The Land of Dreams

  By Eon


Summary: Where do a swirling portal and a bit of mischief lead to? Well, for Link and his friends, it leads to Caseree Isle, a land of magic and dreams, a land beyond imagination.

Link struggles with the death of his mother, father and grandfather. He hopes to find knowledge that will help him rule his people as best he can. Poonta is wary as always. She feels like a traitor, and she's worried for her friends. Sora is starting to have strange dreams, and memories of a past she doesn't believe is hers. When she finally finds the truth, she journies to find more answers to the puzzles she's fallen into. Faylore is hiding an awful secret. She can see Link is falling and love with her, and knows the truth will come out eventually.

Their journey to the Land of Dreams will hold more surprises than the young companions can imagine. And none of them knows if they'll make it out alive.





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