The Hidden Triforce

By Rogue

Part 2

Part 2

Part 2

Chapter 8

"Master! Master!" a dim-witted moblin yelled as he came rushing into Ganon's chamber.

"What?" the Gerudo lord sneered.

"Oliveri has found some cave in the mountain. He says you must go see him right now."

"I don't follow his orders! Oh, who cares. Lead me to him!"

The moblin led Ganon into the mountains and they reached a cave deep in the mountain an hour later.

"Leave us," commanded Ganon.

"Yes, my liege."

"Ganon, I found this cave when my magic powder created a magical field around the cave. I'm sure this is where your sword is."

"Excellent. How do we get in?"

"We? No, you. Only the one who holds the Triforce of Power can enter.

Press your hand against the wall."

Ganondorf did so and the wall moved aside. Ganon entered and left Oliveri behind. He found the cave was smaller than he thought and he saw a chest located at the back of the cave. He walked over there and found the chest and had no lock, but wouldn't open. Ganon had an idea and pulled out the Triforce of Power from a hidden pouch in his cloak. He placed it on the chest and it went through the lid. Then, the chest flipped open and he saw and a glowing sword with a red hilt and scabbard. Ganon pulled it out and felt the Triforce of Power's power flow through the sword. An evil grin spread across his face as he turned to leave the cave.

Link woke up before the others did and found himself in a heavily wooded area late at night. The two surly Moblins, Koltra and Goluge, were snoring loudly. Koltra held Link's Master Sword in his arms as he slept. Link had no weapons on him, but he spotted a dirk that belonged to Clary close by lying by a tree. Link knew he needed to use his force power. Link focused on the sereneness of the night and concentrated. The dirk quivered but stayed on the ground. Link was frustrated, but he didn't let his anger get the better of him. He cleared his mind and focused further. The dirk then flew forward and landed in his hand. He sliced a small hole in the net so it wouldn't break and he could escape. When he landed on the ground, he found his Triforce Bow. He flung the dirk at Koltra, killing him. Before Link could loose an arrow, Goluge awoke and leapt up. An arrow flew in his hand and he became angry. He pulled out an axe and charged Link. Link flipped over him and landed by Koltra's carcass. He grabbed the Master Sword and jumped to the side as Goluge's axe cleaved his former partner in half. He wheeled around to see Link waiting with his menacing sword. Goluge sneered and charged. Link sidestepped and slashed Goluge in his side. While the Moblin reeled in pain, Link leapt in the air and knocked the Moblin to the ground. Link ended his life in one swipe. He wiped his reddened sword on the monster's tunic and freed his friends.

"C'mon guys! Let's move!" he ordered.

His sleepy troops followed as he headed for a glinting blue light in the distance. After an hour of marching, they arrived at a lake in the middle of the forest.

"Sapphire Lake! Here it is gentlemen!" Clary exclaimed.

"And ladies!" Nabooru corrected.

"Enough. What's in these waters?" asked Link.

"Well, not much. Just fish and a sapphire mine."

"Hmm, doesn't seem like anything. Let's check the mines though," Zelda suggested.

Everybody held their breath and dived into the water. After a brisk swim, which involved a surfacing for air, they arrived at a pillar rising out of the lake floor. They knocked on a large metal door and it opened. After the airlock drained, they proceeded down into the mine.

"Greetings, Sir Clary!" a smiling elf said.

"Hello, Scout. We need to inspect the mines."

"Go ahead."

They searched the mines, but they found nothing. They finally decided to leave when Adam noticed something.

"Clary, what is this?"

"Oh, that's just a statue that has been here for hundreds of years. It was here when our King Harkinian built this mine."

"Harkinian? Move the statue," said Scot.

"Okay, but I don't see the point," replied Clary.

"You will."

Once they moved it, they saw a hidden stairwell. They followed it and they found a wall at the end of the stairwell. Zelda realized what it was.

"Guys! This is the cave where the Saber of Wisdom is!"

"Then enter. Maybe it's the same as how we entered the King's chamber," said Link.

Zelda placed her hand on the wall and entered the wall as it slid open. She followed a hall and saw a chest surrounded by a water force field. She stood there for a few minutes, and then she pulled out the Triforce of Wisdom and placed it on the field. The Triforce piece disintegrated and the piece burned into the chest, disintegrating it as well. She found a blue sword that shimmered and glowed with light. Zelda picked it up and knew her piece had empowered her sword. She turned and left for the door.

"This is going all according to plan," crooned Oliveri.

"Yeah. Now, we go get the Saber of the Tetraforce?"

"Yes. We'll need a large army. Those meddlers are out there. Wait, they have just retrieved the Saber of Wisdom."

"How did you know that?"

"The Sabers create a lot of magic power. It created a disturbance in what you would call "The Essence."

"The Essence?"

"Yes, we'll get to that later. Now, we must take at least 300 men and head for the woods."

"Who'll we leave in charge?"

"That's a good question. Maybe I should've introduced you sooner. Ganondorf Dragmire, meet a wizard I met when I discovered the Dimensional Pearl. Agahnim."

A wizard appeared out of a portal in the chamber. His eyes were ice blue and ice cold. There was pure evil in this being and Ganon sensed it. He was excited.

"Hmm, this is Ganon. I'd thought you'd be shorter."

"Ah, but I'm much stronger than you think."

"Try me."

"As you wish."

Ganon prepared his purple energy force ball when the ball rose away from him and then vanished. A thousand streaks of energy hit Ganondorf at once, knocking him on his feet.

"As you see, Ganon, Agahnim has extreme capabilities in the Essence power. I should know, I trained him."

"What do you want?"

"We need you to run this town while we are gone."

"As you wish."

"Can he run things?"

"Do you doubt Agahnim? He will prove useful."

"Alright. Good luck."

"Thank you sir."

"Let's go, Oliveri."

The two lords headed out as 300 of their troops gathered for the march.

"Zelda! You got it!" exclaimed Malon.

"Yes, now what, Link?"

"Well, let's get the Saber of the Tetraforce, then mine."

"No. It's not time to get the Tetraforce Saber."


"The Saber can be retrieved, but there is a time shield around it. We must get yours quickly, then head back to the forest."

"Okay. Clary, give me the info on something with yellow or gold," commanded Link.

"Yellow? Gold? Wait! The desert! Okay, now, there's nothing in the desert but, the Desert Palace!"

"Excellent! How far?"

"Hmm, not good. Three or four days and that depends on good time."

"We don't have that much. Scot, Zelda, suggestions?"

"We need a wizard. Wait, Malon!" suggested Scot.


"You're the Light Sage, correct?"

"Yes. What does that have to do with this?"

"Well, Rauru was able to teleport people. Zelda, do you remember?" asked Scot.

"Yes! But how did you know?"

"Link told me."

"Okay. Malon, here's how you do it. Use a Farore's Wind spell. Then, search the world. Find the Desert Palace. Take its location and store it in an energy ball. Throw the ball into the Farore's Wind spell. The portal will turn gold. Expand the portal, then we enter."

"Can I do this?"

"Yes! Now!"

Malon did as commanded and the portal was ready. They entered and appeared before the Desert Palace.

Chapter 9

Ganondorf and Oliveri were growing more annoyed every minute marching through the woods. They had been marching for almost an entire day and they had found nothing.

"Oliveri, what exactly are we doing here?"

"Looking for the Tetraforce Saber. It's green and we're in the most known green place on this island."

"Well, is there a landmark or something?"

"Hmm, let me think. Maybe the capital of the Elven lands."

"Well, then. Let's get us some Elves and find this capital. Men, break into six groups of fifty men. Squad Leaders, lead your five divisions. Oliveri and I will lead my group. Teams Alpha, Beta, and Zulu, head east. Teams Lambda and Mu go northwest. My team, Omega, will go northeast. Move out!"

The six groups moved out on their menacing rampage as the sun set in the west creating a purple crimson haze that seemed to shadow the land in transition from peace to war.

"Well, the Saber of Courage is definitely in here. Scot, Clary, Adam, and Malon come with me. Zelda stay here and guard the entrance. If we need you, we'll call for help," said Link.

"Okay. Good luck," Zelda replied.

Link and his band opened the stone doors and lighted the torches along the wall as they descended the stairwell. Before them at the end of the stairs, there was a quicksand pit between the stairs and the door at the end of the room.

"Hmm, any ideas?" Link asked.

"Look at that wooden board on the ceiling. Maybe you can attach your Longshot to the board and swing to the other side," said Clary.

"Good thinking! Let's try it!"

Link pulled out his Longshot and fired it at the board. The hook snared the wooden piece and propelled Link to the other side of the room.

"Great job, Link!" called Scot.

"Thanks. Clary, catch this. You're next!"

Link hurled the Longshot across the room and into Clary's hands. Clary performed the same stunt and threw the Longshot to Malon. Malon hooked the board but as she swung to the other side she slipped. Scot leapt into action. He dived from the platform, caught onto the Longshot handle, grabbed Malon in one arm, and shot them onto the next platform.

"Wow! What a great save you made there, Scot!" Link congratulated Scot, slapping him on the back.

"Thanks. Malon, are you okay?" Scot said looking into her eyes.

"Yeah, just a little winded. Could you help me up?"


Scot scooped her up and deftly set her on her feet. Link easily saw the glance the two exchanged.

"Let's get going," Clary said.

The group moved through the door and into a courtyard with one exit on each wall.

"Hmm, what's the deal with this?" asked Malon.

Suddenly, four witches screamed out of the exits and into the air. Their cackling sent chills up Link's spine.

"I remember those cackles," Link said.

"As well as you should," a witch called.

"Koume and Katake," growled Link.

"Plus, Satari and Sakani!"

"Hmm, four ugly wenches instead of two!" shouted Adam.

"Sharp mouths get sharp retaliation!" yelled Koume.

Koume sent an ice blast covering Adam in a thick shield of ice. Katake then sent a firestorm at Adam, turning the blue shield into red ice.

"Hope you have blue fire, or he's gonna be in there for a long time!"

"You bitches!" screamed Link.

"Farewell, loser!" cried Katake.

The four witches vanished into thin air leaving the four warriors and Adam, covered in red ice.

"Damn, I don't have any blue fire! I can get some though. Malon, do you have the Light Medallion?" asked Link.

"Yeah, why?"

"Contact Zelda with it and tell her I went back to Hyrule. Stay here."


Link pulled out his Ocarina of Time and played the Serenade of Water.

He was transported to the familiar island in Lake Hylia. He dove into the crystal waters and into the underground tunnel that leads to the Zora's Domain. Upon entering, Link found Ruto waiting for him.

"Link, I've been waiting for you ever since my scouts saw you in Lake

Hylia. What's come up?"

"I need to get into the Ice Cavern. I need your help. There could be more danger than before."

"Okay, let's roll."

The two went past the War Room, into Zora's Fountain, past Jabu-Jabu, and to a rock wall.

"Let me handle this, Link," Ruto commanded.

Ruto then summoned all the water in the Fountain and blasted the

Cavern. Rocks flew out of the fountain and into Zora's River.

"Let's go!" Link cheered.

They entered the cavern and dealt with the falling ice spikes and some ice keese. They finally made it to the Blue Fire room. But, the fourwitches got there first.

"Let's dance," Link gloated.

Link dodged an ice blow and let loose a fire arrow into Koume. Koume doubled but retaliated by freezing Ruto. Link deflected a firestorm away from Ruto, keeping her from suffering the same fate as Adam. He then shot his own Fire Arrow into Ruto and freed her. Then, Satari and Sanaki hurled a tornado, sweeping Link into the air. Ruto sent a tidal wave at the twins and dissipated the tornado. Link then deflected an ice blast into Katake freezing her. He also casted a Din's Fire onto Koume, stunning her as well. Sanaki had had enough. She summoned an earthquake, burying Link in a mound. She cackled but then felt a stinging sensation in her stomach. Link had attached himself to her with his Longshot and sprang out of the mound and drove his Master Sword into her heart. She crumpled and disappeared. Ruto pinned Satari to the wall with a fierce wave as Link killed her with a Light Arrow. Link then fired an ice arrow at Katake and another fire arrow at Koume, killing them both as the magical arrows pierced their evil hearts.

"Whew! They're gone. Let's get the fire!" exclaimed Link.

Link captured the fire in a bottle and took Ruto back to Zora's Domain.

"Link, how will you get back?"

"Hmm, I don't know."

Just then a voice talked to Link.

Link pulled out his Ocarina and played a tune that seemed to flow from his lips. He closed his eyes and found himself in front of Adam. He poured the blue flame on Adam and released him.

"Whoa. That was weird," said Adam.

"Well, you're freed. Now, what?" Link asked to no one unparticular.

"Link, while I was frozen a voice said to give you this. Play the tune of the sand or something on it."

Link accepted a flute from Adam.

"I know what to play."

Link played the Song of the Desert again to unlock the mystery of the temple. A chest appeared in front of him. Link stared at it, then put his Triforce piece on it. The piece burned through the chest and revealed the Saber of Courage. Link picked it up and held it over his head. Link knew they were close to getting the Tetraforce.

Chapter 11

Nadia swooped through the trees along her path to the cave that led from New Kasuto to the rest of her homelands, and vice versa. Nadia was one of the skilled New Kasuto scouts. Her job was to patrol the enclosed forests and desert that protected New Kasuto. She also kept watch for disturbances for the New Kasuto Cave. She loved her job and always kept on top of any situation. Her main fear was a group of Moblins wandering into the area. If they told the rest of their race, New Kasuto would be in grave danger. She also watched out for Dairas. While the Dairas kept in the caves, they did come out every now and then. She had been in many battles with both Moblins and Dairas and did not like the idea of fighting them in the city of New Kasuto. She usually just scouted or lead groups out of the area and through New Kasuto Cave. Today, it was different. She was moving towards the edge of the desert when she saw a group of warriors. She was shocked. How did they get here? Nadia wondered. When she looked closer she saw a tall man with dark skin and fiery hair. She quickly decided that he was no friendly person. She must warn her people. She darted back to the city as fast as her legs could carry her.

Oliveri was able to detect the Elven scout through his strange powers called the Essence. Every being had the power, just some weaker than others. Only a select few could use it. One of them was he. He knew that this scout would warn the other Elves. He decided to hunt her down. He summoned the fastest scout in the small army.

"Apollo! Come here!"

"Yes, Sir Oliveri?"

"I want you to move quickly to the woodlands. Arm yourself with a lance and a bow and arrows. That's it. You must move very fast. I think an Elven scout has sighted us. You must track her down and kill her. Go now!"

"Yes sir!"

Apollo sped off undetected and soon disappeared. Oliveri chuckled to himself. He knew Apollo would catch the Elf. No person he had ever seen could run as fast as Apollo. He would reward him later. Now, he must plan Ganondorf's demise.

"Well, it's a good idea, but I don't know if I'm strong enough to do that. I mean, I haven't really used my powers long enough to fully grasp them," Link said.

"Link, it could be our only chance. We need to act quickly," pleaded


"You're right. We need to give it a shot. However, how will we do it?"

"Well, Zelda can transfer some magic power of hers into your own. You can try to get yourself up the rock face using your power," Scot explained.

"Hmm. Yeah that might work. But, I was thinking about something. If you can grab an object and bring it to you, can't you be able to pick something up and push it?" Zelda questioned.

"Wow. I never thought about that. Isn't that just levitation though?" commented Link.

"Well, this is different. This could be our best shot. You could send a few of us up there, then we could send some ropes down if you get tired of using your powers. What do you think?"

"Zel, you're right. Let's do this. Who'll go first?"

"I will," Scot declared.

"Okay, let's go."

Link closed his eyes as he tried to tap into his powers. He could feel Zelda transferring her own power into his. He suddenly felt a tingling sensation. He could feel all those around him. The sand, rock, trees, Scot, Clary, Malon, Nabooru, Prinzedorf, Zelda, the rest of his band, and himself. It was like he was touching and holding them. He then concentrated on Scot and raised his hand. While he couldn't see Scot, he could feel him move. Gasps from the others told him that he was levitating his friend. He slowly lifted his hand higher until he was sure that Scot was high enough then he pushed Scot forward onto the rock and let go. He opened his eyes to see Scot on top of the rock face calling below. Link knew something had just happened that would change him for good. Possibly, others as well would be changed. He repeated the process until only Zelda and he were left on the ground.

"Zelda, are you ready?"


Link closed his eyes once more and felt the same sensation. As Zelda was halfway up, he felt a weakness grow inside him. He had pushed himself to the limit and was now not in control of his powers. He felt himself release Zelda even though he hadn't intended to and opened his eyes to see Zelda start to plummet to the ground and a deadly speed.

Scot watched the princess fall dangerously to the earth. He knew he had to do something. What, he wasn't sure.

Zelda saw her life flash before her eyes. She could see her home, her father, and her friends. All of that would be gone in a matter of seconds.

She closed her eyes as she said a prayer to her loved ones.

Link couldn't move. His body refused to work. He collapsed and fell to the ground. Then, everything went black.

Scot instinctively stretched out his hand. A strange tingling feeling came over him. He could feel Zelda, as she was about to hit the ground. He tugged on her and stopped her fall. He couldn't believe what happened as he saw her float about a foot of the ground.

Zelda opened her eyes to see the ground. She was alive! She pondered how this was possible. She then saw Link collapsed on the ground and herself floating in the air. Then, she was lowered onto the ground. When she looked up to her friends above, she saw Scot with his hand extended just as Link had been. She then knew Scot was even more special than previously thought.

"Scot did you do that?" called Zelda.

"Yeah, I think so."

"I think you need to get Link and I up there and we can talk about this."


Scot miraculously did the same feat as Link had done and looked at his hands in amazement.

"Scot, I think you and Link need to explore these talents. They're nothing like I've ever seen. Because of you, I'm still alive. Thank you."

"No problem. It was a reflex. I felt like I had to help you and the power came naturally. I didn't even know I had it. I mean, these talents could open tons of new options to explore. Well, we need to get a stretcher going. Link needs some rest. I think exhaustion caused his collapse."

"You're right. Clary and Prinzedorf, use Link's blanket and tent posts to make a stretcher. You'll carry for a while, then Scot and I will.

Let's move out!"

The group moved with an extra step. By nightfall, they expected to make it to New Kasuto. They hoped the Elven capital would be in one piece and that Link would be okay in case of a battle.

Scot knew that his life was changed beyond words. He felt a new bond with Link and he was certain that others possessed the same powers. He could feel the power in him and he could sense its value. He saw its good, but something else, a dark taint on the powers. He felt out with his newfound powers and was almost knocked off his feet. Someone or something was using the powers Link and he had, but for an evil purpose.

It frightened him and intrigued him at the same time. There seemed to be so much power to the dark presence. He wanted the power and felt guilty about his wants all at the same time. He seemed to know something bad would happen if he explored the dark taint further.

He stopped thinking about it, and with a mere thought, lightened the stretcher so Clary and Prinzedorf could carry it the whole way. He didn't want to have to carry the stretcher. He needed to be alone for a while and practice. His powers were only beginning to grow and he needed to use them. He kept focus on the stretcher and then lifted a rock five feet in front of him. It rose up and he flung it into the air. Off, far in the distance, a crashing sound was heard. No one seemed to notice, but he could. He knew that his own powers would save himself and all he held dear. He just needed the proper guidance...

Ganondorf and his followers were very close to the dense forest. Already, he had assembled cutting teams to cut through obstacles. Nothing was going to stop him now. He could feel the power of the Tetraforce. He could feel its amazing power. He grabbed his own Saber from his scabbard attached to his back and looked at it. The elegant sword seemed to beam with power. It glowed a deep red and seemed to beckon to Ganondorf to use it. A sly grin spread across his face. He knew this was the weapon that would kill Link. Then, he felt it. He didn't know how, but he did. He felt a pure good presence enter the area in this hidden forest. He recognized it easily. It was his archenemy: Link, Hero of Hyrule.

The group came to the edge of the mountain plateau. A dense forest was below them and a desert barely visible to the eye. It was dusk and the sun was fast setting. Link finally came to.

"Wh-what? Where am I?"

"We are almost there Link. We need to get down, pass a river, then march for a couple of hours. We should reach New Kasuto by 3 a.m.," explained


"Oh. But how did Zelda live and how did I get up here?" said Link looking at his surroundings.

"Link, Scot saved me. He has the same powers as you. He picked me up just before I hit the ground and then brought me up. He then picked you up and we carried you on a stretcher. We think you collapsed due to extreme exhaustion."

"Wow. That's incredible. I did feel very weak. I tried to run to catch you but it was like my body shut down."

"Yes, Link. That's because you weren't used to so much use of the Essence at one time. The Essence is very energy consuming. I know, I practiced the whole time we were walking."

"Really? Man, I think you and I are going to have to study this power together. Let's get down. Scot and I will lower you one-by-one. Then, we bring ourselves down. Let's hurry."

This time, the plan ran smoothly. There were no problems or loss of power. Both Link and Scot were impressed by each other's abilities. They each seemed to possess great but unrefined talent. The levitation proved very tiring. Scot had to be set on the stretcher and Link carried it by himself. The more he practiced and pushed himself, the more control he'd have over the Essence. Suddenly, a voice spoke to him:

Link, you and your companion, Scot must seek me out. I am the Great Mage of East Hyrule. Complete your quest, find the Tetraforce then bring your band to a town cradled in the mountains away from all others. You must venture to the northwest and maneuver thorough the perilous mountains of Valkyrie to see me. The fate of the world depends on you and your people! Don't hesitate! Be wise, and may the gods look watch over you!

Link shook his head.

"What was that?" he mentally asked himself. "Why would the voice tell him to go to some town hidden in some mountains and not to go see the spirit of King Harkinian in the Tetraforce Temple? Hmm, maybe I should go to both. I'll have to talk to Zelda and Scot."

While Link didn't know it, Scot had the same voice speak to him. The voice, of the master who could show Link and Scot the way.

Chapter 12

Jack was first to see the tiny almost hidden light through the trees. He was ready to dismiss it as moonlight glinting of something when another and another appeared before him.

"Uh, Link, I think we're close. Look!" Jack said as he pointed forward.

Sure enough, there were lights. A new sense of triumph erupted over the tired crowd.

"Hmm. Link, I think something is wrong. We always put out all torches at nightfall. It's to make sure we don't burn our precious forest. We need to get there fast. Ganondorf could be there!" Clary shouted.

"You're right! Let's move faster! Double pace! March!"

In fact, it was something wrong. When Nadia the scout had been followed home, she had attracted company. At first, it was just a simple assassin. An arrow to the heart had dealt with him easily. However, he had an army along with him. By 8 p.m. his comrades had appeared. They had stormed the city walls and had almost broken through. Only the sharp-shooting Elven archers had stopped them. Ganondorf and Oliveri had used their magic to ward off most attacks. They still had 144 men left. They had a feeling they were outnumbered but that didn't matter. They had magic. The Elvens would have none or very little. Suddenly, a soldier armed with nothing but a green, glowing saber came to view on the ramparts of the city walls.

"Ahoy there! If you think you can defeat us, come and try! These walls will protect us from anything you can dish out!" called the soldier.

"Ganon, do you wanna show him what we can DISH out!" cried Oliveri.


Ganondorf pulled out his Saber of Power. Channeling his magic into the sword, he shot out three large blasts of magic. The blast was like a giant kicking in the wall. It had the same result too. A huge hole stood where the blasts had hit. Ganondorf snickered. He'd have the last laugh.

About a mile from New Kasuto, Link and his companions heard the explosion. It was loud enough to wake up Scot from his deep slumber. He instantly knew what had happened.

"We need to get to New Kasuto. They just got through the walls."

"Scot, that's impossible! Those walls are five feet thick!" Clary protested.

"Ganondorf blasted the wall with magic. The walls had no chance at all.

We need to move fast. Draw weapons! Run!"

The group charged ahead into battle, all the while fearing it was too late.

"Lord Ganondorf! Intruders!" Davada called to his leader.

"Hmm, Link. Dammit! Well, now's as good as any! Attack!"

Fifty of Ganondorf's soldiers charged Link's group. Led by Davada, they clashed sword-to-sword and hand-to-hand.

"Flank them! Pincer movement now!" Link ordered.

Hero Squadron divided with Link and Adam leading one group and Scot and Clary heading the other.

Link ducked a sword and drove his own into the evil soldier's stomach. Just as he went to move forward, one of Ganon's Stalfos Knights loomed over link. Suddenly, a javelin came flying in and broke the Stalfos into nothing but a pile of bones. Elcar grinned at Link and let another javelin fly. Link mentally noted to give Elcar some big time thank yous. He saw Ganondorf and swept forward barreling through Moblin, Stalfos, and Gerudo warriors alike.

"Son of a..." Ganondorf thought to himself. Link and his friends had done it again. His forces battered and on the verge of defeat, were looking very sluggish. With a sweep of his hand, he sent a shockwave that disintegrated a troop of advancing Elves. As he scanned the battle scene, a flashback came to mind...

There stood the Elven soldier. Daring and brave, he called down to me. I really didn't care too much about him, but the Elf's weapon intrigued me. A perfectly forged saber was attached to his hip. Its hilt was wound with black leather laced with a delicate silk. On the hilt, it had a large emerald surrounded by diamonds. Its blade, pure steel, looked

razor sharp and had a mystical green tint to it. It reminds me of my own saber, yet except mine is red. Then, it hit me. The beautifully made sword was none other than the Saber of the Tetraforce! But how did it exist without the Tetraforce inside the blade? It must have a shard of the Tetraforce in it. Oliveri had said that the Tetraforce was divided. I hope this was the only other piece besides the rest of the Tetraforce that resided in the Inferno Mountains.

Shaking his head, Ganondorf spotted the Elven soldier and made his way toward the occupied Elf. The elegant blade looked even more powerful when it was used to kill someone. He pulled out his own Saber and mowed a path to the warrior.

Oliveri ducked the knife from the Hylian and stepped back as an arrow wizzed past him and struck an Elf. He grinned menacingly and blasted the Hylian with a simple mana bolt, slaying him easily. The Kokiri that had shot the arrow at him loosed another one off. Oliveri outstretched his hand, and guided it into the Kokiri's neck. The Kokiri writhed then fell to the forest floor in a bloodied heap. As he turned to attack an Elf, a javelin struck his thigh. He yelled out in pain. He pulled it out and dropped to the ground as another flew right threw he had just stood. Forgetting his pain, he picked up a fallen pike and leaped up, driving it through the Kokiri's head. The slaying of the javelin thrower brought back memories of the slaughtering of King Zora. He had enjoyed watching that. He suddenly felt an odd disturbance. He swiveled his head to see Link and some other soldier head for him. They both gave off disturbing ebbs of power. He knew they had the Essence. Then, another Essence wave hit him. The Saber of Tetraforce was near. Also, Link's Essence companion seemed to give off a strange feeling. He'd have to find out what it was later. Now, he must fight. He warped his pike into a spear with two double-edged sword blades fixed to the each end. He readied his deadly broad-spear and braced for battle.

Oliveri had slain three of his friends. Jack, Kydo, and Elcar were gone for good. They would never come back. He had to avenge them. Oliveri would die. He spotted the Jadian mage and charged him. He felt the presence of Scot charging with him. His friends' lives would not have been lived for naught. Their legacy would be carried on with Oliveri's death.

Scot was within 10 feet of Oliveri when he felt an alarm. 5 Moblins surrounded Malon. Scot rushed to her aide. Letting loose his sword, heguided it to decapitate all of the Moblins. There was Malon on the ground, with many slashes on her body, and a large wound in her side with a spear sticking out of it.

"Scot, they've wounded me. I can't walk. It's too late. You must go on..."

"No. Hold still. Stay with me!"

Scot grabbed hold of the spear and ripped it from her side. Malon cried with agonizing pain. Scot then channeled all of his magic into his hands, and mentally bound Malons wounds and regenerated her skin and abdomen. She was healed. She had no scratch or scar that showed that she had been so close to death. She slowly sat up and wrapped her arms around Scot and kissed him deeply. She was about to stop when Scot kissed her back. They sat there undisturbed by the chaos around them, as if the gods had sent a shield around them, keeping them from harm.

Link chopped at Oliveri and hit nothing but ground. Oliveri had rolled away and stabbed out at Link. Link backflipped and clashed steel with Oliveri. Pushing with their weapons they stood at a standstill. Then, Oliveri sent an electric shock through his broad-spear and sent Link flying. Link rushed back to his feet and drew his Saber of Courage. The yellow tinted blade lit up the area with its brightness. He hoped it was as powerful as shiny. He slashed the mystical blade at Oliveri's new spear and broke the blade on it. Link then snapped the long handle into splinters. Oliveri backed off and drew a sword. It too was broken under the might of Link's Saber. Oliveri was running out of options and Link was closing in.

Ganondorf rushed the Elven warrior and clashed Sabers. The two fighters flicked the blades back and forth trying to find a hole in each other's defense. They clashed for many minutes with out a victor declared. Unexpectantly, the Elven warrior tripped Ganondorf and knocked Ganondorf's Saber to the side.

"Feel the wrath of Amon!"

Amon raised his Saber over his head and then dropped it from his lifeless hands. Davada stood behind Amon's body and ripped his obsidian sword from his back. He grabbed the two Sabers and presented them to Ganondorf.

"Milord, you are growing very tired. Gain strength from these swords."

"Thank you Davada. You will rule East Hyrule one day for this!"

"I live to serve you."

"That is why you're my best warrior. Now attack!"

Ganondorf had both Sabers now and he spotted Oliveri being cornered by


"Why must he solve everything?," he wondered.

He grasped the Tetraforce Saber and threw into Oliveri's hands.

Oliveri knew he was running out of time. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Saber of the Tetraforce was in his hands. He lunged at Link and knocked him back. The Hylian hero was stunned. Oliveri lunged again and knocked Link back even further. The Hylian hero then sheathed his weapon and distanced himself from Oliveri. Oliveri grinned and readied to deal the final blow when a blast of psionic energy attacked his mind. He grimaced in pain and retreated. He felt nothing but pain, endless pain. Ganondorf took charge of the scene.

"Fall back! Retreat! Fall back!"

Ganon's men disengaged their fights and retreated. The group was about the head out when they simply disappeared.

"What the hell?!" Link cried out.

"Link, they used a Farore's Wind spell. It's simple to use out of dungeons. They must be back at Old Kasuto. We have little time to get to them," King Clary of the Elven Lands of Altaria explained.

"Alright. Let's clean these people up."

Link found out that about 311 Elves had died at the hands of Ganondorf's men, especially the town general, Amon.

However, is own squadron had done extremely well. They proved they were the best.

Sadly, Jack, Kydo, and Elcar had perished due to the evil power of Oliveri. Link and his squadron had failed though. Oliveri had gotten the Saber of the Tetraforce. Now, they must attempt to enter the Great Palace without it. Things had never looked so grim.

Chapter 13

Link stood in the rain looking over his friends' graves. Jack had just been a simple fishing attendant. Now, he rested in eternal peace in a strange land. Kydo and Elcar were special Kokiri. They had special abilities, especially since they were kids. They had wanted to become older and Zelda and the Sages had granted their wishes. They still looked like Kokiri, but older. They were supposed to end their days living with their Kokiri brethren, not here. Ganondorf had taken three things dear to him from him. Now, Ganon would pay. Ganondorf's days of killing and destruction were over. He'd make sure. Link said a prayer for his friends and walked towards the main building. There, he'd form a plan.

"Hahahah! We are the rulers now!" laughed Ganondorf.

"Yes! We shall rule the world!" Oliveri laughed back.

"This is most excellent. Now, let's go get the Tetraforce!"

"Um, there's one problem."

"What?! What problem?!"

"Well, the Tetraforce was split into three pieces. The largest piece is in the Tetraforce Chamber in the Inferno Mountains. We have one piece in the Tetraforce Saber. When I Link and his companion came to attack us, I felt a strange feeling ebb from his companion. His companion, Scot, has the other Tetraforce Shard."

"How? How could he?"

"The Fairy of the Tetraforce gave it to him."

"Dammit! That means he can get in. We'll have to bait him along. Any ideas?"

"Yeah I do. Watch."

Oliveri closed his eyes and whispered some words as he tried to invoke a spell. A group of 250 Jadians came into view. Looking like Hylians, they had black eyes and black hair. They looked like an evil form of a Hylian.

"Jadians? How did you get them?"

"Them? They're my personal squadron. I knew that something was wrong when we captured Link, Zelda, and you of course. I sent them to a hidden cavern in Hyrule. I went to them after I escaped. I then had them stay until needed. Now is there time to help. Lyra, come here."

A short, but well built Jadian warrior stepped forward. Ganondorf knew this was a powerful Jadian. Most intriguing, was that Lyra was a woman! Only a few Jadian women were not warriors. She must be real powerful, Ganon thought.


"Lyra, this is Ganondorf, my partner."

"We captured him."

"Yeah, but I was a good guy then. Ugh, it still bugs the hell out of me."


"Lyra has unusual powers. She can transform herself into anything. I want her to transform into one of your warriors, only wounded. She'll station herself near New Kasuto then give them a false story. She'll lead Link and his group to the Tetraforce Chamber. Then, she'll kill Scot. It's pretty simple."

"Yes. Lyra will do well."

"As you wish milord."

Lyra warped into a ball of light then appeared as a Gerudo warrior. She looked like she was almost dead. Suddenly, she evaporated into thin air.

"Oh, I forgot to mention something. Lyra can teleport too," Oliveri said as he grinned.

"I see."

"Okay, Link. We'll go with your idea, even if it is very risky. Let's move out!" Zelda ordered.

"You heard her men! Let's go!" Link cheered.

The group was now reinforced with 100 Elves. Link had said that they would need all the warriors they could get. They were all tired, so they had to wait to use magic to teleport faster. As they moved near the edge of the forest, they spotted a trail of blood. At the end of the trail, a lone Gerudo warrior lay on the ground. She had numerous cuts and slashes on her body. Link and Scot rushed to her aid.

"What happened?"


"Scot we gotta heal her. She may know something."


Scot performed the same magic spell on the Gerudo as he had on Malon. The Gerudo sat up and looked around.

"Go away! I don't want you to kill me!"

"Hey! Settle down! We won't hurt you. Who are you and why are you here?"

"I am Lyra, a Gerudo warrior. I'm here because I overheard Ganondorf and Oliveri talking. They said that they have 2 of the Tetraforce Shards and some guy named Scot has the other."

"I'm Scot. I got the Shard," Scot said as he pulled out a green, glowing, jagged glass-like piece.

"Yeah, that's it. Well, my former masters found out and had me beaten and left me for death. Thanks to you, I'm still alive."

"Hey, we help people. That's our job," Link said.

"Well, thanks. Now, we need to go to New Kasuto and get the Tetraforce

Saber. Oliveri has it and it has a Tetraforce Shard."

"Whoa here. You're the enemy, why should we take you?" Zelda questioned.

"Ganondorf ordered his men to kill me. They almost succeeded. Now, I want revenge. I know how good they are and where to hit them. I think

I'm valuable."

"Hmm, she has a point. Zel, she's very valuable. We should move quickly!" Scot said.

"Okay, I guess you're right! Let's go!"

The group moved through the New Kasuto cave and came out to see 20

Moblins camped outside the cave.

"Hurr hurr! It's elves! Lots of 'em! I'm hungry!" a Moblin called.

"Back off pigs! Don't mess with us!" Malon yelled.

"Hey, she's a pretty un! Let's get her! Charge!"

The Moblins brandished their spears and charged. Link and Zelda used their Triforce Sabers and clashed with the Moblins. The Moblins were strong, but slow. This showed as Link sidestepped from a spear then chopped off the Moblin's head. Scot became surrounded, but he unleashed a Spin Attack and disintegrated his attackers. The Elves proved to be stronger than thought, as they had no casualties. Hero Squadron was safe too.

The group moved on until they reached Sapphire Lake, then rested for the night, except for Scot and Malon as they decided to take a walk, since neither could sleep.

"Scot, what happened back in New Kasuto?"

"Well, I saved you. Then, we, uh, kissed."

"Did it mean anything to you?"

"Yeah. It did. I mean remember how I saved you in that temple?"

"Yes, I do. Scot, it meant a lot to me too. I just wanted to know how you felt."

"Well, I now you do."

Scot spotted a rose bush even though the darkness shrouded everything and plucked a rose. He broke off the thorns and gave it to Malon.

"This is for you."

"Oh, Scot."

They both stopped and stood in front of each other and stayed there for a while as they kissed under the moonlight.

"Ugh, can't they get a room?" Lyra asked herself silently.

Lyra had made it her job to know the whereabouts of all of these puny warriors. Now, she saw these two meddlers kiss. She'd almost had enough. First, she had to thank them. Then, she had to fight for them. She'd kill every one of them when they met Ganondorf and Oliveri's army. Yes, she'd be there to help Ganondorf and Oliveri kill them.

Agahnim strode into Ganondorf's chambers. Ganon was talking to Oliveri about battle strategies.

"Sirs, would you like to know where our enemies are?"

"Sure, why not," Oliveri answered.

Agahnim cupped his hands and let a ball of magic float into the air. A map came up of East Hyrule and zoomed over the lake. There lay the camp of heroes as they were breaking camp.

"Excellent. Oliveri send out 20 of your Jadians. Have them camouflage themselves in forest gear. I want them to shoot a few arrows. If they are on edge, they'll get be off their game. With less rest than normal and them fearing everything that makes a sound, we'll finish them off for sure."

"Okay, I'll see to it," Oliveri said as he and Agahnim walked out of the room.

"Agahnim," he said quietly, "I need you to do me a favor. See to it that our sanctuary between dimensions is safe. When the time comes to overthrow Ganon, I'll need to send him there to send him off. Okay?"

"Yes, sire."

"Good, leave me."

The group of warriors marched forward and was nearing close to Old

Kasuto. They had reached near the swamps. Suddenly, Adam reeled in pain as an arrow suck him in the arm.


"Adam!" Link yelled.

As few Elves then fell to the ground as arrows embedded in their necks,

Link and Scot leapt into action. Link pulled the arrow out of Adam's arm and rushed him to Zelda to get treatment. Scot sensed archers moving through the trees and reached out to them. He pulled their arrows away from them and sent them flying away. He also hastened their movements and used the sun's light to shine them out. Prinzedorf and Nabooru led

Hero Squadron and captured them.

"Look what we found!" Prinzedorf shouted.

Link took one look at them and knew exactly whom they were.

"Jadians. They're freaking Jadians."

"Guilty as charged," one spat back.

"What the heck are you doing here?"

"Came to kill you. Looks like we slew some of your Elf friends and wounded that guy. You goodies used magic against us and captured us. Ganondorf will not be pleased with our work."

"You won't get the chance. Line them up! Let's get a firing squad!"

Lyra had had enough. They would not kill her own men. She warped into a giant dragon and roared into the morning sky.

"Lyra! I knew it! She's evil!" Zelda cried.

"Yesssss. You will not kill my loyal men! Now prepare to die lossser


Lyra let out a fire blast, setting the forest on fire. Zelda unsheathed her Saber and chanted a spell. She shot out a water blast, dousing the flames. She then knocked Lyra out of the sky. The Jadians ran to her aide but were killed by the Elves before they reached her. Link and Scot moved to the attack. Using their powers, they bound her to the ground and watched as Malon used an anti-magic spell on her. Lyra returned to her Jadian form.

"Look at this, another Jadian," Link growled.

"Die Hylian!"

"I've had enough! Bind her up! Malon and Zelda can you cast some sort of long-term anti-magic spell around her? I got this feeling she has more powers."

"Go to hell you hero! I, Lyra can't be bound!"

With a wave of his hand, Link sent her flying into the air and dropped her. She fell with a crushing thud.

"Behave," Link said menacingly.

"Link, why are you so harsh?!" Scot demanded.

"I don't know. It was a reflex. It felt terrible."

"Link, we need to talk. Guys get her bound. Malon, can you see if you can help her? She's bound to have some broken bones. Link, let's go."

Link and Scot walked forward talking.

"Link, you need to know something. This power we have is powerful and can be used for great good. However, it can be used for vast evil. There is a dark part to all of this. Oliveri uses it for evil. I sense others do as well. We need to block out the dark side and harness the good. I think we need to train others as well."

"I see. How will we find Essence-sensitive people?"

"Look around. The Sages probably have it, people with healing skills, great fighters, magicians, and even simple people with great luck. I think the Essence is part of everyone and everything. People with more powerful Essence powers have better abilities. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. I also know something. I think that you will be a great Master of the Essence. You will become a leader and trainer of many. You will teach them control, knowledge, and the right path on the road to full understanding of the Essence. I, on the other hand, will teach them how to fight and defend. They learners will need to know how to defend their people and keep up the good of Hyrule. I think we shout start a group called the Hyrulean Knights. We shall defend the lands of Hyrule and beyond!"

"Yes! We will!"

Link and Scot had found a new path. They must succeed on their journey for the Tetraforce so they could save Hyrule and start a new era, the era of the Hyrulean Knights!

Chapter 14

Link and his troops neared New Kasuto. Tall spires jutted out from a dark castle. Ganondorf had sacked the town then built like the castle when Link and Ganon fought for the first time. While they were in a new place this time, the situation seemed very similar. Link had to go after the Triforce and save Hyrule, both East and West. He had new allies and new powers that would help him, but the competition was tougher with Oliveri. Link knew the battle ahead would be tough and test all of his skills. With Scot and Hero Squadron at his side, it would be much easier. It was time to fight for the Tetraforce.

Ganondorf scanned the bridge that separated his new town of Darkspire from Link and his band of warriors.

"Hmm, they seem to have a lot of Elves don't they?" the Gerudo Wizard thought to himself.

As he held the Triforce of Power in his large hands he formed an idea that would help him kill of the Elves, making his job of killing Link not much harder than a piece of cake.

As Link and his group neared New Kasuto a blinding red light flashed across the sky.

"Whoa! What was that?!" Prinzedorf asked.

"Hmm, I don't know," Scot said as he seemed to be extremely aware of a new threat.

"Whatever it was, it doesn't seem to have done anything. Let's go!" ordered Link.

"Oliveri, gather the troops. Order them to bring a set of nets. I want some of those Elves caught. When you have done this, bring them to me."

"Yes, Lord Ganondorf. Will you be joining us down in the battlefield as we crush Link and his petty army?"

"Yes, Oliveri I think I will. I'll supervise your mission as you try to capture some Elves. I will not be pleased with anything less than success," Ganondorf sneered.

"You will not be disappointed. Remember, I am your partner. We shall destroy our enemies together."

"Yes, we shall. Lead on."

As Oliveri strode out of the throne room and lead Ganondorf to the barracks, Ganondorf couldn't help but notice the Tetraforce Saber at

Oliveri's hip. He'd have to figure out a way to steal it from him and claim the Tetraforce for himself. Then he'd rid himself of this Jadian wizard for good. The very thought put a smile on the Evil King's face.

Link stared across the bridge. Ganondorf's forces hadn't even put troops on it. He knew he was walking into a trap. Link was sure this would help his plan though.

"Okay, men, I'll lead. I want your eyes open and weapons drawn.

Archers, get ready to loose off a salvo of arrows at the first thing that moves. March!"

Link steadily lead the army as he armed himself with his Master Sword and Triforce Shield. The Triforce engraved on Link's shield seemed to radiate power as if it sensed the Triforce of Courage that Link held in his saber attached to his hip.

Suddenly, a net flew from under the bridge and snared a squadron of

Elves. They were swiftly pulled under the bridge and disappeared from sight. Link grabbed his Longshot and shot it into the bridge. As it was tightly secured he leapt over the bridge and looked below. He shot back up after less than 30 seconds of looking and addressed his army.

"They're gone!"

Ganondorf sneered from the river bank. His illusion spell had worked. They had captured the Elves and hid them in the bank. Agahnim had used his sleep spell to quiet them as they were carried down a series of tunnels and into the barracks. Now, phase two was ready.

Link and his army crossed the bridge and scanned the large field that separated the castle from Link. He knew this field would be covered in blood before a victor was decided.

Alden was extremely edgy. He had fought against Moblins before but they were not intelligent creatures. They could be defeated with strategy. The overwhelming strength and size of the Moblin army kept the Elves from killing them off. As he looked right to the riverbank he was able to see the arrow that sped right toward his face and then turned everything black.

A cry called from both river banks as Ganondorf's soldiers charged Link and his band.

"Charge!" Link yelled above the war cries.

Link blocked an arrow and plucked a bomb from his pouch. He threw the bomb into a group of Stalfoses and watched as bones flew in all directions. Only his crack reflexes saved him from the axe that a Daria swung past him. He backflipped and drew his Master Sword. He made quick work of the Daria and charged a Moblin. He was soon surrounded by a group of the doglike creatures. He armed his Courage Saber and swung it in a circle. A yellow wave flew from the magical sword and disintegrated the Moblins.

"Oh yeah," Link thought.

Zelda and Nabooru fought back-to-back as Zelda used her Saber to shield them with Nayru's Love spells and let Nabooru kill of their opponents with her Gerudo spear. A green ball of fire knocked them to the ground. Oliveri appeared from behind a group of Elves as the brave warriors fell to the Tetraforce Saber. Nabooru was first to her feet and dove at the

Jadian sorcerer. Oliveri simply raised his hand and watched as Nabooru stopped in midair and was flung sky high and plunged into the river. Oliveri grinned and advanced on Zelda.

Ganondorf saw his men were tiring and decided to move to phase three. He created a raven and sent it flying toward his castle. Within minutes, a squadron of Iron Knuckles appeared as they came riding in on their war horses. At the same time a group of Jadian soldiers appeared carrying buckets. Ganondorf was going to love this.

Link saw the Iron Knuckles appear in the distance. They were tough to take on in a one-on-one situation, let alone twelve of them. Even stranger was the group of Jadian soldiers running toward his army armed with buckets. What in Hyrule were they doing? Another red flash filled the sky. Something bad was about to happen. He could feel it.

The Jadians rushed Link's army and threw a red sticky liquid all over them. They did have swords but were killed before they could pose a threat.

"Eww! What is this?" Malon cried.

Clary grimaced to himself before answering.

"It's blood, Elven blood."

"Elven blood? What's that gonna do?" Adam asked.

"That," Clary said as he pointed to the army of Moblins nearing the bridge.

Ganondorf saw the bloodshot eyes of the invading Moblins. His trick had worked. He had used the Elves to kill them and use their blood as bait. He then summoned the Moblins with his Triforce of Power and bring them to the battle in a rage of bloodlust. They would be nothing less than devastating to the Elven soldiers as they tried to kill and eat them. This would be very entertaining.

Even from far away, Scot noticed the weird manner the Moblins were charging them in. The slobbering creatures had bloodshot eyes and were paying attention only to the Elves and the people covered in blood. He then put all the pieces together. The blood was used as bait to increase the rage of the Moblins and send them into a frenzy. Ganondorf must have used his piece of the Triforce to summon them to the battle and use them to kill off the Elves and anyone else unlucky enough to have been covered in Elven blood. Scot was clean but he glanced over to Malon. She was almost pure red. She would be meat if he didn't act fast.

Zelda rolled to the ground as she evaded a swipe from Oliveri's Saber.

As she got to her feet, she saw the Moblins.

"Oh no!" she cried.

"Oh yes! You are now going to die Princess!" Oliveri yelled.

Oliveri distanced himself from Zelda and pointed his Saber at her. The green blade shone with a blinding light as it prepare to shoot a blast that would finish the Hylian Princess off for good. Oliveri was knocked to the ground from the recoil as a giant ball of energy hurled toward Zelda. Oliveri grinned as he savored the moment.

Zelda felt a wave of knowledge pour into her from her beloved Triforce of Wisdom. Its voice felt so soothing yet powerful all at the same time.

The Tetraforce is a powerful object. Yet, it is not nearly as powerful as the other Triforce pieces if it is divided. Use the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to save yourself and turn the tide of the battle!

Zelda raised her Saber and stood her ground as her Saber shone with a brilliant blue aura. It's power met with the giant ball and sent bolts of energy flying in all directions. The bolts collided with the Jadian soldiers around them and scorched them to a crisp. Zelda's face was locked with pure determination as she readied herself and charged


Oliveri saw that the princess had turned into a warrior. He realized she had unlocked a secret of her Triforce of Wisdom. He grimaced. This was going to be harder than hell. He got to his feet and readied himself for the attack.

Scot rushed to Malon. He dove through the air, grabbing her, and used his Essence powers to throw them into the river.

"Scot! What was that for?"

"You'd be Moblin meat by now. You were covered in blood."

"Oh! Look!"

Malon pointed to a gruesome scene as the first Moblins reached the battle. An elf drove his sword right through a Moblin's head but the Moblin dove at him and crushed him under his weight. The other Moblins devoured the Elf and the fallen Moblin in bloodlust. The Elves were being decimated. The Moblins were taking numerous wounds to the head and body before going down. One tall Moblin had 7 spears jabbed in him but still killed an Elf before his own demise. Scot shook his head and charged toward the battle knowing that time was of the Essence.

Link and Prinzedorf met the Iron Knuckles. Prinzedorf's sword clanged off the ironclad soldier. The Iron Knuckle swiped him off sending him flying. Link used his Saber of Courage to behead the beast with one blow. Adam tried to use one of his Bombchus to explode an Iron Knuckle but was cleaved in half from an axe.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Link cried.

Link unleashed a fury of blows. His magical sword sliced and diced anything in his path. One-by-one, the Iron Knuckles fell before the raging Link. Link walked over to his fallen comrade and wept. He collapsed at Adam's side.

Zelda swiped at air as Oliveri rolled to away. The mage was on his feet and met steel for steel with Zelda. Oliveri tripped Zelda and tried to impale her but she blasted him off with a small laser beam. Oliveri backed off and twirled his sword. Discs of magical power flew toward Zelda. Using the Triforce as her guide, she blocked disc after disc with blazing speed. However, one disc got through and knocked her off her balance. Once that disc hit, another and another hit. The last disc sent Zelda sprawling to the ground. She cried in pain but got to her feet as Oliveri bull charged her to the ground. She could only watch as he kicked her sword to the side and grimaced as he prepared for the final blow.

Chapter 15

Zelda felt a strange tingling. A small, but significant force was acting upon her. She could feel her surroundings. She could feel her sword, the grass, a rock, the bugs in the grass, and the air around her.

She could feel it and control it. She also felt Oliveri. He felt like a jagged rock. However, she grabbed him and flung him away.

Ganondorf could only watch as he saw Oliveri fly into the air. He saw Zelda jump to her feet and a sword go flying into her hands. Ganondorf knew she had the same powers as Link, Scot, and Oliveri. Ganondorf couldn't stand it.

Why didn't he have that power?!Oh, but you do. The same power, only much more powerful. You have it. You can harness it.

"What the?!" Ganondorf thought.

You want the power? Lust for it. Strive for the power and it will be yours. Harness your evil powers inside you and you will find your power.

Ganondorf didn't know where the voice came from, but he figured he'd try it. He looked into himself. A raging, surging power was what drove Ganondorf. The power to crush, defeat, and conquer lands. The supreme power driven by the Triforce of Power. Ganondorf was practically a conductor for its power. He surged with it. Ganondorf yelled as he felt his body being charged with powers he didn't know. Red blasts of magic flew into the air as Ganon's eyes glowed a fiery, burning red. He picked up a rock 50 yards away from him and smashed it into one of the Elves. This, was going to be fun, he thought.

Scot couldn't believe the power that swarmed the battle field. Two new Essence sources had tapped into the limitless power and were growing greatly. However, he couldn't feel Link. Link seemed to have disappeared. More important, he realized the burning and dark tint that covered the plain. Ganondorf had learned how to use the Essence. He knew that he must stop him. Scot's hands shone a bright silver as he charged toward Ganondorf.

Oliveri came crashing down next to a group of slain Iron Knuckles. Even with his powers, he had failed to stop him from slamming into the ground. He coughed up blood as he turned in pain. He could feel nothing but pain. Something penetrated that though. A sudden surge in the Essence. Two new forces had become Essence sensitive and were generating vast power. Zelda and Ganondorf had joined the battle for the Essence. This was interesting. However, the boy named Scot was overshadowing them all. He practically beamed Essence power. The Essence was part of him. The Essence was his tool and his guardian. Oliveri knew this boy would shatter his hopes and dreams if he didn't act quickly. As he heard a familiar moan come from the group of Iron Knuckles, he formed a plan.

Link woke up and was stunned at what he felt. He could feel the churning power of the Essence even more so. It felt like a windmill running at speeds never dreamed of. Even more shocking was that Zelda and Ganondorf seemed to be generating this power. But how? Suddenly, the answer flooded into him. The Triforce had influenced them. The Triforce had told them how to use the Essence. Now, he realized the Triforce was related to the Essence and that only a true Essence user could wield the full Triforce. A crushing kick exploded in his face. He reeled to the ground and was kicked in the stomach.

"Come on fairy boy! Can't you do better?" Oliveri taunted.

Link threw his hands at Oliveri and used his powers to knock him away.

He rose to his feet and drew his Triforce Shield and Courage Saber.

"You'll see how much better I can do, Oliveri."

"Good. Let's dance."

Oliveri sent 5 tendrils of power lancing toward Link. He used his shield to send out a flaming tornado and swallow the tendrils. Oliveri then sent a barrage of laser knives. Link flicked his saber back and forth, swatting off the knives. Link remembered this fighting style. He pulled out the Wand of Eurydice and sent a blast at Oliveri. The blast was a ball but then shattered sending sparks of power flying at Oliveri. The sparks exploded shocking the Jadian mage. Oliveri flew to the ground and wailed in pain. Link pulled out his Triforce Bow and shot a Light Arrow. Oliveri was useless to stop it. Oliveri was nailed by the bow of pure good and was knocked unconscious. Link went to grab the Tetraforce Saber when he felt his throat being grabbed by a giant hand. Ganondorf floated over and grinned evilly.

"Hahahahaha! Now, you will feel my power!"

Link could feel his entire body start to separate. His bones started to fragment. He was being ripped apart. Suddenly, a swarm of silver spikes attacked Ganondorf. The Gerudo King was struck and hurled to the ground. Oliveri charged him and sent a giant beam at Ganon, elecricuting him. Ganon writhed in pain as he felt his skin begin to burn.

Really now. I thought you had more power. What does this boy have that

you don' t? He has nothing but puny Essence powers. Use your full power!


The voice seemed to jump start Ganondorf. He armed his Saber of Power and sent waves of red magic at Link. Link tried to stop the onslaught, but he failed. Ganondorf knocked him away. Link leapt at him but Ganondorf grabbed him and pulled him into the powerful waves. The two warriors crippled under the awesome power of Ganondorf. Link suddenly felt overwhelmed by a strange feeling.

Weren't we here before? You versus Ganondorf? What's different? You both have Triforce pieces. Link, you are the Juror of Courage. Use your heart and soul to overcome this barrage of power. You can and must.

Link raised his hand and sent a golden ring that dissipated the red waves. Link decided that it was time to use his full power. With his Saber of Courage, he focused on the pure blade until he heard a soothing voice

"Juror of Courage, what is your wish?"

"Triforce of Courage, I wish for the one thing that Ganondorf cannot stop."

"Then you must have the Silver Arrow!"

An arrow of pure silver that seemed to radiate the powers of good appeared in Link's hands. Acting quickly, Link pulled out his Triforce Bow and froze Ganondorf with an Ice Arrow. Frozen solid, Link aimed his bow to shoot Ganondorf with the Silver Arrow, ending the Evil King's life.

Before he could let the arrow fly, Oliveri plowed him into the ground.

"Nice try Hero! You think you can beat me?!"

"I know I can!" Zelda screamed.

Zelda shot Oliveri with a blue fireball, knocking him away.

"Son of a... why can't you just die already?"

"'Cause, we don't think you should rule Hyrule," Link smirked.

"I do."

Link and Zelda spun around to see Agahnim.

"Hello," Agahnim grinned.

As quick as lightning, Agahnim used the Essence to hurl them back.

"Do you like my friend, heroes?"

"Arrgh. Bastard!"

"Now, now, none of the bad language. Ganondorf, come here!"

Oliveri melted the ice with a roaring flame.

"Wh-what? What happened?"

"You got frozen. Now, we have the two little heroes at our disposal.

Any suggestions?"

"Yeah, die!"

Scot charged onto the scene and tackled Ganondorf. Ganondorf recovered and knocked the Hylian off. He pinned him to the ground with his Essence powers.

"Fool! You cannot stop us! We have the power!"

"Yes, he's right. Now, Scot, give me this!" Oliveri yelled as he swiped the Tetraforce Shard out of Scot's pouch.

"Hey! That's mine!"

"Not anymore. Bye!"

Oliveri, Ganondorf, and Agahnim teleported away from the battlefield. Ganon's army left as well, leaving the Moblins.

"Dammit! Now what?" Scot asked.

"Well, let's clear the Moblins," Zelda said.

"Okay! Charge!" Link shouted.

With three Essence users, Link's army made short work of the Moblins. Zelda used her Triforce of Wisdom to figure out what the Moblins' weakness was: Blue Fire. Link used the cool flame to make a new arrow, the Crystal Arrow. The Crystal Arrow also had explosion powers, which could spread the Blue Fire out killing other Moblins. Now, the heroes had to find Ganondorf and fast.

"What is this place?" demanded Ganon.

"Welcome to Topaz, the last Jadian city," Oliveri replied.

"Ah. I thought the Hyrulian Army captured all the towns and people in them."

"They did, except for Topaz. This city is underground and protected by the 4th and final Tetraforce Shard."

"There is a fourth shard?"


"And it's here? In a different dimension."

"Yes. When the Tetraforce split, a wizard named Khar used his powers to draw a shard here and protect his underground city. Only Alleris and I knew of the Shard's existence. He planned to get the Tetraforce after he captured the other three Triforce Pieces. Now, we get it."

Oliveri chanted a spell and an emerald chest appeared at their feet. Oliveri drew out his Tetraforce Saber and stabbed the keyhole in the chest. The chest popped open and revealed a shimmering green shard and a scroll. Oliveri pulled them out and read the scroll.

Prophesized long ago, you, Oliveri would open this chest and claim the

Tetraforce Shard. This would be your 3rd piece. The main Shard resides in the Tetraforce Chamber deep in the Inferno Mountains. However, there is another piece. This piece you cannot get. It resides in one who was chosen by the Goddesses to hold the Tetraforce. You were chosen by the Gods of Darkness to hold it. You must lure the Chosen One into the Tetraforce Chamber and the shard will come out of his heart. Claim the shard and put the Tetraforce together. Go, now and cause havoc on the world of Hyrule!!

"Will this ever end?" Oliveri asked.

"What?" questioned Ganondorf.

"That meddler Scot has the last Tetraforce hidden inside him. Even he doesn't know about it. We need to lure him to the Tetraforce Chamber. I have an idea let's go back."


"I give up," said Zelda.

The Princess had tried to use the Triforce of Wisdom to trace the trails of evil that the Ganondorf and his evil army had left, but she couldn't.

"Well, it must mean they went through dimensions. There's no way to track that," Scot replied.

"What now?"

"Well, we need to go to the Tetraforce Chamber in the Inferno Mountains and wait," Link told them.

"Hmm. Then what?" Clary asked. The Elven King was close by and had heard Link's plan.

"It was part of my plan to wait for them there if we failed to get the

Tetraforce Saber. Then, we could just let them open the portal and we could get in."

"But don't you have to have a part of the Tetraforce to get in?" asked


"Yes and no. You need a piece of the Tetraforce to open the portal into the Chamber. However, the person with the piece can put a protective shield on any number of people who want to get in. The shield wears off only after you leave."

"Sounds good. Let's move out!" Scot yelled.

"Yeah! Let's save Hyrule!" Link cheered back.

"Hyrule! Hyrule! Hyrule!" the warriors of good shouted.

"Jeez. What losers," Oliveri sneered from inside the Darkspire Castle.

"That shouting makes me sick," Ganondorf replied.

"They'll be dead soon anyway. Davada, come here."

"Yes, Oliveri?"

"We need you to lure them to the Inferno Mountains. Can you do it?"

"Yes, milord. Meet you at the Tetraforce Chamber."

"Good luck, Davada," Ganondorf told his bodyguard.

"Thank you my liege."

As Ganondorf saw Davada take off, he knew that Hyrule would soon be


Link was the first to spy Davada.

"Nabooru, come here."


"You know him? He looks Gerudo."

"No. It can't be. Him working for Ganondorf?"

"Who is it?"

"Davada. He was one of the best Gerudo warriors. After the war against

Alleris he disappeared. We thought he was captured."

"What is he doing here?"

"My best guess is that he's trying to lure us to the Tetraforce Chamber. Let's make him think we are. Prinzedorf and I will stalk him and find out why he's helping Ganondorf."

"Okay, go. Men, charge him!"

Link held up his part of the plan by chasing Davada. However, Davada was faster than any of Link's men, including Link. They soon lost track of him and made their way to the Inferno Mountains hoping that Nabooru and Prinzedorf would come through.

"Hehe. I lost 'em!" Davada said as he was trying to catch his breath.

"No you didn't!" pronounced Prinzedorf.

Davada spun around to see his former partners.

"Prinzedorf! What are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same question."

"And you?! Nabooru, you traitor!"

"Me? You're working with Ganondorf!"

"He's our King!"

"He doesn't care about the Gerudos! He cares about himself!"

"How would you know?"

"I see that you forget. Most people do."

"Forget what?"

"When Ganondorf took over Hyrule he was a very evil king. We Gerudos thought we would help rule Hyrule because our King was the ruler of all Hyrule. We were wrong. He thought that one day a Gerudo male would overthrow him because that's the way Gerudo tradition went out. He also wanted to be the only Gerudo because he thought that we were the superior race. To stop this, he took all the Gerudos, including you and Prinzedorf, and brought you into the Sacred Realm. Since Ganondorf had corrupted the Sacred Realm, it became the Dark World. The Gerudos were transformed into hideous monsters. Children became pigs and dogs while the women because Moblins and Stalfoses for his evil army. Only Link stopped him and saved the past. Link and Zelda are the good guys.

Ganondorf is not!"

"How did you survive?"

"I am the Sage of Spirit. Believe me, Ganondorf tried to kill me but he couldn't transform a Sage. Instead, he let his witches, Koume and Katake, turn me into an Iron Knuckle. Link broke the spell, freeing me. Don't you see? Link is trying to make life better for all of us, including Gerudos. Ganondorf only wants to rule and make himself the sole Gerudo!"

"No, it can't be."

"Yes it can," Prinzedorf told him.

"What proof do you have?"

"All the Gerudos that were transformed were marked by a crescent moon on their hands. Somehow the Sacred Realm left that on us. Look at my hand and yours!"

Davada saw a faint crescent moon on his hand and Prinzedorf's. He was shocked.

"It wasn't there before!"

"Here's why," Nabooru told him.

She sprinkled some of her magic dust on Davada's hand and a black disc was seen hovering over his hand.

"That's what caused you not to see it. You only see it now due to us telling you. It broke the spell."

"This means Ganondorf is the enemy. He lied to me. Now he will pay. He will die at my hands with the very knife he gave me," Davada said as he extracted the obsidian knife Ganondorf had given him.

"No, Davada. He is mine. He killed my father. I was born in secret and

Ganondorf knew about it later on after killing my mother as well. My mother left me in the hands of a Gerudo woman that lived in the Market. Now, I will pay my revenge!" Prinzedorf vowed.

"Yes! He told me one time that there was a Gerudo Prince that would kill him. You must do it. Let's find Link and we can capture that liar and kill him for the good of the Gerudos!"

Davada, Nabooru, and Prinzedorf soon caught up to Link and his army.

"What's he doing here?" questioned Link.

"I'm here to help you kill Ganondorf."

"No way. Remember what happened with Lyra?" Zelda protested.

"Hold on. Davada come here," Scot said.

Scot placed his hand on Davada's head and read the Gerudo's mind.

"He's telling the truth. Ganondorf lied to him and he wants revenge."

"Okay. Let's move!" Link ordered.

Ganondorf's forces reached the Chamber by sunrise the next day.

"Where is he?" Oliveri asked.

"There! Davada!" called Ganondorf.

Davada marched towards them with a bow in his hand.

"Wait a minute. He didn't take a bow with him. He's arming the bow!

Duck!" shouted Oliveri.

Davada shot a Light Arrow at the evil army and wasted a whole squadron of Moblins.

"You traitor!" Ganon yelled.

"No! You are the traitor! You transformed all those Gerudos! Only Link saved our race! Now you will die!"

"Yes, Ganondorf, you will die! In the name of my father, King Zulu, former ruler of the Gerudos, and my mother, I, Prinzedorf, will kill you!" declared Prinzedorf as he entered the scene.

"Ah. The Gerudo Prince has come to meet his fate. Come and eat steel!"

Ganondorf sneered as he armed his black steel sword.

The Hyrulian forces charged the portal leading into the Chamber. Ganondorf and Oliveri ordered their troops into battle. Link dodged and leapt over the evil forces as he made his way to Ganondorf. He sliced through Stalfoses, Moblins, and Jadians as he arrived to meet the Evil King.

"Welcome, Hero of Time. Now, I'll finish the job that I didn't do 11 years ago!"

"Come and get it!"

Ganondorf shot an energy beam towards Link but he flipped away. He charged up his Master Sword and shot a laser beam at the Gerudo King. The beam caught him off-guard but he recovered and used the Essence to slam Link into the wall. He ran over and kicked the Hero while he was on the ground.

"Time to die!"


Prinzedorf punched Ganondorf in the face. Reeling, Ganondorf tried to shoot Prinzedorf with a fireball but missed and blew out a side of the mountain trail and made some loose rocks crush a group of his Stalfoses.


Prinzedorf armed his rapier and slashed Ganondorf in the chest. Ganondorf retaliated by using his Triforce of Power to wish a huge metal spike that drove into the Gerudo warrior's side. Ganondorf finished him off by driving his Saber of Power into Prinzedorf's heart.

"No revenge for you boy!"

"Noooo!" Davada screamed.

Ganondorf's ex-bodyguard sliced off Ganondorf's ear with the very knife that Ganon had given him. He proceeded to pin Ganondorf down and slashing him in the stomach. Agahnim saved Ganondorf by forcing Davada off Ganondorf.

"You fool! Now feel my wrath!" Ganondorf shouted.

Ganondorf charged up a familiar black orb that seemed to draw in light and sent it flying towards Davada.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeah!" Link cried as he used a Spin Attack to dispel the orb and shatter the light beams that turned around and hit Ganondorf. By then, Link's Army had totally killed off Ganondorf's men plus Oliveri's Jadians.

"Retreat!" called Oliveri.

Oliveri, Agahnim, and Ganondorf disappeared into the Chamber.

"Davada, you okay?"

"Yeah, Link."

"Okay. Scot, Zelda, and Davada come with me. Nabooru, Clary, and Malon see to helping our men get medical treatment and taking care of our dead. Their dead will soon disappear. As for the dead Jadians, have that group of captured Jadians bury them."

"Good luck, Link," Nabooru said.

"Thanks. Okay, we have no Tetraforce pieces. How do we get into the


"I'll ask the Triforce of Wisdom."

"Hello, Keeper of Knowledge. What is it that you wish?"

"I wish to know how we will get into the Tetraforce Chamber."

"Ah. You see, you may not have the 3 of the 4 pieces to get to the last piece in physical form, but you have it in spiritual form. The last Tetraforce Shard resides in the heart of the Master of the Triforce! He is the one who will grant you access. Yourself, the Master of the Triforce, the Juror of Courage, the Gerudo Warrior, and the Sage of Fire must venture into the Chamber and claim the Tetraforce. Only let the true Master of the Triforce touch it or the Tetraforce Shards will be lost again, only forever!!!"

"Zelda, did you learn anything?"

"Hmm. Only that you, Davada, Darunia, and I must go into the Chamber. However, the Master of the Triforce must come with as well."

"Zelda, it is I," Scot said.


"Yes. Remember back in the Tetraforce Temple when King Harkinian greeted me as the Master of the Triforce?"

"Yes! I do!"

"Good. Now, go open the portal, Scot," Link told the young Hylian.

"I get to come with? Excellent! It's time for this Big Brother to show what he's made of!" Darunia cheered

Scot walked over to the portal and stuck his hand out. His body glowed green as the last Tetraforce Shard came out of Scot and into his hand. Scot stuck the Shard into the portal and it opened.

"It's time to go, guys!" Scot shouted.

Link, Zelda, Darunia, Davada, and Scot stepped into the portal awaiting their destiny.

Ganondorf, Oliveri, and Agahnim walked over to the green pedestal. The green Tetraforce Shard shone brightly. Oliveri pulled out two of the shards and fitted them in place. He took the Tetraforce Saber and transformed it into another Shard. A jagged space was still left.

"Now, we wait."

The five heroes appeared in a giant hall. Its corridor stretched farther than they could see.

"Well, let's go," said Link.

The warriors walked along the torch-lighted hall. After an hour of walking they stopped.

"Wait. This can't be right," Zelda said.

Zelda stood and pulled out her Wisdom Saber. She blasted the hall and a hidden force hurled the warriors forward. They stopped when they came to a small chamber. Waiting for them were Oliveri, Ganondorf, and the Essence Wizard, Agahnim.

"Hello! It's so good to see you!" Ganondorf exclaimed sardonically.

"Stuff it, murderer!" Davada replied.

"Ah, my dear Davada. Why have you turned against me?"

"You killed Prinzedorf and turned the Gerudos into animals!"

"Animals? Ah, I remember now. Yes, they did scream loudly. However, that world doesn't exist anymore."

"Nevertheless, you won't leave this place alive."

"Try me."

Ganondorf sent Davada flying into the rock wall. Link took out his Saber and wished for a Magic Boomerang. A golden boomerang appeared in his hand. He flung it at the Gerudo Wizard at an amazing speed. The boomerang knocked Ganon to the ground but before Link could jump him, Agahnim hit Link with his own boomerang. Oliveri seized the opportunity to attack Scot. He sliced him in the chest with his Emerald Sword, a relic of the Jadians. Scot fell to the ground and watched as his wound start to bubble and burn the flesh around it. Zelda threw a Nayru's Love crystal on the wound and healed it.

"Try better next time, ass," Scot spat at him.

"I will."

Oliveri picked up Zelda using the Essence and threw her at Scot. Scot's Tetraforce Shard popped out of his tunic and onto the rock floor. Oliveri grinned and went to get it, but a ring of flame surrounded the Shard.

"Feel the power of Fire!!" Darunia shouted.

"Damn Sage!" Oliveri yelled.

Oliveri used a spell to turn his sword into a spear and then he threw it at the Sage of Fire. The jeweled spear struck Darunia in the hand. Darunia growled in anger and pulled out the spear. With the power of a giant, he snapped the spear as if it were a twig. Oliveri couldn't believe his eyes, but he recovered by pinning Darunia to the ground with the Essence.

"Stupid Goron! You will pay for destroying this Jadian relic!"

"I'm gonna kill you, another Jadian relic!" Davada screamed.

Davada tackled Oliveri and jabbed his sword right into the Jadian's thigh. Oliveri howled in pain and channeled his energy to send Davada flying off of him like a bullet. Davada sailed through the hall and landed where he started

Ganondorf leapt to his feet and slammed Link into the wall. Agahnim quickly froze the Hero of Time and watched as Ganondorf readied his final blow.

"Prepare for the end, Hero!"

A giant, double headed axe appeared in his hand. Smoke rose of its white-hot surface. Its burning blade would slice right through the ice and burn Link into a crisp. Suddenly, a blast of blue magic hit the axe. It's burning blade turned into pure ice and shattered.


"Oh, yes, Ganon. You're mine!" Zelda cried as she rushed to attack


Oliveri rose to his feet and was punched in the face by Darunia.

"Bam! Bitch goes down!"

"Funny. This is funny too!"

Darunia's arm strained as it ripped from his socket and slammed into the Goron's face. Oliveri pulled the arm to him and whipped it at Zelda's head. The Princess of Hyrule fell to the ground in a heap. A crack was visible in her head where blood flowed out.

"Hehe. She must have a splitting headache!"

Oliveri walked over to Darunia and threw his arm on him. He used the Essence to shackle him to the ground.

"You're time will be later."

Oliveri walked over to his comrades.

"Hehe. Zelda's dying, Darunia will die, and Link is frozen. Wait, where's that wimp, Scot?"

"Right here!"

Scot fell from the ceiling and kicked Oliveri in the face. He retrieved the Shard and punched Agahnim, sending him sprawling across the Chamber. He backflipped away from Ganondorf's Saber slice and landed next to the pedestal.

"Now, it's time for the Tetraforce to be mine!"

Scot put the last piece into place and claimed the full Tetraforce.

Its power combined with Scot and made him the Master of the Triforce!!

"Oh, shit," Oliveri mumbled.

The Jadian sorcerer signaled to Agahnim to make a portal. Agahnim created the portal and jumped in. Before, Scot could close it, Oliveri leapt into it.

"We'll fight another time, Hylian!" Oliveri's booming voice echoed in the Chamber.

Scot used the Tetraforce to wish for Zelda and Darunia to be healed. He also unfroze Link.

"Hehe. Now, let's fight Ganondorf," Scot called.


Scot used the Tetraforce to bring all the Sages into the Chamber. Impa,

Malon, Ruto, Saria, Darunia, Nabooru, and Zelda raised their hands into the air. A swirling portal appeared in the ground.

"No way! I'm not going in this time!"

"Oh yes you are!" Link taunted.

Scot and Link used their Triforce pieces to enhance their Essence powers. They bound Ganondorf's arms and legs in place. Link tried to get the Saber of Power, but Ganondorf had wished for it to stay in place. Link and Scot flung the King of Evil into the portal and watched as the Sages closed it up.


The heroes of Hyrule were warped out of the Chamber and into the town of Tetraforce. There, they were reunited with Davada and the rest of the Hylian Army.

"We did it!" Scot exclaimed.

"Yes, you did, Hero!" Malon cheered.

Malon leapt into Scot's arms and kissed him passionately.

The others laughed as they watched the two lovers. They had saved East and West Hyrule and were going to unite the two lands of Hyrule as they entered a golden age of prosperity for the land of Hyrule!

The End

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