Final Battle

By Doug

      The story picks back up where Link is unable to find Dagon

The story picks back up where Link is unable to find Dagon. But a final battle looms overhead.


            The following day Link is back to trying to figure out Dagon and what his next move is. Only Sonja and James of his party are still at the castle and with exception of Zachary who has stayed home with Link. This day Zachary decides to report to the queen at around lunchtime to see if anything else is up. Link is sitting in the parlor when a knock comes to the door. Link cautiously asks “Who is it?” The voice on other says “It’s me brother. Very good news you need to come with me to the castle.” Link gets up and heads out the door to follow Zachary to the castle. When they arrive Seline is pretty pleased about something. “Link, I have great news about Dagon,” she says confidently. Link asks “What is it?” “Not everybody that was in Dagon’s command at that village was loyal to him. A young man didn’t ride with him to fight against you.” This young man enters the room he appears to be around 20 years of age. He addresses the queen and the party “My name is Toby I was assigned to Dagon back in November I had no idea what he was planning I was just doing my duty. The sergeant there warned me about his plot and two days after you arrived I sneaked out of the village without trying to arouse any suspicision. I was able to get near enough to him to grab a letter,” pulling out a letter he says “this one to be exact. He plans to attack a large caravan traveling from Hyrule around 150 merchants dressed as Calatian army forces this will in his hopes start a war between the two kingdoms. In the confusion of the war he will overthrow the queen of Calatia then concentrate on Hyrule’s Royal Family.”  Link asks “When is this attack supposed to take place and more importantly where?” “It will take place on March 21st and the place will be the main road just on their side of the border, I mean Hyrule’s side,” the young soldier says. Queen Seline sees the automatic repercussions of this being Calatian army in Hyrule almost like a mini invasion. She quickly calls forward a messenger who she dispatches to Hyrule. Link is thinking what else can be done then it hits him. Link asks as he pulls out a map of Calatia Toby one last question “Is Dagon going to meet with all his officers before he launches this attack? If so do you a location of their meeting?” Toby thinks then says “I was just a low soldier under him, but he did seem to stop at this inn near the border quite a bit most times with the Lieutenant.” “Where is this inn on the map?” Link asks. Toby walks over to and points it out “Right there it is on the main road.” That is all Link needed to know as he gathers what’s left of his party. In a few minutes James, Sonja, and Zachary are present with Link as he explains everything about the new headquarters for Dagon. Zachary says “I know this place. It is a rough inn and they would spot us out before we made it into the door.” Toby is still present and Link looks at him then says “Toby, do you think you could gain entrance into this inn and lure Dagon and his lieutenant outside?” Toby is nervous in responding and takes a deep swallow “I…I think I can do that.” Zachary says “It is in the woods and once outside they won’t be able run for cover. They have to fight or die.” All agree that this is the plan they will use.

            It is early afternoon when they begin their ride to this inn. They make it to the inn just as the sun begins to set. Toby is the only of the group that isn’t wearing a hood or cloak to hide his identity. Zachary stops the group pointing at the woods “Here is where we will wait for them.” The rest of the group dismounts and hides in the woods as Toby rides onto the inn. There are a small group of guards out front as Toby enters the inn. A few minutes later Toby emerges from the inn with Dagon and his lieutenant and they walk right to where the party is waiting for them. Suddenly, Dagon yells to his guards “They’re here, kill them all!!” Link realizes that Toby turned the tables on him as Dagon and his soldiers around ten of them charge the woods. Link and his party quickly draw their swords and the fight on. Zachary dodges two of them then strikes the lieutenant in the chest killing him instantly and turns to engage the ones he just dodged. James at the same time engages two soldiers himself. Sonja casts a sleeping spell that knocks out four of them then engages another one. Link slashes forward with full intent to engage Dagon again before he can get near him two guards stand in his path. Dagon takes the chance to flee mounting his horse and orders his men to hold their ground while he goes and gets help. The two guards are no match for Link who dispatches them with swipe of his blade. One more guard behind stands before him. This guy is larger then the other two and is carrying a giant warhammer. Link goes at him but before Link is even within striking distance the hammer comes down shaking the ground and forcing Link backwards. Fighting is still swirling about.

            James cuts one of his opponents in half almost with a strong blow. The other backs away and runs for his life. Zachary a few seconds later performs a swirling blade technique similar to Link’s taking out both his enemies at once. Zachary then runs to Sonja’s side evening up the odds. They quickly finish those two without much effort. Link continues to fight this beast of a soldier. Toby has disappeared and no one sees him at all when out of nowhere a blade goes through this last soldier Link was facing. As he drops to his knees Toby pulls his blade back out. Everybody looks at Toby then he yells to Link “Forget about me for a minute you better catch Dagon or all this will be for nothing.” Toby is right as Link mounts Catherine and goes down the road Dagon was going on. Catherine is fast as she blazes down the path with Link on her. Link spots Dagon ahead by about half a mile. Dagon gets off the road and rides into a field with Link following. Dagon turns his horse to face Link and says “Now we finish what we started in the cavern.” Link responds “I have looked forward to this.” They both ride forward at each other with swords raised over their heads. As they hit both swords clang shields. As Link continues he slows Catherine, something doesn’t feel right, he puts his right hand to his right side, pulling it away it is wet, and looks at his hand there is blood on it. There is a huge gash on his side he doesn’t believe it. He looks back Dagon’s horse is still there but Dagon is gone. Link turns Catherine around and rides towards Dagon’s horse not really paying attention when all the sudden two hands grab Link pulling him off Catherine and throwing him to the ground. Link gets up and is facing Dagon again this time on foot. Link looks at Dagon and sees his arm and chest have blood on them. Dagon says “You got me, but I got you. I will run my blade through you now and finish you off.” They both move forward again striking each others blades and the fight continues. Both blades clang as they hit with intensity. Every move Link tries Dagon seems to be able to counter, but the same goes for Dagon every move he tries Link is able to counter. The fight goes back and forth. Link feints a lunge at Dagon who tries to block but instead Link comes down on him with full force across his chest. Dagon is completely taken by surprise and falls to the ground grasps his chest with blood pouring out. Link is exhausted by the fight anyway and falls to the ground himself out cold.

            A few minutes later Sonja is shaking Link trying to get him up. Link comes to with a little more encouragement. As he gets up he sees Dagon’s lifeless body laying a few feet away and shakes his head. It is finally over now all this mess is finished. Not again will there be talk of this sort of unrest. Link is able to return home now in peace.






            In the aftermath,

Zachary returns to duty as a scout and tracker for the queen. In honor of his sacrifice and bravery he knighted then appointed to the High Council of Knights. He is offered the position of Captain of the Guards which he turns down to continue scouting and serving as a knight believing that it would take away his freedom. He ends up working quite a good bit with Sonja and falls in love with her. They marry and stay very happy together.


Buck and Travis while they did not fight in the last part of the battle they honored as heroes of Calatia. They continue to adventure but neither feels as important as they did. They both join the queen’s army as scouts serving with Zachary. Both marry local girls and remain quiet in their future lives.


James returns to the castle and begins to court Link and Zachary’s sister Gwen. He is very much thought of as a great hero, but he unable to reclaim the throne of his father though in the adventure he did avenge his father. James and Gwen marry as well insuring a continuing peace and friendship between Hyrule and Calatia.


Sonja also returns to the castle. She is named Lady Sonja of the Blade. She is offered the position of Captain of the Guards which after some consideration she takes. She is appointed as a High Advisor to the Queen and works closely with all scouts and knights. As stated before she ends marrying Zachary both are 22 when they marry.


Link returns to Hyrule after staying another month in Calatia to tie up all loose ends. Queen Seline does a double knighting for both Link and Zachary. Link’s friendship to James is also remembered in the future when both are kings of their respective kingdoms. Link comes back home to Hyrule to the loving arms of his pregnant wife, the princess. He is received as a hero once more. Never again will he have such an adventure that comes so close to destroying not just one kingdom but put two kingdoms in danger of falling. In the year following the adventure he becomes the father of twins Prince Hezekiah and Princess Alexandra of Hyrule.


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