingly says “I guess you can come with us.” They all ride over to the castle. It is snowing lightly as they head out. When they arrive breakfast is already laid out for them. The boys eat well while Zelda and the queen talk about things. At the end of breakfast they head over to the throne room. Queen Seline takes her seat and says “The northern Mountains are where you probably need to start looking for these raiders. Before you leave I have somebody I want to meet. He will be going with you up there.” She looks back behind her and says “James, come out here.” A young man perhaps sixteen himself steps forth. He looks thin and gaunt even in the armor has on which is chain. He takes off his helmet and his short brown hair hangs down across his face.  Seline follows this saying “James is my brother’s only son. He was to sit upon the throne of Ashland, but when the revolt took place my brother sent him out of the country. Of course as you may well know the royal family there was overthrown and killed. James is only one left. I adopted him as my son and he will sit upon this throne when I am gone. Against my wishes he wants to go and fight to protect this kingdom thus he is going with you. I know his fighting abilities may be in question but he is very able swordsman in his own right.” James steps forth and shakes hands with all of his new party members. Link looks at the queen and asks “What about my brother here?” Seline responds “Well, what about Zachary.” Link says “He wants to go along with us. Is that okay with you, your Highness?” Seline says “He is a scout right?” Link says “Yes.” “Well, I believe you need somebody like him to lead you. He knows the area up there. Plus he is one of the best trackers I have ever known.” That’s the answer Link wanted to make sure it was okay. Everything is now ready for the journey.


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