By Lonneke Mous


The escape

Zelda woke up sitting straight up in her bed. For a moment she was paralysed. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. She could feel it in her entire body. Then she thought of the fairy boy, she met recently and hoped he was okay. She wasn't sure if he really was alright and that frightened her. Zelda knew she couldn't sleep now, knowing something is wrong. So she quickly put on her clothes and stepped outside of her room with a candle in her hand she just litted. She decided to go to Impa's room (her father probably wouldn't believe that there was danger) and Zelda started to run down the stairs.

Her room was high in the top of one of the towers, so she didn't knew, that her father was killed just a few moments ago and that it was that event that woken her. Ganondorf pulled his sword out of the body while he smiled at the corpse of the dead king.

"Fool" he thought. "Old fool, who didn't know who his enemy's were until it was too late."

The queen was captured for the fun of his men, who were now plundering the castle. Overall, things went well. But there was one more thing he had to do. The princess was still somewhere in the castle. He had no intentions to kill her. Then the entire royal family was slaughtered and that would be too much for the people. They could accept a new king, as long as they still had the feeling of a royalty that ruled the city. So he would use Zelda as a symbol for the family. The fact that she could help him in his quest for the Triforce was another reason why she would live. Who cares about the people when you have ultimate power. So he had to capture her. With any luck, he could make the girl like him. Sure, she was hostile towards him, but he could change that. He just killed the king, he could do anything! And if she does what he wants, then it would be a lot easier for him. But he had to find the little brat first.

Impa looked at the men around, that were lying dead on the ground. When she understood that Ganondorf was to attack the castle, she feared the worse. The king was a peaceful man, who never sought war, and therefore had a lousy army.

The king, he would probably be dead by now. Then it hit her: princess Zelda. She was in her room in the tower. With any luck, the army didn't get her and she could escape with her. It was her only hope. Impa put her sword back in the scabbard and ran to her bedroom, from where there was a secret passage to the tower. When she was in her bedroom, she moved the rug. Behind it was a tunnel that would let Impa to her goal.

Zelda ran down the stairs, when she heared men shouting. At first, she thought the men were celebrating something, what else could it be? But realising the things she felt, she wasn't to sure about it. So she decided to be careful and listen to the men first.

"Did you saw him? A weak shivering man. It was too much honour for him to be killed by our great Ganondorf. That no excuse for a king should've been in a dirty dungeon for the rest of his life." The men laughed.

Zelda didn't. She was shocked. Her father was dead. He was such a peaceful man, he had no enemy's, only friends. And apparently, one of the friends was a low life snake named Ganondorf. And his men. Wait a minute, men? Wasn't Ganondorf leader of women called Gerudo? Where were they? Perhaps they were loyal enough not to fight against her father. Unfortunately not loyal enough to fight against Ganondorf. But what should she do now? The castle was captured, her father dead and Ganondorf would be looking for her in no time. Then, it hit her: Impa. If anyone could have survived these men, who sold their souls, it would have been her. But Zelda couldn't get past those men. Although they were drunk, there were too many of them. Not to mention the fact that they had swords and the best thing she had to defend herself was a candle. Suddenly she remembered the passage from her to Impa's room. It was an old tunnel. The last time it was used was probably when Impa told her about it and said she would use it in case of an emergency. Well, Zelda thought, if this wasn't an emergency, then she didn't know what was.

Impa walked through the passage. While she hurried on the stairs, she stopped thinking about the persons who died, stopped thinking about the late king, stopped thinking about the plundering men, who took everything in the castle as if it was theirs. All she thought about was Zelda and how she had to save her. She was the only hope for the kingdom.

Impa reached the door to Zelda's room and she opened it. For a moment, Impa was paralysed. The princess wasn't in her bed! Where could she be? Has Ganondorf taken her? Was she too late? But Impa didn't see any trace of violence. Did the princess come out of her bed and walked through the castle, as she did from time to time? Then she was in even greater danger. Impa walked fast to the normal door of the room and wanted to leave the room. As she opened the door to the rest of the tower, she bumped into someone. It was princess Zelda!

"Princess, you shouldn't be out of your bed." said Impa.

Zelda noticed her voice sounded slightly worried. And for Impa, who never showed her emotions, it meaned that she must've been scared to death.

"I know I shouldn't be wandering, but I woke up with a terrible feeling and when I walked down I heared men talking about my father. My father...who was killed."

Zelda started to cry. Impa, who was never good at handling with the emotions of a child, simply said: "I know, but we must escape the castle. You can mourn for him later. Right now, we have to get out of here. Do you understand?"

Zelda wiped her face and nodded.

"Good. Now we have to find a way to escape. I'm afraid escaping isn't going to be easy. Ganondorf is searching for you. I heared he promised a large sum of money to whom brings you alive. And that he would kill every men if you got hurt. He wants you alive."

"Well, that's a good thing."

"But not good enough to stay. We must leave now, before it's too late. Unfortunately, I don't know a way out of here. Ganondorf has every known exit guarded."

"I may know a way." said Zelda and she walked further to her room, to her window.

"There is a roof beneath this window. From there we can jump on a tree, that is next to the stables. Do you think we can make it from there?"

"Let me see." Impa looked down at the window.

"It appears that we can land there safely. I don't know about the tree, I can't see it. But I'm afraid we don't have a choice. We'll do it. But how could you think of this so fast?"

Zelda raised her shoulders.

"When I didn't want to come to your lessons, I used it to get away from you."

"We'll talk about that later. Now, let's leave."

Impa went first. She climbed carefully through the window and landed on the roof. Impa looked down to the tree. She had landed hard, but she didn't pay attention to it. Other things were more important now. She saw that two men were guarding the stable. Impa made clear with her hands to the princess, that two men were guarding it. She jumped to the tree. She made some noise, but Impa was too good, to make too much noise. She carefully climbed further down, until she reached the ground. She took her sword, without making a sound. The men, who were probably drunk, hadn't notice her yet. That would be fatal. Impa raised her sword and before the guards knew it, they got hit on the head and were knocked unconscious. She climbed up the tree on the roof and let Zelda know that she could come down now.

Before the princess went out of the window, she walked away from the window. Impa was afraid that Ganondorf got her, but Zelda returned to window later and jumped out of it. The princess landed on the roof and when she landed, she went through her knees, because there wasn't enough room to roll further. Impa climbed down the tree again, this time faster, because she knew what branches she could use to stand on. After she was on the ground, Zelda jumped on the tree. She did it rather well, Impa thought, not making too much noise. She must've done this often. And that was the part Impa didn't like.

Zelda was now standing on the ground next to Impa.

"What did you do up there?"

"I forgot something I had to take with me."

"So, now what do we do?' asked Zelda.

"Well, were at the stables and we need to get out of here. What do you think?" said Impa, with sarcasm in her voice, something she used way too often according to Zelda.

"Okay, I'll saddle my Daisy up and you saddle up your Thunder."

"I'm afraid we don't have enough time to saddle up two horses. Look, your mother's horse, Artemis is already saddled up. We'll use her, she's fast enough."

"But when I ride her, it's bumpy and my back will start to hurt. Can't we use Daisy? She rides softly." whined Zelda.

"Sorry princess, no time for that. Right now there are things that are more important than your behind." said Impa and she put Zelda on the horse.

"Now I'm gonna sit behind you and we're off."

"Wait." screamed Zelda.

"Keep your voice down, we don't want to get heared."

"But we're forgetting something."

"Don't worry about food. There's enough in the sack."

"No, something more important."

"When your tummy makes sounds, food is the only thing that matters. Trust me."

"No, the Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf can't have it. That's what I took in my room. The fairy boy should have it."

"Well, now you have it, we can go."

"That's the problem, I don't have it."

"Where did you put it?" said Impa, and her voice was full with anger.

"I let it fall down the tree. I'll get it right away." said Zelda and she ran to the tree, that was just a couple of meters away.

Ganondorf sat on the throne. Or hang would be more appropriate. Hang and being angry. Very angry. His men still didn't have the princess. She could've escaped by now. This wasn't good for his mood. He just found out the Ocarina of Time wasn't at it's usual place. So that annoying little girl must have it. Where was she?

"Sir" said one of Ganondorf's men hesitating, cause he recognised Ganondorf's angry face.

"What?' yelled Ganondorf.

"The guards at the stables didn't call back for there duty. We don't know what happened to them, they could be drunk and forgotten it, but I wanted to send some men just in case. If that's okay with you sir."

"No, I'll go myself." said Ganondorf, because he had the feeling these men weren't drunk, but something more permanent, like dead.

Zelda saw the Ocarina lying on the ground. She picked it up and because she was so happy she had it, she didn't hear a person coming.

"Princess, look out!" shouted Impa.

Zelda looked up and there she saw her enemy, Ganondorf, standing just a meter away from her.

"Well", he said," the girl AND the Ocarina. What a pleasant surprise."

Ganondorf tried to grab Zelda, but she ducked and Ganondorf missed. Zelda ran to Impa, who was already on the horse, and she jumped on it. She forgotten all about a possible pain in the back and concentrated only on the huge man, that was so close behind them. Just after Zelda jumped on the horse, Impa started to ride the horse and they were off. Impa simply stormed out of the castle, not paying attention to the guards. When they were out of the castle, Impa rode them over the hills. The gate to the castle was closing, but Impa made it just in time. In the meantime, Ganondorf orded to saddle his horse, Blackness, and rode after them. On his horse, he saw the woman and the girl leave the castle and get through the gate. He cursed like a madman, which he was off course.

The man on the market, that was in control of the bridge to Hyrule field saw the two people on the horse coming very fast and decided to quickly lower the bridge. He thought that the people would storm through the bridge if necessary, and the man didn't want that. So he lowered the bridge and the two people on the horse rode away.

Zelda was afraid. She saw the bridge was up, but luckily, she saw it went down. She closed her eyes, in fear that they would hit the bridge, but opened them when she found out they got through. Then, she saw the fairy boy! He was standing just outside. Zelda didn't think, but reacted quickly. Ganondorf could gain on them easily and then all would be lost. He could have her, but not the Triforce. So the princess threw the Ocarina of Time away and prayed that the fairy boy could get it. He was there only hope...

Ganondorf wasn't angry or pissed of, he was a lot worse than that. Those blasted women got away so easy. Why are hired men always so stupid? And now they were of to Hyrule field. It was impossible to search them by night, so he had to wait until the morning. Then, he noticed a little kid standing next to him.

"Hey kid, do you know where they went?"

The kid said nothing, but instead, he drew his sword.

"Trying to protect them, hey?" said Ganondorf and he blasted the kid away. Then, he turned around and went back to the castle. He now ruled Hyrule, but that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted the Triforce. He had planned he would have it soon after this night, but his plans didn't work out. He desperately needed to torture someone to get rid of this terrible feeling. Well, he still had the queen...




Turning point

Zelda and Impa sat together eating in Hyrule field at a small campfire.

"Why can't we make the fire bigger?" asked Zelda.

"You know we can't do that. We could be found."

"I know, but it's so cold."

The two women were silent.

"What do we do?" asked Zelda, wanting to get away from this awkward silent feeling.

"We must hide until..."

"Until what?"

"Until it's save for us."

"Then I hope that fairy boy can get rid of Ganondorf." said Zelda. Impa wasn't to sure about that. He was just a kid, not strong enough to face that much evil.

"Let's get to sleep and we'll see about it in the morning."

"What do we do then?"

"I have friends in Kakariko village. Good friends, that will not betray us. They will help us."

And the two women finished their meal and started to sleep. Or at least, one of them did. Zelda couldn't go to sleep, not after all the things that happened this night. And then, she felt something. She had put a message on the Ocarina in case the fairy boy would get it and now she felt, that he was reading it. Maybe things could still get right.

A while ago Ganondorf decided to follow the boy after he blasted him. And now it paid of. That boy had the three Spiritual Stones. He, a little boy, did something that even the great Ganondorf couldn't accomplish! But now, he had him. That little bastard raised the Master sword and now he would feel the power of Ganondorf...

"NOOOOO" yelled Zelda. Impa woke up immediately.

"Are we under attack?" she asked.

"It's the boy and Ganondorf and the Triforce and..."

"Slow down princess, what happened?"

"I saw it. The fairy boy had the three Stones and the Ocarina and he pulled out the Master Sword, but Ganondorf came and now HE's got the Triforce. Now all is lost and" suddenly the princess stopped talking. Impa would have been surprised by this sudden stop, if she did not know what made her stop. Above Zelda's right hand, a Triforce symbol lighted up. Then it shrank and pasted itself on her hand. Zelda feld the power going through her and she knew, that she now had the Triforce of Wisdom.

"Princess, are you alright?"

"Yes Impa, I am." said Zelda with a very calm voice.

"What the hell happened?"

Zelda never heared Impa swear, although she was sure Impa knew wonderful ways to hurt someone with words, and she was surprised to hear that she did now.

"Ganondorf took the Triforce, but it was too much for him. The Triforce splitted in three parts. Ganondorf has Power, I have Wisdom and the fairy boy has Courage."

Impa waited for a while, so that she had time to realise what Zelda just said.

"So, what do we do now? Find the boy and make Ganondorf pay?"

"We can search for the fairy boy, but we will not find him. He is put away."

"Put away? Where is he?"

"He is the Hero of Time, for he is the one who pulled the Master Sword form it's pedestal. However, he shouldn't have done that. At least, not now. Now it's too early. He's too young to fight such a great evil. So he is put away to rest for seven years untill he's strong enough to fight. For him, the seven years will pass with a blink of an eye."

"How do you know all this?" Impa asked. Impa always knew the princess had special powers, that she could 'feel' things. But this was something completely new. Not only that. It's like at the moment the part of the Triforce got a hold of her, she matured. She was no longer a child that liked to play on the fields. She was now someone with infinite wisdom, as if she has seen the world from the moment it was born untill now. She would never be the same again.

"I hold the Triforce of Wisdom. I'm blessed, or cursed if you prefer, with the wisdom of the Goddesses. Seven years will pass. We have to let Ganondorf rule for the time being.. And trust me, those will be seven horrible years."

Impa never doubted the last sentence from the princess Zelda, who was now so much more.




Kakariko village

They finally got to Kakariko village. Zelda's feet hurt like...well, she didn't know any good words to express herself, because those things aren't part of an education as a princess, but let's just say they really hurt. Impa sold the horse so that they would have money. And then they had to walk to Kakariko village by foot. Zelda, who never walked very far or long, couldn't take another step.

"Are we there yet?" she whined.

"Yes, there's the village."

And by the look of the goal, Zelda ran towards the entrance in relief. That is to say, until Impa stopped her.

"You can't rush in like that. By now people know that Ganondorf's in charge and that he wants you. We have to use the back entrance."

"He doesn't want me, he wants the Triforce.

"Exactly. And he knows he has only a part of it. He probably guesses you know more about it. He is ruthless and he only cares about his goal. He will do what is necessary to reach it. So, he will search for you."

"So, we need to walk more?"


Zelda groaned.

Ganondorf could feel the power flow through his body. He was always able to do some magic, but after he touched the Triforce, his powers were only greater. Now he was truly unstoppable. He would get the rest of the Triforce no matter what. And he knew just were to search it. That stupid girl had to know more about it and he would force the answers out of her. Off course, he had to find her first.

"I know we couldn't go in front, but did we have to enter Kakariko village by the graveyard?"

"It's the only way princess."

"But it's so spooky. I'm sure there are ugly things around here."

"No they are not. And if they were, then they would be here by night, not in brought daylight."

That gave Zelda some comfort.

"So, we'll leave before it's dark."

"No. We can't walk in the village by day. Then we'll get caught. We have to wait here untill it's dark."

That didn't give Zelda comfort.

And so they waited on the graveyard. They were simply walking along the graves, reading the inscriptions. Once, a kid came with a funny looking mask on. Impa heared him coming, so they hid next to a tombstone, although Zelda didn't think it was necessary, it was just a kid. But then again, so were she and the fairy boy and now the fate of the land was in their hands. The kid simply walked over the graves acting like a fool. Then his mother yelled for him and he quickly went home.

During the day, Zelda began to feel relaxed around the place. Okay, relaxed is a wrong word if the current ruler of the kingdom is looking for you, but she was less afraid of the place. Then the night came and Zelda was glad that they would do something about now. This waiting really was boring. All of the sudden, the door of the wooden hut that stood on the graveyard opened. Zelda wasn't allowed to look inside the hut during the day, afraid someone would see her, so the two women didn't know who was there. Then a man came out of it with a lantarn. Or man isn't totally right. He was Hylian and a man, but he was disfigured. This must be Dampé, the gravedigger of which the kid with the mask talked about.

Zelda wanted to go to him, she thought he couldn't do any harm, but Impa stopped her.

"No princess." Impa whispered, but with a commanding tone in her voice.

"Why not? He seems harmless?"

"Appearances can deceive."

"But if we don't go out there and walk away, we can't get to Kakariko village."

Impa thought about this. She had a point.

"Okay, we'll walk. But I go first and do not go to that man."

"Very well." said Zelda with a pinch of joy, because she just beaten Impa.

Impa stealthy walked along the wall to the exit of the graveyard and Zelda followed her, when they heared a noise. Dampé had fallen and his lantern was broken. This time Zelda couldn't care about what Impa thought and she ran to the man, that was lying on the ground.

"Oh, you poor man. Are you okay? I'll help you up."

"You friendly madame. Why help poor Dampé?"

"Because your a person like everyone else. But your lantern is broken. Here, you can have mine." said Zelda and she gave Dampé her candle, which she had on her belt and which she had with her from the moment she stepped out of her room and during her escape.

"Thank you madame. Dampé in debt. Dampé will repay."

"You don't have to. But if anyone asks for me or my companion", Impa now stood next to Zelda, "just say you never saw us."

"Dampé know you. You Zelda, princess. You escape. Evil man on throne."

"That's right. So don't tell anyone."

"Dampé won't tell. Old king good for Dampé."

"Bye Dampé." said Zelda and she and Impa walked away to Kakariko village.

"Well?" Zelda asked.

"Well what?" Impa said, a bit irritated because the princess didn't do what she said at the graveyard.

"Well aren't you supposed to say something like 'you were right all along, you could have talked to him, I was wrong'?"

"No." said Impa even more irritated because the princess was right.

"Why not?"

"Because you didn't do what I said."

"And why should I do what you say?"

This question was an unexpected one for Impa.

"Well, I raised you and I know what's best for you."

"And you're always right." said Zelda on a sarcastic tone.

"Off course not."

"Then why should I do it?"

"Do what?"

"Do everything you say."

"Because..ah, just forget it. Look, we're supposed to be at that house."

Zelda looked at the house. It was terrible. She saw a lot of good houses here in the village and off course they had to be at the worst. It looked good from a far, but up close one could see that whoever owned it never heard of the word 'maintenance'. The planks were bent, rotten, or simply missing.

"Are you sure that people live here?"

"Well, people is a big word."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see." said Impa, who remembered the princess's fear of spiders when she was young. Hopefully, Zelda got over that. If not, then this could get nasty.

Impa opened the door. Zelda thought the look from the outside was the worst thing she had ever seen. She was wrong. The inside was the worst. The house was deteriorating and there were cobwebs everywhere. Zelda hated cobwebs. Not because she didn't like the strings that got caught in you hair, but because they mean that a spider is nearby. And she hated spiders. She walked further in the house, which was very dark. Zelda was just thinking how much this place looked like a ghost house, when all of the sudden a huge skulltulla came down from the ceiling. Zelda yelled as loud as she could and ran to Impa.

"Spiders have taken over this house. Your friends aren't here. Let's go." said Zelda after she got her breath back.

"Hate to disappoint you princess, but these ARE my friends. They were cursed."

"You mean that we have to stay in a house filled with big spiders?!" Zelda couldn't believe it.

"Not all of them are spiders, at least not anymore." said a young man, who walked out of the shadows.

"James?" asked Impa surprised. "How come your normal again?"

"Some kid lifted the curse. Or at least part of it. Right now I'm the only one who's back to normal, but I hope he can turn the others back as well."

Zelda got the feeling she knew the kid this James guy was talking about.

"How did he look?"

"Well, he wore green clothing and some weapon equipment. Not too special, but he did have a fairy."

"The fairy boy!" Zelda cried out.

It was obvious that James didn't understand the enthusiasm of the princess, so Impa explained the whole thing to him, although it took a long while.

"And that's why we're here. We need shelter and there are few people who come here. For some reason they think it's hunted. You're father still owes me from far in the past and I want to reclaim that debt." said Impa.

"But off course. My father always talked about you. Plus, you're friends with the fairy boy. Your friends of this house and you're always welcome if you would need something."

"Well, right now I need food. Haven't eaten since this morning." said Zelda.

"But off course you can eat."

"Good, now bring me some caviar."

"Caviar, princess?"

"What's wrong with caviar?"

"Well, we don't have it."

"Ah, simple food", Zelda said disappointed.

"So what do you have?"

"Bread, princess."


"Just plain bread, princess. That's all we've got."

"Well, I'll guess that will have to do for now. But how come you only have bread?"

"Well, you see, I got my old shape back only recently. The people of the village think this place is cursed and then they saw me walking, so they thought I was a ghost, who wanted to haunt the people. I couldn't buy anything, the people just wanted me to go away. My head still hurts because of the things they threw at me."

Zelda couldn't think how anyone would hurt James. He seemed so nice. And while she was busy being surprised, Impa was busy getting her face all red. Zelda noticed that Impa's face was on the break of explosion. She only saw that face once, when she did something very, very wrong. Impa was mad at her for days, weeks even. Right now Zelda really didn't want to be in the shoes of the village people.

Impa walked out of the door.

"Wait!" Zelda said. "The day is starting to come. You can't walk out. Ganondorf will get you."

"He won't."


"Because he has no evidence of me have anything to do with you."

"Ganondorf isn't the kind of man that needs evidence. I think the fact that you're my nanny is prove enough."

"She's right Impa and you know it. My father cares about you and he wouldn't want you to leave."

"Sorry, I made up my mind. Those villagers need a lesson."

Impa stormed to the door. Zelda could almost see the thunder around her face. Then she heared a weird and odd sounding voice.


It came from a spiders, the biggest one.

Impa turned around.

"Jacob? Is that you?"

"You know you shouldn't go."

In less than a second, Impa's head cleared and it got it's normal colour back. She sighed.

"I know. I won't."

"Good." and the spider went to the ceiling.

"Who was that?" asked Zelda.

"That's my father." James said.


The room was silent for a while. Zelda was the first one to speak again.

"I can't spent seven years here and only go out when it's dark. I need a new identity, a new life, so I can go out."

"And do what?"

"Well, buy something for on the bread for example."

"I mean, do what against Ganondorf?"

"Nothing. There is nothing we can do and you know it. We can only be a relief to the people, not a cure. That's the fairy boy's part."

"Very well. I knew you couldn't stay long in a house full of spiders." Impa said.

"So, where can I get new clothes?" Zelda said, glad she had something to do again.

"We'll need a tailor. You can say all you want, but when people see you in those clothes, they know you're the princess."

"Plus I can't wear the same thing for seven years. This could get out of fashion. And I probably grow out of it as well."

Impa sighed.

"That too."

"So, we're going to the Kakariko tailor?"

'Well, that's a problem." James said.

"You guys don't have a tailor?!"

"We do, but he's very loyal to Ganondorf. I think he's a spy. You can't get your clothing there. You will have to go to the market at the castle."

"Are you sure?" Impa asked.

"We have to be as far from Ganondorf as possible. We shouldn't go towards him."

"I'm afraid there's no other option."

"Then we will leave tonight." Impa said and the decision was made.

Impa and Zelda had food (mostly bread) with them from James. He also got them two dark cloaks, so that they wouldn't be given too much attention if anyone should be walking on the streets. During the rest of the day the princess and Impa made the plans. It was also during that day, that James saw Ganondorf's men all over town.

"It's like they know you're here." he had said.

Now the two women were walking out of Kakariko village in the darkness of the night and entered the graveyard. All of the sudden, a hook appeared before them and was gone at the same second.

"What was that?" whispered Zelda. She would soon find out. Dampé was sitting on the roof of his little home and he had something in his hand. When he recognised the two women, he came down. Zelda was afraid he would fall, but Dampé was very quick and agile. In no time he was standing in front of the two women waving with the item.

"What is it?" Zelda asked.

"Hookshot princess. Item it grab from far. Look." Dampé demonstrated it on a wall and he got pulled towards it.

"What a handy item. How did you get it?" asked Zelda, when Dampé was back with the women.

"Found at grave. Lying there it did. Dampé pick up."

"Well, it's a very useful thing."

"Princess wanting Hookshot?"

"Oh no, you keep it."

"Dampé no use for Hookshot. Princess use for Hookshot. Dampé owes princess. Dampé give princess Hookshot."

And just when Dampé moved his arm to hand over the weapon, a guard, who entered the graveyard, yelled: "They're here. Come. They're here."

Impa pulled at Zelda's arm and they started to run. Dampé stood still on his place with the Hookshot in his hand. It took him a while to understand what was going on.

There were now three guards at the graveyard. Impa and Zelda were almost at the other exit, that lead to Hyrule field, when one of the guards fired an arrow at Zelda. Dampé saw that he do it and jumped before the princess. He got hit and fell on the ground. His last thoughts were about him finally being his one customer and how thankful he was to be able to do such a great thing for that kind princess. Then he passed away holding the Hookshot in his hand.

Zelda saw him and wanted to go to him to see if he was okay, but Impa pulled her away. Zelda had no choice, but to run away, or she would fall. She started to cry and she was sure of one thing: she would never forget Dampé.




A new identity

Zelda and Impa were at the bridge of the castle. They could feel the tension hanging in the air. The princess looked around. The bridge was up, but they had to get inside. Impa talked to the window of the guardhouse. Inside there should be a guard, able of lifting the bridge.

"Excuse me sir." Impa said, holding her cloak really tight, so that she would reveal as little as possible.

"What is it?"

"Could you please lift the bridge for us?"

"Sorry, when it's night there will be no bridge lifting. Orders from Ganondorf."

Impa didn't like this. With the old King, travellers could get inside at night when they asked it to the guard. She had hoped it would still be like that. Apparently, she was wrong. Then she decided a different approach.

"Do you know who we are?" said Impa with a demanding voice.


Zelda couldn't she Impa's face, but she was afraid it was pretty red and in anger Impa would reveal the two women. But luckily Impa didn't.

"We are working for Ganondorf. Special workers if you can put it. We do things only he knows about and we have important information. I don't think he likes getting the information tomorrow when he can have it this night. Off course, I will blame you for the delay. I heared Ganondorf did nasty things to guards he didn't like..."

The bridge went up. It worked.

"Please don't say anything."

"We won't say a thing if you don't say a thing. We do work in secret you know."

"I understand completely."

Impa and Zelda walked over the bridge at night with their cloaks firmly over their clothing and their face. Of to the tailor.

At first the tailor didn't like being woken up after midnight. But when he saw who his customers were, his anger went away very fast.

"Princess! What are you doing here?"

"No time for that now. I need new clothing. These stand too much up."

"But off course you do. I heard about your father, God bless his soul, I'm so sorry. But quickly, come in. I'm so glad to know that your still free. My mother must know about this."

"No" said Zelda immediately on a very commanding tone.

"As little people as possible may know about my whereabouts. Don't tell her a thing. Now please, the clothing. I need them to be ready the next morning."

"But off course. Exactly what did you have in mind?"

"Impa and I already discussed about that. I need a new identity. Impa and I have decided that I will be a Sheikah named Sheik. So I need to look a bit like one and I need my hair and face covered as much as possible. I don't want people saying that I look a lot like the princess."

"I think I have an idea."

The tailor took a piece of paper and draw roughly some new clothing. It was a tight pink suit that was on her body from her foot till her hands. There was something above it that looked like a ruined white T-shirt, with the typical Sheikah paintings on it in red: an eye with a tear and three small triangles on top. There were bandages at the wrist and around the head. Impa thought it looked good enough, besides the pink colour.

"So princess, what do you think?"

"Do I have to wear that ruined thing above the suit?"

"Oh yes princess. Sheikah's always wear the same clothes for a long time, thus making the clothing old."

Impa looked very angry at the tailor, who became a bit afraid.

"Or so I heared. Off course it isn't true, but it's what people say and you should live up that stereotype."

"Well, then I guess it's okay. I have to say I like the pink."

Impa couldn't agree. She had to stop the tailor from making it pink, or she would be blinded each time she looked at the princess for the next seven years.

"But pink pays attention and we don't want that. What about something else, like...blue?"

"Blue?!" Zelda asked.

"Yes princess, blue. I'm sure it would suit you."

Zelda rarely got a compliment or something which was supposed to be one from Impa, so when Impa flattered her, Zelda completely agree on making the suit blue.

"And dark blue, not bright blue." Impa quickly added.

"I'll start working on it right away. You'll have to wait until I'm ready. If you want there's some food in the kitchen. It's not much, but it's something."

Zelda and Impa walked to the kitchen. Well, Zelda ran because of her hunger and Impa walked slowly on her own typical way.

Ganondorf got more angry every hour. That darn princess couldn't be found! She was spotted at Kakariko Village. That is to say, LEAVING Kakariko Village. She got there unnoticed, while Ganondorf had putten a lot of guards there. Silly dogs. Those Gerudo were a lot better soldiers, but they were loyal to the king. What had he done for them? Ganondorf was their leader, not that fool! And now the princess wandered free and with her the secret of the complete Triforce. Oh, Ganondorf's new powers were nice, but he wanted more. He wanted all of the Triforce and for that he wanted her. But she was nowhere to be found. She'd probably be far away from him with the Goron's or the Zora's. Some place far from the castle and the market paying attention to his every move...

Actually, the princess was near Ganondorf, sleeping in a kitchen. She had just eaten and then she simply fell asleep. Impa let her, it was a long day after all. And so Impa sat on the kitchen table eating very slowly while Zelda was sitting next to her with her head lying on the table and on the background you could hear a man working hard with siccors, strings and needles.

The tailor was finished and looked at the result. He was very pleased with himself. It looked a lot like he had in mind and very like Sheikah clothing. He would show it to the princess right away. So the tailor took the suit and walked to the kitchen. Impa heared that the sounds from the tailor had stopped, so she expected him to be ready and woke the princess. Zelda was sitting at the table with sleep in her eyes, but she already had that attitude of high society all over her. The tailor showed the suit and Zelda still thought it would be better if it was pink. The princess took the clothes and walked to another room, where she put them on. There was a mirror, which came in handy when she had to put the bandages around her head. It went difficult and took a lot of time, but in the end she got it right. She walked to the kitchen and showed her new clothing to the two people sitting at the table.

"Well, what do you think?"

"No one would recognise you princess." Impa said.

"That's not what I mean. How do you I look?"

Impa sighed. Apparently looking good was more important then being save.

"You look as good as ever." Impa diplomatically said.

"You look beautifully, princess. The rays from the sun itself would envy you."

Zelda said nothing, but stared at the ground. Impa thought that the tailor really know how to compliment a woman, but right now there were other things.

"Princess, we have to leave." Impa quickly said when she saw that the tailor wanted to continue his praise.

"Yes Impa. What should we do with my old clothes?"

"We can't take them with us. If someone spots them, your identity is revealed. Plus we have to travel as light as possible. It's better if the tailor burns them."

"But they're my favourite clothes!"

The tailor knew he had to interfere.

"I can hide them. There is a space in the house no one knows about. I will keep them there."

"Thank you."

The tailor took the clothes and hid them. Impa and Zelda stood in the kitchen and started to walk outside. It was still dark, and it would take a couple of hours before the sun was up and Impa wanted to be away by then.

"Sir, the horse with which the two women fled has been spotted."

"Well, where is it?" Ganondorf asked anxiously.

"It's at the tailor."

"Which tailor?"

"The tailor at the market." the man who delivered this message was standing uncomfortable. Ganondorf wouldn't like the fact, that they got so close to him. The man was right.

"WHAT?! Are you saying they simply asked the guard if he could lower the bridge for two fugitives, then they wandered on the marketplace where every guard could see them and opened the door of the tailor after they asked to one of my undercover man what he thought of the weather?"

"Well, no sir." For some reason, guards never understand sarcasm.

"Then what happened?"

"Well, they tricked the guard at the bridge and the wore cloaks and, well..."

"And what?"

"And, well...the guards at the market were kinda...drunk, sir."

"Drunk?!" Ganondorf yelled.

"Yes sir. They were celebrating our victory."

"Letting a very important person wander free doesn't sound like a victory to me. I want those men executed first thing tomorrow."

"What do we do now, sir?"

"Well, those two rats walked in, so now I suggest we close the trap."

"Do what, sir?"

"The bridge wont be up untill we have them. Only if I'm personally there the bridge will be lowered. And four SOBER guards will be guarding it. That way those darn women can't escape."

"Brilliant plan, sir. I'll see to it right away."

The messenger saluted and walk away very fast. He was glad he wasn't punished for bringing this awful news. At least now he could join his friends at the bar.

"Oh, and since you were so kind to tell me this, I honour you by letting you guard the bridge for the first period. You may chose the three other man. I'm sure you're friends love to volunteer." Ganondorf said, when the man was just about to leave the room.

"Off course sir. What an honour. Thank you, sir."




The second escape

Impa and Zelda, wearing the clothes of Sheik, were standing in the dark against a wall of one of the houses on the market. Impa looked carefully at the bridge. With one look of an eye she saw that it was guarded too well. They needed a diversion and soon, in a few hours the sun would be up and she wanted to be gone before that would happen. Stealthily they walked back to the tailor.

"Perhaps you know what we could use as a diversion?" Impa asked the tailor.

"Let me think...Yes, that might work!"


"Well, for the princess's next birthday the King, bless his soul, wanted a doll of her on actual size. So I made it. If we put on the dress that I put on the attic, it will distract the guards, because they will think that's the princess."

"Do it right away." Impa said and the tailor rushed to the back of his house. In a few moments, he was back with the doll and the clothes.

"Now, we have to put the clothes on the doll. Sadly, I made the head too big and we can't put the dress over it's head. I'm afraid we have to tear the dress and then sew it back together."

And so with the instructions of the tailor, the three people put the clothes on the doll.

"You know," the tailor said while they were working to kill the time and the tension, "I was thinking of making a little doll for girls and lots of clothes they can put on. I'm still thinking of a name. Perhaps I'll name it after the girl that lives next door: Darbie."

Zelda, who was struggling with a thread that just wouldn't go in the needle, said: "I don't think that will be a success."

Finally, the doll was finished. Zelda took a good look at it.

"The dress is okay, and the doll is large enough, but the doll doesn't look like me at all. This was supposed to look like me?"

"Well, it's just the first one I made and I meant to improve it. But now, we don't have enough time for it. It will have to do."

"Could you go to the bridge and check out the situation? Perhaps it's changed." As usual, Impa said it like a question, but because of her voice, it sounded like an order you have to follow.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll go now and see what I can find out. If I'm not back in ten minutes, I won't come back at all."

"You're a tailor. Do you really think that they want you dead?" Zelda asked.

"No, but I always wanted to say that."

The tailor walked around the market being inconspicuous. Well, actually he was so inconspicuous, it was just conspicuous. Moving from tree to tree, checking the area with his eyes, making sudden moves, the guards just had to notice him even though it was still dark because of the early dawn.

"Hey you."

"Who, me?" The tailor tried to look as innocent as can be.

"Yeah you. What are you doing. You're not trying to get out, are you?"

"No, of course not, no, what gave you that idea, that's one of the craziest things I've ever heared. Me breaking out!" The tailor gave a look as if he laughed about it, but the result was that drool came out of his mouth and he looked really stupid.

"But, ehm, if I was trying to get out, which I'm not I assure you, how could I do that? Not that I want to know that of course"

"Well, you could ask Ganondorf to join you."

"But he's a busy man, he won't have time for me. So, how then?"

"Not. We have strict orders. Only lift the bridge if Ganondorf is here. Even is someone tells us he has a letter in which Ganondorf gives authorisation, we can't lift the bridge."

"Oh, I see. I'll just walk back and forget about that important information since I don't care about it."

And the tailor wandered of with his inconspicuous conspicuous way of walking.

"Bad news I'm afraid: the bridge is only lifted if Ganondorf himself is there."

"So they know we're here." Impa said.

"Now what do we do?"

"Well, one way or another, that bridge has got to go."

"Yeah, just ask the guards: "Excuse me, but could you be so kind to set the bridge on fire so that the most wanted person in this country can go away?". I don't think that will work. Trust me, those guys are very smart, they noticed me and I was very inconspicuous."

"If the guards won't destroy it, then someone else has to. It's the only way. Do you know some guys at the market who are willing to do that?" Impa asked.

"Well, I know who are loyal to the King, God bless his soul, but they will surely be brought to death."

"Unless they can run really fast like us." Zelda said.

"That won't do princess. Hyrule doesn't need more fugitives like us. No, they must destroy the bridge without the guards finding out who did it."

"Well, they could use an arrow. The guards may not see them in the dawn." Zelda said.

"You want to destroy the bridge with an arrow? I don't think that will work." The tailor said.

"But if it's an arrow with some burning cloth on it, the bridge will be on fire and then it could work."

"Like I said, brilliant idea that arrow." The tailor added, but no one listened.




The princess' death

"Did it work?" Impa asked the tailor after he came back.

"Yes, they're ready and waiting for you signal."

"Princess, are you ready?"

"Couldn't be more ready, although I'm very nervous. And this suit is so tight, I can hardly breath."

"But do you know the plan?"

"Oh yeah, off course."

"Then we're off. We have no time to waist, the sun is coming very fast now."

"Sir, the sun is setting. Do you wish to seek the fugitives?"

"Of course I want to find them. What kind of a question is that?!" Ganondorf asked angry.

"Then shall I guide you to the market?"

"I think I can find it on my own. Just send about twenty men to the market, okay?"

Ganondorf wasn't really like a little sunshine this morning. He had hoped the guards at the bridge would've caught the princess by now. In the dark, the people wouldn't see it and they could start a rebellion if they saw that their precious princess was caught. Sure, punishing the people would be fun, but then he would have less men who could work for him. But knowing the ability of the guards, the princess could have escaped by now. Ganondorf rejected that idea, the guards had a thick skull, but fortunately, the bridge was also thick. She couldn't have passed it and there is no other way out. No, she was in a trap and now, he was going to close the trap by searching every inch of the market. He would soon have her and then he would have the entire Triforce and all it's power.

Impa and Zelda we're standing behind a house, close to the bridge. The tailor was with them, just like the doll and a horse the tailor 'borrowed' from one of the villagers. Without a sound they put the doll on the horse. Impa checked to see if it wouldn't fall and then she raised her hand. All of the sudden, a cloud of fire arrows came out of nowhere and hit the bridge.

"I told you I heared something!" one of the four guards said.

"Why do these things always happen on my watch?"

"What do we do now?"

"Well, we could stand here, pretend that nothing is going on."

"And let the bridge burned down? I don't think Ganondorf will like that."

For a silent moment the guards thought very hard.

"Perhaps we can move the fire by blowing it away."

"Excellent idea. Men, wave with your cloaks, so the fire will go away."

And that's what the guards did. They waved and blowed and as a result, the fire grew.

"Hey...puff, puff...it seems that the fire grows."

"That's not good, is it?"

"Perhaps we should stop doing this."

"Now I know! You use water on fire. Come, there is a bucket here. You fill it with water from the well."

Impa looked at the guards. It seemed like they increased the fire, but that would be very strange and unreal. The fire looked big enough for the next part of the plan. Impa hit the horse as hard as she could and the horse ran of to the bridge.

Ganondorf just entered the market and immediately he saw that the bridge was on fire. Those idiots. Suddenly, he heared a horse running very fast. He couldn't get a good look on who was on it, because it was a bit foggy and the horse moved so fast you couldn't get a good look, but it seemed like it was that blasted princess! She was escaping again!

"Ehm, isn't that a horse with princess Zelda on it coming at us?"

"It seems like it."

"He's coming very fast, don't you think?"

"Perhaps we should move away tactically to see what the princess will do."

"I think that's a good idea."

And the guards ran away screaming.

Zelda had her eyes fixed on the doll, but Impa saw that a new man had entered the market. Ganondorf was here. They should be extra careful now. He was not a man to underestimate.

As the horse came to the bridge, it pranced and the doll fell in the flames. Immediately, the doll caught fire and in a few seconds, there was nothing left from it.

"Look, the princess Zelda. She's..." one of the guards said after they took in new positions.

"What's with her?" asked her guard, who couldn't see the bridge.

"I think she's dead."

"Princess, we have to leave now before Ganondorf checks the bridge for your remainings."

Impa and Zelda went carefully to the bridge. Luckily, the people that were standing on the market were stunned because of the 'death' of princess Zelda and Impa and Zelda used that moment to get away. The both put a piece of cloth before their nose and mouth and ran through the fire.

"Stop that fire!" Ganondorf yelled at the twenty men, who just entered the market.

Buckets were taking from every house and soon, the bridge was just a pile of black wood and ashes. Ganondorf walked around the bridge, searching for signs that would make him convince it was Zelda that died in the flames. He saw a piece of pink cloth lying and picked it up. Yes, it was from her dress, but still he wasn't convinced. Something inside him said this wasn't over, that it was only beginning. But for now, it was enough. The hunt for Zelda would stop and Ganondorf would still be without the last two pieces of the Triforce. Now he would never have them! Never will his power be completed! Ganondorf raised his head, looked to the sky and yelled a sound that was more like an animal than a human being. The people who heared it put their hands on their ears because of the pain the sound made. And then it stopped.

"What do we do now?" Zelda asked to Impa on Hyrule field after they ran away and were far away from the castle.

"I'm going to Kakariko village. When the tailor went to seek loyal people, he also informed a couple of men, that they should go to Kakariko village, for it will be safer there. They will come and they will need me. You should come with me, for it isn't save for you to be alone."

"And when they don't need you anymore?"

"We'll just wait and see what we do then. Who knows? For now we are free."

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