Carnival Time

By Linnèa Karlsson

Listen to the voice of the gods.
Listen and understand it.
For it isn’t with your ears you should listen.
It is with your heart.
Cause what I´m going to tell ye is a story, a story of what happened a long, long time ago, in the sacred land of Hyrule.
Many of thou who is listening shall go away and think that this is just a fairytale.
But thou who doesn`t go away…
Thou who stays and listens to their hearts…
They will find themselves tied into this story and they will find themselves in it…
And if they listens really carefully then they may realise that they actually can help…
But we will see about that later, I think…
So…children of the earth…let the story begin.


– Zelda, please, hurry! We’ll be late for the carnival!
– But I can`t find my shoe.
– Your shoe?
– My shoe. The left.
– All right, I guess we have to find it, then…
– Yeah…
Impa sighed. To find something in this mess would take years.
So she mumbled some strange words and closed her eyes.
– Oh, here it is, Zelda!
– Did you find it? Where was it?
– It was under your bed.
Zelda looked at her, with those I-don`t-believe-you-eyes.
–   That is not my shoe. You made a copy by magic, right?
Zelda is a smart kid. You just can’t trick her, that’s for sure.
– All right, it isn`t your shoe. I made it by magic. See? You where right!
She looked at me. And smiled.
– Yes, I know. I´m always right! You just can`t trick me, right? Cause I am the best, right? I know when you lies, right? Wow, I must have some magical skills after all, right?
Impa smiled. And said in a mumbling voice, so Zelda couldn`t hear:
– You just don`t know how right you are, dear…

I will take it from the beginning.
Our current position is in Hyrule Castle.
In this castle lives The King Of Hyrule, The Crown Princess and The Royal Nursemaid. The King´s name is Rauru, the Princess´s name´s Zelda and the Nursemaid’s Impa.
Hold on…
The King of Hyrule, Rauru, is an appreciated man. The people of Hyrule respects and like`s him, his daughter love him and his enemies fear him.
Raurus daughter Zelda is his most beloved treasure. She is the air of the throne and will one day be the Queen Of Hyrule.
She is a sweet little girl, eight years old, with her Gold-red hair and her blue eyes.
Zelda´s mother doesn´t live with them.
She lives in the Desert, with the female thieves.
Nobody knows why.
And so, the most mysterious person who lives in Hyrule Castle…
She is the last of her kind.
The last Sheikah.
The Sheikahs were once the guardians of  The Royal Family. They are also known as The Shadow People, and the only thing that ordinary people knows about them is that they got an amazing spence in their bodies and great magical skills.
Impa is the last surviving after that a man came and tried to kill all of the Sheikahs. The man was succeeded.
Impa is now the guardian of Princess Zelda. And sometimes there seems to be something that only
she knows about Zelda. Something really important.
But now…back to the ordinary story…
Impa and Zelda ran to the van that would take them to the carnival. Zeldas father were already there.
– Finally! I thought that we would have to leave without you two!
– The little one couldn’t find her shoe.
– But Impa made a new one, isn´t she the greatest?
The King laughed.
– Haha! Yes, she really is.
– Daddy?
– Yes, dear?
– Where are we going?
– Hahahahahaha! Didn´t you know that?
– No.
– Were going to Termina, to the Carnival Of Time.
– Termina? To Clock Town?
– Yes.
– Are we gonna stay at the Stock Pot Inn? 
– Of course. That`s the only place to sleep at in the whole Clock Town.
– Are we going to see Anju?
– Yes, of course, she is the owner of the Stock Pot, you know. And this time you gonna see Kafei too.
– Kafei? Are they married yet?
– Yes.
– Ouch! Cool.
They travelled in a couple of hours. The van went over fields and woods and suddenly they came to a great sea.
The van stopped.
– Are we in Clock Town already, daddy?
– No, we are at the sea. We have to continue by boat now.
Zelda, Rauru and Impa stepped out of the van, and took their bags, or, Zelda and Rauru took their because Impa didn´t have any.
A sailing ship was waiting for them at the shore.
They walked onboard and the boat started to sail towards the sea.
Half an our later, they could see the great Clock Tower of Termina. It´s a pretty high tower witch pointed up in the sky.
Zelda was the first one to see it.
– Oh look! Daddy, Impa! The Clock Tower!
– Yes, were almost there now, said Impa and smiled.
Five minutes later, they reached land.
Zelda should just put her foot down in the sand, when Impa yelled at her:
– No, Zelda, don´t!
Zelda stopped and looked with an wondering face at Impa.
– I go first. It may be some of those Yka-Yka´s there, said Impa.
– Yka-whats? said Rauru.
– Monsters. Monsters that lives in the sand. Look, I´ll go first and check if it´s OK to walk at the sand.
– But what if that monsters come? What if they kill you? I don´t want you to die! Zelda was close to the tears.
Impa laughed.
– There have to be something more than some monsters to kill me! Besides, I am the only one here that can really fight!
– Impa´s right, said Rauru and gave Zelda a huge hug, she is an Sheikah, after all.
– A-a-all righty.
Impa were right. There were lots of Yka-Yka´s at the shore.
Zelda started to cry.
But Impa did really proof that she was an Sheikah.
She kicked them and did some amazing moves, Zelda was all quiet, it was the first time she saw Impa fight. It was fantastic.
Two minutes later, there were no more Yka-Ykas on the beach.
– WOW!!! Impa, that was really cool!
– Ah, have you changed your mind now?
– Yes, I think you can take care of yourself without me.
– Really.
– Thanks again, Impa. I don´t know how many times  you have saved my life. And Zeldas, of course! Said a smiling king.
– Gah! Please, it was just some Yka-Ykas. I am sure that even Zelda could take them out…
They started to walk towards one of the five (four?) City-Gates.
Zelda broke the silence.
– Impa?
– Yes, dear?
– Could you…um…could you teach me to be a Sheikah?
– Teach you? Oh, Zelda, a Sheikah is something you are born to be, you can´t just learn to be it.
– Please?
– No, I can´t…I´m sorry.
– PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease?
– No.
– Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
– No.
– Please?
– Haha! Don’t you ever give up?
– Nope. Please?
– OK,  I´ll think about it.
One minute later.
– Are you thinking? Are you done?
– Zelda, look. Your destiny isn´t to be a Sheikah. Please believe me!
– Do you know my destiny? How cool! Then, what IS my destiny? And how do you know it? Said Zelda.
– I just, do. And I can´t tell.
– Sigh. But what if my destiny is to be a Sheikah?
– Well, Zelda. I´ll guess that we are going to find out that. Sooner or later.
Quiet again.
– Adults. Always so lazy. Always that sooner or later chat.

One minute later, they entered the Clock Town.

To Be Continued...

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