The Journey

by Lady McKenna

Chapter 1

    Zelda awoke sweating horribly. She sat up suddenly, very afraid.  Her blond hair was plastered to her forehead and neck. Link felt her movement and woke instantly and felt her fear. He put his arm around her shoulder.

"Zelda, what's wrong?" He asked.

"I don't know. But, something is terribly out of place! Ow!" Zelda winced as her nearly-ready baby kicked her stomach.

"Zelda? Was it the baby?" Link asked in concern.

"Yes. She kicked me again. I think she'll be born soon." Zelda whispered quietly in Link's ear.

"I hope so. I want to see this little girl as much as you do. Now, try to get some sleep. I'll be here, like always." Link said.

    Zelda did try to go to sleep, you must credit her on that. But when she finally fell into a restless sleep, she wished she never had. A cruel, evil, half-Gerudo face haunted her dreams, a sickly Gerudo male. He taunted her and laughed at her. Then, he spoke; in a way that made Zelda fear him, and believe his threats. He said "Your child belongs to the Gerudo. She is the next sage of death, that you should have been. I, Gallion, son of Gannondorf, will see to it she belongs to us, unless you turn her over at birth." The face laughed again, and Zelda woke with a scream.

"Zelda? What is it?" Link asked, sitting up in bed for the second time, stroking Zelda's hair softly. She put her head on Link's shoulder.

"A Gerudo king, Gannondorf's son. He says that our child belongs to the gerudos, and that unless we turn her over to him, he will take her from us." Zelda sobbed softly on his shoulder.

"Nonesense. Our child will be safe, no matter what. And if it comes to worse, Kasildera will take her to Orca." Link said.

"I am so afraid." Zelda whispered.

"We all are." Link said.

The rest of the night, they held each other's hands and prayed, waited, and hoped that the dream was only a dream, but both new better than to believe it.

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