Wasteland Horrors

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior



            “You can not pass.  Nabooru has ordered all to remain out of the Wastelands.”  The female guard yelled at Sheik and Myst.

“Listen little girl.  If you don’t move, then I will move you.”  Myst threatened as Nabooru walked up behind her.  The guard bowed her head as Myst turned around.

“You won’t need to do that.  So what is it I can help you two with?”

“We need passage through the Wastelands.”  Sheik answered her.

“Well, I will let you pass, but be warned Sheik.  Mind you I am only telling you this because I think you maybe able to do something.  The Wastelands have been taken over by a demon of sorts.  I have sent many in on portals but only a few have returned, talking of a man or beast dressed in funny metal.”

“Hmmmm…..”  Sheik looked to Myst,

“I have never heard of such a demon.”  Turning back to Nabooru Sheik nodded his head.

“We will go, and see if there is something that can be done.”

“Good Luck then.   I have a feeling you will need it.

            With that the gates opened leading them into the haunted wastelands.  Everything went fine, they had made it to the Spirit Temple before dark, and then made camp there for the night.  The stars shown brightly in the clear night sky of blues and purples.  Sheik lay under a blanket near the camp fire when Myst came to sit on the opposite side.

“Beautiful night isn’t it?”

“Yes.”  He looked to her only to see she didn’t look up once.

“How would you know?  You didn’t even look.”

“I don’t have to look.  I spent most of my life during the night, I think I know what a night sky looks like.”

“Well, while we are on the subject of you.  Why not tell me a little more about yourself?”  She had stopped what she was doing to look at him.

“So that is where you were headed all along.”  Sheik just passed her sheepish smile. “I don’t see why I should tell you anything about me.  If you want to be so open why not share with me more about yourself?”

“Alright fine.”  Sheik came to a seated position, “I am lively, cheerful, not always smart at times but I have my moments.  I like starry nights…”

“And let me guess long walks on the beach.”  Sheik just laughed, and for once Myst seemed to smile.

“You should do that more often.”



            Myst had went to reply, but the high pitched sound of strong winds stopped her.  The sand around them started to blow about and even the fire was threatened by the wind.

“What is that?”  Sheik yelled pointing at a hug column of sand and wind.  Myst knew right away what and who was behind it.  Yet there was no time to react, a wall of pure sand washed over them.  Swallowing Sheik and Myst.



Myst awoke in an odd looking place.  The bed she lay in was hard and cold all around her the walls where covered in a rusty looking martial.  She sat up looking around her.  A suit of unique metal sat in the corner.  The sounds of the door opening made her look away, she reached for her weapons once the door cracked only to find they were gone.  Still she readied herself as the door opened fully allowing a young well built man to enter.  He looked to Myst and put up his hands as to show he meant no harm.

“Clam down, you look like you are about to kill someone.”  He said smiling.

“I was thinking about it.”  She said in a threatening tone.

“Hey, don’t worry you are safe here.  I found you passed out and leaving you in the desert wasn’t good idea so I brought you back here.”

“And where is here?”  She asked looking around again. “You’re obviously not from around here or even this time.”

“You know a lot don’t you?” He said coming to sit next to on the bed.

            Myst relaxed a bit but still kept a good amount of a distance between him and her.

“I know that you are human and I know that you are not the cause of all the Guerdo disappearances.”

“Well at least one person is on my side…I am sorry I am jumping ahead of myself.  My name is Will.” He said extending his hand to her.

“Myst.” She replied taking his hand, but instead of shaking her hand he brought it to his mouth and gave her a gentle kiss on the back of her hand. Once he released her hand she took another look around and then addressed him. “So how do you fit in with the Sand Demon?”

“Is that what is causing all the sand storms?”  Myst just nodded her head. “Well I don’t know about any demon. I just know that I was stationed at a desert camp.  But when I got there is was abandoned.  I stayed for a few days, I was after all under orders.  By the third day I knew why the place was abandoned.  There was an unbelievable sand storm and sounds, sounds like chants and very creepy stuff.  Well I was knocked out and when I woke up part of the camp and myself were here.”

“Hmmm….Well it is not the Sand Demon that is behind this.  Sand demons are peaceful they like to live under ground and never bother with the surface world.”  She had stopped thinking for a moment to look at him.  “Do you even know where you are, or what really happened to you?”

“No, I don’t have the slightest clue. I just woke up and I was in this place with all these female elf looking things, such as yourself.”

“Those where Guerdo Thieves, I am something else.  You Will have been pulled through a portal to another world.  My world, for some reason a demon or evil being has brought you here.  Why I don’t know.”

“Wow, well that is a lot to take in.  I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to the human world but wow.”

            Myst took one more look around and finally spotted her weapons.  She walked to where they were placed and she started to place them back on her person.

“What are you doing?” Will asked watching her.

“My partner is still out there.  I have to go find Sheik, I am only guessing.” Myst saying as she turned back to him, “ but since you have me I am thinking the Sand Demon has him.”

“Well if you are going to go wondering off in the tunnels. I will have to go with you.  I can’t let a lady as beautiful as you go wondering around by herself.”  Will stated putting on his armor.  Myst just rolled her eyes the sooner she solved this problem the sooner she could get rid of this guy.



            Sheik woke lying on the hard moist ground.  He sat up and looked around him, he was no doubt underground somewhere.  The area was dimly light and it was hard for Sheik to see, but something did happen to catch his eye.  There in the corner was a small rather fat yellow creature with completely black eyes.  The creature looked at Sheik with interest, and Sheik not sensing any evil from the being extended his hand to greet it.

“Hi there” The creature jumped back scared of Sheik’s size.  “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.  I can help you.”

“B—Bu—But yours ones ofs the demons killers.” The small thing stated in a weak scared voice.

“No, I only kill evil things, and you are not evil.  Are you?” Sheik asked the little thing.  The creature shook his head warming up to Sheik. “See it is alright.” Sheik said again extending his hand. 

            This time the creature took his hand with a smile and Sheik his hand in a friendly manner.  The creature seemed to be happy with his new friend, but Sheik’s good energy had sparked something that was in the creature.  The small thing started to thrash about violently grabbing at its head and back.  Now Sheik felt a strong evil presences from the creature, something that wasn’t there before.

“Runs….Runs mes friends!!” The little thing yelled as his movements become more violent in nature.

            Sheik without waiting around to see what was going to happen, jumped up and headed down the nearest tunnel as a violent wind started throughout the tunnels.  It was only a little while until Sheik smacked into something and found himself on the ground.  When he looked to what he ran into a large metal body stood in font of him, and Myst sat on the ground in font of it.

“Sheik!! Why don’t you watch where you are going!!” She said getting ready to stand up, but Will wouldn’t let her do it alone.  Picking her up Will put Myst back on her feet.  Slapping his hands away Myst looked to Sheik as he picked himself up off the ground.

“What is going on down here?” She asked mainly to herself but Sheik answered as though she was talking to him.

“There was a small creature back there.  He seemed like a friendly little thing and then something happened when I touched him.  The thing went into a fit.”  Sheik explained.

“Would that be the sand demon?” Will asked.  Sheik looked to the man with confusion.  Seeing this Myst made an introduction.

“Will, Sheik, Sheik, Will.”  Sheik looked to Myst with even more confusion.

“What is he?”  He asked her.

“Will is a human from some type of army in his world that happened be sucked into the world by some dark being for some propose no doubt.”  She explained coolly while looking down the tunnel Sheik had come. “Sheik did the creature have anything out of the ordinary on it?”

“The whole thing didn’t look natural to me!” Sheik yelled back.

“Some help you are.” Myst stated back wondering why such a peaceful creature would be so violent.

            Sheik and Will stood there looking over each other as Myst leaned against the rock wall thinking. 

“Wait!  When I touched it I did notice a red glow.  It was like a mark on its left shoulder.”  Sheik said suddenly.

“Then that has to be it.” Myst added.

“You think it is being controlled by something?” Will asked Myst.

“I think it is being commanded by someone yes…The same person that brought you here.”  She said still thinking.

            A large bang came from the tunnel behind them.  They rushed to see what it could be.  Once arriving in the chamber Sheik had woke in they looked up.  The creature had no doubt broken through the underground tunnel and was now creating the sand storm up above them.

“We have to do something!  We are closer then before to the Thieves Fortress.”  Sheik stated pointing out the flag of a nearby Gerudo watch tower.

“Will and I will distract the creature.  Sheik you banish the evil spirit.”  Myst ordered, but Sheik just looked to her.

“I can’t do that without destroying the demon too.  I can’t do that to an innocent.”

“Use a selective banishment.”

“I don’t have the ability to do that.”  Growing angry Myst grabbed Sheik’s hand and forced a bundle of strip like pieces of paper into his hand.

“You do now.  So do it!”  She ordered again before looking to Will and nodding.  Both of them jumped up out of hole.

Sheik took a moment to look at what she had placed in his hands. This was advanced magic for his race. Sheik had still been a student of Impa’s at the time of her death. He couldn’t very well perform such a skill he was not ready for.

            Sheik’s fist clasped around the stripes as he looked upward. Myst was counting on him, she believed in him, and he wasn’t going to let her down. With a new found confidence Sheik jumped out the whole and into battle. Myst and Will were doing their level best to force the demon out of his sand storm.

“Will get back!!” Myst yelled as the column shifted toward them. Myst had spotted Sheik preparing to go through with the banishment. “Sheik you better be ready!!!” She yelled to him directing her attention to the column once again. ‘All we have is one chance.’ Sheik heard in his head as words started to appear on one of the stripes of paper.

            Myst positioned herself in the storms path eyes closed. Will had to stop himself from running forth to save her. Myst’s voice echoed in his head as well to stop him. Just as the storm reached her figure Myst extended her hands forth causing a blast of dark energy to extend from them. The force stopped the storm in its tracks. Reviling the enraged demon, it was now Sheik’s turn. He paused for a moment. He couldn’t see the red mark, however time was running out. The storm was starting once again as Myst yelled to him.

“Sheik!! What are you waiting for?!” At that moment he spotted the mark and launched the stripe toward it. The next few seconds passed quickly as the storm surged then stopped.

            There on the desert floor was the small creature as the three of them approached.

“No!! I killed him.” Sheik yelled as he nearly started to cry.

“Clam yourself.  He isn’t dead.”

“Well that is a relief.” Will added looking over Myst’s shoulder.

“And your still here?” Myst looked behind her in shock. “Oh well… Come on Sheik lets get moving before night falls.” Myst stated starting to walk away. Will rushed in font of her and took a knee.

“No, please allow me the pleasure of protecting such a beauty… Just until I can find away home?” Myst looked back to Sheik who had a goofy grin on his face. With a sigh she looked back to Will.

“Very well, Just don’t get in my way.” And with that the three of them started off into the Wasteland.

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