Once Hero, Now Killer

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior

The night seemed colder then usual, as Sheik made his way towards the palace doors.  Following the young guard to be brought before Zelda.

“I have heard that there has been a number of deaths?”

“No sir not deaths.  Murders, by Link or so they say.”

“Link?!”  Sheik questioned back.  The young Hero responsible for murder.

“Yes sir.  That is what the Princess and her advisor tells us.  Though many think it is something else.”  All Sheik replied with was an uneasy sigh as the palaces doors opened.

            Walking before the Princess Sheik had noticed right away that something was different about her.  There seems to be tiredness about her, along with a dark shadow hanging over her head.  The first thing he did was bow upon one knee to her as he removed his mask.  The face of a hansom young man now visible, with golden hair and firey yet kind red eyes.  Zelda motion him to stand and he did, a long awaited smile seemed to pass over her lips.

“Sheik,  it is a pleasure to see you again.  What business brings you here.”  The same smile passed over his lips as he answered.

“It is good you see you as well Your Highness.  I have received a message from Impa saying that a trouble has fallen over the land.  I came at her request, and I must say that I am deeply sorry for the death of your father.”

“Thank you.  His death was a great pain, and Impa’s was even greater.”  A silence came over Sheik like never before.  Impa and him were the last of their race, and now he was the last.  The thought of loneless washed over him, and the in disbelief he said.

“Impa is dead?!”  A simple nod was all Zelda gave him in return. “How?”

“Link, he killed her about four days ago.  Slaughtered her in the night, his blood stained hat is overwhelming proof.”

“But Your Highness, surely there is another reason for this.  It couldn’t have been Link.”

“Oh, trust me my dear boy.  It most certainly was him.”  A deep male voice said, as Vondorian walks from the darkness and next to Zelda.  Zelda looking up to him from her seat, turned back to Sheik to introduce him.

“Sheik, this is my new advisor Vondorian.”  The feeling of darkness come off of him made Sheik shiver, but not as much as the feeling from the person now standing next to him.

            Myst stood with her blade resting on his shoulder.  Her faded black hair fell around the glaring look upon her face.

“Stand down Myst.” Vondorian said as Myst dropped the sword to her side. “You will have to forgive her.  She is a little over protected.”

“Indeed.”  Was Sheik’s only reply.

“Well, the hour is growing late, and I must retire.  Sheik you are welcome to stay, Myst would you show him to a room.”  Myst gave the Princess a nod of approval as she turned and walked down one of the long halls.  Sheik turned and followed her.

            It wasn’t until they were headed down a long empty hall.  When Sheik started to feel an unusually sense.  It was coming from the woman in font of him.  The sense of darkness but a get light housed in eternal loneliness.  It was so confusing he didn’t know what to make out of it.

“So, where do you come from?”  Sheik said trying to start conversation.

“Far away.”  Her voice seemed to tell him she didn’t care for formalities.

“Ah, me too.” He joked back but Myst was not pleased. “Your name is Myst?”


“There is nothing else to it?  No longer name?”


“That is it?  Your name is Mysterious?  Just Mysterious?”

“Yes.”  The tone in her voice seemed to switch to aggravated, but Sheik just kept talking.

“Your Master seems like a nice guy.”


“Yeah, You know Link is another nice guy.  Seems very odd to me that he would kill his mother figure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Impa, I would have never guessed Link would kill her.  She was everything to him, well next to Zelda at least.”  His questions had been digging deeper into what was truly going on.  However Myst didn’t crumble under the pressure, she acted like always.  Never emotional or worried by such things as Sheik was asking.  She would just brush it off and let her Master deal with it, after all it was his idea.

“Well, it seemed very strange to me as well.  But you know how people under stressful conditions can crack.  Maybe the death of the King was to much for him and Impa just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  Sheik just shrugged his shoulders and gave a calm reply.

“It could have been.”

            Myst had stopped in font of a door in one of wings of the palace.  Opening the door she allowed Sheik to step in.  He lingered in the doorway when she turned to leave saying.

“I trust this will do.  Good night sir.”  Instead he grabbed her arm and said one last thing.

“Still if it was stress that lead him to kill Impa.  Why all the others, why all his closest friends?”  It was at that motion the loneliness of a scared spirit filled the room.  That was the feeling Myst was passing to Sheik as she leaned in closer to him.  Speaking in a voice that only he could hear.

“If you value your life, then leave now.  Don’t try to save what cannot.  This realm is doomed as so many before were.”  Then with a silent and harsh manner she pulled away from him and continued down the hall.  Her words seemed to put Sheik into a deep thought.  So much has happened but still the night is not over yet.



            Screams came from within the royal room of the grand Goron City.  The cries were of pain and last breath of the once grand ruler of their race.  Link stumbled into one of dark tunnels not sure of what he saw.  He knew Vondorian was behind the killings but he wasn’t ready for what he was.  He slayed Darunia as if he was a lively little sheep in a field, open to the brutal attacks of the wolf.

            There was some truth behind that seeing as Vondorian had fangs, and claws like a beast.  Breathing in short scared breathes Link slipped into the shadows.  Assuring himself that he was safe, but another being in the darkness had knocked him cold.  The red glare of Myst’s eyes pierced through the shadows, and she stood over Link’s helpless figure as she dropped the club next to him.

            Vondorian holding a frighten Goron child by the throat, came to see her good deeds.

“Well done my child.”

“Thank you Master.”  She replied with a gentle bow of her head.

“You deserve a royal feast.  Here take the child, you have earned royal blood.”  He pushed the child to her.  The small Goron looked frighten, shaking all over.  The poor thing had just seen his father murder by an animal.

            Myst looked down to the small child, and gave a soft smile.  It had been ages since a small child had been frightened in her presences.  The harsh world that had taken over Myst’s life had gain control again, the fear of the small boy only feed her desire for his blood.  Without even a thought she thrust him against the wall, making him whimper.  His helpless squeals only made her smile grow to a grin, and like an animal she bore her fangs and lunged them deeply into the flesh of his neck. 

            The child let out a dieing scream as Myst drained his life, her eyes were cold and heartless.  As her master watched with pleasure.  Once the heart had stopped beating she released the child, the guilt of murder taking hold of her.  Carelessly the last remaining drop of blood ran down her chin, as Vondorian moved closer to her.  Tracing his finger from her chin catching the drop, and then up to her mouth.

“We must always be civil about our feeding.”  He smirked, taking notice to the hour of the night.  “Morning is near, the plan is nearing its end.  Take Link to my bride.”

“She is not your bride yet Master.  She may feel sorrow for Link and regain control.”

“Don’t worry my pet.”  His hand now gliding its way through her faded black hair.  “Soon she will be all mine,  she will answer only to me.”

“Yet another female you can control.  Another will broken”  Her tone growing more hateful towards him.

“Don’t sound so upset.  You know I will never give up on you my dear.”  He joked back vanishing into the shadows to return to the palace.




            Sounds of pleading and commanding cries were hear from the throne room as Sheik approached.  Something had happen early this morning and the castle was in an uproar.  Sheik stepped in from the dark hallway to see Myst on one knee before the Princess.  The battle worn Link was on his knees with his hands tired behind his back pleading for his life.

“…Please Your Highness.  Zelda, you remember who I am don’t you?  I loved you, I still love you and you must believe I did not do any of this.  Please, tell me you believe me.”  The tears in Link’s eyes made it clear that all his feelings and hopes were resting on her.

            Sheik sighed, this for sure would bring Zelda to her senses, and for a moment her eyes did seem to grow soft.  However something was blocking that kindness in her, and her soul became lost once again.

“Link, in the past you have served this Kingdom well.  However I cannot let you free based on the crimes you stand charged of.  For your loyal serve up to this time I will grant you a swift release.  Your death will not be prolonged, but it will be made final tomorrow at day break.”  The princess, the ruling body had made her decision, but Link knew it wasn’t the real Zelda talking.

“Zelda, no?!  Why are you doing this?!”  But Myst silenced him by back handing him.

“You hold your tongue.  The Princess has spoken.”

“Myst take him to his cell, I want three guards posted at all times.  You will be in charged of this murder.”

            Then without another word Zelda turned and walked down the hallway leading to her room.  Sheik stood there watching as Myst led Link away.  Something was wrong, he may not know why Impa sent for him, but he knew that something had gone wrong.

“Your Highness where has this cruelty come from?”  Zelda turned in surprise at Sheik whom had followed her. 

            She looked at him, and Sheik knew then it wasn’t her in those eyes.  Evil had taken hold of her, and soon it would kill her.  She only gave him a pleading look of help before the evil took over once again.

“Sheik you are a guest here.  Do not question me again or you will be joining Link.”  With that she was gone, and Sheik was left to wonder in his thoughts.




            The night was coming once again bring with it the same fear.  Only stronger, the feeling of evil filled the air as the sun started to set.  Sheik sat in his room thinking over the last few days.  Something had a hold of Zelda and Hyrule, and he knew Myst was the key to it.  How deep this all went would prove to be more then any mortal could handle.

            In his deep thought Sheik had barely noticed a shadow passing by his door, and a note lay by his door.  More carious then ever he went to retrieve the note.  Picking the folded paper up his troubled mind seemed to wonder even more so now.  The note was just as confusing sending a new wonder through his tired brain.  It read as such:

            There will be a guard change within the hour.  It is up to you to figure out how to get out, but you must do so before the sun completely sets.  If you want the Hero, take him.


            And that was it, the letter wasn’t signed, and written in the ancient language of the Sheikah.  Sheik however knew who wrote the note, but they would be dealt with later.  The main focus was Link.  Sheik left his room and went to visit the boy down in his jail cell.  The guards allowed Sheik in to visit, and locked the door behind him once he entered. 

            Link remained on the makeshift bed with his head down in defeat.  Sheik took a deep breath and nearly lost faith himself at such a sad sight.  There the warrior sat defeated at last, no hope was left in him.

“What do you want?”  Link said in a sorrowful tone.

“Link, I know you didn’t do those crimes.”

“Well, you are the only one.  Even….”but he paused as if it hurt to even think such a thing,” Even Zelda believes that man.”

“Yes, his spell is powerful, but there will be time to talk later.  I have come to set you free.”

“Sheik give it up, even if you help me.  Then you too will be hunted and Myst will find us.”

“Link, you have to believe me that that will not happen.  If you love Zelda then do the right thing and don’t give up.  Fight for her.”  But Link did not respond, his world was lost and Sheik’s words only gave him empty thoughts not hope.  “Come on Link what do you say?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  How about it?”  He finished by extending his hand to Link, and with just a slightest bit of belief.  Link took his hand and Sheik helped him to a stand with a smile.

            The clock chimed and the guards left before their replacements could arrive.  However Link and Sheik were still locked in.

“So what is the big plan?”  Link asked looking out of the bars.

“I don’t know, but it is not like them to leave their post with no replacement.”

            Just then the door cracked open as if it had been the whole time.  Sheik was the first to step out on full alert and Link followed.  They stepped completely out of the cell to find no one about.  Still the feeling of another was all about them, a startling thought.  Even more so when the cell door slammed behind them.

            Both of them looked back to see a cloaked figurer.  Although Link didn’t know who it was, Sheik could sense it was Myst.  The figure spoke with a muffled voice.

“You must go quickly.  Through there.”  The figure pointed down a long hallway that would lead out well away from the castle.  Link Nodded without a thought to who this was, but Sheik stood still trying to reason why she was helping them.

            Link turned down the massage and started to leave, looking behind him he noticed Sheik was not following.  He ran back and grabbed Sheik’s arm.

“Come on!  We don’t have time for this!”  And with that Sheik and Link disappeared down the dark hallway.  A stone door closing behind them, leaving the massage way unseen.  The cloaked figure sighed, and left as well once the guards arrived.


            The news spread quickly, the Hero had escaped and the princess had now fallen ill.  Still Sheik and Link found safety with Nabooru, and the Gerudos.

“We have to do something.  We can’t just let Hyrule be taken over by….by….that thing or whatever he is.”  Link argued.  Sheik turning from the window looked to both Nabooru and Link.

“He is a vampire.”

“What?  There is no such thing.  What are you talking about Sheik?”

“No, he is right Link.  It all makes sense, you think Ganon was the only evil in this world?”  Nabooru stated entering into the conversation.

“Well, if that is the case, then what do we do?”

“You will stay here.”  Sheik answered walking to the door.

“Where are you going?” 

“They will come for me not you.  You will be safe here Link.  Stand with Nabooru.”

“What happens if you don’t come back?”

“Then hope they bring a swift death to you.” And with that he was gone once again.


            The night had grown deeper, and Sheik found himself alone at Lake Hyrule.  He sat at the waters edge.  The small island served nicely for a relaxing spot or even for another reason.  A shadowed figure dropped down behind Sheik on the other side of the island.  The night sounds seemed to go silent as Sheik stood and turned.

“You came.”  Sheik said to the figure.

“And you were waiting.”  Myst answered back. “You knew I would come for you.  Didn’t you?”

“I knew your Master would send you… Why do you serve him?  I can see the hatred you have for him.”

“I have my reasons.”

“Very well.”

“Are you going to give up the boy, or do I have to kill you?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you want to kill me?  Because I don’t think you do.”

“I will do what is ordered of me.  I wouldn’t push my luck if I was you.  I have been ordered to…”

“To what?  Feed on me?  Then again you really don’t long for the taste of blood anymore.  No, you long for revenge.  I can tell, us Sheikah can feel emotions, can sense desire.”

“I know what you are capable of!” She yelled back growing angry and tired of his games. “Don’t waste my time, give me Link or die!”

“You will have to fight me for him.”  Sheik replied back taking up the Fairy Sword.

            Taking up her metal staff she readied herself.  All was silent and then broken as Sheik rushed towards her.  He lashed down across her chest, but it was block.  Again he lashed and again she blocked, he continued to strike at her and every time she would block it.  It was as if she was taking him lightly and Sheik used this to his advantage.  As he advanced towards her again, he slides his foot behind hers.  As the strike came she blocked but the force he used caused her to recoil back and trip over his foot. 

            She found herself upon the ground with is blade at her throat.

“Give up and help us.”  Sheik pleaded with her.

“I can not disobey my Master.”  She yelled back.  Sheik just shook his head and thrust his blade into her shoulder.  The blade having been made from pure silver would have killed a vampire.

            However Myst only growled at him, and then with a swift kick in the stomach he was sent flying back.  She stood with her hand clasped around her wound.  Sheik picking himself up from the ground looked to her in shock.

“You….you should be dead.”

“I am not that easy to kill.  You will have to do better.”  And that was just what he was going to do.

            Throwing three Deku nuts on the ground, causing a bright flash of light to blind her.  He raced forward jumping over the exploding Deku nuts and landing behind her. Myst was blinded but only for a moment before she realized where he had gone.  Spinning around the back of her hand slapped across his face.  Sending Sheik to the ground, she went to reach down but instead of catching hold of him she grad his blade.  Her hand wrapped around it, and he within drew his blade.  The sword cutting through her flesh.  Blood poured from her hand as she recoiled back.

            Sheik thrust his sword towards her while she was distracted with the pain.  But she jumped to the side just in time for his sword to pass her by.  Kicking at his hand she sent his sword flying into the air.  It landed just behind her in the ground, as she advanced towards him again.  Using the Deku nuts once again Sheik had blinded her, and jumped over.  She was ready this time for it.  And as she turned, she grabbed him by the neck and thrust him against the tree. 

            The coldness in her eyes faded as a numbing pain filled her body.  Sheik had grabbed his sword and when she grabbed him.  Sheik had impaled the Fairy Sword into her chest, just an inch from her heart.  She released him and he just stood there.  Her hands now cupped over the wound, she looked down to pool of blood within them.  Her body was growing weak, and she was losing control. 

            The passion of battle and the animal lust for blood grew, without warning her hand flew up to meet Sheik’s face.  He was thrown into the tree, creating a dent where he hit.  The impact broke a few of his ribs and caused him to drop his sword.  Myst walked to him eyes a ruthless red as she picked up his sword.  Stepping on his side she pushed on the broken bones causing him to scream out.  Once she had torture him enough she raised his sword to the air.

            The weak Sheik looked up to her, and as his eyes met hers, she paused.  The animal started to fade and the lose of blood caught up with her.  She stumbled back and dropped the sword.  Now realizing the intensity of her wound she clasped upon the ground taking deep painful breathes.  Sheik sat up to look at her, but there was another figure standing over her.

“Hold my dear, you will be fine.”  The figure said taking her into his arms.  Then standing he looked to Sheik.  “This isn’t over.”  And with that they were gone..


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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