Last Journey of the Sheikah
Maiden's Fortress

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior


            In the week following the collapse of the road side inn. Myst and the others had found themselves wondering from run down tavern or low rent inn. Hardly worth spending the money on when they could sleep outside under better conditions for free. Paired with Will's consent complaining Sheik was beginning to think that it was all a test of his will power not to kill the young solider.


"So how far is this city any ways?" Will whined once again as Myst continued to lead the way.


"Is whining the only thing you know how to do?" Sheik growled in annoyance.


"No, I am just tried and hungry. I just don't stack up as well under these conditions." Will to defended as Myst stopped all at once nearly causing both of them to crash into her.  "Myst?! what is it?"


"You said you were in a military situation in your world?"




"Now I know why they sent you to the fairest reaches of your world. A warrior such as yourself would be more of hindrance in battle then a benefit." She stated in her normal cold uncaring voice. A shocked look plastered on Will's face before it seemed to lighten up all at once.


"Oh WOW!!! What a city?! I bet they have some awesome food." Will stated with more excitement then Sheik had ever witnessed from him before.


"Come on.." Sheik started slapping him on the back." Lets get checked in and something for you to eat."




            It didn't take them long to find a grand inn to set up for the night. As well as get a nice hot meal they all needed. Myst paying for it like she always did. Her wealth great from what Sheik could tell seeing as she always had money. Just yet another mystery surrounding the woman that had peeked his interest. The scene was the same as before. Will devouring everything in his path, Sheik sitting in font of his empty plate, and Myst still with an untouched meal.


"What's wrong Myst? Are you not hungry, again?" Sheik asked addressing the problem. Myst had been looking more pale each day since the encounter with the vampires. Her aura, which Sheik could sense for the first time since they met, seemed to be growing weak as well.


"No, this food is hardly to my liking." She stated in a nasty tone. " It is getting late. I will take my leave." Not giving Sheik a chance to ask any more question before disappearing to their rooms.


Sheik sat and watched over Will a little longer until the man had consumed enough alcohol that Sheik no longer wanted to be responsible for him.




            Myst had made it up to her room but not much farther then that. Making it part way into the door it hardly closed as she collapsed on the floor. Her body felt so weak and the life was like it was all but drained out of her. She wasn't sure just how long she was laying there before Sheik had happened by on the way to the room across the hall. Noticing the open door he peeked in only to see her fallen figure.


"Myst?!" He exclaimed with shock and worry. Rushing him the door closing it this time behind him. "By the Gods what is wrong with you?" His mind confused by her condition. They had not had  battle in days. She had no wounds, and her condition was brought on so suddenly.


            Kneeling beside her Sheik brought her figure into his lap examining her for any signs of why this illness can come on.


"We need a healer in here." He said out loud really to no one but himself.


"No!" a weak voice demanded as Myst forced herself to sit up only to fall back into Sheik's lap.


"Myst don't move, your weak. What is happening?" His concern clear in his voice.


            He would find out one way or another. Myst body required maintenance. Maintenance that no true mortal needed. She had thought that with the death of her master it would have all been settled. Clearly this was not the case in the least.


"I am dyeing." she stated simply taking in painfully labored breaths.


"What? That can't be possible. There is nothing wrong with you."


"I have not eaten in nearly three weeks. My body is failing on me."




            Will had wondered outside only to find himself in an empty part of town. The scenery changing for quickly from lavished, rich looking building to the slums. Decrepit old building lined up so closely. It looked as if you were to touch one they would all crumble into nothing. Will stopped for a second to take in the view in his drunken stupor. His vision blurred and his judgment even worse as all went silent.  Not even the normal sounds of the night continued. They all seemed to be frozen as he stumbled into another alley taking a long drink from his bottle.


            A warming glow catching his eye as it fell upon his face.

"Myssssssst. Iss That you?" He slurred out as an enchanting voice replied back.


"You have come. My knight.... Come to me.... Fulfill your promise." The body of light stated as Will smiled as best he could.


"Yessssss, M... M... My Ladysss" The drunken Will stumbling after the disappearing light that lead him through the streets where no one else dare venture to.




"That is your own fault. I told you needed to eat something." Sheik scolded her as Myst faded in and out of consciences. "No, come on stay awake." He would say shaking her back to life. " I will get you food. Just hold on."


Her cold weak grip coming around his wrist.




"You idiot. You are killing yourself. Just eat something!" He growled only to have her shake her head.


"Not... Not that stuffff." She managed to get out in a weak breath. Her pale skin covered in sweat. Sheik's hand coming to her forehead to find it surprisingly cool to the touch.


"Myst, your not making any sense."


"I... I promised." She whispered slipping into a feverish like sleep despite her cool skin. A confused Sheik sitting there with a frantic mind. Looking over her failing body as he thought about what she had said. His understanding of her was limited and what she could possibly need was beyond him. Until her head fell to the side and her lips parted slightly. A pair of long white fangs appearing against her nearly purple lower lip.


"She said she wasn't" he stated to himself remembering that night they did battle. She had taken a silver sword to the shoulder and was unaffected like a vampire would have been. Still the signs were clear a pair of pearl white fangs and weakening body that had not eaten in days. It didn't matter what she was, blood was what she needed. Pulling a dagger from his side he brought it to his wrist slicing the flesh like it was nothing.

            The metallic scent of blood filling the room which seemed to bring a slight life back to her. Myst's body moving as if on instinct to survive as her lips found his wound so easily. Sucking softly at first enjoying the warm blood running down her throat. It had been such a long time since she had feed on anyone. The taste  better then she had remembered as she clenched his arm. Drawing more and more from him as Sheik held her there. flinching in pain only as she jerked his arm for more. The slight weakness taking over Sheik as Myst drank from him without mercy even when he asked her to stop.


            She was like an animal at this point and he tried to jerk away from her. It was useless as she held to him. Taking so much of his blood before regaining some form of herself. She gasped for air pushing him away. Myst's back to him she panted for air as the rush of feeding washed through her body. As much as she delighted in it she hated it as well.  Sheik fell back clenching his wrist looking at her.


"You are a vampire." He nearly yelled trying to claim victory over a past argument.


"You are so stupid! you should have let me die!" She growled at him.


"A thank you would be nice you know."


"What for? You had a perfect chance of riding yourself of me, and instead you made yourself weak just to save me. A creature you have sworn to defend others against !"


"Your not evil. I couldn't just let you die." Sheik defended feeling rather annoyed  with her lack of appreciation.


"Your so stupid!" She yelled again at him. " I need blood to live. I will feed, and when I don't. When I try to fight it my body will force me to. I will not be able to subdue myself again."


"I don't care!" He yelled back now bring a surprised looked to Myst's face as she turned to him. Sheik can stood making his point even firmer. Offering his hand to her. "When it comes to that I will deal with you if need be. Until then you will feed off of me when you need it. I can not have you weak,  you are a liability to me and others that way." His declaration making it clear he was not leaving her any room to disapprove. Taking his hand she pulled herself to a stand.


"You are such a fool. But it is your life, do what you want with it what you desire." She stated in that cold and harsh tone. Showing that she had no concern for his life in the least.


            Readjusting herself she barely took notice to the man just outside the cracked door before it opened slightly. Myst was about to say something but the man had beat her too it.


"Are you not the two that came with the odd looking gentleman?" The man asked in nearly a panic.


"Yes, we are." Sheik answered back in an interested tone while Myst went about her business farther into the room.


"Pray you be swift. Your friend has found himself in the Maiden's Fortress just outside the slums of the city."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





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