The Partnership

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior

Sheik waited by the lake where he had fought Myst the night before.  He paced back and forth wondering yet knowing why he was summoned.

“I hope you have not be waiting long.”  He jumped at hearing a voice from behind him.

“Oh.  Its just you.”

“Who else would it be?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe a trap sent by your Master?”  She only gave him a laugh.

“For someone that seems to know a great deal about the dark forces.  You seem stupid of the fact Vampires can not be out in the daylight.”

“So he is what I thought.  He is a…”

“A vampire?  Yes, a very powerful one.”

“And you?  What are you?”

“What is the matter Sheik haven’t you figured it out yet?”

“I guess not, but I must say you do heal fast.”  She just chuckled as she looked down in a casual fashion.  “So, since I don’t get it.  Why not tell me what you are?  I know you are not a vampire, as you said they cannot be out during the day.  So what are you?” 

            Her eyes grew soft, they cried out for help as she spoke to him in a low tone.

“I am something that is lost it evil and abandoned by light.”  Shaking her head she regained her cold formal stature. “But that is not why I summoned you here.”

“Then why have you summoned me?  It must be for a good reason or do you wish a rematch for last night?”

“Personally if I had to call last night anything.  I would say it was a draw if not a win for me.”  Sheik just laughed back.

“You were the one that needed saved.  Good thing your Master was about to save you.”

“Alright! Enough!”  Sheik could tell the subject of Vondorian was a touchy one for her. 

            Taking a deep breath she calmed herself and then tried to speak again more coolly this time.

“Your Princess is sick, and by tonight she will be dead.”

“I know. Vondorian seems to be working fast, but why does he want her?”

“He…I mean we have been traveling all over the world.  Taking over Kingdom after Kingdom, filling it with evil and then destroying it.  It is all part of some type of Master plan of his.  Hyrule just happens to be next on the list…The good will of your Princess has drawn him here, and she and the Kingdom will fall if something is not done.”  With a troubled Sheik tried to take in all that was being told to him.

“And you… where do you fit into all of this?”

“I don’t.”

“Why are you telling me all this?  He is your Master.  You serve him.”

“Not willingly.  I am telling you this because I believe you could be the one to stop him.  You and the boy of course.”  Sheik just shook his head.  As if not really believing her or not really wanting to face Vondorian.  Then she added, “Also because you are a Sheikah and it is your duty to fight evil in all forms.  You were trained to do so, it is your life.”

“Your right, and I shall see him fall.  Yet I can only do so with one thing, from you.”


“We are going to need your help.”

            She laughed louder then ever this time.

“You can’t be serious.  I can not betray my Master.”

“Why not?  You betray him right now being here.  Telling me all this, why are you doing this?  I think you want him to fall, and I assure you he will.  If you help us, get us into the castle, and we will do the rest.”   Myst didn’t answer back right away.  She remained there thinking over how she could use this to her advantage.  After a long while she agreed and Sheik extended his hand to her.  She looked at him confused.  “We shake on it.  We are a team, and that means we work together from now on.  Deal?”

            Myst paused and then took his hand and shook it firmly.  The deal was sealed, but who meant more to her?



“Good work my dear.”  Vondorian chuckled running his hands down her shoulders.  “If that Sheikah wants to start a fight.  Then we shall give him one.”  Myst’s look seemed to be a painful one, as if she didn’t want to turn on Sheik and Link.

“What is wrong dear?”  She just looked up to him, and he took a guess of what was bothering her.  “Don’t worry my dear.  You will lead them here, and I will make him pay for what he did to you last night.”  He leaned down and kissed her lips softly, but she pulled away and continued out of the room.

            For once she didn’t feel like a brutal creature, or ruthless warrior.  Sliding down the wall to a seated position.  Taking her knees against her chest and placing her head down on her knees.  She left like a lost little girl, something and someone she hadn’t been for a long time.



            As the hour grew late in the evening Link and Sheik waited just outside the castle walls.

“She is late.  We should have never listened to her to begin with.”  Link complained walking back and forth.

“Calm yourself, she will come.  I know she will.”  They waited another few moments before there was moment in the brush near them. 

            Link jumped on full alert with his sword draw towards the bushes.  Sheik just placed his hand on Link’s wrist.

“Easy it is only Myst.”  He said as Myst stepped from the bushes.

“I am sorry for being so late, but things have gotten worse.  Vondorian has moved his plans ahead.  He must be killed tonight before Zelda can feed.”  Sheik nodded understanding what would happen.  Link however gave her a confused look.

“What do you mean?”

“Here let me make it simple for you Link.  If we don’t kill him tonight, Zelda will die.”  That was all he needed to hear.  He now wanted to move faster then ever.

            Myst led them to a corner of the wall, where it disappeared behind another.  Jumping down into the water of the moat.  She tugged at a loss bar in the gate.

“You are going to have to leave everything behind that will not fit through here, or anything that may slow you down in the water.”  The whole was indeed very thin just enough for a middle sized person to fit through.  Myst remained her cloak and chest plate, and her sword.  Leaving them all behind on the bank.  Leaving her with only a pair of tight black pants and a blood red lose fitting tank top like shirt.

            Link had to remove all his extra weapons, such as his hook shot, his many boots, his shield, and anything else besides his sword.  Lying then neatly on the bank, Sheik removed his chest plate with the eye of truth on it.  His top heavy shirt, and various other items that would be useless.  They both jumped into the water to meet up with Myst as she squeezed her body through the opening.

            They walked through the water and darkness with silence.  Although pitch black Mysterious seemed to know where to go, and what turns to take.  She knew these tunnels, but how or why they couldn’t figure out.  It would have taken much more then the last few weeks of being in Hyrule to learn these tunnels. On top of that Link nor Sheik knew about them, and as far as they knew neither did anyone else in Hyrule.  The water seemed to rise as they walked along.  Myst had come to a stop where the water reached her neck.

“This is it.  This will lead us into the throne room.”  She pushed the stone slab open and pulled herself out of the water.  She climbed up and out, Sheik followed behind her and then Link.  There where in the throne room, just behind the first stone pillar on the left hand side of the room.  Myst stepped onto the red rug and into the light, the other two followed right behind her.  Link on her right and Sheik on her left.

            Together they walked up to the throne where Zelda lay to the side of her throne.  Slowly they approached and as the steps where reached guards rushed in to take Link and Sheik.  They fought at first but the surprise caused them to be defeated.  The guards held Sheik and Link in place, as Vondorian’s voice filled the air.

“Welcome,  welcome.  I knew you would come sooner or later.”  He said walked towards Zelda, lifting her head.  “Your just in time to see your Princess become the strongest she ever has been.”

“Don’t touch her!!!”  Link yelled and struggled against the guards.  Sheik looked towards Myst with disbelief.

“How could you?  I trusted you!”  Vondorian chuckled walking down the stairs to meet Myst.  Who looked hurt herself for betraying them. 

            Vondorian placed a hand on her shoulder with a grin.

“I am her Master,  Her father.  And her love.  Do you really think she would turn on me?”  He let out another laugh taking Myst into his arms. “Well, done my dear.”

“Thank you Master.”  She said giving him a fake smile, as he returned her gesture.  Leaning in he pressed his lips against hers, and she returned the action.  It only lasted a second or two before Vondorian pulled away from her with a scream. 

            His hands clenched over his heart, and a blood running down from his fingers.  Myster stood there with the look of hatred upon her face.

“I guess I am a killer after all.”  The bloody wooden steak in her hand, she had slayed him through the heart. 

“How….How could….you?!….I…I…gave you…life.”  His words were pain filled and fading as he slide down to his knees.  His body slowly fading to dust as he spoke.

            The guards release Link and Sheik as Vondorian’s body turned to a pill of ashes.  Myst whispered to herself.

“No, you killed me.”  The steak dropped to the floor and Link ran to Zelda whom was now just waking. She woke and looked up at Link who had tears in his eyes.


            The morning came and the day never seemed so bright before.  Late in the afternoon just before sun set there was a big party in Hyrule.  The lose of their great rulers would never be eased, however new ones would take their place, and time will go on.  That night Hyrule, and all races celebrated with each other.  Link would be their new King and Zelda their Queen.

            Myst watched in the back among the shadows, with a slight smile.

“Good luck boy.”  And turning she walked down the empty street to the gates.  Pausing at the edge of the wooden bridge she looked up into the night sky, the only thing that seemed to bring her peace.

“It is beautiful.  Isn’t it?”  Turning she saw Sheik standing behind her.  “Are you not staying?”

“I don’t belong here.  It is best if I go.”  He nodded agreeing.

“You know, I still own you one.  For not killing me that night, and for going through with what you promised.”

“Are you getting to something?”

“What are you going to do now?  Now that you are free?”

“I don’t see how it is any of your business, but I will travel the world.  Seeking things to destroy, maybe.”

“Then lets not do it together.”  She just looked at him.  “Look apart we are two strong fighters, but together we will be unstoppable.  What do you say?”

“If I say no, will you still follow me?”  He only grinned.  Meaning yes, she sighed and just shook her head.  “I hope I don’t regret this, but alright.”

            He gave her a smile and extended his hand.  Myst took it and they both entered into a partnership that would prove to be unstoppable.

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