The Journey

by Lady McKenna

Chapter 2

    Six days had passed since Zelda's dream, and three days since she had given birth to a beautiful, red haired baby girled whom Zelda and Link had dubbed Caliandra.

Zelda cuddled Caliandra in her arms, watching her child wave her fists in the air. Link stood beside her.

"Had any more nightmares lately, love?" He asked, picking up Caliandra in his arms.

Zelda's face turned pale. "How 'bout ones in the day time?" she asked, her voice became tight.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"That Gerudo came to me again, and," Zelda paused, her skin turned a sickly yellowish white.

"and said that in three days time, Caliandra would be training in the dark arts of magic." Zelda choked on the words.

"Zelda, say no. Please say it isn't true. Please." Link murmed, almost forgetting that Caliandra was in his arms.

"Oh Link, I wish I could. Every time I close my eyes, that evil face haunts me. I can't do this much longer!" Zelda wailed.

"Easy, dear. Why don't you go visit Kasildera in Orca for a few weeks. I am sure it's nothing I can't handle." Link said softly. He handed the baby back to Zelda before he began to pace.

"Link, what's wrong? I've never seen you so worked up before." Zelda asked.

"Saria said that she dectected something was wrong with her magic. Even if she tried, she couldn't contact us via magic." Link said.

Zelda felt the energy flow out her body. She felt faint. Her skin turned even lighter, and her eyes sunk small into her head.

"Link, get Caliandra!" Zelda uttered the words with the last strength she could before she fell backwards. Link lept, caught his daughter, and tried to reach his wife before her head hit the stone floor. The white stone was stained with blood. Link screamed. Setting his three day old daughter down on the floor, he rushed to Zelda's side.

Testing Zelda's pulse, he found with relief she was still alive. Then, a servant came in. She saw the blood, Zelda, and Caliandra and gasped. She ran out yelling "I'll get a doctor!".

Link cradled his injured wife's head.

"Oh Zelda, what has happened to you? What indeed, my love? Oh Zelda," Rocking back and forth, in the beat of Zelda's slowing pulse, Link tried to think of a way to save his love.

"Zelda, don't leave me. Zelda, please. Caliandra, me, the kingdom. Please, Zelda, wake, please." He murmered softly, tears streaming out of his eyes. The doctor rushed in and saw Link in his state of misery.

"Her pulse is slowing. She just got pale, and fell over. She hit her head on the floor. It's a bad wound, and it's like she's not awake enough to have the spirit to fight to live. I don't know what happened. . " Link's sobbing hadn't stopped. Just then, Caliandra wailed. Link looked from Zelda's head to Caliandra.

"Someone bring my daughter to me, please." He whispered. A nurse followed his directions.

Holding Caliandra with on hand, he held her near Zelda's face.

"Zelda, if you are alive, touch Caliandra. Please. If you can even hear me, touch your daughter." Link pleaded. Zelda's thin, pale hand raised ever so slightly, and her hand brushed against Caliandra's leg. Then, it fell back. Zelda's eyelids fluttered a little, than fell back.

The doctor said "Link, let me handle the wound in her head. It sounds pretty bad." Link reluctantly handed over his wife and saw the doctor look at Zelda's blood-stained hair. he parted it, and saw the wound, half an inch wide, and very deep.

"If I can bind it, and she doesn't loose much more blood, she may live. But after this, your wife will be very weak." the doctor said, and silence reigned for three minutes as he bound up the wound.

"Take her to a bed emediantly, and find something for the princess to drink." He prescribed, and walked out. Link gave Caliandra into the care of a nurse, and picked up Zelda.

"Oh my love, please live through the night. Please."

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