The Hidden Triforce

By Rogue

Part 1

Chapter 1

A year had passed since the event now called the Stormreaper War. The evil druids had been obliterated along with their leader, Alleris. Only his assistant, Oliveri, escaped. Link had been expecting trouble from him in some form, but nothing had happened. The only battle he had been in since was fighting back a Stalchildren uprising by Spectrum Hold. He had led the defense and defeated the mindless skeletons. He had saved a fellow soldier, Scot Excalibur, from being slain by a giant Stalchildren. Scot had slipped on a patch of wet grass and was in a very vulnerable position. Link had leapt forward and saved the fallen warrior. They had soon become friends and Scot rose in rank due to training from Link. Scot had made Hero Squadron and looked to be an assistant Triforce Protector if he kept up his pace. He and Link had a mock fighting practice today and he rushed to Spectrum Hold to meet him.

He saw Link polishing his shield but Link didn't see him. Scot decided to test his stealth skills. He darted behind some pillars and used his longshot to reach the top of a wall. He walked on wall and was directly behind Link. He jumped off and did many flips in the air. He landed right next to Link and had him pinned with his sword.

"Ha! Getting old aren't you, Link?"

"Scot, you rogue! That must have taken some skill! Nice! Ready for practice?"


"Then, it's time for me to pay you back for that little capture."


Scot and Link readied their stance and weapons. Scot stood about a flat

6 foot, while Link was only 5"9. Scot was a lot faster and had darker skin. His green eyes and brown hair made him look like an average Hylian. Link on the other hand, had more experience, which made him smarter in battle. This proved to be the factor in the scrimmage. Scot had tried to trip Link, but he was kicked in the back as Link

sideflipped and landed beside Scot. Link knocked Scot's sword away and put his sword to Scot's neck.

"You lose, KID!"

"Alright, old timer! What next?"

"Well, we could..."Link was interrupted as a messenger raced over to Link. He was definitely tired.

"Link, (gasp) we found something weird in the Fishing Pond. (gasp) You are needed right away. Zelda will meet you (gasp) there. Okay?"

"Yeah! Go sit down then report back to the castle. Scot, let's go!"

They mounted their horses and raced to the sparking lake in southwest Hyrule. It was nearing sunset when they reached the Fishing Shop. They had to find Link's canoe to get to the shop.

"Link, Link! Come quick! The crack in the Pond has grown larger and there is an intense light coming from it. Our bombers have finally been allowed to get behind there! We need to hurry!" Zelda shouted.

"Okay!" Link and Scot said before they headed into the pond.

Chapter 2

They walked over to the crack as Zelda explained the story.

"You know as well as everyone else that the fishing shop has suffered due to the land depression in the pond. It has sunken 6 feet in one year. There was little water to feed the pond, so the pond started to dry up. Well, a mason worker came in and inspected the crack that the owner noticed. He said that there was a little water coming from the crack and that there might be a waterway behind it. So, the owner gave us permission to bomb it and see what's behind it. The thing is, even with the crack, that wall is incredibly strong. We're going to have to use some powerful explosives. So, we brought in some Stationary Bombchus and Bombchu Detonators. The Stationary Bombchus are much stronger that ordinary ones, but they don't move. Some Deku Sap keeps them in place. The Bombchu Detonators have rope in them that are soaked with oil. A wick is connected to the rope, and when the wick lights, it sets off a chain reaction detonating the Bombchu. The bad part is the wick seems to go fast for some reason. We need you to hit it with a fire arrow so we can step back. Understand?"

"Yeah. Can I fire now?"

"Hold on. Men, are you ready?"

"Yes, Princess," a group of masons responded.

"Okay, Link. Fire!"

Link let off a fire arrow and pierced the wick perfectly.

"Get down!" Link shouted.

The wall blew open and a rush of water came in. The pond filled instantly, then the water stopped. The water now seemed to flow from the pond, into the river. The pond had returned back to normal!

"Thank you! Thank you!" the owner cried.

"Wait! Look!" Scot yelled.

Along the river there was a forest that led far from sight.

"Where could that lead?" Link asked.

"I don't know, but we should wait before we go exploring. Let's go talk to my father and gather a team. Until then, we can post guards. Oh, by the way, this shop is closed until further notice. You can stay at the castle until it's open, Jack."

"Wow! This is great! But, what about the money I'm gonna lose?" the owner asked.

"We can figure that out later. We need to hurry to the castle!" Scot said.

"Okay, but we need to stay somewhere tonight. I think we should stay at the Zora Palace. We can use the underwater tunnel to get there real quick. I brought some Zora Tunics and Silver Scales that I bought from the diving instructor and the shop. Well, what do you think?" Link asked.

"I guess it's a logical idea. Let's head out," said Zelda.

Scot, Link, Zelda, and Jack got in the canoe and paddled to the shore. They then put on their water gear and went through the tunnel. When they arrived, they swam up to the surface for air.

"Okay. Let's talk to the shop guy for access to the palace and some fish," Link suggested.

"Well, hello Link! You're using the Zora Tunics I sold you, aren't you? Well, what can I do for you?" the shopkeeper asked.

"Well, for starters, we need some fish. We're starving. Next, we need to get a room in the palace. The Queen said I could stay any time. Can you help us, Squido?"

"Yeah, here's your fish and I'll take you down. Follow me."Link took the fresh fish to save for dinner. They then followed him to the shore where they looked down into the waterfall pool. The palace was definitely a work of art. The Zoras had finished building it just a month ago. Link, along with the Hylian carpenters and 300 workers, had helped the Zoras remodel the Domain. The War Room was made into an armory, and the War Room was moved into the Queen's Chamber. The task force then made the pool much deeper, taking out over 5 tons of mud and earth, then built the palace. It was 4 stories high, and had over 25 rooms. The Queen's Chamber was now in the palace and was beautifully decorated with small windows to see out of the palace. The main reason that the palace was finished so early was that the Sages had helped. Since the seal was made stronger, the Sages could return to their people except for Impa. She was now the oldest and wisest Sage. She took on Rauru's job as the Temple of Light guarder. Aquino said that Ruto should be Queen because she was the daughter of King Zora, but Ruto declined. Ruto had decided just to advise Queen Aquino instead of taking the role of Queen. Ruto then got the Sages and Link's help to help remodel the Domain. In turn, all workers were given a medal made out of gold and aquamarine. The workers had come upon a large amount of aquamarine and sapphire in the ground while digging. Since there was much more aquamarine, the aqua-colored gem was used in the medals. The sapphire was used to encrust some of the outer walls of the palace. These jewels sparkled in the light from the outside as the small group swam past them.

"Link! Good to see you and Zelda again! What can we do for you?" Ruto asked when they were inside.

"We'll we need to cook this fish, and get some rooms," Zelda explained.

"Okay, we only have 3 guest rooms available so, Zelda, you can stay with me. I'll have the cook prepare your fish and have it sent to your rooms. Breakfast will be about 8 a.m., anything else?"

"Nope. Thank you for your kindness." Link said.

"No problem. We owe you guys big for helping us so much!"

They retired to their rooms and ate their fish before dozing off at the late hour.

Chapter 3

Scot and Link ran faster and faster through the mysterious woods. It was night and pouring rain. Flashes of lightning illuminated the ground for short periods of time. The two shadowed figures kept gaining and gaining. Link fell, but Scot could not save him without dying himself.

He turned around and saw a glint of steel rip into the fallen Link as a lightning bolt shot down from the sky. Scot kept running but tripped on a fallen branch and flew to the ground. A dark figure with flaming red hair hovered over him. He pulled out a black blade and pierced its cold, sharp tip into Scot's chest.

"Ahh!" Scot awoke with a start.

"Was that just a nightmare or a prophecy?" he asked himself.

He looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was a little past 3 a.m. He decided to go back to sleep instead of getting up to get a glass of water. He later awoke in the morning as light shone in from the windows, creating an aqua lighting that made the palace seem even more spectacular. He put on his favorite blue tunic and went to the dining room. There he saw Link, Zelda, and Jack eating breakfast.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead!" Link joked.

"How about breakfast? Bacon and eggs?" Zelda asked.

"Ooh! That sounds great!" Scot exclaimed.

"It better, I made it! I used my special recipe!" Jack said.

They ate their breakfast and checked their supplies before they left. Link took some carrots from the kitchen for Epona, and Scot's horse, Hylia. The trek down Zora's River took them until about late afternoon. Link called the horses by using Epona's Song. Hylia had been trained to come when hearing the song too. They doubled up on the horses and took a short ride to the castle. They met up with the King in the Throne Room.

"Hello! What did you find in the Fishing Shop?" King Luther asked.

"Well, we found something real big. We found a river that leads to places unknown!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Wow! That's incredible! I'm guessing you want to lead an expedition. Hmm?"

"Yes, your Highness. Zelda and I want to get a task force together and sail down the river. We may find something of great importance!" Link said.

"Very well. Take who you need and be careful!"

"C'mon guys! Let's go!" Jack shouted.

Deep inside the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf sat on a chair cursing Link and the Sages.

"Man, I hate those pricks! They foiled my perfect plan! And then, they tried to brainwash me! Bastards! Well, one day I'll get even!"

"That day will be sooner than you think!" a figure, said.

"Who the hell are you? And how did you get here?"Oliveri stepped out of the mist.

"All in due time. Let's get you out of here."

"Wait, I know you. You're Oliveri! The Stormreaper guy!"

"Yes, that's one way to put it. Well, do you want to leave and get revenge on Link, Zelda and those Sages?"

"Yes! I can give help using this!" Ganon said as he pulled out the

Triforce of Power.

"Excellent! Now, go!" shouted Oliveri as he pulled out a small, blue object.

The Triforce and the blue ball lit up and opened a wormhole and they stepped into it transporting far away.

Chapter 4

As Link, Zelda, Scot, and Jack were heading to Spectrum Hold, Link and Zelda felt an odd disturbance going through their bodies."Link, did you feel that?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah, but you don't think..."

"Oh no! I'll go get the Sages! You get Hero Squadron and I'll meet you in the Temple of Time. Okay?"

"Yeah. C'mon guys."

Zelda then ran to the Temple as Link, along with his companions, strode towards Spectrum Hold.

Olveri and Ganondorf appeared in a secret temple under the Spirit Temple. Oliveri had discovered it and its secret treasure.

"What is this place?" asked Ganon.

"This is the Temple of Realms. I came upon it after I escaped from Jadeland. This temple can grant access to the places Hyrulians have journeyed. That's why I was able to come here from Jadeland. I also found the Dimension Pearl. This blue pearl that I used to free you, is a sacred artifact of the gods, like the Ocarina of Time. Its power will be the downfall of Hyrule."

"How? The Hyrulians have the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage."

"Ah, but they don't have the most important Triforce of all, the Tetraforce."

"What?! That's just a mystical fable."

"The Tetraforce is real. Let me explain. When Hyrule was first created, the three Goddesses, Din, Farore, and Nayru, were actually the daughters of the great God, Katana. He was the God of Divine Power. He was the ruler of all Gods. He commanded his daughters to create Hyrule, a land to worship the Gods. He gave each of them the power to create Hyrule, and leave the Triforce. However, after they had finished, Katana went to the Sacred Realm and added a fourth Triforce piece. It was more powerful than all three Triforces together, and if one could possess it, he would be given the title, Master of the Triforce. Along with the Juror of Courage, Forger of Strength, and the Keeper of Knowledge, the Triforce Master would be the closest a mortal could be to a God. He never told anyone of his doings and left. Now, many may say you are the first to touch the Triforce, but you weren't. You see, to possess the Tetraforce along with the Triforce, you must have the traits of all four titles. You must also be powerful enough to wield and control its awesome power. Such a man has never existed. This is why when an evil King, longforgotten, stumbled onto the Triforce, was destroyed when he touched the Triforce. The three outer triangles remained in the Sacred Realm, but the Tetraforce vanished, to be found at a later time in the distant future. The time would be known when three events happened: The Jadians would reappear in Hyrule, an Evil King would become good, then bad again, and finally, East Hyrule was discovered."

"East Hyrule? You mean Death Mountain? That's already discovered."

"No, the known land of Hyrule all exists in West Hyrule. East Hyrule is a much bigger land that is across the Sea of the Gods from West Hyrule. To get to the Sea of the Gods, you must travel down a winding river, then head straight from the river's exit into the sea. That river is found in the back of the Fishing Shop in Lake Hylia. However, we do not need the river or sea. We can use the Dimension Pearl. Once we get to East Hyrule, we can find the Tetraforce, and rule Hyrule!"

"Wait, so I'm the chosen one?"

"Not quite. The chosen one is I."

"You? You're just a simple wizard. I hold the Triforce of Power."

"Maybe, but I discovered the Tetraforce. I was given the knowledge as soon as I came here."

"Whatever, let's just get the damn Tetraforce so we can kill all those bastards who pissed us off, especially Link!"

"Agreed! Hahahaha!"

Link and his friends found Adam Troy and Prinzedorf in the Eating Hall.

"Major Link! It's an honor to see you again!" Adam said as he saluted.

"At ease, Captain. How's the old crew?"

"Better than ever. We have really formed as a group, and even you and some of your Royal guards couldn't beat us down!"

"I agree. But, I'd still give you a whoopin'. Anyway, I need your help. You are to be part of a task force that will see what's behind the Fishing Shop. I will once again, assume command of the squadron."

"What's behind the Fishing Shop?"

"Well, we've discovered a river that leads to places unknown. Our job is to make it known. We have no idea of dangers or the terrain. That's why I picked you guys to help out. If anybody can handle what lies ahead, it's you guys! So, are you in?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way!"

"Okay. We just need you to train Jack to use some sort of weapon. He doesn't have a lot of experience."

"Okay. Jack, you look like you would benefit from a light weapon. Have you ever used a sword?" asked Adam.

"Well, no. I've only handled a dagger."

"Okay, we can get you that. Hmm, what about a bow?"

"Yes! I have used one. But, only once in a festival as a boy."

"That'll do. Kydo, come here!"

"Yes, sir?"

"Jack needs to learn how to really use a bow. Since, you're the expert here, you're gonna teach him. Take him to the Archery Range for practice."

"Aye. Follow me Jack."

"Okay, Link. Meet the new Hero Squadron members. You have met Elcar and Atlantias, they were inducted while you were at the Hyrule Conference in Lon Lon Ranch. The newest members are Gigantor, our group blacksmith who is a Goron, and Lochtor, our Zora archer. They joined up a week ago, but we have two spots open. Have anyone in mind?"

"Yeah. Zelda and Scot would be the ideal choice. They are both skilled in many types of weapons, and have served in many battles. Zelda led a bombing squadron in the Battle of Lon Lon Ranch, and Scot served in the Stalchildren Uprising. Well, do you agree?"

"You bet! Scot, do you accept?"

"Yes!" he cheered.

"Okay. We can ask Zelda when we see her. We need to get a boat to sail in. My canoe is too small."

"I have one!" Atlantias added in.

"Can it hold 16 people and has sleeping quarters?"

"You bet. It's about the size of a Zora Yacht, but it's much faster. Glacis and I built it before he joined Hero Squadron."

"Okay. We're set. Scot, go get Kydo and Jack then meet us at the Temple of Time. Luke, go with him too. Everybody set?"


"Fine, move out!"


Chapter 5

Link and his troops strode into the Market as Jack, Scot, Kydo, and Luke caught up. They saw Ruto, Saria, Darunia, Malon, and Nabooru come through the gate on their way to the Temple of Time.

"Hey Brother! Going to see Zelda and Impa?"

"Yeah, we better hurry up!"

As they walked through the doors they saw Zelda and Impa sitting by the Altar of Time.

"Link, I'm glad you made it. Impa has something very important to tell us," Zelda cried.

"Indeed I do. You might have guessed, Sages, Zelda, and Link, Ganondorf has escaped. He was taken from the Sacred Realm as an evil sorceror with an ancient Artifact of Hyrule, the Dimension Pearl, saved him. They are in a long forgotten place, which only I know of, but can't go. They are plotting to take the last piece of the Triforce away from us."

"What? We have all three pieces!" Scot exclaimed.

"Yes, we have three of them, but there are four. The final one is the Tetraforce! It is much more powerful than the other three, and if someone evil gets it, Hyrule is doomed. Only the Chosen One can handle it, but there are 2 of them that can get it. One of them is in this Temple, and the other is Oliveri, Ganon's rescuer. Oliveri escaped our raid on Stormreaper Spire and came here. Now, he vows vengeance. You must go to East Hyrule, and get the Tetraforce before they do!"

"East Hyrule? Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, and the Zora's Domain don't have it do they?"

"No, East Hyrule is another land even bigger than this. The Hylian River in back of the Fishing Shop connects it. The river flows into the Sea of Gods, which leads to East Hyrule. You must go at god speed and get there quickly. Malon, Ruto, Darunia, and Nabooru, you will go with the travelers. Saria, you will stay with me and watch over West Hyrule. Now, go warriors, and may the Goddesses watch over you!"

Hero Squadron and the Sages of Water, Fire, and Spirit rushed out and rode across Hyrule Field. They reached the clear lake at midnight.

"Atlantias, go get your boat. Ruto and Lochtor, we'll go help him. Zelda take the group over to the shop. Gigantor and Nigul, be prepared to knock down the shop wall to get this boat through. Okay? Go!" Link ordered.

Link helped Atlantias retrieve the boat, and then they went to the shore by the shop.

"Ready men? STRIKE!"

Hero Squadron battered the wall, and it was gone in less than a minute.

They then carried the heavy boat, and set it in the river. Link told one of the guards to get some carpenters to fix the wall before they set out.

"Oh, Zelda, we were talking while we were at Spectrum Hold, and we want you to be a part of Hero Squadron. Will you?" asked Adam.

"Why, yes! Thank you for giving me this great honor!"

"Okay, Princess. Here's your honorary dagger, and tunic. By the way, since you are a part of Hero Squadron, you take orders from Link."

"Wait, I'm a Princess! I out rank him!"

"Maybe, but we take orders from him because he's the best leader we've seen, even over you!"

"Well, just be that way! Ruto, let's go get some sleep!"

Link grinned as the two princesses rushed off down into the boat.

"Well, men, we best get going. Lieutenant Atlantias and Lochtor, take us out! Ensign Jack, get us some food! Haha, just joking! You guys get some sleep. Scot, our naval commanders, and I will take the first watch, and you and Malon take second watch! Dismissed!" Link shouted.

Link watched as his crew shuffled off, and he looked out at the dark surrounding forest.

The Water Jewel, as the craft was called, made the end of the long river after a day. Everyone saw the vast ocean and was in awe.

"What do you suppose we do now?" asked Prinzedorf.

"Well, we don't sit and tan ourselves, we pick up the pace and head for

East Hyrule!" Nabooru cheered.

The crew went into double-time and crossed the Sea of the Gods in two days. They had some shark problems, but nothing big. They docked on the rocky shore in the middle of East Hyrule. They saw only open plains.

"Well, we'd better anchor her," Ruto suggested.

"Wait, I see a cove over there! Look!" Darunia shouted.

Off in the rocky distance of the shoreline, they saw some rock cliffs and a cove.

"Let's go!" ordered Link.

They sailed over and docked their ship before heading to the open plains.

"Well, where do we go from here?" asked Adam.

"Hmm, that's a good question. Let's go south, since it looks like there's more land to cover. Okay?"


They marched south for 2 days until they came to a large forest. They walked in and were attacked by some weird spider creatures.

"Spread out! Attack!" Link called.

Hero Squadron slashed at the spider's hard skin and their swords and arrows bounced off harmlessly. The battle raged on for a while with little damages, and little success. Darunia suddenly had an idea. He pulled out his Fire Bracelet, his sign of being the Sage of Fire, and hurled a comet of fire at one of the spiders. The spider took a direct hit and fell back wounded.

"Fire's the key! Set 'em ablaze!" shouted Darunia.

The archers whipped out fire arrows and started killing the scaly beasts. Link enchanted his sword with fire, and hacked away at the spiders until there was no more.

"Phew! What a battle! Let's rest here for an hour then head on. I'm ordering you to get some rest. Zelda and I will take first watch. Adam, take second watch. Dismissed!"

The tired warriors unpacked their supplies and caught a few winks. Off in the distance, a shadowed figure watched from the trees, then hurried off.

Back in the Temple of Realms...

"Are you ready Ganon?"

"Yeah, go!"

Oliveri and Ganon used their powers to warp themselves to a desert in the southeast region of East Hyrule. There they conjured up some Octoroks, Moblins, Lizalfos, and a new breed of monster, Dairas. These alligators with axes were fearsome. They also made 2 Ironknuckles.

"Let's go our minions!" Ganon shouted.

"On to victory!" Oliveri yelled.

The band of evil villains marched on as they neared a river then saw a town, called Kasuto across a bridge. They crossed it and plundered the village as the elves fled into the mountains, heading north to the town they called Tetraforce.

Chapter 6

The group of travelers woke after an hour's worth of sleep and headed south. They neared a lake when a fairy shot out of the water and hovered in the air.

"Hello, foreigners to East Hyrule! I'm glad you came on time!"

"On time?" Link asked.

"Yes! I knew of your coming all before you were born. I am the Fairy of the Tetraforce! You seek the fourth triangle, but beware, other forces are gathering at this moment, also seeking the Tetraforce. You must find out help from this land's natives and prevail, for East and West Hyrule will be plundered by evil. I will give you the 2 most important things you will need on your trip, a map, and the Tetraforce Shard. It is the last piece to the Tetraforce and it will help lead you to your destiny. Farewell, noble beings, and may you bring evil to its knees!" the fairy told them before a map and the Tetraforce Shard appeared in Scot's hands.

"Wow! Link, should I keep these?"

"Yeah, she gave them to you. Let's keep going!"

They followed the river that led out of the lake until they came to a bridge. A towering hydra stood in their way.

"You will die you little medlersssss!" it hissed.

"Not a chance. Hero Squadron, attack pattern Alpha Zulu Delta!" Link called.

Hero Squadron divided into groups of archers, cavalry, and infantry. The archers struck from the monsters left as the cavalry hit from the right.

The infantry headed right up the middle. Link leapt over a striking head and cut off another. Malon used her Light Sage powers to blind it, while Zelda used her Triforce of Wisdom do stop it from regenerating more heads. Darunia singed its scales, and Ruto tried to cut off its air supply by smothering it with water. The monster used its tail to knock them back, but Scot used his Longshot to hook onto its head and he drove his Hero Squadron dagger deep into its eye, then he threw his sword into its neck, killing it. He jumped to the ground, and pulled his sword out of the hydra's neck.

"Excellent job, Scot!" congratulated Link and Adam.

"I'm going to see to it that you get the Hylian Medallion of Courage for this, Scot. You were very brave and risked your life to kill that giant beast," said Zelda.

"Yes, he was very good," called a voice from the forest.

"Who's there?" Scot shouted out.

"Just me, Clary the Elven King."

"Wait, you live here?"

"Yes, the Elves have lived here for many generations. We battle the evil Moblins that live in the northern forests. The Mountains of Bertol separate the Moblins land from ours. Those mountains are north of here. We live in these Eastern Plains and the Forests of Eltaria. We also have deserts, mountains, and swamps, but not many live there. We have many shortcuts through our vast land and many mysteries. The biggest is the Inferno Mountains. They erupt lava all over the ground and the hard rock is cooled magma. Some say a hidden treasure is there but it's just a myth.

"They might be true. We are searching for the Tetraforce. We come from West Hyrule, and the fourth piece of the Triforce is believed to be on this island," replied Scot.

"Triforce! Quickly, you must come with me! Elves appear!" Clary yelled.

50 hidden Elves appeared from the trees and leaped to the ground.

"We have a town called Tetraforce and there is a mysterious temple that can only be opened by one with the power of the Triforce. Do you have that power?"

"Yeah, Link and Zelda have 2 of the 3 triangles in the Triforce. Our archenemy, Ganondorf has the other one."

"Ganondorf, you say?" asked one of the Elves.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, an Elf just came 5 minutes ago saying Kasuto was pillaged by two men with an army of monsters, one calling himself the Great Ganondorf, and the other Oliveri, the

Chosen One. They had denizens of evil, hideous creatures. Oh, my name is Thyme."

"Yeah, that's him, Thyme. I think we should go to Tetraforce and then Kasuto. Link, Clary?"

"You're right, Scot. That's the best idea," said Link.

"Ok, let's go, we'll lead the way!" cheered Clary.

"Wait, my Lord!" screamed some Elves.

A band of Elves came into view. They were battered and bruised from the attack.

"What happened?"

"These guys named Ganondorf and Oliveri came to Kasuto and destroyed everything. They killed many Elves and kept some for slaves. They hunted us down as we tried to flee. Only 27 out of 111 Elves made it back. These Moblins and alligator things called Dairas hurled spears and axes at us. The creatures then stopped trailing us after we got past the cemetery. I think they're going to take over all of Eltaria and other Elven lands.

"No, Ganon and Oliveri could care less about this land, except for more places to ravage. They came here for the Tetraforce, but they won't get it. Let's go!" shouted Link.

The now bigger group headed off to the town of Tetraforce.

"They did an amazing job, Ganon. Those Elves only killed 3 Octoroks. The Dairas were incredibly deadly," sneered Oliveri.

"Yes, we should introduce them to East Hyrule when we get back. Well, what should we do now?"

"Let's secure this area and build a castle, towers, and some barracks.

"The Moblins, Dairas, and Elves should be good workers. I can get Stalfoses too. The Ironknuckles can break the rock we need out of the mountains."

"Good, let's get them to work. Soon, we'll become rulers of all we can see! Hahaha!" Ganon laughed.

"Yes, my evil partner! Hahaha!" Oliveri cheered as he secretly thought of the day when he would bring about Ganon's downfall.

Back in Tetraforce Town...

"Follow me, Link."

"Hold up. Scot, Zelda, and Sages, come with me. Adam, take the rest of the group to an inn and get some rooms and supplies. Move!"


Scot, Zelda, Link, and the Sages followed Clary over to large building surrounded by trees and ponds.

"This is the Temple of the Triforce. It says on the Temple doors that only ones with the power of the Triforce can enter."

"Well, Zelda and I should come too. Wait, Scot, you come as well since you have the Tetraforce Shard. Clary, you and the Sages must stay out. Sorry."

"No problem."

Link and Zelda pushed the long closed doors open and went inside with Scot following them.

Chapter 7

The three walked in and saw the magnificent temple. Light shone in through beautiful stained glass windows, making wonderful color patterns on the floor. The walls were fine marble, and the tiles of the floor gleamed a glittering gold. A silver trimmed red rug led them to a large, closed door, which had a large gold Triforce engraved on it. Beneath the sparkling triangle, there were four handprints. Each had a word under it.

"Wisdom, Courage, Power, Tetraforce," Scot read aloud.

"Well, Link and I have Wisdom and Courage, but what do you have Scot?"

"Scot, press your hand in the Tetraforce slot. Maybe since you have the Tetraforce Shard, you are the Chosen One!" Link said.

"Well, I'll give it a shot. On three, one, two, three!"

The trio placed their hands against the wall, and the Triforce lit up. It burned brightly and the doors split apart. The doors revealed a throne with a knight in armor resting in the throne. Pictures of prophecies and tales long ago hung on the walls. The knight then stood up and greeted the travelers.

"Hello, Juror of Courage, Keeper of Knowledge, and Master of the Triforce! I have long awaited your coming just as the Fairy of the Tetraforce has!"

"Who are you and how did you know we had the Triforce?"

"It was prophesized long ago. Please take some time and listen to my story. I am the great King Harkinian. I ruled Hyrule ages ago. Then, there was little evil except for quarreling among the races. Then, the Jadians got out of hand and I banished them. I was Supreme Ruler of all of the Hylians. I was also head of the Hyrulian Council. Before my time had come to die, a Sage named Rauru came to me and told me of my future. I was to wait for the Tetraforce seekers to come to this forgotten land and guide them. After I died I came here and slept 'til the time came. I painted these pictures to help me explain myself when the day came. You see the Tetraforce is here. It's just not easy to get. It lies deep within the Inferno Mountains in the Great Palace. The road to the Tetraforce will not be easy though. You must find three out of four of the Triforce Sabers. They wield the awesome powers of the Four Sacred Triangles. Each one is in a place that represents its color. Blue, yellow, and green are the colors you must search for. The Saber of Power is the sword Ganondorf will find. You are destined to find the Sabers of Wisdom and Knowledge, but this lad, or a sorcerer of evil power can find the Saber of the Tetraforce. Remember to follow your Triforce's Power to find your Colored Saber! Farewell, warriors, and when you're done with your journey, come see me!"

Link, Zelda, and Scot were teleported outside of the temple.

"Link, what happened?" Clary asked.

"I'll explain on our way out of here. First, let's get our supplies, and get me a map of East Hyrule. Now!" Link commanded.

The group jumped into overdrive to get ready to head out.

Kasuto Castle was almost finished thanks to the help of the Stalfos group. While slow in the head, they could work with a brute force.

"Well, Oliveri, we have almost completed our city. Now, how do we get the Tetraforce?"

"First, we must get a search party. We need to find the Saber of Power and the Saber of the Tetraforce. They are needed to get into the Great Palace."

"Okay, where can we find them?"

"They are said to be in a place that reflects their color. We probably can find the Saber of Power in these own mountains, but the Saber of the Tetraforce is in the vast forests of Eltaria. Let's get your Saber, then mine. The other two are worthless to us for now. Soon, we will need to get them. But, that's in the future. Let's work in the present. Get some Ironknuckles, Stalfoses, and Moblins ready. We need strength to break through the rock. Plus, I have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Sure thing," Ganon shrugged as he secretly made plans to rid himself of


"Okay, so we need to go somewhere where the place reflects the color of the Saber?" asked Adam.

"Yeah. I say we start out with blue, or water. Any special place that has to do with water?" Link questioned Clary.

"Hmm, there is the Palace of the Forgotten Isle. No, that's been sealed up and protected by Cyclopes for decades. Then, there is the Sapphire Lake. Its waters are a royal blue year round."

"That's it. A deep blue should reflect the Saber of Knowledge. How long to get there?" Zelda asked.

"About one to two days if we hurry. I would say we could go by boat, but that'd take same amount of time. Should we go on?"

"Yeah, Hero Squadron, are we ready?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Lead on King Clary."


The group made it as far as the Elven Cemetery before they spotted trouble. Stalfoses and Moblins were carving rock out of the Kasuto Mountains. Oliveri was seen spreading a magic powder on the rocks and then directing his clan after seeing the results.

"Oliveri, the last member of the Stormreaper scum," growled Link.

"Let's teach 'em a lesson. Elcar, do you still know how to throw the javelin well?" Scot asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Were gonna keep them away for a while. Here's the plan..." Scot told them.

10 minutes later, they were in positions. Scot and Link then came out from hiding.

"Hello there! Good day for rock blasting right, Oliveri?" Link joked.

"You! You'll never find the Tetraforce!"

"Tetraforce? What's that?" Scot played along as he secretly moved his hand to give the signal.

"Don't play dumb with me Hylians."

"Dumb, we didn't call ye dumb, just a coward."

"Coward?! I'll show you! Attack!"

Oliveri watched as his men rushed toward Link and Scot, but the two warriors stood still. Suddenly, Oliveri's men slipped and fell on the jagged rocks.

"Now!" Link commanded.

Elcar threw a fire javelin upon the rocks. Together, with the oil, and other fire arrows from Hero Squadron, Elcar was able to set ablaze the mountain, driving the evil band away from the area.

"You'll pay for this meddlers! Just wait!"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't you bad guys ever say something original? Man, it gets old after a while!" Scot laughed as Oliveri retreated.

"Good job, men! We'd better get going before they come back in greater numbers," Link suggested.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's head to the river then camp," said Zelda.

"Lead on," Thyme replied.

The band had made it into the forest by nightfall and was laughing at past experiences. Suddenly, they were flung in the air as nets trapped them up.

"Clary, what is this?" Zelda demanded.

"Well, um, you see, these are Moblin nets. They come at this time every year to capture some of us for slave-working and food."

"And you wait to tell us until now because of why?" Link questioned.

"I didn't want to scare you guys."

"Ah. Well, learn from this," Scot replied.

"Hurr, hurr, Koltra. Looky what usn's got. A band 'a Elvens. They look good, they do."

"Argh, Goluge! Stop slobberin' all over our prey! What ya got to say fur yurselves, trespassers?"

"Trespassers?! This is our land!" Clary exclaimed.

"Not anymore. When Ganondorf and Oliveri take over, we get all of the Elven lands, and da Elves!" sneered Goluge.

"Argh, enouf talkin' Goluge, let's take these un Elves and go eat!"

"Aye! Good idea, Koltra!"

"You'll never take us away heathens!" screamed Scot.

"Haha! That's what you think. Take a whiff of this sleepin' powder!" growled Goluge.

The group fell quickly asleep and the two Moblins carried them away to their hideout.

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