Hero of the Mind

by Nick Baldwin


Chapter 1 - On My Behalf


Link’s mind was filled with nightmares. The Nightmare Beast was torturing him. And things looked grim for Hyrule. Rysomolani was on the loose and noone could get close enough to gather sufficient info on it, and live.

Zelda slammed her fist down onto the table. The thud got everyone’s attention, except Link’s. Cyrio looked up. Zelda began to cry again. Cyrio paid no attention to her.


Inside Link’s mind, Link was struggling to be awakened. He was fighting against the Nightmare Beast, and was in another world inside his mind...

... Link was sleeping in his dream house. The bed was luxurious. He had plush red carpet and the room was huge. The luxury ended as the dream house faded into a giant skull. Link jumped out of bed. He raced out of the giant skull, noticing the blood red sky.

He looked over to see Navi at his side. Then both of them noticed something. Navi said:

"Link, is that?!" Navi flew over to it. "It is. It’s the legendary blade! The Master Sword!!"

The blood red sky and the world around Link began to fade into the Temple of Time. Link ran up to grab the Master Sword. It disappeared. Link said:

"Navi it-" Navi also had disappeared. Instead of Navi was GANNONDORF!!!! Gannondorf charged up a blast and shot it at Link. It collided with him.


Outside of Link’s mind, Link himself began to scream:

"AAAAHHHH!! OOF! You’ll never defeat me Gannondor..." Link trailed off. Princess Zelda rushed over to him. She wondered, What’s going on inside him?


Cyrio, at the time, was reading an ancient book. Tisso was dead. Cyrio quickly arose from his chair, his finger stuck on a particular line in his book. Excitedly he said:

"Zelda. Come over here and look at this!!" Zelda darted over to Cyrio. "Look. Here it says a way to ‘Awaken those who are in eternal sleep’! Cyrio read it out loud."

"Those who seek the way to awaken those who are in eternal sleep must search for the Magic Cucco. The legendary cucco is able to awaken those who can not awaken themselves.

"The cucco lives in a far off land know as Dream-a-topolis. Dream-a-topolis is located inside the imagination of the forever sleepers."

"The forever sleepers?" Zelda questioned. "Magic Cucco? DREAM-A-TOPOLIS?! That’s very strange! Who’s gonna do the job?" Zelda asked.

Cyrio did not answer. He just pointed at Zelda.

"Me?" Zelda mouthed.

"Yes. You must. In my condition, I cannot. First you must visit the Hall of Heroes,and equip yourself with Link’s weapons. And talk to the elders of Kakariko Village. They can help you find more keys to finding the Magic Cucco." Cyrio explained. Then, Zelda declared:

"On my behalf, I will find the Magic Cucco and awaken Link. No matter what it takes!"

"What do you mean I can’t be let into the Hall of Heroes?!" Zelda demanded.

"No one is allowed in except the King himself!" Said the guard.

"But I’m Princess Zelda!"

"Yeah, and I’m Link!! HAHAHAH!"

It was raining in Kakariko Village. Everyone was acting very strange. Why was everyone acting this way? It was almost as if a civil war was about to take place. Whatever was happening, Zelda knew something was up. Zelda drew a knife she was carrying. She shoved it into the guard’s chest and then said:

"Either you let me in, or I stab this into your heart."

"You’ll have to kill me!"

"Fine then, if that’s the way it is..."


"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Link screamed. He was falling down a giant hole. Link plummet forth down the abyss.


The Hall of Heroes. ‘Twas a beautiful site. Weapons, armor... All of the most legendary weapons were here. Zelda looked around. She noticed all of Link’s weapons. Now let’s see, She thought. What weapons can I use?

Zelda walked over to the Biggoron’s sword, a heavy sword indeed. Zelda placed her hands around the handle and tried lifting it. She struggled, but even with all her might, Zelda could not lift the sword. That’s out, She though. The Megaton Hammer is out too. Now let’s see. AHA! The Fairy Bow. And the magic arrows. Just what I need.

Fully equipped, Zelda left the Hall of Heroes. There seemed to be a riot outside! Siara rushed up to Zelda, not knowing exactly what the Royal Princess looked like.

"I’m Siara. You must leave!"


"Yes. Who are you?" Asked Siara.

"Why, I’m Princess Zelda!"

"A thousand pardons, Princess. Listen, all I can tell you is that a giant... DEMON appeared and he said ‘Tiss the curse of hatred you see. Will you be next? Maybe.’ Oh, and if you see my friend Link, tell him he must come over to help us, PLEASE!"


Do you know what it’s like to be surrounded by ten octorocks? Link did. They were all aimed at him. Ready, aim... Link jumped up and kicked one in the mouth. Armed to the teeth, he did his best to destroy the octorocks. All of a sudden, they disappeared.

Dark Link appeared!!

"I’m going to tare you limb from limb, Link!!!" Said Dark Link.

"Oh yeah, let’s see what your toughs are made of!"

"HA! I can easily defeat you! In this world, you’re about as strong as a wet noodle! Now you will die under the hands of Rysomolani!"

"Give it yer best shot!"

Dark Link punched at Link. A clear blow to the jaw. Then a right. Then a left. Then another right. Link was almost unable to fight back. Link gave a powerful kick at Dark Link. He landed the blow on Dark Link’s stomach.

Dark Link executed a nicely done uppercut to the jaw. Blood was now running from Link's mouth.


A terribly even match the two had fought. Both tired and exhausted, they were down to the final fight of fate. The word war.

"Why you low-lyin’, stupid excuse for a shadow!"

"Oh yeah?! Well you’re a stupid, ugly, have-wit, lower-lyin’ , idiotic, retarted, stupid excuse for a Hylian!!"

"Why I outta’!!"

"You outta what?!"


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