Battle in the Cavern, Avalanche and Joyful News

By Doug


The beginning of this story is at the cavern base of the cult that is trying to bring back Ganon to life. And the heroes are moving forward to assault this cult.


            Zachary spots their objective pointing it out “Look there’s the cave entrance and I see one guard out front I will sneak up on him.” The lone guard stands there not noticing that anyone is coming up the trail because there are dips in the trail where no one can see if someone is coming. The guard turns to look back inside the cave at the same time Zachary rushes forward with a dagger in hand plunges it deep into this guard’s chest killing him. At the same time Zachary signals for the other four get up there.

            The cave’s opening isn’t large in fact it’s a small opening large enough for someone to enter one at a time. As they enter it is almost completely dark with a few torches hanging on banisters going into the cave. Zachary looks around still leading the group, he looks back and says “Careful where you step they have traps in here I am sure and I will try to clear them but I can’t get them all.” Sonja casts a light spell giving just enough light to see as they go into the cave. As they journey deeper into the cave they meet no resistance which is odd. Zachary is doing all he can to locate traps and disarm them which he does with ease most are simple but very dangerous if you were step on one. They come upon two passageways and can’t figure which one to take. Link pulls out the journal and begins reading. Then he raises his eyes and says “left side is the one where the main chamber is.” So they go left at that. The passageway narrows forcing them into one line which if they get attacked they’re dead and they know. Zachary is leading, Link one step behind him, Sonja behind Link, James then Buck and Travis. They enter into another two passageway area this time one looks like it goes up and the other goes down. Link pulls the journal again and fingers through it. He looks up at his party “We’re on the right path and both passageways lead to the main chamber. The one going up has stairs we would have go back down, but it overlooks the entire main chamber. That would be a perfect place to hit them with ranged weapons before we attack them with close combat weapons.” Everyone nods their heads in agreement.

            They draw out their bows and other ranged weapons preparing for this assault on what is an unknown enemy, as they walk up the stairs. In about twenty steps they walk out onto a ledge with steps going down to a main chamber floor. The ledge has a wall around it and they look down and see about three dozen hooded creatures bowing before a statue of Ganon while two masked creatures or people address them. One is wearing a mask which looks like a wolf’s face while the other is wearing something that resembles a pig’s face. The one with the wolf’s face is very large person physically built while the one with the pig’s face is smaller but still looks dangerous. This looks like a ceremony of sorts the one with the wolf’s face yells “Brother Zedakiah we are ready for the new beginning of our master.” This wolf faced one sounds familiar to Link but he can’t place it. The entire crowd assembled shouts in happiness. The one with the pig’s face is now identified as this mysterious Brother Zedakiah that had sent both those groups after the adventurers. Zedakiah address them “Yes, now the time has come, we will succeed and overthrow the queen then turn our complete attention to Hyrule with the help of Ashland, then destroy that royal family delivering it to our master after he has been restored.”  This whole crowd below the heroes is going nuts cheering for this.

            It is now or never, Link and everyone else pulls back their bows or other ranged weapons preparing to shot at this group. Then all at once they let go cutting down these creatures in a hail of arrows, bolts, and javelins. These creatures are completely caught by surprise are falling left and right some disappearing others dropping dead. The rest of these creatures take cover behind the rocks and large stone in the main chamber. Link pulls his sword and says “Come on we can take them now.” The other adventurers draw their melee weapons following Link down the stairs. When on the main chamber floor the adventurers realize what they are facing as these creatures seeing that their attackers are out in the open begin to move towards them. There are about thirty of these creatures left. The masked leaders yell “Kill the intruders!” as they join their followers with swords drawn. Link shoots a zap at two of the creatures causing both to disappear then continues to charge forward at them. The battle is joined Link and his group stay together slashing and hacking at anything that presents a threat. Soon the main chamber is pretty well cleared. Both of the leaders have disappeared from the room; the one wearing a pig’s mask runs down a cavern way James spots him. James is able to get through what’s left of the mob and gives chase.  At the same time Sonja has fought her way through the creatures into another chamber where a wizzrobe appears. He introduces himself “My name is Carrock and you my dear are about to die,” as he casts a spell which knocks her backwards forcing her to drop her sword. Buck and Travis are still fighting through monsters and enter into another part of the cavern when an Ironknuckle charges them. The big leader confronts both Link and Zachary knocking both of them off balance, but Zachary using his spear manages to kick this guy backwards. Link is on the ground quickly rising to his feet but again is attacked by some other creatures. Zachary is holding his own against this monster of a creature that has huge sword by blocking with his spear and counterthrusting. In one quick swing the huge sword of this guy cuts Zachary’s spear in half and slashes him across his face and chest. Zachary drops to the ground as this creature towers over him about to come down on Zachary’s head with his sword when Link out of nowhere blocks the blade with his shield and engages this monster. Link and this leader lock into mortal combat swinging, thrusting, and slashing at each other. They are well matched for one another. No one else is in the main chamber anymore each block the others’ attacks. This monster or person turns and runs into another room with Link following.

            Sonja unarmed except for her magical skills faces Carrock. She throws an energy beam at him which he disappears to avoid then reappears a few feet from her with an energy beam of his own which she back flips to avoid. Then he casts lighting spell which she is barely able to deflect. “Impressive, most impressive, but is that the best you can do,” Carrock says in mocking tone. Sonja angrily throws another energy blast at him this time he doesn’t disappear and takes the full blast throwing him down on the ground. “How’s that Carrock? Good enough for you?” she asks in an equally mocking tone.  Carrock slowly rises then throws all he has left a super blast of energy but she manages to stop it with a beam of her own. And for five minutes the two energy beams hit each other head on. It is taking an effect on both combatants finally it proves too much for Carrock and her beam consumes him. He curses her as he disappears into a puff of white smoke. In return she falls to the ground herself completely exhausted by the magical exchange.

            Buck and Travis fight Ironknuckle bravely. Travis trying to stay at a distance with his crossbow aims and hits Ironknuckle but this does no damage. Buck swings his sword which Ironknuckle easily blocks then Buck calls to Travis to help him. Travis draws his short sword and joins Buck who has his two handed sword out.  As Ironknuckle charges they both strike with their swords. Ironknuckle hits Travis with his sword on Travis’ left shoulder cutting down his arm at the same time Ironknuckle is hit then Ironknuckle who is stunned by the double blows disappears into purple smoke. Travis falls to the ground grabbing his left arm. The injury is deep and extremely painful for him as Buck goes to his side to help lay him down.

            James is able to finally catch this creature or whatever it is and corners it. The pig faced monster turns around to face James as both draw swords. This monster removes his mask James is shocked as he recognizes the person behind the mask. “Hello, Prince James,” he says. James responds “You, you were my father’s trusted advisor Mifflin.” Mifflin follows with “Yes, I know and you have no idea how easy it was to betray him and kill him.”  James still stunned says “Why?” then in a demanding voice “Why did you betray him?” “You ask why boy, okay I wanted the power for myself but things didn’t work that way,” Mifflin says defiantly then he says “I killed the father now I get to kill the son.” James shouts back “Not today traitor,” as he charges at him.

            The wolf faced creature turns again and faces Link in this other room. Link and his opponent are tiring each other out in their fight. Link realizes this guy is equally as strong as he is, but also very quick. The wolf masked thing makes an overhand lunge which this time Link able use against him. Link blocks in an uppercut style move then turns quickly comes down with his blade right across the face knocking off the bottom part of the mask off and cutting his upper chest slightly. Link backs away about ten feet in shock as this thing removes what’s left of his mask. ‘It’s Dagon’ Link thinks to himself. Dagon gives a simple laugh “I told you, boy your party would die.” Link asks “Why are you doing this?” “Power, that’s why and you didn’t deserve all that praise you got,” Dagon says. They walk around circling each other as they talking. Link says “Don’t you know Ganon won’t share his power with you. So again why are you doing this?” Dagon snorts “You think I am really trying to bring Ganon back. No that’s just a side note and I get his minions to follow me with that lie. If I were to bring him back I would destroy him myself then I would be the hero.” Link nods “So you want my title and all the respect I get.” Both stop in their tracks and Dagon says “Yeah I earned it.” “But why overthrow the queen?” Link asks. “Because she would stand in the way,” Dagon says “Now to finish you.”

Link spins his sword in hand and says “You may try but I am not planning on dying today.” They both charge forward re engaging in battle. The fight continues to go back and forth. Dagon’s rage is a very hard thing for Link to contend with.

            James’ fight at the same time is going back and forth. Just the way he remembered his father’s old advisor Mifflin, a tough fighter. Their blades clang as they hit with incredible force. Mifflin is old but very tested in combat his training is something in itself for James to contend with. Mifflin is also much stronger then James with every block James offering Mifflin simply pushing him away. James speed makes up where his strength lacks. As they go back and forth James looks for the right opportunity to exploit. Finally, Mifflin mocks James “Just like your father my blade will be in stomach next. Perhaps this time I can look in the eyes of my victim before I finish him.” Mifflin lunges this time over calculating James’ head and the boy ducks under Mifflin’s blade then rises plunging his blade deep into Mifflin’s chest. Mifflin backs up coughing blood and says “Perhapsss I underestimated you,” as he falls to the ground dying.

            Link’s fight is nearing a climax. Again neither is able to get an upper hand in this fight. Link accidentally steps into a puddle of water and loses his balance hitting the ground and knocking his sword out of his hand with Dagon now over him. Dagon laughs “Now for your end.” Just as he about to come down on Link one of his servants grabs him “Master, the enemy too much for us we must flee. They come this way.” This servant appears to be a moblin. Dagon looks down the hallway and indeed what’s left of the adventurers are moving towards them. This distraction gives Link enough time to kick Dagon in the stomach area pushing him backwards. Link quickly grabs his sword and leaps to his feet before Dagon can do anything else. Link and Dagon are eyeing each other again. Dagon says “Another time boy.” Link responds “I look forward to it.” Dagon disappears into the darkness of the cavern’s hallway. The other adventurers come up to Link’s side. Zachary is still hurt however he has made it to his feet as well using what’s left of his spear as a crutch. Travis who is also injured is using Buck and Sonja as his support. James and Link are the only ones not hurt. Sonja casts a healing spell on both Travis and Zachary which stops most of the bleeding. Link collects his thoughts then says “We must follow them.” Though most of his party is pretty worn out they agree.

            The foot race is on as they move into the cavern hallway in pursuit of Dagon and his remaining minions. Dagon himself is nearing an exit which puts him on the side of the mountain overlooking where Zelda is about 200 feet below. One of moblins says to Dagon “Master, they be following us.”  “Get clear of this entrance way I will give them a pleasant surprise,” Dagon says as he pulls out a bomb. Dagon and his minions run a couple hundred yards then he looks back at the same Link and Buck feel their way out the opening. Dagon throws the bomb up the mountainside from Link and Buck causing an avalanche with all snow around. Link yells to rest of the group “Back up and get back inside!” Which they do, but Link and Buck are still exposed as the heavy snows roll down the mountainside carrying everything before it. Link has his shield out trying to brace himself. Buck is just barely able to get back in the cave. Link stands as the avalanche pounds him. He feels himself being moved backwards. Zelda is far below watching all of this in absolute horror and screams “NOOOO!” Finally, Link can’t hold out anymore the snow is too much and he falls off the mountainside with more of the avalanche covering him once he hits the ground and burying him alive.

            When he awakens the pain is intense in his left leg, but he realizes he is alive. He covered by his shield and can’t see anything or move because of the snow on top of him. He thinks to himself the snow must have cushioned his fall otherwise he knows he would be dead for sure. He hopes that all of his comrades survived the avalanche. His right hand feels warm as he wiggles it like sunlight is hitting it while his left is under his shield protecting his face and most of his body. Hours seem to pass as he lays there unable to do anything plus he very cold, but unknown to him everyone in his group is searching for him.

            Sonja sees a hand sticking out of the snow, she runs up to it. Then cautiously puts two fingers on the palm. The hand moves along with the fingers. Sonja hollers “I’ve found him!” James and Zachary run over to her and begin to dig down into the snow. They uncover the brown shelve of his shirt. After about five or ten minutes they have uncovered the shield with Link underneath it. They pull him out as quickly as they can. When out Link looks down at his left leg, it is bleeding and he can hardly stand on it. James runs over to his side to help balance him. They put a bandage on the leg to stop the bleeding. “We thought we’d lost you,” Zachary says. “Your wife is really broken up and worried about you,” Sonja says. Link responds “I am so glad you found me. Let’s get back to camp, but I can’t walk on this leg I don’t think.” James says “We’ll carry you back to camp and maybe we can heal it up.”

            There is a makeshift camp with a warm fire going. It is early evening as Link with his adventurers approach they are carrying him. Buck, Travis, and Zelda are sitting at the fire. Zelda is pretty much beside herself thinking Link is gone. Zachary makes the announcement as they put Link down “Look who we found.” Link leans against a tree to balance his weight on his good leg. Zelda looks up her eyes red from crying then seeing him runs to Link embracing him. Link’s injured leg can’t take the force of the Princess running into him and he falls to the ground with her in his arms. She kisses him saying tearfully “I thought I lost you.” He comforts her “It takes more then that to stop me you aught to know that by now.” Zelda notices his leg realizes that he is hurt pretty bad and backs away from him. Sonja walks over to him and looks at his leg. Link is still lying on the ground. Both Sonja and Zelda are seeing what can be done for his leg. Sonja says “You cut your leg pretty bad, but I think you have a broken leg from the fall. I can help reset the bone which will hurt and heal you the best I can.” Link is trying to put on brave face and says “Might as well try.” Sonja says “Zelda hold him down and I will do I must.” Zelda gets next Link and holds him near her knowing that this going to hurt him a lot. Sonja puts her hands right where the break is and says “Here we go.” A terrible snap is hurt and Link screams in agony. Sonja backs away “Done,” she says. Zelda continues to embrace Link who is grabbing his leg. Zelda lets go of Link and moves to down to his leg then chants a spell then a white beam shots from her hand onto the injured leg. Just as suddenly Link feels a good bit better he is no longer bleeding and the pain in his leg has subsided somewhat. Sonja then moves in beside Zelda and chants a spell. When Link moves his left leg he still notices it hurts a little. “I’m sure that it isn’t completely healed but it is not as severe as it was,” Sonja says confidently. Zelda hugs Link again “I am just so happy you’re alive,” she says. “Thanks I don’t know how much longer I could have stayed there alive being buried underneath all that snow,” Link confides. Zachary pipes up “What’s our next part in this?” Link thinks and responds “I don’t know without a headquarters Dagon is on the run. We need to contact the queen, but aside from that I don’t know.” The night sets in quietly and everyone huddles around the fire. James says “With what happened today I don’t think anyone will attack us.” Link nods and says “Dagon’s guys are on the run, I am quite confident they know most if not all of us survived.” Everyone lies down and goes to sleep with the knowledge that what they did this day has caused Dagon to run.

            The next morning is a dark gray sky like a storm is coming Link wakes up to find his wife not beside him. He gets up and goes looking for her. He walks over to where the horses are and finds her throwing up again. “Zelda, are you alright?” he asks worriedly. She responds “I’m..I’m fine just my nerves from yesterday.” He looks up at the sky and says to her “We have to get back to the castle a storm is coming and plan our next move if there is one.” They both walk back to camp with Zelda and Link arm in arm. Link lets everybody know what the weather looks like and the idea to go back home seems good. Zelda is looking pretty sickly almost like she has something fatal. Link puts hand to her head and she’s burning up which really worries him. Everyone mounts to get back to the castle.

            The ride back is much easier then the ride out they arrive back at the castle in the early evening around 7. Link leads his party into the castle where they dismount and go to see the queen. Zelda remains with the horses. Queen Seline is very anxious for the news. Link tells her everything about the Dagon and his plans. Seline is quick in responding “So Dagon was behind it, with that we can centralize our efforts to track him down. You have done very well perhaps that will be the end of it.” James mentions the fact about his father’s former advisor being involved which also concerns the queen. She is happy to hear that James defeated him and avenged his father. This meeting ends on a good note but Link still worried says “Your highness this isn’t over I must finish what I started with Dagon.” Seline says in return “Of course you are right, but where do you go from here, when he disappeared I don’t know that you will have any luck finding him. And with what you have said he will definitely be hiding for a while at least until he thinks he can reappear without losing his head. Perhaps something will come up. In the meantime you can remain as long as you wish stay here at the castle or with your parents same goes for your party.” Link thinks to himself ‘I can go back home to stay with mom and dad along with Zachary and Zelda. James will stay here but what about Sonja, Buck, and Travis they’ll be fine here. Link turns to his group and says “You heard the queen I am going back to my parents’ place you can stay here with the queen.” Zachary says “I’ll come back home with you.” The other four agree that they will stay with the queen. Link and Zachary leave the queen’s presence going back to where Zelda is. She is mounted but laying across the horse. Link comes to her “Zelda are you alright?” She responds in a weak manner “I’m..I’m just a little tired.” Link mounts on the backside of the horse holding his wife as they head towards his parents house, Zachary follows. As they reach his parents house Link is really nervous about his wife. He dismounts, pulls her off the horse, and carries her inside as his mom opens the door. He takes her upstairs and lays her down on his bed pulling her boots off. His mom comes in inquiring “What’s wrong with her?” Link responds “I don’t know she has been this way for since this morning.” Medillia puts her hand to Zelda’s hot brow and says “Link, she has fever. I will do what I can to help control and get it down.” Link does all he can do to help and refuses to leave Zelda’s side for the next three days while it is taking place. Zelda goes in and out with Link at her side this comforts her and makes her realize how lucky she is to have him. On the third day finally the fever has broken Zelda is much more settled and looks better as her mother-in-law walks into the room to check on her. Link is still at Zelda’s side. After making sure everything is okay Medila leaves the room but signals for Link to come outside in the hallway. Link goes into the hallway telling his wife he will be back soon. Medila says “Link, I am glad we were able to get that fever under control, but you aught know not to go adventuring when she is in the condition she is in.” Link looks puzzled “What do you mean, mom?” “Honey, she’s pregnant I had that feeling when you were here a week ago that she was but this stay pretty well confirmed it. That fever sure didn’t help any at least we’re pass that,” Medilla says. Link look of concern disappears and great happiness on his face in the form of smile. Link walks back into the room smiling Zelda spots it and asks “What are you so happy about?” Link kisses her on her forehead and says “I love you so much Zelda. I’m...I’m happy because I am going be a father.” Zelda says “I admit I tried to play it down but I guess I can’t hide the fact that I am pregnant anymore. Now the best thing for me to do is head back to Hyrule once I am no longer sick. I fear I would be too much of hindrance if I stay much more.” Link agrees with this thought to keep her here might put her or the child she is carrying in danger. Two days later she quietly leaves for Hyrule after a loving goodbye to Link. Link insists that Travis and Buck escort her back to Hyrule which after some argument she agrees. He holds her and kisses then slowly lets go of her so she can leave. She mounts and says to him “I will see you soon please take care okay. I love you.” Then she rides off toward Hyrule.


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