Vampire in Hyrule

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior

The hour grew late and stormed surged against the walls of Hyrule palace.  The devilish storm seemed to claw at the very stone that threaten to give into its power.  Link sat watch at a window while Zelda read in the study.  She looked up to see him busying himself with the raging storm outside, something had seemed to catch his eye.

“Link you are going to slip into bad health if you keep worrying like this.”  Yet he didn’t seem to notice she was speaking.  Zelda just gave a puzzled look, as she tossed her book at him. “Hey!!”

            Slowly standing Zelda started to smile thinking she had finally got his attention.  However his eyes remained fixed out the window.

“Someone is here.”

“What?  But the gates close after dark.  Father makes certain of it.”  She said in disbelief coming to stand next to him.  Sure enough there at the font doors to the palace were two cloaked figures.  “I don’t understand?”

“Come Zelda they will be sent to your father.”


            They had been traveling all night but all for good cause, at least for them it was.  In the rain the strangers stood, their cloaks and under clothing heavy with water.  The guard that had let them enter the Castle Town still kept a watchful eye on them.  Very uncertain of these people, as another came to bring the strangers before the King. 

            This gentleman was more calm then the one standing behind them. For the one-cloaked stranger knew the guard kept a hand upon the hilt of his blade, ready for anything.  They were lead into the main hall were the King sat upon his throne.  Still in a rob as if he didn’t bother the time to dress.

            Visitors past dark in Hyrule was very unusual and with a storm raging about outside.  It was even stranger that they had come.  The uneasy guard stood at attention behind them as the they bowed in respect to the King.  Zelda had arrived by the side of her father and Link watched in the shadows close to the strangers.

“Why have you come to Hyrule, and at this late hour?”  The King’s strong commanding voice filling the room.

            The one of the far right removed his hood.  He had hair of deep black and eyes of enchanting blue.  His form was well defined and very strong just by the looks.  Rich as well, one could tell by the fine material used in his cloak.  The other however remained hidden from sight; this one appeared to be a servant of sort. 

            The stranger bowed again, his voice soft and charming as he spoke.

“My good King, we are but travelers wandering the lands in search of adventure.  As you can see are search as lead us here and on a most unfair night.  We seek refuge for the night, my good King.”  The King gave a smile, he too was adventure in his younger days and would gladly welcome these people.

“Ahh, adventurers.  You must forgive all this precaution, but it is not often we get visitors after dark.”

“There is no need, we completely understand My Lord.”

“Well then you are welcome.  Take them to a room.”

“NO!!!” the uneasy guard called forth now stepping forth.  Everyone in the room was taken back by his misconduct.  “No, My Lord.  His presences is the cause of this storm.  This thing is not one of us.  Please My Lord send him away.”

“You will do well to contain yourself good sir.” The King yelled forth but the guard refused.

“No, you know not what you do!”  The man stated again this time removing his sword from its sheath and placing it to the man’s chest.

            No sooner did the blade touch the young gentlemen than the other travel jumped forth and kicked the blade from his hands.  The sword went flying into the air and like a fool the guard’s eyes followed it.  Once his eyes where lead off target the cloaked figure planet a foot into his chest and sent the man flying back. 

            The others rushed after them but Link was first to reach the stranger.  Rushing at him with his sword draw.  The stranger dodged the attack by stepping to the side just seconds before Link’s blade was upon them.  Sticking his left foot out the stranger had Link on the ground and sword less.  Taking a dagger as the Link turned from his stomach to his back the stranger brought it to his throat.  Just a few seconds after the King had called everyone to a halt and Link had pulled the stranger’s hood down.

            There sitting up top his chest was a warrior with faded black hair and red devilish eyes.  Lets not forget the blade at his throat as well.  Everyone in the room froze as Zelda grasped.  The Hero was laid down by a female.  The gentleman bowed again speaking with an apologetic voice.

“I am very sorry My Lord.  My servant is very protective of me.” Now turning to the young warrior he said harshly. “Myst stand down.”

            The warrior stood and sheath her blade once again, coming to stand next to her Master.  The King nodded his head in approval, as Link was helped to his feet by the worried Zelda.

“I’m alright.” Link stated to put her mind at ease.

“Show this young man to a room so he may rest, and show his servant to the servant quarters.”  The King’s voice boomed forth.

“With all do respect My Lord, my servant never leaves my side.  She shall share a room with me.”

“Very well.”

            A another servant came to show the way to the guest rooms as Zelda looked over Link.  The King had left the room as the disobedient guard was taken away.  Zelda and Link remained behind, as the strangers were lead out.  The man seemed to keep his eyes upon the young princess, and for that moment she looked up for her eyes to lock with his.  It was then the trouble started, a feeling began that would grow into something great.


            The morning came swift and then it faded into the afternoon.  The strangers had not once came to eat.  Link leaned his head over the corner to look down the hall.  There in a chair outside of her Master’s room was ‘Myst’ as the man called her.  She had been watching over the room all night and day.  She seemed to be sleeping and walking softly Link walked towards her, stopping right beside her.  He could tell now that she wasn’t sleeping.

“You must be tired if didn’t flinch when I approached.  Or maybe your skills are not as sharp as last night.”

“I knew it was you Hero.  The smell of battle, of a warrior follows you.”  She replied looking up, Link’s smart smirk fell from his face.  He then looked down and remembers why he had come.  Seeing the bundle of food in his hand.

“You and your Master have not eaten all day, I bought you this.”  He said handing her the bread and fruit.  She took it from him with thanks, as he continued to make conversation. “The King has given the guard last night a new job.”

“Really?  What is it?”

“He has been moved to a stable boy.  Does that please you?”

“Why should that please me?  A man trying to warn you silly people of danger is now punished for it.  It does not please me at all.”  Link only gave her confused look.  What was she talking about?  Instead of asking that question he changed to a different topic.

“So will you and your Master be joining us for dinner tonight?”

“I am very sure my Master will be joining you.”

“Your not coming?”

“Although I may appear to be tough, every warrior needs their sleep.”  He only smirked as he looked out the window to the setting sun. 

            He turned with the smirk still upon his face leaving Myst to her small handful of food.  Which she tossed out the window soon after he was out of sight.  She too then looked to the sun as it disappeared into the mountains.  Raising she entered her Master’s darken room.  Night had come and with it a new evil awakened. 

            Pulling open the window to allow the full moon to shine in she stood looking out over the lively town.  A dark figure rose from the darkness in the room, coming to stand behind Myst.

“The night comes fast here.”  Her Master said looking over her shoulder to the fresh new night.

“Indeed Master.”  But there was something in her voice that seemed uneasy.  This was easy to pick up on as he scanned her mind for answers.  He turned from the window with a sigh.

“You don’t approve of what is going to happen?”

“I will not betray you if that is what you mean?”

“I know you wouldn’t…” turning to her again, he brings his arms about her shoulders then turns her to look at him.  “But you are starting to feel again.  Your weakness is becoming a problem.”  Taking a closer look at her face, he noticed how pale she was. “When was the last time you feed?”

“I am fine Master.”

“That is not what I asked.  Now when?!!”

“I can not remember.” Myst answered as she turned back to the window.  A deep sigh followed from behind her.

“My dear, you must feed.  I can not have you in a weaken state.”

“But Master…”

“Do not talk back!”  He snapped at her, and silence seemed to be her new quality. “Now then I have a job for you tonight.  I want you to get rid of the King and that guard.  Make it look good, and be sure to get your fill.”  She turned and bowed with respect.

“As you wish Master.”

“I shall join the others down stairs.”


            Dinner was being served as the refreshed King made his way down to join his family.  He had been singing in his joy.  Link had just asked his permission for Zelda’s hand in marriage and tonight he was going to tell all.  But the joyful news was yet to be shadowed in the new darkness that lurked about the castle. 

            Humming to himself the King stopped at a cracked door.  The shadows of a swinging object is what caught his attention as he placed a causation hand on the door.  Pushing gently on the door it slowly opened.  There swing back and forth was a man that hung by his neck, pale as a ghost.  The King grasped and placed a hand upon his sword, ready for anything that may happen.

            A strong breeze blow and the drapes seemed to rush in.  Distracting the King as he jumped in surprises.  He laughed to himself for being such a fool, but as he turned a pair of bright red eyes met his.  In the next moment he was upon the ground looking up as blood rushed from his chest.  All he could see of his attacker was glowing red eyes, and a pair of bright white fangs.

“You should have listened to your loyal subject.  Now your kingdom will suffer as may others have.”  The voiced seemed to be deep but still holding a soft tone to it.  Then without warning the creature attacked again, ending his short life.




            Meanwhile downstairs, Link, Zelda, and Impa were awaiting both the new guest and the King.  It was only a few minutes before the male stranger came to the table.  All three of them stood as he was shown his seat opposite of Zelda whom was seated next to Link.

“Your Highness I thank you and your father for your kindness.”

“You are most welcome…”

“Vondorian.”  He finished for her.  Zelda nodded then looked to her father’s empty chair.

“I don’t know what is keeping my father but he shall be along shortly.  Vondorain I believe you met Link last night.” Zelda said extending her hand to Link in an introduction.  Then she did the same pointing in Impa’s direction. “And this is Impa.  A close friend of the family.”

“A pleasure to meet you both.” Vondorain said with a nod of his head, but the look on Impa’s face seemed to be less welcoming then Link’s. 

            Something felt wrong about him although she couldn’t tell what it was.  Vondorian and the Princess seemed to get alone well as they talked still waiting for the now late King.  Impa sat with her head in her hand when a strange feeling came over her.

            Sheikah were said to have unusual magical powers but what they were no one knew but them.  And as Myst was making her attack on the King, her evil seemed to alert Impa.  Jumping up out of her seat Impa seemed to be in a worried state.  The three of them looked to her in wonder.

“Impa what is it?”  Zelda asked a little scared.

“There is something here.  Something is wrong.”  Without another word Impa took off up the stairs to the royal wing of the palace.

            Zelda and Link followed close behind but Vondorian seemed to drag behind with an unusual smirk on his face.  Impa rounded the last turn of stairs the King’s room was just ahead, but something caused her to stop.  She turned to a cracked door, and slowly opening it she saw the King lying dead upon the ground.  In a pool of his own blood.

            Zelda came running in next and grasped in shock at her lifeless father, then as the cold reality hit her.  She fell to her knees, tears pouring from her eyes.  Link was next to enter with sword drawn, he too grasped but did not break down like Zelda.  Instead he stood there not wanting to let in the fact the King was gone.

“Oh my.  What an awful sight.”  Vondorian exclaimed as he too now entered.  He already knew what he would find, and his attention was quickly drawn the crying Zelda.  He knelt down beside her and cuddles her in his arms.

            Impa just shook her head and then turned to Link.

“Who ever, or whatever did this is gone.  Link go and get the guards I want this palace search.”  With a quick nod Link turned and ran to full fill her order. Next she looked down to Zelda and Vondorian. “Can you take the Princess to her room.  I will be there shortly.”  With a nod he stood with Zelda in his arms.  Escorting the crying Princess to her room.



            Impa had returned from the Princess’s room as Link and a few of the other guards cleaned up the room with the dead King.  Impa stood in the doorway looking at Link.

“So what did you find?” She asked.

“Well we found the killer.”  This seemed to interest Impa a great deal.  Link motioned for her to come farther into the room, where the guard from the night before now lay on the ground.

“We found him hang by the beam.  It looks like he killed the King and then himself.”  Impa was not that easily turned from what she thought had happened.  She knelt down by the body and looked closely at the wounds on its neck.  The rope had not dug in deep like it should have if he had hung himself.  With a deep troubled sigh she turn the head of the dead body to the side, and there just as she had thought were two teeth marks. 

“Is something wrong Impa?”

“Yes, but don’t worry yourself yet.  Get these bodies ready for tomorrow.  I have a few letters to write.”  And without another word Impa was gone.  Locked away in her room until late that night when she sent a rider out into the field.  By that time the news of the King’s death was all about.

            The Princess would have to take the throne, in order to do that she would have to be married. Who is all was going to turn out? the Hylian people believed everything would be fine.  But something evil had come, something not wanting the peaceful city to return to its rest.



            The sun was raising the King’s body was lead down the lonely streets of Hyrule to the graveyard.  Myst stood by the window and watched as the Princess as the many other followers mourned for their King.  Vondorian coming up behind her placed his hands around her shoulders.

“Good work my dear, but not good enough.”  His voice becoming more violent as his grasp around her shoulders seemed to tighten.  “That damn Sheikah is on to us now, because you failed to cover your tracks.”  She didn’t flinch, not until his nails dug into her flesh.

“I am sorry master.  I didn’t know one of the skilled was here.”

“It doesn’t matter, what have I told you about killing?  Have you forgotten everything I taught you?”  By this time his grip was crushing her bones filling the room with a cracking sound.

“No Master!  Please stop!!”  Myst called out in a pleading voice.

            He released her, and then falling to the ground she looked to him.

“The sun is raising, I need you to keep watch again. That Sheikah is bound to come sneaking around.”

“Yes Master.”  Her words filled with pain as she picked herself up and went to sit guard like the day before.  Vondorain slipping into his coffin watched as she left the room.

            Myst sat herself down in the chair as the morning rays of the red sun filled the hallway. She began to whisper something to herself.

“A red sun raises.  News from the east that…”

“Tells of the innocent blood, laying on a palace floor.”  Impa had finished the saying coming towards the warrior.  Myst looked to her wondering why she had come and so early.  “It is interesting that you should know this saying.”

“Why is that?” Myst respond looking to the floor as if there was something more important to be seen.

“Only a child of the Sheikah clan would know that saying.  It is a tail told to the young.”

“So, maybe I heard it from a mother telling a child during our travels.”

“Indeed.  Has your Master awaken yet?”  Impa asked already knowing he had just slide off into sleep.

“I am sorry M’Lady, but my Master has just now went to rest himself from this night.”

“I see.  Well tell him I said thank you for looking after the Princess.  He seemed to calm her down a great deal last night.”

“I shall relay the message.” 

            Impa nodded her approval and turned to leave down the stairs she had come.  Pausing once to look at the girl in the chair.

“It is funny.  Seeing as how there have only been a handful of Sheikah left up until five years ago, and they were not social.”  Myst looked to her and she could feel that Impa had seen right through her.  The fear of Impa knowing what or who she is stuck with her through the day.

            By mid afternoon her wounds inflected by her Master had healed.  The fresh blood of the guard running through her veins helped to speed her healing.  It was at that time another visitor came.  Link approached her with a sullen look.  It was as though the weight of a cross-had been placed on his shoulder, and he struggled to carry it. 

“What is wrong boy?  Has the lose of the King proved to be your defeat?”

“I guess you have already heard then.  It is not the King’s death that has me worried so.  It is Zelda.”

“The young girl can not find away to escape this nightmare….(Whispered) and it is going to get worse.”

“It seems not.  She has been sleeping all day, and just now when I went to see her she asked for your Master.”

“Is that a problem for you?”

“No, if it is what she wishes…”

“But it still upsets you.  Did she not look to you for comfort.”  With a deep sigh Link looked down.

“No, she didn’t.”

“Well, you are in luck.  My Master is still resting from the night’s events.  Go and tell her that.”

“If that is the case you must return with me.  She asked if he was not to come then you must.”

“I have other duties to attend to.”

“And I wish not to keep you from such but it is an order from a royal member of this court.  You must come.”  Without another word Myst stood and allowed Link to lead her to the Princess’s room.

            Impa who had sent Link to call Myst away, stood hidden in the shadows.  As the two disappeared down the hallway she went to Vondorian’s door.  Slowly and without a noise she opened to the door to the darkened room.  Waiting for a few moments before she regained her sight, she had stumbled over a large wooden object sent aside from the bed.  The object seemed to jolt forward when she tripped, and running her hands down the smooth wood.  Impa now knew what had come to Hyrule, without any more delay she raced from the room and closed the door.


            When the night had fallen once again Myst stood in her Master’s chambers in font of the open window.  Then turning to his coffin opened the lid from him to rise.  As the wood cover slide off and onto the floor and hand reached up and grasped her neck.

“You stupid girl! Where were you today?!!”  Grabbing at the hand around her neck she pleaded with him.

“I was here Master.  Just outside.”  Now rising from his bed, the once fearless and respected warrior is thrown against the wall.  Crashing down to a seat position against the wall, all she could see next was her Master’s hand coming at her again.

            Taking her up by the throat again, Vondorain lifted her just an inches from a standing position.  Slamming her figure against the wall.  Myst gasping for air as he yelled at her.

“You stupid worthless warrior!  I spend all this time training you and for what?!!”

“I am….sorry….I don’t….know what I have…..done.”  Enraged by her answer.  Vondorian brings his right hand back and slaps her across the face causing her to fall to the ground.

“You left your guard, and now that damn Sheikah has seen what we are.”

            In anger she replied looking up to him from the ground.  Her plum hair falling across her glaring red eyes.  “No! They now know YOU for the BEAST you are!”

“Do not speak to me in such a manner.  We are the same.  We are killers Myst, you and I.  We feed of the life of mortal men and women.”

“No, I am nothing like you.  You are the KILLER!!!” Her rage taking over as she targets towards him.  With a simple move she is pinned against the wall yet again.  This time however he only laughed at her.

“Oh my dear.  All this hate, this is good.  Make sure you save it up and us it on our enemies.”

“You are the only one with enemies.”  Another laughing coming from Vondorian as he releases her.

“Now, then I shall fix this little mistake of yours.  Then get rid of the Hero, his love for Zelda may get in the way.”

“I don’t believe you have to worry about that.  The princess seems to have disowned him.”

“Well then our plan is going good thus far.  Now then for that Sheikah.”




            The hour grew late and the one Impa had sent for had not yet arrived.  Fear of whether or not he would come started to grow inside of her.  Leaving the main hall she entered her room, opening the door to the darkness.  Lost deep in thought Impa didn’t even noticed the other being in the room as she closed her door.  By the time she had turned around again a pair of red eyes met hers, and then a loud screamed filled the sleeping castle.

“Now there is no one to stop me from taking what I wish.”  A deep male voice called out, as he drops a green hat onto the dead, bloodless Impa. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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