Last Journey of the Sheikah
The New Threat

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior


It had been nearly three days of sleeping in the desert before the first sign of its end. Myst sat in her usual position in the shadows of the fire. Will was already fast asleep. He was strong for a human but still much rest was needed for him. Sheik as well was asleep in a seated position or at least Myst thought he was.


“Don’t you ever sleep?” Sheik finally asked after watching her three nights now without sleep.


“I will sleep when we are out of this place.”


“Why? Why wait until then?”


“This place gives me an uneasy feeling… You wouldn’t want to be attacked while we all slept unawares would you?” Sheik thought for a moment before replying.


“I suppose you have a point… Well tomorrow you will be able to rest. There is a small Inn a days walk from here. No doubt we will reach it before night fall.” Sheik said with a smile. Myst might have been a tough warrior, but he still didn’t want her in a weaken state should a battle arise.


“So how much farther do you think it is? I could use a good nights sleep in a nice bed.” Will asked with a yawn.


“You’re the only person I know that can sleep like the dead in any place and still be tired the next day.” Sheik replied looking back to him.


“I’m sorry but walking takes a lot out of me… Plus this is awful boring, at least now we have endless forest to look at besides endless desert.” Will stated again looking around at the dense forest that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Looking ahead his eyes fell upon Myst. “You're awful quiet today M’Lady.”


“She is always quiet.” Sheik snapped at him. This young warrior was starting to wear at the Sheikah’s nerves.  It was at that point that Myst stopped abruptly. Sheik nearly walked into her but stopped in time.


“Myst? What is it?” She was looking from side to side as if something was around them.

Myst just shook her head placing her hand on it.


Nothing, lets just continue.” Sheik looked back to Will as if for an answer. Will in turn just shrugged. Myst had been acting weird since last night. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep Sheik thought.

            It was still another few hours before the small group reached the Inn Sheik had been speaking about. It was a nice up lifting place set in the middle of this endless forest. What realm or Kingdom it was placed in wasn’t really known. Just that travelers favored this Inn over any other there was along the road. It wasn’t night just yet but the soft colors of the setting sun had filled the sky as Myst looked over the building. Will was over joyed as he rushed forth toward the place to no doubt check them in or at least himself. Sheik started to walk toward the Inn but in a slower pace.

            Myst however remained behind. Her senses were spiking in a way she had never felt before. Someone was toying with her and she didn’t like it. With a low growl under her breath she looked from side to side again. She would get the feeling off and on. Sheik took notice to this yet again and stopped, turning to the confused yet angered woman.


“Myst are you sure you are alright? You haven’t been acting like yourself…” He asked her in a concerned voice.


“I am fine…. Just tired I guess.” She said shaking the feeling once again and continuing into the Inn. She thought to herself if anything was going to happen Sheik would have gotten a feeling as well.

            The night was clouded with endless eating mainly on Will’s behalf and drinking, again mainly Will. Sheik dinned quietly watching the man devour everything in sight. Myst however sitting with them and full plate in font of her didn’t touch anything nor drink. She just sat looking about from time to time. By the time the group had made their way upstairs Sheik had brought himself to speak up again.


“Are you sure you are alright Myst? You are looking a little pale.”


“I told you I was fine!” She snapped at him before entering her room and slamming the door.


“I think you touched a nerve.” Will stated plainly as he too entered a room which him and Sheik would be sharing. Sheik stood there for a moment thinking over what he could have possibly gotten himself into. Traveling with a warrior from another time and a woman that was more a mystery then anything in this world.




The hour was late and the night was progressing as any other. Myst lay in her bed tossing from side to side. It had been the first night she had willingly slept since her Master’s death. Haunted by dreams of past events her movements became violent and before long she awoke with a sudden movement. Sitting up in the bed Myst looking around her breathing heavy.

            Day had not broken yet and the night was still young. Sweat poured down her figure as she stood trying to catch her breath. It was apparent restful sleep was not something she was able to have any longer. Standing by the window the senses came to her again. She had felt it before that day and just before entering the Inn. Now it as stronger. Someone was in the room with her.


“Show yourself.” She said not turning but knowing someone was there. Indeed a figure emerged from the shadows of her room.


“You have been taught well.” A deep male voice stated. The air of blood filled the room as did that of death.


“Your one of them…” Myst stated plainly still remaining with her back to the person.


“No I am one of you… One of your kind.” He said again with a smirk that reviled peal white fangs.


“I have no kind…. Why have you come?”


“I have orders to destroy you… The Lady Rider has requested your death as have many other leaders… Your deeds have been reviewed by our council and your punishment is death…” Myst just smirked. So the council of the undead wished her death as well. No doubt the loss of their beloved leader was a harsh blow.


“You do not think death is a suitable punishment for me… do you?” Myst questioned after reading his thoughts.


“No, but I have my orders.”


“Why do you warn me? You could have finished me while I slept.” The man was now right behind her. His breath teasing the flesh of her neck.


“You are legend…. Your skills, your life… Every dark lord wants you and every dark follower wants to be you… Destroyer of whole races, the Bringer of eternal night…. There is more to you then that though… I can tell.”


“You don’t know me so don’t pretend to.” Myst snapped back. It was then a loud noise came from below. Their heads did not turn.


“They have found you…. Your days are numbered Mistress… Live them well.” He stated just before vanishing.  Myst just smirked, if they wanted her dead they would have a battle to get to it.

            Just as the man vanished Sheik rushed into her room grabbing her arm.

“Myst?! Are you alright? The place is under attack.” She jerked away from him grabbing her sword and her scythe.


“I know…” at that moment Will rushed in grabbing both of them.


“Come on there are vampires we have to leave!”


“No…” Myst stated pulling away from him.


“But there are VAMPIRES!!” He stated again.


“So. Your not afraid of vampires are you?" She stated testing his courage of the situation.


“Alright if we are not leaving then what are we going to do?” Will asked bravely as Sheik just rolled his eyes.


“We are going to kill them… I only sense about fifty…”


“ONLY FIFFTY?! And Here I thought it was something we had to worry about.” Will stated with sarcasm.


“Settle down I will take half of them you and Sheik can handle the rest… Use a silver weapon, or remove their heads… I think it is fairly simple to understand.” She explained before disappearing down the hall.


“Awful demanding, isn’t she?” Will exclaimed watching her run off.


“You get used to it.” Sheik answered back following her.

            Reaching the staircase Myst grabbed the railing and pushed herself over it falling into the middle of battle. This would prove to be more challenging then she had first thought. Down in the tavern was a mix of vampires and mortals. Her original plan would never work, she thought slicing through the first of them. By that time Sheik and Will were standing above it all ready to rush in.


“Get the people out of here!” Myst yelled up removing the head of one of them. Freeing a screaming woman who was just about to become dinner.


“Come on.” Sheik said grabbing Will by the shirt and forcing him into battle. It was a lot more challenging then rushing in and just killing the first thing that they saw.

            Defending the mortals was proving to be a most challenging thing indeed as they rushed the people outside while trying to protect them and their selves. Myst however seemed to be doing well slicing through enemy after enemy. A fierce warrior indeed as the last person rushed outside to safety Will and Sheik rushed to help Myst who yelled at them.

“No! Get outside… Go NOW!” She demanded and they just nodded knowing it best to listen. Making sure her friends made it out the door she didn’t see the blow coming from the side she was knocked to the ground. Her scythe thrown from her back across the room and her sword taken from her hands.

            Looming over her were a great number of her enemies. Baring their fangs and crawls with a hungry look in their eyes.


“You have betrayed us all, you who once lead us and now you shall pay for your betrayal.” One stated just before giving the command to attack. As they grabbed for the fallen Myst she flipped up into the air.


“Shadow Scythe… Return.” She yelled out as she hit the peek of her jump and her scythe appeared within her hands.

            Drawing the weapon back as she descended it charge with energy as she made a clean swipe with it. Sending a number of the scythe blades toward the vampires. The blades sliced through them like paper reducing the attackers to nothing, but the blades didn’t stop there. As they cut through the inn causing it to collapse with Myst inside just as she landed.

            Will and Sheik watched in horror as the building came cashing down and no sign of Myst as it did so.


“No!” Will yelled as he rushed toward the remains of the building. Digging through the scraps of wood as Sheik joined him. After a moment or two Will happened upon her weapon and a hand still griping it.


“Sheik over here!” he yelled trying to lift a large piece of the roof. Both of them tried with all their strength and were able to move it off of Myst’s body.

            Under was the lifeless figure of Myst with just a few minor cuts.

“Oh no…. No!” Will exclaimed as tears filled his eyes. Sheik just looked away feeling sorry for her.


“Oh please… It is going to take a lot more then a collapsing building to kill me.” Myst stated sitting up.


“Oh M’lady!” Will yelled latching onto her. Myst just froze as Sheik started to chuckle. Growling she knocked him away from her.


“Get the off of me.” Saying as she stood and brushed herself off.


“So what was that all about Myst?” Sheik asked handing her the scythe.


“A random feeding we happened to get in the middle of.” Stated with a very heavy heart.

            They had attacked out of revenge for Vondorain her old Master. This would not be the end of them. It was clear now that things were only going to get harder.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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