The Kokiri

By Lonneke Mous

A new goal

A year has passed since Zelda's "death". After the bridge was burned, some of the people who lived on the market moved and started a life at Kakariko village. They thought it wasn't save to be so close to Ganondorf. They were right.

Ganondorf ordered to kill everyone who were at the market or in the streets the night of Zelda's escape, because some had helped the princess. Also, Ganondorf fired, tortured or killed every man he had hired, since he was positive that they were the dumbest men alive. He did this shortly after finding out how he could call the undead, so they could guard the market and do things for him. For the rest, Ganondorf did very little, which was a surprise for the princess and Impa. Sure, he raised taxes, burned farms and captured some men, but it wasn't in large quantities. It was as if Ganondorf was busy doing other things…

"Dang!" Ganondorf threw away the old book he had been studying.

"The greatest library in the entire world they say, but not one word about how to get the entire Triforce. Get the Spiritual Stones, they say, get the Master Sword and the Hero of Time, they all say. Then you'll have the Triforce. But I already tried that and I failed. I got but one piece and there isn't one word about how one should collect the other two. Not one word and I read them all! A whole year waisted by reading useless books. Well, that's going to change."

Ganondorf rang the bell. A poe appeared out of thin air.

"What is it sir?"

"Get me a torch. I want to lighten this place up."

"You want to destroy thousand years of wisdom?"

"No, I want a torch."

"Very well."

And the poe vanished again. Then a torch came in the room. It was as if it could fly by itself, but Ganondorf knew the now invisible poe was carrying it.

"Thank you. Now drop the torch."

"Yes sir."

And the torch fell as if the force that kept him in the air suddenly decided that he was playing with it long enough.

"Should I get a bucket with water sir?" asked the poe while the books started to burn.

"No, I already thought it was a bit chilly in here." said Ganondorf and the poe disappeared again.

"Impa?" Zelda asked.

"What is it Sheik?"

"First of all, stop calling me Sheik. We're alone here."

"Ganondorf could have spies."

"Ganondorf thinks I'm dead."

"That's what his brains, if he has any, say, but perhaps his heart tells him different things. He has the Triforce of Power, you the Triforce of Wisdom. Don't you think you're connected in one way or another?"

"You could be right."

"I don't know if I'm right, you know more about this stuff then me. But what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Well, I'm leaving Kakariko village."

"No, you're not. You're too young to go out there on your own."

"I'm old and wise enough."

Impa couldn't argue about the wisdom part. In the past year, Zelda came up with remarkable solutions for problems Impa couldn't solve. Whenever the villagers wanted to know something or had a problem, they often went to Zelda first. But old enough?

"You're wise enough, sure I know that. But you're still a kid."

"Would a kid fake it's death because he's hunted? Would a kid have a different identity? Would the fate of a land lie on a kid's shoulders?"

"The fate also lies on the faerie boy and fate thought he was too young, just like you are now."

"You can't keep me here. I have to leave, that is what fate wants."

"And exactly why does fate want to do that? You said there was nothing we could do until the Hero of Time returns."

"There are…things."



"And these things are…?"

"Something that I can't tell you. But I have to go."

"Fine, if there's no other way. If you have to go, you can go."

Zelda sighed of satisfaction. She knew Impa wouldn't want her to leave, but it seems that she managed to convince her.

"And I'm coming with you."

"NO!" Zelda said immediately. "You have to stay here, you can't leave."

"And why, princess, can you leave, but can't I?"

"Well, ehm, Kakariko needs you." Zelda said, and it was obvious that she was lying or withholding something.

"Hmm, and why doesn't Kakariko need you? You did a lot for this place and the people the last year."

"Because, like I said, I have to go."

Impa said nothing but thought hard for a long time. Then, she came to a decision.

"You're wise Sheik. Your wisdom exceeds most man even though you're still a child. I trust that wisdom now in doing the right thing. You may go…"


"If you tell me what those things are."

Zelda groaned.

"I can't. Really Impa, I'd tell you if I could, but I can't, I swear it."

"I was afraid you would say that."

Zelda stood looking sad and sighed.

"Well don't just stand here, you have things to pack." Impa said all of the sudden.

Zelda's face cleared up in an instant and their was a smile on her face, although that was hard to see with the bandages around her head. She hugged Impa and then stormed out of the room to her chambers. She hated to keep a secret from Impa, but she couldn't tell her about the Sages, not while Impa was one of them.

Ganondorf was thinking about what to do next. He read all those useless books and now he had to do something else. But when it came to the entire Triforce, he was powerless. There was nothing he could do about it and that made him feel impotent. And the impotent made him feel angry and gave him the urge to show that he was in command, not some silly fake-golden triangle or an extinct Royal family! He was the boss and now the world would know it. Ganondorf was pleased with the idea of destroying the world. But where would he start his ruthless campaign? Of course, at the place that cares the least about him. An isolated place, where not many people come, so that Ganondorf would show that you couldn't hide from him anywhere. And he knew just what that place was: Kokiri forest.

Zelda was riding a horse on Hyrule Field. She didn't like going out on her own, but she knew that Impa had to stay in Kakariko village.

Zelda stopped and started thinking about what to do next. When the Hero of Time would return, he had to gather the Sages and she would help him with it. She couldn't prevent harm being done to the Sages, she couldn't lock them away or so. Now that she thought of it: what was she going to do? She knew that she had to visit the Sages and make sure they're okay, without letting them know about the Sage-business. The Hero of Time would have to free them and make them realise what their job is. Well, two of the six Sages were at the right place. The Sage of Light was protecting the Hero of Time and Impa was in Kakariko village. Four Sages left to check. She thought long and decided to go to Kokiri forest. That is where the Hero of Time came from, so he'd probably go there first. Plus she had the feeling that something was going to happen there very soon.


On to the Sacred Meadow

Ganondorf entered the Kokiri forest alone. When he came riding in on his black horse, people came out of their houses. Well, the people where Kokiri, not Hylian, so they weren't normal people. Plus, they didn't age, but always looked like young children. Ganondorf never got used to the fact that they didn't die of old age and in a way had eternal life. It wasn't fair that someone like Ganondorf, who was superior to them in every way, couldn't trick death like they could. Well, now they were going to pay for making Ganondorf feel humble, because no one messes around with him. No one!

"Heh, you on the horse."

Ganondorf looked down and saw a Kokiri boy with orange hair.

"Are you talking to me?"

"Do you see anyone else on a horse?"

"Do not speak to me as if we are equals."

Ganondorf took his whip and decided to learn this terrible kid a lesson.

"I will learn you to pay me respect." Ganondorf said and he raised the whip.

"Then you have to catch me first."

The child ran away and Ganondorf quickly followed him, filled with revenge. By now, the other Kokiri came out of their houses and they watched what was going on. Some people looked at Ganondorf with fear, while others cheered for the fugitive. The kid managed to get away from Ganondorf by quickly changing his course and using back allays. Like this, the pray kept playing with his hunter, something Ganondorf didn't like. Then the child stopped, standing in front of a wall and climbed it. He followed a path that lead upwards and stepped in an entrance that was there.

Ganondorf climbed of his horse and followed the lad, while he was saying some pretty nasty things. But after Ganondorf walked into the entrance, he saw three other ways he could go to.

"Damned." Ganondorf said.

"He lured me into the Lost Woods. He may think that I won't find him, but he's wrong."

In one of the books he read in the library, which was now ashes, stood that you should listen to pass the Woods. And so Ganondorf listened, but all he could hear was music. Then he realised that the music came from the right and so he decided to take the right path. He continued listening to where the music cam from and after a while, he had no idea where he was, but he kept walking, listening to the music. Then he saw another Kokiri standing in front of the next passage.


"What do you mean 'halt'?"

"I mean that you can't pass. What else should it mean? 'Please stop so I can have your autograph'?"

Ganondorf heard the sarcasm and he didn't like it.

"Don't you know who I am?"

"Someone who can't pass."

"And why can't I do that?"

"Since the death of the Deku Tree, strange stuff is happening in the Sacred Meadow. Saria said, that no one could get there, so you can't pass."

Ganondorf almost lost his patience. He couldn't believe that some Kokiri brat could stop him. Well, he couldn't do that off course.

"A friend of mine, who is also a Kokiri just pass. No let me go further so I can give him what I promised."

"I'm sorry, but I wouldn't let you pass even,…even if you were Ganondorf himself." The Kokiri smiled triomfically.

"Well, you see, I AM Ganondorf. And if you wont let me pass, then I know ways to make you."

Ganondorf showed the whip, that he still had in his hand and which was meant for the other Kokiri boy. But this one would do fine as well according to Ganondorf and the Kokiri could see the threat in his eyes. Needless to say the Kokiri's face got all white and quickly ran away. When he first saw the intruder, he planned to stop him to impress Saria. But he didn't know it was Ganondorf!

"Yes Kokiri brat, run. Run like the rest of you guys will soon." whispered Ganondorf as he looked at the fleeing kid and smiled.

Zelda entered the Kokiri forest riding on her horse. Immediately, Kokiri came running towards her. They all started talking and shouting at the same time.

"Stop, please. One at the time. You, tell me what's going on."

"Your Sheik, right? Impa told us about you."

"I'm Sheik, yes and I'm looking for Saria. Does anyone know were she is?"

"She's in the Sacred Meadow, but we think that Ganondorf is there as well. He was chasing one of us and we fear that our brother lead him to the Sacred Meadow through the Lost Woods."

"No I didn't."

Every Kokiri turned their head and looked at the Kokiri that was walking towards him.

"You really think that I would lead Ganondorf to the Sacred Meadow? I ran so fast that he lost sight of me and then I used a shortcut to get back. He's probably in the Lost Woods right now, trying to find a way out. You know that only Kokiri can find the way. Trust me, we wont be seeing him for a while."

Then the Kokiri, who got chased, bowed and the others clapped.

"I'm not to sure about that. Ganondorf is evil and insane, but he's also smart. He may be wise enough to find a way." Zelda said.

"Do you really think so?"

"I think so." another Kokiri said that came walking towards the crowd of Kokiri that were standing around Zelda's horse.

"Mido! Shouldn't you be guarding the entrance to the Sacred Meadow?"

"I did, but Ganondorf came. You should've seen me. He was threatening me, but I didn't let him go through. Then he started beating me with a whip, bang bang. But still I didn't let him pass. He had to make me to lie on the ground, almost bleeding to death, before he was able to get pass me."

"If that's so, then why don't I see your wounds?" Zelda said.

Mido changed from a hero to a shy person.

"Well, I don't know. Perhaps it was mostly internal bleeding and I…" He decided to change topic before he'd lose total face.

"Who are you anyway? We don't allow strangers here."

"I'm Sheik. Impa most have told you about me."

"Oh, well, ehm, yeah. I remember. She said that we could trust you as much as we could trust her."

"So, you trust me?"

"Well, I guess so."

"Good, because I need someone to lead me through the Lost Woods and get me to the Sacred Meadow. I must face Ganondorf and since you're so brave, I give you the honour of being a volunteer."

It took a while before Mido understood what she was saying. Then his face got frightened.

"But I'm hurt. So I'd love to join you, but I can't."

"All right. Show me one bruise as proof of you having a handicap and you're off the hook."

"I…I don't have a bruise." said Mido, while his face turned all red, matching his hair colour.

"Then lets go. I'll leave my horse here."

Zelda lead her horse to a tree and tied the reins to it.

"Well, I'm ready. Let's go."

Mido slowly walked towards her, trying to expand the time left.

"Can't you walk a bit faster? Ganondorf could be at the Sacred Meadow by now."

Instead of walking faster, Mido started to walk even slower.

"This isn't working. Tell me how to get to the Sacred Meadow and I'll go alone. I can't have a chicken as my guide."

"Nobody calls me a chicken!" said Mido in anger.

"Then why are you walking so slow? Why do you make it look like you're afraid of Ganondorf?"

"I'm afraid for nobody!"

"Good. Now proof it by going a bit faster."

Mido's pride had been hurt a lot and he was really angry now. Zelda thought that Ganondorf could get pretty angry, but Mido was also good at it.

"I'll show you fast." said Mido and he ran away towards a wall. He climbed it and ran towards the entrance of the Lost Woods.

"Finally." Zelda said and she followed Mido.

"So, these are the Lost Woods. I heard a lot about them. Are all those stories true?"

This was a good time for Mido to impress the Sheikah.

"The stories are false, because the truth is even worse." he said with a not-so-spooky voice.

"Really?" Zelda said with sarcasm, although Mido didn't hear that. He thought she was impressed and continued.

"Thousands and thousands of people have tried to seek a way to our sacred ground in the hope of finding eternal youth there. We have seen many people enter these woods, but none coming out of them. At night, you can still here their voices whispering."

"Must be really busy at night then. All those voices babbling at you at the same time about something really boring. Reminds me of the King's parties I went to."

Now Mido was impressed.

"You have met the King?"

"Yeah. He is very kind. Well, that is to say, he was very kind." said Zelda and Mido could hear the grief in her voice.

"So, what was he like?" Mido asked, because he had never met anyone who had met the King.

"He was a friendly person, who didn't feel hate at all. His only fault was thinking that none hated him."

Sheik looked into the distance, but Mido thought that she was even further away with her thoughts. He couldn't figure out if she was talking to him or to herself.

"You must hate Ganondorf for killing him." Mido said, because he couldn't bear the silence anymore.

"Yes, I hate him for that and for a lot more things." Then, the tone of Zelda's voice changed from sad and slow to a bit cheerful.

"Well, we were going to the Sacred Meadow and Ganondorf already has a lead over us, so we'd better hurry. Now, how can you find you're way in these woods?"

Mido, confused because of the sudden change of subject, said nothing for a while, then realised what Sheik had said and answered.

"Well, it's really difficult, you see. No one has ever figured it out."

"Except Ganondorf."

"Yes, well, yeah. But he has special powers and apart from him, none has found his way."

"Just stop the advertisement on how good this place is and tell me how to get to the Sacred Meadow."

"Do you hear the music?"

"Yeah…" Zelda said, wondering what the tune she'd been hearing had to do with the subject.

"Well, it comes from one direction. Follow that way and you'll get to the Sacred Meadow."

"That's it?!" Zelda asked surprised.

"Yes, brilliant, isn't it?"

"No, it isn't. The only reason why people didn't find their way was, because it was so easy. I was thinking of mystical items, special powders, something like that. But it's just some fluffy tune?!"

"I guess…"

Zelda groaned. She could've figured this one out herself.

"Come." she said.

"Do I have to?"

"Who knows, maybe I tumble on a puzzle that is so simple, that I need you to solve it." Zelda said with sarcasm.

Mido, unaware that it was an insult, glowed with pride that such an important person needed him. He could brag about this to the others when he get back. Then he remembered Ganondorf and the glow went away. He wasn't even sure if he'd get back! What good is being a hero if you can't tell it to anyone?

"Would you hurry up a bit? We have to move fast." Zelda said and Mido walked behind her, mocking his situation.


Guard of the gate

Ganondorf walked through a tree trunk wondering how much further it was. Just as he was about to give up, he walked into the Sacred Meadow. Ganondorf looked around and saw a gate. It was obviously old and rarely used. So he slowly walked to the gate, paying attention to any things that might happen. And something did.

A wolf jumped from the bushes and tried to attack Ganondorf. But then Ganondorf turned his head and stared at the beast. The wolf stood still and growled at him. Then it ran away in fear.

After this short meeting, Ganondorf continued to walk towards the gate. He tried to open it, but although it was very rusty, he had no trouble with opening it. The gate went open smoothly and without making a sound. Ganondorf wondered how this was possible with such an old-looking gate. He looked really good at one of the bars and touched it. Rust came on his hand, so how did it open so easily and without a sound? He thought hard, but couldn't figure out the answer. So he simply let it be "one of those magic-thingies" and continued to walk. He then saw that he could go either left or right.

"Great, another maze." Ganondorf whispered. "Just what I was hoping for."

"So that were the great Lost Woods?" Zelda said.

"Yep, the Deku Tree made it to protect these sacred grounds."

"No offence, but in that case the Deku Tree doesn't have a lot of brains. Well, he doesn't have any brains, because he's a tree and all that, but you understand me, right?"

"Ehm…sure. So,…what were you saying again?"

"Nevermind. Just that I expected a bit more from the Deku Tree. I should talk to him about that. I never talked to a tree before. Wonder what's it like?"

"You can't talk to the Deku Tree."

"Why not?"

"Because he's gone. And it's all because of him." Mido said the word him with disgust.

"Who's him? Ganondorf?"

"No, he's a Kokiri. But somehow we always knew he was different. Anyway, the Deku Tree summoned him one day and when he got back, the Deku Tree was dead."

"So you really think that he killed the Deku Tree?"

"Who else?"

"Well, does the word 'Ganondorf' ring a bell?"

"Ganondorf wasn't near the tree that day. But He was."

"Perhaps Ganondorf put a spell on the Deku Tree, which slowly killed him."

"I guess that's possible…"

"So it didn't have to be the Kokiri, right or wrong?"

"Guess you're right."

"Now, let's get going. We must find Ganondorf."

"What will you do after you've found him?"

"I don't know. Didn't really think of that. I just have to stop him."

"Wow. You're gonna kill him?!" Mido got a huge smile.

"No, that's not my place. I simply have to make sure Ganondorf won't do anything that can't be cured. That in the future, there's still a change of him being stopped."

"So, what can't be cured?"

"Well, I have to protect certain…things." Zelda said, being very vague, but she quickly continued talking. "Sorry, I already said too much. Let's get going."

Zelda wanted to walk to the gate, but then Mido said: "Sheik, stop!"

She stood still immediately.

"What is it now?"


"What the hell is a Nana? We've already lost too much time because of you."

"It's not a 'what' but a 'who'."

"Okay, then 'who' is it?"

"She's a wolf that protects the final entrance to the Sacred Meadow, the gate. She makes sure that none can get passed the gate. She can open it and close it, no one else can."

"Well, the gate is here, but Ganondorf isn't, so I'm guessing he got passed it. Some bodyguard." Zelda clearly showed how much she hated this situation. Sure, this was a beautiful place, with the most wonderful things, but right now it made very clear how weak it really was.

Mido in the meantime tried to lure Nana by calling her name and making funny noises. Then the wolf finally appeared from the bushes, but she was growling.

"What is it Nana? It's just me, lil' Mido."

Nana continued to growl.

"Apparently she hates you as much as I do." Zelda said.

Nana turned her head to see where this new voice was coming from and when she saw Sheik, she immediately stopped growling and walked towards her like a pet. Nana put her nose in Zelda's hand and began licking it.

"So this is supposed to be your fearsome guard? The last one to protect the Sacred Meadow?"

"I don't understand. Nana hates strangers. Perhaps it's one of those weird things you Sheikah can do."

"Perhaps." Zelda said, but she knew that he was wrong and that it had to do with something much greater.

"Nana." Zelda said to the wolf, changing the subject.

"Would you mind opening the gate for us? You see, we're trying to catch an evil man called Ganondorf."

When Zelda said his name, Nana immediately stopped licking and began growling again.

"Looks like you've already met him." Zelda said.

Then, all of the sudden, the gate opened. Zelda was surprised that it happen so sudden, without a sign, but then she remembered the weird link between Nana and the gate, so she let it rest.

"Well then, of we go."

While Sheik and Mido were walking towards the gate, Nana stared at them, as a some sort of goodbye. Then, after they passed the gate, it closed.

"Well, guess there's no way back now." Zelda thought.

Then Nana howled to the sky real long and real loud. It gave Zelda the shivers to think, that to Nana they were already dead.


Facing death

Ganondorf was on the stairs, heading for the Forest Temple. He was walking, sighing and complaining about why they had to put stairs around here. Then he had reached the end of the stairs and saw a cute guy hiding in a bush. Ganondorf hated these cute guys. They've been shooting nuts at him all the way and were really annoying. So he had decided to kill them as soon as he saw them. And so he did. The animal, that was hiding in some hole, soon found out that bushes aren't a great cover when a powerful madman wants you dead.

"Something's wrong." Mido said.

"Now what?!" Zelda asked annoyed, since they've stopped a lot of times while walking through these tunnels and every time they've stopped for some idiotic reason. Zelda couldn't wait to find out what kind of an excuse Mido now had to delay the meeting with Ganondorf.

"They aren't here!"

"Who aren't here?"

"The Deku Shrubs. They always hide here. You see, they're shy creatures, so they hide in the bushes that are around here. Plus, almost no one comes here, so this is their favourite place. But now they're all gone."

"Yeah, and I've got a feeling about who did it."

"Who?" Mido asked, proving his stupidity once more.

"Ganondorf off course! Who else?!"

"I don't know."


"But why?"

"Well, let's see. What kind of creatures are Deku Shrubs?"

"They're shy."

"You've already said that. But if they don't show themselves to Ganondorf, then he wouldn't know of their existence and wouldn't kill them."

"Oh yeah. When somebody comes on their territory, they hit him with nuts."
"And that's pretty annoying. Now were getting some where. And I suppose those Deku Shrubs are cute?"

"Well, they look cute, but sometimes they have a mean temper."
"So why would Ganondorf want to kill annoying, yet cute creatures?"

"Beats me." Mido said.

Zelda sighed.

"Is there anyone who's dumber than you?" she asked.

"Can't say I met him."

"Me neither."

Saria was singing, while she sat on a tree trunk. It was the song she always sang. Her song. The song, only her dear friends knew. Among those were the friends of the forest, like the fireflies. Those little glowers always came listening to her song and sometimes it seemed as if they were dancing in the sky on the melody. She smiled thinking of the creatures that lived in the woods. Sometimes they were all she had. Sure, there were the other Kokiri, but sometimes they seemed so…childish. She felt older, wiser. She has always felled like this, but then there was him. He wasn't like the others. Like Saria, he was wiser and brighter. Because of that, they had a bond and Saria was could always feel him, no matter were he was. After his departure, she was still feeling him. She felt that he has been in danger, four, no, five times. First when he entered the Deku Tree. Then some hot place and after that some strange jelly-like place. And next a weird, dark place, where things weren't what they seemed. Final, a thirsty place filled with ancient mystery. Saria shaked her head. She could only guess where he has been. But then, it was a bit more then a year ago, something happened that she would never forget. One day, she woke up and knew something was wrong. She soon found out what. He was gone. She couldn't feel him anymore. Somewhere, deep down on a hidden place inside her, she knew he was still alive. But then where was he? Where was her friend? She thought about it every day after his disappearance, but never found an answer.

Then, all of the sudden, she heared a twig, that got snapped and immediately, she was back in reality. She stood up, looking around. Someone was here and she had a bad feeling about it. No one of evil could get at the Sacred Meadow, but still, something was wrong. If it was someone pure, then why wouldn't he (or she?) reveal himself. Wait, wasn't someone standing over there? Saria stared at a shadow where she saw a figure of someone.

"I see you discovered me." Ganondorf said, as he walked forward out of the shadows and into the light, so that Saria could see him clearly.

Saria didn't know who this man was, but she knew he wasn't here to give her the 'forest-lover of the month' award. If such a thing would exist. No, this man was evil, with a capital e.

"You may wonder who I am." Ganondorf continued as he was walking around, looking at the surroundings. But although he wasn't looking at her, Saria knew he was talking to her.

"I may." she answered and she feared that her voice was trembling a lot while she said that.

"Well, let me free you from the uncertainty." Ganondorf said and he turned so he was looking Saria straight in the eye, while he was just a couple of passes away from her.

"My name is Ganondorf and it doesn't matter what yours is. Because soon you wont live anymore."

"I'm tired." Mido complained. Zelda took Mido with her to teach him a lesson, but he was really getting on her nerves.


"Can't we rest for a little while?"

"No, we have to get moving."

"It doesn't hurt if we'll stop for a little while?" Mido asked on a really annoying tone.

"Yes it does."

"Oh yeah, then who will get hurt and by whom?" Mido asked triomphically with a smile, thinking Sheik had to be convinced be now.

"You will. By me. A lot."

The smile on Mido's face disappeared and he continued walking, not saying anything for the rest of the trip.

Then the two walkers came at a stair.

"Looks like we're finally here."

"You just climb up on the stairs and then you're where you should be. Well, I helped you find your way, so now I can go and leave you with Ganondorf. Bye." Mido said and he quickly ran away.

"Stop." Zelda said, but it was too late. Oh well, she never expected him to face Ganondorf. He may have acted like a hero, but in reality he was an enormous coward. Looks like it all came down to her. Zelda started walking up the stairs.

"You can't kill me." Saria said really scared and filled with surprise. She had never faced danger in her entire life! She and the other Kokiri were protected by the Deku Tree for all those years. But he was dead now, so she could've expected some unpleasant events. But this was a bit more then unpleasant! This was a matter of life and death! Literally.

"And just why can't I kill such a little whimp like you?" said Ganondorf and he slammed his left hand into his right, proving his intentions.

"I'm a Kokiri, you can't kill a Kokiri. No one can. Everybody knows that." Saria said with a faint smile. She knew she was saying lies, but that didn't matter. What mattered was to get out of here. Perhaps she could distract him and run away. But then the Sacred Meadow and the Forest Temple would be left without a guard and that evil man could get his way with it. She'd rather die first and with that thought came strength and courage.

"Oh yes. The tale of the Deku Tree, the almighty protector of his children, the Kokiri. Well let me tell you something, sis. He's dead and isn't her to protect you from that mean ol' bully. Live with it, or should I say, die with it." He laughed hard and loud.

Zelda lied on the top of the stairs, trying not to get noticed. She looked at the two people standing. On the right was Ganondorf, laughing because of some strange reason only psychopaths like himself could understand. Why do bad guys always laugh so much?

On the left was a Kokiri girl, with short green hair. She had to be Saria, the purpose of why Zelda was here. When she started her quest as Sheik, she didn't know exactly what to do, just that she had to do it and it was something good. Now, she knew it. She had to make sure the Sages were kept alive and at the right place, so that the Hero of Time could gather them and wake them up. And now it was time to do it. If she wasn't here, Saria would die and it would already be impossible to stop Ganondorf. But what could she do? Nothing on her own. She needed help.

Swiftly and without making any noise, Zelda left the stairs. At first she walked slowly, so that Ganondorf wouldn't hear her. After she was certain that she was out of reach, she started to run very hard.

Saria had spotted the person on the stairs, and although she didn't recognise him (or her?), she felt it was someone with a good heart. Soon, the others would come and help her. Now, she had to start a conversation with Ganondorf, stalling time. Unfortunately, she had no idea for a topic for the conversation. So, she simple said:

"So, ehm, read any good books lately?"


Going nuts

"Back so soon? Wasn't he there?" Mido asked. Zelda didn't see him at the entrance of the Sacred Meadow, because she was in such a hurry.

"He was there alright. Listen, we have to go to the other Kokiri. Together we can make him leave."

"Are you sure?" Mido asked, doubting Sheik.

"Positive. But we have to be fast. And this time I mean FAST. No 'I'm thirsty', 'oh, what's this' or something like that. Now let's go."


"Didn't you hear what I said? We have no time."

"I know a short-cut. Instead of taking the first tree on your left, take the path in front of you. You'll be with the Kokiri's in no time."

"Looks like your good for something. Let's go." And the two ran away.

"Let me get this straight. You're about to die in a horrible way and you want your last words to be 'read any good books lately'? What kind of nonsense is that?"

"Well, I was just thinking that we could talk some. Ya know, getting to know my murderer before he kills me. It would mean a lot to me."

Ganondorf was shocked and didn't know what to answer for a long while.

"So when did you turn into my shrink?" Ganondorf asked.

"What's a shrink?"

"That doesn't matter. Now let's forget about all this so I can kill you neatly. It'll all be over very soon. I may even be nice and do it painless."

Ganondorf walked even closer to Saria and raised his hand.

"But why?" she asked on a normal voice, as if she didn't even realise she was about to get killed. But in reality, she was shaking. Stall time, keep talking. Those were the only things she could think about.

"Excuse me?"

"Why would you want to kill me?"

"What kind of a question is that?! Most people beg me when I intend to kill them and you want to make a profile of me?!"

"Well, I was just wondering why a man would kill."

"Well, it's fun for one thing."

"So you kill for fun?"

"Yes, I find killing satisfying. But it's only good when the victim co-operates. So could you please start begging for your life?"

"Would there be any difference if I'd beg?"

"Well, I'd kill you anyway, but it would be make it even more fun."

"Why would I do my murderer a favour?"

"Perhaps I'd do you a favour back."

"Like I can cut your stomach, so your death will take very long and be very painful, or I can cut your head of, which is fast and painless."

"I see." Saria said. She knew she had to stall time, but a slow death wasn't her idea of stalling time the right way.

"So I'd better start begging."

"Yes please." Ganondorf said on a tired and annoyed tone.

"How do you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Begging. I've never begged my entire life, so I have no idea of how to do it."

"Well, you just sit on your knees before me…"

"Like this?" Saria followed Ganondorf instructions.

"Yes, and then you ask if I wont kill you."

"Okay. Please don't kill me." said Saria completely monotone.

"Put some emotions in it. Mean it."

"Pretty please don't kill me?"

"No, no, no, more emotions in your voice, crying, that sorta things."

"I can't cry on command."

Ganondorf sighed. This kid was working on his nerves.

"Stand up so I can kill you."

"I thought I was supposed to beg."

"Not anymore. Now you're just supposed to die and trust me I'll make it long and painful."

"But you said you'd make it quick."


"You lied."

"Off course I lied. We villains always lie."

"That's not fair."

"Who says life is?"

Ganondorf raised his hand and concentrated.

"I'm writing an angry letter."


"Well, you shouldn't have lied to me, so I'll write an angry letter to complain about it."

Ganondorf groaned. This was gonna take a long time. But he had plenty of time and then he would get even with her.

"Everybody, listen to me. Ganondorf is at Saria and he's going to kill her if we wont stop him."

Every Kokiri came to Sheik, after she'd spoken these words.

"We can't let him kill Saria." one of the Kokiri said

"But what can we do against him?" another one said.

"That's okay, I've got a plan." Zelda said and she explained it to the others.


"That is why I wrote this. Thank you for your time. Best wishes, Saria of the Kokiri. So, how does it sound? Do you think it's a good letter?"

"Really good. Now can I please kill you?"

Saria ignored the question and went on with her babbling.

"But who should write it? I can't. Do you know anyone who can write it for me? Someone reliable, so that I can be sure that he writes what I tell him?"

"Look, enough of this. I'm gonna kill you right now, letter or no letter, begging or no begging. I've had enough of this."

And again, Ganondorf raised his hand, preparing himself for the final blow. He expected her to say something, that made absolutely no sense, but she didn't.

Saria saw the other Kokiri sneaking in the shadows and she knew she didn't have to stall time anymore. Which was good, because she'd ran out of ideas.

"What, no complaint, no nothing? What a disappointment." Ganondorf said and he smiled because he could finally free himself from this terrible girl. Then he heared a 'tock'.

"What was tha…" He stopped talking, as he got covered with nuts. From everywhere, nuts came at him. He saw other Kokiri throwing the nuts at him from bushes. Darn girl, she'd been stalling for time all along! He tried to shoot energy blasts to the green men, but he always missed, since he couldn't aim when his face was tortured with nuts. And so, he had no choice, but to be a coward. He fled.

And the Kokiri started to yell victorically. The man that wanted to hurt Saria was fleeing because of them. As Saria saw the great Ganondorf flee, still having his hands on his head to protect it, she had no choice but to laugh out loud. And soon every Kokiri was laughing.

"Did you see the look on his face?" a Kokiri said, after Ganondorf disappeared after the horizon.

"We sure did get him." another Kokiri said.

"He wont be back for a long while. Not after the treatment we gave him."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that." Zelda said. This was the first thing she said after the attack on Ganondorf. So everyone was silent, waiting for what she was about to say.

"He'll come back, trust me." Zelda continued.


"Ganondorf has the biggest ego I've ever seen. And right now, we've hurt that ego of his. We made him feel incompetent and trust me; man like Ganondorf don't look to feel incompetent. He'll come back for revenge. He will."

Ganondorf's feelings were hurt, big time. This was the second time those Kokiri brats were laughing about him. But soon, they wouldn't be laughing anymore. He would be back. That was a promise. And he wouldn't be alone. That was a threat.


Nana's death

A few days passed and Zelda learned a lot about the Kokiri and the forests that surrounded them. She loved the peaceful environment and the animals that inhabited it. They were happy days, although everyone knew Ganondorf would return. No one knew however, what would happen then.

"Servant!" Ganondorf yelled as he entered the castle. When he got back from the Sacred Meadow, he found that his horse was gone. No surprise there, the Kokiri probably scared it away. So he had to walk to the nearest ranch and get a horse there. It was terrible. Some old man, who was lazy and clumsy, did do what Ganondorf told him, but it took too much time. Finally, he had left the place and got to his home to find out that his own horse was there all along. Needless to say, Ganondorf wasn't in a happy mood.

"Yes, master?" a poe said, that had just appeared out of thin air.

"I need to destroy something, what should I use?" Ganondorf said. Yes, he wanted to destroy something. But not the Kokiri. They were pesky little flies and not worthy enough to be killed. Still, he wanted revenge on them. So he'd destroy the thing they cherished after the death of the Deku Tree: the Forest Temple. Plus, it was a wonderful way to get even with the Goddesses. After all, they denied him the entire Triforce and now they would pay.

"You can use all sorts of things for destruction, master."

"I want the biggest of the biggest. The ultimate destructive thing. What is it?"

"Well, sir, moblins are the most destructive in the entire world, but they are dumb and clumsy."

"I don't care. How can I get moblins?"

"You hire them as mercenary's, my master."

"And where can I hire them?" Ganondorf asked, but the poe already went invisible and was gone.

"It's so hard to find good personal these days." Ganondorf mumbled as he went to go and see the moblins.

"So this is the Deku Tree?" Zelda asked Saria when they stood before the dead tree.

"Yes, he is our protector and father."

"You say 'is', but he's dead."

"The tree itself is dead, but the spirit of the Deku Tree lives on. And his spirit will return. That's nature. In nature, everything returns, like in a circle."

"I see. So you're saying, there's gonna be another Deku Tree?"

"I don't know. What I do know is that he will return, but I don't know in what shape."

"Well, let's just hope. I've found out that often everything you have left is hope."

The two women were standing at the tree, both deep in their thoughts, but thinking different things. Then a voice got them out of their pondering.

"Saria, Sheik, come quickly." a Kokiri said. He was breathless, probably because he had run a lot.

"What is it?"

"Ganondorf's back."

The evil one was back, but he was still at the entrance of the Kokiri Forest. Simply because the moblins were too big to pass.

"Can't you just crawl?" Ganondorf asked irritated.

"Crawl?" one of the moblins said. He was the biggest and smartest of them all. He could actually talk a few sentences.

"You know, lying on the ground. Like this." Ganondorf showed what the moblins had to do.

"Crawl!" a moblin yelled cheerful and he lied on the ground like Ganondorf.

"Yes, crawl, and now crawl into the entrance."

No response. Ganondorf sighed.

"I'll show it."

And Ganondorf crawled on the ground through the entrance. The smartest moblin had a vague idea of what was expected and followed Ganondorf crawling. Now the other moblins knew what to do, so they followed the two men. Finally, they were all in Kokiri Forest.

"Kokiri!" Ganondorf yelled.

"I'm back and this time I brought some playmates with me." he said and he smiled a real villain-like smile.

All the Kokiri were silent. The monsters Ganondorf had were huge! They were defenceless and helpless. So most of them ran to their homes and closed the door. And that was exactly what Ganondorf wanted to see: those brats fleeing for his power.

"Look who's back." a voice said.

"Who are you? I don't believe we've met."

"I'm Sheik and although you claim you don't know me, I do know you."

"So, why aren't you fleeing with your comrads?"

"They aren't my comrads." Zelda said and she spit on the ground to prove her 'hate'.

"Then why aren't you slaughtering them?"

"I leave that to you. Ya see, I've heared you were finally doing something against these brats and I just wanted to look."

"A Sheikah that wants to see destruction? Now that's something new."

"An ex-Sheikah you mean. I got kicked out of that society. Was too violent or something like that."

Ganondorf smiled. It was always nice to have an admirer watching. But inside of him a warning bell ringed. There was something strange with this person. Something familiar.

"Be my guest to watch, but don't betray me. As you can see, I can easily kill you." Ganondorf said to Sheik.

"So, what are you going to do first?"

"I don't know. Those little whimps aren't worthy enough to be bothered with, so I'll let them live."

Sheik was relieved. He wouldn't kill Saria. But she knew this wasn't over yet.

"That doesn't sound like the almighty Ganondorf who has no mercy."

"But instead, I'll ruin the forest they love so much."

"Now that sounds like you. Can't wait to see it."

"Then let's go."

"Where to?"

"The Sacred Meadow."

"You're going to the Sacred Meadow? But none of evil can get there!" Zelda knew this wasn't true, but she was just polishing up Ganondorf's ego so that he would trust her.

"That's what most people think, but I already prove that was incorrect."

"You've already been at the Sacred Meadow?" Zelda asked with a faked surprise and respect.

"Yep, and now, I'm gonna turn that cute place into something I like a lot more."

And so Ganondorf lead the moblins to the Lost Woods. When they were there, the moblins had a lot of trouble getting through the woods, especially since they were always thinking that they were lost. But in the end, Ganondorf, his moblins, and Sheik were at the Sacred Meadow.

"Looks like I scared him away." Ganondorf mumbled.

"Scared who away?" Zelda asked, while she was standing next to him.

"A wolf. The last time I was here, a wolf appeared, but he isn't here now."

"Perhaps he remembers your last encounter."

"Perhaps. Well, let's open that gate."

Ganondorf walked to the gate. The last time, it opened all by itself, but now it remained closed. He pushed and threw energy balls at it, but it was no use. The gate refused to open.

Then the wolf appeared from the bushes and Ganondorf could swear he was smiling.

"Moblins, open the gate!" he yelled after he was irritated by the smile of the wolf.

So the moblins stormed at the gate. There was a huge blast and Ganondorf could feel the magic coming from the gate. Nana growled at Ganondorf and it was obvious that she was in pain. But despite the moblin's effort, the gate remained closed.

"Again!" yelled Ganondorf.

The moblins stormed at the gate again. And again there was a blast, and although the gate moved a little, it didn't open. After the blast, Nana was breathing heavily. Anyone could see she was in pain and tired of her exertion. Ganondorf saw it as well and he figured that the wolf and the gate couldn't take much more. So once more he yelled: "Again!"

For the last time the moblins stormed at the gate. For the last time there was a blast and for the last time, Ganondorf could feel the magic. But this time, instead of growling, Nana looked into the sky and howled. She howled once, but it was a long, loud, and terrifying one. Then, when the cry was finally over, Nana fell to the ground and disappeared. She simply vanished, like the poe sometimes do. Only she wouldn't come back and with her disappearance, the gate disappeared as well. Zelda felt awful. She had wanted to help Nana, but she knew she couldn't. She had to maintain Ganondorf's trust to make sure he wouldn't do something that couldn't be reversed in time.



"And here is the Forest Temple. One of the many temples dedicated to the three Goddesses." Ganondorf said to Sheik, when the party came at the temple.

"So, what we're you planning of doing here?" Zelda asked on a quasi-nonchalant tone.

"Simple, I'm gonna take over the temple." Ganondorf said as if it was the simplest thing on Hyrule.

For a moment, Zelda was paralysed.

"You're gonna do WHAT?"

"Didn't you hear me? I'm going to take over the Forest Temple."

"The Goddesses wont be pleased with that." Zelda said and again she realised what a madman Ganondorf really was.

"The Goddesses, if they have ever really existed, have left Hyrule, remember?"

Zelda didn't know what to say, so she remained silent. But all sorts of thoughts were going around in her mind. He wanted to destroy the Forest Temple and without the protection from the temple, there would be even more evil hurting the Kokiri. She couldn't let him do that, but she also knew that she couldn't stop him. The Kokiri would have to wait for six years until their liberation. Zelda wanted to cry for all the pain these Kokiri would get, but she couldn't. Not when she was standing next to Ganondorf.

"So, how were you planning to take over the temple?"

"With a little help from my friends."

"Those moblins wont get inside, there too big."
"They aren't here to corrupt the temple. They are here to protect the way towards it, so I won't get any trouble from little brats."

"I see. So, where do you want me?"

"Here. Keep an eye on the moblins. See to it that they don't do anything stupid. But if I get back and find out that you've betrayed me, then I will make sure that will be the last mistake you made."

And immediately after Ganondorf was finished talking, he raised his arm. His hand was pointing at a branch and something strange happen. Ganondorf was lifted, by some unknown force and in a second, he was standing on the branch.

"Farewell and remember, do not disappoint me!" he yelled and then he entered the temple.

"Yes sir" Zelda mumbled with a lot of sarcasm. When she started pretending to be evil, she didn't know where it would lead to. She certainly didn't expect to be leading a group of the dumbest things on Hyrule! Now what would she do?! Ganondorf would take over the Forest Temple, she couldn't stop him from doing that. All she could do now was to wait. Even leaving the Sacred Meadow and warn the Kokiri about the coming danger was made impossible thanks to her new job as a babysitter. Well, let's go and check the groups.

Zelda turned around and saw a lot of confused faces. Apparently there slow minds didn't understand what had happen and where their leader was. Finally, the biggest one of the moblins (and probably the smartest one, since he actually said things from time to time) opened his mouth.

"You new leader?" he asked and he pointed at Sheik

"Wow! A sentence of three words, this must be a new record!" Zelda thought, but she didn't say it out loud. The moblin wouldn't understand the insult anyway. So she simply said:

"Yes, I am new leader." she deliberately said things slowly and used her hands to make him understand her. After all, it wasn't their fault that they had the brains of a rock.

"What we do?"

Zelda thought hard about this. She could let them help the Kokiri, but if Ganondorf found that out, he would kill her and probably Saria as well. So as much as she wanted it, she couldn't do it. But she didn't want the moblins to help Ganondorf either. So, there was one thing they could do.

"Wait here until Ganondorf returns."

The moblin was obvious relieved because he didn't have to do anything that was extremely difficult.

"And now all I can do is wait as well."

And so Zelda did.

Ganondorf wasn't too thrilled about leaving the moblins with that ex-Sheikah, but right now, he had no choice. He had entered the Forest Temple and now he was walking through the different rooms. When he got to a new room, he would summon a creature, which became the guard of the room. Thus, evil spreaded through the entire temple. Luckily, Ganondorf had found a map in the library, before he burned it, and memorised it. He knew his way exactly.

Then Ganondorf entered a room, which had a big chest standing in it.

"Time for the big one." he mumbled.

This was a special room. There was a chest, that looked just like ordinary chests, but this one held a special weapon. A long time ago the Goddesses gave it to the Kokiri. Problem is, none of the Kokiri could open it, so it remained closed. Legends say, that some chosen person or so can open it. Of course Ganondorf didn't believe those fairytales, but he didn't like thinking that someone would get here, open the chest and free this place from his evil minions. So he decided to guard this room extra well.

Ganondorf was moving his arms as he always did when he was summoning a minion, but this time with more, well, everything. More movement, more magic and more effort. All off the sudden, a black light filled the room and four Stalfos appeared in full armour.

Ganondorf was pleased. Not only were these creatures Stalfos and therefore a master in one-on-one combat, but they also had the power of regeneration. The chosen one could try to open the chest, but he wouldn't even get near it. Or at least, that's what Ganondorf thought.

"What's taking him so long?" Zelda asked out loud. She had been sitting for a very long time, doing nothing. Boredom had struck her and she couldn't get rid of this feeling that she should do something against Ganondorf. Problem was, what? There was nothing Zelda could do about him and corrupting the Forest Temple, and she knew it. But even if she couldn't do something against Ganondorf, couldn't she at least do something at all?! She was bored out of her skull, since her company wasn't exactly the greatest on Hyrule. Everything was better then these eggheads. But then Zelda's thoughts were disturbed by a large rumbling sound. It was like the earth was shaken, except for the part that the earth didn't move. Another rumbling was heard, louder then the one before. This time, Zelda was fully out of her thoughts and into reality. She tried placing the sound, but couldn't. It was something that she had never heard before.

"What is that sound?" Zelda asked in despair after a third rumbling.

"We hungry." the biggest and wisest moblin said.

"Oh no! Ganondorf said nothing about feeding you." The princess sighed.

"What do you guys eat?"

"Food." was the answer, short and simple.

"Yes, I know. But what kind of food?"

"Meat." was the answer this time. Slowly, Zelda was getting to where she wanted.

"And from were should I get that meat?"

It was silent for a long time. All the moblins were thinking really hard, for as far as they could.

"Animal?" one asked uncertain.

"Exactly. And do you see any animals around here?"


"Then you won't eat."

The moblin wanted to respond to this remark, but Sheik turned away and sat on a tree trunk. It was obvious she was in no mood for conversation. So the moblins let it rest. Hey, these big guys could go days without food.

The princess sighed of irritating. She grabbed her harp, because she had to do something and started to play a few tunes.

"Pretty." a moblin said.

"You think so?" Zelda asked, a bit more friendly than she was before.

The moblin nodded and soon everyone agreed that the tunes were nice to hear. So Zelda started to play a melody and another one after that. At some point, a moblin even hummed with her, even though he was terrible at it. And so the princess relaxed a bit as she waited for the return of Ganondorf.

He was standing in the main hall of the temple. By now, almost every room held monsters of the night and you could feel the evil threat in the temple. But it wasn't over yet. Basically, the temple was still good. For the complete corruption, there had to be some great evil force coming from the inside of the temple. Luckily for Ganondorf, he had read the Tale of the Four Sisters before he had turned the national library into ashes. It says that a long time ago, four sisters, coming from the wilderness, entered Kokiri Forest and produced chaos. They were burning the trees, killing a couple rodents, bullying the Kokiri. So, the Deku Tree stopped them, but their ghosts remained as a punishment. They would live forever, surrounded by goodness in the Forest Temple.

But now, Ganondorf had replaced the goodness into darkness and that evil would strengthen the four sisters and they could come back once again. All Ganondorf had to do was to summon them. So he began a spell, more powerful than any he had used before. A black ball appeared and it was hanging above Ganondorf's head. Slowly, it grew. By the time, the ball had became huge, he stopped growing. For a moment nothing happened, but then all of the sudden, the ball changed colours. First it became dark purple, then green, yellow and another colour. After the colour switch, the ball bursted and the four sisters appeared.

"You have released us." one the sisters said.

"What do you desire of us?" another asked.
"Nothing, my dears." Ganondorf said smoothly and even a bit charming.

"All I want from you is to stay here and guard this temple against all that is good. Make sure this place remains evil."

"If that is what you desire, then that that is what will happen." the purple poe said. And just when she finished her sentence, the four poe sisters disappeared. Since poe have a habit of disappearing, this wasn't special. What was, was the fact that after they disappeared, the four torches, what were standing in the main hall, were lighted.

From nowhere, a voice was heard. It was one of the poe sisters.

"When the light enters, we will awaken. But we foresee that even our powers are not enough against the one that will fight us. You must bring a more powerful protection, if you desire this temple to be corrupted forever."

"What kind of protection?" Ganondorf asked angry, since the sisters were probably right. But there was no response. He waited and repeated his question, but the sisters remained silence. So instead of asking, he started to think. He needed something that was even bigger than the four poe sisters. He tried and he tried, but he couldn't think of anything that was more cunning, stronger, and powerful than the sisters. Well, except him of course. And then, it got him. He would use himself! Well, not really him, because he wouldn't want to spent all his days in this dark, dusty and boring place, waiting for someone who would probably never come. He would use a look-a-like. A ghost from a different dimension, that would take on his shape. The idea was brilliant! But where to put him? Not in the main hall, the sisters were already there. But if Ganondorf wanted to summon the ghost, he would have to do that in a place inside this temple, yet filled with magic. And according to Ganondorf there was only one place in this temple with sufficient magic. The shrine and altar of the temple. The place where in the forgotten days, the Kokiri made sacrifices to the three Goddesses. That's where he would put the ghost, shaped after his own image. And then, none could liberate this temple from evil once more.


The final destruction

Zelda was still playing the harp, since she had nothing better to do while babysitting on a bunch of moblins. She had almost finished her entire repertoire, when finally Ganondorf came out of the temple. He had a big smile on his face, something which Zelda didn't like. But she quickly adjusted her attitude and became Ganondorf's humble servant once more.

"Oh lord of Chaos, has it been done?"

"Yes. And on an excellent way I must say. I see that my moblins are still fine."

"Yes sir, I carefully watched over them."

"Good, very good." Ganondorf said. He had totally forgotten about his babysitter when he was busy in the temple. What would he do with this Sheik now? That darn "ex"-Sheikah knew too much about his plans. He needed to get right of this person.

"Well, let's see in what shape they are. Moblins, kill that Sheikah." he said, without showing any emotion.

Zelda was stunned. All shorts off questions were going through her head. Why would he want to kill her? Was it for real or a sick joke? Did he know who she was? But most important: how do I get the hell out of here?

Luckily, the moblins were confused by this assignment. They just spent a long time doing what Sheik said, and now they had to kill her. So for a while, they did nothing.

"Why are you standing there? Do what I demand. Kill Sheik!" Ganondorf said in anger, since the moblins didn't do anything.

Finally the moblins started to move, but Zelda was already gone. She swiftly moved through the maze of the Sacred Meadow, thinking a thousand thoughts at the same time, while the moblins were moving slow due to their size. And when she was through the maze, Zelda used the shortcut to the Kokiri, which Mido showed her, instead of the usual way back. They would never catch her. And Ganondorf understood it. He didn't got mad about it. He simply smiled and said to himself:

"I always like a good foxhunt. We'll meet again, Sheik. And trust me, the next time you wont get away so easy."

Zelda was trying real hard to get her breath back, but it took a long time before she was able to speak again. The other Kokiri came racing towards her.

"Sheik, what happened?" Saria asked.

"It's terrible. Ganondorf has corrupted the Forest Temple."

Saria didn't look shocked or sad. She just nodded.

"I expected him to do that. It's not always fun when your expectations come true." Saria said calmly.

"So you're going to do nothing?" Zelda asked in surprise.

"I can't do anything as long as Ganondorf is out there. He's simply too powerful. May the Goddesses help us. But what happened to you? Why were you running so fast?"

"Well, the fact that Ganondorf wanted me dead helped."

"Why? Did he find out you're on the good side?"

"I honestly don't know. After he came out of the temple, he simply ordered the moblins to kill me. No reason, no explanation, just like that."

"In that case, you'd better hide. I'm guessing he'll be back soon. Go to the hut of the twins. You can hide there."

"Thank you Saria.

"No, thank you. I don't know why, but I got the feeling that without you, things would've been a lot worse. But go now, for time is running out."

The twins were helpful, but they also talked too much. Zelda thought that they kept babbling, so that they didn't have to think of Ganondorf. But when they heard him come, the talking immediately stopped. Zelda noticed, that she didn't hear the sound of the moblins. Apparently he left them at the temple. Yet Zelda quickly stopped thinking about this, when Ganondorf started to talk. She could look out of the window, but didn't, afraid that Ganondorf could see her.

"So you haven't seen the Sheikah?" Ganondorf said.

"No. She's probably lost in the woods. That's why it's called the Lost Woods you know." Saria replied. Then Zelda heard a pause. Ganondorf was probably thinking about wheiter or not to believe Saria. Zelda thought that it was likely that he agreed with her, since he changed the subject.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not here to talk about that Sheik, but about you. You see, little Kokiri brat, your fate is sealed."

"Is it?" Saria said on a calm tone. Zelda could imagine Ganondorf's face turning angry, since Saria wasn't impressed.

"Yes. You see, I corrupted that precious temple of yours. Kinda funny. Thirst I destroyed the Deku Tree and now your temple."

"I should have guessed that it was you." Saria said, still remaining calm.

"But enough about the talk. You see, you're not giving me enough respect. Standing there, thinking that you're so great. It's not what I deserve. So, I'll change my plan and corrupt this place as well. Oh don't worry, I won't bring the same monsters here as the ones in the temple. You simply don't deserve it. So, do you want to meet your new playmates?"

No reply. Then, Zelda heard the ground rumble and things popping up. Oh, she wanted to see what was happening so badly, but she couldn't. Not when Ganondorf was out there.

Zelda heard other sounds of popping up and a few cries. She also heard the feet of the Kokiri, running. Ganondorf was destroying every beautiful thing of the Kokiri. How could this ever get better?

After a while the sounds stopped and Zelda could hear the feet of Ganondorf. He was walking away. Which made sense, since there was nothing left for him to destroy or corrupt. So he left the Kokiri in their misery. He didn't even had the guts to kill them, for which Zelda was very relieved. Ganondorf simply walked away after his path of destruction and the Kokiri wouldn't see him again. Or at least, that's what Zelda hoped.

"The scouts report that the moblins are all over the Sacred Meadow. But luckily, they're so dumb, that we can avoid fighting them easily." Saria said to Sheik when the two were alone in Saria's house.

"Yes, but still." Zelda said irritated.

"I know, the creatures in the temple. But don't worry, I can take care of myself."

"Saria, you're needed here. You can't go." Zelda said in the hope to stop Saria from going, but she knew that her hope was in vein.

"I can't do anything here. Not when the monsters are outside and you know it."

"But you may die and then all is lost."

"Why do you keep saying that? Why would all be lost? Why am I so important? It's not like I'm the Hero of Time or so."

Zelda sighed. She was losing this fight.

"You know I can't tell you that."

Saria groaned. Sheik trying to convince her to stay and although that was the safest and wisest thing to do, she couldn't. Her entire body was screaming to go to the temple. It was an urge she had never felt before.

"I'm sorry Sheik, but you can't stop me. I have to go. I don't know why, all I know is that I've never been so sure about anything my entire life."

This was a surprise for Zelda. If Saria felt so strongly about leaving, then maybe she did had to go.

"Besides, if I'm really that important, I'm sure that the Goddesses will protect me."

"I give up. I can't stop you, so I might as well help you. What can I do?"

"Not much I'm afraid. You'd better leave. You're help will be needed elsewhere."

Saria sighed before she continued.

"I guess that the Kokiri will remain in their homes. Well, except for Mido."

"Yeah, he's a special case. You'd better give him an assignment so that he will feel himself important."

Zelda smiled and added: "But not too dangerous, because then he will most certainly come up with something more important."

The two girls laughed, since they both could see the image of Mido, thinking of an excuse.

"I know. Place him in the Lost Woods. Nothing will happen there." Zelda said.

"Good idea. But what would he be doing there?"

"How about 'protecting the people by making sure they won't be able to enter Sacred Meadow'?"

"Sounds great to me and who knows, he might actually do it."

And they laughed again. But then the two realised the situation and became serious again.

"I guess this means goodbye."

"I guess so. It's been nice meeting you Sheik. I hope that I will see you again."

"I'm sure we will. Take good care of yourself."

"You too Sheik. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Here, take this."

"You're giving me Deku Nuts?"

"These are special. When you throw one of these on the ground, a bright light will appear and you will be able to leave undetected. I thought that it may come in handy when Ganondorf finds you again."

"You really think that he'll find me?"

"Sheik, you need to help people, it's in your blood. So I'm positive that you will face Ganondorf again."

"Well, I can't say that I look forward to that, but thanks for the nuts."

"After all that you did for us, it's the least that I could do."

If there was anyone in the Forest Temple, it would be scared to death, because all of the sudden, strange voices were coming out of nowhere. So it was a good thing that none was there to hear them.

"Sisters, I sense a kind soul coming to us."

"Yes, I can feel it to. This soul is powerful."

"It's a Sage!"

"That can't be."

"It is I tell you."

"She's right."

"Shall we kill her?"

"Kill a Sage? How were you planning on doing that?"

"I don't know. But it would be fun."

"None can kill a Sage, you should know that."

"Sisters, stop arguing. I sense that this soul does not know her destiny. She doesn't know she's a Sage!"

"That means her powers are weak. We can kill her after all."

"The other Sages might take revenge."

"Then what should we do? Let her turn this temple into goodness?"

Shivering voices were heard.

"So we can't kill her, but we can't do nothing. What should we do?"

"We could play with her."

Laughing came from everywhere and then it stopped again, just like that.

"Hush. Here she comes."

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